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Volume 2, Issue 15 - July 20 1997

  Clearwater III

Jeff Jacobsen announced plans for a third Internet-organized picket of Scientology facilities in Clearwater, Florida.

"There will be a demonstration against Scientology this December 5 and 6 in Clearwater Florida. Make plans now to attend. Further information will be put up on later. In March 1996 about 17 people picketed in Clearwater. This last March there were about 30 demonstrators. Hopefully this December we can have 50 or more."

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  Washington DC

There was a protest this week at the Washington DC Scientology Org, including pickets and distribution of flyers.

"Attendees were Arnie Lerma, Big Beard, Rod Keller, Wes Fager, Margaret, Eric and another friend of Arnie's. They hastily arranged some really bad handouts - a little leaflet for the Orientation film, a half size New Slant on Life leaflet, and a fold-out blue-green poster talking about the Road to Total Freedom. They eventually typed up a DA page on Arnie, which they called 'the other side of the story'.

"We had two flyers, one with lots of the best quotes from all the judges around the world. The other had 'Release Odhran Fortune' on one side, with the story and the picture of his mom and brother holding up signs 'Free My Son' and 'Free My Brother'. The other side had 'Scientology Killed Lisa McPherson', the basic story of how she died, a photo of her from Jeff's page, and a shot of her hand from the autopsy.

"We had a post-picket relaxation time to rehydrate at an open air seating area across the street from the org. They parked themselves at the entrance, and we heard them coordinating leaflet girls for a couple blocks around, so they could track us when we split up. I think it's a shame to use children on Invest. ops like that. We took the Metro out of there, and were followed to the station by 'Peter Hacker'."

Picket of Scientology's DC Org - July 19, 1997
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  Grady Ward

Portions of Keith Henson and Grady Ward's deposition with David Miscavige were posted this week. Scientology filed the portion with the court.

"DM: Wait a second, I'd like to note for the record that Mr. Ward here, said he was doing TR 1.1. And I would just like that noted here. That is probably not understandable to someone who is not a Scientologist, but it is definitely an attempt to demean the Religion of Scientology and I'd like that noted for the record. This TR 1.1 refers to a writing by Graham Berry, where he states that he will start up a 1.1 club, including, qualifications for this for non homosexuals, is that there will be a public buggering of the leaders of Scientology. Buggering of course I think you know that it refers to sodomy and that is I understand what the 1.1 club is. I think that's what Mr. Ward was stating that in reference to. I'd also like to state for the record. I believe I've taken about a minute to state that and I'm willing to give them an extra minute so that it doesn't come off their time.

"GW: For the record I have no idea why --
Yingling: Mr. Ward this is not --

"GW: I'm sorry, I do get to respond to that ma'am. He's accusing me of accusing him of vile words which he has put into the record, which I am shocked that he would put such vile words into the record. But for the record, I'm just looking at him. And he's the one that asked me what I'm doing and he just said this is TR something. So of course, since I know how much Scientologists are fond of humorous situations, I gave him a humorous answer and I have no idea what he's talking about Graham Berry's and other vile words that he said which I'm glad I didn't put on the record, as he did.

"DM: Just so we have a record here and I don't care to engage in argument and I'd like the record to reflect that we've probably both been quite cordial with each other. But in reference to that, as Mr. Ward states, he has no idea what I'm referring to, the reason I was lead to believe that he would know about this is because Mr. Ward - I have seen postings from him, describing the various sexual acts that he has me engaged with various male members of the Scientology Religion, attorneys and so forth. And again, I won't state here what that is, but he has already been ruled to be disgusting by the judge.

"Mr. Hart: and let the record reflect that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering
GW: Let the record that William M. Hart is not well shaved and he looks like a ruffian and is causing a disruption of the deposition."

There was a hearing on Friday the 18th, in which Judge Whyte announced his decision to dismiss the claims of trade secrets, with prejudice, against all three defendants in his court. Grady Ward reported:

"Judge Ronald M. Whyte declared from the bench that he was going to dismiss the trade secret claims by the criminal cult from all three lawsuits. He said that he would reserve for later the designation of 'prevailing party' and the assignment of costs and the disposition of the trade secret portion of the bond that the cult had to put up to get an injunction.

"This means that MoFo, Keith, and I, for example, could be awarded costs and attorney's fees plus several thousand dollars in bond because the criminal cult decided to opt out of a claim after a lot of litigation and on the eve of trial. However, this may be best used as a bargaining and settlement tool. In any event, half the lawsuit has been dismissed with prejudice.

"Obviously the cult decided to drop it because with the filings in Sweden, the web sites in Norway, and the large number of declarations from around the world explaining how the NOTs and other cult crime specs are publicly known."



Reuters reported that members of Germany's CDU party called Scientology a "danger to society" this week.

"'Scientology is a danger for our society,' Rainer Eppelmann, chairman of the CDU labour wing, said at the launch of a 60-page booklet attacking the organisation to be distributed around Germany. Labour Minister Norbert Bluem, a strong critic of Scientology, wrote in the preface: 'This is an organisation that twists people into tools in order to pursue its own criminal objectives.'

"About 5,000 copies of the booklet, prepared by the CDU labour wing, will be distributed, describing the recruiting methods of the organisation and instructing Germans how to 'protect' themselves. 'Anyone who criticises or fights Scientology is written off as an opponent of freedom of religion,' Labour minister Bluem wrote. 'Under the cloak of a religion or church, the organisation is trying to build up an image of a martyr so that it can deflect attention from its own practice of degrading humans.'"

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  Lisa McPherson

Logs written by Lisa McPherson's handlers during her fatal stay at the Ft. Harrison Hotel were released by a court order this week. They describe bizarre practices to try to heal and strengthen her. Scientology claims the final days logs are missing. Information from the logs was included in a summary article this week in Newsweek magazine.

"18 Nov 95

"She had 1 1/2 cup Cal Mag, small bite of turkey & spagettie, 3/4 banana. Lisa is talking since about 30 minutes:

"'I created time 3 billion years ago and now I am dramatizing it since than.' -- 'I am LRH and I didn't confront it because I didn't confront that power.' -- 'I can't confront force. I am dramatizing it.'

"19 Nov. 95

"This afternoon Lisa walked like a robote. In the evening she started starring in the light. I got her to eat a tuna sandwich, she also drank 2 cups of calmag and took all vitamins. She called me Mom when she awoke this afternoon. She wants to go to a party.

"20 Nov 95

"Today she slept 1/2 hour. She is still trying to look in the lightbulbs.

'You have to follow the light, as light is live.' She is counting with her fingers, pointing somewhere. Last night I made her drink 1 cup of calmag and to took 1 B1, the 2nd cup and 2nd B1, she vomitted out.

"22 Nov 95

"I went into the room & she was total Type III. Blabbering, incoherent nonstop. Shaking, no warm clothes on -- a old top & shorts & shoes -- no socks. She fell asleep for 4 hours & got up. I finally chased her around the place 50 times & got on slacks, tee shirt, jacket, socks & shoes -- she was like an ice cube. She talked incoherently hour after hour. She refused to eat & spit out everything she took. Her breathe was foul. She looked ill like measles or chicken pox on her face. Had a fever to my touch. After 1 pm she went violent & hit me a few times telling me she was to kill me #s of times.

"30 Nov 95

"On floor scooting around, moving arms & legs & speaking & groaning. Had 4 ozs of a thick, rich protein shake from the Pavilion. Dr Johnson just visited. Not possible for her to have any more chloralhydrate. I need to get 4 more valarian root capsules into her & a quart of fluid.

"I probably got the equivalent of 3 valarien root caps into her. It took 4 feedings over a 4 1/2 hour period. She will appear to be very cooperative -- hold her mouth open, make eye contact, at as if she is there, then close the back of her throat & not swallow. Her voice becomes nasal & she mutters rather than pronounce her words properly. My idea of closing her nose so she has to swallow so she can breathe through her mouth is only marginally successfull. She either swallows & breathes or she lets everything in her mouth come out.

"Friday day/evening

"She's asleep! Dr Johnson was here & gave her 2 chloralhydrates. I believe she got the entire amount in each capsule. She became very restless & almost awakened. I used 2 chloralhydrates & got approx 1 in her. Then sat next to her breathing deeply & sying for about 1/2 hr to get her to immitate the thing & go back to sleep. She kept starting a very fast shallow breathing that was part of her agitation & increasing it.

"Sat 2 Dec

"She has gotten drowsy from time to time but at 3 AM is still awake and talking. We also cut her fingernails. This will reduce the risk of scratches to herself & us. She has scratches and abrasions all over her body & on elbows & knees has pressure sores. None of them are open & none of them look infected.

"The finances for her protein drinks ran out last night. I was in comm a security guard who said the source of the money was Lisa's employer & he thought he could get more this morning."

Lisa's Memorial Page
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  Time Warner

Also in Newsweek, an article on suppression of news stories.

"Brill not only refused to kill the story; he wrote an impassioned letter to time Warner CEO Gerald Levin complaining about that and two other corporate attempts to compromise editorial independence. 'Once, Peter Haje [time Warner's general counsel] asked me to kill a story in The American Lawyer about the Scientology litigation because he feared it would criticize Time's reporting. More recently, someone else in the law department asked Court TV not to cover a case involving the [Warner] music company,' the letter read. 'I just cannot express adequately how disappointed and upset I am.'"


  Lisa Marie Presley

USA Today reported that Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley is suing the National Enquirer over their description of her recent unstable behavior.

"In a June 17 article headlined 'Lisa Marie Suicide Drama,' the tabloid wrote of Elvis' daughter being 'found crumpled on a bathroom floor at her home, sobbing hysterically after scrawling 'Nobody loves me - I'm ugly' all over her arms.' Quoting unnamed 'friends,' the Enquirer said Presley was 'an emotional mess' and spent five days in a hospital.

"The truth, says her spokesman Paul Bloch, was that she battled bronchial, stomach and liver infections and had her gall bladder removed. 'She's fine,' Bloch said Monday."


  Roxanne Friend

The declaration of Roxanne Friend was posted for the first time on the net this week. Roxanne later died from a tumor that went undiagnosed during her time on Scientology staff. Some excerpts:

"It was my understanding that everything about Scientology could be proven factually in the same manner as a scientist proves a scientific fact. These points are discussed at length in many Scientology publications. The Scientologist is not exposed to the above teachings until long after he/she has been indoctrinated into the group and subjected to mind control. Thus, for me, it became impossible to see the conflict between the scientific pretenses of Scientology and the 'beliefs.'

"I never accepted Scientology as a religion or belief and I continued to consider myself Jewish throughout my association with Scientology. I was also told that Scientology attempted to gain its status as a religion for two purposes--one being to avoid taxation for the organization and its constituents; and two, being to avoid having to come under scrutiny for its practices of Scientology and the far-out nature of the Upper Levels while I was still a member.

"During my relationship with Scientology, I was referred by Scientology to the Shaw Health Center for regular medical treatment. I was told that all of the doctors at Shaw were practicing Scientologists who used Scientology principles and techniques in their diagnosis and treatment. I was consistently dissuaded by my auditors and case supervisors from obtaining treatment from non-Scientologist physicians.

"[I]n the spring and summer of 1987 I was given auditing that I didn't want and was not allowed to leave Flag when I wanted to. I was made to stay there for months to undergo auditing that I did not want and even though I told them I wanted to go back to Los Angeles because my father was visiting from the east, I was not permitted to do so. During this time I went from having mono to having pneumonia and getting very ill. Still, I was made to do auditing and was not allowed to leave.

"In December 1989 I went back to Florida for the purpose of doing a process called the Purification Rundown but was again forced to do the Introspection Rundown auditing. I left without Case Supervisor approval which was always required prior to leaving the Flag Land Base in Florida. I left in the middle of the night and took a taxi to a hotel near Tampa airport because I did not want to be on Scientology premises or continue the Introspection Rundown. Also, I made phone calls to the Clearwater, Florida or Tampa, Florida police saying that I was being held against my will. The Scientologists had the phone in my room cut off when I did this.

"In addition to the trauma of the kidnapping and imprisonment, the Scientologists took away my privacy. In December 1989 and January 1990, I was spied upon constantly, 24 hours a day. My phone calls were monitored (when I had a phone in December); my comings and goings were reported on; and, of course, in January when I was completely imprisoned, every aspect of my life was under constant surveillance.

"After I was released, I was unable to function at all. I could not work, I could not take care of personal business matters. I couldn't think properly or have any social intercourse what-so-ever. I was so unbalanced by the experience that I was arrested for an assault and ended up under observation at U.S.C. Medical Center."



Paul Grosswald participated in a New York radio talk show this week with Scientology exec John Carmichael.

"GALLAGHER: Its a Wednesday morning, July the 16th. Back in 1995, in the fall or winter of 95, thirty-six year old Lisa McPherson, died. And she was a member of the Church of Scientology, and there are those who say that they want to know what happened inside the Scientology compound which led to her death. And a lot of celebrities belong to the Church of Scientology. John Travolta's been a member for years, I think Tom Cruise, a lot of famous people. So what is this church all about and what about this controversial lawsuit asking who is to blame for the death of this young and very troubled Scientologist? Here with perhaps some answers is John Carmichael who represents the Church of Scientology in Manhattan.

"GALLAGHER: I'm gonna throw something at you here and see whether - how you react. There are those who would say that you guys are a bunch of cultists, that the Church of Scientology is nothing more than a cult. True?

"CARMICHAEL: That's something thrown out by people who are just- who don't know anything about Scientology.

"CRONE: What is it though? Simply, what is Scientology? If I wanted to join the church what would I have to do to get in?

"CARMICHAEL: What you would have to do is want to improve your life. See that there is some part of your life that could be better. Scientology is unlike some religions in that it's designed to help people in the life- in the here and now, instead of waiting for the hereafter. It helps people, according to the testimony of literally millions of people around the world, helps them lead better lives, be happier, have greater self respect, and accomplish the sort of things they are trying to accomplish in their lives.

"GALLAGHER: Our guest is John Carmichael, from the Church of Scientology, in Manhattan. Paul is in Kings Park, Long Island.

"PEEGEE: Hi, how are you doing. I'm a former member of the Church of Scientology, and it just so happens that Scientology does have policies that encourage Scientologists to hold people against their will, so it doesn't sound...

"GALLAGHER: Wait a minute, John, you know this guy?

"CARMICHAEL: Yeah, I know this guy. Paul, listen, you were in Scientology six months, years ago, you know nothing about Scientology...

"PEEGEE: I was in it long enough to know what the policies of Scientology are...

"CARMICHAEL: There is no such policy! That's RUBBISH!!!

"CRONE: Well, John, let him finish!"


  Lars Baehren

The web site of Lars Baehren was closed this week by system administrators following pressure from Scientology.

"From: Christian Ritter

"I have to inform you, that the Cippool is thought exclusively for scientific purposes. Enlightenment on Scientology is not among these. Therefore the yesterdays inhibition was drastic, but right in matter. Your are therefore requested not to publish related documents via the Cippool."


  Toronto Correction

Gregg Hagglund posted a correction to last week's report that Scientology may have been responsible for damage to his car.


"On Friday Night a security camera of a Neighbor caught an excellent profile and full face, well lit, of the responsible party. Local juvenile, male, white, age 15 yrs. [T]he Parents came to me today and apologised profusely. They gave me a dozen free car wash coupons. Apparently he started looking for friends and enemies on the Usenet and came across me and ARS and decided to be a Royal Pain. He got some friends to egg my properties."


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