Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 9, Issue 10 - March 12 2005

Jeremy Perkins web site recovered

Dave Touretzky gave notice that Jeremy Perkins' personal Scientology web site has been recovered and webbed:

"I've brought Jeremy's pages back from the dead. Read what Jeremy had to say about his "success" in Scientology. I wonder if he's reflecting on that today, in his room in the state mental hospital. He wouldn't be there if it weren't for Scientology preventing his getting appropriate treatment for his schizophrenia."

"Hello, and welcome to Jeremy Perkins' personal web site.
I am a Scientologist. Support Religious Tolerance."

"This is the web site that Scientology had deleted from the Internet Archive after Jeremy Perkins, a dedicated Scientologist, murdered his mother Elli, the top auditor at the Buffalo Org."

[long URL]

Touretzky also gave a shorter link:


Update on CCHR's extra-religious activists

Ex-Scientologist Gerry Armstrong posted that he identified the individual who he had a prior confrontation with:

"As I reported, in August last year I carried out a one-man protest of the Scientology cult's CCHR anti-mental health hate exhibition at the Vancouver, B.C. Public Library.

[lomg URL]

During my peaceful protest I was assaulted by a couple of the Scientologists manning their hate exhibit, most violently by a man I'd known to be a CCHR official but whose name I didn't then know.

[long URL 1]
[long URL 2]
[long URL 3]

This guy struck me twice, tore a strip of skin off my arm, and tried to rip from me a bunch of friendly Xenu flyers I'd brought for the protest. I recently found a 1991 Vancouver Sun article that identified him as Brian Beaumont.

[long URL]

Beaumont has a cookie-cutter Scientology web site:

It is possible that Jeff Beaumont, who also has a Scientology web site, is his son.

During a picket of the Vancouver Scientology organization with Martin Hunt in 1999, a woman staff member ordered a young man, who could have been in his teens at the time, to shoot me if I stepped onto cult property.

[long URL]

Later during our picket, the same guy made other threatening comments about getting his gun and taking care of me. Also later I saw Brian Beaumont talking to this young guy in a way that led me to conclude that they were probably father and son."


Armstrong also continues to web the latest in Scientology's legal dispute with him:

"On California Court of Appeal site: [long URL]

03/03/2005 Request for oral argument filed by: respondent Gerry Armstrong ipp (by ltr dated 2/28); for A107095/A107100

03/04/2005 Received: oa request from aplt Church, but for oa in petn., not the appeal;

03/07/2005 Received: Armstrong's oa request on court form;

All case documents filed in the Court of Appeal: [long URL]


Lost bid for LA mayor

A message was post with a subject line:
"LA's Scn mayoral candidate comes in last..with 355 votes!"

According to the LA Times Website:

"Results indicate Ted Crissell came in dead last, with only 355 votes (in the latest tabulation) from yesterday's election for LA Mayor."

Phil Scott commented:

"355 votes! With over 20,000 active and still registered Scn's in LA... thats *really fishy. 355 votes would be about par for general errors by regular voters... if only 10% of the scn's voted that would still be 2,000 or more votes..."


Exposing the Con in Brazil

According to a Google translation of an article posted from the Epoca Brazilian magazine, due to certain legal technicalities, Scientology's strategy of expansion was now aimed at developing countries whose primarily non-English-speaking citizens have little information on Hubbard's movement. For instance, according to Epoca, Hubbard's teachings are already being applied in the prison and educational systems of Indonesia and Gambia. Venezuela was listed as the South American base from which Scientologists depart for neighboring countries of South America. The market most coveted, however, was said to be Brazil, where Scientology arrived in 1994.

In Brazil, Scientology's celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Chick Corea, make up a large part of its marketing strategy. Brazilian writer Monica Buonfiglio says she has benefited from the principles of Scientology, and the removal of four tumors in surgery was mentioned specifically. "The movement counts [...] only two missions in São Paulo and one in Jundiaí, in the interior of the State." The Scientologists were planning to open a "headquarters in Rio De Janeiro."

"The main critic of the movement is American engineer Arnaldo Lerma, who was member of the elite of the church for more than ten years. [He] keeps a site called Exposing the Con" at "Lerma also describes what [he] classifies as manipulations and attempts of extortion of the followers of the cult during the processes" of auditing. "The church is involved in disputes judicial in almost all the 40 countries where it is present. In Brazil, at least for the time being, the [S]cientologia is clean - of [court] processes and celebrities."

The article, in Portuguese, is linked on the front page with little picture of Tom Cruise

Direct link to article:

[long URL]

"Epoca is a slick, Razor like look and feel, coffee table magazine with a circulation of 1 million upscale readers in South America. it is published by GLOBO Television."


LRH Birthday Event Upcoming

Gerry Armstrong posted a "Message to all Scientologists from the CO WUS to attend Hubbard birthday event":

"Dear Scientologist;

This year's LRH Birthday Event is not just an event and you will not be the same when it is done. The importance of this event cannot be overstated. You will get an insight into LRH that you have NEVER EVER seen or heard - a personal look that you will NOT forget. So, does EVERY Scientologist have to come to this event? YES!

We are also inviting people who have newly been introduced to our movement, including those who have bought Dianetics or other books. After all, this is Ron's Birthday celebration and everyone who has used his tech to improve others or who has had wins themselves would of course come and acknowledge him!

The Scientologists who get this message are asked to please forward this to everyone they know - by e-mail, phone or in person when you see them at your work, school - where ever! Forward the names of who you've invited and confirmed to my PAC Events In Charge, [...]

We have only 9 days to get every Scientologist in LA ticketed to attend this event! I'm counting on you to get the word out and fast. [...]

Much Love,

Lt. Cmdr. Vicki Shantz

Commanding Officer Western United States"


L. Ron Hubbard Day in Uniontown

An undercover Scientology public relations stunt was uncovered in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, when Mayor James Sileo "proclaimed March 13 L. Ron Hubbard Day in Uniontown."

(Pittsburgh Daily Courier
[long URL)

Uniontown is "a small city about an hour's drive south of Pittsburgh."

"RON WHO? Uniontown Mayor James Sileo proclaimed at a recent city council meeting that March 13 would be L. Ron Hubbard day in Uniontown.


Sileo said he received a letter from Hubbard asking him to issue the proclamation for 'an acclaimed American writer and humanitarian.'

'I don't even know the man,' Sileo said. 'It's not really my idea. He sent us a resume and letter for a resolution. He had asked us to do it. I don't know who the person is.'

Sileo can be excused if he doesn't know who Hubbard is. He's been dead since 1986, but his books still appear in bookstores under his name."

[long URL]


Scientology cracking down on members

Tory/Magoo posted material suggesting that Scientology management was re-checking the "clear" status of "operating thetans" (OTs) Scientology OTs paid a high price to attain these statuses, one after the other, and re-checking the "clear" status is a source of irritation for those who have already invested so much money in their status.

"While I was on OT 7 C of S began doing 'Clear Checks'. For those who were never 'in' check the state of 'Clear' of an 'OT' ....once, maybe...although even that is pretty weird. ...

When I left, Bill Yaude, my auditor (and person who was the link with OSA for the Top secret OSA Int mafia), flew into Clearwater to 'Handle me'. When I told him about how they had done this 'Clear Check' on me while I was on OT 7, he said he'd go read my folders. He's a 'Senior C/S' and a Class 8.

He returned to tell me, 'Tory--------what has been done to you is THE WORST thing that can happen (case wise) to anyone on the planet'. Naturally, they had full plans to 'handle that', and God only knows what that *might* have really been.

I told Bill, 'It's OVER'.........and I meant it.

Last night a Scientologist told me blow by blow how C of S is now doing that at AOLA, doing 'clear Checks', over and over, and driving people nuts.



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