Volume 1, Issue 25 vom 13. 10. 1996

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 1, Issue 25
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
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  1. PI News
  2. Web Awards
  3. Clam Sites
  4. Brainwashing
  5. Lerma Ruling
  6. Scientology Chicken
  7. France & Greece
  8. Grady Ward
  9. Keith Henson
  10. Koosed
  11. Prison Work
  12. Zenon Panoussis
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PI News

David Alexander reported this week that Scientology has sent private investigators to his ex-wife following his submissions to a judge in Dallas.

"A Private Investigator from the church who just arrived in Dallas from LA, said his name was Ted Banis (my spelling) called my ex-wife. He said 'David is acting up again and making threats against the church. 'Could I come over and get some information from you?' Rose called the police and will make a report."

"But the Dallas Police came out and made an incident report. I pointed out the affidavits reporting what church PI's have done in the past. I reported the guy's name, Ted Banis. The policeman gave me a complaint number and his name to refer to for subsequent incidents. I will continue to report every move and every slander against me."

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Web Awards

Internet.au magazine published a letter in the most recent issue from Frank Copeland, questioning the awards displayed by the Scientology web sites.

"In the brief review of the Church of Scientology web site in your July issue, the reviewer said that 'the Scientologists (http://www.scientology.org) are the proud owners of two awards for their site already (since March 17)'. As any dedicated Scientology-watcher will tell you, the count is now up to five. There are no links to the award sites, which I thought was a little odd, so I went out in search of them myself. The result of my labours is now at http://daemon.apana.org.au/~fjc/scn/awards.html.

"The question is, how seriously should we take these awards? If you received an award from a Dutch vaudeville act called 'The Family Jewels', wouldn't you wonder if perhaps they were laughing at you, just a little bit? Does the fact that Brent Luckman is a high-ranking Scientologist make his 5 Star Award less credible? Who is Ravi, and would he know an 'elite' site if it it him in the bum? When anyone can just publish their bookmarks on the web and call it an award, I would hope that a magazine that cared for it's reputation would look at web awards with just a little bit of skepticism."

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Clam Sites

Several web sites belonging to Scientologists were discussed on a.r.s this week, primarily through the efforts of Tilman Hausherr.

"Axiom Software Ltd
Empress Buildings
380 Chester Road Manchester, M16 9EA England
phone 0161 877 2199

"They apparently produce a piece of software called discus: the Professional Personality Profiler."

"David Greenbaum with $5,000 donation to the IAS, Steve Palmer with $40,000 to the IAS, they are the key personnel, and they are based in Clearwater, FL. http://www.axiomint.com/

"California Superbike School / Keith Code

"Precision Resources
http://www.precision-resources.com/ http://www.precision-resources.com/precision/Prinfo/fba.html

"LinkMasters http://www.linkmasters.com/compexp.html Randon 'Randy' Baxter and Molly Baxter, both $40,000 donation

http://www.van-garde.com/ Van-Garde Imagery has removed all references to Hubbard. But they still have a scieno reference that is so huge that you might easily miss it (although scientologists and ex-scns will see it immediately, it's on the home page and it is *not* the address)"

"They promise an OCA-like chart, going from 0 to 100. 100 what? Lots of key phrases, like 'Stress', rated from 'Healthy' to 'Unhealthy'. It's at http://www.precision-resources.com/precision/Prinfo/fba.html"

"Tom Voltz just told me it's the 'Epoch Business Analysis'(tm). You can find his message thru dejanews, go to powersearch and search the *old* database for 'Epoch Business Analysis'. It is licensed thru WISE."

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An anonymous analysis of the book "Brain-Washing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics" was posted this week. The author has collected several versions of the book, allegedly written by L. Ron Hubbard as an anti-Communism tactic.

"In brief, 'Brain- Washing' presents itself as an address by Lavrenty Pavlovich Beria to American students at the Lenin University on the use of psychiatry as a means of social control.

"'L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman' by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard Jr. quotes from 'Brain-Washing' at length and postulates on its source. According to Corydon and Hubbard, the book first appeared in 1955. Hubbard Jr., however, states: 'Dad wrote every word of it. Barbara Bryan and my wife typed the manuscript off his dictation.'

"I found a copy for sale in a drawer of paper ephemera at a former employer's book store.

"The second copy of 'Brain-Washing' I bought was published by Kenneth Goff of Englewood, Colorado. This undated edition contains much more information as to the source of 'Brain- Washing' than the Scientology edition.

"Kenneth Goff claimed to have been a member of the Communist Party from 2 May 1936 to 10 October 1939.

"The two editions of the book are nearly identical. The typeface, size, page count, covers and over-all look of the books have only minor variations. The significant differences in the two editions can be found only in a line- by-line, word-by-word comparison.

"Page 3 paragraph 5 of the Goff edition reads: 'To achieve these goals the psychopolitician must crush every 'home-grown' variety of mental healing in America. Actual teachings of James, Eddy and Pentecostal Bible faith healers amongst your misguided people must be swept aside.

"Page 3 paragraph 5 of the Scientology edition reads: To achieve these goals the psychopolitician must crush every 'home-grown' variety of mental healing in America. Actual teachings of Freud, James, Eddy and others amongst your misguided peoples must be swept away.

"In March 1996 I had the chance to examine yet another edition of this book, one transcribed and posted on the Internet by Martin Hunt. This edition was also published by Scientologists, but includes several neologism and Scientology terms not found in my copies.

"And yet another edition of the book is quoted in 'Vampire Killer 2000.' This time the title is 'The Soviet Art of Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psycho-politics' and is attributed to Kenneth Goff. Here, Beria is the Head of the Lenin School of Psycho-politics and speaks to a group of American/Marxist Psychology students in 1933.

"And yet _another_ edition of the book is listed in the catalog of A-Albionic Research: 'Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics; Psychopolitics and the Suppression of Man and Civilization.' This edition is attributed to Kenneth Goff, and to 'Stalin's head of the KGB,' and to L. Ron Hubbard (all in the same sentence). It was published in 1988.

"The Goff edition speaks favorably of Pentecostal religion and faith healing: one wonders what denomination Goff was. Goff also states that earlier editions did not mention atomic warfare, which was included in later editions. The early Scientology edition does not include references to faith healing, and later editions add Scientology terms. The contents of the book also appear fluid, reflecting the personal interests and the times of the publisher.

"The book appears some time in the 1930s, and is used by (if not written by) Kenneth Goff to speak against Communism and for Pentecostal Christianity. Later he adds an afterward on atomic bombs, to update the red menace. When L. Ron Hubbard had need of the book in the 1950s, he reads it into a transcription machine as if he 'wrote' it. Initially he removes references to Pentecostal Christianity and faith healing and does not speak entirely unkindly of Freud; later on he demonizes psychiatry more than Communism. The John Birch Society uses the book for their ends, as do the Vampire Killers. Hubbard did indeed 'write' 'Brain-Washing' - but so did Kenneth Goff, the John Birch Society, the authors of Vampire Killers 2000 and probably many others."

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Lerma Ruling

Judge Leonie Brinkema issued her decision in Scientology's case against Arnie Lerma for copyright infringement. The decision awards $2,500 to the RTC as damages. Scientology lawyers subsequently filed to have the decision sealed, and to have Judge Brinkema remove portions of the ruling that mention Xenu and Body Thetans. Helena Kobrin writes:

"Dear Mr. Lerma: You have been hand served with the order issued this morning by the Court, sealing the October 4 1996 memorandum opinion issued by Judge Leonie M. Brinkema and prohibiting any dissemination of that memorandum opinion to any other persons until further order of the Court.

"I understand that you contacted Judge Brinkema's secretary and informed her that you had already transmitted copies of the order to others, and that she informed you that you were not permitted to distribute it to anyone, including any counsel, as no counsel have entered an appearance for you in this case. You are hereby placed on notice that you are to retrieve all copies you have passed on to any other person, as well as all copies each such person has made of the order."

The Scientology filing to the court:

"Plaintiff Religious Technology Center hereby moves the Court ex parte to strike two sentences, plus a few words of its October 4, 1996 opinion, or in the alternative, to seal those specified portions pending the outcome of its appeal of the earlier trade secrets ruling by the Court.

"This motion addresses a total of three sentences--all of which are in a background portion of the Opinion, and thus not integral to the Court's analysis--which purport to discuss or refer to beliefs of the Scientology religion.

"The discussion and references contained in those sentences are prejudicial to RTC because (a) they make references to information which is a part of the trade secrets at issue in this case; (b) while they purport to state the religious beliefs of Scientologists, they incorrectly state those beliefs, and irrespective of trade secret status, they are unpublished works the context of which the owner has never permitted to be published.

"Specifically, RTC requests that the Court delete the language set forth above, which is unnecessary to the Court's decision. Alternatively, the Court should not distribute the decision as currently worded, but rather, pending resolution of RTC's appeal on the trade secret issues, that the Court redact the three sentences referenced above with asterisks or some other notation so that a misrepresentation of RTC's beliefs is not circulated and RTC's appeal of its trade secret claim is not compromised."

>From Arnie Lerma's response:

"[Y]ou appear to misquote Judge Brinkema's secretary you say in your fax, and she informed you were not permitted to distribute it to anyone the word I recall was anyone ELSE. It was an open court record until I read that fax. I advised the court as to my actions and did ask that all copies be destroyed.

"However, if you insist on invading my own privacy [again] and privilege as a pro-se litigant, by demanding that I tell you to whom I speak on a regular basis, I'm sorry, but I cannot in good faith do that. And I refuse."

Grady Ward and Keith Henson each received a warning from Kobrin that they should not distribute the opinion.

"I am writing to put you on notice that the attached order was issued this morning by the Eastern District of Virginia. It has been hand served on the defendant, Arnaldo Lerma.

"The order seals the October 4, 1996 memorandum opinion issued by Judge Leonie M. Brinkema and prohibits any dissemination of that memorandum opinion to any other persons until further order of the Court.

"You are hereby placed on notice that if you have received a copy of the October 4, 1996 memorandum opinion from Mr. Lerma or in any other fashion, you are to send it to the undersigned immediately."

The cult managed to get James C. Cacheris, United States District to issue the order:

"Upon ex parte motion of the plaintiff, Religious Technology Center to redact certain language from the memorandum opinion issued by this Court on October 4, 1996 and IT APPEARING that this language may be part of the trade secrets at issue in this case and that it is part of the unpublished works protected by copyright and, IT FURTHER APPEARING that only counsel for the Religious Technology Center and Mr. Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma pro se have copies of this memorandum opinion, IT IS ORDERED that the memorandum opinion be sealed and that the parties do not disseminate this opinion to any other persons or entities until further order of this Court."

But the judge was incorrect, copies of the decision were distributed prior to the sealing order. Shelley Thomson posted the decision.

"On January 19, 1996 this Court granted summary judgment to the plaintiff on its copyright infringement claim.

"The Court is hereby advising the parties, consistent with what it has previously stated, that it does not intend to impose heavy financial damages on the defendant. Because RTC had previously indicated it seeks only the statutory minimum damages provided its copyrights are respected, these conclusions would lead to total monetary damages of $2,500.

"Defendant is apparently suffering financial hardship and is no longer represented by counsel. Therefore, unless convinced to the contrary, the Court does not plan to award attorneys fees or the costs of litigation against the defendant."

Scientology convinced Netcom that this posting violated the newly imposed policy on copyright violations. Netcom forged a cancel of Shelley's posting "for copyright issues".

"Article 4322551 of control:
Path: netcom.com!nntp1.netcom.com!not-for-mail
From: sthomson@netcom.com (shelley thomson)
Sender: sthomson@netcom17.netcom.com
Newsgroups: to.netcom
Subject: cmsg cancel <sthomsonDz1vqC.BAK@netcom.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 1996 08:03:48 GMT
Control: cancel <sthomsonDz1vqC.BAK@netcom.com>
Message-ID: <cancel.sthomsonDz1vqC.BAK@netcom.com>
Approved: netnews@netcom.com
Distribution: netcom
Lines: 2

"Cancel by netnews@netcom.com for copyright issues"

The cancellation violates Netcom's "copyrite" policy.

"The complainant shall provide NETCOM and the posting party with notice of the alleged violation with enough specific detail to allow NETCOM to locate the posting. The complainant shall ask the posting party to remove the material, pending NETCOM's investigation.

"Complainant shall substantiate its claim by providing NETCOM with: 1. The copyright or trademark registration number; 2. A copy of the underlying work; and 3. A good faith certification, signed under penalty of perjury, that the original work is the property of complainant, that a significant portion of that work has been copied, and that the use of the work is not defensible." The ruling has been repeatedly reposted and is now archived on a number of web sites, worldwide, including: http://www.suburbia.net/~fun/scn/etc/bj2-19.txt

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Scientology Chicken

Hud Nordin reported a second appearance of the Scientology Chicken on the Conan O'Brien show.

"The famous Scientology Chicken, Johnson, made his second appearance on NBC's Conan O'Brien show, on Tuesday October 8 (broadcast early morning, October 9).

"The plot was about the same, the animated chicken is invited out to entertain the kids and fails to do anything but harp on L Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and scientology. This time, when pressed, Johnson's aborted attempt at a story was about a boy named Tom, and a girl named Nicole, and a pie made out of... scientology berries!"

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France & Greece

Several news articles were posted to a.r.s this week on the status of the trial of 23 Scientologists for fraud, embezzlement and manslaughter. Greek officials are also prosecuting Scientologists for attempting to disband families and keeping blackmail files on individuals.

UPI, Tuesday, October 8th

"A State Prosecutor in Lyon, France, calling the Church of Scientology a 'money pump,' asked Monday for fines of up to $100,000 for 21 Scientologists on trial in the suicide of a follower.

"The trial, which opened last week, centers on the 1988 suicide of Patrice Vic, who jumped from a window to his death. Prosecutors say he was under pressure to take a $6,000 purification treatment.

"The former leader of the Los Angeles-based church's Lyon branch, Jean-Jacques Mazier, is charged with involuntary homicide in Vic's death. In his closing argument, prosecutor Thierry Ricard asked that Mazier be fined $100,000 and given a three-year suspended prison sentence."

Reuters, October 8th

"A court said on Tuesday it would deliver verdicts on November 22 in the trial of 23 members of the French Church of Scientology on charges ranging from embezzlement and fraud to manslaughter.

"The eight-day trial ended with defence lawyers urging the court in Lyon, France's second city, to acquit all 23, saying they were innocent and the court had no jurisdiction in the case.

"On Monday, the public prosecutor asked the court to sentence 21 of the 23 in the dock to suspended jail terms and fines of up to 500,000 francs ($100,000), saying the church was a sect using dangerous methods to raise cash. Prosecutor Thierry Ricard asked the court to pass the longest sentence, a three-year suspended term, on Jean-Jacques Mazier, ex-head of the church in France, for manslaughter and fraud in the 1988 suicide of church follower Patrice Vic.

"The prosecution says Vic, a 30-year-old industrial designer, threw himself to his death from a high-rise block because he could not raise the cash to go on a scientology course.

Associated Press, Oct 8th

"A state prosecutor, calling the Church of Scientology a 'money pump,' asked Monday for fines of up to $100,000 for 21 Scientologists on trial in the suicide of a follower.

"In his closing argument, prosecutor Thierry Ricard asked that Mazier be fined $100,000 and given a three-year suspended prison sentence. He asked for smaller fines for 21 of the 23 others on trial with Mazier. Most of them are charged with fraud and complicity. Prosecutors contend they manipulated people to join the church and give money.

"Ricard said that the courtroom 'is not a conclave' to debate whether Scientology is a 'religion, a sect or a new religious movement.' But he made his opinion clear, saying that the church 'is a sectarian enterprise of an international dimension with an essentially commercial finality -- and which, through dangerous methods, risks troubling public order.'"

>From AFP, October 10th:

"The prosecution asked for suspended sentences of up three years for all but two of 23 members of the Church of Scientology as their trial here nears end on Monday. Charges against them range from fleecing followers of cash to endangering life through their psychological methods.

"Prosecutor Thierry Ricard called for three years' jail and a fine of half a million francs (100,000 dollars), both suspended, against the main defendant, Jean-Jacques Mazier, head of the Lyon branch of the controversial US-based sect.

"Ricard asked the court to impose a two-year suspended sentence and a fine of 100,000 francs on Daniele Gounord, the Paris spokesman of the sect, and on Jean-Paul Chapellet, said to be head of its 'secret police.'

"In a three-hour denunciation, he said that Scientology had spun an international web commercial ends, using mental manipulation and indoctrination of its followers, who became isolated and lost their critical faculties. The result was sometimes death, as in the case of Vic, Ricard added.

"In another case in Athens, Monday, a prosecutor asked for the Greek branch of the sect to be disbanded, saying it separated young people from their families, judicial sources said.

"Athens governor ordered an inquiry after more than 4,000 people signed a petition against the sect, which goes by the name of Centre of Applied Philosophy (KEPHE) in Greece. The petition by prosecutor Dimitris Zissopoulos at the closed-door hearing was backed by the powerful Greek Orthodox Church, which views Scientology as a heresy. Press reports said KEPHE had been found to be keeping files on 2,500 people, including politicians and church leaders."

Tony Bosnakoudis posted more information about the trial in Greece.

"This Monday Oct. 7, 1996, The Scientology Mission KEFE was put on trial for administrative and financial violations. KEFE tried to postpone the trial but their claim was rejected and they did not do so well in it.

"What follows is the conclusion of Public Prosecutor Ioannis Angelis' Report of the criminal investigation on KEFE:

"[I]t is clearly demonstrated, that the Civil Code Association under the name 'Centre of Applied Philosophy of Greece (KEFE)', based in Athens, not only has purposes different than those determined in its statutes, but also its actions, purpose and operation have become illegal and immoral and are against public order. Therefore, this report must be conveyed, alongside the attached and other relevant documents, to the Attiki Prefecture, in order to receive consideration in the ongoing Administrative and financial control."

Scientologists have organized demonstrations to protest the trial in France. Associated Press October 6.

"More than 200 Scientologists from at least seven European countries rallied Sunday in Lyon, where a Scientology church leader is on trial for the death of a follower. The demonstrators sing hymns in front of the group's headquarters in Lyon and said they came to 'support their church and religious freedom.'

"Residents of several neighboring buildings placed their televisions on their window sills, turning up the volume, and children tossed firecrackers at the crowd in an effort to disrupt the rally. A banner hung from one window read: 'No to the Sciento, yes to life.'"

Australian Scientologists have also been organizing support for the defendants in France, using "dead agent" tactics to discredit the French prosecutors. AAP, October 1st.

"The Australian Church of Scientology today attacked authorities in France over the trial of 23 of the organisation's members, saying they face 'trumped up' charges. The local church also accused France of hypocrisy for putting a church on trial after it had carried out nuclear testing and sunk the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior.

"'One has to seriously wonder about the French government. First there was the Rainbow Warrior fiasco, then the internationally condemned Mururoa Atoll atomic tests,' church spokeswoman Virginia Kee said in Sydney today. 'Now they take a swipe at an internationally recognised church - arguably the world's fastest growing new religion. 'Can nothing be spared from their hypocrisy?'"

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Grady Ward

Grady Ward posted more filings to the court in the Scamizdat trial, where Scientology claims Grady published copyrighted and unpublished trade secrets of the cult. Grady once again denied all charges against him, and filed a counterclaim based on the harassment he has received from Scientology, which he claims qualifies under the RICO statute.

"The defendant ask for compensation for injuries pursuant 18 U.S.C. 1964(c) et seq because the plaintiff willfully and maliciously violated the defendants rights in a systematic way through predicate acts specified by Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization 18 U.S.C. 1961 (1)(b) et seq. With particularity:

"Predicate act, wire fraud: the defendant is informed and on that basis believes that Helena K. Kobrin, attorney and agent for the plaintiff, did

on or about January 11, 1996 did issue the computer command known as a RMGROUP in order to destroy the Internet discussion group alt.religion.scientology throughout the United States and the World and did thereby deprive the defendant of the intangible right to honest service of receiving and viewing postings and cross-postings from such a forum to the collateral Internet newsgroups that he subscribed to such as comp.org.eff.talk. This act constitutes a violation of 18 U.S.C. 1343 et seq.

"Predicate act, wire fraud: a lawful writing of Grady Ward was fraudulently destroyed using a forged CANCEL computer command by a person or persons acting in concert and participation with the plaintiff, thereby depriving Grady Ward of the intangible right of honest service of the Internet and to cause him time and expense to rewrite and repost this writing. This CANCEL constitutes wire fraud as specified 18 U.S.C. 1961 (1)(b) and 18 U.S.C. 1343 et seq.

"Several hundred further predicate acts of wire fraud: persons unknown acting in concert and participation with the plaintiff did fraudulently forge hundreds of separate computer CANCEL commands and did submit them by wire to interstate commerce. These forgeries violate 18 U.S.C. 1343 et seq An essential element in the fraud was that these messages would be destroyed across state lines.

"Predicate act, mail fraud: the defendant has been informed and on that basis believes that on May 10, 1995 a man later positively identified as Eugene Martin Ingram, a long time investigator and agent for the plaintiff, did commit mail fraud in a scheme to defraud my mother and myself of certain photographs of the defendants wife and children and to fraudulently persuade the defendants mother that the agent of the plaintiff was in fact a long-lost friend of defendant Grady Ward. After the defendants mother complained to the Tacoma police of the gross misdemeanor of theft by deception, the photographs stolen by agent Ingram were returned to her from Portland, Oregon via the U.S. Mails in order to fraudulently further the scheme or artifice defined by 18 U.S.C. 1341 by attempting to lend credence to the artifice that the perpetrator was in fact an individual named 'Jack Hoff.,'

"Predicate act, bank fraud: the defendant is informed and on that basis believes that on or about September 11, 1996 a person using the modus operandi of the plaintiffs investigators did commit bank fraud contrary to 18 U.S.C. 1344 by obtaining account information from the bank of the defendants wife, Felicity Wasser by deceit.


  1. A permanent injunction pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 1345 or other enabling statutes to forbid the plaintiff from unlawfully harassing the defendant or his family;
  2. Damages according to proof at trial;
  3. Exemplary and punitive damages;
  4. Reasonable attorneys fees and costs;
  5. Such other relief as is determined to be just and proper."

Grady also posted a filing asking the court to compel Scientology to answer his questions as part of discovery.

"List each and all whereabouts and safekeeping arrangement of each and all components of the 'Advanced Technology' materials since the earliest of the inception, dissemination or reduction to tangible from of such material to the present.

"Identify all persons and organizations who have had or could have had access to any of the 'Advanced Technology' materials -- whether authorized or not -- since the earliest of the inception, dissemination, or reduction to tangible form of such material to the present.

"Identify each and every confidentiality agreement executed by any person or organization who has had or could have had access to any of the 'Advanced Technology.'

"The reason why the defendant needs the information for all these propounded Interrogatories is similar: the plaintiff has alleged that the defendant has misappropriated the plaintiff's alleged trade secrets and the defendant wishes to prove that the plaintiff has not taken reasonable precautions under the circumstances to protect those alleged trade secrets."

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Keith Henson

Shelley Thomson reported on Keith Henson's hearing on October 4th. Judge Whyte refused to give Keith an order not to send NOTS materials to the Food and Drug Administration. He also filed a copy of NOTS, available as a public document from Sweden.

"Henson picks the moment to say that he will agree to an injunction that says he cannot turn over the NOTs to anyone.

"If what you mean for me to do is, I agree to an order that I know is illegal, and I want you, Judge, to enter it--I won't have any part of that. After a bit the Judge instructs Henson to notify him prior to giving the NOTs to the FDA.

"Now Henson pulls his surprise. He remarks that he has something to file with the court. 'This is a copy of NOTS 34, from a publicly available file in Sweden.'

"'Have you seen this? Do you want a copy?' he says to RTC. Yes indeed, most definitely, the RTC lawyers want a copy. The Judge declares that the document will be filed under seal. Milgrim tries to argue the trade secrets issue again, but Whyte reminds him that he is off topic and anyway, if something is not a secret, it is not a secret.

"Milgrim: we do not believe that is a public document.
Whyte (to Henson): was it unsolicited?
Henson: yes.
Whyte: can anyone get it?
Henson: from Zenon, presumptively.
Whyte: no, my question was, can anyone get this for a fee?
Henson: yes.
Milgrim: An individual filed some documents that were placed by the Court of Appeals under seal.
Whyte: so this was obtained before it was filed under seal?

"Milgrim tells the Judge that the copy is unauthorized and the document is not available in Sweden; a person broke an injunction to file the document with Parliament. He says he has a declaration to file. Then he says he wants the envelope--Henson's overseas air letter--seized.

"Henson shrugs. Milgrim picks up the envelope, then glares at Henson. 'There's something missing from it, sir.' The return address is gone.

"Henson: It got sort of trashed in the mail."

Keith Henson posted a filing he made following the hearing

"Defendant agreed to give notice to the Court if defendant decides to supply the FDA with a copy of NOTs 34, which defendant believes to contains evidence of criminal activity.

"On the remaining issue, that of removing trade secret issues from the preliminary injunction, plaintiff's filling shamelessly tries to confuse the trade secret issue with arguments about copyright. It should be noted that the Atari case cited by plaintiff was *not* about trade secret.

"[U]nlike copyright, trade secret depends on something being kept *secret*, i.e., not available to potential competitors. RTC's description of the process by which a person can obtain a copy of the masked version of the NOTs material essentially supports defendants claim that anyone can get them from the Copyright Office. In doing so, a potential competitor or member of the public might have to claim their request was 'in connection with litigation, actual or prospective, involving the copyrighted work,' but that is not much of a burden, considering that Helena Kobrin has threatened everyone on the Internet (at least 30 million people) with legal action in connection with these works. If the plaintiff wishes to pursue this argument, defendant is sure someone would be willing to show by demonstration that defendant is correct on the point of the masked versions being easy to obtain.

"RTC concludes: 'Thus Henson openly engaged in copyright infringement and violated both the copyright and trade secret aspects of the April 12, 1996 preliminary injunction.'

"'Henson's contempt of the preliminary injunction will be the subject of a separate motion by RTC.'

"Defendant would appreciate the Court holding plaintiff to their stated intention rather than permitting them to continue making threats. Assuming plaintiff files this motion, the Court may wish to note the contributory acts of the plaintiff in this matter, plus the fact that the purported copyright violations were done entirely within the defendant's efforts to defend himself and filed under seal.

"Defendant prays that the Court discard all arguments against defendant's motion made by plaintiff on the basis of copyright and rule on the basis of the NOTs 23 demonstration in favor of the defendant's request to remove references to trade secrets from the defendant's injunction."

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Message-ID: <hkhensonDz00A6.7yw@netcom.com>



Martin Hunt has been the subject of incoherent complaints to his Internet Providers following his inclusion of a description of Koos Trenite in his "Who's Who" FAQ.

"Koos is trying to censor me by inventing lies and filing false complaints to my postmaster:

"'Copy to Postmaster@FreeNet.Carleton.CA Copy to Abuse@FreeNet.Carleton.CA

"'I am strongly objecting to hate-posts about my person promulgated and promoted by Martin Hunt. They are a severe breach of Netiquette.

"'The entry 'Koos Nolst Trenite', enclosed below, made by Martin Hunt in his post 'Who's Who on ARS v1.6' of 4 Oct 1996, to the Newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, is a hate entry written by a degraded being who thinks 'he is all people', and that 'all people are like him'.

"'It is just hate, confusion, and complete irresponsibility with the intention to harm others, nicely camouflaged as 'information'. It omits all basic issues and merits and it thereby gives lies only.

"'I have stacks of mail of people who find my posts not only clear, but also clarifying, and many state that my posts are the clearest and most clarifying of ALL the posts that they read on the newsgroup ARS (a.r.s. = alt.religion.scientology).

"'So we must conclude that Martin Hunt is just another hate-poster, although more cleverly camouflaged than others.

"'A copy of this goes to Martin Hunt's serviceprovider, as he is grossly in breach of any form of Netiquette, for instance per RI-533i 'Netiquette, Hate, Institutional Responses, and OSA' of 7 Apr 96.'"

Message-ID: <539sm7$jo@freenet-news.carleton.ca>


Prison Work

An article at http://www.penlex.org/whatsnew.html was posted this week, which quotes Stephen Shaw from an article in the October 7th Independent concerning Scientology in prisons.

"The Church of Scientology are actively persuading prisoners to take courses in the teachings of the late L. Ron Hubbard. This is causing some concern to both the Prison Service and to penal reform groups. Stephen Shaw, director of Prison Reform Trust, was quoted in The Independent (7 October 1996) as saying: 'Prisoners are often vulnerable to promises of cult religions.

"Everyone has a right to practise their beliefs but the Home Office must make sure that Scientologists are not using prisons as a recruiting ground.'

"A wide range of religions are practised in the prisons in England and Wales, so why the hostility towards the Church of Scientology? In part it stems from a 1984 High Court judgement when Mr Justice Latey described Scientology as 'corrupt, sinister and dangerous' and 'grimly reminiscent of the ranting and bullying of Hitler and his henchmen'.

"It is to be hoped that the Church of Scientology will work with other religious groups and allay any fears concerning their increased interest in prisoners."

Message-ID: <w37v6nBzruWyEwEy@xemu.demon.co.uk>


Zenon Panoussis

Zenon Panoussis continues to post updates in his defense against a Scientology lawsuit, and the surveillance they have placed on him.

"I found out the particulars of the car that was smashed last Wednesday. It was a red Volvo 745 with plate nr BGN 519, registered to a Bo Thorin, Loviselundsvagen 47, 165 59 Hasselby. This is the car whose occupants were reported to be armed.

"When I went out today I passed a car that was strategically parked one block away with full view of the entrance of my building. An ugly guy was sitting in it. I pretended not to see him, walked past, turned around, took out paper and pen from my pocket and noted the licence number. I walked back in front of the car, examined it, examined the driver. I then stepped to the side of the car, taking a closer look at the driver. He seemed to panic. He made desperate attempts to start the car, failing out of pure nervousness. He used the remote control to lock the doors, but kept pressing the button, losing track and locking and unlocking in a long repetitive sequence. While trying to start the car he covered his face with his left arm, so that of it I could only see his eyes, but he forgot that he was still holding his binoculars with that hand.

"Later I went to the police and reported all the cars and drivers of the past week. Formally I reported harassment. In reality it is not illegal to sit in car and look through binoculars, so the report is not going to lead to any investigation. But the facts and names are now formally registered, so whatever might happen next, these people will be in the line of suspects."

Zenon also posted instructions for getting a copy of NOTS from the Swedish court.

"Write the following:

"Sveriges riksdag
SE-100 12 Stockholm

"Request for a copy of a public document.

"Please send me one copy of the document with file number KK4-87-96/97. Please also certify the authenticity of the entire copy, for example by string-binding, stamp and seal.

"I enclose SEK 400 to cover the cost of the copy and postage.

"Your request will become a public document, available to anyone. You have the right to make an anonymous request. If you wish to do that, modify the letter accordingly, either giving a poste restante, company or similar non-personal address, or by using a representative, who states that he is representing an anonymous applicant."

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