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Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 2, Issue 42 - February 8 1998

  Clearwater Picket

Mark Dallara reported on a picket in downtown Clearwater this week.

"Picketers: Bob Minton, Garry Scarff, and Mark Dallara OSA: Ben Shaw, Brian Anderson, Pat Jones, and a dozen or so agents Media: Freelance TV crew Locations: Ft. Harrison Hotel, Clearwater Bank Building, Sandcastle

"We walked over to the sidewalk across the street from the Roach Motel, raised our signs, and started picketing. Shortly after we began, Garry Scarff showed up, and used one of our extra signs. My sign said 'Introspection Rundown FORCED ISOLATION' on one side and 'Did 'Standard Tek' Kill Lisa?' on the other. Bob's said 'Lisa's Blood on $cieno Hands', and Garry's said 'Stop Hurting People, Scientology'. We spotted Ben Shaw hanging out at the entrance to the garage, and at one point, Brian Anderson and Pat Jones came over to talk to the TV crew. There was very little conversation between the $cientologists and us.

"[W]e went down to Cleveland to picket the Clearwater bank building. We saw a Flag bus positioned at the side entrance, but pretty soon it had left without any passengers. The Sea Borg were being kept away from us, apparently. The next stop was the Sandcastle. There were a number of people who saw us as they left the parking lot, and they looked like publics."


  Los Angeles Picket

"Zinjifar" reported on a picket this week at the Los Angeles Celebrity Center.

"I've had 4 signs with joking and degrading letters; X, E, N, U, for quite a while. As we went around the corner, we picked up a tail, a small swarthy man in a white polo shirt. I happened to notice him and said hey snef, OSA behind. He met up with us about halfway up the block and asked us what this was all about. I asked him if he knew what XENU means, and he said no. I asked him if he knew what OT levels were. He said yes. He pointed to his t-shirt, and asked 'You see this!?' (it was an embroidered 'security') I read it very slowly to him. Se cur it y Snef and I were not laughing, but we were definitely smiling.

"He said 'You have to leave', we smiled some more. We continued walking. He told his walky talky that they would 'take care of us' As we passed the front of the Center again, (on Franklin) we passed the pavilion again. While it had been full before it was now empty.

"We went around the block, and back into the same side street. Glenn Barton was talking to the inhabitants. In the meantime we'd picked up two tails, who were changing lanes and such in a one lane side street. We did one more swing around, and the place looked like an anthill that had been kicked. On our last swing through Barton had gone inside, but they had a stack of picket signs leaning on the fence. I wonder what they said?"


  London Picket

Martin Poulter, Dave Bird and Jens Tingleff provided reports on a picket staged this week at the London org.

"I was disappointed by the absence of the Sea Org people who gave us such amusement on our last visit to London. This time, the only scientologist to talk to us much was Jacques of OSA Invest. Jacques has gained more respect from us than any other scieno, I think, because he just does not look or talk like a cult victim. When I asked him how the stats were, he said that our protests are attracting attention to them and really boosting their stats, *but* that they had *other* ways in which they would prefer to boost their stats, so could we please stop."

"For the first time, we had the sound system (Xemu's boombox from hell) fully operational, microphone-stand and everything. The look is firmly 'black with white decoration' with a bold name on the back (which is to be turned towards the org when picketing) saying 'Xemu & the Markabs'.

"The clams came out leaf letting. Almost every clam who stayed out were known to us. Paul 'Coco' arrived some 1.5 hours into the protest, I'm sure he was just as pleased as can be at having to spend his Saturday afternoon scowling by the org. Coco and Jacques Vollet tried to enturbulate Dave while he was preaching to the public. Since Dave never even took a break to acknowledge their idiotic remarks, and continued non-stop for quite a while after this, I can only assume that the awesome anti-SP tech of the Co$ was somewhat lacking in effectiveness."


  French Suicide

The St. Petersburg Times carried a story this week on the suicide of Scientologist Patrice Vic and the trial in which Scientologists were convicted in relation to his death.

"Mrs. Vic blames her husband's death on the Church of Scientology; the church's top official in Lyon badgered her husband to come up with $6,000 to take more Scientology counseling. Jean-Jacques Mazier, the Scientology official, was convicted of manslaughter and fraud in Vic's death. The French court also ruled that Scientology was pressuring members for money that wound up in Clearwater, where the church maintains its spiritual headquarters.

"The charges against Mazier and several other Scientologists centered on the way they pressured prospective members who needed help. Testimony also described foreign bank accounts that were used to send money to Clearwater, where it paid for training of high-level Scientology officials.

"On the day before her husband's death, Mrs. Vic testified, Mazier came to their home in Lyon and urged her to sign loan papers for the money. She said her husband became highly agitated, paced the house and went to the Scientology center in Lyon instead of going to his job as an industrial designer.

"After spending a day with Mazier and failing to convince his wife to help obtain the loan, Vic returned home looking for papers so he could apply for the loan by himself, Mrs. Vic said. 'He was just coming in and out, very agitated,' she said. 'He kept getting up out of bed, he was unable to sleep.' At 5 a.m. as she tried to stop him, Vic dashed toward the window in the room where their two sons were sleeping. 'He said 'Don't keep me, it's the only solution,' and he went through the window, she told the Times. Patrice Vic was 31."


  Bob Minton

Bob Minton reported additional leafleting at his home in Boston, and the status of his activities to reform Scientology.

"More leaflets keep getting passed out in our neighborhood in Boston, including during lunch hour Monday in time to greet a Boston Globe reporter who is doing another story. More phone calls by Eugene Ingram to friends and former colleagues, e-mail from David Lee while in Seattle disturbing Vaughn, Stacy, the cats and Vashon Island generally.

"The Special Rapporteur of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Abdelfattah Amor will visit the United States at the invitation of the Government from 22 January to 6 February 1998.

"I met privately with Professor Amor in New York on January 27 and attended meetings on the 28th hosted by The International League for Human Rights and the NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief--both of which are organizations that really care about freedom, human rights, free thought and free choice. They don't pay hypocritical homage to these ideals like the current leadership of Scientology. Professor Amor chose to meet with me to hear another perspective on the Scientology issue.

"That 1,000's of people are prohibited from practicing their beliefs--Scientology--in the Free Zone because the Church tries to suppress all adherence to Scientology outside of its copyrighted and trademarked enclaves; the bizarre captivity and death of Lisa McPherson; the other mysterious deaths recently reported in the SP Times; Stephen Kent's report on the RPF."

Dennis Erlich reported that Scientology is accusing Bob Minton of involvement in his copyright infringement case.

"[T]he scieno-ho lawyer Hogan is going psycho claiming in numerous letters and filings that you are directing the legal defense MoFo has mounted on my behalf. The good folks at MoFo and I had no idea we were under your control."


  Saudi Scientologist

The UK newspaper Express on Sunday carried an article on a wealthy Saudi Arabian woman who has turned to Scientology.

"Her billionaire father was once the richest man in the world and she has everything she could ever need. She had a mink coat at the age of three and luxury homes all over the world. But for Nabila Khashoggi, daughter of the Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, money did not bring happiness. Now after leaving London for Los Angeles, she has become even deeper involved in the Church of Scientology.

"The 35 year old mother says the much-derided Scientology has helped her find fulfillment and 'handle problems in my life'. She claims her colourful family - her mother Soraya is said to have a reckless appetite for lovers and in 1989 her father was imprisoned in Switzerland accused of fraud - all approve of her decision.

"'It frequently comes up that there's a cost involved but the reality is that any church has tithes or pledges that it needs to survive, to provide the services. And through Scientology, I've gotten counselling. I've gotten courses that have tremendously aided my life, though whatever it costs, its minimal to what I get in return. It's not something you can measure by a cost factor.'

"Nabila ridicules the idea that she might end up giving all her money to the church. 'I don't throw my money away, and if I am going to give it away, I'm going to give it away to good causes.'"


  Gold Base

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reported that Scientology is attempting to have the highway designation removed from the road running through it's California Golden Era Studios base.

"San Jacinto city officials and residents have reacted with suspicion to a Church of Scientology request that the city continue diverting Highway 79 away from the church's Golden Era Productions film studios.

"The City Council voted 4-1 Thursday night to deny Golden Era's request that a detour along Sanderson Avenue and Ramona Expressway continue to be designated as Highway 79. Some council members and residents questioned the church's intentions for the original highway, also known as Gilman Springs Road.

"A year and a half ago, to allow construction of a bridge across the San Jacinto River on State Street, the state diverted Highway 79 from the stretch of Gilman Springs Road that runs through Golden Era's multimillion-dollar complex in Gilman Hot Springs just north of San Jacinto.

"'I highly object to appeasing these people. This highway has been here for a long, long time,' said Lucille Ferguson, a San Jacinto Valley resident for more than 50 years. 'What do they really do there? People ought to know. I resent us changing things for their benefit.'

"Councilwoman Joan Good questioned whether the request was the first step in a Golden Era plan to close Gilman Springs Road. Good said she had been leaning toward approving the request when she went into Thursday's meeting, but changed her mind after hearing from residents and Ken Hoden, Golden Era's general manager.

"He said Golden Era requested the temporary realignment of the highway because noise from passing vehicles causes problems when the studios are recording. Stripping Gilman Springs Road of its state highway designation would make it easier to lower the speed limit from 50 to 35 mph and reduce noise, he said."

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  Grady Ward

Scientology defendant Grady Ward reported attempts by Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon to depose him in his bankruptcy proceedings.

"Besides not having an agreement on when I and my wife ought to be deposed in my bankruptcy case -- discharged on January 24, 1998 -- you did not address at all the issue of the deposition of Religious Technology Center, Inc.'s designated deponent. The only agreement we have currently is that the deposition of Felicity Wasser and myself will be held in Eureka, California and the deposition of Warren McShane other designee will be held in Los Angeles, California.

"As my earlier letter of February 5th pointed out, an Entry of Default was made in this adversary litigation on January 27, 1998 and the underlying bankruptcy was discharged and closed on January 24, 1998. Therefore it appears that there is no litigation in which discovery is open between the plaintiff and myself.

"I believe that your proposed scheduling is being done in bad faith, your attempts at deposition are a obvious attempt to pursue belated discovery in a related case (C96 20207), which has been closed for months now, and overall a harassing tactic to overwhelm a pro per with useless and costly discovery."


  Keith Henson

Keith Henson reported that Scientology is also attempting to depose him in Grady Ward's bankruptcy case. Also, he now is the target of seven lawsuits from Scientology.

"[N]o less than *seven* lawsuits or cases, the original RTC trade secret/copyright case, this one where they never served me (2). Barton's case, (3) the two arrest cases, (4 and 5) the Florida TRO, (6) and this case (7) filed in Riverside."

In correspondence with Kendrick Moxon:

"Ken, 1) less than one day's notice is too short, and you only completed service when Mr. Hogan handed me the check (back dated to January 30, 1998) yesterday at 2pm on February 5, 1998) 2) calling 1-888-457-0604 with the number of Grady's bankruptcy (9713755) this morning gave the information the case was closed in late January, 3) I am seeking a protective order since, even under the broad scope of Rule 26, I don't know anything about Grady's finances which is not public knowledge. I would have filed for a protective order much sooner had I not been informed that Grady's case was closed. I assumed you knew this as well and were saving money by not attaching the witness fee to the subpoena."

"I took the number you gave me which you said on the phone was an active case for Grady Ward, 9712860 and tried it at the 888-457-0604 number for the court. It is some couple's case (whose name I don't want to put on the internet) which was filed back in July. I can't see any relation between this case and Grady whatsoever, but perhaps you can enlighten us all as to how they are involved, and what I am supposed to know about their case? Any more attempts to snow me with this kind of BS *will* result in a complaint to the Bar Association."


  Graham Berry

Graham Berry reported that Scientology has sent Dead Agent packs against him to the Los Angeles school system,.

"[T]he Church of Scientology's Dead Agent Paks on me have now been distributed by Private Investigator Eugene Ingram to each of the seven members of the Board of Education of the L.A.Unified School District. Consequently, in order to try and rehabilitate my good name, each of the members of the Board of Education are about to receive an intensive and extensive briefing on the real Church of Scientology---at the very same time that A.B.L.E. and Applied Scholastics have been trying to win the Board's approval to use L. Ron Hubbard's so-called Study-Tech text books in the very same L.A. Unified School District."



Pre-trial filings in the Factnet copyright infringement case were posted this week. Some excerpts:

"Plaintiff Bridge Publications, Inc. seeks a judgment of copyright infringement against defendants F.A.C.T.Net, Inc., Lawrence Wollersheim and Robert Penny. BPI alleges that: it is the exclusive licensee of the copyrights in 1,914 copyrighted works authored by L. Ron Hubbard; defendants made unauthorized, verbatim copies of these works in both hard copy and computer readable form; and defendants offered for sale to the public and, in fact, sold CDs containing computer readable copies of the vast majority of these works, all in violation of BPI's exclusive rights under 17 U.S.C. 106. BPI seeks the entry of a permanent injunction prohibiting defendants from any unauthorized reproduction, adaptation, distribution, publication, performance, or display, including but not limited to any so-called archiving, in any media, of any of the works of L. Ron Hubbard, including but not limited to those works identified in Plaintiff's Exhibit List.

"Furthermore, BPI alleges that defendants' infringements were willful and that BPI is therefore entitled to the enhanced statutory damages, pursuant to 17 U.S.C. 504(c)(2), in the amount of $100,000 per work.

"Defendants FACTNet, Inc., a Colorado non-profit corporation, Lawrence Wollersheim and Robert Penny deny the allegations of the plaintiff and respond as follows:

"All of the works copied were copied for scholarship, research and backup purposes against ongoing and threatened attacks by Scientology, and fell within the doctrine of fair use. Defendants did not publish any of the works, nor did they offer them for sale or sell any of the works in violation of BPI's license in the works.

"Defendants' right to use copyrighted Scientology documents for litigation purposes against Scientology was previously determined in RTC and CSI v. Wollersheim (9th Cir. 1992) 971 F.2d 364. BPI is an aligned party with RTC and CSI and is therefore bound by these findings.

"Witnesses Who Will Testify At Trial

"Ryland Hawkins
Mr. Hawkins will testify concerning the chain of title for, BPI's ownership interest in, and the registration of, the copyrights in the works infringed by defendants. In addition, Mr. Hawkins will testify concerning the revenues received by BPI from marketing the works infringed by defendants and the potential market harm posed by defendants' infringements, as well as the marketability and marketing of the works.

"Cathy Greenspan
Ms. Greenspan will testify concerning copyright registration and filing procedures of plaintiff and/or plaintiff's predecessor in interest.

"Lawrence Wollersheim
Mr. Wollersheim will testify concerning defendants' copying and commercial distribution of BPI's copyrighted works, as well as other matters bearing on the scope and willfulness of defendants' infringements. In addition, Mr. Wollersheim's testimony will demonstrate the absence of any factual basis for defendants' affirmative defenses.

"Jeffrey Jacobsen
Mr. Jacobsen will testify concerning his purchase from defendants of CDs which contained unauthorized computer readable copies of the majority of the works sued upon by BPI, as well as other matters bearing on the scope and willfulness of defendants' infringements."

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  Los Angeles Daily Journal

Scientology has threatened a libel suit against the editors of the Los Angeles Daily Journal over the recent publication of a summary of the Wollersheim litigation, now closed in favor of Lawrence Wollersheim. The editors of the publication allowed Scientology to write an opposing article rather than face a lawsuit. From the article:

"According to CSC's lead trial counsel, Earle C. Cooley of Boston's Cooley, Manion, Moore and Jones. Before becoming a litigant, Wollersheim was enthusiastic about the positive effects of the Scientology religion on his life. But with a jury present, a judge presiding, and the scent of millions of dollars in the air, his satisfaction came out as condemnation, and suddenly he was distressed.

"During the trial, three dozen witnesses who knew Wollersheim before, during and after his relationship with the Church of Scientology of California testified to his untrustworthiness and described his history of pursuing whatever course would forward his own interests, regardless of the consequences to others. 'He has left a wake of destruction and mystery,' Mr. Cooley argued to the jury, 'And in his wake are the people that he used, that he abused and that he discarded one after the other.'"

Lawrence Wollersheim posted his letter to the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

"The article [is] a fantasy account of the Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California case written completely by the self serving interests of Scientology public relations division. I cannot understand how your organization would allow itself to be influenced so completely by Scientology as to allow this slanderous and unedited piece of fiction that is not unsupported by any prevailing court record in Wollersheim v. Scientology to be published.

"I have been under 17 years of Scientology's personal black PR attacks for 17 years so I an used to them. You fell into the trap set up in a secret Scientology policy that was seized in the authorized FBI raid that sent 9 of their highest executives to jail. In this policy Scientology instructs its PR and legal teams to put false and lurid accusations in its legal briefs so that they then can be printed by new organizations without incurring libel lawsuits because they were part of the public court record."

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  Lidak Pharmaceuticals

The San Diego Union-Tribune this week published a story that a firm offering to provide financing for troubled Lidak Pharmaceuticals may be a Scientology front organization.

"Shareholders of Lidak Pharmaceuticals have asked a lot of troubling questions lately, but the one that put them particularly on edge was this: Was the board thinking about turning the company over to the Church of Scientology?

"The San Diego biotech, in need of cash after losing an important partnership deal, said two weeks ago that it was considering an unorthodox financing proposal from little-known HealthMed Inc. Under the plan, Lidak would get loans for as much as $130 million; in return, HealthMed would get control of the company. But no one seemed to know who HealthMed was.

"[I]nvestors were chatting anxiously on the Internet and elsewhere about another HealthMed, one Time magazine described in 1991 as promoting 'a grueling and excessive system of saunas, exercise and vitamins' on behalf of the Church of Scientology, the international religion some critics have likened to a cult.

"In fact, the HealthMed with alleged Scientology ties dissolved in 1994, according to state incorporation records. 'I don't deal with Church of Scientology people,' Katz said yesterday, adding that he hadn't known initially that there was any confusion. In a letter on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, HealthMed touted its ability to provide 'financing with virtually unlimited levels of creativity.'"


  David Mayo

Johan Wevers received an affidavit allegedly signed by David Mayo, former head of Scientology's technical training and author of the NOTS materials.

"I have either personal familiarity with or know of the existence of the unpublished, confidential scriptures of the Scientology religion by L. Ron Hubbard known as the 'Advanced Technology materials' or 'upper level materials.' These are the levels known as the OT or 'Operating Thetan' levels I through VIII, Solo II, Power, NOTs, the Clearing Course, the sunshine rundown, the L Rundowns, and several levels not yet released. As of 1983, when I left the Church, the policy of the Church was to keep the materials confidential.

"I do not dispute or challenge any Church entity's ownership of any copyright in any such materials. I have no knowledge of any entity or person other than the Church of Spiritual Technology who could own such rights."


  Scientology Kills

Ray Randolph reported that Colorado television carried a piece on the threats Scientology has made against his Scientology Kills web page (

"Colorado's 9 News interviewed me yesterday and aired the interview tonight. The words 'SCIENTOLOGY KILLS' are now emblazoned in the minds of 1 million Colorado viewers. The church couldn't even muster up a spokesperson. They apparently talked to Helena who said, 'Scientology Kills, and websites like it, promote hate on the internet.'"



The German government reacted to the criticism it received in the U.S. State Department's report on human rights. From Reuters:

"Germany dismissed on Saturday U.S. accusations that it discriminated against Scientologists and said freedom of religion was guaranteed by the constitution. Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel said a U.S. State Department report published on Friday was wrong in saying Germany persecuted Scientologists.

"'Repeating this claim does not make it true.' The United States, in its annual report on human rights worldwide, included reports of discrimination in Germany against Scientologists, repeating concerns expressed for several years. 'There can be no talk at all of persecution or a discriminatory treatment of Scientology members in Germany,' Kinkel said in a statement. 'There are no limits on freedom in Germany. The goals of Scientology are clearly aimed at economic activities,' Kinkel said. 'The German labour court has ruled that Scientology uses totalitarian methods...Scientology is under surveillance in Germany only to protect our citizens.'"


  Digging In

The St. Petersburg Times published an article this week on how Scientology is expanding its activities in the Clearwater area.

"The local Scientologist community has more than tripled in this decade from 1,400 in 1989 to about 5,000 today, the church says. The total includes both uniformed church staffers and lay, or 'public,' Scientologists. On any given day, the church says, another 1,500 to 2,000 parishioners from around the world are visiting Clearwater for counseling regimens that can last weeks or months.

"Scientologists are assembling more land for a new complex that would enlarge the church's already significant presence downtown. The church plans a mammoth office building, a garage and an auditorium with more seats than Ruth Eckerd Hall.

"In addition, the church has said it is 'deadly serious' about its plans for the year 2000, which include tripling the size of its Clearwater staff to more than 3,500; launching a local Scientology 'university' that would accommodate more than 10,000 students a week; and having 'Clearwater known as the first Scientology city in the world.'

"Clearwater occasionally has wrestled with the suspicion that businesses run by non-Scientologists see the church's presence and think twice about moving downtown. 'I would say that it comes up at every meeting that I go to,' said Roberto, who has talked to more than 20 neighborhood groups since becoming city manager in June. 'They all ask the question, 'How do the Scientologists fit into the downtown plan, and can it succeed with the Scientologists?''

"Last year, church members organized an angry, albeit peaceful, picket against the Police Department. They accused police chief Sid Klein of discriminating against Scientologists and launched an investigation of his department. They sued medical examiner Joan Wood and accused her of lying about Lisa McPherson's death. And they threatened to sue the city.

"'There is no reason for a dialogue from my perspective because I perceive it as they're looking for credibility, and I'm not willing to give them credibility as a religion,' Mayor Garvey said. 'I question whether they have changed their practices.' It was Garvey who ordered a Scientologist out of her home during a social event three years ago when the visitor asked, 'Why don't you like us?' The mayor responded: 'This is my house. Goodbye.'"



Gregg Hagglund posted an anonymous message from Shadow#6, a member of Scientology's Toronto org.

"Seems in the first week of January, just after the IRS Agreement got coverage in the WSJ and the NY Times, someone from the Globe and Mail calls Rev. Buttnor and starts asking questions about Scn. tax status in Canada. Now Rev. Buttnor, instead of keeping control of the comm. in a positive way and simply telling the truth we are a non-profit and then going to good news and such, stalls the Globe guy and says he'll get back in touch. I don't think there would have even been a PR flap with the Globe or the articles that developed except for Rev Buttnor being evasive.

"A lot of Senior Staff in the US and in Legal got put into play to kill or control any Globe Story. Rathburn and Yingling at least were in on this effort. And there was a lot of internal questioning going on in the Org too. Someone high up and I think in legal apparently grilled one of the Globe Reporters extensively on the phone and just got his back up, if you know what I mean.

"Everyone was in a flap now about Xenu being printed up in the Globe and Mail and the local Internet SPs that Picketed last year. The feeling had been that this had been handled when the Pickets stopped after some said one of the local SP organizers got arrested in CW after the attack on the FH.

"There was (and still is) a lot of talk about suing the Globe and Mail. HJ got them to promise to print our side of issues.

"There is a bit of a new flap that you Internet SPs caused by announcing all over the Internet about a March picket of the Org. I heard other reporters have been calling too and there is a lot of PR Comm going on. I also hear Dept. 20, is looking to handle the pickets better. There is real satisfaction with something about Court injunctions stopping Pickets in the States and maybe they will try this too here, I don't know."



Vaughn and Stacy Young reported that Scientology continues to harass their pet shelter near Seattle, Washington. A severe injury to their dog is the latest message from Scientology's private investigators.

"Last night we heard that David Lee was going door to door in our old neighborhood in West Seattle. David Lee is the Scientology private investigator who tried to have our cats confiscated and killed last fall. Now Scientology has escalated its attack, accusing us of harboring cats with AIDS and spreading the rumor that people are catching AIDS from our cats. (This is medically and biologically impossible, but hey, Scientology has never been a stickler for facts).

"Lee also hired some kids to hand out another sheet headlined 'Public Health Notice' in front of the two grocery stores in town this morning until the store owners kicked them off the premises: 'This is a public health warning informing all residents of Vashon Island that Robert and Stacy Young are operating an illegal and diseased cat kennel out of the residence that is located at 19731 Vashon Island Highway behind the Dental office. The number of cats is hard to tally because of all the births and deaths from disease but we estimate between 200-300 cats. The cats are responsible for the spreading of Ring Worm and other communicable diseases to humans which the Youngs are aware of. The cats also carry the disease FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) which is the also known as AIDS. If you have any animals on Vashon Island especially cats you must get yourself and your pets tested by a veterinarian or physician as soon as possible."

"Yesterday as I was returning from Germany, after testifying before the Federal commission, someone stole one of my dogs, beat it and dumped it several miles north of my home. The dog was found, blood dripping from its head and mouth, struggling to make it back home. He was taken to a vet and he will be okay.

"I am turning this and other information of attacks on me and my family over to the authorities as evidence of hate crimes, which are covered by federal and state statutes. I have not turned it over to them in the category of 'hate crime' but there is now a clear pattern and it has moved into physical violence. It is no longer hangup calls and the like. It is sick, violent physical behavior which might be directed at me and my wife and that is when the authorities are interested and I am giving it all to the local, state and federal authorities.

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Mark Dallara reported this week on Scientology's activities in the Clearwater area.

"Co$ is apparently trying to infiltrate the Greenwood area of Clearwater, a predominantly black neighborhood. Co$ reps Pat Jones and Mary Story attended an MLK breakfast, and there is word that one or more $cienos have been showing up at local NAACP meetings.

"A tenant of a $cientology-owned building in Clearwater is being ousted, despite the fact that his lease explicitly gives him the option to buy. The building is in a region of downtown that is targeted for Co$ expansion."


  AOLA Opening

Steve Jebson reported that Scientology is planning an opening ceremony for the Advanced Org Los Angeles (AOLA).

"It seems I am being invited to the 'Largest Gathering of Clears and OTs in History. It features top International Management Executives, Top Technical, Terminals, special guests, a Special Briefing for Clears only, a Special Briefing from International Management Executives to the OT Committees, and much more. It even includes free food and tours. All of this is to celebrate to 'Grand Opening' of AOLA at 1306 LRH Way, which I'm pretty certain is exactly where it's been for 20+ years, so why they want to hold a Grand Opening at this point sort of escapes me."


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