Volume 1, Issue 20 vom 7. 9. 1996

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 1, Issue 20
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
copyright 1996


  1. Zenon Raided
  2. FACTNet Status
  3. German Banks
  4. Grady Ward
  5. Graham Berry
  6. Waiting for Vorlon
  7. Sydney Protest
  8. Sydney News
  9. Marriage Hats
  10. Ariane's Story
  11. Not Hubbard's Way
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Zenon Raided

Zenon Panoussis was raided by the RTC for posting the NOTS materials to a.r.s. The raid occurred while he was away from his home. In a series of posts, he described the events.

"When I returned home this afternoon, I found my apartment broken into. The hard disks were missing from my computer, as well as some diskettes and one copy of the printed OTs. On my bed-pillow was a message from the bailiff that he had executed a decision by the primary court of Stockholm.

"I am (sometimes) a prudent nature. Foreseeing the raid, I have not used my computer for the storage or production or distribution of any material to which the RTC claims copyright. I count therefore on having my hard disks back within a week. Foreseeing the raid I have also spread the files in question to a large number of untraceable acquaintances, and instructed these to spread them to their acquaintances in case I was raided. This further spreading is taking place right now, with the result that the RTC will NEVER be able to cut me off from the material in question. Foreseeing the raid I have also stored the printed OTs elsewhere than in my apartment (one single copy was taken from my apartment, and one was missed and left back). Their distribution continues as usual, or rather MORE INTENSELY."

"Today I learned from the bailiff that the scienos' Swedish lawyer, two American scienos by the names of Warren McShane and William Heart, as well as a scieno computer technician were allowed by the bailiff to search my home. This is not only irregular, but highly illegal in this country. In the total mess that my apartment is (and was already before the raid), I have had no possibility to check what might be missing. No time either.

"The bailiff had also planned to let the scienos search my hard disks today. But after hearing that I would be present, the scienos didn't show up at the bailiff's office for a meeting at 9 am. They later called and made a new appointment for 10 am. Shortly before 10 they phoned and postponed it for 12 noon. Three people from the bailiff's office and me waited from 12 to 1.10 pm in vain. The scienos didn't show up and didn't even bother to phone. At the end the bailiff phoned them and arranged to arrange a new meeting tomorrow (or rather this morning Friday)."

"I use SecureDrive. I made a rough calculation that it will take some 9.5*10e80 years to open it by massive force attack, give or take a few zeros."

"I said last night that I had something on the doing. It was the printing of the whole bulk of the material, OTs and NOTs. In the morning I made a copy of the 224-page printout and went with both to court. I filed one in as evidence proving that my postings, as shown in the print, are not identical nor even show any similarity to the stripe-covered documents that the CoS claim copyrights to. The instant I filed the thing it became public.

"By pure coincidence I found that some papers had arrived from the CoS. I asked to see them and was initially refused, but that is a legal impossibility. I got them.

"1. that I should be called to testify as to the whereabouts of the files and printed materials I once had, as well as the names of the people that I may have taken the assistance of to intensify my distribution of 'The Material';

"2. that I should be obliged, again through the bailiff, to hand in every document that was covered by Wednesday's decision;

"3. that the above decisions, seen the extreme danger of serious damage to the RTC that lies in the slightest of delays, be taken without providing me the previous opportunity to answer;

"4. that the 'fine' set earlier should be set to a much higher amount

"5. that the so called 'Material', the OTs and NOTs be covered by secrecy in view of their confidential nature (the term 'trade secret' was elaborately avoided). A quote: 'The RTC receives, directly and indirectly, a great economical benefit from The Material.'

"I sat in court frenetically writing statements by hand in the corridor. They were kind enough to find a law book for me. I handed them in at 2 pm and ruling was pronounced at 4.30 pm.

"Well? Sorry. Motion 1 denied. Motion 2 denied. Motion 3 denied. Motion 4 denied. MOTION 5 DENIED.

"I have two objectives. One is giving the CoS a very good lesson for their general brutality towards scienos and non-scienos alike; today they got another portion of this lesson.

"My other objective is to defend the net from the censorship it would suffer if measures for breach of law or good taste were to be taken against ISPs, as the CoS always has wanted, instead of against users, which is the only reasonable way. Even on that front this was a good day."

Message-ID: <322DA94D.B62@dodo.pp.se>
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FACTNet Status

Arnie Lerma and Larry Wollersheim posted messages this week to provide an update on the status of FACTNet. Arnie Lerma writes:

"We have lost the asset of a coherent, articulate Bob Penny. A man with mind like a steel trap - who now cannot defecate without assistance. Who is no longer mentally able or fit to defend himself, let alone assist in the defense of FACTNet. The trial preparation work demanded in the Colorado action has kept LW up late nights, with no pay, and no thanks from anyone with discovery requests for months. Now, we are all without counsel of record, at this time, due to facts and circumstances that are likely as incredible as the tales of Xenu. Larry has been doing all the preparation work...hundred upon hundred of hours to defend FACTNet, himself and Bob Penny.

"Larry and I face, perhaps 350 hours each of work, in the next 90 days, in order to do everything we have to do, so that we have a shot at keeping the net a true public forum for free discussion of matters of public interest without the specter of some fascist cult bent on world domination winning the battle for free speech in Cyberspace."

Former FACTNet director Bob Penny's medical condition has deteriorated, and his friends have begun a campaign to release him from the FACTNet lawsuit.

"His condition continues to deteriorate, and I don't want to go into details. But it is imperative for his health, physical and mental, that he be released from the FACTNet litigation. In a recent hearing, the judge told the Scn's that if they had a shred of decency (do they?) they would release Bob from the case.

"Therefore, if you can take the time, could you please snailmail the judge in the case on Bob’s behalf requesting that he be released from the FACTNet case. A flood of mail would make the point to the judge and he could then exert some pressure on the Scn's.

"His address is: Judge John L. Kane U.S. District Court 1929 Stout St. Room C428 Denver, CO 80292"

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German Banks

The Associated Press reported that German postal banks who have refused to do business with Scientology have won a decision in court allowing them to continue the practice.

"District Court Judge Hans-Juergen Voigt ruled that, although everyone has a right to postal services, that did not apply to Postbank, which was changed in January 1995 from a public to a private credit institution.

"Voigt said the Scientologists had other options for opening bank transfer accounts, although an attorney for the organization, Wilhelm Bluemel, said 17 other banks in the area had turned the group down.

"The Postbank said it closed four accounts held by Scientology in the town of Ulm because of fear the bank's name would be associated with the church, founded in Los Angeles in 1954 by L. Ron Hubbard. Members of Chancellor Helmut Kohl's government have accused Scientology of being a danger to German society. Some ministers have called for its members to be banned from government jobs and be put under surveillance."

Message-ID: <199609062322.BAA29124@basement.replay.com>


Grady Ward

Grady Ward posted numerous court filings and letters to the Scientology lawyers to a.r.s this week. First, to attorney Thomas Hogan:

"Pursuant to L. R. 30-2, I am consulting with you to accommodate, if possible the needs of counsel and my first witness, Madame Helena K. Kobrin, Counsel for RTC, and my second witness, Monsieur David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of RTC, whom I intend to issue a notice of deposition in Arcata, California as soon as practicable. If you express no preferences within five days, I will assume all business hours and days will be equally convenient for them and notice the depositions pursuant to Rule 30 of the FRCivP accordingly.

"Also, you have not complied with Judge Whyte's order to complete full initial disclosure as memorialized in your letter of August 9, 1996. I expect your client to comply immediately with this order by the district judge.

"You also said that you would be moving for my contempt of court if the so-called NOTs were once again published widely to the Internet. The NOTs have been repeatedly published several times in the last few weeks. Please explain why you have not so moved.

"Finally, I am in receipt of a letter by Madame Kobrin demanding that I cease solicitation of the 'L Rundowns.' Because I am lawfully exercising my right to inquire into the practices of a criminal cult, I reject each and every one of her demands."

"Under the Model Code of Professional Responsibility, DR 5-102(A) I hereby demand that Helena K. Kobrin, co-counsel, voluntarily withdraw from representing plaintiff RTC on the grounds that she will be a material witness in the above litigation concerning facts relating to fraudulently issuing RMGROUP commands, libeling the defendant repeatedly over infringement and Lanham Act issues, her knowledge of unlawful activities of Scientology agent Eugene Martin Ingram and other matters. If she does not voluntarily withdraw within five (5) days, I will move the court for her withdrawal."

Excerpts from Grady's request for documents to be delivered during discovery:

"Documents sufficient to identify the true name, positions held within RTC (if any), dates of employment by RTC (if any), and last known address and telephone number of all individuals and business or religious entities having had access to RTC's 'advanced technology' including documents designated in the Complaint as OTI-VIII (old numbering), NOTs, and all other copyrighted documents or documents claimed as a trade secret as listed in the Exhibit A, B, or C to the plaintiff's Verified Complaint since the earliest of their inception, dissemination, or reduction to tangible form.

"All documents that refer, reflect, or relate to the storage, custody, and whereabouts of all copies of any and all of RTC's 'advanced technology' including documents designated in the Complaint as OTI- VIII (old numbering), NOTs, and all other copyrighted documents or documents claimed as a trade secret as listed in the Exhibit A, B, or C to the plaintiff's Verified Complaint since their inception, dissemination, or reduction to tangible form.

"All confidentiality agreements executed with respect to RTC's 'advanced technology' including documents designated in the Complaint as OTI-VIII (old numbering), NOTs, and all other copyrighted documents or documents claimed as a trade secret as listed in the Exhibit A, B, or C to the plaintiff's Verified Complaint.

"All documents which refer, reflect, or relate to Grady Ward from Jan 15, 1995 onwards.

"All documents that refer, reflect, or relate to any information gathered as a result of the six third party subpoenas date May 23, 1996 served by RTC upon NETCOM, University of Maryland, University of California at San Diego, Humboldt Internet, Northcoast Internet, and Homer Wilson Smith.

"All documents that refer, reflect, or relate to any information gathered as a result of the Special Master's Beth Hamilton examination of defendant's computer archives.

"All documents that refer, reflect, or relate to monitoring the Internet for copyright infringement or trade secret misappropriation including technical means, procedures and monitoring sites as well as all documents identifying any or all persons or organizations who supply or have supplied such monitoring intelligence to RTC.

"All minutes of board meetings, corporate resolutions, appointment and regulations of RTC from date of incorporation to present that refer, reflect, or relate to Grady Ward, alt.religion.Scientology, copyright infringement or trade secret misappropriation, SCAMIZDAT, or protection of RTC's intellectual property.

"All documents that refer, reflect, or relate to counsel Helena K. Kobrin's RMGROUP computer message dated January 11, 1995."

Other questions for the cult:

"List each and all whereabouts and safekeeping arrangements of each and all components of the 'Advanced Technology' materials since earliest of the inception, dissemination, or reduction to tangible form of such material to the present.

"Identify each and every confidentiality agreement executed by any person or organizations who has had or could have had access to any of the 'Advanced Technology.'

"Identify all individuals and organizations monitoring or supplying any information in any form to RTC concerning Grady Ward, SCAMIZDAT, Usenet postings, or any aspect of the Internet Usenet group known as alt.religion.Scientology from January 1995 to the present. This includes, for example, individuals known as 'Vera Wallace,' as identified in plaintiff's Exhibit 66 of the deposition of Grady Ward on 6-27-96 as '10-8-1995 America Online:VeraW11111 Page 1' and all private investigators such as Eugene Martin Ingram, attorneys such as Eliot Abelson, or intelligence monitors or suppliers of any capacity or kind whether solicited or not or employed or not by RTC."

And finally - a "hit list" of individuals submitted by Kobrin to Grady for document production.

"a. Marina Chong b. Robert Clark ('Henri') c. Alex DeJoode d. Dennis Erlich e. Steven Fishman f. Johan Helsingius g. Jeff Jacobsen h. Jack Jost i. Keith Henson j. Martin Hunt k. Tom Klemesrud l. Arnaldo Lerma m. Peter Mante n. Modemac o. Ron Newman p. Zenon Panoussis q. Robert Penny r. Felipe Rodriguez s. Scamizdat t. Tony Sidaway u. Karin Spaink v. Zane Thomas w. Shelly Thomson x. David Touretzky y. Hein van Meeteren z. Vorlon aa. Robert Vaughn Young bb. Johan Wevers cc. Lawrence Wollersheim"

Message-ID: <gradyDxA1Bo.DsC@netcom.com>
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Graham Berry

Steve Fishman reported that anti-Scientology attorney Graham Berry has a new law firm, and some new clients.

"Graham Berry is now a partner with the following law firm: Musick, Peeler and Garrett One Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2000 Los Angeles, California 90017-3321 (213) 629-7854 Phone (213) 624-1376 Fax grahameb@aol.com

"Graham WILL take cases against the Church of Scientology. He is representing me from this firm to unseal the upper level materials permanently. Dr. Geertz is still represented by Ford Greene in all matters. Graham is also representing F.A.C.T.net., Lawrence Wollersheim and Arnie Lerma."

Message-ID: <01bb9ba4$9b1c8520$518ed6ce@Xenu.ix.netcom.com>


Waiting for Vorlon

Scientology has been delaying discussions with the second Vorlon NOTS poster, Johan Wevers.

"The scientologists wanted to speak with me because of the Vorlon postings, but have postponed the meeting twice. According to their lawyer they were busy in Sweden. Now they wanted to see me Wednesday evening but that is a time on which I can't attend. I told their lawyer the meeting would have to be postponed to nest week now. He didn't seem to like that, but I told him that if it was that urgent they have had 2 chances now. Those scienos always shout that everything is urgent and then keep wasting time to 'prove' it really is."

Message-ID: <322ca4ca.56554c43414e@vulcan.xs4all.nl>


Sydney Protest

The first report from the Worldwide Protests was posted from David Gerard and Tony McClelland in Sydney.

"Tony had apparently started just before. He spoke to Henry Bartnik (community relations for the Cult) for about ten minutes beforehand, and patiently explained to Henry that the reason we were putting in a bonus day was that the clams’ behaviour at the previous picket had been uncivilised and unacceptable. Henry said 'Thank you' and went back inside.

"Later, a clam screamed at Tony that his behaviour was illegal and criminal. Tony pointed out that there was a police station down the road and around the corner, and that she should fetch them. They came on down and told the clams that Tony wasn’t doing anything illegal, and that he should not obstruct them or keep them from handing out their material.

"I came back around five and Stuart Riley from Brisbane was there wearing the sandwich board and handing out leaflets. I proceeded to help. Tony returned and the three of us leafleted. Zed showed up about half past five and hung in the background observing. The clams picked him as a critic, but he just stood there observing and we didn't prompt him to go leafleting, so I think they were quite confused by the end.

"I was shocked at the hostility in Sydney picketing. The Melbourne demos were *so* polite it was unbelievable; in Sydney, they were right in our fuckin’ faces from the word go.

"I had an annoying twit we christened Bruce the Pomeranian attach himself to me. This obnoxious turd spent his time getting in my face and going, 'What crimes have you committed? What crimes? What crimes? What crimes? What crimes? What crimes? What crimes? What don'cha want us to know? Huh? Huh? What don'cha want us to know? Huh?'

"On the way down Park Street, Tony was still wearing his sandwich boards, and some incensed Scientologist came up and tried to rip his board off him. I jumped at the guy (shouting 'That's an assault charge, that's an assault charge') and he jumped back and reconsidered his move. Someone passed by and told him to leave it and get to work."

Message-ID: <32309fef.2581873@news>


Sydney News

Letters from Scientologists to the editor of the Sydney Daily Telegraph this week:

"The proposed boycott of John Travolta's movie Phenomenon by right-wing political groups in Germany brings to light the existence of a fanatic fringe which has singled out religious minorities in Germany, causing public embarrassment.

"Some members of the Christian Democratic Union are telling Germans what to think and what to watch, barring membership in political parties and planning to eliminate people from the public service on the basis of their religion. The hatred they have encouraged has led to gross discrimination, such as Scientologists' children being thrown out of kindergartens.

"The wild calls to boycott a movie because of an actor's religion is yet another oppressive measure reminiscent of the Nazi era - in the 1930's, for example, Joseph Goebbels declared that no single film which involved any Jewish actor or production artist should be shown in Germany. Thankfully, the German people today are making up their own minds.

"Henry Bartnik Church of Scientology, Annandale"

And this from the Sun-Herald:

"Alex Mitchell could present a more accurate picture of what is happening in Scientology - the chilling story of discrimination. German Scientologists have faced death threats and fire bombings, been fired from their jobs and refused loans. Why? Because they chose a religion certain Nazi-like officials want destroyed.

"Virginia Kee, Church of Scientology, Sydney"

Message-ID: <50bemk$k4b@phaedrus.kralizec.net.au>


Marriage Hats

Tilman Hausherr posted excerpts from the book Marriage Hats, supposedly written by Mary Sue Hubbard, but perhaps written by L. Ron Hubbard. The 1970 book presents 1950's marriage roles through Scientology vocabulary.

"Here are a few of 'The main duties of a wife':

"1. To care for the home and family. 2. To cook for the family. 3. To live within the financial means of the husband. 4. To budget the household expenses and use such monies economically and wisely. 5. To do the shopping for the family. 6. To raise and look after the children. 7. To keep the home clean, neat and tidy. 8. To do the washing and ironing. [...] 15. To keep yourself clean, attractive and womanly. A wife should always look the best she can for her husband -- this doesn't mean that you have to appear glamorous when you're in the middle of scrubbing a dirty floor, but it does mean that a wife should care enough about her appearance not to come before her husband in the morning with cream on her face and rollers in her hair. It's wise to do those beauty actions when your husband is not around, so you can be beautiful when he is present.

"Hat for A Husband: The main duties of a Husband are:

"1. To financially support his wife and family. 2. To provide a home for his wife and family. 3. To provide food and clothing for his wife and family. 4. To make the major decisions with regard to the marriage -- for example, where to live, what work to do, what home to live in, where the children will be educated, what names the children will be called, etc. This he usually does in consultation and agreement with his wife, but his word is final. 5. To be the leader of the family. [...] 13. To see that the family legal papers are in order: investment records, birth and marriage certificates etc., financial records and accounts. [...] 20. To provide small little attentions that are so important to a woman, like some flowers now and again or a little surprise gift.

Message-ID: <32292c96.2430376@news.snafu.de>


Ariane's Story

Ariane Jackson's story was posted to a.r.s this week.

"I was involved in Scientology for 17 years and I attained the highest available level, called 'New OT8, Truth Revealed'. I was also trained as an 'auditor' to 'Class 6' and I have studied the 'technology' of 'Class 12'. I was a staff member at Flag Service Organization, Inc. in Clearwater, Florida. My husband was involved for 20 years, attained 'Clear', was trained as an auditor and was also on staff. My ex-husband was involved for 14 years, attained 'OT7, Cause over Life', gave his fortune of several million dollars to Scientology and died at the age of 59, within days of being audited at Flag!

"In Dec, 1995 my husband and I approached the 'church' of Scientology and requested that steps be taken to repair the damage we had experienced as a result of our involvement. We received three responses. One was on Flag letterhead and was signed 'Brian Anderson, Church of Scientology, Flag Service Organization'. The letter stated that the way we presented our 'cause'(sic) 'appears to be blackmail and an attempt to extort funds'

"We also discovered another response which had been given to the Procureur General (Attorney General) for the state of Geneva. This was a request by the Scientology center in Zurich to have us investigated by the police for blackmail and extortion. Not only have we never been in the center in Zurich, we have never spoken to anyone there. (In this complaint they also accused me of having lied as a court witness against the cult and said they would file a separate suit for that. Over 8 months later there is still no suit filed!!). The Procureur General denied the request.

"We received a third response during a live TV broadcast in Paris when I was interviewed and described some of my experiences in the cult. The Scientology representative stated that I had made an offer to withdraw from the show if they paid me 17 million dollars. This I had never done. I have filed a suit for defamation.

"The various methods used to persuade my ex-husband to pay money. These included daylong interviews by groups of salesmen, 'investment opportunities', donations to translate a book, donations to 'protect Scientology', etc., etc. Two of the 'investment opportunities' where he loaned almost half a million dollars in 1989 to a 'patron' and a 'patron meritorious' of the International Association of Scientologists'(IAS) turned out to be very bad 'investments'.These two patrons, who were vouched for by other Scientologists, were Jody Darling, Glendale, CA and Hans Rhyner, Weisslingen, Switzerland. They both failed miserably to fulfill the terms of the loan agreements.

"The 'church' of Scientology was fully aware of this situation and was actually claiming to be administering 'justice' in the affair, since my ex-husband was prohibited, by Scientology policy, from taking ANY legal action. Darling raised his status in the cult from 'patron with honors' to patron meritorious shortly after my ex-husband 'invested' in his company. This step is achieved by paying IAS around 150,000 dollars.

"The results of Scientology involvement on the professional lives of individuals that I have witnessed. During my involvement I was totally unable to achieve any success professionally. My ex-husband went from successful businessman and self-made millionaire pre-cult to bankrupt, no career and physically incapable of working after involvement.

Message-ID: <323083ae.10690437@news.snafu.de>


Not Hubbard's Way

Elson Trinidad, from the East Hollywood Community Association, posted this week to express the association's disapproval of the street name change to honor L. Ron Hubbard.

"We have a few members who are residents of Berendo St (though I don't know for sure whether their block would be affected by a potential name change). As a lifelong resident of the area (I am a former Berendo St. resident myself; as a baby I lived right on Berendo St, in the shadow of what was then the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, now the Scientology compound - a little historical background here - Cedars of Lebanon eventually moved west and moved in with Mt. Sinai hospital at a new medical center adjacent to Beverly Hills.

"As an area resident, though I thoroughly disagree with Scientology's theology, I intend no malice on their organization's followers, but I honestly believe that to change the name of a street is extremely rude and disrespectful of the area's history and the non-Scientologists who live in the community. I welcome their willingness to relatively co-exist with the other residents in the area, who are primarily Armenian, Latino and Filipino, but renaming the street 'L. Ron Hubbard Way' is pushing it way too far. Even the name itself, 'L. Ron Hubbard WAY' seems to suggest some kind of adherence to the organization's beliefs. But 'Berendo Street' is the way it was, is and always should be."

Message-ID: <322bc358.33935142@news.westworld.com>