Volume 1, Issue 27 vom 27. 10. 1996

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 1, Issue 27
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
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  1. Australia Breaks
  2. CAN Sold
  3. France Verdict
  4. French Ads
  5. Germany
  6. From the Associated Press
  7. German TV
  8. Grady Ward
  9. From a court filing
  10. Keith Henson
  11. Norwegian U-Man
  12. College Radio
  13. Sons of Scamizdat
  14. Zenon Panoussis
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Australia Breaks

An anonymous account was posted this week of people who had psychotic breaks while under Scientology's OT III processing in Australia.

"I know of two spectacular cases where the persons involved went full-blown psychotic and required round the clock supervision. A then-friend of mine, a quite muscular ex-crim was asked to be a guard there, but he had doubts. He came to me and asked me my opinion, and I said that since he was still on parole at the time, he should stay clear of it! If the shit hit the fan, it would be the easiest thing in the world for them to drop the whole stinking load right on him. He would go down for false-imprisonment, kidnapping, the works. He took my advice, and they got someone else.

"One case I know of, a Japanese man who was attempting OT III apparently went psycho type III PTS and started talking to little green men non-stop. He stayed like this for weeks. I think they eventually bundled the guy onto an airplane and got him the fuck out of Dodge.

"Someone recently surprised the shit out of me by coming out with the location - Gosford, New South Wales Australia."

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CAN Sold

Scientology this week purchased the assets of the Cult Awareness Network at an auction in federal court. The mailing lists and other sensitive files were apparently not sold.

"On October 23, 1996 the Cult Awareness Network, Inc.'s service mark and trademark rights, including rights to the use of the CAN stylized logo, were sold as part of a $20,000.00 purchase of CAN assets in the federal bankruptcy court. Steven Hayes, of the law firm of Bowles & Hayes, bought the assets.

"The purchase becomes final in seven days. Mr. Hayes will control the service mark and trademark rights at that time. It not clear yet whether Mr. Hayes, or others associated with him, could take action against organizations using the words 'Cult Awareness Network' in their name without his permission, or merely for the stylized CAN/Cult Awareness Network logo that appeared in the past on CAN's literature."

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France Verdict

Jens Tingleff translated a verdict document from the trial of French Scientologists for a variety of crimes. The Scientologists were given suspended sentences for harassing a witness. The remaining charges will the decided next month.

"Case: the French State and Dr Abgrall versus three clams: Mr Jean-Philippe Labrez, born 27th July 1961 living in Alleins (charged with attempted corruption), Mr Patrice Ranchoux, born 21 June 1969 living in Nice (charged with theft) and Ms Patricia Duval Forestier, born 7th March 1955 living in Paris (charged with accessory to theft).

"Two first clams represented by lawyers from Toulon and Ms Forestier by a Paris lawyer, Mr Metzner who also appeared for the defense in the Lyon trial.

"In mid-November -90, Mr Claude Girieu, a former nurse in the specialised hospital Pierrefeu (where Dr Abgrall had practised) declared to have received phone calls from a person identifying herself as Anne-Marie Leforrestier, member of 'l'association de citoyens pour le defence de l'homme' [CCHR] during which she had attempted to obtain personal information about Dr Abgrall.

"Mathalie Simon, interrogated for the first time on Feb 5th -91 denied neither her visit to Dr Abgrall nor her connection to the church of scientology, but she claimed to have consulted the doctor purely for medicinal reasons and to be completely ignorant in the matter of the disappearance of the rolodex and the calling cards.

"The search of her home on the same day, even if it didn't find the missing objects, did result in the discovery of an address book in which appeared the phone numbers of Patricia Forestier and Patrice Ranchoux.

"The investigation and a search of the 'Nice mission', office of the church of scientology, on Jan 21st -91 permitted the discovery of a document signed by Patrice Ranchoux relating to an ethics officer the confession of his faults and notably the theft, accompanied by Remy Petit, from the mailbox of Dr Abgrall of a letter for the doctor.

"Patrice Ranchouz admitted to have acted on the express invitation of Patricia Forestier to undertake an investigation of the professional profile of Dr Abgrall; he admitted his presence together with Remy Petit during the theft of the letter destined for Dr Abgrall and declared to have agreed with Remy Petit to take the letter, underlining that 'it should be sent to the church of scientology, that is to Ms Forestier, if it turned out to be an interesting document'.

"Forestier: 18 months prison, suspended, and 50000FFR fine Ranchoux: 6 months prison, suspended Labreze: 6 months prison, suspended

"Dr Abgrall wanted 100000FFR damages (article 515-1 of penal code) and another 30000FFR (article 475-1) He was awarded half that, i.e. 50000FFR + 15000FFR."

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French Ads

Reuters reported that the employees of the International Herald Tribune bought ad space in their newspaper to protest an ad placed by Scientology.

"In a brief notice, the protesters said: 'An advertisement is not a reflection of the moral and editorial values of a newspaper.' They added that they wanted 'to emphasise their moral disagreement with the Scientology advertisement placed in yesterday's newspaper.'

"The seven-line note, paid for by members of the newspaper's staff in Paris, Frankfurt and Zurich, followed a Scientology advertisement announcing, over three quarters of a page, the launch of an information campaign for the church.

"The U.S.-based church said in a statement on Saturday its advertising campaign in the International Herald Tribune and the British weekly The Economist would go on for months."

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The controversy over Scientology in Germany heated up this week as the majority Christian Democratic party called for increased surveillance of Scientology and its members. From Reuters:

"Stepping up a transatlantic dispute with the U.S.-based group, the party called in a tough resolution at its annual congress for a country-wide information network to track the church's activities and advise Germans about it.

"The resolution also called for more protection, legal advice and emergency financial help for would-be Scientology dropouts, whom it said the church put 'under massive psychic, economic and legal pressure' to keep them in the group.

"'We urge the interior ministry to have the Office for the Protection of the Constitution observe the Scientology organization,' the resolution said, referring to Bonn's agency for counter-intelligence and anti-radical investigations.

"'Membership in the Scientology organization is not compatible with employment in the public service ... especially in the security services, with teachers or other instructors,' added the resolution, which was not binding on Kohl but reflected a widely-held view in his party."

From the Associated Press:

"Germany's governing party demanded Monday that members of the Church of Scientology be banned from public service jobs and that the organization be put under surveillance by a federal law agency. The resolution, passed without debate during a convention of Chancellor Helmut Kohl's Christian Democrats, could intensify a battle between Germany and the Los Angeles-based church.

"The German government contends that Scientology is a threat to democracy. The church says Germany is using fascist tactics against the organization.

"The president of Scientology International, Heber Jentzsch, condemned the party's resolution and called on German President Roman Herzog to investigate the Christian Democrats and their 'Nazi aims.' 'Today marks the return to the Nazi Reich and the intention to destroy religion by political action,' Jentzsch said from Los Angeles."

Scientology returned fire by demonstrating at a Christian Democrat party conference in Hannover. From AFP:

"The protesters handed out copies of a 34-page brochure describing their organization and complaining of the 'attacks' and 'discrimination' to which its members are subjected in Germany.

"'Certain individuals and interest groups, who are afraid that their profits and their positions of power may be endangered by new ideas' are trying to sow 'hysteria' among Germans, the brochure charges."

Reuters reported that Scientology continued its comparisons to the Nazi era.

"Stepping up its row with Germany, the U.S.-based group compared a tough resolution, passed at the CDU's annual congress on Monday, to the Nazis' notorious Nuremberg Decrees stripping Jews of basic rights. 'With the passage of this hateful resolution, the CDU issued what amounts to a manifesto that declares that freedom, democracy, and human rights have been cut from the CDU's agenda,' the group said in a statement.

"'Today's CDU resolution is essentially a reprise of the (Nazi) law...which banned non-Aryans from public service and teaching positions,' said the statement by Church of Scientology international president Reverend Heber Jentzsch."

Also in Germany, the administrative court in Mannheim ruled against Scientologist Chick Corea in his discrimination suit. From Reuters:

"A German court on Thursday ruled against Chick Corea in a discrimination suit the American jazz pianist had brought against the southwestern German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

"[T]he state court ruled that the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry for Cultural affairs did not discriminate against Corea with its threat to withhold funding. 'Neither the honour of the plaintiff nor his basic rights were violated by the state,' the court said. The ministry had issued a decree on July 9, 1993 that said: 'State subsidies for an event can be called into question when self-professed members of the Scientologists or other similar groups appear.'"

Also in German court news, a Scientologist police officer was fined about $8,000 for using a Scientology personality test for hiring purposes.

"Police officer Norbert K. was sentenced to a fine of DM 12,000 for infringement of the Berlin data protection law because he had asked people applying for a job to fill out a scieno personality test, and had taken the data in the Berlin org, where it was evaluated.

"Engineer Fred S who had applied for a job in 1993 started it all. He had answered the test questions. According to him, the defendant had told him that he could 'get help' from scientology, and that it had helped him to get into the position he was at that time. While K did not openly proselytise, it was clear from his words that he had suggested that S should get in contact with scientology."

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German TV

German TV aired a story this week, including an interview with OSA head Mike Rinder and footage from the Scientology compound in Hemet, California.

"They interviewed scienos in the CC. Mike Rinder said that 'Caberta is like Goebbels'. Later the team traveled to Hemet. Their security measures remind me of the Berlin wall."

"They kept on insisting on this point. 'Are you really saying the Kohl government are Nazis? And Caberta?' The confirmative answer was repeated several times. Voice over an explanation about flame-baiting: accuse a person of exactly the point you know he is sensitive about.

"What also made a nice impression was the fact that the TV crew was very surprised to notice that THEY were filmed during the interview, with three cameras (I guess the Germans had only one, how many cameras do you need for a simple interview?). When asked, the scienos responded: you have to make sure, you know.

"They weren't allowed in [to the Hemet Gold Base]. What they did was drive around the area, and zoomed in on a few nice pieces with barbed wire, pointy fences and cameras. Within two minutes, the scieno security was there to prevent them from shooting on the premises.

"They filmed people who were handing out leaflets and luring people into the Org. They then went up to them and asked: are you feeling happier now that you're in Scientology? Nobody wanted to answer the question, they looked away and tried to get out. One of them was braver and said: 'if you come in, the two of us can make an appointment, and we can talk on this at length in private.' 'But aren't you willing to answer the question here, in the street? Have you become a happier person in Scientology'? 'If you come in, the two of us can make an appointment, and we can talk on this at length in private.'"

"The rest of the show concentrated on the real-estate business of the scientologists in Germany, their 'ethics' and business practices. They seem to have very blunt ways of getting people to sell their property."

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Grady Ward

Grady Ward posted updates in the Scamizdat trial this week. From a letter to lead Scientology attorney Tom Hogan concerning a protective order to keep certain information revealed during discovery secret.

"Rather than the plaintiff's eight page manifesto which is patently unfair to a pauper pro per, I suggest that we simply promise each other not to use material obtained through discovery in an improper way or in a way not related to litigation. I also suggest that we model our Confidentiality Agreement upon the form that the plaintiff previously agreed to in the related Tom Klemesrud litigation.

"Regardless of the status of the confidentiality order, the plaintiff needs to immediately describe all documents that are responsive to defendant's Document Production Requests and Interrogatories. As you are aware, such disclosure of the description and identity of such documents does not require you to produce them pursuant to any proper objection you may have. Not fulfilling this portion of discovery leads me to believe that your goal in seeking a lengthy Confidentiality Agreement is to inhibit defendant's proper discovery rather than protect legitimate trade secret or properly confidential information of the plaintiff."

From a court filing:

"On Monday, October 21, 1996 I received an unsolicited package via United Parcel Service, purportedly from a Mr Lars Ek, Box 5027, 161 05 Bromma, Sweden. Enclosed in the package was two separate copies of the documents the plaintiff claims are the NOTs Series 1-54, collectively registered under the U.S.Copyright Office as certificate TXu 257 326 and the subject of my preliminary injunction that I have moved to dissolve.

"According to my knowledge and belief and the representation of the sender of these documents, these documents are publicly available throughout Sweden from at least (1) The Chancellor of Justice; (2) The Department of Justice; (3) The office of the Parliament; (4) The Primary Court of Stockholm. It is my knowledge and belief that the Swedish constitutional principle known as 'offentlighetsprincip' ('public common papers') applies. This principle guarantees that these papers be forever publicly available for a standard copying fee.

"According to my correspondent, the Chancellor of Justice is the highest level civil servant in Sweden. She or he has the explicit constitutional duty to defend the freedom of the media and to protect the principle of offentlighetsprincip. In Sweden this position is separate from either the government or of parliament. Under the 'law of the archives' the NOTs are guaranteed to be kept as public common papers in perpetuity, available for whomever requests it and pays the copying fee. According to my knowledge and belief, this principle of public documents is felt to be such an important constitutional cornerstone in Sweden that Sweden only joined the European Community under the condition that this principle be preserved."

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Keith Henson

Keith Henson filed affidavits in his case concerning the illegal practice of medicine within Scientology, prompting this reply from Attorney Tom Hogan:

"These affidavits were not filed in support of any pending motion but only 'in support of defendant's contention' which is improper and in violation of the Federal Rules. Specifically, Rule 11(b) (1) and Rule 11(c) provide that sanctions will be imposed when the Court determines that a filing has been presented for an improper purpose, such as to harass or to cause unnecessary delay or needless increase in the cost of litigation. As this filing has no other purpose but to harass, it is clearly improper.

"Unless you withdraw these affidavits within one week, plaintiff will move to have them stricken and will seek monetary sanctions from you to cover the cost of the motion."

Keith's unmasking of a NOTs document from its masked form, and the presentation of a legal copy of NOTs from Sweden received attention in filings from Scientology this week.

"Upon being confronted with pertinent Copyright Office regulations that clearly prohibit the very access, copying and 'reverse engineering' which Henson argues make RTC's trade secrets readily available, Henson cynically suggests that his procedure is available to virtually anyone who would make a misrepresentation to the Copyright Office of nonexistent litigation to thereby improperly procure a masked copy, in defiance of the text and purpose of governing law and administrative regulations.

"Henson is also wrong in suggesting that the masked versions have been placed in open court files in these cases; they have not. Any copies provided to Henson and Ward have been subject to the preliminary injunction, which Henson contemptuously violated by attempting to copy the materials so provided.

"Henson's submission to the Court at the CMC of an unmasked copy of NOTs 34 - which he unequivocally represented to the Court that he had received unsolicited from an 'anonymous' source in Sweden in time for the Court conference - is not only irrelevant to his pending motion, but raises additional questions about Henson's violation of the preliminary injunction. Not only was the so-called Swedish document unauthenticated, but Henson admits to having destroyed the mailing label prior to submitting the copy. Indeed, Henson has submitted no declaration authenticating how the document was obtained, what the document is, what the foreign language text states, or why it was sent to him. Apart from the fact that document probably was at best obtained in violation of an injunction in Sweden, and as also appears likely, Henson solicited it, that solicitation was also in willful violation of the injunction."

Scientology hired Robert Abbott, a computer "expert", to demonstrate that Keith could not have unmasked NOTs using the methods he described.

"The most critical computer function which I utilized was string searching. Taking combinations of letters known as 'strings' these can be used to search through other information. The masked NOTs 23 shows certain character strings, which are combination of two or a few letter short of an entire word. The kinds of information which can be searched are a dictionary, a thesaurus, and encyclopedia or a book of quotations.

"I only attempted to decipher the obfuscated content of line one of the text of NOTs 23, quickly seeing in even in that attempt, that it would be an impossible task to determine the hidden content of NOTs 23. As an example of the use of string searches from line one, I took a string of letters which could be either 'can' or 'car.'

"I used a program by Microsoft for the IBM PC, called 'BOOKSHELF,' which performs similar functions, Among other items, BOOKSHELF contains the following files: The American Heritage Dictionary, Roget's Thesaurus, the World Almanac, Concise Columbia Encyclopedia, Columbia Dictionary of Quotations and The People's Chronology. BOOKSHELF also contains a search function which, although not as powerful as 'GREP,' can nonetheless be combined with other Microsoft programs.

"[T]he searches conducted for just that one line produced over 80,OOO hits on the character strings indicated in the Table. This number of hits is not exhaustive, since the maximum number of hits for each version of the search was 2,OO0. However, 2,OOO is merely the maximum number of hits which the BOOKSHELF software can record."

Keith also filed a discovery plan based on that prepared by Tom Klemesrud and his attorneys.

"[D]efendant has a right to examine the authorship and originality of the works in question, as well as the transfer of rights to those works by the alleged original author of them to plaintiffs. Moreover, there are questions as to whether the registered works are identical to those documents allegedly excerpted and posted on the internet. The question of whether some or all of the purportedly unpublished documents have actually been published must also be explored, as must the validity of the registrations. Finally, defendant has asserted affirmative defenses, not the least of which alleges plaintiff's unclean hands in matters bearing upon this case, which merit pointed exploration.

"1. David Mayo. The first 'Keeper of the Tech' with the most senior technical position in Scientology. Filed lawsuit alleging he wrote parts of OT 4 and 5. Areas of knowledge: authorship, ownership, publication.

"2. Julie Mayo. Ex-Scientologist, wife of and assistant to David Mayo. Areas of knowledge: authorship, ownership, publication.

"4. Vicki Aznaran. Headed RTC from 1984-1988, ex-Scientologist. Areas of knowledge: authorship, ownership, publication, transfer, registration.

"5. Richard Aznaran. Husband of Vicki Aznaran, former high-ranking Scientologist. Areas of knowledge: authorship, ownership publication, transfer, registration.

"6. Pat Broeker. Along with his wife, Annie Broeker, he cared for L. Ron Hubbard ('LRH') when he was in seclusion in the early 1980s. Areas of knowledge: authorship, publication, transfer, LRH's mental capacity, physical capacity, etc.

"8. David Miscavige. The current chairman of the board of RTC, he heads Scientology. He was the link between LRH and Scientology toward the end of Hubbard's life, while Hubbard was in seclusion. Miscavige notarized the 1982 agreement and arguably benefited most from the transfers of copyrights. Areas of knowledge: authorship, ownership, publication, transfer, registration, publication, security.

"9. Ray Mitoff. The most senior technical person in Scientology. Apparently participated in forging of documents alleged to have been authored by LRH. Areas of knowledge: authorship, publication.

"10. Mary Sue Hubbard. Still a Scientologist, she is the ex-wife of LRH who was jailed in the early 1980s. She is a beneficiary of the estate. Areas of knowledge: authorship, transfer, LRH's mental capacity, physical capacity, etc.

"11. Gerald Armstrong. Former LRH confidante, he was on the Apollo with LRH and was at one time his archivist. Personally witnessed and participated in LRH signature forging parties. Areas of knowledge: authorship, transfer, publication, LRH's mental capacity, physical capacity, etc.

"44. Linda Wollard. Person who smeared blood over Tom Klemesrud's apartment. Areas of knowledge: Scientology policy such as 'lurid blood crimes.'

"45. -AB-, also known as tc@alumni.caltech.edu. Missing person who had inside knowledge of Scientology's computer systems. Areas of knowledge: Scientology policy and computer systems. There has been speculation for the last year that this person may have been killed after his name was given to Scientology by the LAPD.

"47. 'Vera Wallace.' An inside operator for scientology who ceased posting in 1995. Area of knowledge: organized project to 'handle' the news group alt.religion.scientology.

"48-75 There are at least a dozen people unknown at this point who have areas of knowledge about fraudulent activities as well as the practice of medicine in violation of State and Federal laws. There are also persons such as the officer of the LAPD who conveyed -AB-'s real name to Scientology operatives."

Scientology does not agree that all this discovery is necessary.

"RTC believes that little discovery is needed by either side in order to prepare for trial and that defendant Henson is interested in taking discovery which is clearly irrelevant to this case, and which the Court has already pointed out to him has nothing to do with the issues here.

"That Mr. Henson's game plan is to make RTC spend money, rather than to pursue legitimate discovery, is highlighted by postings which he has made on the Internet."

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Norwegian U-Man

Oyvind Seland summarized an article in the Norwegian Vaart Land newspaper describing the activities of Scientology front organization U-Man, which promotes the use of Scientology tests and evaluations in businesses. The article quotes a woman who got involved in U-Man.

"'I saw this ad for U-Man, and applied for the position, and got it. Very soon I got this book about Ron Hubbard, and found it very interesting. As a employee I was also offered courses in developing my personality. Now I understand that I was the ideal victim since I was very eager to learn more.'

"She used more and more of her time on the courses, and slowly the offerings of participating in courses grew into expectations. She did not think about this then however since the courses made her feel very successful, and feel like 'floating on a cloud'. She also signed the infamous billion year Sea Org contract, which was shown in the paper.

"Then after almost loosing contact with her the boyfriend and some of her old friends found some high OT material, locked the door behind her, and forced her to listen to the reading. Suddenly she realised that she was cheated and immediately broke out. It was not easy however. She told that she cried for hours after she realised that she had been almost brainwashed for a long time.

"The leader of U-Man Sweden Bjoern Oehman, denied that U-Man had nothing to do with the spreading of the religious beliefs of Scientology. We are only using the business structure of it. The daily however says it has a letter from WISE to U-Man that demands that all employees in U-Man Sweden must take a personal test, and send the test to them."

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College Radio

William Barwell posted his reaction to hearing a Scientology public service announcement on a local college radio station from Rice University.

"One of them was from our beloved CCHR giving a number for those who had complaints about the psychs to call. I wonder over to the phone and called up and the nice DJ who had read this answered. I told her who the CCHR was. She did not know about the CCHR, but she had done a report about the clams for high school and she did not like them. She was actually rather upset that a Scientology front group had managed to send a PSA to unsuspecting KTRU management."

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Sons of Scamizdat

The anonymous Sons of Scamizdat posted a series of articles including selected posts from TNX-L, the closed mailing list of Scientology. The extensive selections are a fascinating look into the mind-set of the cult.

"We are the Sons of Scamizdat. SoS is an underground cadre of Scientologists, former Scientologists and Internetters concerned with civil liberties and free speech. We've come together to fight our common enemy, the Church of Scientology.

"From: Kurt Paine <102662.1456@compuserve.com>

"The following letter is from a fellow Clearwater OT Committee member and she asked me to post it on TNX. This is a very theta project and I invite your participation. Send letters directly to Bunny and e-mail questions to me.

"Coordinate with members of OT (R), Clear Expansion, WISE (R) Committees, Hubbard schools, etc., and generate a massive, purely theta, letter writing campaign to German Scientologists.

"The first caper that I would like to pull off is to have a mountain of letters dumped on stages at the Munich Clear Expansion Committee meeting in mid May. I will personally take all of your letters with me and will be there wearing a Statue of Liberty costume, holding a Dianetics (TM) book in one hand and a mock-up of the IAS (R) torch in the other. Your postulates and theta letters MUST be a part of this, and this campaign is ongoing, so keep your letters coming - go for 1 per week!

"From: Jay Vaughan <jay@delph6.delphinus.com>

"Q: What's a Scn. computer geek's favourite Unix command? A: clear

"Well, how about: rm sp*

"From: Jon von Gunten <73313.663@compuserve.com>

"The recent movie, 'Mrs. Winterbourne,' contains an overt slap at Dianetics. It's was obviously put in by some SP, and left in by several PTS's. It is in no way central to the plot and could have been clipped with ease.

"Bobcat Goldthwaite is a (real life) comedian whose 'comic routine' is mainly screaming shrilly and acting paranoid and psychotic. Some years ago, he included an SP line in his routine: 'I'm a product of Dianetics!' This exact routine of Goldthwaite's is playing on TV in the background during one scene in Ms. Winterbourne. Goldthwaite's SP comment above is *clearly* audible.

"See what I mean? Unnecessary. Furthers no plot. Just a gratuitous SP arrow. My personal opinion is to boycott the film. If you want to see a more charming film along the same lines as Mrs Winterbourne, see the film Mrs W's plot line was probably derived (ripped off) from, 'While You Were Sleeping.' It's less predictable, better acted, and the characters are more believable.

"From: Peter Mead <petermead@earthlink.net>

"The most invalidative look I have EVER received from ANY living organism was on the face of my cat when I suggested it retrieve a Canadian Goose out of the Muskoot Reservoir.

"From: AlanDC@aol.com

"My new location is in line with my new hat: I am Assistant Manager of 'Our House', a rooming house located directly across the street from the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO), and right up the block from AOLA and LA Org.

"Our House has private rooms, shared rooms, and apartments available. There is an Our House Shuttle Service available to make sure your transportation needs are taken care of. There is even a special buy now price in honor of the Grand Opening of our new premium location, Our Theta House, located on Franklin Street (it has a swimming pool!).

"We do pay commission on your leads who stay at Our House, so if you have any hot leads on Scientologists you know who are coming (or might be coming in the next year!) to Los Angeles, call me at 213-644-1702. Or e-mail me at AlanDC@AOL.COM

"From: David Newhouse <david@jdn.com>

"We are 113 survey-takers away from being in SECOND PLACE. Surely there are 113 Scientologists who have access to the net who have not yet done the survey. The religious survey can be found at http://www.survey.net/m1.htm As of 9:00 pm 4/13/96:

"[ 1375] 41.0% - Christianity [ 373] 11.1% - Atheism [ 341] 10.2% - Agnosticism [ 260] 7.7% - Scientology [ 172] 5.1% - OTHER [ 153] 4.6% - Islam [ 103] 3.1% - No Answer"

Message-ID: <199610201528.IAA26862@abraham.cs.berkeley.edu>
Message-ID: <199610242353.QAA18966@abraham.cs.berkeley.edu>
Message-ID: <199610242354.QAA18988@abraham.cs.berkeley.edu>


Zenon Panoussis

Zenon Panoussis posted updates in his battle with Scientology, NOTs and the Swedish Parliament.

"Dead-agenting had been going on before my arrival there. A woman who gave a false phone number and a certainly false name had called my father several times, asking for information and giving 'information'. Among other things, she 'hoped that Zenon no longer was addicted to drugs'.

"The idiots have also tried to extract information from people in Sweden. Aase, from whose account I once posted by mistake, received a call from 'a friend of mine' that wanted to know where I was. His call confirmed once more that the CoS is using incompetent amateurs as investigators."

"I just learned that the CoS has its own people at the parliament, day in and day out, 'reading' the NOTs so that no-one else can access them. Unfortunately for the CoS, the parliament carries on with the copying and would probably - if a deliberate strategy to limit constitutional access to the documents can be shown - make more copies available for on-the-spot reading. As it is now, they have sectioned a special NOTs reading room.

"TV4, the third non-satellite Swedish channel, just interviewed me for the news. A disgrace; I was recently up from bed, unwashed and unshaved when they knocked on my door. Then again, I can't refuse an interview on this subject, so I had to go through with it."

"The CoS has now motioned that all material by which I infringe upon RTC's copyright be taken into custody, no matter where it is found, i.e. either it is in my direct possession or not. The way this motion is worded and in conjunction with some of the supporting arguments it could even be interpreted to include the parliament's and other authorities' copies; that I shall be obliged under penalty to hand over to the bailiff any such material that I have control or influence over; that I shall be obliged under penalty to hand over the names and addresses of people that 'infringing material has been handed to' and that the court decides the motion without my prior hearing."

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