Volume 0, Issue vom 22. 07. 1995

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 0, Issue 14
by Rod Keller [rkeller@netaxs.com]
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  1. Big Story Backlash
  2. Canadian Libel Award Upheld
  3. Helena's Pen Pals
  4. Prosperity Article
  5. Erlich Defense
  6. Finnish Police Report
  7. OSA Against Psychiatry
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Big Story Backlash

The Tonbridge Courier, in Kent England reported this week that harassment of people who cooperated with the producers of The Big Story expose on Scientology. "Legal investigators acting for the cult have twice been to the [Richard and Judy] Price's house - the last time at nearly midnight when a letter was pushed through the door and a man was heard running away. The couple reported the incidents to police. "'It was very frightening - I don't want unsolicited people at the house late at night,' Judy said. 'I couldn't sleep because of it and I now feel very insecure. I know that we are opposed to Scientology but this is a free country and we have a right to speak our minds. We have done nothing unlawful - we have just tried to get Richard's sister out of it.'" Peter Mansell, church spokesman, made this chilling response. "'I don't think it was anything personal,' he said. 'It was probably just a warning for the benefit of those that had been interviewed.'" Warning of what, and how the Price's benefited was not explored in the article. The staff of The Big Story were also victims of cos intimidation this week. An article from the Observer was posted describing the physical and legal harassment techniques. "Unknown attackers smashed windscreens and lights of three cars belonging to Twenty Twenty employees shortly before the programme was broadcast. A fourth car, which did not belong to a Twenty Twenty employee, was also vandalised. "The 'cloned' mobile phone belonged to Alison Braund, the reporter in the programme, who attended a course at the church's headquarters at East Grinstead, West Sussex, last month. "Police are investigating and have not ruled out a connection with the Church of Scientology. "The church said Ms Braund attended the East Grinstead course under false pretences, claiming she was there solely for religious and spiritual purposes. Twenty Twenty says Ms Braund - who had a camera concealed in her glasses - did not breach Independent Television Commission guidelines. "The church alleges she was caught on film taking documents from the interviewer's desk after he left the room. Police were called and Ms Braund was arrested, but released without charge. The church may prosecute privately." Message-ID: 124332Z17071995@anon.penet.fi> 152322Z16071995@anon.penet.fi> #####

Canadian Libel Award Upheld

Canada's Supreme Court this week upheld the libel award against the cos, as posted in a.r.s this week from a Reuters article. "Canada's Supreme Court Thursday upheld a million-dollar libel award against the Church of Scientology in a case that saw writers and news organizations siding with the church. "Casey Hill, a former Ontario prosecutor, sued the Church of Scientology for accusing him of acting improperly in connection with a raid on church offices in Toronto in 1983. "Journalists, writers and newspaper groups pressing for free speech had backed the church in arguing for laxer rules on defamation, but the court upheld the $1.6 million Canadian ($1.2 million U.S.) award in favor of Hill. It is believed to be the largest libel award ever made in Canada." The response of the cos, also posted this week, included this explanation. "The complex case, which began in 1984, dealt with matters arising from a 1983 search and seizure conducted against the Church of Scientology of Toronto's premises by the Ontario Provincial Police. The Ontario Court General Division in 1991 found this search and seizure to be unconstitutional and illegal, ruling as well that the police had not acted in good faith." And finally, from the decision announcement itself. "The allegations [by the cos] against Hill were found to be totally false and without foundation. The contempt charges [again, filed by the cos] were dismissed on a motion for non-suit and Hill commenced an action for damages for libel. The action was allowed and Manning and the Church were found jointly liable for general damages in the amount of $300,000, and the Church alone liable for aggravated damages of $500,000 and punitive damages of $800,000.00." Message-ID: 3uo5gl$hcm@utopia.hacktic.nl> 3un827$nr3@cmcl2.NYU.EDU> 3un34u$1v1@crl2.crl.com> #####

Helena's Pen Pals

Charles Oriez and Henry became the latest to hear from the cos' chief legal harassment official, Helena Kobrin. Charles writes: "BTW - her letter claims that I posted OT II, OT III, and OT VII. Anyone remember any posts from me referencing II or III stuff? OT III is xenu and the volcanoes, right? Would the Xenu House of Clams T-shirt I just bought be a trade secret infringement? Should I wear it to court as respondent's exhibit A?" And from Henry: "I posted this for the purpose of criticizing the practices and beliefs of a criminal cult, eleven of whose members were convicted of federal offenses and imprisoned for wiretapping government offices, stealing documents from government offices, forging documents and other crimes. "This quotation is 'fair use' as recognized under US law, is only six lines, and was quoted for the purposes of review and public information, and as such this threat is without grounds and baseless." William Barwell received a response from Helena from his last letter. She apparently thinks this part is a zinger. "In the case against Dennis Erlich, Judge Whyte issued a Temporary Restraining Order prohibiting him from engaging in certain acts related to Church materials. The order states in part: "Defendant Dennis Erlich and his agents, servants, and employees, and all persons acting or purporting to act under his authority, direction or control, and all persons acting in concert or in participation with any of them who receive notice of this Order, shall be and are restrained and enjoined pending further court order." It would be amusing to see her claim that all a.r.s participants are servants of Dennis. The Pope made this comment to the letter. "The cult is playing hardball. I am wiping my hard disks of anything that could get me sued after a raid, and I am going to also be writing my Senators, and my Congressman." Message-ID: 3uhkpk$ijm@ixnews5.ix.netcom.com> 3uk34u$lcc@nyx.cs.du.edu> 3uf19l$kin@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM> #####

Prosperity Article

Ron Newman posted highlights from Prosperity, a magazine published by the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE). Details like this have been difficult to verify. "WISE members have assisted the largest government bank in Mexico, the National Finance Bank, by delivering vitally needed HUBBARD administrative technology to their staff as well as their clients, which include some of the most powerful government agencies and companies in the country... "Due to the success of L. Ron Hubbard's organizational technology among major corporations in Mexico, the Mexican Government has now officially recognized that HUBBARD administrative courses are fully certified as a government-endorsed training program! "WISE member Henry Ospitia has been making great inroads in the disseminating L. Ron Hubbard's administrative works in Columbia. One of the key officials he has been working with the former Secretary General of the State of El Valle in Columbia, Sigifredo Holguin. "Over the past couple of years, WISE member Bernhard Schmidt has been disseminating LRH admin tech into the Czech Republic... 'I started my own company here in July 1993, from scratch, without anything other than my knowledge of LRH admin tech.' "As a result of Benhard's work, over 100 managers or owners of businesses in the Czech Republic have now received a major LRH admin tech training course over the past year. In fact, Bernard's consulting company has grown so fast that it is now listed in the top 20 consultants in the country, and has gotten two large articles in the Czech press." Message-ID: rnewman-1507950039390001@dial1-22.cybercom.net> #####

Erlich Defense

A large number of documents filed by Morrison & Foerster in an attempt to lift the Temporary Restraining Order on Dennis Erlich were posted to a.r.s this week. I've selected paragraphs from several of the documents that describe how MoFo will be pursuing the case, and likely challenging the RTC's copyrights. "In seeking emergency ex parte relief, plaintiffs failed to advise the Court that most of the items identified as alleged trade secrets either have been found by the Ninth Circuit to have been widely publicized, or were publicly deposited in the United States Copyright Office. Plaintiffs also failed to advise the Court of the actual status and ownership of various copyrights that are the basis of their claims. "In light of the myriad defects and inconsistencies in plaintiffs' copyright and trade secret claims, plaintiffs are not likely to succeed on the merits of this action. All of the other factors that underlie injunctive relief weigh in Mr. Erlich's favor as well. He therefore requests an order dissolving the Amended TRO. "Plaintiffs cannot establish a likelihood of success as to their copyright claims due to the many defects in the claims themselves, the numerous inconsistencies that pervade the registrations and the absence of an automatic presumption of copyright validity or ownership. "For works in which copyright was secured prior to 1964, however, a copyright claimant must have filed an application for renewal registration prior to expiration of the initial copyright term in order to prevent the work from entering the public domain. "Based on these rules, Item 4 of Exhibit A is not entitled to copyright protection because it was first published in 1961 and its initial 28-year copyright term expired in 1989 upon the failure to renew the copyright. "With respect to Items 1, 5 and 7 of Exhibit A, for which renewal was automatic, plaintiffs have not established any right to the copyright interests because the rights, if any, vested automatically in LRH's statutory successors (his wife and children), not LRH's estate. "Copyright terms expire on December 31 of the last year of the term. Thus, the original terms for works first published in 1965 or 1966 expired as of December 31, 1993 and 1994, respectively. "Plaintiffs have not, however, established that LRH's wife and children transferred to either of them rights in these various documents. No rights have been transferred to RTC. Thus, it is unlikely that plaintiffs have the requisite standing as to these works. "A valid copyright registration is a statutory prerequisite for filing a claim of infringement. Where the allegedly infringed work is incorporated into a compilation or derivative work, it is not sufficient to have obtained a registration simply for the compilation or derivative work. "Aside from various legal defects in plaintiffs' copyright claims, there are numerous inconsistencies throughout the copyright registrations relied upon by plaintiffs that support the conclusion that plaintiffs are not likely to succeed on their claims. Message-ID: 3u5m1n$3u6@news.dgsys.com> 3u5m6k$3u6@news.dgsys.com> CKAUN.95Jul21112230@deimos.ads.com> #####

Finnish Police Report

Pekka Aakko posted a translation of a Helsinki Police document to a.r.s this week. It concerns the Penet anonymous server raid in January. The events described in these excerpts are apparently the "Miss Bloodybutt" affair, involving an attempt to frame Tom Klemesrud for sexual assault, and the posting of the cos' documents to a.r.s by the anonymous poster -AB-. It's amazing to me that the cos was able to fool the Finnish Police so easily. "Documents have been published in Internet in electric form [binary form] (electronic mail), which are from CSI's computer systems and can be proven to originate from that source. "The documents published develop from a rapport written in January 21st 1995, which handles a insignificant matter, but very private occurrence between two private persons in Los Angeles (appendix 1). "There had been discussion before January 21st 1995 in Internet newsgroups concerning this event/occurrence. The reason for the discussion is unclear to the plaintiff. The discussion was formed from different rumors, which got the attention of the readers of the newsgroup in so great extent, that the occurrence became a 'news subject' on that area. The discussion happened in a very general and inaccurate level. "Also CSI became informed of the discussion and decided to find out about the occurrence, as the occurrence was claimed to have ties to the scientology church and it's members. "CSI gave an assignment to private eye Gene Ingram to find out what had happened. The private eye interviewed the female participator of the occurrence, and made notes about the subject. Based on these notes the private eye gave a report about the things he had found out. "The report was written into CSI's computer system based on the verbal presentation given by the private eye. The report was written by a member of staff of CSI thus the report in the CSI computer systems was given its original form. "The information published in the Internet is 100% sure from the report in CSI's computer systems. The document was never printed or given any physical form before its illegal publishing. "The information within the CSI computer system is classified information [classified as industrial secrets]. The information thus published is also classified "lawyer information" "The plaintiff demands a punishment to the person who illegally broke into CSI's computer system, the person who used it without authorization, and to the person who stole the information classified as industrial secrets from the crimes mentioned in paragraph 1. "The matter is very urgent. Because of the crime that happened the plaintiff has been forced to take very large actions to stop the criminal activities. However it is possible that the crimes are still being made at least the information might be published illegally. "This far there has been also noticeable financial damages to the plaintiff. Message-ID: 3un68b$s1d@myntti.helsinki.fi> #####

OSA Against Psychiatry

The following flyer was posted to a.r.s this week. "Find Out About The Exact Steps That Will Be Taken To WIPE PSYCHIATRY OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH In Our Lifetime "Speaker: Mr. Mike Rinder Commanding Officer, Office of Special Affairs International "Friday 21 July, 8:00 P.M. Pasadena Civic Auditorium 300 Green Street, Pasadena, Ca Message-ID: 3umfh2$2l6@ixnews4.ix.netcom.com>