Volume 1, Issue 33 vom 15. 12. 1996

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 1, Issue 33
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
copyright 1996


  1. Worldwide Pickets
  2. Germany
  3. Grady Ward
  4. Keith Henson
  5. FACTNet Staff
  6. Martin Hunt
  7. Jason Scott
  8. Sweden NOTS
  9. Norway NOTS
  10. Denmark NOTS
  11. Dennis Erlich
  12. Faegre & Benson
  13. France
  14. Clam Web
  15. Columbia
  16. Source Magazine
  17. Jon Atack
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Worldwide Pickets

Worldwide pickets were held on December 7th to protest the actions of Scientology. A picket report was posted by Jeff Jacobsen from Arizona.

"I arrived a bit before 2pm and started picketing. There were maybe 8 cars in the church parking lot, and all day there was almost no traffic either in nor out of the place. Mystery Woman came just after 2 and joined me, then 2 others arrived. So 4 of us picketed until 4, then MW and I stayed until 5.

"You have to understand that there is almost no foot traffic at the church location, so our main public interaction is with traffic going by. I counted about 14 pro and 4 anti reactions from the passersby, and 2 uncertain.

"Jinny Leason, church PR person, came out to talk to me for about 10 minutes. she basically wanted to object to both sides of my sign. 'The Church of the Holy Lawsuit' she said distorted facts. 'Stop attacking the Internet' she felt was not true because the church only goes after copyright violators. So I tried to explain spamming, canceling, fair use, etc.

"One of the members drove behind our cars and wrote down license plate numbers, then drove into the church parking lot. I took his picture."

Neil Muspratt reported from Brisbane, Australia on their two-day protest.

"There were two of us this time. Maybe that's why there was so little harassment? We caught them napping big time. It seemed like ages before they got anyone out on the street to deal with us. Eventually they mustered some staff and publics for the counter offensive. There were five of them out on the footpath at one stage, and three faces I'd not seen before.

"Stuart and I handed out leaflets, oblivious to the stares and entheta beams. One bloke seemed to be trying particularly hard, so hard in fact that he was forgetting to hand out leaflets. Later, he seemed to get instructions from one of the senior staffers on how to hand out leaflets so that people would take them. From then on, every time I handed out one of mine, he would move somewhat menacingly towards the startled pedestrian and quickly say 'And please take one of these too.'

"We were there for only 1.75 hours, from about 16:15 to 18:00 but I estimate we handed out something like 150 - 200 leaflets to passers by. Of course, this time on a Friday is the afternoon rush hour. I went in to a couple of the neighbouring shops and told the folks what we were up to, leaving a few flyers with them. One girl in the Subway franchise across the road was particularly interested and said she'd definitely have a look at the Internet sites.

"The only leaflet they handed out this time was the 'CultAware Serpent of Hate' propaganda which seems to be their standard response now to protests here in Australia. Gosh it's ugly."

"We were serenaded this time. A portable tape deck was brought into the attack and placed inside the ground floor entrance to the building. An uplifting song boomed out. What a nice tune.

"Who says Scientologists don't have a sense of humour? As we packed up and were leaving the scene, one of them actually asked us to notify them in advance of the next picket so that they could be ready for us! Brilliant! We'd never suspect something like that!"

Frank Copeland and David Gerard reported from Melbourne.

"I arrived in front of the Melbourne Org at the appointed time (11am). David Gerard and his SO Barbara arrived about 20 past and I joined them. Cyril Vosper turned up soon after.

"Representing the Bad Guys we had Brian Johnston (OSA Australia) acting as MC. The leafletting squad consisted of a couple of women, an older guy who basically glared at us from across the street for most of the time, and a well-groomed guy in clerical costume, complete with dog-collar and crucifix-on-chain. A second fake priest was apparently stationed about a block away with a fistful of Freedom mags and he popped up to check us out for a couple of minutes before returning to wherever he was lurking.

"It was all very civilised, with little or no interaction between us and them. None of the silliness experienced by picketers in Sydney. They made a point of filming Cyril all the way down the street when he left.

"About 12:45 a photographer from the Herald-Sun came to take our picture for a story that is apparently being run in the near future."

"The CoS had two people near us and one on each of the four streets leading to the org, handing leaflets to all and sundry. This was actually quite an effective method of dealing with our activities - we were outnumbered. Two of their number were in dress-up as Christian priests - I'm sure those were Christian crosses around their necks, not Scientologist ones."

Reports from San Francisco:

"Notable picketers were Xenu and Gerry Armstrong. (Gerry is barred by court order from discussing scientology[tm], he was walking around with a sign that said, 'Merry Christmas') There were no counter picketers and the response from the Org staff was very laid back. One abnormally quiet guy snapped a few pictures now and then, and people came out to smoke. That was about it. (The quiet guy did run after Gerry with a camcorder for a bit, but Gerry pulled out a little Christmas bell and rang it a few times. This enturbulated the poor little guy somewhat.)

"Response from the public was uniformly positive. I heard one very sad tale from a man who lost his wife to the cult ten years ago. He didn't have the terminology down, but he talked about her spending all her money and then scrubbing floors to 'better herself.'"

"The Steve Martin look-a-like never said a word, stayed quiet the whole time, even when glued to Gerald Armstrong, taping everything Gerald said, trying to get evidence to further harass Gerald with the courts.

"There were eleven picketers total, ten men and one woman. It was the largest turn out for a scieno picket I have seen yet. There is a corner right in front of the SF org that gets a very great deal of traffic. First they see Xenu, then they look at the signs, works great."

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Although not connected with the Internet groups, the Junge Union of the CDU party demonstrated against Scientology, according to NDR-Television.

"150 people were there, a large chunk of them media people, who waited for some 'action' to happen. Federal Labor minister Norbert Bluem (also CDU) came and held a speech. Some of his points:

"[N]ot the single Co$-member is a target of criticism, but the Co$ as an organisation. The single member is more a victim himself. He is opposed to a ban of the Co$. Broad information is the best weapon, as no one would join the Co$, after hearing all sides about the Co$. He is against members of the Co$ working in public service, as he does not want Scientologists as teachers for his kids.

"The Scientologists had a counter-demonstration and were prepared with some professional made picket signs and played some music for distraction. Unusual for the Co$, the picket signs carried no private attacks, but only attacks on Bluem's job as a politician (in short: 'Bluem is unable to handle unemployment, social cuts and the empty pension-funds, but finds the time to appear here'). Among the Scientologists at the demonstration were Sabine Weber, Franz Riedl and Goetz Brase."

Also regarding Germany, AFP reports that Scientology has requested that Germany overturn Bavaria's decision to restrict Scientologists from employment in the government.

"'Bavaria has determined to defy its legal obligations and intends to continue to act outside of the rule of law,' lawyer William Walsh told Germany's justice minister in a statement. Bavaria's rules 'are illegal as they violate Germany's obligations under international human rights treaties,' Walsh said in a statement."

Message-ID: <5825pr$o3$1@unlisys.unlisys.net>
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Grady Ward

Scientology defendant Grady Ward continued to post his correspondence with attorney Tom Hogan, regarding depositions and lack of response to questions.

"Unless you give me permission to call you collect, since I am proceeding in forma pauperis, we will continue to need to meet and confer via ordinary mail. Unlike the Local Rule for the Case Management conference which you contumaciously defied, discovery meet-and-confers do not require the meet and confer to be 'in person.'

"As you admit in your letter of November 22, 1996, you are alleging economic harm as an element of your trade secret claim. [Y]ou are required to provide the computation of such damages. Since you have not completed that initial disclosure as directed by District Judge Ronald M. Whyte on August 2, 1996, nor have you moved for a protective order, you are on notice that I shall seek an order or other appropriate relief, including but not limited to, excluding any withheld evidence from the proceeding or dismissal of your client's claims pursuant to F.R.C.P. 37(c).

"The answer to Interrogatory number one as served by Madame Kobrin on November 25, 1996 is also inadequate and as such represents a contempt on the court. It is demonstrably incomplete and evasive and presents the red herring of multiple affidavit testimonials from members of the scientology enterprise which have no bearing on the propounded question. It is completely relevant under the meaning of F.R.C.P. Rule 26(b) for me to investigate the weaknesses and lapses of reasonable security of the plaintiff's material, not to see repeated assertions of the adequacy of such protection.

"I will expect that you complete this answer as ordered by the court within ten (10) days or I shall take appropriate action under F.R.C.P. 37(b), including moving for contempt, sanctions, and to exclude from evidence any claim that the 'Advanced Technology' materials have been continuously, reasonably, and properly protected during their lifetime."

A letter from Hogan:

"RTC is willing to produce Mr. McShane for deposition, as it has informed you previously. It objects, however, to the location of the deposition. RTC is unwilling to produce Mr. McShane in Arcata or to have him deposed at your home. Travel to Arcata is exceptionally time-consuming for a busy executive. In addition, you harassed the representatives of the Church who attempted to speak with you at your home and the process servers who have come to serve court papers on your or your wife. RTC is unwilling to subject its President to harassment by you. RTC will not insist that you come to Los Angeles to depose Mr. McShane, but is willing to produce him in San Jose at a neutral location.

"In view of the defects in your deposition notice, RTC demands that you withdraw the notice for Mr. Miscavige and meet and confer regarding this deposition. If you fail to withdraw this defective notice and to meet and confer, RTC will seek its costs in connection with any resulting motions."

Grady responds:

"I have asked but you have not responded with constructive suggestions of alternate dates and times for the party depositions of Warren McShane and managing agent David Miscavige. In the case of Mr. McShane, you suggest San Jose as 'neutral' territory. Of course the adverse party's attorney's office is anything but neutral, especially as you are a party to racketeering and obstruction of justice in this litigation.

"If you are willing to pre-pay the cost of the deposition site, then I will be willing to move it from my office at 3449 Martha Ct., Arcata, CA 95521. You of course have noticed many depositions, such as Keith Henson's, at your office; I of course have the right to notice depositions at the convenience of my office. One explanation that you offer, that my office is inappropriate since you allege that I 'harass' representatives of the Church and others, is demonstrably backwards since each time the persons trespassing at my home were cited for trespassing by the Arcata Police Department."

"As I have informed you previously, I intend to personally inspect and videotape representative facilities for the protection or the 'Advanced Technology' and the facilities used to collect and authenticate Usenet posts that you have asked to be entered into evidence. Please supply alternate dates, times and places that would be convenient for you or the plaintiff."

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Keith Henson

Keith Henson also posted a letter sent to Tom Hogan, in his copyright and trade secret suit.

"[Y]our client has obtained expert testimony that I could not have actually demasked NOTs 23, but has not commented on the level of accuracy in my demasking. Because this bears on my defense of the trade-secret claims your client has made against me, I intend to provide the demasked NOTs 23 to a group of experts on scientology (on confidential terms) who can estimate how close to a full reconstruction I came, and if the level I obtained is close enough to disclose whatever 'trade secrets' might exist in that particular document."

Message-ID: <hkhensonE2EDGG.2yF@netcom.com>


FACTNet Staff

Arnie Lerma posted that some college staffers at FACTNet have been followed, phoned and otherwise harassed recently.

"Lawrence has some little helpers, college kids, helping get done, what needs to get done to expose the true nature of $cientology

"They apparently are being followed. Trying to scare them into quitting."

"They are trying to question staff, one young lady got a phone all last night. They are also being followed."

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Message-ID: <32af2684.2986664@news.dgsys.com>


Martin Hunt

Scientology critic Martin Hunt disappeared from a.r.s suddenly, causing some initial concern that he had been the victim of a Scientology attack.

Ron Newman reported:

"Not only is Martin the apparent victim of a massive Cancelbunny attack, but his *entire* web site at http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~av282/ has disappeared!!

Sister Clara received e-mail from Martin, confirming his safety.

"I have been in e-mail communication with Martin in the last 24 hours and, contrary to the wild speculation that has taken place in recent days, he says he is fine but is determined to stick by the decision he made to finally disconnect from ars and all things to do with Scientology.

"I believe he is sincere even though his decision to break all links was sudden and prompted him to rid himself of all his resources, files etc connected with his time as an outspoken critic of Scientology.

"In the absence of any information to the contrary, I have to take him at his word that this decision is a personal one that he reached without external coercion. I also have to respect his wish that no communication should be made to him that in any way touches on the subject of Scientology."

Message-ID: <5879ep$isn@lana.zippo.com>
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Jason Scott

Jason Scott, victor in his case against the Cult Awareness Network, has changed attorneys. Scientologist Kendrick Moxon, who has attempted to liquidate CAN, was dismissed. In his place, Graham Berry.

"Mr. Moxon's replacement, as attorney for Jason Scott, is Graham E. Berry of the Los Angeles law firm of Musick, Peeler & Garrett. Mr. Berry has successfully represented a number of defendants against the Church of Scientology and its related entities. Recently, he replaced Faegre & Benson of Minneapolis as FACTNet, Inc.'s lead lawyer in Scientology's internet related litigation against FACTNet, Lawrence Wollersheim, and Robert Penny, now pending in Federal District court, Denver, Colorado.

"In replacing Kendrick Moxon, Jason Scott said that he had not seen a penny of his judgment against the Cult Awareness Network and that he was now retaining Graham Berry to try and negotiate a settlement that would both put a reasonable sum of money in his pocket and perhaps enable the Cult Awareness Network to emerge from the bankruptcy it filed as a result of his judgment against it.

"In addition, Mr. Scott said that he was tired of being a Scientology poster-boy, and that he felt Kendrick Moxon had discarded him after he had obtained the judgment against the Cult Awareness Network. Now, said Mr. Scott, he merely wants to settle his claims against CAN, obtain some money, reunite with his wife and family and put this whole saga behind him."

Message-ID: <32a5a82a.48784883@news.snafu.de>


Sweden NOTS

Stefan Mars posted that his newly created NOTS page has come under attack by Scientology.

"CoS has more or less FAX-bombed the University of Linkoping, but so far my page is still up. For those that email me at y93stema@und.ida.liu.se and requests the NOTs I am still shipping them, and intend to keep on doing so until the end.

"Helena Kobrin emailed me at that address btw, I thanked her for her interest in the documents and sent a copy of them to her. She then faxed to the university claiming it was proved that I did send NOTs to people, like I was going to deny it :) Some people just don't have a sense of humour."

Zenon Panoussis continues his battle with Scientology, and continues to post developments with the court and the Swedish press.

"[O]nly today did I see yesterday's TV4 news. What they reported is this:

"Barbro Westerholm, ex-director-general of the Social Bard (a more or less equivalent to the FDA) and now MP was preparing a motion dealing with destructive sects. In a burglary in May this year all documents pertaining to this motion were stolen from her room in the parliament. Among the documents were letters from ex-scienos, address lists, investigations, reports etc. After the theft, Barbro Westerholm received several threats, including threats on her life.

"The burglary is assumed to be an insider job. It had been kept secret until now, which is the reason why the NOTs theft in September was reported to be the first one ever."

"Daniel Deimert, who is carrying a page with my postings and the press coverage on my case, has in http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/~d1dd/cos/pan31.html linked http://www.scientology.org/p_jpg/iconher2.jpg directly from the scienos' page. His ISP, the technical high school in Gothenburg, received today threats per fax from the scienos' infamous lowly lackey Per Magnusson for alleged trade mark infringement."

"The hearing was on Monday. The hearing went well, but there was no spectacle. The scienos didn't try to occupy the courtroom. They had motioned for closed doors, but their prayers were not heard. They had feared that I would bring up the Xenu story, which I didn't. There was no procedural room for that, but there will be in the main hearing, and Xenu will be extensively discussed. On the other hand I had my Fishman Exhibit B T-shirt on, which did cause some discussion.

"The CoS has now specified its demands. For all my alleged copyright infringements up to now they demand SEK 25.000. That's approximately USD 3.700 or DEM 5.000. They did some cover-up by stating that the demand is symbolical due to the fact that I'm anyway in bankruptcy, but it was a bad cover-up.

"They hoped not to have to specify the factual damage. That's hard to specify, because they would have to either disclose at least some parts of their economy, or set it very low and risk that others use the fact against them. This didn't work and they have to specify anyway.

"The bailiff has advised me that they will come on Tuesday to seize the 'Material' in my possession. Instead of making an independent definition of just what 'the Material' is, the bailiff chooses to misinterpret some of my statements against me, while disregarding others.

"The bailiff intends to seize among other things an unopened envelope mailed to me by the primary court, that probably (but not certainly) contains a copy of the public NOTs. Understand: in executing the primary court's decision, the bailiff intends to seize an object that the same primary court sent to me AFTER its said decision. If that's not absurd, I don't know what is.

"The seizure is public. Anyone interested in attending is welcome (but I do retain the right to refuse entrance to my apartment to anyone who smells of clam).

"When the bailiff arrives, my printer will be busy printing NOTs directly from the net. It will continue printing until the bailiff tires and goes away *leaving NOTs behind*. I will then make as many copies of the NOTs on paper and on diskettes, as those seized plus one before I stop.

"Coffee will be served. Doors open at 8.45."

Message-ID: <32B1D26C.5EE6@lysator.liu.se>
Message-ID: <32A6022A.210F@dodo.pp.se>
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Norway NOTS

Andreas Heldal Lund posted a series of letters between an Norwegian Internet provider and Helena Kobrin, in which she included a humorous set of file names. Notice that she won't write "Xenu".

"I have just been informed that one of your subscribers, whose name I do not have, has placed certain OT II, OT III, and NOTs works on his web site, http://www.realtime.no/~bjorn, at the following web pages:


"The courts in California and Holland have both ruled that an access provider which is informed that infringement is occurring through its system and does nothing to stop it can be liable for contributory infringement."

The provider responded:

"Please elaborate how this is applicable to Norwegian law. We would greatly appreciate quotations of the relevant paragraphs of the Norwegian telecommunication laws that you find being infringed.

"A quick investigation from our side shows that the material in question is available from den svenske riksdagen and this raises the question about the validity of your claim that this is in fact unpublished material.

"Upon further contact we would prefer fax, and we would also like you to include the legal material sustaining your claim in Norwegian with references to Norwegian law. Do also include a way to verify your identity as there are way to many weird people on the net these days."

And Kobrin responded:

"It is Norwegian copyright law that is being infringed, and my Norwegian counterpart will provide you with the references. You question whether these materials are unpublished. Under copyright law, a work is unpublished if its owner did not publish the work or authorize its publication by another. Neither my client nor its predecessors have ever published these works or authorized them to be published by anyone else. The only reason any copy of these works is available anywhere is as a result of theft, for which one of the thieves was convicted in Denmark.

"If you will provide me with the name, e-mail and/or street address and/or telephone number, I will be happy to contact the person who made the posting, and I request that you do so."

Norwegian web sties containing the NOTS have been opening and closing with great regularity, as Scientology discovers and attempts to intimidate the operators.

"HRH Kobrin is working overtime, she closed yet another NOTs mirror in Norway today. That was quick, but schools are so easy to scare.

"Rumors have it that two lawsuits will be filed in Norway next week, wonder if they will manage to talk the police in Stavanger to raid me."

Message-ID: <32a85833.260947793@news.telepost.no>
Message-ID: <32acc545.551135050@news.telepost.no>
Message-ID: <32b18b96.245747966@news.telepost.no>


Denmark NOTS

Jesper Toftegaard posted this letter from Helena Kobrin, threatening not just those who host the NOTS, but those who link to NOTS pages.

"I understand that the files about which I previously wrote to you are no longer displayed on your web site, but that you now are making available on your system the capability of downloading those files.

"Whether these files are actually being downloaded from your system or not, your web page is contributing to any such downloading which is occurring, and you are facilitating that downloading. You are therefore engaged in contributory copyright infringement, for which you can be found liable in a legal proceeding.

Message-ID: <32ADF283.1001@post3.tele.dk>


Dennis Erlich

Dennis Erlich had a hearing in San Diego family court on Dec. 9th, and has another scheduled for Jan. 2nd. The case is a Scientology-funded attack on him for child support.

"I am not in jail. Yet.

"I am required to return to San Diego for more torture on Jan 2 at 8:45am before Commissioner Clements (who first sentenced me to the 40 days - and nights - suspended sentence - the same ruling that is now under appeal) to see if I should be jailed."

A summary of the events:

"The opposition was Scientology lawyer Fred Silberberg. Dennis was also represented. In the last few weeks enough contributions have come in to hire a lawyer from Los Angeles. Hereafter 'DL' will mean 'Dennis' Lawyer'.

"The judge began by asking how long the proceedings are likely to take. DL said 5 minutes. Silberberg said 30 minutes. DL said there is no dispute of the facts, and the judge could decide this motion summarily, Silberberg didn't think so. The judge asked if they had talked about a settlement, which they hadn't. He told them to go out and discuss, which they did for all of 2 minutes before returning.

"Judge: 'Do you have proof of service?' Aha! Silberberg: 'That was filed separately. I'm looking for it, your honor'. He looks. He looks. DL says Dennis was not personally served. Judge: 'If you're asking to throw him into jail, you have to dot _every_ i and cross _every_ t. If you served him by mail, then you didn't make it.' Silberberg: 'I believe it was sent with a messenger and left at the residence.' Dennis 'That's a lie.'

"The judge says he talked to Judge Clements. Clements will have to do the revocation of parole. Clements asks 'Nature of the motion?' Silberberg: 'Revocation of probation. Time estimate: 30 minutes.' DL talks about how this is an issue of law, that the facts are not in dispute, that the payments are being made, and there are no orders being violated. The arrears were frivolous anyway, because there was no income during that time. There is no pending order on arrears. Judge: 'Time estimate?' DL: 'Your honor can decide summarily.'

"The judge decides not to do that. He sets aside one hour, on January 2nd at 8:45 a.m."

Message-ID: <32adb387.25759@>
Message-ID: <58nijf$pbu@news1.voicenet.com>


Faegre & Benson

FACTNet's former attorneys, Faegre & Benson, have apparently filed a lien to collect over $450,000 in legal fees.

"Faegre & Benson LLP, submits this notice of its claim for an attorney's lien on funds due or to become due F&B in connection with services rendered in this and related matters, and for unreimbursed costs of litigation advanced.

"The amount of unreimbursed fees and disbursements due or to become due F&B in connection with services rendered on behalf of the plaintiffs in this matter is $20,584.00 for fees and $1,120.93 for disbursements, for a total of $21,704.93.

"The amount of fees and unreimbursed litigation costs which are due or to become due in connection with services rendered on behalf of the plaintiffs herein in the related matter of Religious Technology Center and Bridge Publications, Inc, V. F.A.C.T. Net, Inc. Lawrence Wollersheim, and Robert Penny, are: $77,485.75 for fees and $7,789.08 for disbursements, for a total of $157,128.10 (through June 30, 1996).

"The amount of fees and unreimbursed litigation costs which are due to become due in connection with services rendered on behalf of the plaintiffs herein in the related matter of Religious Technology Center v. Arnaldo P. Lerma are: $251,972.85 for fees and $35,341.20 for disbursements, for a total of $287,314.05."

Message-ID: <199612092348.PAA19429@mailmasher.com>



AFP reports that Scientology is taking the offensive against the French government in the wake of the criminal conviction of 14 top members of the Lyon org.

"The president of the Church of Scientology demanded Friday the disbandment of an official French commission investigating sects, saying it has stigmatized 170 legitimate religions.

"Reverend Heber Jentzsch said the 'Observatory on New Religions' provides the French government 'with a mechanism to interfere in matters which have nothing to do with the state -- matters of religious belief and practice.' 'The formation of this Observatory is misconceived and unconstitutional,' he said of the commission set up last month and chaired by French Prime Minister Alain Juppe.

"Jentzsch said that the Observatory listed 170 groups that it identified as religious sects -- including Baptists, Mormons, some Catholic groups, Christian Scientists, Bahai and Buddhists.

"He also called for a probe of psychiatrist, Jean-Marie Abgrall, who testified in the fraud and manslaughter case of Jean-Jacques Mazier, a former senior French figure in the Church of Scientology."

Message-ID: <199612110049.QAA14571@mailmasher.com>


Clam Web

Tilman Hausherr continued his series on Scientologists on the web.

"Maybe I should visit 'Dr.' Harry K. Wong, $40,000 donation to the IAS, http://www.docwong.com/ His daughter Astara http://www.docwong.com/astara/index.htm is also there, see her 'ethical' (not the real ethics, only the scientology version) link list: http://www.docwong.com/astara/assorted/rcommend.htm"

Message-ID: <32b0e2fc.37931486@news.snafu.de>



An article from International Scientology News described efforts to expand Scientology in Colombia.

"Through the actions of Field Staff Members in Colombia, EVERY teacher in the town of Santa Maria was just trained on LRH's Basic Study Manual to rave results.

"After meeting with Power FSM Jackie Di Lorenzo the Mayor's office funded this project with the aim of incorporating LHR Study Tech into his town's school system. One teacher had this to say at the end of the course, 'I will put to use all that I've learned in this course so as to better the quality of education and my performance as a teacher. I am convinced that the author L. Ron Hubbard, was a great person, brilliant in all his works and achievements, with great contributions for the education system and for people in general.'"

Message-ID: <32AE5D24.60E0@iag.net>


Source Magazine

Source magazine, produced by the Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, has some news from Flag.

"There are NEW courses:
a) Golden Age of Tech Advanced Org C/S Course
b) Study Certainty Course (with Lisa Marie Presley and Chick Corea in the completion list)
c) Level 0 - IV Auditor Certainty Course
d) NED Auditor Certainty Course
e) Solo Auditor Certainty Course
f) Solo NOTs Auditor Certainty Course Part 1 and Part 2

"Gerhard Bauer demoted! On a picture of an ad a smart looking guy from Flag crew is helping a lady getting out of the Flag van. It's Gerhard Bauer, the former Supercargo of CMO CW!"

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Jon Atack

An anonymous report this week on the bankruptcy proceedings of the author of the Scientology expose "A Piece of Blue Sky", Jon Atack.

"A public examination happened, and despite four days of interrogation, Jon Atack was not proved to have withheld any assets from his bankruptcy. He was not charged with any 'bankruptcy offenses' despite the claims of the cult that he had committed same. In the normal run of things, Mr. Atack will be out of bankruptcy in May 1998."

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