Volume 1, Issue 24 vom 06. 10. 1996

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 1, Issue 24
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
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  1. Ariane Jackson
  2. CAN
  3. Copenahagen Killing
  4. Scientology Chicken
  5. FACTNet News
  6. French Trial
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    2. From Le Progres:
  7. German Ads
  8. Grady Ward
  9. Keith Henson
  10. Hubbard Way
  11. Tool
  12. Zenon Pasoussis
  13. David Alexander
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Ariane Jackson

Ariane Jackson posted a transcript of a meeting with representatives of Scientology, who attempted to have her sign a non-disclosure agreement sight unseen. Some excepts:

"The meeting was held in the Jacksons' apartment in Palm Harbor, Florida on the afternoon of Sept 13, 1996 and was recorded with the consent of all participants. The individuals are identified as follows:- JK--Jaqueline Kevenaar, representative of CSI.
EP--Edward Parkin, representative of CSI.
JE--Joan Ellen, representative of CSI.
AL--Alex Jackson.
AR--Ariane Jackson.

"JK--Now, where we want to resolve the problem created by putting you guys putting confidential church, sacred scriptures on the Internet. Now you are bound by confidentiality agreements not to do so. Those were breached and you did. OK, so we have as far as the church is concerned, which is, you know, the official position, is that we have the obligation, we are obliged by law to sue in order to protect our rights to those materials. If we don't take any action whatsoever, if we say fine, OK, you know, we don't do anything, then we might lose our right because we don't protect it. We are not diligently protecting our rights to the upper level materials, which we have to.

"JK--That is the law, that is what the law requires of the owner of upper level or sacred materials or trade secrets, which is what they are. We are obliged to sue. However we have come here in total peace, and that is something that must be believed because that is the truth. We have come in all fairness to see if we can work out an agreement where you agree not to breach those upper level trade secrets on the Internet and in that case, that would be equal to a judgment to us. Now, if we go ahead and sue and do all these things, we also wanted to tell you, in all fairness, because I think you should be aware of that and because of our obligation we have to sue, it will be expensive, obviously, there will be lawyers involved, there will be all sorts of things.

"JK--The financial hardship on ourselves in order to have to do this, and on you is, I think, worse than if we can sit down and simply agree that you won't breach the agreements you signed.

"JK--That's the, so it says (reading) 'I will never post, publish or attempt to post or publish anything relating to my experience with, knowledge of, or information concerning the Scientology religion or any of the releases which are the parties in this contract, including any information which I obtained while on church staff and which is not widely known' (stops reading). In other words, by joining staff and signing your covenant, you agreed that you can be talked to and you can engage in activities which are not normally accessible to anybody outside.

"JK--and those are matters that are basically covered in the covenant that you know you promised not to divulge any information which you received as a staff member which otherwise you wouldn't have gotten if you were doing the comm course. AR--A covenant is what? is a contract?
AL--Can I, can I retain...
JK--Staff contract
JK--Staff agreement
Al--Can I retain a copy of this? No?
EP--Yeah. If it's unless you sign it. In which case obviously.

"AL--I don't see the necessity of your requesting or suggesting or asking us to sign a general release when your stated sole concern is the matter of confidential materials, which you have, or you claim you already have a signed written agreement on our parts. Do you have copies of those, by the way? JK--Uhuh.
AL- Can you share them with us?
JK--I guess so.
AL--Do you have them with you?
JK--No, I don't have them with me, no.
AL--Could you, could you get them for us?
JK--I guess so, yes.
AL--Because we would like to, because we obviously don't remember even if we did sign, what we signed.

"JK--Look at people like David Mayo. Well, that was a battle and a half. You know what I mean? It's like they, they weren't happy with what they got out of it. There's one thing otherwise, another thing I just wanted to tell you, just apart of anything else, which is that just saying OK, it's all the church's fault that I am in this position is factually not honest and not true because it really isn't the church's fault, you know. Like, whose fault? Who, within the church? What has happened? What was applied or wasn't applied? There are numerous circumstances just like, for instance, you cannot hold the Pope in the Vatican responsible for what his millions of parishioners do."

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News from the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois, which granted to the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) permission to appeal the Scott decision, which bankrupted the organization earlier this year.

"CAN's appeal brief will be due in early November, and the reply brief by the Scientology defendants will be due the following month. CAN will have 14 days to respond to that reply brief, and then the case will be set for review by the court at a later date.

"Because CAN is in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy proceedings, it may need the approval of the trustee appointed by the Bankruptcy Court, Philip Martino of the Chicago law firm of Rudnick & Wolfe, to proceed with the appeal. If the appeal goes forward and the Illinois Supreme Court reverses the lower court decisions, the case may be able to proceed for trial on its merits in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.

"Before the case could be tried on its merits, it was dismissed by the trial court. CAN maintained the trial court erred in not finding that 24 lawsuits brought against CAN by Scientologists met the requirements necessary for a malicious prosecution claim to be brought under Illinois law. CAN asserted that, though each of the 24 lawsuits were brought by a different Scientologist, the true party in interest behind each of the suits was Scientology. The trial court did not agree."

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Copenahagen Killing

It was reported this week that a Scientologist killed two children of a Canadian couple, also Scientologists. The murder was committed in Copenhagen, Denmark. Excerpts from news reports, including the Toronto Sun.

"A woman drowned a pair of one-year-old Canadian twins while bathing them, then dressed the bodies, put them in a stroller and pushed them to a police station, police said Monday.

"A Russian-born nanny turned herself in to police and was taken into custody for a psychological examination and questioning. She was not identified.

"The one-year-old boy and girl were drowned on Saturday, police said. They said the children's bodies were mutilated. The twins' mother was identified as Deborrah Helen Hiver, of Canada, and the father as Paul Maurice Hiver of France. The couple had met the nanny at a Scientology church where they are all members, church officials said.

"While Debbie and Aime Hiver were at work at a cleaning company Saturday, police say, their 47-year-old nanny, Ludmila Vassilieva, appeared at a local police station with a stroller bearing the bodies of their daughter, Lauren, and son, Herve.

"Vassilieva, like the Hivers, is a member of the Church of Scientology, and in a public letter the parents laid the blame for their nanny's behavior on psychiatric treatment, 'which not only does not help but can influence a person to kill.'"

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Scientology Chicken

The Conan O'Brian show ran a sketch introducing Johnson, the Scientology Chicken. A portion of the transcript:

"C - I'd like to introduce a new character to the show. I've never met him but he's sure to be a favorite of kids everywhere. Please welcome folks, our cartoon friend, Johnson the Chicken!

"J - Hi Conan. Yeah, I hope you're having a cluckarific day! Every day can be a cluckarific day if you follow the path set down by my hero, L. Ron Hubbard.

"C - What?

"J - L. Ron Hubbard, the visionary genius who wrote Dianetics.

"C - Yeah, I know, the Scientology guy.

"J - The CHURCH of Scientology Conan!

"C - Look Johnson, let's change the subject alright? You're a cartoon happy guy. Tell the kids just how are you?

"J - Well, kids, I was depressed, ineffective at work and only using 20% of my brain capacity. But then, I took a personality test in a storefront church and read DIANETICS!

"C - Look, don't you have a story for the kids? C'mon!

"J - Can it be about - SCIENTOLOGY?

"C - No! It cant' be about Scientology! C'mon! Let's make this fun! C'mon!"

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FACTNet News

News from FACTNet that Scientology is opposing their chosen representative, attorney Graham Berry.

"The cult filed some kind of motion to disqualify Graham Berry (from representing FACTNEt). It appears amongst the attached 'stuff' they were quoting shellys BJ re factnet."

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French Trial

Twenty-three members of the Church of Scientology went on trial in France this week, accused of a variety of crimes in connection with the suicide of another member. From Reuters:

"The trial, expected to last seven days, is the culmination of a five-year investigation by examining magistrate Georges Fenech, who has openly used the probe to try to lay out for the public the church's workings inside and outside of France.

"The 23 defendants are accused of crimes ranging from manslaughter to embezzlement to fraud and complicity, and if convicted could be sentenced to up to five years in prison and fined as much as five million francs ($1 million).

"Fenech's investigation found that the church charged a fee of 12,000 francs ($2,330) for a 'purification cure,' 22,000 francs ($4,270) for an intensive course and 80,000 francs ($15,533) for a week's course in the Caribbean on its yacht Freewinds. The Lyon appeals court, which gave the go-ahead for the trial, said it saw 'a major threat to democratic society' in the church, which it accused of pressuring followers, potential witnesses and police to withdraw allegations or refuse to participate in the case.

"'Ron Hubbard's teachings recommend in the event of a long-term threat to immediately evaluate the situation and instigate a black propaganda campaign in order to destroy the individual's reputation and discredit him,' the court said."

From Liberation:

"The church of scientology is gambling its future in France on the trial in Lyon' states Daniele Gounord, national spokesperson who appears in support of 23 scientologists accused. The president of Scientology in Lyon, Jean-Jacques Mazier is to be tried for 'd'atteinte involontaire de la vie' [manslaughter, probably] after the suicide of a one of his newly adherents ['adeptes'].

"According to the results of the five-year investigation by judge Fenech, the accused are tried for fraud, attempted and accomplish to and breach of confidence. 'The sect exploits prosaically for profit the good faith and credulity of its victims by pseudo-scientific and para-medical means to the detriment of their financial interests ['interets patrimoniaux'] exposing them to certain medical-psychological risks' concludes the investigation ['requisitoire de renvoi']. 60 witnesses from France, Luxembourg and Denmark, examination of 15 bank accounts in France and abroad will permit a dissection of the financial methods of the organisation.

"The trial would not have taken place without the insistence ['volontee'] of Nelly Vic who witnessed the suicide of her husband Patrice on 24th of March 1988. At the time, their children were three and eight years old. [Discussion of Patrice Vic's involvement - same as in article from L'Express posted earlier.] On the 28th of March, accompagnied by Jean-Jacques Mazier, he informed his wife that he'd decided to borrow 30000 FFR for the second stage of his induction into Scientology, a 'purification cure.' Six hours later, he entered his childrens' bedroom, opened the window and leapt to his death. The day after, Nelly Vic filed charges."

"Marie-Therese Mallard was grave at the stand. She replied to an ad to become 'professional auditor.' After a personality test which indicated that she was 'unstable', she continued - out of intellectual curiosity - with comms courses and professional training. 'The harassment was constant,' she said. 'They had understood that I was weakened by my desire to find work[..]' After a few months of auditing, she was told that she was ready for a purification cure. She advanced 11500 FFR for this. In January -91, her account at scientology was at 42500 FFR. They made her go to the European headquarters in Copenhagen. While there, she learned that her father was dying. They refused to let her go back to him. 'They started to look on me as non-conformant.' She was then sent to 'Flag' in Los Angeles. The costs here were 60000 FFR. The heritage from her father permitted her to pay this. In total, scientology cost her 1 million francs. In spite of the harassments, she decided to split from scientology on her return to France, 'to tell the world about the sect behind the front of scientology.'"

"The senior staff claims that the case has been good PR for them. They've had several curious visitors to the Dianetics centre in Lyon."

From Le Progres:

"Alain Barou, the first to be questioned, abandoned his trade as a plumber to become supervisor of the Dianetics center. After his first auditing, they recommended a communication course to him. Not very effective, as the testimony of the ex-plumber sometimes reminded this layman of childhood problems with faucets. Thanks to, or at least because of him, we learned that dianetics and scientology are not exactly the same thing, that 'pastoral counseling' means auditing, that auditing means private confession with a minister of the church.

"Following his quest, Alain Borou underwent a purification program, Different according to each individual and his level of spiritual progress, according to the young man. For him, it was a bit like 'killing off the old horses': every day, a half hour of running, two or three hours of sauna after having taken vitamins whose dosages are likewise very clearly set in... a book by Ron Hubbard. Alain Borou, who had first consulted a doctor, had then 'got back my full health, and very clear thoughts'. A renewal well worth the 100,000 francs paid out between 1990 and 1996.

"How is it that men and women could have accepted emptying their savings accounts simply to study in a classroom books that they could just as easily have read at home, to could subject themselves to quack psychiatric practices, and today be very happy? Why not?

"It was at the very end of the session when Judge Lifshutz recalled Jean-Jacques Mazier to the stand, going over the statements of the parties to civil suits who have since been paid. Among them, a man and a woman under psychiatric treatment that the church had demanded that they abandon: the man had to be rehospitalized in an emergency, the woman had wiped out her nest egg to pay 40,000 for an E-meter. Jean-Jacques Mazier was not without a ready denial: 'We don't audit people under psychiatric care. It cannot work'. Never mind that these two 'apostates' had fully completed a questionnaire on their health on arrival, and that they, like others, had been asked to sign a release form relieving the church of all responsibility...in case of suicide."

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German Ads

News from Germany that newspapers are refusing to run Scientology ads comparing themselves to Jewish victims of Nazi Germany. Excerpt from Badische Zeitung:

"[Newspaper publishers] refused a series of ads which the scientology-cult wants to publish. With ten full page ads, each one costing from 23,000 DM to 64,000 DM, the organization wants to start a 'campaign of enlightment'.

"The ads - publishers were delivered samples of texts - compare the actions of German officials against the cult with the persecution of the Jews during national socialism. The general tenor is that in Germany there is again a climate as it existed before the holocaust. The ad texts talk about 'religious intolerance', 'hate propaganda' and 'social discrimination'. Statements are missing concerning these allegations: that the cult exploits its members mentally and economically, that it terrorize critics, that it attempts to undermine business, state and society and that it is aiming for totalitarian world domination. It appears that scientology is less interested in defence but in creating an image of being an innocent victim."

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Grady Ward

Numerous developments in the Grady Ward case, defending against Scientology. Grady posted several court filings.

"A few minutes ago, on Monday, September 30, 1996, I received the document captioned 'Plaintiff's Supplemental Case Management Statement, October 4, 1996, 10:30AM, Hon. Ronald M. Whyte' in the defendant's mail. Coming as it does four days from the scheduled hearing, the defendant does not have adequate time to respond to it. I move that it be struck from the record or that it be placed on the calendar as any properly served pleading no less than 35 days after service to the defendant.

"I categorically deny threatening to kill the process server George Bryan Blimmo; I do not own a semi-automatic handgun, I did not post pictures of Mr Blimmo to the net as he testified in a sworn affidavit, and contrary to his testimony I phoned the police many minutes before Mr Blimmo concocted his story apparently to cause the police to approach the defendant as a person who had purportedly just committed assault with a deadly weapon.

"In the Arcata Police Report 96-3266, the officers who responded and interviewed the subjects decided that in fact Mr. Blimmo was not truthful about his version of events and elected to send to the Humboldt County District Attorney a charge against Mr Blimmo of PC-602(n) (misdemeanor trespassing.)"

"The defendant moves that certain costs necessarily incurred during discovery be taxed by the Court or borne by the plaintiff. In order to satisfy the requirement of the reasonableness and necessity of this request, I certify that I have previously applied to proceed in forma pauperis with this Court.

"For the foregoing reason and since the defendant is indigent facing four well-funded law firms, he asks that the Court authorize the advancement of necessary costs for his discovery. Such advances may be taxed and reimbursed to the court by the plaintiff if the defendant prevails."

"In an order dated 9/27/96, Judge Ronald Whyte granted defendant Grady Ward status to proceed in forma pauperis.

"This means that I will not have to pay filing fees, security, appeal fees, and may ask the court prepay certain expense such as depositions, transcripts, and other necessary discovery expenses (at the district courts discretion).

"There even have been instances where the *adverse party* has to prepay discovery costs for the party when there is a significant gulf of resources between them or the issues of the litigation are significant."

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Keith Henson

Keith Henson posted filings submitted by Scientology this week, in opposition to his planned release of NOTS 34 to the FDA, and in response to his computer-aided reconstruction of the "masked" version of NOTS.

"This Court has already found for purposes of issuing a preliminary injunction that NOTs 34 is a properly registered unpublished, confidential copyrighted work belonging to RTC. The Court has also concluded that plaintiff has demonstrated 'a fair chance of prevailing on the merits of its claim that ... absent a permanent injunction that defendant may publish, or participate in the publication of, [NOTs 34 and other unpublished] documents in their entirety.'

"By reproducing and distributing a copy of NOTs 34 to the FDA, Henson will engage in conduct that violates RTC's exclusive right to reproduce and distribute its copyrighted works. That Henson may be filing only a single copy of NOTs 34 in its entirety does not change this result. The finding that a single copy constitutes an infringement is particularly important where, as here, such filing would permit third parties to copy the document and further distribute it to the public.

"The proper framework for analysis of Henson's conduct is set forth in this Court's September 22, 1995 opinion in NETCOM. The Court there issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting defendant Erlich from 'all unauthorized reproduction, transmission, and publication' of numerous works, including NOTs 34. Although the Court's injunction permitted the defendant to engage in fair use of the works, '[w]ith respect to unpublished materials [including NOTs 34], the amount of copied material must comprise only a very small percentage of the copyrighted works both from a quantitative and a qualitative standpoint.'. By his own admission, Henson seeks to distribute the entirety of NOTs 34 to the FDA and on that basis alone his conduct must be seen as falling outside of the protected boundaries of fair use. Moreover, the four statutory fair use factors, viewed both individually and in conjunction with one another, weigh against a finding of fair use."

"Henson claims to have succeeded in reconstructing an entire issue of the NOTs series ('NOTs 23') from the masked version filed by RTC with the Copyright Office in support of its registration application. RTC provided a masked copy to Henson on July 26, 1996 pursuant to the mandatory disclosure obligations of the Local Rules. Henson asserts that with the help of some computer programs and a dictionary he has been able to 'recover the full text, or something close to the full text' of that NOTs issue. According to Henson, the trade secret component of the preliminary injunction must now be dissolved because RTC filed the masked copies with the Copyright Office.

"Henson's motion is fundamentally flawed both as to the facts and the law, Henson's basic premise is that the masked copies at the Copyright Office are available for public scrutiny. They are not, as the rules and regulations of the Copyright Office, and the case law from the Ninth Circuit and this Court which interpret them show: public access to deposited works in the manner Henson describes is prohibited. However, Henson admits that he copied one of the enjoined works and has attempted to ascertain the trade secret contained in that work. And Henson acknowledges that NOTs 23 has never previously posted to the Internet. Thus Henson has openly engaged in copyright infringement and violated both the copyright and trade secret aspects of the April 12, 1996 preliminary injunction.

"Putting aside the questionable validity of Henson's claim that he reconstructed a virtually complete copy of NOTs 23 from the masked copy provided to him in disclosure, his motion admits that he engaged in enjoined copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation. A single act of copying can constitute an infringement. This rule of liability is applicable whether the copying at issue is the end product of the infringer's actions or an intermediate step to legitimate activity.

"Henson manifestly cannot use masked NOTs 23, a document received solely by virtue of his status as the defendant in this litigation-free from the strictures of the preliminary injunction--to recreate what purports to be an unredacted version and then bootstrap his own improper conduct into a colorable argument against the preliminary injunction."

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Hubbard Way

The Los Angeles City Council this week voted to rename a portion of Berendo Street outside Scientology headquarters "L. Ron Hubbard Way". >From the LA Times:

"Despite passionate protests from a handful of residents who derided Hubbard as a fraudulent, gay-bashing cult leader, the council voted 8 to 3 in favor of the name change, a testament in part to the power of council President John Ferraro, who represents the area and recommended the switch.

"Support far outweighed opposition on the block where the Church of Scientology has had its international headquarters for four decades and owns 55% of the property; 183 neighborhood residents wrote to City Hall to applaud the change, while nine complained. "Council members Marvin Braude, Ruth Galanter and Mike Feuer voted no, but none rose to criticize Ferraro's proposal from the microphone. Council members Laura Chick and Jackie Goldberg were absent, and Nate Holden and Joel Wachs were out of the chambers when ballots were cast.

"The dissenters, along with critics from the public, questioned whether Scientology is a legitimate religion and took note of the IRS' investigation into accusations that Hubbard skimmed millions of dollars from the church. That probe was dropped when Hubbard died in 1986.

"During an hour long public hearing on the name change, resident Don Slater cited passages from Hubbard's landmark work 'Dianetics' that refer to homosexuals as perverts. Slater also described the proposed honoree as a 'bigot,' a 'charlatan' and a 'crackpot.' Graham Berry, a frequent critic of the church, shared stories of friends who have 'escaped from the buildings on Berendo Street,' and he begged the council not to change the street's name."

But the name change may not be final.

"The issue of Berendo Street is not concluded. The matter will be back for a second reading on Tuesday, October 8th (The October 1 vote is not final - it required a 12-0 vote with no opposition to have been adopted on the first reading). You may want to attend this meeting and turn-in a speaker's card. One compelling fact that was not articulated or substantiated very well on Tuesday is L. Ron Hubbard's view on homosexuality. Hubbard was a committed homophobe and I am certain that examples can be cited - preferably in writing to Councilmembers in advance of Tuesday's vote."

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Stefan Liebke reported that the band Tool, had an interesting performance at Scientology's Celebrity Center in Los Angeles.

"I heard from someone, that the band got quite upset at the concert, because some people were trying to pass out books and info on Scientology to the audience at the entrance gate.

"[J]ust this week, Tool has released a new album and I just browsed through the lyrics of it at the Tool-Homepage. Hubbard got now a short 'honorary' mentioning on their new album.

"In one of the songs, 'Aenima', there are the lines: 'Fuck L Ron Hubbard and Fuck all his clones.'"

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Zenon Pasoussis

Zenon Pasoussis posted another series of reports on defending against Scientology's legal attack.

"This morning my neighbour knocked on my door to tell me that a car with two guys in had been parked at the street corner since *yesterday morning*.

"At the parliament I had to talk with the chief of the office for this simple routine matter. I didn't understand why, until he broke the news to me. I couldn't have the copy I requested for the simple reason that the original was gone.

"GONE! They fucking stole the NOTs from the Swedish parliament! Of course no-one said 'stolen', there is no proof of anything, but if there is one place where documents never disappear, that's the one.

"I just phoned the CoS lackey Magnusson and told him about the theft. I advised him that I will personally reproduce the OTs and NOTs and personally hand them in to the parliament, one copy for each of the 349 MPs."

"This afternoon I went to the parliament with the NOTs. Not 349 copies as I said I'd do, just one. The parliament is copying.

"In the parliament I met the chief of security. He said it is the first time they have ever had a theft of documents. It seems to be an insider job and he was rather preoccupied. The theft has been reported to the police.

"I also learned that at some point today, the CoS lawyers had the incredible nerve to go to the parliament and demand that the NOTs be kept secret. In other words: the representatives of the thieves went to the bestolen to ask the bestolen to round-up the work of the thieves.

"I learned that the car that was parked in the corner yesterday was replaced by another, which in turn was replaced by a third one, all with guys sitting in them. Then the guys left the last car, maybe to have a coffee. Then somebody smashed the side window of it and police arrived. There were binoculars in the car, and notes of car registration plates and of people coming and leaving. There had also been a camera in the car, that maybe was stolen and maybe not. I was told that the guys in the last car had guns by someone that saw them."

"The car had plate LEW 239 and belongs to one Joachim Brodin of Vastra vagen 11 C in Solna, personal number (equiv to soc sec) 680921-0039."

"I also advised both bailiff and the CoS lackeys that as from tomorrow, I will be receiving on the mail one diskette every working day, five days a week, containing the OTs and NOTs, and that I am prepared to surrender these diskettes in custody of the bailiff *at my home*, but do not intend to deliver them at her offices. I particularly pointed out that if the CoS really believes that I shouldn't be permitted to possess these files, then they should make the bailiff pay me a visit every day and that if they fail to do that, they will be my laughing stock again."

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David Alexander

David Alexander came forward with his story of Scientology's high pressure sales tactics which were successful in convincing him to donate over $100,000 to the cult.

"In the fall of 1991 after I received a large sum of money for damages in a fall from a faulty ladder, a 'Commando Sales Team', came to Dallas from across the nation and literally swarmed over me, viciously competing with each other for the bounty. Only two weeks earlier, Scientologists were calling me a 'freeloader' trying to collect money from me for training I had been awarded by church policy when I was a staff member. A highly trained saleswoman, Barbara Dews, came from the Flag land base in Clearwater, Florida. John Futris came from the NorthEast to sell me an Elite membership in the The International Association of Scientologists for $40,000.00. With him was Lisa Hunter from Author Services, Inc. Lisa also wanted to sell me $60,000.00 worth of leather-bound Scientology books which would be donated to each U. S. Congressman--inscribed with someone else's name as the donor. John and Lisa came to my apartment and stayed all night, over my protest for them to leave. They stayed until I wrote a check for $40,000.00, at 6:30 am.

"After I arrived in L.A., in April, 1993, two Scientologists, Julie Nishimuta and Lester Bland from the 'American Saint Hill Organization' together told me I had some mistaken information about Scientology and that was the cause of the upset, and that after that was cleared up I could go back to church. Then they told me I should make a contribution of taped lectures to Ron Hubbard's office (I had about $12,000.00 more on account at this L.A. church). I bought the $12,000.00 set of tapes for about $8000.00 and donated them to Ron's office. No other church official would allow that the upset was due to 'mistaken information'. I was not allowed back into church. For a third time, Scientologists gained a donation by dishonest misrepresentation."

David also communicated his plan to reform Scientology, taking over from the existing leadership.

"Based on the current battle plan practices of the church leadership, they have no intention of Clearing the Planet. Their battle plan would continue the perennial price increases-based on last week's stats. The most obvious indicator of the leadership's cognition of this would be for them to turn loose the control over Scientologists' every movement. Wholesale Clearing will flourish in a laissez-faire environment.

"I am concerned that OT III postures Scientologists as 'anti-Christ'. I am concerned that numerous OT V's exhibit psychoses. I am concerned that OT VIII represents that Ron is God. I have seen enough to convince me that Ron shares in our reactive bank, and that he is not up to the role of God. I see a movement afoot to deify Ron.

"I believe that the current leadership, following in Ron's example, is alienating the fourth dynamic-civilization. I observe this can cause great difficulties considering your goals for civilization. I observe that you are carelessly leaving glowing embers that will defeat your purpose of 'Clearing the Planet'. You have given good people a feeling that they should protect civilization from the Church of Scientology."