Volume 0, Issue 29 vom 12. 11. 1995

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 0, Issue 29
by Rod Keller [rkeller@netaxs.com]
copyright 1995


  1. AB Follow-up
  2. CAN Conference
  3. OCA Cheat Sheet
  4. David Letterman
  5. dianetics.com
  6. Eugene Ingram
  7. Kim Baker Replies
  8. Ron Hates Koos
  9. Miscavige Deposition
  10. Cult Advertising
  11. Candid Photography
  12. Suing the Dutch

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant
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AB Follow-up

Tom Klemesrud posted some findings in his investigation into AB, the anonymous poster tracked down by the cult through the Penet anonymous remailer. "I filed a complaint with LAPD Internal Affairs concerning LAPD actions of handling -AB- (i.e. apparently releasing his identity to this criminal cult that masquerades as a religion), and they found that the identity could have leaked out of LAPD from multiple sources--not just Detective Gary Ingemunson of Bunco Forgery who got the name from Caltech security. Later, LAPD completely absolved themselves of any wrongdoing. However, I believe that they are aware of their potential liability in the possible ruin of -AB-'s life and/or career ... or worse. He also is married and has a small baby. "There was no crime committed, as later the LAPD indicated by not filing charges after they'd outed -AB-. Later, however LAPD top brass accepted a $25,000 gift from the 'Friends of L. Ron Hubbard.' It was pledged shortly after the cult had their way with the affair in the manipulating of the LAPD in initiating the foreign raid, and the identification, and possible marking for, slave labor imprisonment of your Caltech alum." Message-ID: <tomklemDHGtu8.HIH@netcom.com> #####

CAN Conference

Jeff Jacobsen provided a summary of the Cult Awareness Network Conference held last week in White Plains, NY. "About 270 attended and about a dozen Scientologists hung around the hotel bugging people. Early Friday morning Snipe and I set up his computer in the book sale room and gave an internet demonstration during the day. I think we made several converts to the net there. "At supper CAN officials told that they have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy (this is to reorganize, not dissolve) in order to win time to appeal the Jason Scott decision against CAN. There is also a CAN lawsuit against Scientology and Bowles & Moxon I think on conspiracy charges based on the 46 lawsuits that Moxon apparently boilerplated against CAN. "The lunch speaker was Dan Leipold, attorney for Tom Klemesrud. He gave a general outline of the internet and the copyright wars going on in our little newsgroup. "The Scientologists generally hung out in the hallways of the hotel and tried to engage people in a discussion or hand them a CAN dead agent pack (this is the one that included Kim Baker's declaration). Huheyniaman, that foul-mouthed anonymous poster that I outed several months ago, sat down by me at the hotel lounge and very weakly apologized to me for the things he said (thus 100% certifying that my fingering him was correct) and I weakly accepted his semi-apology. Later on he told me that he hopes we all give a lot of $ to CAN so Jason Scott can collect his million dollars. John Carmichael tried talking to me about how wimpy our picketing efforts have been, and BTW about 6 Scientologists picketed for just a few hours in front of the hotel. Another Scientologist told me that she has never seen any fair gaming going on and the church to her view only does good works. I talked with her about 10 minutes. Message-ID: <47ltj2$7tm@nnrp1.news.primenet.com> #####

OCA Cheat Sheet

Ted Mayett this week posted a cheat sheet for the Oxford Capacity Analysis, the free personality test offered by the cult. Ted formatted his answers to follow the format of the mailed test; I've altered the format of the tech below. "While the answers are not perfect this will give you a line across the top of the chart. Legend- Y = yes, M= maybe, N= no" 1-N 2-Y 3-Y 4-N 5-N 6-N 7-N 8-N 9-Y 10-Y 11-N 12-N 13-Y 14-N 15-N 16-N 17-Y 18-N 19-Y 20-Y 21-N 22-N 23-N 24-N 25-N 26-N 27-Y 28-Y 29-Y 30-N 31-Y 32-N 33-Y 34-Y 35-Y 36-N 37-N 38-N 39-N 40-N 41-Y 42-Y 43-N 44-N 45-N 46-N 47-N 48-N 49-Y 50-Y 51-Y 52-N 53-N 54-Y 55-N 56-Y 57-Y 58-Y 59-N 60-N 61-N 62-Y 63-Y 64-N 65-N 66-N 67-Y 68-Y 69-Y 70-N 71-N 72-N 73-N 74-N 75-Y 76-N 77-Y 78-N 79-Y 80-Y 81-Y 82-N 83-N 84-N 85-Y 86-N 87-N 88-Y 89-N 90-N 91-N 92-N 93-Y 94-Y 95-Y 96-Y 97-Y 98-N 99-N 100-Y 101-Y 102-N 103-N 104-N 105-Y 106-N 107-N 108-N 109-N 110-Y 111-N 112-Y 113-Y 114-Y 115-N 116-Y 117-N 118-Y 119-Y 120-Y 121-N 122-N 123-Y 124-N 125-N 126-M 127-Y 128-N 129-N 130-N 131-Y 132-N 133-Y 134-Y 135-N 136-N 137-N 138-Y 139-Y 140-N 141-N 142-N 143-N 144-Y 145-Y 146 N 147-Y 148-N 149-N 150-N 151-N 152-Y 153-N 154-N 155-Y 154-N 155-Y 156-Y 157-Y 158-Y 159-Y 160-N 161-N 162-Y 163-Y 164-Y 165-Y 166-N 167-Y 168-Y 169-N 170-N 171-N 172-N 173-Y 174-Y 175-N 176-N 177-Y 178-Y 179-N 180-N 181-N 182-N 183-N 184-N 185-Y 186-N 187-N 188-N 189-N 190-Y 191-N 192-N 193-Y 194-N 195-Y 196-N 197-N 198-N 199-N 200-Y Message-ID: <4714l1$2qq@news.skylink.net> #####

David Letterman

The David Letterman show included a sketch on the cult. "Regular Dave-watchers are familiar with Ruphert (sic?), the owner of the Hello Deli, next to the Ed Sullivan Theater where Letterman usually hosts his show. Ruphert, in a tacky Hawaiian tee-shirt and sunglasses, asked people if they wanted to learn more about Dianetics. He told people that he was Elron! "One of the Scieno-dudes asked him if he wanted to know more about Dianetics, or what Ruphert wanted Dianetics to do for him. Ruphert said that he wanted more success with girls. The dude asked him what was holding him back; Ruphert said that girls think he looks creepy. "I hate to admit that I was a little shocked when I saw Ruphert in front of the Dianetics center, which inevitably meant an L. Ron Hubbard joke. It should be mentioned that guest Jerry Seinfeld, who was once courted by Scientology (according to Tilman's celebrities FAQ), didn't seem to be adversely affected by it." Message-ID: <drogers-1111950053130001@s254n031ppp12.csun.edu> #####


David Milligan reported the latest following his registration of dianetics.com as an Internet domain name. "In the one telephone conversation I have had with the lawyer for RCT, he indicated that they knew I what I was up to and it was blackmail. He felt the name was only worth $500.00 to them. He indicated he would welcome the auction, but in a separate move they have filed a formal challenge Pursuant to the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy of Internic & Network Solutions Inc. "I intend to carry this forward to a court challenge and see what happens, this means that I will now be soliciting offers or pledges of legal & financial help in what will most likely prove to be a very interesting legal battle. One way I have to give a service back to the Internet community and help raise funds is to offer the ability to use dianetics.com as part of your E-Mail address, by providing global E-Mail service." Message-ID: <47meo4$gp8@sulla.cyberstore.ca> #####

Eugene Ingram

Keith Henson posted another follow-up in his search for chief muscle/intimidator for the cult, Eugene Ingram. "This morning I talked to Chris Watson who can be reached at 813-222-2219. He told me that Florida was *not* going to put Gene Ingram into the NCIC. I asked him why, expecting an answer like 'well, third class felonies are not important enough.' What I got was an amazing snotty response of (direct quote read back to him) "'There are reasons but they are nothing we need to share with you.' "My bet is CoS has run some ugly blackmail scheme on a significant number of the people in the Florida State Attorney's office. They have plenty of money and bodies in Clearwater, and have had years to infiltrate. I am open to suggestions as to how to report or otherwise deal with this. I left one more call in to Jay Pruner, but I think I am about at the end of the rope as to getting anything done on the issue of Gene Ingram. (Jay`s number is 813-222-2225)" Message-ID: <47ohiq$554@news1.shell> #####

Kim Baker Replies

FACTNET defendants Bob Penny and Larry Wollersheim this week posted replies to allegations made by Kim Baker in her OSA-authored statement. The statements were submitted in Arnie Lerma's case in Alexandria, VA. Some excerpts: [Larry Wollersheim] "(a) Contrary to the assertions in paragraphs 3, 9, 15, 17, and 18 of the Baker Declaration, F.A.C.T.Net has not been heading toward, or promoting, hatred and violence against the Church of Scientology. (b) Contrary to the assertion in paragraphs 8, 18, and 30 of the Baker Declaration, the purpose of F.A.C.T.Net is not to destroy Scientology. (c) Contrary to the assertions in paragraph 8 of the Baker Declaration, I do not control F.A.C.T.Net and get others to do my 'bidding' although I am the Executive Director of F.A.C.T.Net and I run day to day operations and have authority to do so. (d) The 'Henry' mentioned in paragraph 10 of the Baker Declaration is not a director or member of F.A.C.T.Net, and contrary to the implication of that paragraph, F.A.C.T.Net has not been suggesting or advocating the bombing of Churches of Scientology. (e) Contrary to the assertions in paragraph 8 I have not 'made any money' from F.A.C.T.Net. Rather, I have been paid a small salary from work on behalf of the organization, but have not been personally profiting at the expense of the organization. To the contrary, I have given much of my personal resources in excess of any amounts I have received from the organization. (f) Contrary to the assertions in paragraph 16 of the Affidavit, my decision to make sure that F.A.C.T.Net was distanced from Malcolm Nothling was because of Nothling's paramilitary friends. Contrary to the allegations in paragraph 16, it was not purely cosmetic, but reflected concerns about keeping F.A.C.T.Net's educational non-profit purposes distant from such issues. (h) Contrary to the allegation in paragraph 33, I did not 'get Lerma to distribute the Fishman Declaration with the upper level materials'. (i) Contrary to the assertion in paragraphs 28, 35, and 39 of the Baker Declaration, it has not been and is not the purpose or plan of F.A.C.T.Net to destroy the trade secrets and copyrights of the Church of Scientology, or to cooperate with the United Free Zone Fellowship to do so. (j) Contrary to the assertion in paragraph 29 of the Baker Declaration, F.A.C.T.Net is not linked, closely or otherwise, to well-known hate groups." [Bob Penny] "Paragraph 42 of the Baker Declaration concerns my physical and mental abilities. I do not know what Mr. Wollersheim has said to Ms. Baker in that regard. But I do have multiple sclerosis, and this disease has had serious negative effects on my physical and mental abilities and on my stamina. Attached hereto as Exhibit A is an article from the Denver Post about the RTC's raid on my and Mr. Wollersheim's homes. I appear in the photograph with the story. "The Baker Declaration states in paragraph 43 that the Church of Scientology has treated Ms. Baker well and implied that the declaration was made of her own free will. In light of my communications with her over the last year and her postings of 'My Story' to 'alt.religion.scientology', I find such assertions very difficult to believe." Message-ID: <4810hu$3l3@natasha.rmii.com> Message-ID: <4810i1$3l3@natasha.rmii.com> #####

Ron Hates Koos

News this week from Koos Nolst Trenite's private reality. Koos claims to be in contact with L. Ron Hubbard telepathically, and provided this statement from Ron: "I am trying to hinder Koos from putting ethics in on Scientology; how do I do this? I refuse to be responsible for what has been done to Koos since 1973 in Scientology. I still want to keep out. "I am in a condition of enemy to Koos. After the last session, I did not join Bill Robertson to remove Karin Schiele [from Munich Org]. Koos shouldn't know that." Message-ID: <199511101236.MAA08176@hera.easynet.de> #####

Miscavige Deposition

Tom Klemesrud this week reported a development in Arnie Lerma's case in Virginia. "I learned today that Miscavige will be deposed in the Lerma case. That [sounds] like victory for Arnie." Message-ID: <9511072017.0SIJ402@support.com> #####

Cult Advertising

Blind Carlos posted his communication with Lycos, which this week ran advertisements for the biography of L. Ron. Hubbard. "The vaunted WWW search engine at Lycos (http://lycos.cs.cmu.edu/), which is supports itself by advertising, is presently showing an ad banner for a book called 'L. Ron Hubbard: A Profile', which includes the line 'You owe it to yourself to discover the truth'. A click on the banner takes you to Co$ site www.theta.com. (You may not see the ad right away if you go to Lycos, since the server apparently puts up ad banners at random when sending back search results). "It is very ironic that Lycos originated at the Computer Science Department of Carnegie-Mellon University, where David Touretzky is a senior researcher. Both Touretzky and Carnegie-Mellon were threatened with litigation by Co$ when Touretzky put the Fishman documents, including the OT levels, on his Web page. David posted an article from the CMU alumni magazine about the incident, and it was quite unsympathetic to Co$. Lycos, Inc. is now a private business; does it still have any connections to CMU?" "I received a brief message from Bill Townsend <btownsend@lycos.com>, Lycos' VP in charge of advertising. He said that the ad for the book about LRH will run until December 1, and that he has decided not to continue the ads after that. He did not elaborate on his reasons." Tilman Hausherr found the ad elsewhere. "I saw the same ad on InfoSeek (I don't know if it is still there). I made a complaint - but did not get an answer (I wrote only to the normal feedback)." Kimberly Churchwell wrote to InfoSeek and received a reply. "I sent e-mail to 'comments-ns@infoseek.com' on October 23rd, and got replies from two nice folks at InfoSeek (the president, and somebody who seemed to be a sales rep) within 24 hours. Both messages said that InfoSeek was removing the ad and wouldn't accept any further ads from CoS. I haven't seen it since then." Message-ID: <199511071526.HAA06445@infinity.c2.org> Message-ID: <199511090927.BAA01396@infinity.c2.org> Message-ID: <47sq9o$e74_001@tsip14.ionet.net> Message-ID: <47oh6o$fi@unlisys.unlisys.net>, #####

Candid Photography

A bizarre report this week of photographs that supposedly document Hubbard's participation in sex magic with Jack Parsons. "A few months ago, I had the fascinating opportunity to view a series of photographs of Jack Parsons and others (including Hubbard) participating in a number of satanic rites, supposedly in Parson's home in the late 1940's. These photos were incredible, although in black and white, but obviously taken by a photographer with some skill as lighting etc. was very good. One photo was particularly interesting in that is clearly showed a young Hubbard having sexual intercourse with a very young girl, while wearing a long black open robe. Parsons was standing next to him with a large book in his hands and wearing a similar robe with a pentagram on it." Message-ID: <47nn8s$4l4@ixnews3.ix.netcom.com> #####

Suing the Dutch

Karin Spaink reported that the cult is suing systems and an individual in the Netherlands for hosting the Fishman documents on a number of web servers. "It will be a 'kort geding', a summary proceedings. When such a summary proceedings is filed immediately after the plaintiff has gained knowledge of the alleged crime, it is usually dealt with within days; but because the first Fishman-homepages are by now almost two months old, the judge will not be quick to schedule it. The law suit may not be dealt with before December or January. "In their telephone conversation with Bakker Schut, Nauta Dutilh announced their intention to sue XS4ALL, Cistron, Dataweb, DDS and me. Planet Internet has been dealing with Nauata Dutilh through a different lawyer; I do not know whether they have received such a notification, but my guess is that both Planet Internet and Euronet will be sued too. "The law suit has been set for December 14, 10:00, The Hague. The defendants are: XS4ALL, DDS, Cistron, Dataweb and me. I am the only individual sued, because CoS considers me to be the 'motivating force' behind all this." Cult disinformation specialist Andrew Milne also reported the developments. "Julie Rijnvis, the Dutch Church of Scientology spokeswoman, stated, 'Violations are being hidden behind the smoke screen of 'free speech', but in reality the defendants promote lawlessness and trample our religious beliefs wearing the boots of anarchy.' "The lawsuit alleges that Spaink sent out over 100 e-mail messages urging users to unlawfully post these materials, which she persuaded some to do by promoting that XS4ALL would win any case brought against them by the Church." Message-ID: <47odb7$ntn@news.xs4all.nl> Message-ID: <47sv3d$hud@news.xs4all.nl> Message-ID: <47tmqv$8r1@crl2.crl.com>