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Volume 10, Issue 31 - August 5 2006

Operation Clambake Ten Year Party

On July 29, 2006 "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted plans for an Anniversary celebration of :

The program for Sep 2nd in Stavanger is:

Write me to make sure you have a seat:

More info:!

Best wishes,
Andreas Heldal-Lund # #

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Belgian Ex-member Speaks Out

On July 31, 2006 "Roger Gonnet" posted a link to a report from the Belgian La Libre:

[Important story in a belgian newpaper: ex 25 years in SO speaks...] [in Belgian]

Quitter la scientologie? Un calvaire
Mis en ligne le 26/07/2006


The title says: leaving scientology, a calvaire. [ordeal]

He's explaining that he was almost forbidden to go to the marriage of one of his sons, but that his family got his presence as needed.

Now he speaks, for the first time, though he did it under a pseudonym.

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Heavy Security at Gold Base

On August 1, 2006 "Chuck Beatty" posted a link to a report from "blownforgood" about the extensive security at the cult compound in Hemet, California:

[Int base security cameras capability, PIs given raw intel videos, Int top ranks staffers news.... latest from blownforgood]

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:13 am Post subject: Security
Surveillance at the Int Base...
Subject description: Security - I will tell you about Int Base Security

Talk about security cameras at the Int Base. Well, here you go.

There are cameras at all vehicle gates.

There are cameras that shoot the cars that go by on the highway, these cameras are super hi-def cameras that can read the license plates as they drive by. These cameras also have lights mounted on them so that when a car honks or is suspicious, they can turn the light on and as they car drives through the frame of the camera, they can capture the plate info. Then then have the plates run and find out who the person is.

There are cameras all over the base as well.

There are 2 cameras in every single Auditing room as wel as microphone. All sessions are recordered and played back. There is a feed from all auditing rooms that can be tapped into in Dave's Miscavige's RTC builing so he can watch any session of any Int Base staff member at any time.

There are cameras throughout the entire property.

There are cameras mounted all along the street next to the property where the Executive staff live. There are two housing communities next to the Int Base property and the Security force can watch any one house at any time with these cameras. As most of the most stressed staff live in these houses, each one is liable to blow any minute. On most days there will be at least one Int Base security vehicle that just drives up and down the streets and if any other car that is not supposed to be there, is monitored driving around it will be approached immediately. This could a lucky Int Base staffer get away car! If anyone lives around here, come on out and do a test. Drive onto Sublet Drive and just park, within 2 minutes you will be approached by an Int Base staff member and questioned. As soon as this happens, your vehicle will have at least 2-3 cameras tranined on it and they will record your every move.

There are cameras in the manufacturing building known as Building #36.

There are cameras mounted at the water tower on the top of the hill.

There are cameras mounted on the roof of the new Castle Studio that has a camera powerful enough to video cars on Sanderson Street more than a mile away! You could zoom in to a license plate at the Mobil gas station on Sanderson and Ramona Expressway.

Most of all of the cameras listed above are remote controlled from the main booth and the main Security control room. I would say that they are over 100 cameras through the Int Base. The theory behind this is that any location that can be used to video the property should itself be able to be videoed.

All of the surveillance footage is stored and back-up so that any and all footage can be immediately sent to PI's, and private investigation firms.

When the Keith Hensons of the world show up at the Gold Base, the Security force become the busiest ever. When he did one of his last "walk arounds" on the Int Base, Highway 79, he really caused a stir.

A few people actually got burned on that one. Mike Sutter was the Dir Internal Security RTC. He had just arrived back from a few years on the RPF .

(Background Story Explanation) Mark Yager and Bitty Miscavige were both under watch. Mark had admitted to wanting to kill Dave Miscavige and Bitty had just been fucking one of the key execs at FSO (Don Jason). Mike Sutter was in RTC and assigned to watch these two while they were getting their handlings at the Int Base.

Well Bitty used her special mind bending skills and caused Mark Yager to go psychotic. So for good measure, Bitty & her husband Ronnie Miscavige were whisked off into Virginia never to be heard of again. They are now doing great and since leaving the Int Base have done extremely well for themselves.

Mark Yager and Mike Sutter were assigned to the RPF. Mark because Dave hated him anyway and they had been childhood rivals for decades. Dave had Marty Rathburn read all of Mark Yager's Sec Check KR's to the entire Int Base at a Briefing and anyone who had been Mark Yager's friend was also RPF'd for good measure. Mike Sutter was RPF'd, because he allowed Bitty to make Mark Yager even more crazy than he was already.

(Back to Main Story) Four years later - Mike Sutter has just arrived at the Int Base and is now in charge of Security in RTC.

Enter Keith Henson. Somehow Mike and the Gold Security crew knew Keith was coming before he did. I think they had plants in Keith's circle.

So Mike Sutter orders that NO ONE IS TO BE OUTSIDE WHILE KEITH IS ON THE HIGHWAY. This means no one. PERIOD. So, a few outside PI's are hired and they are supposed to deal with Keith when he arrives. (Don't let any Int Base staff be completely bragged up mentally by Keith Spewing Xenu stories, but the PI's will be fine.)

So this goes on for days, Keith shows up and no one can go anywhere because they might see a sign that says Xenu. 99% of the Int Base staff have never even heard the word Xenu much less have any clue what it means or any of the story. So if you were on the other side of the Int Base getting a pen from supplies and Keith showed up - you had to stay there in Supplies for the rest of the day until he left.

If you were eating and he showed up, you had to stay in the dining room for the rest of the day. It was crazy. While Keith was "visiting" not one thing got done. You could nto even look out a window, open a door. The security force told people that the SP's on the highway would be taking pictures, and that if any Int Base staff were photographed, they would be RPF'd instantly. This kept pretty much everybody inside with no problem. Sitting around doing nothing is a far better fate than the RPF.

Well, Dave Miscavige showed back up and heard about all of this and could not believe that this had been happening. He ordered Mike Sutter to be kicked out of RTC and posted in CMO INT.

He ordered that Mike Rinder sort this out and if he didn't he would be RPF'd. Mike Rinder just had the crew moved around in buses and otherwise the PI's would be all around Keith to cover any Xenu signs that might be showing. The crew were shuttled around the property in the huge passenger buses and no one could go anywhere unless inside the buses. Staying inside was still in force but Dave was told that no one was stopped from being on post. What Dave is told and what actually happens are rarely the same thing. Dave Miscavige is lied to 95% of the time by anyone below him. He hears what people think he wants to hear. The truth is rarely in that category.

(Mike Sutter story continued) weeks later - Mike Sutter is now in CMO INT. Mike Sutter and Tom DeVoct screw up on some project. Dave Miscavige orders both of them to work in the Gold Manufacturing Division doing menial tasks. After a few days of doing this, Mike Sutter decides to take some "initiative" and go back up to CMO Int and get some real work done. Tom DeVoct says that he is going to stay in Gold Manufacturing and just keep doing nothing and laying low. Dave finds out the Mike Sutter disobeyed his order and went back to CMO Int. Mike Sutter is then posted in Gold Manufacturing on the lowest post in the entire division (CD sleeve stuffer) and Tom is ordered back up to CMO Int to return to post.

So the moral of the story is that Mike Sutter knows how to piss off Dave really good.
Good going Mike!

Until next time...

[ to see all Clambake posts by blownforgood, here's the link:]


"Ida Camburn" wrote:

Yes Chuck they did have surveliance on Keith all the time he was here in Hemet. My home is near Stetson and cross street is Elk. The cult had a 35 foot rv parked on Stetson for over three months. We could not leave the house without being followed. Sometime we took them on a merry chase just so they wouldn't be bored. Richardson (their pet hound) would park down the street which aggravatged some of the elderly women here. This big rv I believe is the one that DM had lined with kid leather and installed huge water tanks so one could live in it without a problem. I had a friend who knew the people who worked on this project for DM. I am pleased to read your report Chuck--reads as tho Keith may have given the SO members some time off :)

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BBC Radio on Volunteer Recruitment Scam

On August 1, 2006 "Free Thinker" posted a link to the BBC (UK) Five Live Radio broadcast:

This is from Sunday July 2, 2006, but it is well worth listening to.

Reporter Elodie Harper goes undercover to reveal the tactics used by Scientology followers in the immediate aftermath of traumatic events.

[long link]


"Hartley Patterson" wrote:

Good, the BBC has extracted the report from the longer programme it was embedded in. An ARSCC Media Dept operative did the same and linked to it at the time IIRC.

Summary at

BBC Radio report on Volunteer Ministers, 2 July 2006

BBC5Live is a national radio channel in the UK. The Julian Worricker show is Sundays 10.00 - 13.00, it includes an investigative report segment and this was advertised on the BBC website as

Mind Games - Scientology versus Psychiatry This week the Five Live Report goes undercover to investigate Scientology. In the hours after the London Bombings 12 months ago, dotted amongst the injured were the yellow shirted Volunteer Ministers of Scientology who managed to get behind the safety tape to help the injured and traumatised. But Five Live has found that the Volunteers were there to keep the trained trauma counsellors away from the victims, part of a bitter fight against psychiatry which has taken them to disaster zones at Ground Zero, the Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

'Mind Games - Scientology versus Psychiatry' is an All Out Production

In a pub garden by the Thames on a sunny day:
Julian Worricker (presenter)
Elodie Harper (undercover journalist)
Dr Max Pemberton (evil psych)
Ian Howarth (Cult Information Centre)

On tape:
Bruce Hines (American ex-CoS)
Paul Fletcher (Director CCHR London)
Various experts

From a BBC studio elsewhere:
Janet Laveau (CoS UK spokesperson)
Brian Daniels (Deputy Executive Director CCHR London)

Elodie began with a brief description of Scientology, including the incorrect suggestion that it wasn't a Church (she meant it wasn't a charity) in the UK. Elodie and another journalist went undercover to three meetings of CCHR in London. They watched videos and it was clear to them that Scientologists believed that mental illness didn't exist but was invented by psychiatrists. She played a taped extract that had general agreement at a meeting that VMs went out after the London bombings and tried to keep people away from psychs. Paul Fletcher was present at the meetings.

9/11 was covered, with the NMHA warning about Scientology. Bruce Hines, one of the VMs there, pointed out that attacking psychiatry has always been part of CoS doctrine.

Max Pemberton expressed the usual psych objections. Ian Howarth was cautious (they'll sue me if I call them a cult) but said that he'd had many complaints about Scientology. He quoted research suggesting that it took a long time to recover from Scientology. There was discussion about whether people are 'free' to leave cults. Ian mentioned the police raid in Canada and scientologists disrupting public meetings at which he was speaking, trying to smear him etc.

[break for news bulletin]

A recording of Paul Fletcher was played talking about the Indian Ocean tsunami - or rather the evil psych plan to import their drugs into India. Dr Kaster Jong (sp?) of Medicin sans Frontieres said that in Sri Lanka he was disturbed by VMs distributing leaflets and books that only confused disaster victims.


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Targeting Youth in Buffalo Mall

On July 31, 2006 a letter from the Buffalo News "Everybody's Column" was posted:

Everybody's Column

The Buffalo News

Church of Scientology shouldn't target minors

I have grave concerns regarding the behavior of the Church of Scientology. This organization occupied a kiosk at Walden Galleria last year, handing out literature describing its "religious philosophy." My 14-year-old daughter, who was in the mall with friends, visited the kiosk with the coaxing of the individuals stationed there. They discussed with her "answers to stress" in life and gave her some "test" to demonstrate how "stressed" she was. My daughter described the couple as "nice elderly people, like grandparents."

Although I think these individuals are part of a crazed cult, they certainly have every right to peddle their literature. What concerns me is that they asked my daughter if she would like more information and then asked for her home address. My daughter, who has been taught not to give out personal information to strangers, felt sanctioned to do so. I feel strongly that obtaining a home address from a minor is crossing the line.

When my child started receiving their propaganda in the mail, I called the Galleria. The mall management was receptive to my concerns and contacted the group twice requesting that my child's name be removed from the mailing list. Although the Scientologists complied initially, my child has again started to receive their propaganda in the mail. I believe soliciting personal information from a minor is fraught with dangerous implications. Beware the organization that stoops to this level.

Judith A. Feld
East Amherst

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Censoring Children from Critical Information

On August 5, 2006 "Andreas Heldal-Lund" posted:

Sent out from Clearwater:

Original Message
From: SuperTheta
Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 8:45 AM
Subject: Your child and ethics - on line warning

Dear Parents,

There is a web site called Many teens use this as a main web site for communications.

Recently a group justice action as convened on 5 young adults. A common denominator was this web site. It is 1.1. There is entheta on it.

If you have doubts, contact the a Flag MAA on it. Know what your children do in cyberspace (the internet).

Go into their browser history and see where they go. You may get a surprise you were not expecting.

There are software tools you can install to deny certain sites. But hatting is key.

Help your children with the correct hatting as well as the correct ethics gradient if something is discovered that is non-survival.

Hope you help them use the internet for optimun survival.


Dan Sigal

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More People Leaving Scientology

On August 2, 2006 "Tory Christman" posted:


Wow....the ceiling is blowing off the roof~~in Scientology.

In the last week, three different people have called me, each one leaving Scientology, forever.

They'd each, on their own, found ~something~ that just didn't seem right: Out tech, DM enforcing things, hypocrisies.

Ok, so each one popped onto the Internet, and low and behold: Ta Da Truth! XENU! Stories....Freedom!!!

Truly, I congratulate each one of them for having the courage to LOOK, READ, LISTEN, LEARN The facts about the insidious organization they too thought was 'so great', and found out it's quite the opposite: Scientology.

To ALL who are helping expose the abuses of Scientology, my hat is off to you, and I know they send deep thanks, too!


"Roger Gonnet" wrote:

Thanks for the great news!

I hope they'll become public :-)) fast and "furiously "!!

These add to the belgian guy, 25 years in the scam, who became half-public last week in Belgium. He's an engineer who was married in the SO, had left, was "kidnapped", sent to USA, then "released" some years ago and who had not spoken publicly (even if he does so anonymously, for the moment, he does publicly!)


"Michael Pattinson" wrote:

I have been calling Scientology the "Titanic of Arrogance" for years. I am so glad some crew members have gotten off. I am open to talking to them too.


"Banchukita" wrote:

That's fantastic. And I wonder if, for every person who calls Tory, there aren't a dozen more who just quietly left and have yet to speak up about it.

While all of us here would love to hear from them, we of all people should understand that they may need a little recovery time -- or even a lot. Perhaps they are still concerned about loved ones and other assets to talk publicly now. That's okay; but someday, I want to hear their stories, if possible!

I wish them peace and joy in getting their lives back; forgiveness is everywhere but you've gotta forgive yourself, too.


-maggie, human being


"Kim Palmer" wrote:

that is wonderful news Tory. Wish them well and let them know when they are ready we will listen. Until they are ready encourage them to take care of themselves, rest, and take time to find their way through the maze that is recovery.

For all of us, who very much want to know all the details - knowing the cult as we do - let us remember these people need time to recover and to rediscover life outside the Truman Show - to heal, to come to terms with what they have discovered is a sham.

Tory pass on our congrats and let them know we do not expect them to come out and start talking - if they want to by all means but not unless they want to.

thanks for all you do - being there makes a huge difference. Hugs


"Scamology" wrote:

That's great news! I was very glad to chat with you when I got out. It helped me to look at what was really happening in the church. I came to see the church's crimes as crimes and not justified by the cultish ethics policies.


"Susan" wrote:

So true. It is absolutely important to have a confidant on the outside when you leave the cult, for the moral support and for the realistic point of view as opposed to the cult indoctrination.

Congrats to the new escapees and to Tory for helping more and more victims see the light and leave the insidious cult of scientology.


"Pam 34" wrote:

Hi Torry

I just watched your video re: Scio and I was very impressed with your courage, your ability to communicate what you went throurgh and especially standing up for what you believe and not being afraid of the consequences! I was a Scio Staff member in Boston from about 1970 to 78 I went threw the "command team" era. I like you thought finally found the answer. When I first joined Scio I kept having doubts about it, but on the other hand so much wanted to belong, be on the right track, and have meaning in my life. I went threw a self-brainwashing phase of every time a doubt came into my mind, I would do a "locational" on myself to block out the ideas. After getting out of Scio, mainly due to being "de-programmed" by reading GO materials on being de-programmed, (I was also somewhat of an agent for the GO, B1) I was so f----ed up that I could not speak about in any kind of a negative way for almost 8 years, because I still thought if I did I would never find "total freedom" and would have a fate a million times worse than going to the biblical hell. I finally ran across the book "Mad Man or Messiah" and blew my mind, and did start talking about it to anyone that would listen, although most people could not relate to it whatso ever. I still felt very much in isolation and that there was really no point in living after leaving Scio. I also had the feeling for years that people outside of Scio (everyone around me) were not really real. I then got a computer and found ARS, it took me out of my isolation and I finally had people who understood what I was talking about. Seeing your video helped me to get a "reality" again on what I went threw. Finally here was someone in the flesh, very intellegent, and well-spoken. I wish you the best. Please keep up your work.

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Vampires of Scientology - Lisa McPherson story

On August 3, 2006 "Arnaldo Lerma" posted:
[Motive for the murder of Lisa McPherson - AMC Publishing ]

The lead story on the 6:00 broadcast of Channel 28 news 14 October, 1997 focused on a new issue in the Lisa McPherson case. The transcript is below.Channel 28 News has a website at , and it includes a form to submit tips to the newsroom.

Ch. 28 News, Tampa, Tuesday, October 14, 1997, 6:00 pm]

[pics of Lisa, Lisa w/her family, autopsy photos]

But first, we have more on the probe into a Scientologist's mysterious death. This is information you'll see only on 28 Tampa Bay News. Dozens of questions still surround Lisa McPherson's death in Clearwater. She's the Scientologist who died in 1995 while in the care of other church members. Tonight, 28 Investigates reporter Dawn Witt has gotten a hold of the taped deposition of McPherson's roomate at the time of her death. Dawn is here to tell us exactly what's on that tape. Dawn...

Brendan, the deposition of Lisa McPherson's roomate lasted nearly an hour, but it was not so much what she said as what she refused to say that raises some questions.

[Footage of the deposition - "Gloria Cruz, Lisa McPherson's roomate". Cruz is on camera, and someone off-camera is asking her questions.]

Why did you move out?

Well, first of all, the apartment wasn't mine, it was under Lisa's name. Um, her, it was her lease, she was dead, and I didn't, y'know, I wasn't going to stay there by myself... [fade out]

[Pics of Lisa, & the Ft. Harrison Hotel]

Gloria Cruz lived with Lisa McPherson for three months. McPherson is the Scientologist who died in the care of other Scientologists while staying in the Ft. Harrison Hotel. And now the McPherson family is suing the church in a wrongful death lawsuit. In her deposition, Gloria Cruz says she and McPherson were not close friends. And she refused to answer five questions concerning McPherson's checking account.

[back to the deposition]

VOICE (sounds like Ken Dandar):
Did you ever write any checks out of Lisa McPherson's checking account?

On the advice of counsel, and relying on my fifth amendment privelege against self-incrimination, I respectfully decline to answer.

[Dandar on camera, in an office]

There are checks written to Gloria Cruz, while Lisa McPherson is in isolation near death. And there are checks written to Lisa McPherson and SIGNED by Lisa McPherson after she's dead.

[shots of the Ft. Harrison, and copies of checks, brief cut to the deposition, more check copies, and a pic or two of Lisa]

28 Investigates has learned, that on the day before Lisa died, while she wasin the Ft. Harrison Hotel, somehow, a deposit of $1600 was made into Lisa'saccount with Lisa's signature. Lisa died December 5. But on the day aftershe died, Lisa's boyfriend, Kurt Paine, wrote a check on Lisa's account to Gloria Cruz for $2500.

After Lisa had been dead 8 days, another deposit was made to her account,again bearing her name. That same day, Gloria Cruz wrote a check to Lisafor $2500, but again, Lisa had been dead for 8 days, and Gloria knew it.

Then, 10 days after Lisa's death, Kurt Paine signed another check to another Scientologist, for more than $2000.

[back to the deposition]

Do know if Kurt Paine ever wrote any checks out of Lisa McPherson's checking account?

On the advice of counsel, and relying on my fifth amendment privelege against self-incrimination, I respectfully decline to answer.

The finances are significant in this case because Lisa was making well over $100,000 a year, working for a Scientology-owned company. And when her family took over her account, there was only a couple hundred dollars left in that account. Cruz is a Scientologist, and also testified that Kurt Paine is a member of the Church of Scientology as well.

Well Dawn, what does Gloria Cruz' attorney have to say about why Gloria had this kind of access to Lisa's account?

Actually, Brendan, he would not answer any questions. He says he does not try his cases in the media, and therefore he has no comment.

Well, an attorney for the Church of Scientology said this afternoon this is not a church matter, but rather a personal matter between Lisa McPherson and her roomate Gloria Cruz.

Arnaldo Lerma Exposing the CON

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False Imprisonment in Scientology

On August 5, 2006 "Povmec" posted:

In the series "Why are there people critical of Scientology": False imprisonment in Scientology (v. 20060805)

False imprisonment: "Intentionally restraining another person without having the legal right to do so. It's not necessary that physical force be used; threats or a show of apparent authority are sufficient. - NOLO Glossary

Rolling Stone: "Inside Scientology" by Janet Reitman

If she tried to leave, Sara adds, the auditors would physically block her path and force her back in her chair. Officials say this forced auditing is for the subjects' own good, as it might be harmful if they were to leave a session before they were ready.

To make sure no one would leave before their route-out was complete, Jeffrey would shadow them: "I've been assigned to go and sleep outside somebody's door -- all night, for as many nights as it takes -- on the floor, against the door, so I could feel if they opened it. If they went to the bathroom, someone would stand right outside. Someone is always there.

In the RPF he was given a "twin," or auditing partner, who was responsible for making sure he didn't escape. "It's a prison system," he says, explaining that all RPFers are watched twenty-four hours per day and prevented from having contact with the outside world.

The Lisa McPherson Clause: Scientology Moving to Secure Its 'Right' to Kill Again

Scientology killed Lisa McPherson in Clearwater, Florida, on December 5, 1995. She was held against her will for 17 days, denied medical care, and forcibly sedated. When her guards tried to force her to undergo the Introspection Rundown and she refused, she was kept in an isolation lock-down until she died from severe dehydration. Forensic entomologists later identified 110 cockroach feeding sites on her body, and three nationally prominent forensic pathologists opined that the manner of death was "homicide". (The pathologists were Calvin Bandt, M.D. (affidavit), Werner Spitz, M.D. (affidavit), and John Coe, M.D.)

Affidavit of Roxanne Friend (6 December 1991)

20. The staff members of the Florida Scientology organization subsequently drugged me (deposition pages 532-535) with the approval of Flag and senior officials of the "Church" of Scientology. Then they woke me up in the middle of the night (deposition page 511), took me in a recreational vehicle against my will (deposition pages 529 and 540) and subsequently held me in the RV and then in a room in Florida (deposition page 510) for a period totalling about four weeks, all against my will. I made at least two attempts to escape but I was bodily forced by the guards to return.

Affidavit of Jesse Prince (20 August 1999)
25. I have personally reviewed a video of a television interview of Roxanne Friend, a former Scientologist. She had cancer which could have been successfully treated. She was kidnapped in California and taken across country in a motor home to FLAG in Clearwater where she was held against her will, which prevented her from getting cancer treatment. After she escaped she gave this interview that I observed on a television talk show. She disclosed that she was beyond treatment because of this delay and subsequently died. Based on my experience in Scientology, her statements ring true. [...]

28. In the four instances of Isolation I observed, the person was locked in a room with at least two other people guarding the exit door. The people that watch the person in a psychotic break are not allowed to talk to the person at all. They are only allowed to physically restrain the person. The reason there are people guarding the exit door is that the person wants to leave and attempts to leave time after time. By their own policy the person in a psychotic break is not allowed to leave until the Case Supervisor allows it. [...]

32. The people who are selected to watch a person in a psychotic break are trained to make a person physically comply with orders and demands. Controlling a person physically is taught in Scientology in its Training Routine Courses. As an example, in what is called "Training Routine 7, High School Indoc" the Scientology student is trained to never be stopped by a Pre-Clear. No matter what the person in "Isolation" does or says, they are not allowed to leave until the C/S says they can.


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South Park Ad Celebrates Hollywood Style

On August 2, 2006 a number of reports were published about an ad in the Daily Variety by Comedy Central celebrating the Emmy nomination of the South Park Trapped in the Closet episode: reported:

Ad didn't take aim at Gibson
Los Angeles Times
By Lynn Smith
August 01, 2006

'C'mon Jews,' the ad exhorted, 'show them who really runs Hollywood.' Hint: It's not Mel Gibson.

In Tuesday's full-page ad in Daily Variety, placed by Comedy Central, the answer is clear from the cartoon showing 'South Park' characters next to the Scientology headquarters.

Though the ad appears to be a humorous and timely takeoff on Gibson's widely reported tirade against Jews during last week's arrest in a drunk driving case, the timing is 'pure coincidence,' Comedy Central spokesman Tony Fox said Tuesday.

In fact, the ad congratulates 'South Park' on its Emmy nomination for the episode 'Trapped in the Closet' and refers to another controversy altogether - the still unresolved question of whether Tom Cruise influenced Comedy Central to pull a scheduled rerun of the Scientology-satirizing episode in March.

'It's a little bit of an inside joke at our expense for pulling the Scientology episode,' Fox said.

'South Park' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have said they submitted that particular episode for Emmy consideration as a reproof to executives who initially refused to re-air the show, originally televised last November. Now it will compete for best animated program at the Emmy's creative arts ceremony Aug. 19.

Though Cruise was widely rumored to have asked that the episode not be replayed - an allegation he denied - Fox said: 'We've never commented on that . We were aware the 'South Park' guys were unhappy. We told them we would put it back on the air.'

'Trapped in the Closet' re-aired last week for the first time.

Fox said Tuesday's ad is in the Comedy Central tradition of being 'topical and a bit of a thumb in your eye.' Still, it wasn't as topical as it appeared, since the ad was designed and approved weeks before Gibson's arrest on Friday, he said.

'South Park' previously made fun of Gibson's film 'The Passion of the Christ' in an episode called 'The Passion of the Jew.' In that show, the characters visit Gibson at home when they can't get their money back at the box office.


Scamology wrote:


"Michael Pattinson" posted:

[South Park to issue "Trapped In The Closet" on DVD]

[South Park debuted on Comedy Central in August of 1997 and remains the network’s highest-rated series. The series won last year’s Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program (less than an hour) and is nominated again this year for the “Trapped in the Closet” episode. Now in its 10th season, the show will return with seven all-new episodes starting on Oct. 4 at 1 p.m.]

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Physicist Deemed Hubbard a Con Man

On August 3, 2006 "Chuck Beatty" posted:

[Physicist Archibald Wheeler placed Hubbard in the non-scientific category.....]

New York Review of Books
Volume 26, Number 8 · May 17, 1979
Quantum Theory and Quack Theory

By John Archibald Wheeler, Martin Gardner

"Earlier this year, at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dr. J.A. Wheeler startled his audience by asking the AAAS to reconsider its decision (made ten years ago at the insistence of Margaret Mead) to dignify parapsychology by giving its researchers an affiliate status in the association. Here is the background to Wheeler's explosive remarks."

snip, jump to Wheeler's mention of LRH:

"For every phenomenon that is proven to be the result of self-delusion or fraud or misunderstanding of perfectly natural everyday physics and biology, three new phenomena of "pathological science" spring up in its place. The confidence man is able to trick person after person because so often the victim is too ashamed of his gullibility or too mouse-like in his "stop, thief" to warn others. Happily a journal now exists called the Skeptical Inquirer[4] which provides a list of some of the items of pathological science currently in vogue. Some other references which the reader may want to consult are Gardner's Fads and Fallacies[5] ("the curious theories of modern pseudoscientists and the strange, amusing, and alarming cults that surround them; a study in human gullibility with topics including flying saucers, Atlantis, Bridey Murphy, Alfred Korzybski, eccentric sexual theories, Dr. W.H. Bates, Wilhelm Reich, L. Ron Hubbard, psionics machines"), Condon's Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects,[6] and Jastrow's Error and Eccentricity in Human Belief[7] "

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The Golden Age of Entheta

On July 31, 2006 "Ewsnead" posted an expose:

The persistent onslaught of Scientology criticism prompted by Tom Cruise's very public avowal of undying love to poor Katie Holmes continues unabated. After properly addressing the escalating horrors in the Middle East or some pressing domestic issue, the print media and talking heads take liberal and calculated opportunity to belittle the diminutive Cruise and his ridiculous cult at every turn. We've reached a point that publicly bashing Scientology incurs the risk of fatigue even among some seasoned critics. Not so long ago it seemed that the occasional newspaper editorial critically calling attention to the cult or the unflattering tabloid snapshots of fat Kirstie flipping off a tourists taking her photo, prominently stood out amid the outcroppings of topics that generated a broader based public concern.

Who, aside from the miniscule cadre of cult cognoscenti had inclination to even consider the evil deeds and cultural implications of a cult introduced to the world by some erstwhile (and ersatz) science fiction author. What a difference a year makes. Nowadays any media profiling of the cult in rapid-fire fashion follows another. Thanks to its star pupil, Tom Cruise, Scientology recently entered our livingroom lexicon as a synonym for a crank and dangerous aggregation of whack jobs. Never before has the rotten House of Hubbard weathered such withering scrutiny and delicious derision. The floodgates yawned immediately following that fateful instance of cultural space and time when Tom in spectacular fashion exposed his engrams to the world by performing the infamous Couch Dance before a ga-ga-ing Oprah Winfrey and her hysterical gaggle of front row seals.

In addition to its bizarro belief system, the well-documented legacy of Scientology's criminal behavior precludes possibility of any conventionally measured assessment of its enduring cultural relevance as a bona fide religion. Indeed, Scientology spins upon its own axis of self-conferred legitimacy. However, when pressed, cult spokespersons insist upon their automatic entitlement to religious status by a bedeviling triple denial: first they deny the existence of a core theology concocted from comic book science fiction; then when Xenu is publicly outed, they deny the illegitimacy of such theology bearing the regal stamp of Xenu; finally, and most insidiously, they deny that the engraved public record of their past criminality has any factual bearing upon the actuality of their prior (and current) activities. Whatever pretensions to spirituality are actually supported by these convoluted defense motions, it seems that a change of venue to the Centurion star system might afford them sole opportunity for a far hearing. What becomes increasingly plain is that the current round of satirizing and more judicious public exposure relegates the cult to the ignominious cultural scrapheap of claptrap it so richly deserves. It's about time.

This criticism will continue in earnest. Since the sacrosanct public relations defenses of Hubbard's sordid creation have now become fatally breached, the cult's legacy of lies and social vampirism appear so grossly unambiguous. This demands a public reckoning, and it will occur at a considerably diminished risk to those who would report it. The Scientology target becomes progressively less dangerous to the extent its antagonists are broad based, work in concert, attack from many different directions, and play to unequivocal public sentiment concerning foundations of human decency.

We've crossed a watershed. Any attempted retribution by Scientology against institutional critics (The cult still maintains significant capacity to make an example of individual critics) backfires to the extent that it entails extra-legal tactics and in consequence, prompts further investigation with more prolonged and ugly public exposure of its criminal disposition. Scientology no longer reliably enforces silence and secrecy as a broad strategy of concealment with regard to its intentions and activities and as a weapon against would-be adversaries. The costs of criminal containment have come to outweigh any benefits. The vagaries of the real world attained sufficient critical mass to finally overcame the purportedly impregnable Hubbard doctrine of "Always attack!! Never defend!" Scientology currently finds itself pinned down in a tiny corner of the room into which it spent so many years diligently painting itself. Its founder refused to consider the possibility of setbacks to his agenda and failed to develop more flexible approaches to adversity. His successor lacked even this iota of imagination. So goes the dwindling spiral of Scientology.


"Sten Arne Zerpe" wrote:

What about the FZ? Do they have any tendencies in your opinion, to evolve into the same type of Scientology, as the organization we see today?


"Ewsnead" wrote:

In my opinion, any organization, movement or social/cultural grouping that excessively preoccupies itself with hygiene or purity is either fascist or latently so. By this account, Scientology is overtly fascist not because it is indisputably totalitarian and authoritarian, but because it fixes upon the necessity of getting rid of unwanted engrams and body thetans. Engrams and body thetans serve as metaphors for invasive, contaminating *others* just as Jews fulfilled this role for Hitler's Germany and continue to do so for the Palestinians and their Iranian and fellow Arab accomplices in today's Middle East. If a worldview coaches the importance of "getting rid of" or purging the self of *otherness*, either in the form of unwanted attachments to the singular egoistic self or to the social grouping the comprises the tribal/religious greater self of powerful intimate identity, rather than learning to coexist peacefully with the *other*, then we have an instance of fascism. We can't rid ourselves of our deeper existential woes, but we can learn to accomodate ourselves to their inevitatble existence


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A Stop by the Celebrity Centre LA

On August 1, 2006 JJ Hunsicker posted:

['Jellyfish' theme used for CCLA's 37th anniversary (Movie_file/direct included)]

Tuesday August 1 2006


so i drove over by the scientology celebrity centre a little while ago and yes there definitely is something big being set-up! i got so nervous when i was around there - there were trucks on the street and lots of different people with walkie talkies as well as security - i tried to snap some pics but i really didn't feel like stopping - gosh i could never be a spy or go undercover - i would so blow it! so i drove around for a second time and grabbed some quick video (about 40 seconds) which you can watch below: [video file]

- i don't think it is going to be the tomkat wedding - there were huge decorations in the yard but they don't look like wedding 'schtick' at all especially with the red/green/blue lights...but who knows what is really going on there - some sorta 'public affair'! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!"

'Jellyfish Chandeliers' being used for decorations:

CCLA through barbed wire (near hollywood freeway)

.jpg source:


Driving past the Scientology Celebrity Centre on my way to work this morning, I noticed some buzz around the building, with temporary speed bumps, caterers' vans, and bicycle cops. Knowing Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding is imminent, I went back at lunch and took a few sneaky pics. In addition to the cops there's maximum security on the gates, overseeing the loading in of potted shrubbery decked out with Christmas lights. Peeking over the hedge, I saw cranes applying chandeliers to outdoor staging, and people erecting a large white tent. So are wedding bells indeed imminent? It looks that way. Although the jellyfish chandeliers kind of give the impression of a "Beneath the Sea" themed high school prom. "


"Dilbert Perkins" posted:

Last night there was an event at the Celebrity Centre (note pretentious spelling) on Franklin in Hollywood. It was a 30-something anniversary party for CC. True to form, Scientology created a lot of DRAMA to make their little party look more important than it really was.

They closed off a street, impeding traffic. This pissed off residents of the neighborhood as well as the through-traffic. This neighborhood is crowded and lacks sufficient parking -- blocking off a whole street is not a good idea.

Their uniformed (i.e. blue-shirted) militia was patrolling all around CC -- they had even infiltrated the surrounding blocks. Across the street at La Poubelle was a staff member (we'll call him Hans -- Hans Flailing) talking furiously into a walkie-talkie, looking extremely concerned and worried. He spent a good deal of his time darting back and forth across Franklin -- yes, in front of cars. Hans felt he was important enough to stop traffic, and it was too much trouble for him to walk to the corner and use the crosswalk. This little block, by the way, is very short. There are maybe 8 businesses on it. Horns honked and shouts were heard.

Hans was not alone. Several staff members were dashing about the neighborhood with walkie talkies, reeling, gesticulating wildly. I never see this type of behavior from PROFESSIONAL security. A patron of La Poubelle noticed Hans and rolled her eyes -- obviously a resident of the neighborhood, she had seen this sort of thing before. You cannot help but notice that the wall around their villa is getting higher and more opaque. It used to be a hedge. Then it became a very, very tall hedge AND an iron fence. Now the iron fence is backed with an opaque green canvas, making it look a little cheap. Whatever was happening there, you couldn't really see. You could barely tell that anyone was actually there.

I could imagine, though, the sort of panicked response from the staff when the punch bowl spilled, when the sound system failed, when the lights did not work on cue, when a homeless man blindly stumbled past security and into the midst of the few remaining well-heeled Scientologists. Hans Flailing and his fellow Hubbard-tech-trained staffers would come running, walkie-talkies blaring, lots of emotive body language, circling around the trouble and shouting frantically.

I hope it was a nice party.

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Without Tax Status How Many Members Would There Be?

On August 4, 2006 "Scamology" posted:

[Give the IRS a reason to revoke $cientology's tax-exempt status]

$cientology depends on people being timid and tentative. Look at how the cult manipulates police and the legal system on

$cientology is seriously worried after the IRS warning letters they received (posted from the news recently).

Everytime this comes up, they spam it down the list. The economy of their current slaves is more important to them than new slaves. If the current parishioners were taxed for courses, as they should be, and taxed for auditing, how many parishioners do you think would stay around.

David Miscavige will do anything to keep that tax exemption.

Write to the IRS about documented accounts of problems with refunds, assaults, vandalism, and anything else that shows why it should not be tax exempt.

IRS-EO Classification
4910 DAL
1100 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75242-1198

The IRS keeps it confidential. It is not released. You will only get a reply that your letter was received.

[long link]
[IRS Warns Churches Against Campaigning]

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Scientology-Related Media

On August 1, 2006 a link to a video at of a Scientology rally featuring Mark Bunker and Xenu TV was posted:

Scientology Rally - What Have You Got To Hide?

[long link]

Holy [expletive] are these guys ever brainwashed. They really believe that anyone who is a critic of their organization is a criminal.


Message ID: CBUzg.310433$IK3.64786@pd7tw1no


On August 2, 2006 "Alert" posted a link:

[Scientology launches a Cyber Attack on Scientology - Religion Or Scam? article]

Looks like theyve certainly stepped up their efforts to stifle any and ALL comments that dont follow what they want seen of written about Scientology. type attack MK II?

hears the sound of another footbullet

[long link]


On July 30, 2006 "Lord Xenu" posted links to L Ron Hubbard audio:


L. Ron Hubbard described Scientology as the science of "knowing how to know". The idea is that "auditing" can raise your abilities to the point where you "know" something directly rather than having to discover it or learn it. He spoke authoritatively about life in the solar system. He claimed that Jupiter was inhabited by people who looked like Eskimos.


Hear LRH recount this in his own voice... [audio file]


From "Assists" lecture. 3 October 1968. #10 in the confidential Class VIII series of lectures:

"Anyway, Everyman is then shown to have been crucified so don't think that it's an accident that this crucifixion, they found out that this applied. Somebody somewhere on this planet, back about 600 BC, found some pieces of R6, and I don't know how they found it, either by watching madmen or something, but since that time they have used it and it became what is known as Christianity. The man on the Cross. There was no Christ. But the man on the cross is shown as Everyman. So of course each person seeing a crucified man, has an immediate feeling of sympathy for this man. Therefore you get many PCs who says they are Christ. Now, there's two reasons for that, one is the Roman Empire was prone to crucify people, so a person can have been crucified, but in R6 he is shown as crucified."

Hear Hubbard in his own words... [audio file]

So much for Scientology being compatible with mainstream religions.

Hubbard also thought that Christ was a pedophile...


"It's an enormous stone hanging suspended in the middle of a room, this is an incident called the Emanator by the way, and this thing is by the way the source of the Mohammedan Lodestone that they have hanging down there, that, eh, when Mohammed decided to be a good small-town booster in eh Kansas, Middle-East, or something of the sort. By the way, the only reason he mocked that thing up, is the trade wasn't good in his hometown. That's right. You read the life of Mohammed. And he's got a black one and it sort of hung between the ceiling and the floor, I don't know, maybe they call it the Casbah or something or... Anyway, anyway, that thing is a mockup of the Emanator! The Emanator is bright, not black.

And so, your volunteer, who insists on a sightseeing trip, goes in and this thing is standing in the middle of the room, and it's going 'wong wong wong wong wong' and he says: "Isn't that pretty?". It sure is, and then he says "Mmmgrmrm ponk" Why, I'll tell you, they cart him from there, and they take him in and they do a transposition of beingness."

Hear Hubbard in his own voice say the above: [audio file]

Hubbard doesn't think much of Muslims/Islam, either. He held them with the same contempt he gave Christians/Christianity.

It appears that Hubbard was doing a bit of projecting in this speech. The only difference would be that Hubbard's 'lodestone' is "Dianetics".

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"Tory Christman" posted:

Every person should watch this tells SO much that each of us wants known, in a very specific way.

Scientology is not a joke: Watch the video. Those are just some of the many, many people who are D E A D due to Scientology and their weirdo practices.

Message ID: 7Zhzg.9766$DW3.4303@fe06.lga


"Patty Pieniadz" posted:

[ Theme: Greeting cards for Scientology holidays.]

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