1. Have you ever been disloyal to your group?

2. Have you ever mistreated another group member?

3. Have you ever betrayed your group?

4. Have you ever taken unfair advantage of your position in a group?

5. Have you put your own interests above those of your group?

6. Have you ever required another group member to sacrifice himself for the group?

7. Have you ever invalidated a group?

8. Have you invalidated a group's purposes?

9. Have you upset a group with your disaqreements?

l0. Have you ever walked out on a group?

ll. Are you against any group?

12. Is there any group that you hate?

13. Have you thrown someone out of a group?

l4. Have you expelled anyone from a group?

15. Have you third-partied someone to the rest of the group?

16. Have you created dissention within a group?

17. Have you betrayed your group?

18. Have you forced anyone to join a group?

19. Have you upset a group?

20. Have you left a group just to make them wrong?

21. Have you ever thrown a group off its true purposes?

22. Have you declared war on a gang?

23. Have you ever created a gang?

24. Have you committed overts as part of a gang?

25. Do you belong to a gang?

26. Have you ever let your team down?

27. Have you made your team ashamed of you?


28. Have you failed to support your team?

29. Have you been mean to a team member?

30. Have you failed to support your school?

31. Have you been against your school?

32. Have you caused trouble at a school?

33. Do you have any overts on your school?

34. Have you ever created a secret society?

35. Have you ever caused trouble as a member of a secret society?

36. Have you ever harmed a secret society?

37. Have you ever pledged your allegience to a secret society?

38. Have you ever harmed a club?

39. Have you ever failed to contribute to a club?

40. Have you ever been a bad representative of an association?

41. Have you ever tried to get more out of an association than you put in?

42. Have you been a bad member of a church?

43. Have you violated the mores of a church?

44. Did you commit secret sins?

45. Have you disturbed the other members of your church?

46. Did you do anything that would have made your church ashamed of you?

47. Have you ever lied about your connection with a church?

48. Have you ever abandoned a church that you felt you owed your allegiance to?

49. Have you ever harmed a religion?

50. Have you ever harmed your race?

51. Have you done anything that your race would be ashamed of?

52. Have you declared war on another race?

53. Have you ever been a bad example of your race?

54. Have you ever betrayed your country?

55. Have you ever failed to support your country?

56. Have you harmed your country?


57. Have you invaded another country?

58. Have you destroyed another country?

59. Have you been mean to your friends?

60. Have you betrayed a friend?

6l. Have you ever stated an agreement that you didn't mean?

52. Have you ever pretended to be in agreement when you weren't?

63. Have you ever broken an agreement just because it didn't suit you?

64. Have you ever been disloyal?

65. Have you committed any overts because of your duty or loyalty to a group?

66. Have you ever withheld your support?

67. Have you ever supported something that was an overt?

68. Have you ever betrayed an agreement?

69. Have you ever continued an agreement after you no longer agreed?

70. Do you feel there is any group that you owe anything to?

71. Is therc anything that you have done to a group that we haven't covered here?