Volume 1, Issue 8

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 1, Issue 9
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
copyright 1996


  1. Spam Continues
  2. Discovery Channel
  3. Earthlink IPO
  4. Handling SO
  5. Grady Ward
  6. Australian Mission Closed
  7. FACTNet News
  8. Lavenda Transcript
  9. Remailer Questioned
  10. Lerma to Judge Kovachevich
  11. AOL Former Scientologists
  12. Bomber Pleads Guilty
  13. New Hubbard Book
  14. Tom Cruise
  15. FBI Documents

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Spam Continues

Waves of hundreds of repeated messages continued to pour into a.r.s this week. Attention has been focused on Directnet. It appears all of the spammed messages are being sent to NNTP servers throughout the net, but originating from Directnet.

Robert Clark (henry) was among those calling for strong protest of Directnet's inability or unwillingness to stop the spam.

"DIRECTNET has been utterly unresponsive to the use of their system to launch massive spam attacks on alt.religion.scientology by theft of services, forgery, and mailbombing of mail-to-news gateways at Yale and other sites.

"If you are a customer of uunet, please direct complaints to help@uu.net or call 1-800-900-0241 and select option 4. I believe this will connect you to Tamara Bowman.

"If you are a uunet customer, be very clear to mention that you are a (soon-to-be-ex-) customer, that the complaint concerns Directnet's spamming, both the current spam-bomb against ars and their other spammers as well, and that this is unacceptable."

Dennis Erlich called Directnet and reported his conversation.

"I spoke to Mark [Kelley] yesterday. He said he has tried to locate the source of the spam but does not have the resources to do so. He was upset that people could have imagined that his service should be identified as a potential friend of the scieno-spammers.

"He said he was willing to accept help in turning off the spam, but that if he couldn't, he'd be closing Usenet access on Directnet shortly.

"I believe that he was sincere in wanting to stop the spam, but just doesn't have the resources or the skills to do so."

System operator Otto J. Makela in Finland posted the following explanation of the postings made through his NNTP server.

"Some representative of the Church of Scientology from directnet.com has been using our news server without authorization to flood alt.religion.scientology with explanations about scientology, about a thousand articles in total.

"We have not condoned this use, and our news server is not intended for public access. We've removed access to our news server and issued cancels for these messages."

Message-ID: <4p9vmf$2ko@nyx10.cs.du.edu>
Message-ID: <31b8a70f.6278092@news.primenet.com>
Message-ID: <OTTO.96Jun3160249@tukki.jyu.fi>


Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel broadcast a program on hypnosis recently, which included a segment on Scientology. Excerpts from several accounts of the program by Eddie Wolfe, Martin Hunt and Monica Pignotti.

"A show on the Discovery Channel yesterday was on the subject of hypnosis. They discussed Scientology and its use of hypnosis. Said the scienos don't call it that, but the effect is the same."

"The two high-level ex-Scns are none other than Robert Vaughn Young and his wife Stacy; also seen is a short bit with Steve Hassan, author of the excellent book 'Combating Cult Mind Control.'"

"There was a demonstration of TRs, which was exactly what I was talking about in the paper I posted about how the CofS uses mind control. Paul Grosswald, Vaughn & Stacy Young and Steve Hassan are all featured. The show also presented ways in which hypnosis can be constructively used, such as in helping people to overcome phobias, which I think is an important point for people to realize."

Message-ID: <31B78213.534E@wnstar.com>
Message-ID: <4pb92i$rlo@freenet-news.carleton.ca>
Message-ID: <4pc8a9$333@newsbf02.news.aol.com>


Earthlink IPO

Earthlink is preparing to go public. Earthlink is an Internet Service Provider founded by cult member and graduate of the cult's Delphian Academy, Sky Dayton.

"Earthlink Network Inc. filed for an initial public offering of 3.6 million common shares. In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company said it expects the shares to come to market at between $10 and $12 a share.

"Proceeds will be used for enhancements to the company's network infrastructure, for new service and product introductions, for potential acquisitions and other general purposes."

Message-ID: <4ovkkr$quc@basement.replay.com>


Handling SO

A description by an anonymous poster of a recent and unwelcome encounter with a Sea Org member.

"Like when the SO guy followed me last weekend, I learned this new trick. I went into a bookstore and finally found a few Dianetics books in the 'self- help section'. I moved half of them to science-fiction, and then other half to the psychology section. The SO grabbed the ones out of science-fiction and moved them back to self-help, but he couldn't even set foot in the psych section. He tried spotting the book and then closing his eyes, moving into the psych section, and trying to pick it up, but I'd bump into him when he tried that. He also tried asking others to get the Dianetics books for him, but just got weird looks. If you're ever being followed by an SO'er that's what you do to ditch him, just walk off and he'll be sitting there thinking of a way he can get into the psych section to retrieve the Dianetics books without getting rundown by entheta from having to find them in the psych section."

Message-ID: <4pafv8$rj@basement.replay.com>


Grady Ward

Grady Ward's off site backup discs have been taken for examination. He is accused of posting trade secret documents as Scamizdat.

"[O]n Monday, June 3, 1996, the local clerk and part-time US Magistrate Larry Nord of Eureka, CA accompanied Grady Ward into the Bank of America vault in Arcata, CA and took possession of 9 128 Mb Magneto-Optical Disks containing more than 750 HD diskettes-worth of zipped data.

"Grady says, 'Want to know what they'll find? Nada. But I betcha it will take a lot of expensive special master hours to come to that conclusion. I hope they have fun looking.'"

Message-ID: <seekon-0506961548220001@sjx-ca22-06.ix.netcom.com>>


Australian Mission Closed

David Gerard posted that the King Street mission (Perth) has closed.

"They are no longer at 39-41 King street, and the site, still empty, has no forwarding note. Chances are that they have shut down entirely. However, I do remember there was talk of the Cof$ moving to a location closer to the bus station.

Message-ID: <4p4hj8$e63@news.mel.aone.net.au>


FACTNet News

Arnie Lerma posted the latest news from Larry Wollersheim and FACTNet.

"At second receivership hearing for cof$ of Calif the judge gave CSC 90 days to comply with ALL of Wollershiem's document requests if NOT he will (underlined) appoint a Bankruptcy Receiver over CofSofC. About 45 days have past, and still CofS of C will not produce the specific documents repeatedly requested.

"FACTNet won its claim against Coriegis insurance, Coriegis ordered to provide coverage PLUS legal costs."

This means that FACTNet will have legal expenses covered for a while, and they win back the money expended to obtain the additional coverage.

Message-ID: <4p1prf$21u@news.dgsys.com>


Lavenda Transcript

A transcript of a sometimes rambling statement made by Lavenda Van Schaick Dukoff was posted this week. It alleges that Las Vegas Mission officials participated in two rapes, two murders, kidnapping and torture in the mid 1970's. Lavenda now intends to go into hiding from the cult. Some excerpts:

"David [Sandweiss] got involved with breaking into a Psychiatrist's office at the same time that Quentin's death was going on, which was a pretty crazy thing. He told me that he was ordered by the Guardian's Office to kill himself because he got caught breaking into the offices and they handed him this particular piece of information.

"When she [Lavenda's sister Lisa] went over to his house, he told her that she had to leave because he had some people coming that were really important, she thought it was some girl that he was screwing around with, so she waited in the bushes. Two people entered David's apartment house, a gun went off, the two people left, my sister froze, did not move in the bushes.

"[A]fter the incident with David Sandweiss, is that Mattie and Chuck Reiss wanted to take me over to their house, because they were going to make me this most wonderful Guardian's Office operative and teach me some more information,. And what happened was something was dropped, I don't know what it was, and Artie Marin raped me.

"She [Lisa] was picked up by three guys when she was coming from a music event. and by the way, Arnie, this is not public knowledge this whole detail. She was getting into a cab, forced into a yellow cab, taken to an isolated area, raped by all three men, not one of them. They took joy out of doing this, shot with sodium pentathol, LSD, and a truth serum, and beaten black and blue. She ended up in an institution for six months over the incident, and did not speak to me for almost two years after this incident.

"In regards to an unsolved murder, his name was Louis Pagliarro. He went to take the upper OT levels, he finished through OT3. He didn't like what he got on OT3, went into the org and told them he wanted a refund and if he didn't get a refund, which was, it was a lot of money, within 24 hours he was going to take the OT levels to press and give it to the Las Vegas Sun. Louis Pagliarro was found in his living room, cut up in little pieces.

"[Lavenda on answering machine] Hi, this is Lavenda, and I will be changing residence and the phone will be changed. So my family and friends, I will contact you later. And to everyone else, I wish you well in whatever you do. And that's kind of it, so you got another day to leave messages on this voice mail that I'll be picking up. And I will contact everyone when I get moved that I need to contact. Thanks, bye."

Message-ID: <4p3qdm$k77@netaxs.com>


Remailer Questioned

A translation of an article written in Finnish was posted this week, describing an attempt to get user information from a Finnish system that operates an anonymous remailer. Speculation runs high that the investigation is of the Penet system, breached once before in the "AB" incident, and is related to the Scamizdat case against Grady Ward.

"The police in the Helsinki area are continuing their investigation of a case, where a net system admin was interrogated, as they wanted to know who had sent a message anonymously. Kaj Malmberg is the investigator in this case. The police considered the posting to be a minor copyright offence, and could not merely on this ground do a search of a home.

"The operator refused to give out any information about who had used his computer to send out a news message anonymously. The operator thought that he had no right to give out any info, in the light of the Finnish law on computer and record privacy. The party who had reported the copyright offence to the police, now demands the police to take this matter to court. A motion was filed at the local court in Helsinki. The court is asked to force the operator to give out the information, as it could not be obtained by getting a search warrant."

Message-ID: <4ot1t9$fim@reimari.uwasa.fi>


Lerma to Judge Kovachevich

Arnie Lerma posted a letter he sent to Judges Brinkema and Kovachevich concerning his case. Judge Kovachevich replied by referring the matter to a US Attorney. Some excerpts:

"I wish to bring to your attention details about this case that I consider important to state in light of your January 19th decision:

"Copyright to large portions of the Power processes, R6EW, the Clearing course, and OT 1 through 7 and some of the L series, (inclusive of what RTC describes as 'Advanced Technology') was granted by the US copyright office to Geoffrey Filbert April 25 1982, in a publication called Excalibur Revisited' which is mostly word-for-word transcriptions of Hubbard's written materials. some 450 pages, single spaced typing.

"The RTC list of copyrights for these materials are dated May 12th 1982. Mr. Filbert claims to have a handwritten letter from Hubbard granting him free use of the material. Dwayne Krohnke confirms that he has received a copy of the copyright filing from the copyright office that predates the RTC's filings.

"Throughout the preparation for this case, and directly resulting in extreme expense for my legal team, I have been deprived of the means to mount my own defense by not having my personal records to refer to during this massive litigation. I have yet to see them. The 'sanitized' copy of one of my hard disks provided by I-Net crashed shortly after receiving it.

"On Tuesday, the 15th of August, during a conference with chambers between attorneys at Hogan and Hartsen, Your Honor, and Earl Cooley at approximately 2PM, Earl Cooley expressed that this is the first he knew about Mr. Lerma being a member of the board of FACTNet, and having any insurance coverage to provide a defense. This was during a conference to request a delay of Wednesday's 'Video Deposition' of me by RTC. This fact is of significance because it betrays the true plan of RTC.

"On that day, just after the conference to get the delay of the Video deposition, I told attorneys of Hogan and Hartsen, that while the cult was searching my house, I had concluded that they had placed LSD on an electric toothbrush I use. I recounted the following details and was told to 'keep my mouth shut' because it would 'damage my credibility' and would be impossible to prove.

"After the shock of the raid itself, that Saturday morning, I didn't brush my teeth until Monday night. Being very tight fisted with money, I should have replaced the toothbrush head many, many months ago, it is worn, and must be run under hot water, while running, to loosen it up, so it continues to run while brushing one's teeth. After rinsing it very well under hot water I brushed my teeth and went to bed. About an hour later, I found myself VERY paranoid, and unable to relax. I attributed this, at first, to the extreme stress of the raid, until, some minutes later, I noted how clammy, and sweaty my palms were, and then, with my eyes shut, I began to hallucinate, geometric images

"I got out of bed, and then realized, having taken LSD in the 1960's perhaps 10 times, that I had been drugged. I called Kemp Harshman, and described these events, he told be to call the police and make a report and go to the hospital.

"By this action, I feel, that the cult in fact, assumed I would be massively under the influence of LSD Saturday night through Tuesday, and while being in such a state, would have been unable to seek the legal aide I needed to delay the 'Video' deposition they planned for me.

"And on the basis of the above as well as the massive filings in this case, I beg you for leniency in rendering your opinion and the assessment of damages. Having spent months in depression, anxiety, and terror over the raid, and litigation, and the horrific thought that these people might actually be able to be after me financially for years, and tied up with the time required to attempt to educate the law firms involved about the 'church', and do what was required of me to attempt to mount a defense, I am already in the hole so far, it will likely take an act of providence to be made whole again. Electronic Frontier Foundation advises me that I have a valid claim for violation of my civil rights, regarding the taking of personal emails, however, these encouraging words are empty in the face of the fact that no law firm as of yet is willing to confront the Scientology litigation machinery to pursue a counter claim, without a six digit retainer."

"FROM: Chief Judge Kovachevich (initials)
TO: United States Attorney Charles Wilson

"I received the enclosed letter from Mr. Lerma on May 6, 1996. Upon a review of the letter, I have concluded that Mr. Lerma's complaints are in the nature of criminal activity for which he appears to desire investigation. Since the requested action is not within the purview of my judicial authority, I am forwarding the letter to you for whatsoever processing and proceedings which you may determine to be appropriate.

"I appreciate your consideration of the matter."

Message-ID: <4p2e02$2dg@news.dgsys.com>


OL Former Scientologists

The continuation of the America Online folder "Former Scientologists" is the subject of controversy between the cult and Jerry White (Sermoner1), moderator of the Religion & Ethics area of AOL. The cult wants the folder removed from Religion & Ethics.

"Date: 96-06-03 01:18:28 EDT
From: AlphOhm

"Sermoner, who detests the term 'fundie' has apparently been dragged into religious name calling of his own:

"'This folder, by it's charter should be a place where those coming out of Scn. can get support, encouragement and direction as they take this step. Having counseled many who have come out of *cults/false religions* [emphasis mine-A.O.], I can promise you that constantly talking about the past is not the way to go. Talking about the future is the path to take.'

"Jerry, I do not appreciate having my chosen religioecially by a representative of America Online. Your allowance of this folder here further demonstrates a usefulness in your 'crusade'. Why not step down and let someone less prone to bigotry hold the post of Religion and Ethics forum leader?

"I have sent a complaint to TOS Boards and Steve Case with a cc to you."

Jerry is also limiting the discussion in the Scientology folder, by declaring discussion of the Narconon drug program/recruitment tool off-topic. He quotes a cult member's post.

"Date: 96-06-04 19:04:52 EDT
From: Sermoner1

"'Narconon is a drug rehabilitation program which uses the technology of Mr. Hubbard to help people who have used drugs to get off the drugs and to improve their lives. The organization itself is not part of the Church of Scientology.'

"If this is the case, then the discussion of Narconon is off topic for this folder just as the discussion of artists who just happen to be Christian. The discussion of Narconon would be better placed in the Health forum."

Message-ID: <4oum2c$pgu@newsbf02.news.aol.com>
Message-ID: <4p2rd9$e26@newsbf02.news.aol.com>


Bomber Pleads Guilty

An article was posted this week from the Bakersfield Californian, June 1, concerning the case of a man convicted of felonies related to explosives and weapons. He was also linked to an attempt to bomb the cult's buildings in Los Angeles.

"The Oregon man who set off a massive explosion inside his van during a standoff with Bakersfield police in February pleaded guilty to three felonies in Superior Court on Friday.

"In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to drop four other felony charges against David Lee Enteman, 39, who will now face up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced June 27.

"An investigation by Bakersfield police revealed that Enteman was obsessed with the president of the International Church of Scientology, Karen Hollander, and intended to explode a bomb at church headquarters in Los Angeles."

Message-ID: <4p2176$5gm@newsbf02.news.aol.com>


New Hubbard Book

Bookstore databases have recently included an entry for a new book by cult founder L. Ron Hubbard, 10 years after his death.

"Dangerous Dimension
by L. Ron Hubbard

List: $17.95
Published by Bridge Pubns
Publication date: June 1996
ISBN: 1573180122

"Not Yet Available: You may still order this book. We will ship it to you when it is released by the publisher."

Message-ID: <152302Z05061996@anon.penet.fi>


Tom Cruise

People magazine published one of many articles in the US press this week on Tom Cruise. Portions of People's June 10th issue were posted concerning the cult.

"And there is always the Scientology issue, which follows Cruise like and ill-defined shadow. Cruise's membership in the secretive, powerful organization - whose celebrity roster includes John Travolta, Lisa Presley and legal commentator Greta Van Susteren - builds yet another layer of security around areas of his life. His closest employees are Scientologists, as is his current wife. Cruise has had to deal with rumors that the marriage with Kidman is an arrangement, that she is a salaried wife, that he is gay. The couple have expressly denied these rumors as false- lately, on Cruise's part, with anger. When reminded of them by Premiere, he snapped, '[That] is a hard-line cynicism. This is my relationship, and I'm being called a liar about it."

Message-ID: <4p8gsr$1dn@freenet-news.carleton.ca>


FBI Documents

Jeff Lee posted a series of documents seized by the FBI in their 1977 raids on the Guardian Offices at Fifield Manor and the Cedars Complex. They are available on the web at http://www.gate.net/~shipbrk/Co$/docs

A few excerpts:

"D/G Info US 22 Dec 1972
D/G Comm US
Int Sec US

Dear Larry,

"This is a top priority Internal Security project. The information I want is to be obtained from ethics files, pc files, personnel files and interviews.

"It may be that you will only have to, for example, look into a personnel file. If, however, you exhaust the file check, an interview will have to be done. This action can be done by your MAA.

"All persons on your staff who have ever been employed by a government agency; this would include a person working as an informer to any of these groups, are to be reported to me. Also, include city government, such as police departments. Add a description of the particular post said person held, with the time and connections.

"This is to be done quickly and quietly.




"PROJECT INFO: B1 Flag has sufficient terminals in the field in strategic positions to bring about the decline of Gabe Cazares as a political candidate, both locally and nationally.

"MAJOR TARGET: On November 3, 1976, Gabe Cazares will be out of a job and in the street looking for another to pay for his now monumental legal fees. This would entail (1) his resignation as the Mayor and (2) his losing the congressional race to Bill Young. It would also entail his doing such a poor job as a candidate and spending money that he cannot wage another campaign for mayor in February 1977."

Message-ID: <4p4ujp$24fa@news.gate.net>
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