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Volume 10, Issue 41 - October 14 2006

Refund Due From Narconon Stonehawk

On October 9, 2006 "David Touretzky" posted:

[Greg Beha takes on Narconon Stonehawk]

Check out Greg Beha's awesome truck sign on this page:

Unfortunately, the Manistee, MI planning commission approved the application of Narconon Stonehawk to open a satellite facility in Manistee.

They'll be sorry.

Dave Touretzky: "Scientology's favorite scientist."

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Picket Reports

From London, UK:

On October 8, 2006 "John Ritson" posted:

A warm and sunny autumn day saw eight suppressives turn up to picket the Whitfield Street 'org'. We started at the main entrance in Whitfield Street where there was very little activity, and when we learned that the doors to the back entrance, leading on to Tottenham Court Road, had opened at last to reveal Scientologists offering a 'FREE Stress Test' to passers-by, we moved there. Over an hour there were six or seven Scientologists operating in the little alleyway entrance and with their sign and their leafletters and our boom-box and our leafletters (including "Xenu" things go fairly crowded. Eventually we agreed with the police to move to the opposite side of Tottenham Court Road. This gave us a lot more space, and allowed us to turn up the volume so that we could be heard clearly on both sides of the road.

Plenty of support from passers-by, nobody getting recruited by the cult. An excellent day out.

John Ritson


"Jens Tingleff" posted:

[London, UK, protest against $cientology, Oct 8th 2006, photos posted to a.b.s]

Hi There!

As per title.

A grand day out was had by all. Well, except the clams, who looked like they'd filled the entrance in front with junk (neatly packed in cardboard boxes) and weren't intending to do any body routing that day. At all.

Best Regards


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From Los Angeles, California:

On October 8, 2006 "Tory Christman" posted:

Today a few of us decided to do a picket. It was Jeff Jacobson, Mark Bunker, Susan, and I. We met, as usual, at the Sizzler...our typical meeting place. It's always amazing to me, as I still so remember getting called by OSA, they telling me, "We need you to go to -- and handle the critics". So now I'm WITH the critics, and no matter how many times we do this together, it's still something I find amazing.

Ok, we eat, chat, enjoy getting back in touch, sharing stories we've each experienced since we last saw each other. I love these guys!

Now it's time to head out to picket. At first we were going to head to the HGB, but I suggested going by the Complex. I still remember their freak outs whenever the critics would arrive, being locked in a hallway "Until it's safe", or getting some "Special briefing at 6:00" *when we KNEW the critics were outside.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day, and a perfect one for picketing. We arrived at L. Ron Hubbard Way to find it as usual: D E A D. Literally, I think there may have been one person on the street. ((Keep in mind, this entire area used to be flooded with people).

As we walked down the street, I knew they'd be inside nattering about how "Few picketers there are". However, I never forgot Bob and Stacy doing their picket together in Boston, in the Magoo: Dancing in Boston video. They definitely ruffled the bushes :) So did we, today.

As we walked, out came the security guards, of course. Mark was video taping me as I told him about the different buildings, and memories I had of that area. As we walked by AOLA (the Advanced Organization where all the "OT's" are supposed to be) turned out they'd LOCKED THE FRONT DOOR!

I saw people inside, and this lady tried to get in. That's when I realized they'd locked their own front door! ((Because of we, 4, picketers--were there?!)

We walked down Fountain by Bridge Publications, and I told Mark how this is where they rope in many young people, and how Gavin Potter had lied to all these young kids, years ago, telling them the "End of the world is coming and your parents will be dead in 2 years IF you don't join the Sea Org". True story.

Then I reminded him how that entire block used to be booming with stores, George's General Store now closed (and I believe George is dead now), Peter Gillhams Vitamin store, New York George's Restaurant, that was sort of Scientology's version of "Cheers" in it's day, and many more. Now.........all were gone, the street pretty dead, the only things reminding me of all of that were old buildings now closed.

Scientology had quickly managed to get various people to come out, sort of as window dressing. I found this really funny, as I know when their breaks are, and this wasn't one of them. People weren't "Arriving" or they must have sent them out, to make it LOOK like it wasn't so it really was.

I'm sure Mark will put up a video, if it turned out, but basically we walked around the complex. Finally they called some local security company, and we all decided we needed to move on, not because of the security guy....but because there were places we wanted to go, and time was ticking on.

Next stop? HGB. This is where all the Scientology Executives work out of, or at least where many do, while here in LA. Surprisingly, many, many people were totally with us on "Scientology is worse than you think".

Always we have lots of support, but before there were more people uncertain, where as now just about everyone said: "Oh believe me, I know how bad they are"..or "I'd NEVER get in Scientology". This occurred all day long. The Sea Org sneered, as they usually do, the two people allowed to come out. The Guard told them not to walk down their usual side of the street (as we were there) walk across the street, J-Walking. I said to him,"That's right..............get them away from any real truth, eh?"

Last stop: Testing Center, where to my surprise, ol Joel Phillips himself was out......Trying to rope people in, with a few other of his buddies. They were trying to get people in for the "Stress Test"....I was saying, "Read both sides, find out for yourself". They had a few girls come and pass out pink flyers, we passed out our flyers and cards. Many people thanked us and suggested we come more often, as well as people honking, as usual.

Jeff passed out flyers about Lisa McPherson.

Susan carried a Xenu doll, and a sign that said, "Scientology's worse than you think".

My sign was about Scientology stopping Free Speech.

So there ya go.

Then after, we all came home to party at my home, where more people arrived, shared tasty food, laughed and talked.

It was a great picket/party for all.

Sorry if ya missed it.....I suggest this month each critic has a party in their town. Try it! You'll be surprised how fun it really is.


"Jeff Jacobsen" posted:

Saturday 4 of us picketed in Los Angeles. First we went to the Big Blue building for maybe 45 minutes or so. It was SO dead. Very amazing. Hardly anybody was there, but Mark videotaped Tory talking about the area, so that worked out ok.

Next we went to my favorite picket place, the Hubbard Life Exhibit on Hollywood Blvd. This is a great place to hand out flyers to passers by. I dressed up as "Dr. Fake" again, even though I couldn't find my "Dr. Fake" badge. The most interesting thing was how many people stopped to talk to us. Many people had a general knowledge already, and some people told us they already knew how bad Scientology was, so they didn't need a flyer.

After about an hour, we went down to the building with the big "Scientology" sign, where Scientologists had tables out demonstrating the e-meter. Angelina (not her real name) and I walked over there, passing the new Scientology "testing center" which I had never seen. Just as we were walking by there, they were putting their tables inside. I said "this is a great example of nonconfront" to the Scientologists.

At the next spot, I went around trying to look through the papered windows to see how much construction had been done inside. It was gutted! It's been that way for years now. A great location right on Hollywood Blvd, and DM chooses to keep this building gutted? What for? Mark got a lot of video of the e-meter demonstrations, and we handed out flyers. After this we left.

Now the interesting thing this day was that no Scientologist confronted us whatsoever. Nothing. The security guards kept their distance. The OT committee types just watched passively. Now one explanation could be that they didn't know we were coming. This was a picket that we didn't advertise publicly. But still, I think this shows something.

I first picketed Scientology in 1994. I've probably picketed at least 100 times by now. Right from the beginning it was always confrontational, with Scientologists taking photos of us and our license plate #'s, demanding that we leave, calling the cops, etc. And those of you who have picketed know the questions that Scientologists peppered us with; why are you here? who's paying you? aren't there worse things on earth that require your time? what crimes are you hiding?

Right up through my time in Clearwater in 2000-2001, it was almost always this way, where we'd be confronted in various direct ways, and you can watch on to see examples of this.

I'm not sure when exactly, but I'll peg it around 2002 that things changed. There was less and less confrontation by the Scientologists. And this weekend, there was none at all. Why is that?

I'd like to think that we helped train Scientologists to act less aggressively. Whenever they would confront us in their usual Hubbard-ordered manner, it wouldn't work. We'd stay, and even come back. Their rantings would appear on the net for everybody to see how crazy they acted, like
(and BTW, there have been over 6,000 viewings of Leisa!).

So the confrontational style didn't work in the short term of getting us to leave, didn't prevent us from coming back, didn't stop others from picketing, and in the long run was bad PR as the net exposed their tactics and antics.

I've always felt that one of the reasons to picket was to give Scientology a chance to show its true colors. That seems to have happened quite well. But if we've helped them to behave in a more civilized manner, I'm quite happy with that result as well.

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Journey Out of Scientology

On October 6, 2006 the Santa Cruz County's Good Times Weekly reported:


Itís making headlines and turning heads. One former Scientologist recounts her experience. Plus: A local Scientology church chimes in.

by Christa Martin

A few months ago I was told that a local, former high-level Scientologist, "Janet," was interested in talking with a member of the press. It was particularly noteworthy for several reasons. The Church of Scientology of Santa Cruz opened in 2005. Also, many people who have left the Church of Scientology (CoS) generally donít speak out about their experiences, except online. Scientology has also generated controversial headlines in the press lately. Last year, when Tom Cruise was promoting MI:3, he commented publicly about Scientology. There was a war of words with Brooke Shields about antidepressants, which made national news. Then came a South Park spoof on Cruise and Scientology. Earlier this year, in 2006, columnist Janet Reitman wrote a lengthy article in Rolling Stone magazine, which covered the A-Zís of the controversial religion. More recently, the television show, nip/tuck decided to pursue a Scientology storyline.

Anyone who claims that Scientology hasnít experienced its fair share of controversy surely has dived headfirst into a Santa Cruz beach. The religion, which was granted tax-exempt status in 1993, has always generated attention for its practice of paying for services, its testy relationship with the press and the scathing reports from apostates--people who have left the church. However, on the other hand, its followers are known to avidly proselytize, and its celebrity devotees are often outspoken, claiming that Scientology has changed their lives for the better. Literature distributed by the CoS claims that participants in its various programs garner outstanding results and that Dianetics helps people. Additionally, Scientologists claim that the church is actively involved in making the world a better place.

As I embarked on this quest to tell Janetís story, I was met with many comments, worries and some criticism. Mostly, friends, colleagues and associates were concerned. Scientology has a reputation for bullying anyone who it concludes is criticizing the church, I was told. For example, in Time magazineís May 6, 1991 article about Scientology, writer Richard Behar wrote that he, as well as people that he knew, were harassed and/or threatened, and he believes these things happened because he was writing a story about Scientology. My intent, however, was merely to tell a story from one womanís point of view about what she claims were her experiences in and out of Scientology. All names in this article have been changed at the request of "Janet" for reasons of privacy.

Janetís Journey

Janet is striking for her age. At 55, she has a lionís mane of auburn, curly locks, piercing eyes and a steely resolve. Sheís smart, firm and serious in one breath, laughing easily in the next. Sheís your neighbor, the woman next door who runs a successful Santa Cruz business with her husband. Janet could be anyone.

For about 10 years during the í70s, Janet was a Scientologist. Not your Average Joe Scientologist, but a member of the Sea Org, the elite, the upper echelon, who sign a reported billion-year contract of dedication to Scientology. These people reportedly work for the church for most of their lives. They are generally considered to be the most dedicated followers. Janet knew L. Ron Hubbard, the founder and deceased leader of Scientology. She remembers running into David Miscavige, the religionís current leader, before he took that post in 1987. And she remembers why she entered the church and why she "blew," which is Scientology terminology for "a sudden departure."


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Scientology and the Art of Deception

On October 13, 2006 "Mark Ebner" posted: [long link]

When a talented young artist left her home in New Mexico for Hollywood, she had no idea that simply answering a classified ad on craigslist would get her sucked into an insidious Scientology front group that would spy on her personal internet activity, then ultimately crushed her hopes for success at her very first dream job...


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Creston Ranch and Cult Properties

On October 10-11, 2006 "Jeff Jacobsen" posted:

This is the ranch where LRH was hiding out when he died.

Why does CST need this property? What religious function does it have?


This is next to the highway after you pass Golden Era Studios north of Hemet. The obvious purpose of the camera is to take photos of car license plates as they go by on the public highway. Notice the strobe light for night shots too. I wonder what the locals think of this camera. I guess it's legal but it sure is creepy.


I've used a lot of my vacation time over the years to visit - or try to visit - Scientology related locations:

Tilden, Nebraska - boyhood home of LRH
Hemet, CA - Golden Era Productions
Tuolumne City, CA - Lady Washington Mine
Clearwater, FL - spiritual headquarters
Petrolia, CA - vault
Twin Peaks, CA - vault
Los Angeles, CA - big blue
Trementina, NM - vault
Creston, CA - ranch where LRH died

My pilgrimage is complete. I can't think of any other places Scientology-related that I'd like to visit.

The main thing I've noticed of these properties is how security-conscious they all are. There are cameras, lights, motion detectors, electrified walls, etc. on every active property I've seen.

It's truly amazing how paranoid Scientology is. Another amazing thing is how many of these places are extremely remote, yet have very nice houses on them. Someone running from the law could feel quite safe yet comfortable at many of these locations, unless there was actually a raid on the place.

My photos and such of the places I've visited are at

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