Volume 1, Issue 6 vom 27. 05. 1996

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 1, Issue 6
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
copyright 1996


  1. Spam, Spam, Spam
  2. U.S. Attorney
  3. Ingo Swan/Jon Atack
  4. Liars Club
  5. Earthlink
  6. Steve's Lawyer
  7. Keith Henson
  8. Wollersheim Wins
  9. Lavenda Speaks
  10. May 18th
  11. Tom Klemesrud
  12. Sydney Volcano

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Spam, Spam, Spam

The cult of Scientology began a massive campaign of spam this week on alt.religion.scientology. They posted thousands of articles from a variety of accounts, but with the same content, over and over. The articles all began with this paragraph:

"Many falsehoods and inaccurate statements regarding several aspects of the religion of Scientology have been observed on ars. The purpose of this message is to give you a sample of the true data from the book 'What is Scientology?' and show you where you can look to get the full contents of this book."

The first articles were posted by "Chris Maple" through a remailer at Yale University. Ron Newman reported the response from Yale.

"The Yale postmaster has informed me that they have now blocked *all* posting to a.r.s. via their mail-to-news gateway. So please don't harass the Yale postmasters or administrators.

"By the way, the postmaster says that there were 886 attempts to send messages to a.r.s. through this gateway during a 28-hour period ending around 4 this morning."

Marina Chong provided a summary of some of the first spam accounts.

"SPAMMER 1: 'Chris Maple' <chrismpl@a.crl.com>, 300+ articles Organization: Yale CS Mail/News Gateway

"SPAMMER 2: Brad, apparently from dsphere.net One of four spammers who used Zippo's nntp server to spam a.r.s. When Joe Zip of zippo.com was informed about this he took immediate action and cancelled all the spam before it propagated out.

"SPAMMER 3: DOLPHIN, apparently from dsphere.net One of four spammers who used Zippo's nntp server to spam a.r.s. When Joe Zip of zippo.com was informed about this he took immediate action and cancelled all the spam before it propagated out.

"SPAMMER 4: Dan, apparently from dsphere.net One of four spammers who used Zippo's nntp server to spam a.r.s. When Joe Zip of zippo.com was informed about this he took immediate action and cancelled all the spam before it propagated out.

"SPAMMER 5: ars Information Service, apparently from dsphere.net One of four spammers who used Zippo's nntp server to spam a.r.s. When Joe Zip of zippo.com was informed about this he took immediate action and cancelled all the spam before it propagated out.

"SPAMMER 6: geron83545@aol.com (Geron83545) Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)

"SPAMMER 7: 'Nathan Slade' <nathan@dxnet.com>
Organization: Yale CS Mail/News Gateway

"SPAMMER 8: 'Jamie Bryson' <mach1.directnet.com!jamie@hklink.net> <--- from Hong Kong Organization: Association for Internet Resources

"SPAMMER 9: goldwyn@vividnet.com (Dennis Goldwyn) Organization: Vivid Internet Production

"SPAMMER 10: pezaril@vividnet.com (ARS INFO SERVICE) Organization: ARS INFO SERVICE

"SPAMMER 11: shirley@netvoyage.net (Shirley Lemaine) Organization: Netvoyage Internet Access Provider

The news administrator of Vivid Internet Production posted an apology for spam originating from their site.

"I apologize for the devious actions of our users. The two accounts, goldwyn and pezaril, have been de-activated. In an effort to avoid such doings in the future, I will try to put a restriction on number of articles an user will be allowed to post. If you have such script or patch already written, please e-mail them to me."

Speculation as to why the cult started the campaign has been ongoing. Mike O'Connor provided this analysis of possible motives.

"* Get DejaNews, etc. to stop archiving a.r.s. With tens of thousands of spam messages, perhaps those pesky archivers will stop archiving a.r.s, at least temporarily. It took the cult time and effort to get NOTs pulled off them.

"* Get ISPs to expire a.r.s. articles more quickly or stop carrying it. Disk drives are being filled, making the group as big as some of the binaries. I think at least one person already said they shortened their a.r.s expire time.

"* Close news posting gateways by abusing them. At least one gate has been closed to a.r.s posting. Could this have been a reason for spamming through that gate?

"* Reduce readership of a.r.s by requiring killfiling. On my Mac, I use VA-NewsWatcher, which not only makes it trivial to kill the spam, but mine color codes the regular posters. Critics blue, cultists red, spammers gray. You can't read a.r.s easily if you don't have killfile ability. People without it may find a.r.s too much trouble to read.

"* Drown out critical discussions or embarrassing information. On the other hand, if you are reading this post, it didn't work!

"* Cause critics to abandon a.r.s. for another group. Moving to, or setting up, another group may cause readers to lose touch, or result in less propagation."

"Karl Kluge" provided stats on the spam articles that reached his site.

"Of the 9636 posts on our server from March 17 to the present, 4809 have been posted (all in the last six days) by the following 'posters':

"1281 'ARS INFO SERVICE' 1254 'Shirley Lemaine' 978 'Nathan Slade' 688 'Chris Maple' 410 'jeremy rojas' 207 'Aline Gervais' 86 'gordon e. jones' 72 'Emily Faulkner' 37 'steve_weston' 8 'william rexham'"

Message-ID: <4o4htn$5lr@kalypso.cybercom.net>
Message-ID: <4o6kkr$d9q@clark.zippo.com>
Message-ID: <4o5ejt$qvq@cancer.vividnet.com>
Message-ID: <lepton-2605960507530001@lepton.dialup.access.net>
Message-ID: <92og28mrf0f.fsf_-_@krusty.eecs.umich.edu>


U.S. Attorney

Arnie Lerma posted a letter from Chief Judge Kovachevich to United States Attorney Charles Wilson, dated May 22, 1996. It is unclear what complaints the judge refers to.

"I received the enclosed letter from Mr. Lerma on May 6, 1996. Upon a review of the letter, I have concluded that Mr. Lerma's complaints are in the nature of criminal activity for which he appears to desire investigation. Since the requested action is not within the purview of my judicial authority, I am forwarding the letter to you for whatsoever processing and proceedings which you may determine to be appropriate."

Message-ID: <4o7vkn$edp@news.dgsys.com>

Ingo Swan/Jon Atack

Jane Staller posted a letter from Ingo Swan concerning Jon Atack's forthcoming book "Scientology: The Hubbard Intelligence Agency".

"The first part of the chapter is purloined (since no credits are given) from a TV documentary produced in August 1995 by Wall to Wall television in England, written and narrated by Jim Schnabel.

"The rest of the chapter about Hubbard's intelligence agency is a kind of mish-mash which even I, a former scientologist, found difficult to follow. But Atack should be in a good position to review Hubbard's agency since many have alleged that he was for a long time a secretive worker in the B2 part of it.

"Atack's main hypothesis appears to be that there WERE direct links between Hubbard and the CIA. Veteran scientologists, whether past or present, will roll over laughing about this idea.

"It was, and still is, very well known that Hubbard hated government, media, and all other organizations everywhere because he felt they emanated from the 'Reactive Mind' which was the source of all human craziness. Thus he sought to REMOVE his organization from all of those sources of craziness."

Jon Atack responded to the criticism.

"I was never a member of the Guardian's Office in any capacity (not even a 'GAS' or an 'FSM'). Ingo is not practising what he preaches with regard to research. I also find his unfounded accusation insulting, and feel he really should apologise for it. I have never worked for, nor in any way been involved in any Intelligence Agency.

"Ingo however did work for Intelligence Agencies for over a decade according to his own filmed admission. He doesn't make any specific criticism of the text of my draft chapter, but churns out Hubbardesque invective. Read 'A Piece of Blue Sky' and make your own mind up, dear reader."

Message-ID: <31a61a8c.49238449@news.snafu.de>
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.960522230606.258A-100000@light.lightlink.com>


Liars Club

David Gerard posted an announcement of an upcoming broadcast on Australian television.

"ACA, on Ch.9 Australia, has interviewed or is interviewing Tony McClelland (CultAware), Adam Joseph (Liars' Club), Virginia Kee (CoS Australia), Kath Letch (3-RRR manager) and Cyril Vosper (ex-Scientologist who compared the CoS to Nazis [1]) re: the ABA vs the Liars Club thing.

"Expected to be broadcast late this week or early next week. There could be CoS injunctions, but they won't really make that much difference - this story won't go away, and could be brought out at any time.

"We also have our MENTION IN PARLIAMENT. Kelvin Thomson (Labor member for Wills) brought up the ABA/CoS/Liars' Club thing last Thursday at about 5:22pm. He asked Senator Richard Alston (Minister for Communications) to demand of the ABA that they review the decision re: the Liars' Club."

Message-ID: <4o8rnl$lq2@cougar.vut.edu.au>



The Los Angeles Times published an article on Earthlink, the Internet provider founded by cult member Sky Dayton.

"EarthLink's expansion, however, has so far been privately funded by an eclectic mix of investors, including El Dorado Ventures, a venture capitalist firm; Warren Musser, president of Safeguard Scientific; and National Media Corp., an infomercial production company.

"Discussions on Internet news groups such as la.general and alt.religion.scientology and a World Wide Web site have focused on Dayton's affiliation with the church - and on the actions of another Earthlink employee in battling church critics on the Internet.

"Dayton acknowledges that at the beginning, a large portion of EarthLink employees were Scientologists. With the company's growth, though, the proportion has fallen to a small fraction, he says.

"Earthlink also used Hubbard management techniques in its early days. Dayton says the Hubbard methods are secular and have nothing to do with the religion of Scientology, and that in any case they are no longer in use at the company.

Tom Klemesrud posted a follow-up article concerning a member of Earthlink's Board of Directors.

"Two days after the Los Angeles Times identified Ingram Micro Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Linwood A. ('Chip') Lacy Jr. as a Board Director of Scientologist run Earthlink; the Los Angeles Times reports that Chip Lacy has resigned from Ingram Micro.

"Los Angeles Times Wednesday May 22, 1996

"INGRAM MICRO EXECUTIVE RESIGNS: In an untimely management jolt, Linwood A. Lacy Jr. resigned as chief executive of Ingram Micro Inc., just months before the giant computer products distributor was to go public.

"Lacy was the highest-ranking outsider in a company owned and run by the Ingram family of Tennessee. In fact, Lacy's decision to resign stemmed from a subtle power struggle between Lacy and the family, said David Dukes, co-chairman of Ingram Micro. The disagreement centered on control of certain functions and decisions as Ingram Micro's parent company planned a complex break-up."

Message-ID: <31a29250.2905302@nntp.ix.netcom.com>
Message-ID: <9605230242.03SLQ06@support.com>


Steve's Lawyer

Amid seemingly contradictory statements that he was proceeding in his court case pro se, and that his lawyer has advised him to reduce his discussion of the case on the Internet, Steve Fishman clarified the situation in a post this week.

"Ford [Greene] became my lawyer on April 30, 1996."

Message-ID: <4o34ni$r4e@dfw-ixnews9.ix.netcom.com>


Keith Henson

Keith posted a filing by the cult requesting dismissal of Keith's counterclaims in his copyright infringement/trade secret case.

"Henson's first purported counterclaim for 'Conspiracy against rights' under 18 U.S.C. 241,1 fails to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, because neither a private right of action nor civil liability is created by that statute;

"Henson's third purported counterclaim for 'Conspiracy against civil rights' under 42 U.S.C. 1985(3)2 fails to state a claim on which relief can be granted because RTC's alleged conduct was not motivated by the racial or other class-based discriminatory animus required by that statute and because Henson has not alleged any state action necessary to support a conspiracy claim to infringe First Amendment rights;

"Henson's second purported counterclaim for 'International Infliction of Emotional Distress,' is a permissive counterclaim under Fed.R.Civ.P. 13(b) which, in the absence of any independent jurisdictional basis, is beyond the subject matter jurisdiction of the Court; and

"Given even the most charitable reading of Henson's claims, under no circumstances can Henson's factual allegations lead to any recovery in this Court under any cognizable legal theory. As a result, Henson's counterclaims must be dismissed with prejudice."

Message-ID: <hkhensonDrLFJC.BEF@netcom.com>


Wollersheim Wins

Arnie Lerma and Tom Klemesrud posted news this week that the California Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of Larry Wollersheim's victory in his SLAPP case. "They returned immediately the 'REMITTUR' so that Wollershiem may begin collecting the $260,000 plus costs awarded to him as sanctions for this frivolous new law suit.

"Normally it takes 30 days to get a REMITTUR, the Calif Supreme Court turned it around in 2 days. Wollershiem's attorneys are now searching through Cof$ of Calif records as ordered by the Bankruptcy court."

"This Appeals court decision is at http://www.callaw.com/b084686.html

"It is reference to as the Scientologists 'dead dog defense,' because it deals with their claims that Judge Swearinger was prejudice against them because his dog mysteriously drowned in his swimming pool, and the tires of his car were slashed."

Message-ID: <4o80i7$edp@news.dgsys.com>
Message-ID: <9605231349.0JFKC03@support.com>


Lavenda Speaks

Lavenda Van Schaick sent two messages to the Internet this week. One through Arnie Lerma, and one through Pim Van de Meurs. She denies posting to a.r.s to denounce Steve Fishman earlier this year.

>From Arnie:

"For the person that got onto the internet to present themselves as me, I consider you in high treason in the universe. And since everyone has considered I'm still playing this game in this universe I'm now playing.

"To the the other OT's that I have as friends and that know me, I will say this to you: The only way through this gateway is through what I call an ultraviolet light of parallel universe, that has been created in this conclusion.

"The water of the sea is smooth and knows the moon in its surface, the clouds disappear in the blue space, the mountains shine clear, consciousness reverts to contemplation and the moon disk rests alone. And to the world I say go with love,

"Lavenda VanSchaick 206 445 9449

"To: Heber Jentz & Michael Flynn - I still consider you both in treason in the universe."

>From Pim:

"To scientologists and non-scientologists and to anyone who would like to talk to me, my phone number is (206)-445-9449. I know who I am and I do exist. This phone number will be available until june 3rd (about) after that date I will be unavailable and I say this from love and forgiveness: I wish you all to remember the wonderful things like seeing a child smile while blowing out his birthday candles or holding hands with someone you love while watching the sun set. I hope you all find that. I am very thankful that I got to walk on to a wonderful life and to keep my honesty and integrity."

Message-ID: <4o23q8$15h@news.dgsys.com>
Message-ID: <Drz40K.8I4@eskimo.com>


May 18th

A summary of the cult's May 18th event in Los Angeles was anonymously posted this week.

"1. 40+ packs of various technical drills (a bit similar in structure to the Tiger Drill of the 60's) That was the main release.

"2. Corresponding updates to the Student Hat, levels 0-IV, NED course, VGrad course and SHSBC. Also there are Auditor Certainty Courses for already trained auditors.

"3. Mark VII Quantum E-meter (with an automatic sensitivity adjustment for Hi/Lo TA cases)

"4. E-Meter reads electronic emulator. basically you plug in the E-Meter, push a button and it produces a corresponding read.

"5. E-Metering course. It's much like the Flag Metering Course minus FDS (False data Stripping procedure) and M9 (method 9 word clearing)

"6. Flag-Trained Word Clearers and Course Supervisors were put in every Class V and above Org."

Message-ID: <4ntfhu$h1a@netaxs.com>


Tom Klemesrud

Tom Klemesrud posted a letter from his attorney to Elliot Abelson, attorney for the cult.

"May 17, 1996 Dear Mr. Abelson:

"When you advised me that you had already dictated your reply to my letter of May 3, 1996, I inquired as to the contents of your response. You advised me that your client was going to respond with a $50,000 demand for settlement but further, that your client insisted on a mutual release. I again advised you that I believed a mutual release was a non-starter and if you were serious about settling this case, this would be a term that would simply have to be dropped.

"Now that we have been 'negotiating' for some time, I would like to clarify a point. It is my understanding that you represent both Bridge Publications and RTC. I assume you are conducting settlement negotiations on behalf of both of these entities and that any settlement at any amount will be as to both of these entities. Please clarify this situation as there is no point in discussing settlement in this matter unless my client is going to walk away from this litigation and all potential involvement with your clients."

Message-ID: <9605181257.0I7LC00@support.com>


Sydney Volcano

The Sydney Morning Herald on May 4th published an article about the cult's billboard in the theater district, which was posted to a.r.s this week.

"The 330-square-metre billboard, including a five-metre-high television screen, will be used to promote L. Ron Hubbard's 1950 book Dianetics, the foundation stone of the Church of Scientology. "Unveiled by Hollywood scientologist Nancy Cartwright - the voice of cartoon character Bart Simpson - the volcano has been positioned on the facade of the Metro Theatre building.

"The managing director of Woodbridge & Associates, Ms Carmel Underwood, a scientologist for 16 years, told the Herald the volcano symbolised the 'power and strength of dianetics'. She said the volcano would play 'commercials' for dianetics, portraying 'graphic scenes that depict mental health issues followed by the dianetics solution'. "'Dianetics is not religion. Dianetics deals with the area of mental health and enables people to eradicate unwanted mental conditions that we as people all have to contend with. Dianetics is used by people of all denominations,' Ms Underwood said."

Message-ID: <4nm54d$v@cougar.vut.edu.au>