Volume 1, Issue 1 vom 21. 04. 1996

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 1, Issue 1
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
copyright 1996


  1. David Mayo Victory
  2. AOL
  3. Liar's Club
  4. Keith Henson Update
  5. Grady Ward's $50 Million
  6. Boston Phoenix
  7. Julie Mayo Remembers
  8. Clearwater Motels
  9. NOTS Not Available
  10. Poodle Watch
  11. Sea Org Promises

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David Mayo Victory

David Mayo, author of the cult's NOTS levels, won his appeal in District Court this week. Judge A. Wallace Tashima also criticized the cult heavily for its litigation tactics, intended to harass and destroy rather than win the case. The ruling quotes Judge Ideman, who has since recused himself, concerning the cult's tactics.

"This noncompliance has consisted of evasions, misrepresentations, broken promises and lies, but ultimately with refusal. As part of this scheme to not comply, the plaintiffs have undertaken a massive campaign of filing every conceivable motion (and some inconceivable) to disguise the true issue in these pretrial proceedings. Apparently viewing litigation as war, plaintiffs by this tactic have had the effect of massively increasing the costs to the other parties, and, for a while, to the Court. The appointment of the Special Master 4 years ago has considerably relieved the burden to this Court. The scope of plaintiff's efforts have to be seen. to be believed. (See Exhibit 'A', photo of clerk with filings, and Exhibit 'B', copy of clerk's docket with 81 pages and 1,737 filings.) "Yet it is all puffery -- motions without merit or substance.'

Judge Tashima:

"Moreover, there is little doubt that RTC is playing 'fast and loose' with the judicial system as required in the minority view of estoppel. To first assert that its unfair competition and false designation of origin claims are justiciable and at the same time assert that Mayo's identical claims are not is at best questionable; in light of RTC's documented history of vexatious behavior, RTC's actions are indefensible. We therefore reverse and remand these two counterclaims to the district court.

"Accordingly, the judgment of dismissal of RTC's case and the award of attorneys fees are AFFIRMED, the judgment against Mayo on his emotional distress counterclaim is AFFIRMED, and the judgment against Mayo on the remaining counterclaims is REVERSED and the case REMANDED."

In the wake of this decision, cult investigators are stepping up the harassment.

"Both of my lawyers, Gary Bright and Jerold Fagelbaum, are now being 'investigated' by J. J. Gaw and Eugene Martin Ingram. It's a 'noisy investigation' in the Scientology(tm) definition.

"It is not the first time that Scientology(tm) through its PIs has investigated my lawyers, or myself, for that matter. I guess it's their way of showing how they feel about winning on my 'intentional infliction of emotional distress' claim."

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America Online has launched another attack on Scientology critics. "Xenu", a critic of the cult on AOL, posted this description:

"I was just censured for merely listing Ron Newman's web page. A copy of my post follows. I got a 'Terms of Service' (TOS) violation for this post. Unbelievable. There is evidence of a coordinated and organized campaign to control the information presented in the AOL folders, from posts baldly stating so. Apparently AOL employees are cooperating."

Deana Holmes posted an open letter to "sermoner1", the administrator of the religion areas of AOL.

"I am writing to protest vigorously your attempts to censor people who mention anti-Scientology web sites and facts that go against Scientology. The fact that you have recommended that people be punished for mentioning the following web site in Scientology folders goes beyond extreme to the ridiculous: http://www.cybercom.net/~rnewman/scientology/home.html

"Ron Newman is the keeper of that site, and that site has been mentioned favorably in many newspaper and magazine articles. He has received awards for his site. It is considered to be the place to start when one is investigating the claims of the Church of Scientology.

"However, merely to mention http://www.cybercom.net/~rnewman/scientology/home.html on a Scientology folder on America On Line is apparently enough to get TOSsed by you.

"It's highly ironic to me that you would censor and urge a TOS violation for xenu@aol.com, while allowing RonArtistR@aol.com to basically continue soliciting for business on AOL. RonArtistR@aol.com, in case you didn't know, is the holder of a Scientology mission, and he expects to make money from it. It is in RonArtisR@aol.com's best interest to make sure that Scientology is not presented for the evil and money-sucking scam that it is. Perhaps you are listening to the wrong people?"

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Liar's Club

David Gerard posted an interview with Nick Herd, director of the ABA, the Australian authority which censured The Liar's Club radio broadcast because of it's criticism of the cult of Scientology. Terry Lane is the interviewer.

"NH: Well, the circumstances that we looked at, we'd received a number of complaints from the Church of Scientology - and let me add that the High Court of Australia has in fact found the Church of Scientology to be a religion under Australian law, so it's not a case of calling it the 'so- called Church of Scientology' "TH: I think that -- Let me just say in my defence here, I am aware of this, but as a person who takes the term 'church' seriously, I will persist in referring to it as the 'so-called Church' or even the 'bogus Church' of Scientology. "NH: [momentary pause] Okay, I accept that, but we did take into account the ruling of the High Court in considering this complaint. So we considered complaints about a number of broadcasts on 3-RRR from the Church of Scientology about comments by the compere of the Liars' Club and some of the guests on the program. Many of these were critical of the Church of Scientology - highly critical, in fact - and, while the ABA agreed that a lot of it was undoubtedly offensive to Scientologists, most of it didn't amount to gratuitous vilification. But in this one instance, the one broadcast which contained, as you said, an interview with a person who said they had previously been a member of the Church, in which he made some very sweeping critical claims about the Church of Scientology in Australia and internationally, including making a comparison between Scientology and Nazism. Now, these comments on their own probably wouldn't have amounted to gratuitous vilification, if it wasn't for the fact that the interviewer appeared to endorse and support the comments, rather than offer any countervailing view. "TL: But Nick, what if the so-called Church *is* like the Nazi Party of Germany? Are you still not permitted to say it? "NH: Well, what we're saying is that, in certain circumstances, I mean, if that comparison is a valid one or that's someone's opinion, in this circumstance the interviewer made that comparison, but the interviewer appeared to go beyond the role of a broadcaster in presenting both sides of the story, or even to be robust in their criticism, but to endorse what appeared to the authority to be extreme views, and in by doing that stepped over the line into gratuitous vilification."

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Keith Henson Update

Shelley Thomson, in her Biased Journalism newsletter, posted a description this week of Keith Henson's April 12th preliminary hearing before Judge Whyte. A few highlight:

"Judge Whyte gets to the meat: you filed a motion to dismiss and to have me disqualify myself under USC 455A. Frankly I know of no reason why I should disqualify myself. I am going to deny the motion.

"Mr. Henson, let me make sure that you understand what the TRO will do.' He explains, it will prevent you from publishing, putting on the Internet, downloading (and so forth) any of the exhibit B documents, but it would not prevent you from making fair use of these documents. he is explicitly allowing Henson to make fair use of the NOTS. 'This is quite a narrow Order. What is it you think is the problem with the Order?'

"I think the whole case against me is silly, Your Honor,' Henson replies forthrightly. [the Order] 'is an unconstitutional interference with my rights to free speech.' He will accept the TRO as it is, but is objecting.

"Henson says that he does not challenge any RTC copyright claims. He is not interested in any documents that are examples of non-criminal behavior.

"Judge Whyte: verifies that Henson posted the entirety of NOTS 34. Henson: asserts that NOTS 34 is in direct violation of a court order. Judge Whyte: Not mine. Henson: Judge Gesell's. Judge Whyte: 'you threatened to post-' Henson: (interrupting) 'only documents showing fraud or crime. I only want [NOTS showing] something criminal in nature.

"Being cut off is a new experience for the Judge. It is not one he likes. He says he is going to issue the Order. 'If you violate the order you will be in big trouble,' he says, with complete sincerity. Having vented some wrath, he says that he will look at the Gesell decision, but it is clear that he will enter the TRO as a preliminary injunction.

"Tom Hogan advises the Judge that Plaintiffs have asked for early discovery. 'Deposition to be taken between now and May 15,' the Judge says, still sounding cross.

"Henson wants permission to serve David Miscavige through his lawyers. Judge Whyte: Who is David Miscavige? There is no claim against him. Henson: he is the power behind RTC.

[following the hearing] "A furious McShane confronts Henson: 'you're dreaming if you think you will depose Miscavige.' Henson does not recognize McShane at first, but when he does, he offers to shake hands as 'friendly enemies.' McShane refuses and repeats his statement. Henson, still high on adrenalin from the hearing, elects to abuse McShane by telling him that he is a figurehead. Nettled, McShane insists that *he* is the one to be deposed. Henson replies that he has read McShane's deposition and McShane doesn't know jack shit about the business he is supposed to run."

Keith submitted McShane's statement to Judge Whyte, along with these comments:

"Defendant places objection on the record to Plaintiff's failure to notify re related cases. Had defendant known the location and time of Grady Ward deposition in a case Plaintiff related, defendant would have attended as pro se for defendant's related case.

"Defendant's ex-wife reports contact with plaintiff's investigative operatives who were attempting to obtain 'dirt' on defendant. An affidavit will be obtained from defendant's ex-wife if the court finds an affidavit is required to establish this event on the record.

"Defendant feels the need to request a protective order from this Court that plaintiff, and those acting in concert with plaintiff, particularly Gene M. Ingram and those under his control, refrain from harassing defendant, organizations profit and non-profit in which defendant is an officer or board member, defendant's friends, defendant's neighbors, defendant's clients, defendant's family members, including but not limited to parents, children minor and adult, and former wife, and from engaging in character assassination of defendant during the pendency of this case."

Is David Miscavige the power behind Warren McShane? Jeff Jacobsen posted evidence this week. McShane claims that he is truly the head of the organization.

"I have here RTC Executive Directive #450, 6 September 1991, 'The Scope of Scientology - Auditor's Day 1991, Announcement of a General Amnesty' from the Chairman of the Board of RTC (and it is signed Captain David Miscavige). Now how can someone with no power or authority in Scientology grant an amnesty to all wayward Scientologists???"

And finally, the list of things the cult demands as part of discovery. Note the new and improved enemies list. Some excerpts:

"All copies of NED for OTs Series 34 which you posted to the Internet on March 29, 1996 under the header attached hereto as Exhibit 1, whether in hard copy or electronic form.

"All copies of NED for OTs Series 34 which you delivered to anyone at the United States District Court in San Jose, California or to anyone else, whether in hard copy or electronic form.

"All documents relating to posting of Scientology materials on the Internet, including without limitation, ftp sites, web sites, or newsgroups.

"Any and all documents relating to communications with the following individuals relating to the Advanced Technology:

Alex Dejoode Dennis Erlich Steven Fishman Mike Godwin Johan Helsingius Jeff Jacobsen Tom Klemesrud Arnaldo Lerma Dierdre Malloy Peter Mante Ron Neuman Robert Penny Felipe Rodriquez Karin Spaink Shari Steele Shelly Thomson David Touretzky Grady Ward Lawrence Wollersheim

"All documents discussing your scanning of any writings by L. Ron Hubbard, including transcripts of any audio or video taped materials, or any other materials related to the Church of Scientology, onto your computer.

"All documents relating to patents you own.

"All documents relating to your lawsuit against Riverside County.

"All documents relating to a group known as 'ARSCC,' as referred to in your postings."

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Grady Ward's $50 Million

Please forgive the length of this article, but there's a lot going on. Following his deposition, Grady Ward wrote a letter to Judge Whyte concerning the behavior of the cult lawyers.

"In your court last March 29, you explicitly requested that Mr. Thomas R. Hogan to treat me, a pro per, in a professional manner.

"However events occurring during my deposition in Arcata, CA on Monday, April 8 and Tuesday, April 9, has caused me to believe that Mr. Hogan has simply ignored the court's admonition and is simply trying to defeat me, not on the basis of law, but on the basis of litigation tactics.

"On Tuesday, April 9th I again punctually arrived ready to be deposed for the final 1.5 hours as per our agreement, but I immediately suspended proceedings under Rule 30 because I felt the plaintiff counsel was patently acting in bad faith in demanding even more time in deposition that in their original request on March 29, 1996 that you explicitly denied.

"Mr. Hogan shouted that I was a 'liar' on the record, which I reciprocated when I pointed out our agreement in the written memorandum on my Objections and Responses to discovery document that I had submitted on April 4. While I am still unrepresented the room had a full contingent of the plaintiff, the plaintiff's counsel, paralegals, OSA operatives, plaintiff's computer expert, while I was by myself.

"Sometime later in the morning's deposition, Mr. Hogan said that since the plaintiff's computer expert was flown up a some expense, would I please agree to have him copy all my backup disks of computer data that I maintain in my safety deposit box so he could examine all the data at his leisure?

"I objected since it appeared that this request to capture all my data, including unrelated letters, business records, and my trade secrets was overbroad and a thinly-disguised way of impounding my goods without the benefit of judicial review. I had already testified under oath that this computer data does not contain any responsive materials under the plaintiff's discovery demand. And I am fully willing to have an independent third party or Special Master search the data contained therein for an agreed set of key words in a way that would preserve my business and personal privacy.

"I am writing this letter to alert you to the seeming contempt for your instruction to treat me, a pro per without any legal experience, in a professional manner."

Grady also filed this response to the cult's complaint with the court. He denies liability from any of their complaints, and submitted counterclaims of his own against the cult. Also attached, a list of documents to be provided as part of the discovery process.

"FOR A FIRST SEPARATE AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE TO ALL PURPORTED CLAIMS: 1. Plaintiff's Complaint fails to state a claim upon which relief may be granted.

"FOR A SECOND SEPARATE AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE TO ALL PURPORTED CLAIMS: 2. Plaintiffs claims are barred by the doctrine of laches.

"FOR A THIRD SEPARATE AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE TO ALL PURPORTED CLAIMS: 3. Plaintiffs claims are barred on the equitable grounds of unclean hands.

"FOR A FOURTH SEPARATE AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE TO ALL PURPORTED CLAIMS: 4. This answering defendant is informed and believes, and upon such basis alleges defendant has not infringed copyright pursuant 17 U.S.C. 106.

"FOR A FIFTH SEPARATE AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE TO ALL PURPORTED CLAIMS: 5. This answering defendant is informed and believes, and upon such basis alleges that plaintiffs' claims are wholly barred by the doctrine of fair use.

"FOR A SIXTH SEPARATE AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE TO ALL PURPORTED CLAIMS: 6. This answering defendant is informed and believes, and upon such basis alleges that plaintiff's is barred under the doctrine of copyright misuse.

"FOR A SEVENTH SEPARATE AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSE TO ALL PURPORTED CLAIMS 7. This answering defendant is informed and believes, and upon such basis alleges that the documents claimed by plaintiffs to be trade secrets are not trade secrets because (a) plaintiffs have failed to undertake reasonable efforts to maintain the secrecy of their alleged trade secrets; and (b) the works are generally known.


"One of Grady Ward's messages that contained a reference to material claimed in Plaintiff's Complaint Exhibit A was unlawfully canceled by one of these forged messages.

"On April 14, 1995, Jeffrey G. Quiros of the San Francisco Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs (the intelligence arm of an organization acting in concert or participation, or as an agent of the plaintiff) arrived unannounced with another Scientologist and did trespass at my home in Arcata, California. A criminal trespass complaint was filed with the Arcata Police Department.

"Grady Ward has been informed and on that basis believes that on May 8, 1995, my publisher, Maria Nakem of the Austin Code Works, Austin, Texas received a telephone call from a person identifying himself as Gene Ingram, a private investigator and long-time investigator acting as plaintiff's agent, servant, employee, partner, or a person acting or purporting to act under their authority, direction or control, or a person in active concert or participation with them plaintiff RTC. He inquired into my finances and unlawfully defamed me by claiming that I had been involuntarily separated by Apple Computer, Inc.

"Grady Ward has been informed and on that basis believes that on May 10, 1995 a man later positively identified at Eugene Martin Ingram, the same long-time investigator for the plaintiff did misrepresent his identity to my elderly mother, Rubye K. Ward, of Tacoma, Washington and thereby unlawfully obtained photographs of me, my wife and children. After my mother's complaint to the Tacoma police authorities, the photographs were returned in the U.S. Mail postmarked Portland, Oregon. A criminal complaint of theft by impersonation was file with the Tacoma Police department case number 95-1530374. Exhibit 2.

"Grady Ward has been informed and on that basis believes that on August 22, 1995 a man pretending to be Grady Ward did by such false pretense obtain the long distance toll records stored by Pacific Bell and AT&T for both my telephones. Exhibit 3.

"On March 9, 1996 Grady Ward was unlawfully defamed when participating in a lawful protest against the Church of Scientology, San Francisco. Exhibit 5.

"PRAYER FOR RELIEF FOR THE FIRST AND SECOND CAUSES OF ACTION: 1. Damages according to proof at trial; 2. Exemplary and punitive damages of $50,000,000.00 or according to proof at trial; 3. Reasonable attorneys' fees and costs; 4. Such other relief as is determined to be just and proper.

"FOR THE THIRD CAUSE OF ACTION: 1. For an order directing plaintiff, and all of their agents, servants, employees, partners, privies and attorneys, and all persons acting or purporting to act under their authority, direction or control, and all persons in active concert or participation with them from further engaging in unlawful harassment of participants of the computer network known as the Internet;


"All documents relating to 'cancels' of materials that RTC claims as its Advanced Technology property, whether published or unpublished, whether copyright or trade secret or public domain whether made anonymously or pseudonymously or under the true name by the plaintiff within the time period of January 1, 1995 through March 23, 1996.

"Any documents relating to proof or the theory that the Exhibit C. NOTs have been continuously maintained under such control since their copyright registration and/or would support a theory that they remain protectable trade secrets.

"All documents relating to any actions has the plaintiff brought to restrain other parties from disseminating the plaintiff verified complaint Exhibit A, B and C materials.

"All documents relating to the copyrights or trade secrets alleged to be owned, licensed, lent, or any other manner controlled by plaintiff relating to plaintiff verified complaint Exhibit A, B and C materials this lawsuit.

"All documents relating to SCAMIZDAT.

"All documents relating to the defendant Grady Ward and any other poster to the Usenet group alt.religion.scientology.

"All documents relating to alt.religion.scientology within the time period January 1, 1995 through March 23, 1996.

"All documents relating to Internet anonymous remailers within the time period January 1, 1995 through March 23, 1996.

"All documents relating to proof or theories that Exhibit C. NOTs have 'not previously been posted to the Internet'.

"All documents relating to Eugene Martin Ingram or Ingram Investigations relating to Grady Ward and member of Grady Ward's family, or any other poster to the Usenet group alt.religion.scientology.

"All documents relating to Jeffrey George Quiros of the Church of Scientology, San Francisco relating to Grady Ward and member of Grady Ward's family, or any other poster to the Usenet group alt.religion.scientology.

"All documents relating to any investigative services that plaintiff directly or indirectly directs or receives information from about Grady Ward or any poster on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology within the period of time January 1, 1995 through March 23, 1996.

"All documents relating to any computer equipment, terminals, access points, service providers, or any other method that plaintiff could post to the Internet Usenet group alt.religion.scientology or Usenet group control during the period of time from January 1, 1995 through March 23, 1996.

Message-ID: <sthomsonDpw2vL.7DD@netcom.com>


Boston Phoenix

The Boston Phoenix, a weekly newspaper, published an article discussing the role of Earle Cooley in the cult.

"In tomorrows (Apr. 18, 1996) Boston Phoenix, an article will appear on Earle Cooley's involvement with Scientology, as a member of and as a lawyer for this very controversial cult.

"In my opinion, his activities for Scientology are incompatible with his functioning as a Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Boston University. I have called several times already for an open discussion on this subject, but neither the B.U. students and staff, nor the Daily Free Press (B.U.'s daily 'independent' student newspaper) want to participate in this."

Message-ID: <4l392p$irf@news.bu.edu>


Julie Mayo Remembers

Julie Mayo posted a series of articles this week, recalling her days spent in the cult. Some excerpts:

"Miscavige, who was the boss of ASI (for profit company) and also 'Special Project Ops' and Trustee of RTC at the time, told me that I was being assigned to the RPF. I asked him why. He said 'You know why, Miss Natter Box'. Miscavige told me I was being assigned to 'hard labor'. This was the desert and it was August and it was hot.

"My job was to dig ditches. I was burning up and exhausted from the mental shock and lack of sleep. Rick Klingler, of the G.O., was at Gilman Hot Springs on the RPF. He was assigned to me as a buddy to make sure that I didn't escape and that I dug ditches.

"I was put on the running program for 12 hours a day 7 days a week for weeks. We weren't even given time to do our laundry. I remember bringing my laundry to the tree and then going to the bathroom. The bathroom had a back door, through which I could escape to the laundry room. I had to keep my eye out for Bucky Beaver, though, because he patrolled the area for people who weren't doing what they should be doing. I never knew what Bucky's real name was because we weren't allowed to talk to crew.

"David Miscavige and a couple other people used to ride down on their scooters to watch us running around that tree. It must have been October or November by now because I remember Miscavige wearing a great, long coat and just stand up the hill with a couple others, watching us."

[about Elron] "When he was angry, he could be quite mean. He would write an ethics order on someone, condemning them to the galley, or never to be an executive again. Then two weeks later, he would change his mind, and he would appoint that same person to one of the highest positions in Scientology. There were no overboards when I was on the ship, but there were plenty of sleepless nights and conditions were really quite terrible at times. Not that we really noticed much, we were completely occupied day and night.

"He issued lots of 'orders' and liked very, very fast action and deadlines. All nighters was more of a routine, than an occasional, in 1974. He was much better tempered in 1975 when we were in the Caribbean. We got lots of sleep, though conditions were so crowded that about 60 of us had to sleep on the sun deck as there were no more bunks.

"LRH was furious with Ron Shafron, for instituting conditional certs. I had a tape in the office of a briefing on the subject between LRH and Ron Shafron. The tape clearly showed that it was Hubbard who had ordered the conditional cert system, not Shafron, so I was quick to point this out to LRH. I soon learned that this really wasn't the politically acceptable way to deal with him: the usual way was to 'PR' him and take the blame yourself. I was disappointed, but not disillusioned. LRH sent me a few mean messages for my obvious blunder, but forgave me by the end of the evening. I also forgave LRH. Hubbard was an extraordinary man, though not perfect. Most people don't accomplish a tenth of what he did. He authored huge amounts of the tech, which mostly produced remarkable results. Hubbard definitely had redeeming qualities, in my estimation."

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Clearwater Motels

The cult has purchased more buildings in Clearwater, Florida under assumed names, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

"[T]he 4/12/96 edition of the St. Petersburg Times ran an article telling how the Church of Slimetology has again bought buildings on Ft. Harrison Ave. near downtown 'Clear'water, Fl., under an assumed name. Co$ bought the Kentuckian Motel on the 1800 N. Fort Harrison block as well as two other neighboring hotels. The Co$ paid nearly 1.4 million for the three little hotels, and the owner said that he'd have asked for more if he knew who was behind the Orlando property company that signed the deeds. The owner of the hotel even asked if the buyer was the Co$, and he was told that the buyer was NOT the church, and then after the deal was done he found out in a news report about the secret third party that was behind the deal."

Letters to the editor followed the article, praising the cult.

"It seems that Clearwater Mayor Rita Garvey and the City Commission are beside themselves again with the Scientologists' buying three more decaying motels and refurbishing them for use by their visiting members. The hand-wringing over the Scientologists 'taking over' Clearwater is a bit amusing. Mayor Garvey and the others have been bent on a program of keeping one of Clearwater's feet firmly planted in the 19th century. Whenever progress has reared its ugly head, they have been there to put a halt to it!"

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NOTS Not Available

Web pages which announced availability of the few NOTS bulletins posted by Scamizdat have removed the documents due to legal threats. Govert Jansen and Johan Wevers posted their retractions separately this week.

"This idea was my intention too,to get these NOTs widely distributed in such a short time. However today sun 14-4 i have removed the NOTs from my homepage. But if you have downloaded these NOTs perhaps you can mail them to others. I am not a rich person so i don't want to be involved in a lawsuit because HKK also complained about sending the Fishman Affidavit by e-mail. According to the statistics of my homepage some 40 people downloaded these Nots."

"I removed it after some legal threats. But I still email the file on request, they haven't yet protested against that. And it would be difficult to prove anyway."

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Poodle Watch

The cult used another throw-away cancel account at Netcom this week, ellie@netcom.com (Elouise Frisbee). The account is now disabled. It was used to cancel a parody of the NOTS documents, which used a jive translation script.

"A BT o' clusta' has dree choices - it kin run its own life o' run yo's o' run nodin'. De wahtahmelluns ya' run into wid somatics aint likesly to be uh de catego'y uh yo' life, dey're mo'e likesly t'be in de catego'y of de BT's life. What it is, Mama! So it gits t'be some dizzy scene. What it is, Mama!"

Message-ID: <ellieDpuAB6.JCt@netcom.com>
Message-ID: <4kuvob$jsg@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>


Sea Org Promises

A fascinating and troubling list of promises made to a Sea Org recruit was posted this week.

"According to inside information, the major governments of the world were very close to collapse due to the sinister and artful maneuvering of an evil group of plotters (almost certainly dominated by the very inventors of evil, the PSYCHS), known as the NEW WORLD ORDER. By joining right away, my acquaintance would have the privilege of strengthening the only group that could possibly pick up the pieces.

"My acquaintance, not yet a high school graduate, was told he would be able to continue his schooling after signing his billion-year contract. Instead, I'm told he was discouraged from continuing any non-Scn ('WOG') education and sent to take a test for a state certificate of minimum proficiency.

"[He] was promised Scn 'auditing' and training to the highest levels, otherwise known as the 'Bridge to Total Freedom.' The 'Bridge' usually winds up costing paying public hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Sea Org members are not charged for it unless they leave.

"[T]he recruiter also promised minimum wage and livable berthing. My acquaintance say he received about $11 per 70 plus hour week and had to live packed in with a dozen or more young men in a smelly, squalid room.

"My acquaintance became dissatisfied after a short time and announced he was leaving. 'Routing out' took another four months or so, during which time he had to continue putting in 12 or more hours of menial labor per work day. He couldn't just leave without permission because if he did, he faced the strong possibility of being declared a 'suppressive person,' whom other members of the CoS would not be allowed to communicate with. He continued working as a virtual slave (in my view) until he completed his 'security check' (mandatory confession of misdeeds) and was finally allowed to leave.

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