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Volume 2, Issue 28 - October 26 1997

  Introspection Rundown

Scientology lawyer Helena Kobrin has threatened the web site of Keith Bennett for providing a copy of the Introspection Rundown, a technique used by Scientology to cure mental illness through imprisonment and isolation.

"Dear Mr. Bennett:
I have been informed that you have placed certain of the Introspection Rundown copyrighted works on your home page without the authorization of my client. These works can be found under the following URL:

"By placing my client's copyrighted works on your web page, you are violating United States copyright law. We therefore request that they be removed immediately. We are currently involved in litigation over similar materials in several lawsuits."

Keith described his situation:

"A previous complaint by Scientology's legal whore Helena Kobrin got my 'NOTs' pages removed from Best. This information explains how Scn exorcises the spirits of murdered space aliens at a very high price per alien. I have no reason to think that Best's response will be any different this time. I may even lose my account the way Grady Ward did."


  Berlin March

Scientology's planned march in Berlin to protest alleged discrimination hit several obstacles this week, as the estimated number of participants has been reduced by 2/3 to 10,000. From Reuters:

"The U.S.-based Church of Scientology said on Friday it was planning its biggest demonstration in Germany on Monday in protest at what it called discrimination against religious minorities there. The organisation's spokesman in Germany said half of those on the march through Berlin were expected to be from abroad, but it was not certain whether U.S. film star Scientologists Tom Cruise and John Travolta would be there.

"Berlin's interior minister Joerg Schoenbohm told InfoRadio he did not expect a large turnout and that the protest would proceed peacefully. U.S. blues singer Isaac Hayes, best-known for his title music to the film 'Shaft,' will take part and join other artists in a concert at the Brandenburg Gate, Stoffel said. Another spokesman, Reinhard Egy, said Scientologists would be joined on the march by representatives of other religions, including Moslems, Baptists, Buddhists and Hindus.

"Scientology said it was pure chance the conference coincided with a hearing in the Federal Administration Court in Berlin of an appeal by a Scientologist group in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg against the withdrawal of its charity status. 'In the appeals hearing the court will discuss the extent to which the plaintiff is engaged in business and the significance of the fact it publicly acts as a religious community,' a court document said."

The event will be held on Monday, October 27th., with the following planned schedule:

"Scientology expects 10,000 participants to take part in march starting at Gedaechtniskirche at 1130 GMT and ending at Brandenburger Tor where demo will continue with speeches at 1400 GMT. U.S. musician Isaac Hayes to attend."

Scientology has attracted the support of the Raelian Church, a UFO cult based in France.

"RAEL, the spiritual leader of the Raelian Church, expressly requested that over 500 raelians participate in the demonstration for Religious Freedom, organised by the Church of Scientology, on Monday, Oct. 27. RAEL reminded that, even if it has no problem in Germany, the Raelian Church will always be ready to take to the streets to defend minorities, be they religious, racial or sexual."

The Raelian web site proclaims:

"Welcome to the English version Mother site of the International Raelian Movement. The world's largest UFO related non profit organisation, 35 000 members in 85 countries, JOIN NOW!"

Scientology critics plan to distribute some information during the march. From Tilman Hausherr:

"I (or anyone) is allowed to distribute leaflets wherever / whenever wished, as long as we do not appear as a 'group'. This means that Xenu will spread the word. The route for the demo has been changed AGAIN. Now it's from the Breidscheidplatz (on 'high noon'), to the Brandenburger Tor. Scientology is NOT allowed to advertise Scientology! The reason: scientology has registered the demo as 'Demonstration for religious freedom'. Advertising for scientology would be commercial, which is a no-no."

"According to 'taz' of today, Gerry Armstrong will participate in an SP event on Sunday 19:00. [Also] The reverend of the 'Gedachtniskirche' (the main Berlin church) has decided that his church will have the lights off Monday evening (for the scientology 'inter-religious service')."

"Chick Corea's 'concert' in Berlin will probably be an 'unplugged' concert, because a company that rents accumulators for concerts cancelled the contract with the scientologists."

Klaus Bloemker reported talking to a German Scientologist, who indicated the march is being planned from the U.S., not Germany.

"'Did the American CoS Headquarters ask the German orgs whether they really felt discriminated like the Jews?' He was embarrassed and said 'we weren't asked, the ad was done by a California lawyer.'"

An anonymous report was posted this week that Scientology will attempt to tape record angry by-standers during the march.

"What I have *heard* they will be doing is having people among the German observers for the picket with hidden recorders hoping to catch negative reaction and 'hate' speech from the German citizens that they can then use as verification of the Nazi-like attitudes they are forced to endure over there. Please if you post this make sure to note this is just hearsay."

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Graham Berry reported on developments in the set of cases surrounding the former Cult Awareness Network.

"The 9th Circuit looks as though it will reverse the trial court decision in Scott awarding damages against CAN. Jason [Scott] can thank me for getting the Beeny/Moxon money when he could not have collected against CAN if the 9th Circuit so rules. The Illinois Supreme Court ruling opens the way for Bowles & Moxon,etc., to be hit with a massive damages award in favor of the old CAN. We will take the evidence and present it to the IRS as grounds for revoking the 501(c)(3) status and the Congress as grounds for a Congressional Inquiry into the organization that dares to call itself a religion!"


  Flag Event

Martin Ottmann posted an invitation to an event at the Fort Harrison Hotel to honor L. Ron Hubbard.

"On behalf of the Flag Land Base. You are cordially invited to a very special Humanitarian Award Presentation Ceremony in tribute to L. Ron Hubbard as presented by our guest, The Chief of Staff of the Inter-American Defense Board Major General Salazar Orlando Gil from Washington DC. 7:00pm Saturday, August 9th 1997 Fort Harrison Auditorium. R.S.V.P.: (813) 445-4366 Dress: Semi-Formal"



"Code9red" posted the rumor that Scientology's cruise ship Freewinds in dangerous because of toxic materials on board.

"The cruise ship that delivers the highest level of the scieno-cult's services available had its maiden voyage in June 1986. What is not commonly known about it is, as it was built as a cruise liner in Finland in the late 60's, it is loaded with asbestos (including blue asbestos, the most dangerous type of cancer-causing asbestos) which was never removed or encapsulated. The executives in charge of ship renovations were aware of this fact but made no attempt to handle it in the proper way. In other words, this is a blatant violation of U.S. codes and there is no mystery as to why the ship never enters U.S. waters. It would never pass proper inspections in the U.S."



Gerry Armstrong reported that Scientology is threatening the producers of a UK TV documentary on L. Ron Hubbard.

"As is probably well known 3BM Television has produced for Channel 4 a documentary biography of Hubbard. Scientology representatives have been threatening Channel 4 to prevent the airing of the program. The threat is of obtaining an injunction based on the charge that 3BM induced me to breach the 1986 settlement 'agreement' and the Marin County California judgment which prohibit me from speaking about Scientology, Hubbard and so forth.

"3BM did not induce me to breach any agreement or judgment. The fact is I am willing to communicate to anyone about Scientology or Hubbard and my experiences therewith at any time and require no inducement. But even if I had been induced, the 'agreement' was obtained illegally; and even if it had not been obtained illegally it is illegal on its face."


  Jairus Godeka

Geoff Burling posted a summary of the records of Jairus Godeka, who fired on Scientology's Portland org and is now in custody.

"[H]e is currently being held in the Oregon State Hospital for treatment. As of a Minute Order dated July 16, 1997, 'counsel reports that def still unable A + A' [aid & assist], & another status report was scheduled for September 30. Second, the condition of his confinement is 'treatment until fit', due to his inability to aid & assist in his defense. This is to be distinguished from a plea of 'guilty except insane' - in other words, Godeka may still have reasons to mitigate what he did. The order for this act limits his time at the State Hospital to 3 years.

"How could someone assume that Godeka had mitigating reasons for his actions? Also in his file is an interview that Dr Jerry Larsen performed to evaluate his mental condition. This appears to be a faithful summary of Godeka's words, here is a relevant passage from that interview:

"Godeka, describing his life in America, recounts that he returned to Portland in 1995 when 'He saw his other friends graduating from college and obtaining stable employment. Marital issues escalated, and he admits to occasional physical altercation. Feeling despondent, he noted that John Travolta, a well-recognized individual, was coming to Portland. He therefore went to the Scientology Celebrity Center [on Salmon street] and was given a personality test. It was then recommended that he complete at [sic] $40.00 Communication course taught by an individual named Murray. This is described as a confrontation in which he and the teacher would stare at one another until one blinked, and this was to teach him how to confront today's society. He states that this was the beginning of his problems. In retrospect, he believes that they 'hypnotized me.' he later learned that they were doing 'mind research,' and that he became a subject of 'telepathy.' These individuals could 'stay in my mind and be part of me,' and that 'my mind and body became an apartment for Scientology roommates.' After returning from Alaska [where he worked in a cannery], he went once again to the Celebrity Center, stated that he had been in Alaska, but could tell by the Scientologists' response that they knew of his whereabouts, thoughts and behavior.'"


  Grady Ward

Grady Ward reported that Tidepool will be restoring his Internet account, following the suspension he suffered last week. That suspension was brought on by a complaint from Scientologist William Gertler.

"Donald Janke, CEO of Internet Ventures, Inc. parent of of Arcata, California has agreed to rescind the termination of Grady Ward's account at effectively immediately. I said that I appreciated his directive to restore my account and that I welcomed a chance to clarify both the facts and our mutual positions concerning this issue. I still deny violating the TOS/AUP in effect at the time of the wrongful termination of my account at or before noon on October 16, 1997."

Donald Janke posted to a.r.s to open a discussion of the appropriateness of Grady's posts.

"I am the President of Internet Ventures (IVI), Inc.; and Northcoast Internet (NCI), Inc. is part of IVI's family of Internet Service Providers. In reading postings in this newsgroup, and other related newsgroups, it seems that some posters object to the locking of Grady's account. Other posters feel the locking had merit. It also appears that some posters feel they have not heard enough information about this dispute. Our actions in this dispute were necessitated by abusive and defamatory comments, in a single posting, that Grady directed towards another human being. We became drawn into this posting when we received a formal complaint regarding his postings. We had no choice but to terminate his account, under the original terms he himself agreed to upon opening his Tidepool account.

"However this dispute is not about mine or other's personal opinions of free speech, it is about the outer limits that a company must set when they decide to be in business. As a company our limit is set when a another netizen complains that they were offended by language so strong that a lawsuit could result. However, even here the law seems open to interpretation until one stands before a judge and says 'YOU DECIDE'. Rather than taking it to the 'Judge' I am proposing that we (Grady and Tidepool) take it to the netizens. What I am suggesting is that this dispute be opened to all on a newsgroup where both sides of the issue, and opinions of interested parties, can be presented in an open forum. In order for Grady to participate, and present his opinions."


  Keith Henson

Keith Henson's ex-wife, Carolyn Meinel, posted to a.r.s this week to dispute the Dead Agent posts made by Scientology in recent weeks.

"I hope none of you who have been reading these 'Who is Keith Henson' posts assume they are true. As his ex-wife, perhaps I know the real story. In particular, I refer to the stuff about Dave Scheer testifying about child molestation. For starters, why the heck would Dave Scheer get entangled in our divorce? Even if Scheer did get involved, why would he know anything about child molestation? All Scheer could contribute is hearsay, which does not belong in a legal document."


  Scientology Books

The Orange County Register carried an article on a school reform conference being held by a Scientologist.

"Leaders of Orange County's 'back to basics' education movement are split over attending a conference tonight because the chief organizer belongs to the Church of Scientology. Orange County Department of Education board member Ken Williams said he withdrew from the 'Back to Basics Education Crusade' because of discomfort with its organizers, not because of disagreement over the crusade's goals. 'I have decided not to be involved in the Back to Basics conference because I am concerned with the motivation and involvement of this new political group who is organizing the event,' Williams said in a statement.

"Conference organizer Clay Bock, co-founder of Concerned Parents of Garden Grove, denied that the conference or his group has a Scientology agenda. 'I've been a Scientologist for 20 years,' he said. 'I don't make it a secret. But this has never been about that. I have two kids in public schools. I have a right to speak out on that.'

"Tonight's conference addresses how parents can protect their children in the public school system. So-called threats include school psychologists, math programs that fail to teach arithmetic and federal school-to-work programs, Bock said. School board members from Anaheim, Garden Grove, Newport-Mesa and other Orange County districts plan to attend along with candidates for the Orange Unified School Board.

"The keynote speaker is Carolyn Steinke, founder of Palm Desert-based Parents Involved in Education, who will warn that the federal government's School- to-Work program is a thinly veiled attempt to force all children to choose careers in elementary school. Steinke received a 1995 award from the Scientology-supported Citizens Commission on Human Rights. But her work has no affiliation with the church or any other religion, she said."


  Swedish NOTS

The Swedish Parliament this week split with the Swedish Justice Department, and will continue to make Scientology's secret NOTS levels available to the public. The Swedish newswire Tidningarnas Telegrambyra reported.

"Anybody can still read the scientologists secret bible in the Swedish Parliament building. The Swedish Parliament refused to obey to the Governments decision, regarding stamp as secret, the documents. 'The documents have been in public all the time and we have not seen any reason to change those conditions', says the Director of the Parliament, Gunnar Grenfors.

"After pressure from USA, the Swedish Government stamped as secret their copy of the scientology bible, last week. Prime Minister Goran Persson said at an press conference on Tuesday that it is a 'gigantic matter' when another country protests, referring to copyright laws. - If there will become a conflict we can be dragged to arbitral procedure in WTO (The World Trade Organisation), and we can not be sure about the outcome of this, said Persson."


  New Slant

Scientology - a new slant on life, appeared this week in the UPI best sellers list. The list is based on a single book reseller. The book has not appeared on other lists, such as the New York Times.

"UPI Arts & Entertainment - Book List (adv fri oct. 24 or thereafter)

"Mass-market Paperbacks

  1. Kiss the Girls _ James Patterson (9,618)
  2. The MacGregor Brides _ Nora Roberts (4,003)
  3. The Fallen Man _ Tony Hillerman (2,832)
  4. Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution _ Robert C. Atkins (2,549)
  5. Airframe _ Michael Crichton (2,298)
  6. Scientology _ L. Ron Hubbard (2,088)
  7. Crown of Swords _ Robert Jordan (2,072)
  8. Alienist _ Caleb Carr (1,798)
  9. Clinic _ Jonathan Kellerman (1,755)
  10. Jack and Jill _ James Patterson (1,435)

"The UPI best-sellers list is based on the week's retail orders received by Ingram Books, the nation's leading book wholesaler."

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