Volume 1, Issue 9 vom 16. 06. 1996

Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review
Volume 1, Issue 9
by Rod Keller [rkeller@voicenet.com]
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  1. Arte Maren
  2. Directnet Spam
  3. Grady Ward
  4. Scientologie
  5. Fair Game
  6. Web Award
  7. Fall Pickets
  8. Web Photo Fraud
  9. Martin Ottmann
  10. Spy Manual

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##### Arte Maren A Committee of Evidence (Sea Org Court Martial) held on Arte Maren in 1989 was posted this week. Arte was in charge of a World Institute of Enterprises (WISE) company, which apparently had financial difficulties. A few excerpts:

"Arte is the senior partner of The Advisory, a WISE licensed Category 'A' group. The Advisory was rapidly going insolvent. Arte was absent from The Advisory in the previous two and one half months and refused to return from Flag religious retreat despite the condition of The Advisory.


"CAUSING SEVERE AND DISREPUTABLE DISTURBANCES RESULTING IN DISREPUTE. Arte pleaded NOT GUILTY. The Committee finds him GUILTY. This is based on the fact that The Advisory Cash/Bills have been crossed for years.

"CONDONING CIRCUMSTANCES OR OFFENSES CAPABLE OF BRINGING A COURSE, SECTION, UNIT, DEPARTMENT, ORG, ZONE OR DIVISION TO A STATE OF COLLAPSE. Arte pleaded GUILTY. The Committee finds him GUILTY. The Committee found that The Advisory is currently insolvent with many key stats in a long term downtrend.

"COMMITTING A PROBLEM. Arte pleaded GUILTY. The Committee found him GUILTY. The Committee found that Arte had produced and issued a management tape on how to generate referrals. This tape contained LRH Management Technology that was altered and was not submitted for Issue Authority.

"COMMITTING A SOLUTION WHICH BECOMES A PROBLEM. Arte pleaded GUILTY. The Committee found him GUILTY. The Committee found that Arte had formed a separate company called The Corporate Advisory. The Corporate Advisory, was not a WISE member. However, the Committee found that in three instances The Corporate Advisory was in fact consulting clients on the use of LRH Management Technology. These clients could and should have been given to The Advisory. Additionally, Arte has not paid WISE for the use of the technology as established in WISE standard licensing agreements.


"IT IS FURTHER A HIGH CRIME FOR A STAFF MEMBER BOOKSTORE OFFICER OR EXECUTIVE TO FAIL TO TAKE THE NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS FOR THE PROTECTION AND CORRECT USE OF ORG BOOKSTOCKS. Arte pleaded NOT GUILTY. The Committee finds him GUILTY. Arte was presented with evidence that the HCO™ Book Account had been used to cover payroll. The HCO Book Account was used for three weeks and not fully repaid.


"IMPEDING JUSTICE While recently at Flag and in an effort to get the Committee of Evidence canceled, Arte led the Flag Public MAA to believe that he had hired a Class VIII, OT® VIII, to handle the tech area. He had not actually hired this person and never did do so. Based on this information, the Flag MAA relayed this false report to the IJC in a telex requesting the Comm Ev be canceled.

"Arte is assigned a condition of TREASON towards WISE. He is to be upgraded by the CO WISE WUS.

"Arte must do 500 hours of amends, 100 hours to The Advisory and 400 to WISE.

"Arte's WISE license is hereby revoked.

"Respectfully submitted: CHAIRMAN: Dan Owen SECRETARY: Meryl Trahant MEMBER: Susan Ochart MEMBER: Mike Holzwarth"

Message-ID: <4pi9hm$ehv@basement.replay.com>


Dennis Erlich Hearing

Dennis Erlich had a hearing this week in a San Jose courtroom. MoFo is the abbreviation for Dennis' attorney.

"RTC reopened the trade secret issue with some hired gun. Milgram tried to argue that posting to the internet didn't mean that the material was not a secret anymore. (snickers from the audience when he said USENET postings were ephemeral and when he said that NOTs had been erased within 3 days.) He also argued that wording of California's trade secret law required general knowledge for something to lose trade secret status as opposed to general knowledge or feasible availability blowing it as in other states. Milgram argued that the requirement for general knowledge meant that their survey of 1,000 internet users, none of whom knew about this stuff was therefore admissible. The judge listened to his argument, but wouldn't let the survey in.

"The judge then mused that it seemed unfair that someone could anonymously and maliciously destroy trade secrets using the internet. Milgram played up to this and made disapproving noises about anonymous remailers and the damage they could do to poor unsuspecting corporations. He also released a one page sheet of paper which had a selection of the dates Dennis made postings interspersed with a selection of dates that some anonymous postings were made and claimed that the paper showed a clear pattern which implicated Dennis as the anonymous poster. (I will leave it to the reader to figure out why this should be obviously bogus)

"The judge called time on Milgram and Carla Oakley of mofo spoke to answer Milgram's arguments. She pointed out that stuff was routinely downloaded from USENET and that trade secrets had to be secret. She didn't spend a lot of time arguing that the materials had probably lost trade secret status before being posted, which surprised me, but she seems sharp so I figure she's got a plan. She argued that the restraining order on Dennis was ridiculous and completely unnecessary and the judge seemed to buy it.

"The judge seemed to decide that he'd reconsider the trade secret issue and told Milgram to turn all that expert witness stuff into a brief and get it to him by the end of the week. Milgram managed to push the time up to the next Wednesday. This means that RTC might get some use out of the thousands of dollars of legal work the judge was ready to ashcan earlier and mofo has to refight trade secrets apparently."

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Directnet Spam

Thousands of repeated messages (spam) continued to flow into a.r.s this week. Attention has been focused on Directnet, where the spam is originating. Ron Newman posted an email from Mark Kelly, president of Directnet, claiming the offending account had been turned off. But the messages are continuing to flow, leading a.r.s posters to speculate that Directnet has not been honest. An ultimate solution to the problem may be imposition of the Usenet Death Penalty (UDP), whereby Internet providers would block Directnet's incoming and outgoing news.

"'Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 21:16:15 -0700 From: mkelly@directnet.com (Mark Kelly) Subject: Re: Still more spam sent from Directnet to New Zealand

"'Thanks. I think we finally got her. The offending account is turned off. Let me know if anything more shows up after 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time 6/10/96.'"

"It has now been *23 days* since this spam attack started. DirectNet personnel, including DirectNet's CEO Mark Kelly <mkelly@directnet.com>, have repeatedly stated to various people that either

"- They don't have the time or resources to find the spammer - They don't know how to find the spammer - They are about to find and suspend the spammer - They have already found and suspended the spammer

"I believe that DirectNet is about to run out of excuses. If they have not shut down the spammer by Saturday, June 15, it is my belief that DirectNet should suffer the Usenet Death Penalty (UDP)."

In a move many interpret as avoiding questioning by angry Internet users, Mark Kelly was replaced in Caltech's Enterprise Forum, entitled "10 Ways to Make Money on the Business Frontiers of the Internet".

"Alex Lightman, President of Light Intertainment, a new Internet company, will present 10 ideas for making money on the business frontiers of the Internet. These ideas are in areas that are not already saturated with competition, and each idea will be presented in the form of a mini-business plan. A digest of these 10 mini-business plans will be made available to our audience. Our panel of expert entrepreneurs will then comment on each of these new ideas.

"Mark Kelly, President of DirectNet, an Internet Service Provider, previously scheduled to talk, will be unable to attend."

Internet servers have continued to close access to the spammers, including EZ2 and p3.net.

"I completely apologize that this occurred from my news server, the problem was taken care of. I just would like to explain one thing, that there was no intention of allowing this to take place from my network and unknowingly my news server was accessible to all of the internet. This problem is resolved as far as I know, and I would definitely appreciate any concerned users to email me whenever this occurs again.

Message-ID: <4pj0d7$kpc@shell1.cybercom.net>
Message-ID: <4pma8c$69s@shell1.cybercom.net>
Message-ID: <31C0A5BB.175@netcom.com>
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Grady Ward

Robert Clark (henry) posted some of the materials provided by Grady Ward's Internet providers to cult lawyers as part of their case to prove that Grady was Scamizdat, poster of the secret processing levels.

"northcoast internet has complied with the discovery request of the criminal nut cult of slimetology. here's the entire thing:

"Northcoast Internet: Grady Ward

"March 100 hours April 115 hours May 90 hours"

"netcom also complied with the cult's subpoena. it's all stuff like this:

"Login Name TTY Idle When Where grady Grady Ward qb <May 12 10:55> srf-ca-pm5.netco"

Judge Edward Infante ordered Grady to submit to more questioning by the cult, since he found Grady's answers vague.

"PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on June 3, 1996, the court entered the attached ORDER GRANTING PLAINTIFF~S MOTION FOR FURTHER EXPEDITED DEPOSITION OF DEFENDANT GRADY WARD in the above-captioned matter

"Plaintiff's Motion for Further Expedited Deposition of Grady Ward was heard by telephonic conference of Monday, June 3, 1996. Thomas R. Hogan and Eric M. Lieberman appeared on behalf of RTC. Grady Ward appeared pro se. Having carefully reviewed and considered the papers and oral argument, and good cause appearing, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT RTC's Motion for Further Deposition of Defendant Grady Ward is GRANTED.

"In addition to the motion papers, the court also considered audio tapes submitted by the defendant as evidence of plaintiff's counsel's abusive deposition conduct. The court finds that plaintiff's counsel was not abusive during the April 8-9, 1996 deposition.

"In the present case, defendants have established that additional time for deposition is needed for a fair examination of Ward. The deposition was not completed, particularly with respect to the defendant's alleged postings of RTC's unpublished, copyrighted works and trade secrets, an issue that is central to this copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation case. It is evident from the excerpts of deposition transcript submitted to the court that defendants' inability to complete Ward's deposition was directly attributable to the evasive and contradictory answers and dilatory tactics of defendant. Ward even admits to some 'game' playing during his deposition. He often gave evasive answers which required plaintiff to re-ask the same question or to ask several additional questions in an attempt to clarify Ward's response. When doing so, plaintiff was often faced with additional evasive answers. Defendant's actions were dilatory and time consuming.

"Accordingly, pursuant to Rules 30(d)(2) and 26(c)(2), Fed.R.Civ.P. the deposition examination of defendant Grady Ward shall resume in Eureka California at a time mutually convenient to both parties, but no later than July 1, 1996. At the end of the first day of the deposition, if the deposition has not been completed and if the parties are in dispute regarding additional time required to complete the deposition, the parties shall contact the undersigned Magistrate by telephone conference."

As part of their investigation, the cult has traced one of the Scamizdat postings through the lightlink remailer to the Finnish Penet anonymous remailer. Kaj Malmberg, a Finnish police officer, posted a report of the cult's attempt to intimidate Johan Helsingius into revealing the user's actual name. The report was translated and reposted from a Finnish newsgroup to a.r.s. "The local court of first instance in Helsinki today (June 13th) took under consideration a motion filed by the police department of Helsinki, where the police asked the owner of the Finnish anonymous server anon.penet.fi company to reveal information about the person who used the anon server to send writings of the Church of Scientology to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology during March 1996.

"Johan Helsingius, who is the person in question, asked the court to adjourn the hearing, so that he could get a statement on the matter from, inter alia, the Data Protection Ombudsman. The court granted this request and scheduled the next hearing to August 22nd.

"The Church of Scientology demanded that Helsingius should be forced to reveal the information, during interrogation by the police or when heard as a witness in court. Helsingius again refused to reveal the names of the posters, considering it his duty to protect the privacy of said users."

Message-ID: <henriDsunrn.I3t@netcom.com>
Message-ID: <hkhensonDsxDno.LF7@netcom.com>
Message-ID: <4prvcl$pfj@reimari.uwasa.fi>



Homer Smith posted news that the cult wants the domain "scientologie.org", which is currently owned by former Scientologists, the Free Zone. "They are informing me that both SCIENTOLOGY and SCIENTOLOGIE are registered trademarks and service marks of their client, the Religious Technology Center, and that the use of the scientologie.org and Scientologie Home Page on our system is an infringement of their clients rights. They further say 'your actions in this respect will lead to litigation unless you act immediately to withdraw the registration of the domain name in question and the 'SCIENTOLOGIE' Home Page with which it is associated.'

"To show good faith in this matter I have removed the Scientologie home page from its connection to the domain scientologie.org, pending further discussions between the legal owner of the domain, Mr. Bernd Luebeck of Munich Germany, freezone@lightlink.com, and Mr. Small.

"I can not in good faith submit a request for withdrawal of the scientologie.org domain name to the internic because I am not the legal owner of the domain name, and I believe I would be legally liable to the legal owner if I were to take such action with out their consent. Anonymous poster "Old Timer" attempted to clarify the reason the Free Zone claims the name Scientologie.

"The Free Zone Association purchased the rights last year to the 1934 book written by Dr. Nordenholtz entitled, Scientologie. Due to the name similarity and parallels in content to the philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology, the Free Zone Assoc. decided to preserve this book by republishing it in its original context. The library of congress number is: ISBN 3-9804724-1-8. "We put the first two chapters of the book on our home page. There are no copyright violations to be found in the contents of either of our home pages.

"I should like to mention, this letter from the church's attorneys comes on the heels of our bank account being closed on 3 June 1996. You can read of our account being closed and see the letter we received from our bank, by visiting our home page at http://www.freezone.org. You will find it in the Statutes and membership section."

Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.960611214502.12474D-100000@light.lightlink.com>
Message-ID: <4pll20$gum@news2.cts.com>


Fair Game

David and Julie Mayo posted extensive accounts of the cult's Fair Game policy against them in the last few years. David is being harassed for having founded a competing church to Scientology.

"On August 4, 1994, Scientology(tm) utilized INTERPOL, the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), and the DNCD (Dominicana Nacional Control de Drogas) to try to enforce Scientology's(tm) religious beliefs on me, to persecute me and to get me jailed by false allegations to INTERPOL. INTERPOL had received and acted on a report that I was 'practicing Scientology(tm) without a license'; that I had 'destroyed Scientology(tm) property'; that I was 'representing' myself as a 'Scientologist'. Ventura Bayonet, head of the Dominican Republic DNCD said that he decided to act as a result of a phone call from INTERPOL alleging that I had damaged 'millions of dollars of Scientology(tm) property'.

"I was not representing myself as a Scientologist nor was I practicing Scientology(tm), with or without a license. I had not 'damaged' Scientology(tm) property. By 1992, all of the civil lawsuits brought against me by Scientology(tm) had been dismissed and in January 1993, the Central District of California had sanctioned RTC/Scientology(tm) plaintiffs 2.9 million dollars for abusive litigation against me.

"On August 4, 1994, our residence was surrounded by approximately 15 armed police, military and DNCD agents. I was not charged nor was I resented with any order but I was handcuffed. My home was searched for fire arms, drugs and money. No drugs or firearms were found. Nonetheless, I was taken to two police stations and eventually taken to Santo Domingo where I was put in prison with no charges, explanation or reason. I wasn't allowed to make a phone call to anyone -- not even to a lawyer, to my wife or to the American Embassy. That night, I was put in a small cell (about 12' x 12') stuffed with 10 - 12 other men overnight in abhorrent conditions -- I had not been permitted food or water since the afternoon, there was no place to stretch out, the cell was filled with stench due to a blocked toilet and there were flies and mosquitoes. The next day I learned that it was INTERPOL that was investigating me at the request of Scientology(tm). I was released the next night, without being charged, but the incident was shockingly unexpected and intimidating.

"September 1994. A private investigator from Boca Raton, Florida, calling himself John Bertrant, called several of my clients, friends and supporters and gave them alarming news concerning 'Mayo being in jail'. When was the last time they had seen Mayo? Had they given Mayo any money? One of my clients inquired for whom was John Bertrant working. Bertrant said he couldn't say, but that it was a group and that he had done extensive contract work for the CIA and other government agencies.

"May 16, 1995, at the airport, Julie was stopped at passport control. She was detained for five hours during which time she was searched and questioned by several DNCD agents: Bautista, Medina, and Corcino. She was asked repeatedly as to where I was. They threatened to put her in jail while they continued the investigation, and wouldn't allow her to make a phone call, even to the American Embassy. Medina finally admitted to her that they were put up to it by Scientology(tm). After five hours, she was released and told she could catch the next plane out."

"We haven't been back home since, now over a year later. Most of the time we have stayed with friends who have been very charitable in letting us stay with them. I try not to think what has happened to our pets and the garden. I hope Chago was able to give them away to good homes. The food in the refrigerator is undoubtedly a bit moldy by now. I keep hearing stories that someone is telling our neighbors that David is in jail.

"We had a very good decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal on April 11, 1996-- the 2.9 million dollar sanction was affirmed and our counterclaims reinstated. But the CofS/RTC has requested for a rehearing en banc. In the meantime, the San Mateo case is scheduled to go to trial in a couple weeks."

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Web Award

Ron Newman's web site at http://www.cybercom.net/~rnewman/scientology/home.html has been awarded an honorable mention in the Prix Ars Electronica, the world's most prestigious prize for computer arts. The award is in the category of New Documentary Form. From the judges:

"The fight between Internet and Scientology has already made it to net-history. Scientology tried to remove the discussion group devoted to debating them (alt.religion.scientology), has tried to kill the newsgroup by endless bouts of spams, has investigated people who use pseudonyms and posted their personalia to the net, used a private detective to observe posters from this newsgroup, has raided anon.penet.fi, Dutch ISP XS4all and the homes of various (US) citizens. Some of these actions are inspired by what Scientology calls copyright violation.

"The fight between a.r.s. and Scientology is in many ways formative for what one in the very near future can and cannot do on the net: for rules and regulations, for law and netiquette.

"Ron Newman's home page is devoted to this fight. Beginning in early 1995, he keeps a home page on this Internet fight. The page is updated nearly every day, for fourteen months at a stretch, and now contains 5,5 Mb of data. It fulfills the needs of many who what to know what _exactly_ is going on."

Message-ID: <31c15246.1296753@news.xs4all.nl>


Fall Pickets

Jeff Jacobsen posted a call for a.r.s readers to begin planning world-wide pickets to protest the actions of the cult, to be held this fall.

"[T]he next date to have an International picket. Sunday, September 8 is the official Auditor's Day of the Church of Scientology, a big holiday. However, there was argument about whether to picket on Saturday the 7th instead. [P]icket September 7 and 8, or pick the day you like best for your town.

Message-ID: <4pgict$gak@nnrp1.news.primenet.com>


Web Photo Fraud

K.S. Vietmeier reported this week that the picture on the cult's web site of the Seattle building is not the current location.

"The building they show on their page was vacated by CoS about 3-4 yrs ago, it is now occupied by a Payless store. They moved down the street on 3rd Ave to Bell St. Into what looks like a much cheaper building. They also gave up their U District office a number of years ago. It would definitely appear that Scientology Seattle is not doing well, perhaps they better get their stats up. They certainly couldn't keep their stats up enough to keep up with rising rents in Belltown.

Message-ID: <4pphaq$a9l@nntp4.u.washington.edu>


Martin Ottmann

A document by Martin Ottmann was posted this week. It describes life at Flag in the early 1990's, including musters, stats, ethics, intimidation, punishment and more. I've selected just a few of the many incidents described, including his time spent as a money-paying public.

"Until December 1989 I received the further auditing steps: Interiorisation-Rundown, Objectives Rundown, Scientology-Drug-Rundown and the Clear Certainty Rundown (CCRD). After I had finished the CCRD I was told that I was not clear. Until that time I had spent approximately 20,000 $ for Scientology auditing and books. After the Munich org had recognized that I couldn't make up more money to buy my next auditing steps, they lost their interest in my person.

"In March 1990 I got contacted by a staff member of the Stuttgart org, Alfred Low, who wanted me to get back on lines. He persuaded me to do the Mini-money-Course (MMC) in order to solve my financial problems. Instead of solving it my financial situation started to get really bad. In May 1990 I took another credit from another bank and spent about money for the L-Rundowns (another auditing step) at the Flag Service Organization (FSO) and for membership-donations to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS). Until July 1990 I had spent approximately 50,000 $ for Scientology and had 40,000 $ worth of debts. Susanne Reich, Dissemination Establishment Officer of the FSO, and Daniela Petretto, Flag Personnel Procurement Officer of the Continental Liason Office Europe, pushed me to overcome all barriers in order to get to the FSO by the End of August. She trained me to make my mother pay me the money. My mother paid off all my bank-credits and even a bounced cheque for the FSO, worth of 7,000 $. On 30 August I left Germany for the Sea Org in Clearwater, Florida.

"Sue Porter ordered that the whole FSO Crew was placed under the Rice and beans-Flag Order of Hubbard. The staff of the FSO had to eat for a certain amount of time nothing else than rice and beans. Liberty time on Saturdays got canceled and the crew didn't receive any pay. Sue Porter gave later the order to lift it. That happened three times from 1990 until 1992.

"On my post as letter registrar I found in several folders of the Central Files the same obituary notice, which had been published to the FSO-staff in 1987 and whose backpage was used as a carbon copy for the letters of the registrar, due to scarcity of paper. The text of the notice read about as follows:

"(name) left his body on ... in 1987. He suffered for several years from a brain tumor, which affected (name)'s body in a substantial way. Eventually (name) got tired of having the brain tumor, so he decided to leave the body to get a new, healthy one. He got assists, which enabled him to exteriorize and to leave his body completely. (name) was FSO-Staff from 1979 (?) until 1987. He has helped to establish the Key To Life-Course in 1986. (name) is soon to be expected on post again.

"In 1992 a Class-IX-Auditor was found to have an affair with a squirrel on her libs-days. She was sent immediately to the RPF. Debbie Cook, the CO FSO, was furious about that scandal at a staff meeting and screamed that the Auditor would receive a very harsh ethics treatment.

"Mike Kehrli, was the Commanding Officer of the Renovations Project FLB in 1991. His main duty was to build the new Sandcastle Delivery Building for New OT VI and VII, which was to be opened on the May 9th event. The building should be financed solely by funds of the FSO, which wasn't flowing in an amount big enough to get the project done on time. Mike Kehrli was forced to make debts of 2,000,000 $. At the event in May the building was finished as planned, but few days after Mike Kehrli was sent to the RPF in Los Angeles. The CMO had looked into the financial situation of Renos and found Mike Kehrli guilty.

"In 1991 the sprinkler-system in one room of the Coachman Building went off. The man from Flag Crew, whose task had been to supervise the system was sent to the RPF.

"Frank McCall was a Sea Org member since its beginnings in 1967. During the eighties he established a Sea Org museum, which was located in the Bank of Clearwater in 1990, before it got transferred to the book warehouse. Evelyn Wartha told me that Frank McCall was sent to the RPF because he had had arguments with the CMO over certain points. Since that time the CMO would try to sabotage his museum. When Frank McCall was RPF'ed, he was nearly 60 years old.

"A Class-IX-Auditor, who graduated from the RPF, was thrown out of the Sea Org in 1991, because he had made jokes about the NOTs-material while being in session with a Pre-OT. This was heard through the listening-in-system by one Case Supervisor. A lot of auditing rooms in the FSO were bugged to allow the CSes to monitor the auditing sessions.

"Victor D'Andrea, a former professor of a university in Venezuela, joined the Sea Org together with his wife in 1990. He worked in the Department of Promotion and Marketing of the FSO. When his wife got pregnant, they were thrown out.

"Ed Smith was a Scientologist for 20 years. He joined the Sea Org in 1991 and got transferred in my department as an exchange for the Letter Registrar I/C Aaron Tweddell, who got promoted to the CMO. Ed was 60 years old and couldn't keep up with the daily demands for a high production. So he got fired from the HCO FSO.

"At the end of 1991 Christian Winter, the Bookstore-officer FSO, had one time a bad week regarding his book-sales. On Friday night after his working day he was thrown into the pool of the Hacienda in full uniform by his senior, the Director of Publications, because of his low statistics.

"Paul Miller, a registrar from department 6, had a sleep problem. He often fell asleep during reg-cycles and created by doing that a flap on public lines. Although the Dir. of Registration Paul Hickock was often sympathetic with Paul, he beat him from time to time to punish him for such mistakes.

"In a Board of Investigation, which I had to do for WDC FSO together with Paul Ferguson, the Shipping Officer FSO, and another staff from the FSO in 1991, we had to investigate the recruitment of two FSO-staff members, who joined the FSO in Australia. It came out that these staff, who were earlier Scientology-staff in Sydney, had been physically attacked and dragged out of their offices, after they had refused to join the FSO.

"My roommate at the Hacienda, Len Thomas, told me in 1991, that he had to watch a public at the Sandcastle, who had gone PTS Type III after auditing (PTS Type III = someone, who has gone crazy). He said that the woman was put into a room, which she couldn't leave and that he had to watch her, without saying anything to her until she would get better. Few days later, when I asked him about that woman, he told me, that she was sent home, after she had calmed down.

"Respectfully Submitted, Dated: April 19, 1996 Martin Ottmann

Message-ID: <4pq4ji$1tf@basement.replay.com>


Spy Manual

Kim Baker posted a document seized from the cult in the FBI raids in 1977. It details how to enter U.S. Government offices to steal or copy documents. It covers entry, picking locks, how to use locked Xerox machines, how to get false press credentials and more.

"You must have a means of access to the building you are interested in. In a government building this almost always means either a government ID (or going in with someone that has a government ID), or an excellent suitable guise. A private building may be as simple as signing in.

"When signing in to either a government or private building, the signature should be scrawled and the destination should not be your actual destination. Except in rare cases it is usually sufficient to say you are going to the library or some such place.

"You should have a story already made up that will be plausible should you be asked what you are doing. This story also has to be very flexible or else you have to have different stories for different stages of the walk-in. A story that you would tell a guard on your way into the building may be entirely inappropriate if you're caught with your hand in the file cabinet. And it will make a difference if the person questioning you is a cleaner, guard, employee, and where you are, what you're doing, etc. So think it out well before you go in."

Message-ID: <m0uT6rG-0000BcC@uctmail.uct.ac.za>