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Volume 0, Issue 9 18. 06. 1995

Chris Miller Update

Outspoken cos poster Chris Miller has been busy this week. S/he continued his attacks on Jeff Jacobsen. Last week's accusations that he lied to law enforcement officials have been expanded. "Stop the Presses - just found out that Jeff has something to say about his IRS obligations and the cash only business that he does through his singles club." Also: "Jeff Jacobsen runs a singles club and newspaper, setting up one night stands for money." Jeff replied to last week's charges: "You just accused me of committing a felony. Do you have evidence for this? Are you trying to smear my reputation without any proof? Could you please tell me your real name and address so we can discuss this? Or are you just passing gas here? Put up or apologize." Chris has been busy outside a.r.s, as well. This dead agent post to soc.women came to light this week. "One leader in this field is the lawfirm of Morrison & Foerster and I was thrilled when my daughter landed a job there. Morrison & Foerster has been validated for its pro bono work involving women's rights by Working Mother Magazine, the Bay Area chapter of Women in Communication Inc, the Alliance for Children's Rights, and other groups. I have heard however that this stance is more window dressing than truth and that some of their clients are actually abusers of women and children. I'm told they are doing pro-bono representation of a high publicity case involving a deadbeat father 9 years in arrears on child support with a history of wife-beating. It makes me wonder if the pro bono work in support of women and children is actually self-serving and whether they really deserve their awards." Many posters have been questioning Chris about this alleged daughter. It seems odd that a cos member would just happen to have a daughter working for the firm that represents Dennis Erlich. Message-IDs: <3rikn7$> <3rilev$> <3rn25s$> <3r5i0h$>

Dennis Erlich

More news from Dennis' case against his ex-wife. "The my ex's lawyer in the family law case has subpoenaed my former employer from Photosonic. He, scumbag that he is, is demanding document production consisting of all income and expense records of the business (Photosonic) from 91 to now." And this note about setting up surveillance on his house. "They've even set up a C-org undercover station a few blocks from my house. Nothing on the directory says anything related to a scieno front-group. There are, however, lots of C-orgers going in and out. 1100 E. Broadway. The building's for sale. They use the pay phone in front of the building a lot." Message-ID: <> <>

Log Books

Anonymous poster The Squirrelle this week posted excerpts from a 1989 staff log book he picked up. The acronyms are hard to take, but I get the feeling life in the org is all about telling on each other. "Sun: Sam, Carol, ED, FBO, Gaye, Dellene, Haedi, every weekend same terminals are late - including Snr Execs. * Check with Roll Bk. SSO - Marcel - late and called up by D/ED Roger - very enturbulated. "D/ED Peter W. - put back as OES. Roger (Basic Course Sup) put back on as D/ED (BI's about it) - will at some time go to AO for handling etc (has 25hrs paid for) "PSS Rosey D. blew in the morning, recovered by Mary Jane. "Crse Sup - Cramming - WIAC, clay demo checkouts, blown students not being handled. Sup has MUs himself. Handlings worked out on Sat. night was just to get students in - no handling for tech correction (Sup) and for blown students - ED made OES do this today." Message-IDs: <> <>

The Squirrelle

Also from The Squirrelle this week, a description of the cat and mouse games he plays with the person who stands outside his local org. Apparently this person has orders to handle TS because of his postings on a.r.s. "My paranoia took over, figuring he going to fetch a second person, so I crossed the road and stood behind some pillars obscured by trees. Sure enough, he and the other guy came back within 20 seconds and there was much arm pointing to where I *was* going whereupon PW went thataway while PW#2 stood on the corner and was scanning in all directions. I was carring a motorcycle helmet, so I stood out." Message-ID: <>

Web Site

The cos this week announced the availability of articles from the recent Freedom magazine on the Internet through WWW. Bet you won't find the words "alt.religion.scientology" in there, even once. "Freedom articles from the Freedom Special Report on the Internet are now available on Leisa Goodman's Home Page. "Address is: Message-ID: <3rt0uj$>

Keeping Scientology Working

Diane Richardson posted commentary on the 1965 HCOPL "Keeping Scientology Working". It doesn't sound much like "if it's true for you". "Getting the correct technology applied consists of: "One: Having the correct technology. Two: Knowing the technology. Three: Knowing it is correct. Four: Teaching correctly the correct technology. Five: Applying the technology. Six: Seeing that the technology is correctly applied. Seven: Hammering out of existence incorrect technology. Eight: Knocking out incorrect applications. Nine: Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology. Ten: Closing the door on incorrect technology." Message-IDs: <3rpi2r$> <3rpkea$>


All Things Considered aired a 30 minute story on a.r.s vs. the cos this week. Transcripts and tapes ara available from NPR by calling 202-414-3232 "The raid on Dennis and his litigation was discussed in detail, including the fact that they walked away with totally irrelevant documents. The description of the raid did not make the scienos look like the soul of propriety. "I think Lisa Goodman was next, with her defense of the litigation. That was followed (or preceded) by Klemesrud explaining how it was impossible to monitor everything that passed thru his BBS, and why. He gave what I thought was a good explanation of the issues, in a way easily understood by the lay person. "Following all this was an interview with a person whom I think was identified as a Georgetown law professor, coupled with some discussion of the recent Prodigy ruling and the efforts in the US Congress. The gist of the professor's position was that the Scienos didn't have a case, the Prodigy ruling argued for less, rather than more, monitoring by providers so as to avoid the publisher label, etc etc." A sound file of Tom Klemesrud's statement on the show was posted. He said: "This is the public domain. This is the ethereal message center [of] our culture, and I cannot filter through it for postings that might be offensive to fringe cult groups." Message-ID: <3rljsi$>

Schools and the Cos

Maggie Council posted a series on one cos member's experiences with Applied Scholastics schools. Selected excerpts: "The claim that the school was non-denominational was a bold-faced lie. Everything was scientology. Knowledge reports were kept on students, Q & A upon admissions which were kept in files and used to smear students who "blew", stat charts, study courses and the comm course (which being under the Tax Exempt umbrella makes them "religious" courses), ethics policies, success stories, Friday graduation and wins sharing and applause, etc., etc. "They would take students off of the courses they really needed to get a standard academic education, such as math, history, etc. which take a lot of work and time to get the course completions. Then they would be put on some really educationally benign program of drawing a picture, calling each picture an art course, counting it as a completion, plus taking the points for it. If they were far behind the previous weeks completions and points, all of the students would draw several pictures, taking an art "completion" for each one and the points that go with it." Message-IDs: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950615123022.12591G-100000@luna> <Pine.SUN.3.91.950615123216.12591H-100000@luna> <Pine.SUN.3.91.950615123328.12591I-100000@luna> <Pine.SUN.3.91.950615123525.12591J-100000@luna> <Pine.SUN.3.91.950615123736.12591K-100000@luna>

Tom Klemesrud Update

Chris Miller stayed busy, posting more dead agent material against Tom Klemesrud. "Tom Klemsrud's lies are finally catching up with him. He's been trying to distance himself from his crime for so long with his bull Internet postings that he's apparently forgotten what he's posted in the past and how it doesn't jibe with the present." Tom defended himself by posting a transcript of the 911 call. "911: 911 Emergency, Operator XXX TOM: Yeah, I have ... I'm a, an anti-member of the Church of Scientology and I have a Scientology member in my apartment building who bled all over my bathroom and she's alive and she's fine. 911: Do you need the paramedics? TOM: No, not at all. Do we need the paramedics? Huh? No we don't even need police. 911: Okay. Then what's the problem sir? TOM: We have a Scientologist going after an anti- Scientologist. And if you don't understand that, you call the FBI, okay? 911: But why do you need the police? Why are you calling 911? TOM: Because the FBI told me to call. 911: Is that your girlfriend? TOM: No, absolutely not. She met me at the bar. You've got to call the FBI. The FBI understands you see." Message-IDs: <3rjckm$> <> <>

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