Volume 0, Issue 26 vom 15. 10. 1995

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 0, Issue 26
by Rod Keller [rkeller@netaxs.com]
copyright 1995


  1. America Online
  2. Kim Baker
  3. Dennis Erlich Update
  4. Gerry Armstrong Update
  5. Guardian Office
  6. Greeks Against Scientology
  7. Psychiatry and Scientology
  8. Scamizdat 11

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America Online

Diane Richardson's America Online account was reactivated without comment this week. "My AOL account has been restored as mysteriously as it was canceled. I have not heard a word from anyone regarding this; in fact, I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't tried logging on one last time before deleting the AOL files from my computer." Meanwhile, the existence of an AOL Project by the cos was revealed by "Patty". The group is apparently set up to complain to AOL when rebuttal posts are made to the Scientology folder. "Ron, No problem. I was just offering guidelines agreed to by many of us with those in charge of the Scientology America Online Project. I assume you have been sent a copy of the hat write up for posting in the folders by Sabrina. ML Patty" Message-ID: <456fe7$26d0@news-s01.ny.us.ibm.net> Message-ID: <4539tn$f47@newsbf02.news.aol.com> #####

Kim Baker

Kim Baker has resigned from the FACTNet board of directors following a phoned-in bomb threat. "On Monday evening, 9 October, at approximately 7.00 pm, Malcolm Nothling, a veteran critic of the Church of Scientology, received a telephone call in Johannesburg, South Africa. He said the caller was male, and had a Zimbabwean (Rhodesian) accent. The caller said that based on the results of the Gerry Armstrong hearing, a planned action to bomb a Scientology Org (he did not specify which Org) was going to occur within the next ten days. He asked Malcolm if he wished to help with the planning of the operation. "A new level of operation against Scientology is going to occur as a result of the Church's actions against its detractors. I feared this would happen, and I cannot be a part of it. I have resigned from the Board of Directors of FACTNET, and I withdraw from the conflict." Message-ID: <m0t2Y8t-0008swC@uctmail.uct.ac.za> #####

Dennis Erlich Update

Dennis posted an update on his case. "This week MoFo produced a strong filing for Judge Whyte which requested that the scienos be held in contempt of court for failing to return all my personal property illegally seized in the (now vacated) unconstitutional raid in February. If I get around to it, I'll post some of the lovely language. "The scienos have filed requesting an impoundment of all the materials they shouldn't have ever taken from me during the raid that shouldn't have ever happened. They base this filing on my earlier posted intention to do fair use critique of all the materials, once I get them back. "Another hearing (or ruling) will be forthcoming November 3." Message-ID: <9510090933.0DFSH00@support.com> #####

Gerry Armstrong Update

Gerry Armstrong posted the proposal submitted by the cos in Superior Court. Here's an excerpt from the orders they want the judge to sign. "Defendant Gerald Armstrong, his agents, employees, and persons acting in concert or conspiracy with him are restrained and enjoined from doing directly or indirectly any of the following: "Voluntarily assisting any person (not a governmental organ or entity) intending to make, intending to press, intending to arbitrate, or intending to litigate a claim against any of the persons or entities referred to in paragraph 1 of the 'Mutual Release of All Claims and Settlement Agreement' of December, 1986, regarding such claim or regarding pressing, arbitrating, or litigating it; "Facilitating in any manner the creation, publication, broadcast, writing, filming audio recording, video recording, electronic recording or reproduction of any kind of book, article, film, television program, radio program, treatment, declaration, screenplay or other literary, artistic or documentary work of any kind which discusses, refers to or mentions Scientology, the Church, and/or any person or entity referred to in paragraph 1 of the 'Mutual Release of All Claims and Settlement Agreement' of December, 1986; "Discussing with anyone, not a member of Armstrong's immediate family or his attorney, Scientology, the Church, and/or any person or entity referred to in paragraph 1 of the 'Mutual Release of All Claims and Settlement Agreement' of December, 1986; "Remove all information concerning Scientology, the Church and/or any person or entity referred to in paragraph 1 of the 'Mutual Release of All Claims and Settlement Agreement' of December, 1986 from any and all databases, electronic or otherwise, within the possession, custody or control of FACTNet." Message-ID: <jmknapp-0510950544530001@> #####

Guardian Office

A summary was posted this week of the activities of some of the people convicted or named in the Guardian Office trials. The cos claims that the old Guardian Office people were all removed from the church. "Duke Snider is listed in Source issue 91 as completing the Flag Executive Briefing Course "Henning Heldt is listed in Source issue 60 as completing level B of the St. Hill Briefing Course and in Source issue 67 as completing New OTV "Richard Weigand is today a member of the 'Church'. "Kendrick 'Rick' Moxon was named in U.S. v Kember as an unindicted co-conspirator. Moxon is still in the 'Church'. Message-ID: <45kr1r$l4d@hollywood.cinenet.net> #####

Greeks Against Scientology

A letter from Rev. Antonios Alevisopoulos was posted this week. An excerpt: "PAN HELLENIC PARENTS' UNION for the protection of the Orthodox Culture, the Family and the Individual "With this letter we are asking urgently for your help in the following matter: "U-Man deposed an action asking for urgent measures against us. These measures refer mainly to the chapter Economic Religions of our book 'New Sects - Destructive Cults'. We need URGENTLY facts to prove: "That U-Man International is a branch of Scientology. "That with the test and the following seminars U-Man is pushing Scientologists to the businesses and finally takes hold of their control, directing the company in accordance with the Scientologic ethics, and changing also their administrative structure. "That the use of Scientology's technology on the part of the businesses has the same negative consequences that Scientology has on the personal lives of people and this has dangerous results for the business and the economy of any country." Message-ID: <065352Z10101995@anon.penet.fi> #####

Psychiatry and Scientology

The text of "Psychiatry and Scientology" by L. J. West, M.D. was posted this week. It was originally printed in The Southern California Psychiatrist, published in 1990 and 1991. "The medical profession as a whole, and psychiatry in particular, has generally failed to fight back or even take notice of Scientology, its slanders and other depredations. In the medical literature there are only a handful of references to Scientology. It is clear that the legitimate healing professions have not come to grips with the dangers posed by cults in general, and with the peculiarly hostile and antipsychiatric 'church' of Scientology in particular. "Most people know surprisingly little about Scientology. Only a handful of books and articles, and a few journalistic pieces in the popular press, have been written about Hubbard and his organizations. In May 1980 and September 1981, the Reader's Digest published two articles about Scientology and its dangers. "Unfortunately, the harms done by Scientology go far beyond attacks on psychiatry or on critics. It is Scientology's membership, and their families, who are the most likely to suffer. Many damaged personas are emerging from the cult, often with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder including prominent dissociative features. Some of these refugees seek help from psychiatrists. We owe it to them, and to ourselves, to continue investigating the nature of harms done by cults such as the Church of Scientology and to publish our findings regardless of the consequences. "One of Scientology's latter-day developments has been its putative detoxification procedure, called 'the purification rundown.' Within Scientology proper it is employed along with the continual 'dianetic' psychotherapy procedures as a health enhancement process. By Narconon (Scientology's drug rehabilitation front group) this is called 'the Hubbard method.' "It is supposed to dislodge toxins and drugs from fatty tissues through a rigorous regimen of exercise, saunas (up to five hours a day, for up to 30 days), and progressively larger doses of various vitamins. There is no scientific basis for the claims about it. In fact, a noted in the previous article, the prolonged saunas can cause serious dehydration, and the high doses of certain vitamins may also pose a health hazard." Message-ID: <458fvv$pt@unlisys.unlisys.net> #####

Scamizdat 11

Scamizdat 11 was published this week. It contains dozens of cos policy documents, letters, upper levels and training routines. Here are some Fair Use excerpts of a few of the documents. I've selected documents which show the unethical behavior that the cos engages in. "OPERATIONS OFFICER "Successful: - When hitting a group or individual, hitting their finance and comm lines. - Getting an enemy to attack another enemy. "Unsuccessful: - When planning not considering all the effects as the Op runs it's full course, and not taking the enemy's viewpoint, leaving critical holes in the plan which will later backfire on you, make your scramble on an emergency basis to handle or make the Op less effective. - Manufacturing documented enemy crimes (there are rare exceptions to this) ---- "DATA NEEDED BY OPS ON EACH LOCATED WHO "- Criminal background of terminal. - Financial involvements (inflow & outflow of money) - Legal involvements (summary of actions) - What persons have the power to fire terminal from the position he holds. - Any rules or regulations that if broken would cause the terminal to lose his job/position. "Stay away from harassment actions that are only for the sake of doing channels or revenge. ie: Sending pizzas from every Pizza delivery restaurant. These basically have been unsuccessful as they do not achieve any real effective result, except for letting the WHO know that he is under attack. There may be times when 50 pizzas every day being sent to a WHO would be effective, but this would be in such a case where the WHO was restimulated heavily by seeing pizzas, smelling pepperoni or seeing pizza delivery boys, etc. "Ensure proper security is planned in an operation, ie: use of an untraceable typewriter, paper without fingerprints, proper covers by FSM's, etc. (See security write-up and security section data in hat materials of Ops US hat checksheet) "A believable source must be provided in an operation, thereby 'filling the vacuum,' so that Scientology isn't dubbed in as source of the attack. A1 Ops are planned in such a way that they in no way could be traced back to the Church." ---- "HCO POLICY LETTER OF 25 APRIL 1968 "The maxim is .. 'when under attack .. attack'. The point is .. even if you don't have enough data to win the case .. still attack .. LOUDLY. Reason is, it is only those people that have crimes that will attack us, and they will soon back off for fear of being found out when attacked back." ----- "CONFIDENTIAL Industrial Intelligence Text Note "The Officer should not be an Scn but a pro. "The US trained lots of them so they are available as they also released lots of them. "The trick is to get an unemployed ex Intelligence Officer, metered for total reliability." ---- "2 Dec 69 INTELLIGENCE ACTIONS COVERT INTELLIGENCE DATA COLLECTION "Essentially a covert operation is intended to embarrass, discredit or overthrow or remove an actual or possible opponent. "It is a small war carried on without its true source being disclosed. "The enemy propaganda tactic is to print bad things, repeat them in another country, repeat them back, get them into articles and then into books. This builds a background of ill repute. This builds a 'library of public opinion'. This has happened to us. "The enemy objective is to discredit, in our case, and then build on this a denial of rights under law. Their first bad articles were the New York Times Sunday magazine section in mid 1950. Their first blast was the San Francisco papers, Sept 1950, quoting the publisher Ceppos being critical of me (he was a Communist, publisher of Book One) followed by the LA papers, pushed then by the Sara Komkovadamanov (alias Northrup) 'divorce' actions, followed by attempted kidnapping of myself. Other details were pushed into it including murder of four and so on. This was a full complete covert operation. At the back of it was Miles Hollister (psychology student) Sara Komkosadamanov (housekeeper at the place nuclear physicists stayed near Caltech) Gene Benton and his wife - secretary of the Young Communists League. The FBI approached in December 1950 and asked what Communists were in our orgs, said they could not give it out but asked for a list of all staff saying they would give us back those who were not. 252 out or 1000 were struck off the list by the FBI." ---- "Written for the Guardian and her offices. ETHICS ORDER TO: THOSE CONCERNED September 17, 1965 "I. J. F. 'Jack' Horner is hereby declared a Suppressive Person for reasons herewith given: "(a) Using and giving altered 'Standard Scientology Technology' aimed at "doing someone in". The public is warned not to accept any processing and/or training from Horner or anyone, I repeat, anyone connected with him. What he is using is not, I repeat, not Scientology Technology. (b) For his association with J. Edgar Watson, a known thief (fired from Saint Hill for this reason) and a sex pervert recently declared a Suppressive Person by L. Ron Hubbard. "II. Not to be trained or processed. III. Not to be communicated with. IV. Declared FAIR GAME." ---- "HCO POLICY LETTER OF 21 SEPTEMBER 1965 CENTRAL FILES SECTION "The prime purpose of the Central Files Section is: "'TO HELP RON COLLECT AND HOLD ALL NAMES, ADDRESSES, PERTINENT DATA ABOUT AND CORRESPONDENCE TO ANYONE FROM ANYONE WHO HAS EVER BOUGHT ANYTHING FROM THE ORGANIZATION.'" ----- "Policy of Freedom and Pamphlet Publications in the U.S. "As 49% in the U.S. favor Freedom (of Speech, Religion, Press) and the largest percents are government and hypocrisy, the formula for Freedom in the U.S. is "CLAIM CREDIT FOR ADVANCES IN REESTABLISHING FREEDOM IN THE USE AND PUSH ACTIONS TO DO SO AND CLAIM CREDIT FOR UNMASKING GOVERNMENT HYPOCRISY AND ACT TO DO SO." ----- PR SERIES 24 HANDLING HOSTILE CONTACTS/DEAD AGENTING "The errors we have made have been: 1. Defending only. 2. Defending on Scientology ground. 3. Being reasonable and assigning mild motives to the enemy. 4. Failing to attack early and hard. 5. Undervaluing the broad social value of Scientology." ----- "HCO ETHICS ORDER FROM: ETHICS OFFICER WW 29th December 1969 SUBJECT: JOHN McMASTER - WRIT OF EXPULSION "1. John McMaster, parishioner of 3, Carlisle Crescent, Durban, South Africa, is on this date duly expelled from the Church of Scientology for the following reason: "PLACING HIMSELF IN A POSITION OF BLACKMAIL WITH HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONS." ----- "HCO Ethics Order To: Those concerned Date: 29 June 1965 "I. RALPH GLASER is declared a Suppressive Person for the following reasons: "A. He failed to handle or to disconnect from his wife as ordered by Natalie Fisher on May 5, 1965. By his own testimony, 'The more I gain the more she matters,' his wife is Suppressive to him; three weeks elapsed from the time of the order from Natalie until his next interview with Ethics, which might have been construed as rescinding Natalie's order. "B. He has repeatedly done the Crime of heckling Scientology instructor or lecturer." Message-ID: <45ham9$ol@utopia.hacktic.nl>