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Volume 10, Issue 29 - July 22 2006

Congratulations Karen Black!

On July 16, 2006 "Dilbert Perkins" posted:

A friend of mine was at Henry Jaglom's house for a party yesterday afternoon. Karen Black was there as well.

The news? She's out of Scientology.

I can't relate the conversation exactly, or what led up to it. My friend said these were her words: it's run by evil, greedy people and I don't want anything to do with them.

I so wish I was there to ask a few carefully dropped questions. My friend is not a critic, nor did she know KB was ever a Scientologist.

I guess the celebs are jumping ship too...

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Cult Harassment, New Hate Group Clearwater

On July 16, 2006 "Girvin" a/k/a Proflex a/k/a Shawn Lonsdale posted commentary and a news article:


Sorry folks but one more day would have been too much. I was in traffic early in the afternoon and a car pulled up and the guy yelled that "he was gonna fuckin kill me"...i reported it after trying to get close enough to get his tag but coulden't. He looked strangly familar! This has to pause for a few till i can get some concrete rules down to start filming the second episode in this long series.

Now with a broken camera to replace i will take the down time to recouperate my mind and purpose.

I was served with a supbeona on sat. morn. to be deposed here in Clearwater on the LMT crapola....and recieved a 6 dollar check too!

Here are copies of all i have recieved to date...


Sorry i had to post this way but it's want to thank you all for your support with this so far but remember it ain't over yet...this series will go on for a very long time. I will have to hit the streets frequently to gather as much as possable all the time so stay tuned for the video of the deposition as i plan to tape and air it.....hehehehe


Wow.....i was in such awe with the kobra in attendance! She was not directly asking the questions but was busy with the "post it's" to the hired mouthpiece. She was not in good form, as an example ... she got magoo's name wrong several times....and you are "ALL" on the many exibits of the posts brought forward from clambake's board here. I am under a self imposed gag for this site...ALL WENT WELL! Remember you are all under the constant watch and recording of all posts here and elsewhere.... They really loved the sign and the tee shirt....I think i even saw her checking me out several times as i got up for a free refill of coffee. She did a dye doo on the top and gained a few pounds but the pale complexion really dosen't do her justice...hehehehe

Also in attendance was the osa "suit" at the assault..."peter Mansell" the guy who cussed me out that day! Luke Lerot and his asst. Noel...court reporter lady(nice in those heels) guy with way too much asst. for them(?)and little "ol me" at the head of the table....honored! The video is being gone over now for posting so you guys can see it all...but this ends my posts for a while sorry but i will hang and view of course...maybe an opinion here and there.


With pics too....

#1..kobra w/back turned,p.Mansell,asst.,video guy,my camin corner!

#2..p.Mansell,crt.rptr.,asst...sign in bck.rnd.

#3..General end!

#4..General layout...their end.


On July 18, 2006 "Girvin" a/k/a Proflex a/k/a Shawn Lonsdale posted commentary and an article from Bay News 9 Tampa Bay about new steps Scientology has taken to harass his filmmaking efforts:

Bay news 9 did a followup to the earlier story of my assault with this little one of the posters that appeared all over downtown...put up by Richard hirst (cchr rep. and osa agent)...he formed the fake front group the (cleveland street safety league) to put them can reach them at his [phone number] if you have any questions hahaha

[long link]

Clearwater man at odds with Church of Scientology
Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A man who is making a documentary about the Church of Scientology in Clearwater says he's being targeted.

Shawn Lonsdale of Clearwater got into a fight with someone claiming to be a Scientologist while he was filming on a street corner across from the church on July 8. After looking at Lonsdale's videotape, police arrested the Scientologist, Michael Fitzgerald, on battery charges.

Now, posters with a mugshot of Lonsdale are popping up in store windows near the church warning people that he's dangerous and has been arrested for sex crimes.

The church says it didn't hand out the fliers, that they came from an organization called the Cleveland Street Safety League.

Lonsdale admits he did get into trouble years ago, but says the charges were misdemeanors and that the Scientologists are just trying to scare him away from completing his documentary.


"Fred Durks" posted:

I just made a webpage for Proflex and the front group making up flyers on him right after they assaulted him just last week. I used the info from the Bay9 story, some info from OCMB, Proflex's story.

I just submitted the link to If you don't know how works, basically, people submit links to stories or videos on the Internet. Then, people either click digg or bury the story. The more Diggs it gets, the higher the link goes on the site and the more people view the link. Top stories/links get like 50,000 views or more. Digg the story (it's titled "A Scientology front group is putting up hate flyers on a man they assaulted"

[long link]

Spread the word on this nonsense!


Call The Cleveland Safety League AKA The Church of Scientology. Ask them why they are putting up hate flyers about a guy (Shawn Lonsdale/Proflex) who was assaulted by a Scientologist that was arrested for battery.

His name is Richard Hirst, [phone number], from the CCHR and also an OSA volunteer. He lives a few streets over from Shawn Lonsdale AKA Proflex/Girvin. Xenu TV has some stuff of him from the Lisa M. days. He set up this group to take the attention away from the church for being responsible.


Here's the flyer with Richard Hirst's phone number on it, [phone number]
(That's a Clearwater, Florida number)

Here's a few pictures of Richard Hirst

He works with and is also an OSA volunteer. He lives a few streets over from Shawn Lonsdale AKA Proflex/Girvin. Xenu TV has some stuff of him from the Lisa Mcpherson days. He set up this front group to take the attention away from the church for being responsible.

Richard Hirst has been a high-level Co$er for many years, and the documentation on him as a "handler" of critics and general Co$ thug is ample.

I encourage everyone here to take action! Go to or any other press release website. Submit a story on this. It's free and thousands of news agencies such as Reuters, CNN and even FOX news view those types of sites for news tips. Millions of people will see it if it gets approved.

Feel free to use any information or pictures I've collected:

Scientologist assaults peaceful protester filming documentary

A Church of Scientology front group is putting up hate flyers in Florida against a protester a Scientologist physically assaulted


"Fingers Mcgurk" wrote:
From Mike Krotz - view profile
Date: Mon, Apr 23 2001 2:20 pm
Richard Lawrence Hirst, DOB 08/01/50, 412 N. Madison Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33755. Married Margaret Christine Williams on 01/10/98, previously divorced 08/80. I believe he goes by Richard, that is what I heard PI Daniel Otero call him. I seem to recall him also being called Rich.


From: Mike Krotz - view profile
Date: Tues, Apr 24 2001 9:23 am
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office event #2676, dated 09/12/00, 1930 hrs., Richard Lawrence Hirst, DOB 08/01/50, was issued a Trespass Warning by Deputy A. McPherson Jr. Hirst was advised to leave the property of the Bianchi Motel in Riverview, FL ; the owner of the motel requested the Trespass Warning. Hirst was accompanied by Roberto Lugo, DOB: 01/15/67. Lugo was also issed a Trespass Warning.

[Photos of Richard Hirst:]
Here is Proof positive of the Scientology connection to P.I. Danny Otero. Here Otero meets with Scientologist and Foundation for Religious Tolerance (FaRT) member Richard Hirst (pictured again below with FaRT leader Mary DeMoss) and a policeman. "

In the Mary Demoss shot (bottom of page)
Richard's head is seen through&behind Mary Demoss and Scientologist Hans Bschorr(dark shades) being closer to what looks like a dark panel window that's set in a building..


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Nebraska and Newborn Infant Screening

On July 16, 2006 "Ida Camburn" posted a newsletter from the Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, Inc (CHILD) with mention of Scientology:

This is news letter I recieved from Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, Inc (CHILD)

Dear Friend of CHILD Inc:


We continue to appreciate Nebraska, our neighbor across the river from out Iowa headquarters, which has no religious exemptions from either civil or criminal child abuse and neglect laws. It also has no religious exemption from metabolic screening of newborns. The Church of Scientology is suing the state in federal court for not allowing religious exemptions. Nebraska officials asked me to be witness in support of their laws:the Scientologists took my deposition in March. As you may remember the Nebraska Supreme Court unanimously upheld the state's right to require metabolic screening without exception for religious belief last year in the state courts. Now the same issue (with different religious-objector parents) is before a federal court.

Religious objectors tried to get the Nebraska legislature to enact religious exemption to metbolic screening, but did not get to first base with their bill. Doug and I went to Lincoln to testify aginst it. Other CHILD members came from Kansas Ckity and west-central Nebraska and testified about growing up in Christian Science households and how metabolic disorders affected their families. There was other powerful testimony as well. A woman whose son born with kpu in another state and didn't get treatment in time testified about the heartbreak of a chilid's preventable mental retardation. Another woman testified that two of her sons were born in Nebraska with galactosemia that was detected in time and therefore the boys are alive and healthy today. The bill died in committee.


We will continue to have special interest in public policy despite the difficulties of getting good legislation passed. We continue to believe that children deserve the equal protection of the laws and that one class of children should not be deprived of the legal protection extended to others.


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Volney Mathison and L Ron Hubbard Photo Alteration

On July 17, 2006 "Jeff Jacobsen" posted a photo discovery of Volney Mathison and L Ron Hubbard with identical backgrounds:

Ok, so who was originally in this photo, Mathison or Hubbard?

Arnie found a better copy of the hubbard photo. To me, it looks like the Hubbard photo is the original. If that's true, then it means both Hubbard and Mathison manipulated photos! Funny.


"Mark Thorson" wrote:

The e-meter in the picture is definitely a Mathison Model E, which I believe was not developed until after the break between Mathison and Hubbard. Therefore, it seems unlikely that Hubbard would have given a public demonstration using one.


"Jeff Jacobsen" wrote:

There is such a meter in the Hubbard Life Exhibit's collection of meters. Here's something Mathison wrote:

"About three years ago, serious litigation wherein we were threatened with the loss of our many electropsychometer patents compelled us temporarily to close our electropsychometer manufacturing plant." Unfortunately, this ad doesn't have a date on it.

Also, here's L. Ron Hubbard, Jr: "My father obtained the rights to the E-meter in1952 from Volney Mathison in the same manner that he does everything - through fraud and coercion."

[long link]

I wonder how Mathison went back to making and using his meters? There's a lot of this history that would be good to know.

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Doubting Thoughts of Faithful Scientolgists

On July 21, 2006 "Chuck Beatty" posted:

I got sent these thoughts via a relay so I dont know who is the author. These thoughts reflect some official Scientology public at the first stages of doubt start to wonder about their church right now, July 2006. These little niggly doubts this author at least has risen to put in writing and they asked these thoughts be shared publicly.

- Chuck Beatty [phone number]

"Seven Questions Every Scientologist Has the Right to Ask"

"The following list was compiled after discussions with a number of Scientologists. There are questions we all have about current Scientology events, sometimes unstated, sometimes just nagging feelings. The list below is intended to get such questions out in the open where we can discuss them in a forthright manner, and, hopefully, find answers.

"1. Who runs our Church? This is not a minor point, yet, outside of half a dozen familiar faces that appear at events, Scientologists in general do not know who is in charge of the Church. LRH designed a system of Church management that involved managing committees and oversight groups who would act as a system of checks and balances within the Church. So who are these people? Specifically, who, by name, are the executives of RTC, the members of the Watchdog Committee, and the International Executives under ED Int? Why is this information kept secret? Shouldn't we know who the people are on these posts, and their qualifications (such as training and auditing level)? And shouldn't we know when they are removed or demoted, and why?

"2. What are the stats? LRH stresses the importance of managing by statistics. Yet the average Scientologist has no idea of what the international statistics are. The stats shown at events are typically short-term. Yet, long term, what are the statistics of such things as Clears and OTs made, Auditors made, membership numbers, books sold and so on. In other words, how are we doing? And specifically, what do the statistics look like long-term, from back when LRH was on the lines? How do today's stats compare to, say, the mid-1980's? Wouldn't you like to know?

"3. Who owns the copyrights to LRH materials? It is supposed to be CST - the Church of Spiritual Technology. But who is that? Who are the people on their Board of Directors, by name? Where is CST located? Shouldn't we know this?

"4. What happened to broad dissemination? There used to be big campaigns for Dianetics in the 1980's, with TV ads and so on. It seemed like Dianetics was everywhere. What happened? Why don't we have big campaigns like that anymore?

"5. How did this practice of regging for pure donations get started? We are regged for everything from IAS donations to the Superpower building to the local org's building fund. Yet such donations without exchange for services were never done when LRH was on the lines. Donations were for services. With the forming of the IAS, this idea of just regging for pure donations got started, and now it seems like a major push from the Church. Why? What is this based on? Why was it not done when LRH was on the lines but is done now?

"6. Where does the money go? Between donations and services, we give a lot to our Church. Shouldn't there be some sort of accounting for how it is spent, such as one might expect from any church or charity? Certainly there are orgs to support, but the Church doesn't found or support hospitals, orphanages or charities like other Churches do. Entities like Applied Scholastics, Narconon and WISE all tithe to the Church. Local organizations send a portion of their income weekly to Management. Flag sends the bulk of their income to Management. Money flows up the lines. How is it then spent? Don't we, as the ones donating, have the right to know?

"7. Are the revisions to LRH materials on-Source? Books have been and are being edited and recompiled. Tape lectures have been and are being edited. Compilation books are appearing "based on the works of LRH." Are these materials faithful to the original LRH works? Who is doing these revisions? Based on what? How can an individual Scientologist know that the materials he is provided with are correct? How can we, as individuals, enforce "Keeping Scientology Working"?

" You may personally have other questions. The point is, don't we have the right to ask such simple, obvious questions about our Church and expect answers?

" If you agree that there should be more openness, more transparency and more accountability within the Church, pass these questions to your friends and discuss them. Take them up with your local Org or Mission. Write to International Management about them. Make your voice felt. Beware of those who try to keep you from asking these questions, or any others you may have. There is nothing wrong with asking questions. You do have rights, and you do have a voice in your Church. "

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Diary of a Dying Scientology OT 7

On July 20, 2006 "Scamology" posted a link with a documented story:

This article contains excerpts from the diary of my ex-husband, ALBERT JAQUIER. These entries are from 1994, the last year of his life. He died on Dec 11, 1994. He was 59 years old when he wrote these entries. He had completed OT7, which promises to make a person "Cause over life", he had been in the Scientology cult for 14 years, and had given his fortune of several million dollars. He had a heart condition, was physically incapable of working, and had had a stroke at the end of 1992. Shortly before his death he told me he did not think he would live very long and made me promise I would make his experiences publicly known so that others would not have to suffer in the same way. The original entries are in French, which I have translated. My explanations of his shorthand, and identification of the names involved, are in parentheses. While reading this it should be borne in mind that the picture here is of a man who had been pushed way beyond the limits of what anyone should be asked to suffer. It would be a great disservice to his memory if I did not indicate that, prior to losing his health, Albert had worked, and he routinely worked 16 and 18 hour days, seven days a week. That was how he had gotten from being a junkyard laborer to a self-made millionaire pre-Scientology. If he had been physically capable of working he would have tried to recover from or prevent his financial ruin. He was a warm-hearted and generous man, the proof is he LOANED over $1,000,000 to 11 Scientologists, without collateral, on the recommendations of other Scientologists and, at the time of his death, only one of them had repaid him.

The Scientologists who did not repay Albert, and the amounts he calculated they owed as of May 1994, are as follows:

Amount owed as of May '94
? LABRE, CLEAR $ 9,131
? PESCE $ 731
? PICHON, CLEAR 41,587
GIGI TROGLIO, OT7 $ 46,062

(Here are his diary entries).

December 27, 1993
The evening of the 25th,Party organised by Michele (daughter of Albert by his 1st wife)
Ariane (me) and Alex (my husband), Cyril (Albert's son by his second marriage, a Scientologist who STOLE almost all of the estate of Albert after his death) and Alex(another Alex, a friend of Cyril). Jacinthe (former girlfriend of Albert) and Michele. Michael (Albert's and my son) and Albert. Very good evening.

December 31
No money, admin problems

January 2, 1994
Went to flea market with Michele and Cyril. Bought clothes for Michael.

January 11
Phoned Baer (Edwin Baer, a delinquent debtor, Scientologist, owing Albert $150,000 + interest who eventually paid but refused to pay the $40,000 interest) Ruth (Baer's wife) answered, long communication not very nice. I want to ask my refund from IAS. Brought the Jeep to the dealer to try to trade it for something with lower payments.

January 13,
I am very irritable. My body and joints are very painful.

January 14
Long talk with Cyril, no explanation and no respect. Took possession of my new car a Chevrolet Lumina.

January 19,
KR (Knowledge Report.Scientologists are ordered to write reports on ALL "outnesses" they observe in other Scientologists and send these reports to the "Ethics Section") on Jody Darling (another delinquent debtor, Scientologist, who did not repay over $300,000), still no news. Still the same money problems.

January 23,
Wrote to all my debtors.

January 25
Did not sleep.

January 27
Did not sleep. Went to see Andy (Andy Stilhard, staff member at Flag Service Organization, Inc.) about debtors.

January 28


February 1
Sick. Passing blood. Wrote to IAS for refunds of Patron Meritorious ( a "status" achieved by paying $250,000 to the International Association of Scientologists) of Jody Darling, Hans-Kaspar Rhyner ( another delinquent debtor, Scientologist, who did not repay over $300,000) and Edwin Baer.

February 2
Sick. Passing blood.


January 14
Slept all afternoon, no courage. No news from IAS or from Baer, just from Rhyner.

January 16
Fax to Jody. Problems with money.

January 17
Communication with IAS no result. What can I do.


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Scientology and the IRS

On July 18, 2006 an article about the IRS and charitable organizations was posted:

[long link]

Jul 18, 7:36 AM EDT

IRS Warns Churches to Avoid Campaigning

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Internal Revenue Service has been warning churches and nonprofit organizations that improper campaigning in the upcoming political season could endanger their tax-exempt status.

In notices to more than 15,000 tax-exempt organizations, numerous church denominations and tax preparers, the agency has detailed its new enforcement program, called the Political Activity Compliance Initiative, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

Under the initiative, the IRS plans to expedite investigations into claims of improper campaigning, no longer waiting for an annual tax return to be filed or the tax year to end before launching a probe. A three-member committee will make an initial review of complaints and then vote on whether to pursue the investigation in detail.

"While the vast majority of charities and churches do not engage in politicking, an increasing number did take part in prohibited activities in the 2004 election cycle," IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson said in a statement. "The rule against political campaign intervention by charities and churches is long established. We are stepping up our efforts to enforce it."

Since 2004, the IRS has investigated more than 200 organizations, including All Saints Church in Pasadena.

Two days before the 2004 presidential election, the Rev. George F. Regas, the church's former rector, delivered a guest sermon that pictured Jesus in a debate with George W. Bush and John Kerry. Although Regas didn't endorse a candidate, he said Jesus would have told Bush that his pre-emptive war policy "has led to disaster."

The church drew national attention when the Rev. Ed Bacon, rector of All Saints, disclosed the IRS investigation and later said the agency believed the church had violated federal tax code barring tax-exempt organizations from intervening in political campaigns and elections.

Church leaders have not heard from the IRS since October, when the agency said the investigation was being taken to a higher level, according to Regas. The IRS has not confirmed whether the investigation is still ongoing.

Of the 62 organizations determined by the IRS to be in violation, three lost their nonprofit status and 59 received warning letters. The three who lost their status were not churches, and some of those warned were ordered to pay an excise tax.

Federal law prohibits the IRS from releasing the names of those under investigation, but the agency said it has more than 100 cases pending and 40 of them are churches.

This month, OMB Watch, a Washington-based nonprofit government watchdog group, issued a report criticizing the IRS enforcement program and said the program could prompt retaliatory and harassment complaints unless the agency develops clear guidelines.

"I don't think this is a case of bad faith," said Kay Guinane, author of the report. "I just think it's a poorly structured program."


"Scamology" wrote:

You can report any problems in getting refunds or any observations of $cientology partaking in actions contrary to a religious tax exempt church. Write to:

IRS-EO Classification
4910 DAL
1100 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75242-1198

That is the IRS department in charge of investigation non-compliance or fraud of tax-exempt organizations.

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South Park Episode Draws More Attention

On July 17, 2006 the San Francisco Chronicle reported:

Tom Cruise, Back In The Closet

In a victory for fans of hilariously puerile cartoons that effortlessly rip apart quasi-religious groups (and the celebrities who love them) everywhere, it's the return, just Wednesday (July 19), of one of the most (in)famous "South Park" episodes ever.

Yes, it's the Emmy-nominated "Trapped in the Closet" episode, once again released from TV purgatory, in which a totally not gay Tom Cruise (along with equally not gay John Travolta), the freakish Scientology "religion," and that ungodly bad R. Kelly song all get poked in the kidneys with the ice picks of savage cartoon satire. What's more, anyone confused as to just what the hell Scientology is all about, and why intelligent people everywhere think it's a bizarre and litigious and brainwashin' cult, will come away surprisingly well informed, if not slightly nauseated.

You may read about the episode's controversy -- all about Tom Cruise conspiracy theories, "Mission: Impossible III" marketing, Comedy Central's sporadic wimpiness, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's brilliant (but still petulant and often juvenile) egos, right here. Or you may simply watch the episode for yourself, and come away safe in the knowledge that Tom Cruise is indeed a national treasure (if, by "national treasure," you mean creepily disturbed megalomaniac who's had his mind scrambled by Xenu) and that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is indeed a genius visionary (if, by "genius visionary" you mean hack sci-fi writer/eccentric/goofball/former Satanist who died with high levels of psychiatric drugs swimming in his body). Worth watching, no?


"Dilbert Perkins" wrote:

By nominating the controversial episode of South Park, "Trapped in the Closet," for an Emmy Award, Hollywood is sending Scientology the following messages:

1) We're not afraid of you and we don't care if you sue us. Your tired old church is so broke anyway that you don't really have the money to sue anybody.

2) We don't want to have to go on a four-hour tour of the Celebrity Centre (note pretentious spelling) every time some moron in casting decides to employ one of your members. We are busy people with better things to do than come watch you show off your old building.

3) We're sick of having to put up with prima donna actors who break union rules by insisting on having a Scientology tent on the set. If Tom Cruise wants to work for us, he damn-well better be happy with his trailer -- same as everybody else.

4) L. Ron Hubbard wrote for the movies, you say? He was a famous screenwriter? When, where, what movies? We've never seen him credited on any movie, ever. I'm sure the Navy is just as insulted by your lies when you say he was a war hero, as is the U.S. Government when you claim he was a nuclear physicist.

5) Jenna Elfman is not the next big thing. She's yesterday's cancellation.

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