Volume 1, Issue 44 vom 02. 03. 1997

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 1, Issue 44
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  3. FACTNet
  4. Germany
  5. Arizona Picket
  6. Lisa McPherson
  7. Luckman
  8. OSA Forgeries
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OT Stocks

Scientologist George Chelekis settled a complaint by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. From the LA Times:

"George Chelekis, an Internet publisher once featured in Business Week, settled federal allegations that he failed to adequately disclose payments from more than 150 companies to tout their shares, it was announced Tuesday. At least six of these companies received coverage from Chelekis that was too favorable, according to a complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. In fact, these companies issued news releases that denied claims Chelekis made on their behalf, the SEC said. "The news releases didn't stop Chelekis from continuing to overstate the prospects of the companies, the SEC said. As a result, the agency also charged him with making false statements to his readers. Without admitting or denying guilt, Chelekis and his publishing companies agreed to pay $162,727 under a settlement with the SEC. The payment includes the surrender of $75,050 in profit, an equivalent penalty and $12,267 in interest.

>From The Tampa Tribune:

"Chelekis couldn't be reached for comment at his office Wednesday, but he issued a statement saying he was revising his disclosure to comply with SEC rules. 'I appreciate all the help and assistance the SEC provided me in better understanding how to world [sic] one's disclosures,' Chelekis said.

"Paul Gerlach, associate director of the SEC enforcement division, said Chelekis was selling Hot Stocks publications - Hot Stocks Review, Hot Stocks Whispers, Hot Stocks Confidential, Hot Stocks Alert, Hot Stocks Flash and Hot Stocks Movers - on the Internet and in printed form. Subscribers could not distinguish his paid promotions from objective investment advice.

"The SEC charges that Nona Morelli, a Colorado gambling company, paid Chelekis $3,600 Feb. 16, 1995, to tout the stock. Chelekis received at least $1.1 million for promoting 150 different stocks, and 275,000 shares for promoting stocks of 10 companies, the SEC said in a statement announcing the settlement."

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Message-ID: <33420fe0.115293963@news.snafu.de>



John Abler summarized a story on the US TV show Extra.

"It was a brief report on how CAN was taken out of business and replaced by $cientology staff. They interviewed Cynthia Kisser, and another woman who was in the CUT (Church Universal Triumphant), and her mother. The former cult member, and her mother, praised the work that the 'old' CAN did in helping her out of the CUT, and thought it was terrible that $ci is now running the organization. They also interviewed the lawyer that is in control of the CAN name, etc."

Message-ID: <3310D184.1CAD@execpc.com>



A filing with Judge Kane in Colorado was posted from FACTNet this week, opposing Summary Judgment for Scientology. Members of FACTNet are now represented by Clifford Beem, Graham Berry and Dan Leipold. Some excerpts:

"In this case, Plaintiff Religious Technology Center, Inc. improperly obtained an ex parte writ of search and seizure without advising the Court (i) of the litigation history between Scientology and Lawrence Wollersheim; (ii) more specifically, that most of the documents at issue had been part of the sixteen years of litigation history between Scientology and Lawrence Wollersheim; (iii) that the rest of the documents at issue were provided to Defendants as expert consultants and expert witnesses in litigation; (iv) that Scientology had executed a release agreement in favor of Defendants in connection with those very same documents; (v) that throughout their sixteen years of continuous litigation with Scientology, during all of which time Wollersheim had many of the documents at issue here, Defendants had never published any of the documents at issue outside of the courtroom; (vi) that Plaintiffs knew that they intended to claim exemption from any orders of Court to return the seized material, on the grounds that their religious doctrine prohibited such return; and (vii) that the requested raid would enable Scientology to access the most privileged, private, and confidential of Defendants' documents, including those relating to Wollersheim's own prior and even pending litigation versus Scientology. This Court reversed the seizure order after learning of some of this information.

"An analysis of BPI's arguments and evidence reveals the following: (i) many of the works for which BPI claims a copyright are already in the public domain; (ii) the authorship of many of the relevant documents is disputed; (iii) the number of alleged copyright violations is vastly overstated; (iv) the copyright assignment process was defective and fraudulent; and (v) any allegedly 'infringing' conduct by Defendants was clearly privileged and/or a fair use on a number of different grounds and levels.

"[T]his Court already has recognized that the primary motivation of RTC in suing Lerma, DGS and The Post is to stifle criticism of Scientology in general and to harass its critics. As the increasingly vitriolic rhetoric of its briefs and oral argument now demonstrate, the RTC appears far more concerned about criticism of Scientology than vindication of its secrets.

"RTC seized not only Defendants' computer database but Defendants' actual computer, hard copies of numerous documents, and other materials including attorney-client/work product privileged materials relating to current litigation between the very same parties. This Court subsequently vacated the seizure order on the grounds that, inter alia, the Plaintiffs were not likely to prevail on the merits of their action herein.

"[B]ased on Wollersheim's knowledge of Scientology tactics and the nature of the materials it received, F.A.C.T.Net suspected that Scientology itself was uploading materials to inflate, if not manufacture, the present suit.

"Consistent with the well-accepted business practice of creating electronic backups to safeguard data maintained on a computer system from possible machine failure, and in response to information received in December 1994 or January 1995 that someone had infiltrated F.A.C.T.Net's organization and that F.A.C.T.Net's computer records would likely be a target of Scientology sabotage, F.A.C.T.Net, by January 1995, created between six and ten CD-ROM backup sets of all of the information in its library and archives. F.A.C.T.Net specifically instructed each person to whom an off-site backup was entrusted that they could not use the CD unless F.A.C.T.Net's library and archive were destroyed, including through a wrongful seizure by Scientology, and then could only use the CDs in a manner considered to be fair use under the copyright laws.

"One such off-site storage location for some of the CDs was the Arizona home of Jeff Jacobsen, volunteer and contributor to F.A.C.T.Net. Jacobsen has testified that he made no use of the portion of the CD information that includes the works here at issue. F.A.C.T.Net did not 'sell' the Research CD, or any other CD, to Jacobsen or any other person. Jacobsen was a F.A.C.T.Net volunteer assisting F.A.C.T.Net by providing a safe location for backups of a portion of F.A.C.T.Net's library and archives.

"In stating to Judge Babcock that it was urgent that the raid on Wollersheim's and Penny's residences occur forthwith and without notice to either Wollersheim or Penny, RTC failed to inform Judge Babcock that Wollersheim had been in legal possession of sensitive Scientology documents for sixteen years, but had never published them.

"Finally, when its attorneys prepared the (Proposed) Writ of Seizure for Judge Babcock's signature, they included a provision directing law enforcement officials to deliver seized items to counsel for RTC, failing to apprise Judge Babcock of the fact that 17 U.S.C. 503, the statutory authority for their Motion for Writ of Seizure, specifically requires that such seized property be returned to the court for safekeeping, not to the party seeking the Writ of Seizure. Such an omission clearly rises to the level of direct concealment of applicable law, and clearly misled Judge Babcock as to the state of the law. Furthermore, RTC failed to disclose that it would be using the Norton Utilities 'WipeInfo' function to permanently erase information from Defendants' hard drives and permanently and seriously corrupting Defendants' data files.

"For all of the foregoing reasons, Defendants F.A.C.T.Net, Wollersheim and Penny respectfully request that the Court deny the Motion for Summary Judgment of Plaintiff Bridge Publications, Inc."

http://www.factnet.org Message-ID: <33148322.773416@news.dgsys.com>



Otmar Lendl summarized a press release from the German government concerning Scientology.

"Bavaria's minister for internal affairs Beckstein noted with satisfaction that the NY-based Jewish World Congress distanced itself clearly from the recent propaganda action of Hollywood-stars if favor of CoS. Beckstein regards the JWC as uniquely legitimized to speak up against despotism, violence, and cynical human rights violations. In a letter he thanks JWC's president Edgar Bronfman for his courageous words and calls for all well-meaning and sensible persons in the USA to follow Bronfman's example.

"Comparison to holocaust is an insult to holocaust victims. Thanks for voices who defend Germany. Germany has to protect its citizens, regardless whether the danger calls itself 'religion' or not. CoS couldn't prove a singe human right violation CoS is a danger to individuals and the community as whole. CAN takeover, hate-campaign vs Germany shows CoS intentions thus we need to oppose CoS with a all legal means This is possible in the US, too, as some court ruling show."

http://www.bayern.de/STMI/Scientology/9397.htm Message-ID: <5f1llp$ek5$1@esel.cosy.sbg.ac.at>


Arizona Picket

Scientology poster "wgert" gave his rendition of the picket in Phoenix, AZ last week against Jeff Jacobsen. The pickets appear to be a response to Jeff's work to publicize the Lisa McPherson case, and to organize a picket of the site of her death, Flag Land Base, next week.

"As we got set up, someone driving a vehicle which was believed to be Jeff Jacobsen, spotted the picketers and slammed on his brakes and nearly caused a wreck rubbernecking to get a glimpse of the demonstration. It must have been a Kodak moment, because before long Jeff was seen sprinting out of the resort with his camera in toe, trying to capture the memory.

"Some of the signs stating catchy slogans such as: Publisher of Singles indicted. Jacobsen sues own family. Stop dealing in porn. Would you date a convict? Jacobsen loves to litigate. Who are you to give advice, Jacobsen?

"Many flyers, providing information about the recent indictment of the owner of Singles (who Jeff Jacobsen has worked for for many years) were handed out. Singles is mainly a middle class, singles paper for the geritol crowd. However, there are some practices which we were protesting, such as the ads which appear to exploit Asian women, ads from convicts, etc.

"As the picketers got going, numbers on the short stretch of sidewalk by the Radisson increased to 32 picketers, 3 Radisson Resort security personnel, Jacobsen, who began looking a bit frantic by this time, but who was being a good sport by letting everyone know that the signs were about him, and a local radio reporter who wanted to find out what the demonstration was all about.

"Although the subject of the picket was the Singles business, we may well switch our slant to anti-Cult Awareness Network since Jeff was a long term contact person for CAN during the years when their practices landed them in hot water with the courts - ending in the loss in the Jason Scott case and their ultimate bankruptcy."

http://www.primenet.com/~cultxpt/picketme.htm Message-ID: <5er4dt$6tq@lana.zippo.com>


Lisa McPherson

The St. Petersburg Times ran an article on the details of Lisa McPherson's death at Scientology's Flag Land Base this week.

"In the days leading up to her unexplained death, a 36-year-old member of the Church of Scientology was being kept in isolation at the church's Clearwater headquarters and had started banging her fists against the wall, a Scientology lawyer now says. During her isolation, he said, McPherson entered 'kind of a self-destructive mode.'

"For 17 days, Abelson said, McPherson stayed in a 'very nice hotel room,' without a television but with access to room service and the freedom to come and go. But as authorities press their investigation into how McPherson died and who was responsible, McPherson's family and some critics of Scientology are alleging that McPherson probably was not free to leave.

"They are pointing to a treatment that the late church founder, L. Ron Hubbard, prescribed for those who suffered a 'psychotic break.' The treatment involves isolating people, against their will if necessary. Scientology calls it the 'Introspection Rundown.' According to Abelson, McPherson did not receive an Introspection Rundown during her period of isolation.

"Abelson confirmed that one of McPherson's two companions in the van was Scientology medical liaison Janis Johnson, a medical doctor who is not licensed in Florida.

"[A]t the Fort Harrison, McPherson was in a major spiritual hub for Scientologists, with many of Hubbard's approaches and techniques at hand. Abelson said she was ineligible to receive Scientology counseling there because she was having trouble sleeping. Counseling cannot be done on a person who has not had six to eight hours sleep, he said. A person also must be stable to receive counseling, he said. Toward the midpoint of her stay, Lisa McPherson began to pound on the walls of her room, Abelson said. 'It was kind of a self-destructive mode she was in.'"

Times columnist Mary Jo Melone published an article about the mood at Flag this week.

"The Bank of Clearwater used to be just that, a bank. But the Scientologists own the bank like they own so much else in downtown Clearwater. A small sign by the big green doors announces the place is open to the public.

"So I entered the lovingly restored lobby Friday and just as I began to inspect the photographs of founder L. Ron Hubbard and various monuments to him around the globe, a female voice rose brightly from behind. 'Do you know what this place is?' she asked. She said quickly that 'my church', as she called it, is glad to let any civic group use the room we were in for their meetings. She mentioned the Girl Scouts.

"I started to ask if the Scouts had taken the Scientologists up on their offer, but first I said I was from the newspaper. Her face froze. I was supposed to speak to somebody else, she said. She mentioned a man's name and began quickly punching the buttons on her phone. Since the Scientologists have a weird reputation when it comes to the kind of help they offer people - think of Lisa McPherson, the woman who died while in their alleged care in December 1995 - I figured it would be smarter to leave under my own power. As I walked out, the woman was still punching away at her phone.

"Perhaps I'm paranoid. Paranoia is an occupational hazard for anybody on these sunny streets overlooking the bay who doesn't subscribe to this sci-fi fundamentalism. It is Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker cross-pollinated by Star Trek. It is also instructive of the weakest parts of human nature."

Filings from Kennan Dandar, attorney for Lisa's aunt, Dell Liebreich, were posted this week. She is suing the Scientology entity doing business at the Fort Harrison Hotel.

"DELL LIEBREICH, maternal aunt of LISA McPHERSON, has been appointed as the Personal Representative of the ESTATE OF LISA MCPHERSON as evidenced by the Letters of Administration dated February 4, 1997.

"At all times material herein, the Defendant, CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY d/b/a CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, FLAG SERVICE ORGANIZATION, INC. is a management church of the collection of unincorporated organizations and a multitude of corporations within a nominal corporate structure collectively known as the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, where each nominal corporation or organization is the alter ego of the other, comprised of similar officers and directors with disregard of corporate structure doing business under many names such as INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTOLOGISTS, CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY, SEA ORG and RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER, doing business throughout the state of Florida, with offices located in Hillsborough County and Pinellas County, Florida, as well as throughout the world under the above names and other names of which LISA McPHERSON was a member. The Defendant, CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY d/b/a CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, FLAG SERVICE ORGANIZATION, INC., delivers the highest level of Scientology services, training and auditing, including a technique known as 'Introspection Rundown'.

"At the said headquarter facilities, the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY , by and through their agents, representatives, employees, and/or other members, systematically began a series of techniques in following their own policies of THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY which included, but is not limited to, the technique known as 'Introspection Rundown'. This involved in part the total isolation of LISA McPHERSON in a room against her will.

"During her confinement, LISA McPHERSON slipped into a coma,. The care givers of the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY permitted LISA McPHERSON to remain in a coma for an extended period of time which resulted in severe dehydration and ultimately her death, even though it was obvious that while in a coma she needed nutrition, liquids and urgent medical care and treatment.

"Prior to deciding to take LISA McPHERSON to a hospital while she remained in the defendant's exclusive care, custody, and control, the members of the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY willfully, intentionally , maliciously and as a result of their members culpable negligence ignored her medical condition which required urgent medical care.

"On or about December 5, 1995, the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, after observing LISA McPherson in an unconscious state and severely dehydrated for several days, decided for the first time to seek professional medical help and rather return her to the nearest medical facility, Morton Plant Hospital, drove her to a hospital some 20 miles away in their private van, rather than an ambulance, where the emergency room physician, a fellow Scientologist, was located.

"The above actions of the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY lasted a total of 17 days which resulted in the death upon arrival of LISA MCPHERSON on December 5, 1995, at Columbia/HCA New Port Richey Hospital due to extreme bed rest and extreme dehydration.

"The above actions of the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY were the result of persisting in their attempt to subdue the will of LISA McPHERSON so that she would succumb to the will of the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY."

Scientology will have access to some back-up documentation from the medical examiner's office, in a ruling handed down by Judge Bob Barker this week. From UPI:

"A Pinellas County circuit judge has decided the Church of Scientology will get little of the information it sought from the medical examiner's office that handled the autopsy of church member Lisa McPherson, who died while in the care of Scientologists.

"Circuit Judge Bob Barker ruled that most of Wood's materials are exempt from the state's public records law...but the church is entitled to see notes taken during the autopsy, the autopsy report and various lab reports and slides regarding physical specimens. McPherson's death is under investigation by several law enforcement agencies."

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Is Luckman Interactive out of business? The Scientologist-owned business has been reported in trouble due to a suit from a creditor over lavish treatment of executives and large contributions to Scientology. basicPRO magazine reported that on the shutdown of Luckman.

"MicroHelp, a division of Luckman Interactive, is no longer selling or providing technical support for any component products.

"[A]ll further business of Luckman Interactive was stopped - as the company is under the rights of the US-bankruptcy. The rights for specific MircoHelp-Programming-Tools partially have to be organized yet, but they will be returned to their original developers in most cases - like EllTech, Squirrel, TMS for example."

Brian Eggers, marketing manager for Luckman, disputes the reports of the company's demise.

"The statements you have made about Luckman Interactive are unfounded and untrue. Luckman Interactive is fully operational and not 'bankrupt' as you have stated. We acquired MicroHelp late last year and are in the process of integrating those operations into our Los Angeles headquarters. Their 800 number now rings directly into our sales/support lines. Their assets were not 'seized by creditors'.

"We'll be exhibiting two new products at the upcoming Internet World show, March 12-14, in the L.A. Convention Center. These products are Web Studio, a suite of Web page design applications, and Web Commander 2.0, the first major upgrade of our server product."

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OSA Forgeries

Margaret Huffstickler posted two allegedly forged letters from Garry Scarff and Steve Fishman. The documents were alleged to have been forged by Scientology's OSA in order to create distrust and interrupt investigations by German news organizations. Steve forwarded a copy of the letters to the FBI. Excerpts from a letter to Helena Kobrin, which Steve Fishman denies writing:

"I recently met with WDR (German public television) and their advisor Marty Ottman where I endeavored to inform them of the mysterious deaths which have been caused by your organization, including the recent death of Lisa McPherson. As you are undoubtedly aware, Bud Fields (any relation to Bert Fields??) was murdered to get him out of the way so that the Sea Org ship, the Freewinds (formerly known as Le Boheme) could be purchased. While in Clearwater, WDR spent some time with the Clearwater Police who were more than happy to find a TV station which was not under blackmail by your organization.

"As an advisor to WDR on the covert operations of the Guardian's Office for which I worked for many years, and for which I went to prison, I will be getting a chance to tell the people of Germany about the political operations I worked on as an agent for the Guardian,s Office to manipulate world currency, such as Operation Paper Chase. One of your organization's other agents, Garry Scarff, who on behalf of your fellow lawyer, Rick Moxon, attempted to cut the brake lines of Cynthia Kisser, so that she would lose control while driving and make her resulting death appear to be an accident, has consented to be interviewed by WDR. Scarff was subjected to blackmail from your organization (he is suffering from AIDS) and I know he is now working again as an OSA agent and has been hired to have sex with Graham Berry. I am not sure that he has revealed his status to WDR and I advise you to inform your friend Mr. Moxon that he had better have Scarff come clean.

"This, and the evidence they will be including in their documentary from other victims of your organization, will provide the German government with more than enough evidence to enact a ban on Scientology, something which has not happened since it was banned as a result of the Australian inquiry."

>From an allegedly forged letter from Garry Scarff to Steve Fishman:

"To answer one of your questions, I did take the opportunity to enter the premises of Scientology/FLAG in Clearwater on Wednesday. One was to visit a spectacular Christmas tree put up in the Cleveland Street Building and another was to get directions to the Winter Wonderland display and Lemon Tree Restaurant. To allude that I was doing something sinister or that I remain a working associate of OSA is ludicrous, though given the circumstances of my past associations with associates of the Cult Awareness Network & all of its wacko supporters, I've come to regret burning my bridges with the Scientology organization. I think many of your comments suggest an unhealthy paranoia on your part that requires some examination & treatment from a mental health expert.

"In the past several months, I've been alerted to various interesting statements that have allegedly been posted by you on the internet which have been false slanderous. As I do not own a computer, nor have access to Internet, it is interesting that out of the blue, friends of mine whom do have Internet come across my name in various fashions. Where you get the idea to spread the deliberate lie that I was invited by David Miscavige's brother, Ron, to join his staff by moving into his guesthouse is amusing but, ridiculous. For you to suggest that those allegations were made known to you by undisclosed members of your network makes them even more disturbing. considering that members I've spoken to, whom know you well, define you in ways that are very unflattering and totally lacking in credibility.

"As for the consistent sentiments of our 'friend' Priscilla Coates, the old cunt can rot in hell for all I care. She and her pedophile pal Mr. Erlich make great bedside companions.

"I have no more use for the swarthy and coercive manipulation of attorneys who make their money trashing other people's beliefs and convictions, and leaving their victims on the roadside without compassion or concern. I celebrated when I heard that Rick Moxon won the case against CAN and put Cynthia Kisser on the unemployment line. Perhaps now, we can return to a world of civility where we can agree to disagree, without waging a senseless war against each other over ideology where nothing is accomplished but renders many victims. Steven, have you ever really taken hard look outside of the environment of Graham Berry & friends, to see where your life is going when it is always consumed of hatred and a passion for venting that onto the world? Is it really worth destroying your life over it? For years, I followed a path that brought me security and emotional reward, associating with members of CAN and with the Church of $cientology, and I came walking away from both feeling used and detrimentally affected."

Message-ID: <33173A97.31DF@worldnet.att.net>


OSA Visits

In preparation for next week's protest in Clearwater, members of Scientology's OSA began calling on a.r.s participants this week. From Maggie Council:

"I got mine on Tuesday. I didn't particularly want to talk to Bennetta Slaughter, who claimed to be Lisa McPherson's best friend, but I spent a few minutes on the phone with her. It was the things she didn't tell me that bothered me. Like that she also was Lisa's boss at AMC Publishing in Clearwater. Like that she had been sent to 'handle' me, to convince me not to attend the candlelight vigil.

"And it bugged me that, for someone who just lost her best friend, she was more interested in dead-agenting Lisa's family than finding out what really happened to her friend, amid all the contradictions. She didn't tell me anything substantial, anything that could be independently verified, or anything to make me wonder anything other than why she was wasting my time telling me all this.

"I felt sorry for her. OSA has given her a tough job and I don't think she'll succeed."

Jeff Lee recorded, transcribed and annotated his conversation with Bennetta Slaughter and New York OSA John Carmichael.

"And that what's occurring, for whatever reason, has nothing to do with Lisa. Whatsoever. We know that unequivocally. And the reason that we know that unequivocally is because, very frankly, Jeff, there are lies that are being told in the paper. I can give you examples. I'm not -- you know, it's like, whatever happens on this, the truth will come out. Because obviously the church is interested in investigating this and handling this [inaudible]. Maggie asked me -- you know I called Maggie.

"JC: (raising voice) Listen, can we -- ah, can we talk -- JL: Sure. JC: You know, I don't want -- I don't want to make this into a game. Can we turn off the recorders and just talk person to person here? JL: Do you plan on saying something you don't want recorded? JC: No, no, I just want to talk, like, man to man, person to person. JL: We can't do that with those on? I'd prefer to have it recorded, so that nobody -- neither one of us -- can say, 'Well, this person said that,' and it didn't really happen. JC: Well, we have -- we have witnesses here. JL: But that's verbatim. If I wanted to say what happens, and I get something wrong, you know... I don't want to get something wrong. BW: If anything, for accuracy. BS: What I'm here to do is to say to you, don't use my friend as a poster child -- because that's what Maggie said she was!

"[Maggie Council says: what I actually said was something like,] ['I'm sorry that you lost your best friend, and that you ] [perceive she is being used as some sort of poster child. It ] [must be very difficult for you.' ]

"BS: My friend is *not* a poster child! I can't handle that! I just can't. I'm asking you to be decent about it. You have an objection, *have* your objection. I can't say I *like* your objection; I can't even say I want you to have the objection! I'd love for you *not* to have the objection. It's not about Lisa if you do that. You're being used by the Establishment if you do that. JL: [laughs (Ooooo, I'm being Used By The Establishment!)]"

I also received a call, and posted a report to a.r.s.

"I was called last night by Pam Valinksy. She's OSA from New York, and she wanted to meet with me and bring along Tim Loomis, DSA of the Philly org. I declined the visit, not last night, and not through the weekend. Mostly, she begged for a personal visit, but we spoke about a number of other issues in-between. She wanted to know if something could be resolved, if meeting a 'real' scientologist would help, if all my questions had been answered. All my questions have been answered.

"She seemed to want to put a guilt trip on me about the effects of the materials on the Internet on Scientology families. When I asked how many, she said about 15 families she knows of have had to have counselling because of the kids reading stuff about Scientology on the Internet. I really don't feel personally responsible for any family stress these folks. Scientology caused the stress by hurting people, I didn't cause stress by reporting it, week after week.

"We talked about the spam. She was in LA during the spam, and eventually admitted to knowing it was going on, but she didn't 'push the button', and that they were just 'having a little fun'. I disagreed with that description."

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Wayne Whitney

Wayne Whitney received some TV coverage of his pickets outside the San Francisco org this week.

"A TV news crew from Chile showed up to interview ME while I was picketing. They are currently working on a documentary on $cientology. They've been talking to a lot of people here in the states including some of the biggest cult experts.

"[W]e did about a ten minute interview with the Org's storefront as background. After that we spent about 15 minutes getting some additional footage of me picketing. After they had all they wanted from me right then they all went up to the front door. It looked like they wanted to go inside. What I sight THAT was! Just imagine this whole camera crew looking in the Org's front door, cameras, microphones, the whole bit. Several staff members had been at the door watching all of this taking place, even the executive director Linda Johnson. I've NEVER seen her out in front unless it was when she was going to get something to eat. She REALLY looked worried so I could tell that we were having some kind of an impact in there."

Message-ID: <19970224051300.AAA28966@ladder02.news.aol.com>


Scn News

Martin Ottmann posted excerpts from Scientology News International No. 3, including new bulletins, apparently written by David Miscavige. The issue announces a new set of Scientology inspectors, the Deputy Inspector Generals.

"The first, from May of 1996, was Inspector General Network Bulletin #22: 'A New Golden Age of Tech'. As the title implies, this Bulletin comprised a summary of the extensive investigation that led to the pivotal whys behind all training failures, culminating in the tools we now possess for the making of perfect auditors in any organization worldwide. Those tools, of course, include: that revolution in training, the Drills Simulator: that realization of the perfect E-Meter, the Quantum: and the training drills for our new generation of auditors. In short, the subject of IG Network Bulletin #22 is nothing less than a revolution in the application of LRH tech, and the consequences of that revolution are, at the very least, planetary.

"Sheer quantity of gain, is the real subject of IG Network Bulletins #27 and #27-1, and that gain is made possible with a series of revolutionary drills for the Solo NOTs auditor. As noted with the original release of those drills, the Solo NOTs auditor is required to employ a full 79 separate auditing skills - a greater number than at any level of The Bridge.

"Turning over his (Hubbard's) keeping Scientology hat presented unique problems. Ultimately, he realized that he needed to duplicate his complete exterior, the Scientology religion of all time. That organization is Religious Technology Center. And in forming RTC, he gave his KSW hat a name - that name is Inspector General. And today the hat of Inspector General is worn by Captain David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board RTC, his Deputy Inspector Generals and the Inspector General Network - soon to span the globe with representatives at every Sea Org service org."

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