10 G - 3


1. Do you know of a group that was disloyal to its members?

2. Is there any group that mistreated its members?

3. Is there any group that attacked other groups?

4. Is there any group that betrayed mankind?

5. Has a group tried to control its members?

6. Has a group betrayed its members?

7. Do you belong to any group that is contra-survival?

8. Do you belong to a group that hates people?

9. Is there any group that is against things generally?

10. Is there any group that seeks to hold its members through fear or force?

11. Is there any group that should be destroyed?

12. Do groups commit overts?

13. Are groups wrong?

14. Has a group ever withheld its true purposes?

15. Does any group do any good?

16. Should a group be helped?

17. Has a gang ever committed attrocities?

18. Have you ever witnessed a gang committing overts?

19. Is a team a bad thing to be part of?

20. Has a team been harmfu1 to its members?

21. Has a team committed overts on another team?

22. Do schools commit overts?

23. Do you hove any opinions about secret societies?

24. Has a secret society been harmful?

25. Do churches commit overts?

26. Has a church ever controlled its congregation?

27. Has a church betrayed its congregation?


20. Has a church duped its membership?

29. Has a church made false promises?

30. Has a church betrayed people?

3l. Has a church attacked other churches or religions?

32. Has a church done anything harmful?

33. Is there any race that shouldn't exist?

34. Is there any race that committed overts on other races?

35. Is there anything wrong with different races?

36. How could a race be harmful?

37. How have others sought to trap others?

38. Have there been any truly evil groups?

39. Has a group sought to hold people to agreements that were no longer valid?

40. Are there any agreements that should be changed?

41. Do you have any considerations about how groups should conduct themselves?