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Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review Continued summarizes the most significant postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors, whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some of the most significant postings. The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of articles posted to the newsgroup. They include message IDs for the original articles, and many have a URL to get more information. You may be able to find the original article, depending on how long your site stores articles in the newsgroup before expiring them.

LATEST: Rod Keller has done a great job for many years with ARS WIR, but decided in January 2004 that he will no longer make it. Our thanks for the great effort and good wishes to Rod! In January 2005 ARS WIR was started again by an anonymous person.

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25/11 2006

Scientology Scamming London Police, Demand to Remove Anti-Religious Extremist Info, California Narconon Updates, Scientology Vs Armstrong 25 Years Later, Buffalo Beast Invades Scientology, Autism, Scientology and the Moonies, Wedding a Scientology Stunt

 Volume 10

18/11 2006
More Leaving, Read the Stories, Brussels Mayor Vs Scientology, Scamalot, 2006 IAS Event, Narconon Front, New at, 1953 Phd Dissertation on Dianetics, Ron the Magus, Comments on the Scientology Creed, Scientology-Related Media
11/11 2006
The Day Operation Clambake Began, Scientology Pays 3.5 Mil in Scientologist Ponzi Scheme, Republicans = Scientology By Bill Maher, Vince Daniels KCAA Radio Show, Scientology Harassing Minors, Consumer Warning: Suddenly Slender Microorganisms, Suspected Cult Harassment, Cover Up of Pedophile Child Sexual Abuse by Scientology, Hubbard Did Not Invent the Study Tech, Ron The Roscicurean, Scientology-Related Media
4/11 2006
Scientology Belgium, 48 Hours Redux, Russian Paper at FAIR Conference, London, Belgian Man Obstructed Justice for Scientologist Ponzi Scheme, Howard University Cancels CCHR Hate Exhibit, Cult Harasses With RFW Hate Flyers, Scientology Induces Hypnosis By the Confusion Technique, Psych Spammer Helps Get Response from Senator Nancy Schaefer, Ron the Confidence Man, Truth Rockets Rock On Xenu
28/10 2006
CBS 48 Hours on the Jeremy Perkins Tragedy, Address of APA President, Steven S. Sharfstein, M.D., London Picket Report, Arthur Solomonyan Connection to Scientology, Hubbard College Violating California Law, MySpaces Threatened by Scientology, Operation Clambake Message Board, Scientology-Related Media
21/10 2006
Gabe Cazares Memorial, Awaiting Refund From Narconon Stonehawk Listen to Vince Daniels on KCAA Radio, ABC Boston Legal Recites Xenu, Keith Henson Hearing Update, Charles Manson, Scientology Vocalist, A.R.S. Spam Reports for Law Enforcement
14/10 2006
Refund Due From Narconon Stonehawk, Picket Reports, Journey Out of Scientology, Scientology and the Art of Deception, Creston Ranch and Cult Properties
7/10 2006
Former Congressman Mark Foley and Scientology, Scientology Erasing Mark Foley From Webpages, EEOC Federal Suit Over Scientology Firing, Trial of Scientology Worker Arthur Solomonyan to Begin, German Police Told to Target Scientologists, Belgium Buildings Turn into Free Communes, Narconon Leona Valley Hearing Delayed Until January, The Slate Covers L Ron Hubbard, Fighting Good Roads and Fair Weather, Clergyman Reviews Gordon Melton on Scientology, A Day on the PAC RPF, Scientology-Related Media
30/9 2006
In Memory of Gabe Cazares, Scientologist Chiropractor Sentenced on Health Fraud, Lisa McPherson Research, United Merchant Scientologists Bank, Cigarettes and Scientology, Scientology-Related Media
23/9 2006
Lisa McPherson Research Scientology and Freedom of Speech, Friend of Mankind Video, Beware of Xenu, Scientology Cruises Along, Thanks to Command Hypnosis, Why Tom Cruise Doesn't Matter, Historic Dianotes Webbed, FAIR Lawsuit Webbed, Scientology-Related Media
16/9 2006
Judgement and Fine in Switzerland, Newborn Screening Law Remains Constitutional, Cult Politics in Florida, Connecticut Labor Case, KCAA Radio California, Roberto Diaz W Radio Espanol, Pellicano, Scientology in "The Enforcer", Remembering the Predators of 9-11, Scientology-Related Media
9/9 2006
Happy Anniversary Operation Clambake!, Introducing, "The Bridge", Scientology in Switzerland Court, Roger Gonnet on Radio France, Welcome Back Tony Bosnakoudis, Scientology Senate Race in Florida, CalTech on Dianetics Circa 1950, More Members Leaving and Talking, Scientology-Related Media
2/9 2006
Alaskan Bankruptcy Case Against Narconon, Tom Cruise Lowering the Tone, Cruise Behavior a Result of Scientology, Cruise Needs Investors for Cult Money and Power, South Park Honored at Emmy Awards, Why Scientology Hates the Internet, Scientology Recruiting Through NASCAR, Ten Hidden Truths About Scientology, How Many Scientology Had Past Lives as Nazi's?, Inducement to Suicide, Scientology-Related Media,
26/8 2006
Swedish Government, Scientology Undemocratic and Antisocial, Cruise Meets With Richard Armitage in 2003 Over Germany, Paramount Clears Tom Cruise, UK Picket Report, How Scientology Celebrity Centers Deceive Their Members, Leona Valley Narconon Information Pack, Example Letter to Help the IRS Get $cientology Money, Public Perception of Cruise and Cult Plummets, Scientology-Related Media,
19/8 2006
Florida Senate Race and Scientology, 11 Years Ago - Scientology Raids Arnaldo Lerma's House, Xenu is Still a Big Button, Australia, Profit-Making Without Permission?, Members Leaving and Speaking, LA Testing Centre Has Asbestos, Charles Manson was a Scientologist, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons and L Ron Hubbard, How to Deceive With Book Statistics, Scientology and Hypnosis, Scientology-Related Media
12/8 2006
Super Power Bldg Delays Clearwater Progress, Clearwater Renovation PR Misdirection, Las Vegas Sheriff Candidate Tied to Scientology, Member Leaves, Citing Lies, Scientology in Wichita, Kansas, Inside the Cult of NeoPets, Cult Advertises Comissions for Selling, Vote for OC Anniverary CD Cover, Scientology-Related Media
5/8 2006
Operation Clambake Ten Year Party, Belgian Ex-member Speaks Out, Heavy Security at Gold Base, BBC UK Radio on Volunteer Recruitment Scam, Targeting Youth in Buffalo Mall, Censoring the Children from Critical Information, More Major People Leaving Scientology, Vampires of Scientology - Lisa McPherson story, False Imprisonment in Scientology, South Park Ad Celebrates Hollywood Style, Physicist Deemed Hubbard a Con Man, The Golden Age of Entheta, A Stop by the Celebrity Centre LA, Without Tax Status How Many Members Would There Be?, Scientology-Related Media
29/7 2006
Scientology Property Arrested in St. Petersburg Russia, Russian Spam King was a Scientologist, Scientology Youth Tutoring Raises Concern in Germany, Cult Propaganda and Harassment, Public Hearing on Narconon in Leona Valley, Henson Case Memorandum, L Ron Hubbard on the Tarot Deck, Ways to Get Involved, What is Dead Agenting, Scientology-Related Media
22/7 2006
Congratulations Karen Black!, Cult Harassment, New Hate Group Clearwater, Nebraska and Newborn Infant Screening, Volney Mathison and L Ron Hubbard Photo Alteration, Doubting Thoughts of Faithful Scientologists, Diary of a Dying Scientology OT 7, Scientology and the IRS, South Park Episode Draws More Attention
15/7 2006
Scientology in Plant City, Florida, Italian OT8 Speaks Out, Cult Harrassment in Clearwater, Volney Mathison on L Ron Hubbard, Holy Healing Hockey-Puck vs. E-Meter, Psychiatrist on CCHR, Picket Reports, Comedy Central will Re-Air South Park Episode, Scientology-Related Media
8/7 2006
Holy Xenu! South Park up for Emmy, Land Grabbing in Pasadena, Easter Egg on Scientology Website Reveals Truth, Scientology Accusations of Nazism, Codebot.Org, Scientology is not a Science, Summer of the Picket, Cult Used Federal Land, Scientology-Related Media, Historical Articles from the Clearwater Sun, Documenting the Spam
1/7 2006
France Takes Political Action to Protect Minors, Ireland Branch Going Broke Over Litigation, St. Petersburg Times on "Suppressive Persons", Anti Psychiatry Celebrities, Money for Arizona Legislature, Scientology vs. Keith Henson Update, In Memory of Lyle Stuart, A Threatening Introduction to Scientology, Questioning Another Cult Suicide, Follow and Participate in Clearwater City Council, Scientology Unable to Handle Xenu
24/6 2006
Suspicious Education Training in Germany, Action Needed to Stop Leona Valley Narconon!, More Cult Harassment, Accounts of Cult Suicide in Italy, Scientology's Head, David Miscavige Beats People Up, Picket Reports, An Anniversary of Cult Disconnection, Lecture for Religious Technology Corporation, Scientology-Related Media, Historic Letter from Hubbard's Wife to Paulette Cooper
17/06 2006
Russian Scientologist Imprisoned for Embezzlement, Cult Taking India for a Ride, Turning Weapons Over to Scientology in Boston?, Picket Reports, Scientology-Related Media, Courage to Speak Out, Scientology Contradictions, A Long History of Hiring Private Eyes
10/06 2006
Switzerland Case Filed Against Scientology Inc., Florida Politics and Attorney General - Backed by Scientology?, Scientology Canada Antipsychiatry Propaganda, Scientology Cannot Change Infant Screening Law, London Picket Report, Scoring Money from German World Cup Soccer, Plagiarizing the Way to Happiness, More Cult Harassment, Threatening, a Scientology Practice, Where Does Narconon Money Go?, Not NASCAR too, Early Publication of the "Compleat Aberee", Scientology-Related Media
3/6 2006
Scientology News in Belgium, Russia: Loss in Court, No Memorial Day for L Ron Hubbard , Lisa McPherson Fought to Leave Scientology, Attorney Helena Kobrin Captive Under Scientology Guard, Hubbard Letters Admit Mass Plagiarism for Scientology Sources, Withdrawal of Support of Scientology, Scientology-Related Media
27/5 2006
Former Member in Belgian Newspaper, A Toe Hold to Belgium, Science Ficton Courses for Super Power, Critics Stalked and Threatened, Tom Cruise Rants Draw Reaction, Consequences of Scientology Involvement, Scientology-Related Media, Origin of Scientology Personality Test, Hollywood Testing Center Activity, Erased from Scientology Media, Scientology and Los Angeles Sheriff Baca, Narconon Challenged in Canada, L Ron Hubbard, on Hypnosis and Little Kangaroos: Anti-Psychiatry Spammers, Cult Notoriety Expanding
20/5 2006
Russian Scientologist Convicted, Scientology Fact & Fiction, Scientology Foggery a Cult Operation, Nazi Foggery a Cult Operation, Power Hour Promotes Scientology Solution, Social Response to Scientology, UK Freezone Conference, National Parents Association a Front Group, Narconon's Day in Court, Superpower HCOBs, International Xenu Day, Report from Ybor City, Possible Cult Connection, News from Belgium
13/5 2006
Mission Impossible III, German View of Scientology, Polish Scientologists Ordered to Remove Tents, News from Ukraine Part Four, Critic Threatened by Scientology, LA Picket Reports, Scientology "Cruising" for money in D.C., Scientology-Related Multi-Media, FBI documents on Hubbard, News from Inside Gold Base, Bankrupt Cult Victims, Gratitude
6/5 2006
Critic's Information abused, Cult Celebrity spurs California Legislation, Scientology using Nigerian tax money, LA Sheriff to be protested, Source of cult's Florida funding questioned, Keith Henson bankrupty hearing March 10 2006, Scientology in Ukraine, Garofalo promotes Scientology program, Baby Suri at California Cult Compound?, Archived historical documents, Dianetics birthday, Super Power in 2007, Scientology a Good Neighbor
29/4 2006
Visions from "The Profit", Lisa McPherson case not settled, Picket in Paris, Earth Day Activity in California, News from St. Petersburg Russia, Official 2005 French Mission Report, Attempted web site censorship, San Francisco org Recon report, When Scientology Attacks, News from Plant City in Florida, Multi-Media Links, Foreign Multi-Media Links
22/4 2006
Scientology Fighting Suicide Prevention, France Bans Scientology Media Propaganda, Quack Cures Questioned, Spammers pad Cruise poll, UK Reporter Goes Undercover, Critic Multi-Media Links, Isaac Hayes Still Resigned, Scientology's Dirty Old Tricks, Bookselling and Recruiting, What Judges Say about Scientology, Operation Clambake Anniversary CD, News from Ukraine, Foreign Multi-Media Links
15/4 2006
Autism untreated in Scientology, Scientology Loses Popularity Poll, Battle Creek Michigan Speaks Out, Declaration of Gerry Armstrong, L.A. Times Reporter promotes Cult Apologist, Tom Cruise advertising Scientology, Bookselling and Recruitment, Scientology-related Video, Christening a Catholic Scientologist Baby-to-be, Unscary Movie, Narconon is not Narcotics Anonymous, Narconon charged in Russia
8/4 2006
Scientology a Model for Health Care Fraud, Sexual Abuse Coverup, Scientology-related Video, Anti-Psych Propaganda a Smokescreen, To Sea Org Kids, A look at 2005 Completion Stats, Celebrity Freebies from Georgia Congresswoman, Xenu in the News, South Park Episode Lives and receives Peabody Award, Earthlink Founder Sky Dayton, Revealing Tom Cruise Interview, Israeli School teaching Hubbard Tech, Berry deposed by cult lawyers, City Monitoring Unfinished Clearwater Building, Brainwashing Price Update, A Scientology Propagandist, Operations Clambake almost 10 years old
1/4 2006
Scientology Facing Lawsuit in Belgium, Pellicano under investigation, Cult Musicians, 1989 Declaration of Richard Aznaran, Season Premiere of South Park, Tom Cruise Grooms Wealthy Jamie Packer, Narconon Leona Valley Approval on Hold, Reports of Petty Abuse Confirmed, Non-Enturbulation Order, TV Boosting Public Cult Awareness, Critics on Radio and TV, Cult material nixed as medical advice in Israel, Flag Vibrator Instructions
25/3 2006
Hayes blows and Cruise censors South Park, South Park Strikes Back, News from Hungary, Scientology-related Multimedia, Clearwater Scientology Building Not Done, MSNBC links Tom Cruise to Perkins death, Boycotting Mission Impossible 3, Operation Clambake's Tenth Anniversary, Washington DC Picket Report, Facts on Narconon in Rock River Times, Narconon Appeal in Leona Valley, E-Mail Death Threat from Scientologist, A Critics Work is Never Done, Hubbard fraud on book covers, Belgian bill to combat cults, News from Denmark
18/3 2006
Arizona Scientology Spends Thousands for Anti-psychiatry Push, London Picket Reports, L Ron Hubbard the Nuclear Physicist Lies, Travolta's New Role a Drag for Scientology, Latest Keith Henson Legal, Scientology-related Photos and Video, "Emmma's" Story and Gavino Idda: Scientology Internet Terrorist, A.R.S. Tribute on March 13 for L Ron Hubbard's Birthday, Isaac Hayes Quits South Park Show because of "Trapped in the Closet" Episode, RFW Snailmail Attacks, South Park reported censored
11/3 2006
Scientology Articles on Wikipedia, Documenting Scientology Human Rights Abuse, Arnie Lerma's Home gets Flyered by Scientology, Webbed Collections of Scientology Propaganda Flyers against Critics, Tory Christman - "Dear Scientology OT's", Scientology-Related Audio, Operation Clambake "Org Patrol", Clearwater real estate, Criminon in Georgia, Swiss Scientologist swindlers lose libel lawsuit, Armstrong supporting Henson, Narconon in California, Orchestrated marginalization
4/3 2006
University of Ottawa, Canada: Scientology - a Religion Unmasked, Scientology-related videos, Post Rolling Stone Magazine interview on MSNBC, feedback, BioFriendly gets the boot in Texas, Research: FBI Document on Dianetics scanned, Hello: My name is Patty Pieniadz, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom dating Scientology?, An Academy Awards 'Dear Jon Stewart', German translations of critical Scientology books, Cruise and Pellicano, News from Venezuela, 13th of March approaching, Purification scam
25/2 2006
L Ron Hubbard subscribed to the Spotlight, IHR Money went to Scientology, Scientology-related Audio and Video, Feds Scrutinizing Scientology-run Company (BioFriendly), Lisa McPherson's name in New York editorial, Tom Cruise Dangles Off Balcony, The Consciencelessness of Scientology, Scientology Tone Scale - Hubbard manipulation at its worst, Scientology and the Los Angeles County Sheriff, 1994 Woman's Day article about Tom Cruise and Scientology, Rolling Stone: Inside Scientology, Scientology rebuffed in Crowborough
18/2 2006
Communities in Schools yields money to Scientology, Magoo's Valentines Day Party, Keith Henson's letter and reply from RTC on Warren McShane, Scientology-Related Videos, Did L Ron Hubbard Plagiarize from this Book?, Hubbard False Claims of Curing, Narconon California, Letter to Leona Valley Town Council, Tom Cruise, Bert Fields, and Anthony Pellicano?, Dianetics in David Letterman's Top Ten, Narconon offering psychological counseling for $22,000, Scientology Separation Ritual at Birth, For Recovering Scientologists
11/2 2006
Hubbard Quack Claims for Dianetics, Scientologist Bob Carroll to Reap $40M Texas Windfall, Black Dahlia - Hubbard/Parsons Connection?, March 11, 2006; A Good Day to Picket on Hubbard's Birthday, UK Passes Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, 2004 Narconon Tax Return Nonsense, Scary Movie 4 - Comedy, Aliens and Tom Cruise, Where is Mark (Marty) Rathbun?, Research, Scientology Deaths, Notice of Copyright Infringement, USA Freedom Corps, and $cientology, Pellicano thread on OCMB, Class Action against the IAS, Tom Cruise Paranoid Over Nicole Kidman's New Cult Film
4/2 2006
William Barwell A.R.S.Postings Webbed, Scientology Murder Attempts, in Tech-News - Another score for electronic freedom, Tom Cruise Nominated for Three Razzie Awards, Scientology Recruiters at Australian Bushfires?, New Website, Scientology Seeks Legal Status in Bulgravia, Hayes Kept South Park Creators Away from Scientology, Scientology-Related Animation, Margaret Singer Articles, Interviews, Paris Match covers cult, Keep up the good work
28/1 2006
Minton victim of poor judgment, Scientology Related Photos and Video , Scientology Cult Suicides Listed in Wikipedia, Scientology & The Truman Show, NOTS34: Criminality Successfully Protected by Copyright Law, Russian NGO rejects Spy Smear - Scientology Involved?, News on Marty Rathbun, The brighter side of Scientology, Sklar tax decision
21/1 2006
Nevada Sheriff Removes Ignatius Piazza Deputy Status, Scientology P.I. Edwin Richardson Serves Graham Berry, Scientology-Related Photos, Fraud complaint against DM and conspirators, ARS: A forum for Scientology to denigrate psychiatry, Scientology Tax Returns not Filed?, SP Declare on Dorthe Mai, Hubbard's War on Psychiatry, Paulette Cooper Harassment Diaries, Jenna Elfman shilling for Scientology at prayer breakfast, Warnings and threats of violence received, Tying up a Few Loose Ends re Bob Minton, San Diego picket, Experiences with Scientology aired
14/1 2006
Stop Narconon, Linus Torvalds on Scientology, Scientology on French TV, Scientology-Related Videos, Anti-Ritalin Legislation in Utah, Dianetics on Wikipedia, E-meter 'security checks' - How to pass them, Sklar Loss and Legality of Scientology-IRS Agreement, Last Year: Scientology This Year: We Are Scientists, Kirstie Alley: "Scientology Didn't Help", Narconon Begs for Free Services, Recruiting Volunteers, Hubbard's Non-Originations: ARC TRiangle, Scientologist slams psychiatry, Scientology vs. Science at Anti-Psychiatry Museum, Scientology Cashing in on Katrina, One of Hubbard's sources online, Exposing the Con - More from Germany
7/1 2006
Narconon's Accreditation, Stormtroopin' for Elron, Scientific Study of Dianetics Raising IQ?, Roger Gonnet Celebrates Nine Year's on the Internet, Call for Pickets in Europe in 2006, Wikipedia, Neopets and Scientology in Wired Magazine, Ken Hoden Responds to Keith Henson's Interrogatory, 25-Year Chief of Police, Sid Klein in St. Petersburg Times (Clearwater), Scientology and in the UK?, Keith Henson on Cult Behavior and Evolutionary Psychology, Faith-based Organizations Face Suits for Proselytizing, Scientology-Related Videos and Photos, The 2006 Challenge. What do you think?, Australia - Taxpayers Kick-in for MP's trip to Scientology Museum, Tom Cruise is Dangerous and Irresponsible, Proposed California Narconon Meets Resistance, Memorial Brick Projects, More End of 2005 Tom Cruise, 2006 Predictions, Scientology guru under investigation, San Diego picket

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