Volume 0, Issue 27 vom 29. 10. 1995

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 0, Issue 27
by Rod Keller [rkeller@netaxs.com]
copyright 1995


  1. Capricorn
  2. DC's Hubbard Day
  3. Acid Bath
  4. FAIR Game
  5. Save Henry's Ass
  6. Jeff Jacobsen's Diskette
  7. Cory Brennan
  8. The Weigand Fund
  9. Dianetics.com
  10. Org Life
  11. OT8 Genuine
  12. Russia
  13. Los Gatos Web Site
  14. Janie Peterson Affidavit
  15. Manual of Justic

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Capricorn 4

The anonymous and provocative poster Capricorn posted his fourth message to a.r.s this week. The identity of Capricorn is a high priority for cos investigators. "Firstly, I hate to have to say this, but the worst enemies of Lawrence and Dennis are themselves. Their postings on ARS are hurting their cause and giving the Scientologists ammunition which they will use to drive a wedge between the Court and them. They will use their postings to constantly 'repeat the message' that Lawrence and Dennis are contemptuous towards the Courts. This is a well-known tactic of the Scientologists and is pursuant to their policy of Third Party. This continues to further their RICO case as each posting is being collected for evidence. "Those on ARS that continue to underestimate the Scientologists will laugh this off no doubt and continue to make postings that are nothing more than 'your mother wears army boots' while ignoring the reality of what is happening. Make no mistake, the Scientologists are experienced, resourceful and tough litigators. If you confront the reality and ignore the hyperbole, in truth they have effectively shut down FACT Net and Dennis and have their materials tied up in Court." Message-ID: <46tk2i$ham@utopia.hacktic.nl> #####

DC's Hubbard Day

A report was posted this week from the Washington City Paper concerning an effort to issue a resolution to honor LRH. "After Ward 1 Council member Frank Smith recently offered a ceremonial resolution honoring the controversial Church of Scientology, he told LL, 'I figured we were safe talking about the tutorial program. So I focused on that.' The resolution, introduced at the request of local Scientologists, designated last Saturday, Oct. 21, as 'Church of Scientology Community Betterment Day' in the District. "The resolution also depicted Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard as a leader in the District's home-rule movement, which was news to local self-government supporters. "The resolution didn't pass." Message-ID: <46pshg$lar@mailhost.mnsinc.com> #####

Acid Bath

Dennis Erlich reports on the latest harassment from the cult. "I was just informed that overnight someone threw acid on my parent's brand new car which was parked in front of Priscilla and Ed Coates' house where I am staying as a guest. The paint job on the car (which has less than 3000 miles on it) has been ruined." Message-ID: <9510091029.0EQ7101@support.com> #####


Martin Poulter posted news of a letter sent to committee members of FAIR, (Family Action, Information and Resource). "An open letter has been sent to nine committee members, supposedly by 'a concerned member', but I am told that there is reason to believe it was sent by a scientologist. The letter viciously criticises the committee for alleged financial and organisational mismanagement and alleges that the committee is dissatisfied with Ms Tyrrell's work. "What is disturbing is that the letter *includes Ms Tyrrell's home address* and has been cc'ed to the following organisations: "I.S.K.O.N. The Family The Unification Church The Jehovas' Witnesses Jesus Fellowship The Church of Scientology Central London Church of Christ Worldwide Church of God Emin Foundation Sajaja Yoga School of Economic Science "The letter seems to be intended to cause disruption within FAIR and to show how well they have been infiltrated." Message-ID: <DGyAID.AM1@uns.bris.ac.uk> #####

Save Henry's Ass

Robert Clark, formerly the anonymous poster henry, posted a request for donations. Robert lost his job with AccuWeather following a visit from cult investigator Eugene Ingram. "This is the situation. I have been suddenly left with no resources whatever nor any way to do so much as pay my rent. I was really hoping not to be forced into this, but--you guessed it--I'm going to hit you up for money at this point. "Robert W. Clark P. O. Box 222 State College, PA 16804-0222 Please write 'SAVE HENRY'S ASS' in the memo field of the check. "The Save Henry's Ass Movement (SHAM) is _not_ a defense fund. It is _not_ a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, and therefore donations will _not_ be tax-deductible. In fact, it isn't even an organization. It's just a name I made up. It seemed like a good idea at the time. "Money sent to this fund will be used to meet the immediate needs of paying rent and keeping the electricity on and food in my refrigerator. It may even buy me a pack of cigarettes. I might even use it to buy peanut butter, if I'm required to dodge the draft any time soon." Message-ID: <henriDH4317.1nL@netcom.com> #####

Jeff Jacobsen's Diskette

Jeff Jacobsen reported this week the theft of a diskette by cult attorney Kendrick Moxon following a deposition. "I just finished with a deposition by Kendrick Moxon in the Arnie Lerma case. As I was leaving I was asking for a disk of mine back that had the OT materials on it. The guy wouldn't give it back. Then he demanded that I give him the hardcopy of the Fishman affidavit that I had brought. I said 'I'm leaving now' and turned to leave. He yelled 'we'll raid you and sue you!!'" Message-ID: <469drj$8kn@nnrp3.news.primenet.com> #####

Cory Brennan

The AOL abuse report included koreenb aka Cory Brennan of the OSA this week. She is listed as having made 54 inappropriate postings. "This is an abbreviated report of USENET abuse by current and ex-America Online members. Inclusion in this report indicates that, as of this date, local action has been or is in the process of being taken against the poster. "USER INCIDENTS (5+) DESCRIPTION (if appl.) koreenb 54 inappropriate" Message-ID: <mdadamsDGt1J0.CEJ@netcom.com> #####

The Weigand Fund

A message was posted this week from Judy Weigand, wife of convicted Guardian Office felon Dick Weigand, to the closed cult mailing list, tnx-l. "Subject: Money to Loan "As some of you know I have become a finder for a top loan/investment broker with 27 years experience. He is very successful, has excellent stats and is ethical. He has an abundance of lines with individuals and lending institutions that want to invest or loan their money to good projects. The underwriter in his office has 20 years experience and knows her business. "The size loan/investment done is $1,000,000 (one million) and up. "He does all types of financing and loans. Venture capital, real estate loans, business, oil, inventions; you name it. Interest rate and points vary depending upon the project and the lender or investor. This broker can most often offer a better package than anyone else on a qualified project." Dick Weigand has been the cult's representative in Colombia, where a million dollar investment can be multiplied quickly. Message-ID: <46rsif$gmq@uuneo.neosoft.com> #####


"Messiah" reported this week on a controversy over the name "dianetics.com". "Hey here's a news bit, The Religious Technology Center (now there is a oxymoron) has sicked their lawyers on to me because I hold dianetics.com. Read all about at www.dianetics.com including a upcoming auction of the name." Message-ID: <46p4rk$2af@sulla.cyberstore.ca> #####

Org Life

Anonymous poster The Worm posted a description of everyday life in the Org this week. Some excerpts: "MISSION STAFF: Missions are tiny orgs. They are only allowed to deliver up through Grade IV rundowns. At one time they were operated as 'Franchises' where the Mission Owner had some degree of autonomy. After 1982 however all autonomy was squeezed out by Miscavige and his goons. (Read the declaration by Peter Green for more information). Mission Owners who didn't go along with this were declared 'on the spot' and their assets confiscated under threat of copyright and trade secret infringement. In other words, a Sea Org goon sat each Mission Holder down and showed them a pre-typed-up criminal complaint that, unless the Mission Holder signed over their Mission, the Sea Org would press charges. Most of them were stupidly thinking L. Ron Hubbard would never have let this happen and was going to correct it all. What they refused to believe was that L. Ron Hubbard was the person who ordered it done. "CLASS IV ORG: This is similar to Missions, but worse because Orgs have Sea Org members on location all the time. The purpose of the Sea Org is to forward command intention. What that means in practice is to terrorize staff members into producing. The Sea Org is to Scientology Staff, what the SS was to the German Army. It is a special branch loyal directly to the Founder. Sea Org members can push around 'outer' org staff with impunity because there is nowhere to go to get injustice dealt with except the Sea Org and their arrogant attitude can be basically summed up as 'Non Sea Org staff are useless, out ethics, off source degraded beings but we tolerate them because we need slaves who understand at least the terminology of Scientology so that they can take orders'. "ASHO: American Saint Hill Org. If you want any services higher than Grade IV you have to come to one of these first. Either in Saint Hill England, Flag in Clearwater Florida, or ASHO in Hollywood. At one time, when Power Processing was necessary, you had to come here. (For some reason in the 1970's it was discovered that Power Processing wasn't necessary for Dianetic Clears, which 99% of people turned out to be after getting Dianetic Auditing. Of course for the prior 10 years Power Processing was considered mandatory, 100% standard etc etc even though this was later considered unnecessary. Anyone stating Power Processing wasn't necessary would have of course been declared suppressive and fair game but if L. Ron Hubbard said Power wasn't necessary, well, that was OK you see, it didn't matter what the fact or truth was, it just mattered what L. Ron Hubbard said. What a joke)." Message-ID: <46f7jv$p94@utopia.hacktic.nl> #####

OT8 Genuine

The controversy continues over OT8, which describes Jesus as a pedophile. Did cult lawyer Kendrick Moxon impound the document as a copyright infringement? If it's a fake, why did they impound it? Rogue Agent reposted the relevant quote from Arnie Lerma's hearing. "We went through three of these documents, presented to him in their entirety. What did we find out? One that they designated as an infringement was this OT 8 document that Mr. Cooley speaks of with great passion, that it's a forgery. It's an outrageous slander against Jesus Christ.' They designated that and impounded it, Your Honor. They seized it from Mr. Lerma and they impounded it, the same document this they lambast the Washington Post for printing excerpts of." Message-ID: <45ua37$7qm@camelot.ccs.neu.edu> #####


An article by Alexander Dvorkin was posted this week concerning the Hubbard College in Russia. "As we know, the first steps of scientology in Russia were connected to 'Narconon'. However, it seems that it found much more effective vehicle for the expansion. It is 'administrative technology' provided by 'Hubbard College'. In the midst of economical chaos which now reigns in the former Soviet Union, the scientologists offer something that seems easy and effective way of managing the industrial enterprises, offices, banks, companies, etc. It is difficult to refuse their offer: they promise immediate sharp raise of productivity and profits for anybody that will install Hubbard system of administration at the given enterprise. They tell about thousands upon thousands of enterprises that work along Hubbard technology line. The list includes even such industrial giants as 'Ford', 'Folio' and 'General Electric'. "What is the result of this policy? Right now scientological system is already installed in the hundreds of factories, banks, insurance companies, etc. It means that scientology in fact effectively owns them. "The founders and the proponents of Hubbard college in Perm are the city and provincial administration. Mr. Fil [the Mayor] went through hubbardist training in Moscow and is about to continue it in L.A. Meanwhile he issued a decree that all his staff must adopt to Hubbard system of administration along with the borough governments. He even publicly vowed that the entire city of Perm (about 1,5 million population) will convert to Hubbard methods within 6 months. "When the representatives of the city intellectual elite wrote an open letter to him explaining what the scientology is like, he dismissed it, saying that he is only interested in the technology invented by Hubbard while as far as he - Fil - is concerned he could not care less about Hubbard himself, who could have believed even in the devil, for all he cares!" Message-ID: <46jfmq$4pq@unlisys.unlisys.net> #####

Los Gatos Web Site

The Los Gatos org has established the second cult site on the WWW. "Seems that the word has finally come thru. I've found another co$ site on the web: "Dianetics Los Gatos http://www.best.com/pub/dianet/index.html Message-ID: <45nt2k$87h@unlisys.unlisys.net> #####

Janie Peterson Affidavit

An affidavit by Janie Peterson (from a 1982 case) was posted this week. Some excerpts: "I joined the Church of Scientology in March 1975 and was a member until July 1980, during which time I spent 2 1/2 years as a staff member. "After joining staff to work in the division that delivered the auditing, I became aware of the practice of many other people having access to and going through the auditing folders. These include but are not limited to: all technical division staff, students, ethics personnel, Guardian Office personnel; if on staff - the person's seniors, other auditors, case supervisors, 'word-clearing' personnel and others. "The Church of Scientology of California completely runs Scientology at all levels. The United States Guardian Office runs every Guardian Office in the country, including Clearwater, Florida. The executive management structure is in Clearwater, Florida. Another management structure is in Los Angeles, California (FOLO) and that this is also part of the Church of Scientology of California. These run the organization throughout the U.S. "The above-described actions regarding the use of auditing information, access to auditing folders, Guardian Office staff using auditing information is standard procedure and is followed throughout the U.S. at the direction of the Church of Scientology of California. "A Guardian Program entitled 'Shake and Bake' was written by the top management of the United States and England Guardian Office to 'handle' Lavenda Van Schaick so that she would not continue with litigation against Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. I saw this program and part of it was an 'information-gathering' section on Mrs Van Schaick, including going through her auditing information. "I am also aware of a Guardian's Office operation to get Michael Flynn disbarred and thereby eliminate him as a representative of individuals who have been victimized by the Church of Scientology. I observed 'operations' being planned and executed to infiltrate Mr. Flynn's law office with a 'plant' named William Broderick. This operation was called 'Operation Oscar'. The purpose of that operation and others that were being planned was to get someone inside Mr. Flynn's office for the purpose of gathering information." Message-ID: <46k75f$hcs@gamera.cbl.cees.edu> #####

Manual of Justice

The fulltext of the 1952 Manual of Justice was posted by Martin Poulter. It covers handling people who speak out about Scientology, competing organisations, journalists and law enforcement. Some excerpts, LRH speaking: "People attack Scientology; I never forget it, always even the score. People attack auditors, or staff, or organisations, or me. I never forget until the slate is clear. All these things add up to a Justice Hat. Whether I would or no, I wear it. HCO Secretaries therefore are often faced with 'Justice Problems'. They should recognise them as such and handle them as far as they can. 'Bring Order' also means Bring Justice. There's precious little real justice in the world today. So we ourselves should make a start. But always I try to adjudicate on the basis of the Optimum Solution, 'The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics.' "APA and OCA graphs tell their stories on people. Only the ones whose graphs don't change under processing have been found to be real menaces to Dianetics and Scientology. They have overt acts and bad intentions against us and they can't talk to the auditor about them, they feel. So they're hanged. Every one of twenty known cases who were evidently paid money to smash Dianetics or Scientology organizations, including Hart, Purcell, and van Vogt, had hung graphs. No change occurred in any of these cases for five or more years of known activity, despite all processing! So an unchanging profile over years of processing almost adds up to 'dangerous person - has bad intentions toward Dianetics and Scientology'. "Did you ever realize that any local viciousness against Scientology organizations is started by somebody for a purpose? Well, it is. Look at what we do. Look how dedicated staff is. How hard they work. And yet somebody feels we're evil? No, rumours aren't 'natural'. When you run them down you find a Commie or a millionaire who wants us dead and his own clinic up or a group member who is also a member of the R.C. "In the case of a bad magazine article which is signed, use the following procedure: 1: Tell them by letter to retract at once in the next issue. 2: Hire a private detective of a national-type firm to investigate the _writer_, not the magazine, and get any criminal or Communist back-ground the man has. (Because all subversive activities foolishly use criminals they 'have something on' and men who have been paid to attack attack us, you'll have data incoming from the detective agency if they do their work well. 3: Have your lawyers or solicitors write the magazine threatening suit. (Hardly ever permit a real suit -they're more of a nuisance to you than they're worth.) 4: Use the data you got from the detective at long last to write the author of the article a very tantalizing letter. Don't give him your data on him. Just tell him we know something very interesting about him and wouldn't he like to come in and talk about it. (If he comes, ask him to sign a confession of collusion and slander - people at that level often will, just to commit suicide - and publish it in a paid ad in the paper if you get it.) Chances are he won't arrive. But he'll sure shudder into silence. 5: Give any new data you have from the detective to your attorneys for their use against the magazine. 6: Don't let the whole matter disrupt you, take much time, or upset the central organization. "At this instance there are men hiding in terror on Earth because they found out what they were attacking. There are men dead because they attacked us -for instance Dr Joe Winter. He simply realized what he did and died. There are men bankrupt because they attacked us - Purcell, Ridgeway, Ceppos." Message-ID: <DGM05G.Ets@uns.bris.ac.uk>