Volume 0, Issue 7 vom 04. 06. 1995

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 0, Issue 7
by Rod Keller [rkeller@netaxs.com]
copyright 1995


  1. Dennis Erlich Update
  2. LAPD Denies 911
  3. The Hunt for Eugene Ingram
  4. Kim Baker's Declare
  5. Tape Transcripts
  6. Pet Dianetics
  7. Education in Scotland
  8. Tony McClelland Responds, Again
  9. Woody Says Goodbye
Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review summarizes the most significant postings from the Usenet group Alt.religion.scientology for the preceding week for the benefit of those who can't follow the group as closely as they'd like. Out of thousands of postings, I attempt to include news of significant events, new affidavits, court rulings, new contributors, whatever. I hope you find it useful. Like many readers of a.r.s, I have a kill file. So please take into consideration that I may not have seen some of the most significant postings.

The articles in A.r.s Week in Review are brief summaries of the articles. Many include an excerpt, and all include message IDs for the articles I cover. This may or may not be useful to you, depending on how long your site stores articles in the newsgroup before expiring them.

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Dennis Erlich Update

Dennis reported new acts of harassment this week. The JJ Gaw, cos investigator, visited his landlord, looking for dirt. Also, the company that holds the mortgage on Dennis' house was hit for some documents, billed to the landlord. More random acts:

"Two nights ago I noticed that the automatic lights in front of my house didn't turn on when I approached. Checking the bulbs, I found them to have been screwed out 2 turns. "Three weeks ago someone came by and sanded the street # off the curb in front of the house. No other houses on the block got this treatment."


LAPD Denies 911

Tom Klemesrud reported this week that the Los Angeles Police Dept. has denied having any record of the 911 call made from his home. Tom claims he made the 911 call after Linda Willard spread blood in his bathroom in an attempt to make him cut off Dennis Erlich's Internet account. Linda apparently claims she made the call. An excerpt from the letter Tom received.

"I Kim A. Hunter, declare I am employed by the Los Angeles Police Department and assigned to Communications Division. I am a duly authorized representative of the Los Angeles Police Department and have authority to certify Communications Division records.

"On 5-16-95, a formal request was made to the Los Angeles Police Department for communications records.

"The request called for the production of:

"Date: 1-14-95 Time 2130-2330 Loc: [My location, of the blood attack]

"There is no record of any kind as requested in the formal request for [my address, location of the incident]."


The Hunt for Eugene Ingram

Critics are investigating the status of the warrant for Eugene Ingram, chief intimidator/investigator for the cos. To give better information to police in case of a sighting, Dick Cleek attempted to find Eugene's NCIC number, an identifier in a national criminal tracking system.

"So, I called the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Warrants Dept. [(813) 247-8000] and spoke to a Detective Walker. He informed me that there had been an inquiry from California and that at that time they had removed Mr.Ingram from the NCIC. He explained that 'impersonating an officer' wasn't serious enough to warrant an NCIC entry."

The poster known as "abcdefg" wrote:

"I have determined that finding Mr. Ingram will do no good since the LAPD or any other law enforcement agency will not act unless there is a valid warrant in NCIC. Such a warrant did exist but it was removed on 11/21/94 by a detective Yates (813) 247-8000 because the prosecutor supposedly decided not to extradite. The warrant is still valid but will only be acted upon within Florida."

Keith Henson called the Florida officials to get their side of the story.

"I reached Mr. Bard and read him the post through the sentence with his phone number. Mr. Bard was *very* hostile! He stated that he did *not* make such decisions about extradition, and that the entire topic was none of my business. When pressed, as to who would make such decisions, he gave me Jay Pruner with a phone number of 813-272-5400. [...] It seems that Mr. Pruner is the Assistant State Attorney for Florida, with an address of 800 E. Kennedy Blvd., Court House Annex, Tampa, FL 33602, and *his* boss is Harry Lee Coe, III, the State Attorney. Somehow I doubt that extradition decisions are normally made at so high a level. It would be rather interesting to find out if Mr. Bard is as powerless as he made out to me, and if extradition decisions are normally made by Mr. Pruner."

Pim van Meurs posted the procedure for reporting the whereabouts of Eugene Ingram.

"1. Call the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Warrant Dept. at (813) 247-8000 and notify them of his whereabouts and the police jurisdiction.

"2. Call your local police and notify them of Ingram's presence and of his arrest warrant and the fact that you have notified the above number.

"Eugene Martin Ingram dob 2-24-46 Tampa Fl case# 94-12262 warrant#94-051479"

Message-IDs: <3qi690$a7p@uwm.edu>

Kim Baker's Declare

Kim Baker received her Suppressive Person Declare, she reported this week. It's an interesting document. Excerpts follow. "Kim Baker, public from the Cape Town field, is hereby declared a Suppressive Person. During approximately August 1994 Kim started putting entheta communications on an international computer communications network called INTERNET.

"By her actions, Kim has been guilty of the following Suppressive Acts:-






And excerpts from Kim's response:

"All of this boils down to two basic things -

"1. I wouldn't let them dictate to me who I spoke to, what I read, and what I explored - and I wouldn't welsh on the people I had 'connected' to.

"2. I dared to go to the press to alert the South African public to the FACT that Scientologists were teaching Business Tek to portions of our government - AND STILL ARE. Again, I emphasize : it was the COVERT manner in which this was done that bothered me. And it was the fact that Miscavige bragged about it to his flock, unashamedly using it for PR purposes."


Tape Transcripts

Author Services is offering the Research Series of Hubbard tape transcripts. The special leather bound editions cost $1,250 and are delivered every six weeks. The solicitation notes:

"The portion of your donation that should qualify as tax deductible charitable contribution for federal income purposes is $950, which is the full amount of your donation less $300 (the "fair market value" of the volume itself) in accordance with IRS regulations.

"[You] agree to donate $1,250 per volume for the full series of 100 volumes and will keep this in force throughout the duration of the series."

So once you start, you're in for the full $125,000.


Pet Dianetics

An anonymous poster reported the following document in his mailbox this week. Some excerpts.

"Introducing ...


"Why leave your beloved animal companions behind when you go up the Bridge to Total Freedom?

"Millions of people have used L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics technology to improve their lives, to become saner and more able. Now an incredible technological breakthrough lets you apply this technology to your pets, to make them saner, healthier and happier.

"Pet Dianetics can help with:

"o Housebreaking o Excessive noise o Finicky Eating o Destructiveness o Biting o Vomiting o Obesity o Disobedience o Aggressiveness o Lameness o Fearfulness o Poor coordination o Wandering and escaping o And many other medical and spiritual problems. o Abnormal sexual behavior I imagine they would like to make the same claims for humans. There is apparently no need to skirt the law with veterinary claims as there is for human medicine.


Education in Scotland

An article was reported this week from The Sunday Mail about an education program in Scotland. A few excerpts.

"The Sunday Mail 28th March 1995

"THE CULT WANTS TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN by Marion Scott and John Nairn

"The woman behind the scheme is Dorothy Milton, who advertises her Edinburgh-based Effective Education Scotland tutoring courses in YELLOW PAGES.

"But the mother-of-five doesn't tell parents she's a Scientologist.

"She teaches pupils in special classes at the Eric Liddell Centre, in the city's posh Morningside area.

"Milton told us: "The books I use come from Applied Scholastics, which is an educational body.

"She claimed the Los Angeles-based Applied Scholastics wasn't connected with the Church of Scientology, but admitted that the books she uses are based on Hubbards teachings.

"Asked if Mrs. Milton had ever revealed that she was a Scientologist, the mother said: "Not until Wednesday. I had not heard of Scientology before.

"Mrs. Milton said she followed Mr. Hubbards educational teachings, but that you didn't need to follow his religious teachings unless you wanted to."


Tony McClelland Responds, Again

Tony McClelland responded for the second time to accusations of harassment from the Australian OSA. It appears that Norman Pakes is posting articles for Virginia Kee.

"1 I posted a response to your original accusations about me approximately 2 weeks ago. A reply to my post submitted by David Gerard is still listed.

"Why you have chosen to ignore my reply and commence a new list of accusations? Was my reply too difficult for you to address?

"2 I share your concern about uninvited photos, harassment and your being following. As I advised in my response to you, this is not my style and I am willing to assist the Police if you ask them to contact me. To date I have not been contacted by the Police - why not?

"3 Your concern appears to be confined to yourself. OSA has had at least 2 people, including a Private Detective investigating my past in Tamworth an Sydney, since January this year, and your members have taken photos of me in March after my request that this not be done.


Woody Says Goodbye

In fact, that's all he said. In a one word message to a.r.s this week, Rick Sherwood said:


And there was much rejoicing. This was followed by this non-sequitur.


"REMEMBER, WOODY SAYS GOODBYE. I was performing a little experiment when I posted that. With that experiment I proved what I had been saying all along, ARS persecutors can't evaluate data and thereby draw correct conclusions. They also will use data that only comports to there faulty computations."