Presenting Rod Keller's
Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 2, Issue 46 - March 8 1998


A transcript of a board meeting for the Scientologist-owned company Tradenet, which sold fraudulent "laundry balls", was posted this week. The document was obtained from the Florida Attorney General's office, which is conducting an investigation. Present at the meeting were Alberto Guerrero, Lilly Guerrero, Lynn Irons, Bill Cooper, Jennifer Kemp, Sylvia Annau, Erwin Annau and Brian Andrus. The meeting centered on setting up Erwin Annau to take the blame for all the company's legal problems.

"You unfortunately have a habit of, when you talk to somebody, when it comes out, they're wrong, so that, I mean it's hard to get over that, you know? I think you will find Alberto, Lynn, Bill and myself as amongst your friends. You know...but it's hard...I almost feel that I have to take a twelve gauge shotgun and shoot it through your head sometimes to go 'OK, Look...'

"(Bill) I make it my business to know what's going on with the Church, it's always been one of my purposes is to be strongly, have a very strong communication line with the Church because my spiritual freedom, your spiritual freedom, her spiritual freedom, their spiritual freedom, these two guys' spiritual freedom and your spiritual freedom is far more important than anything that we're doing and talking about today. It just is. And I would sacrifice this all, I would turn it over right now, I would nuke it, I'd send everybody home, lay off a stick of dynamite, I'd blow away this whole fucking town to save that. And right now I happen to know that your future, your spiritual future, is on the line here.

"(Lynn) So we're going to the mattresses here, so to speak, I mean, it's balls - it up against the fucking wall, we're either going to bail this fucker out or it's gonna go down and it's gonna go down hard and loud and in the media and we're all going to be doing our services over at OSA because we made a spectacle of LRH Administrative Technology because of our fucking out-ethics. So if you're looking at what can you get out of this organization, should you leave? Forget it. What you probably should get is probably a bill for a half a million dollars in liabilities.

"(Bill) I have no sympathy for you because you did something to pull it in. My big concern is Sylvia and the two kids. And I know that she wants to go up the Bridge and I know that - I can't even imagine what would happen to those two girls if you went back and they were to go with their father. They would be two of the most miserable little girls on the planet.

"(Lynn) My suggestion is that, let's look at handling the PT scene. If and when later on you handle your legal rudiments, that's all in. You handle your situation with OSA, which from what I heard is like six months full time, you have a considerable program from what I understand. And then if at that point if you do in fact handle it, then it's a Non-Existence formula, it's nothing left over from the past. You maintain any kind of a string or anything else, you're going to pull in more attacks, man, because it's a lie. And the only hope you have is a clean break and disconnection so when the heat comes on and your name is named in some legal documents our attorney, 'No, no, no, no, no, this guy is out of here. He no longer is here'. Some heat comes down from the INS, you go 'No, no, no, no, here's the document, I'm out of there. Here's my company.' That is a cut line, that's all over.

"(Lynn) You're sitting with a table of guys that I think you should be kissing them on both cheeks right now because they're willing to take the full liability of this organization and to take all the legal heat so you've got a chance of not getting thrown out of the country and lose your kids. I will tell them whatever we agree to tell them. I don't want to black PR you; what we'll get is an acceptable truth, whatever is an acceptable truth.

"(Erwin) See, you know the tech as I do, and there's - really you say when you hit the real SP, the stats go up. It's covered in policy. Now you get rid of me, I don't have any possibility to get the stats back up; I hope and believe that it will go up and if the intention is there they will go up...uh, now that leaves the conclusion that I'm the Who."


  Revenue Canada

Gregg Hagglund presented an opposition to Scientology's attempt to obtain full tax exemption in Canada this week, supported by dozens of documents collected from the Internet.

"The Review, presented to Revenue Canada officials on Monday, March 2, in Ottawa, was originally intended to expose many disqualifying aspects of the Scientology Cult in its bid for Charity Status as a Religion in Canada. However the presenter also revealed to an attentive audience at the Charity Division, the existence of questionable relationships between Scientology and several of its disguised 'front' groups in Canada.

"Mr. Hagglund's submission was over 750 pages including many previously secret Scientology documents not seen by Revenue Canada. Individuals and organizations from all over the world contributed to the presentation via the Internet.

"'I believe it is well established, using Scientology's own documents, that it operates as a purely commercial enterprise, worldwide, for the purpose of retailing Scientology products.' said Mr. Hagglund, 'Commissions are paid to members on sales made to new recruits or prospects. Mr. Hagglund continued, 'The absence of any belief in God or Gods, the immoral and sometimes illegal doctrines of attacking 'apostates' and critics using intimidation, law suits and invasion of privacy, the continuing operation of an Intelligence Network now called the Office of Special Affairs, all disqualify Scientology and its subsidiaries from consideration of Charity Status under the Act.'

"The blockbuster for Mr. Hagglund was discovering Revenue Canada was unaware Scientology was operating as a Tax Exempt Organization utilizing thinly disguised subsidiaries . 'Revenue Canada was deceived in my opinion,' said Mr. Hagglund, 'Scientology is devious and practiced at it. They even have training routines about how to lie effectively and how to testify as a witness in court cases.' Apparently neither Narconon or Applied Scholastics, subsidiaries of another Scientology front group ABLE, revealed on their applications their intimate corporate connections to Scientology.

"'The Political weight to Scientology's benefit would be enormous. Canada, highly regarded worldwide as a nation of reason and which had previously criminally convicted Scientology, would provide a much needed legitimacy to Scientology claims of self reform. Such recognition and 'forgiveness' would be wielded as a stamp of approval and sword of considerable power in Scientology's currently losing struggles with the governments of Europe. Scientology neither deserves that status nor have they earned it.'"


  Bodies in Pawn

Scientology's Adventure newsletter announced a new volume in the Research & Discovery Series, The Infinite Potential of Theta. The promoted value of the book is to discover if you have a "body in pawn".

"Technique 88 (an auditing method discussed therein) is the most hyperbolical, effervescent, dramatic, unexaggeratable, high-flown, superlative, grandiose, colossal, and magnificent technique which the mind of man could conceivably embrace.

"Technique 88 revealed the phenomenon of BODIES IN PAWN - a very gruesome experience... A fellow is grabbed, hypnotized, shoved into an electronic field, and then told he is somewhere else. And so he departs - most of him - and goes to the new location while still being under control of the implanters. He picks up a MEST body in the new location and starts living a life there, WHILE STILL HAVING A LIVING BODY SOMEWHERE ELSE. The implanters can keep his original body alive indefinitely, and control the thetan through it. If the thetan tries to flee, the hypnotizers simply cause pain to the original body, still alive in a vat of fluid, and he is immediately recalled. That's a BODY IN PAWN. It's a second body you may have, living somewhere else, right in present time. But the second body is not under YOUR direct control."

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  Boston Herald

The Boston Herald published a week-long series on Scientology. Each day targeted a specific area of Scientology. Some highlights from the series:

"Officials at Delphi Academy do not tell parents that the school is part of the Church of Scientology, and that they are trying to recruit blacks for Scientology's costly programs. Yet they do admit that all staff members are Scientologists and they use Scientology materials. One parent, Harvard Dental School instructor Dr. E. Leo Whitworth, had just such an experience with Delphi Academy. 'I took two courses at the church,' Whitworth said. 'They wanted me as a member. And they did try to get my wife. She started a course but she didn't finish,' the dentist said. Whitworth visited the offices of Sterling Management, a for-profit business linked to the Church of Scientology. There, Scientologists tried to sell him a dental office management program. 'They were trying to get me to use their business techniques,' he said, but he didn't like the program and it was too expensive."

"MIT student Carlos Covarrubias had signed a contract to serve the Church of Scientology for the next billion years - in effect, pledging his eternal soul. Now two Scientologists were helping him stuff underwear and socks into a suitcase at his Back Bay fraternity house while others sat outside on Beacon Street in a car with its engine running. They were preparing to take the 19-year-old to Logan Airport, and from there to the church's Los Angeles headquarters. 'His parents were coming up from Florida to save him, so the Scientologists were rushing to get him out of here,' said Marcus Ottaviano, president of the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity, recalling the May 1995 events.

"An offer of a free personality test enticed Reem Rahim, 31, who said in a Herald interview that she was recruited to Scientology in 1991. Within six weeks she had paid the Boston church $82,000 for Scientology courses - money from an insurance settlement she got after nearly losing her legs in a 1987 car accident. Church salespeople promised Scientology would give Rahim happiness and advanced mental powers, including the ability to remove from her legs the scars caused by the auto accident, she said."

"An organization with ties to the Church of Scientology is recruiting New England schoolchildren for what critics say is an unproven - and possibly dangerous - anti-drug program. And the group - Narconon Inc. of Everett - is being paid with taxpayer dollars without disclosing its Scientology connections. Narconon was paid at least $942,853 over an eight-year period for delivering anti-drug lectures at public and parochial schools throughout the region, according to federal income tax documents. The method requires vigorous exercise, five hours of saunas, megadoses of up to 5,000 mg of niacin, and doses of cooking oil.

"Narconon did not disclose any Scientology links in its grant applications from Bell Atlantic, formerly Nynex, which gave Narconon a total of $15,000 in 1991, 1996 and 1997, said Bell Atlantic spokesman Jack Hoey. 'There is no reference to the Church of Scientology' in Narconon's grant applications to Bell Atlantic, Hoey said. However, the church's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, is mentioned several times, he said. 'The fact that there is a religious affiliation doesn't mean the application wouldn't be approved,' said Hoey, adding that future grant applications from Narconon will be screened closely."

"His online name was Rogue Agent and his scathing attacks against the Church of Scientology ripped through the Internet. Shielded behind an anonymous account at Northeastern University, he continued to anger and embarrass the church with messages that millions could read online. In Boston, local Scientologists started investigating Rogue Agent, trying to learn his real name and silence him, the church's critics said. 'He is really spooked about all the cult agents trying to find him,' said Jim Byrd, another local Internet critic. 'He is afraid for the safety of his family,' Byrd said. 'Besides tons of lawyers, the cult hires lots of PIs and assorted goons.'

"'Copyrights were getting ripped off right and left, and that's all this really is,' said Church of Scientology International President Rev. Heber C. Jentzsch. 'We've been elected the Texas Rangers of this new frontier,' Jentzsch said.

"The Boston Church of Scientology tracked Rogue Agent to Northeastern's computer science department, and the church's legal officer, Annette Ross, sent a Dec. 1, 1995, letter of complaint to the university. Cooley said Scientology investigated Rogue Agent because he was posting 'hate messages' on the Internet. Cooley was not able to provide any examples of the hate messages."

"More than 30 million American schoolchildren have watched PBS-TV math videos made by a Los Angeles-based foundation with intimate ties to the controversial Church of Scientology. With lively camera work and guest stars such as supermodel Cindy Crawford, comic Bill Cosby and athlete Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the Peabody Award-winning videos have been paid for with at least $12 million in taxpayer funding since 1990, U.S. government documents show. But the video company - known as FASE - has a hidden agenda promoting the 'Purification Rundown,' the Church of Scientology's $1,200 per-member detoxification ritual, said former top-ranked church member Robert Vaughn Young. 'FASE was originally created to put Scientology covertly into schools and government, to give the Purification Rundown an air of respectability,' said Young, of Seattle."

"Since Travolta became a Scientologist in 1975, he has been joined by other acting heavyweights, including Tom Cruise, Cruise's wife Nicole Kidman, Travolta's wife Kelly Preston, and TV sitcom stars Kirstie Alley and Jenna Elfman. All are outspoken church members. 'It was everything I had been looking for, answers to questions I had been asking forever. They finally got answered for me,' Elfman said in an interview published in a January Sunday newspaper supplement.'

"Jazzman Chick Corea - a Chelsea native who reportedly hopes to open a nightclub in Massachusetts - leads the church's publicity battle against the German government, which is investigating Scientology for alleged fraud and anti-democratic acts. And locally, musician Isaac Hayes hosted a reception at Roxbury Community College in Boston three years ago that helped local Scientologists bring their World Literacy Crusade learn-to-read program into the Randolph Public Schools and various inner city Boston youth agencies.

"Critics say, however, that the church's celebrities never have to face the hardships faced by ordinary Scientologists, who often can't afford to pay the required tens of thousands of dollars for courses and instead must trade their full-time labor."

Jim Byrd reported on Scientology's response to the series.

"WGBH yesterday reported that Scientologists have been in front of the Boston Herald building for the last 2 days. They showed film of demonstrators in front of the building later yesterday, the demonstrators were identified as being associated with the Delphi school."

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  CCHR Austria

A report from a recent meeting of the Austrian branch of Scientology's Citizen's Commission on Human Rights was posted this week.

"More than forty people were present, among them high-ranking Scientologists. The public was greeted by Dr. Karl Morz, already a patron for years (therefore someone who has donated at least $40,000 to the Scientology war chest), he presented himself as the Austrian chairman of the CCHR. A presentation in English was made by a Dane, Thorsten Mljemar, chairman of the European CCHR.

"The Most Important Points of the Presentation Psychiatrists invented the Holocaust. The CCHR is engaged to a certain extent in delivering Radovan Karadzic, who is an evil person because he was originally a psychiatrist, over to the international judicial authorities. Psychiatrists are true sex monsters, have extra-marital affairs, also with (ex-)patients, often with more than one at the same time - for which they get paid - because they are doing it during business hours. Psychiatry is not a science and for this reason solicits the support of psychology, chiropractors and other non-scientists. Psychiatrists and their aides destroy all of humanity or at least individual organs.

"After about one and half hours there was still a film clip of an electroshock. This one was far more dramatic to look at than electroshocks in real life."

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  Clearwater Mediator

The St. Petersburg Times reported that Scientology has requested a mediator from the U.S. Department of Justice to resolve the conflict they have created with the City of Clearwater government.

"The mediator, Ernest Jones, works out of Atlanta with the Justice Department's Community Relations Service. Last week, he met separately in Clearwater with City Manager Mike Roberto, police Chief Sid Klein and Scientology officials. Klein said Jones told him the church initiated the action with a complaint. The church has been saying for more than a year that a police investigation into the 1995 death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson amounts to harassment. They alleged, among other things, that officers did not seriously work to solve crimes reported by Scientologists and that police gave favorable treatment to church critics. Klein denies his department has discriminated against the Church of Scientology or its members.

"Klein said he suggested to Jones that any attempts at a mediation would not be wise until the McPherson case was closed. Roberto agreed, saying: 'I think it's better to wait until that thing runs its course.' Church spokesman Brian Anderson said the church supports the Justice Department's efforts. He cited a federal appeals court ruling that criticized the city in 1993 for discriminating against Scientology.

"Jones said he is assessing whether his agency can help in Clearwater. He said he is not conducting an investigation. 'We're not going to go in and say, 'You're right and you're wrong and this is what you're going to do about it,' Jones said. He said he plans to complete his assessment in two or three weeks and travel to Clearwater again."

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Articles on the Scientology controversy in Germany this week. First, from Main-Echo:

"An official profile of Scientology as a 'totalitarian organization' in the province of North Rhein-Westphalia is, in the opinion of a former Munich police psychologist, George Sieber (62), worthless. Sieber said that the much-cited Jaschke Report is 'awkwardly defective.' In 1995 Han-Gerd Jaschke, a political scientist from Frankfurt, had put together the analysis at the request of Franz-Josef Kinola, the Minister of the Interior of North Rhein-Westphalia, and had come to the conclusion that Scientologists acted without compunction in accordance with totalitarian principles, and that their organization had militaristic characteristics.

"A representative of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior said that the administration knew about Sieber's statement. Apparently it was part of a contract paid for by the Scientologists. As far as the surveillance of the Scientology organization under the constitutional protection clause goes, the statement of the Scientology Work Group of the Ministry of the Interior convention is as valid now as ever."

From Hamburg Abendblatt:

"Four printings with a total of 20,000 copies are sold out; now the book 'Scientology Attacks' is to be released by another publisher. In early July Hamburg's Councilman Hartmuth Wrocklage, among others, had publicly endorsed the book. Well-known former Scientologist Gunther Trager and Ursula Caberta, the leader of the Work Group on Scientology for the Hamburg Council, use the book to report on their personal experiences as well as the practices of the controversial sect."

From Hamburg Morgenpost:

"Management outing for Hamburg Scientology Chiefs: on Friday four Hamburg board members of the sect had to report to district court. In their magazine Freiheit the masthead was missing: violation of the press law. Medical professor Hermann Arnold (85) was slandered in an issue with the title 'Psychiatry - the malicious Monster which tears Germany to Pieces.' The author made the claim that Arnold was a student of concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele and recommended the forced sterilization of ethnic minority women. Because the Scientology page was printed and manufactured in the USA, Hamburg Scientology President Mark Lizer, 'spiritual assistant' Franz Riedl, Speaker Sabine Weber and treasurer Jurgen Brock received a fine of 2,000 marks (about $1,500) apiece. They had all declared that they earned only about 1,500 marks per month."

From the Associated Press:

"The U.N. investigator on religious freedom Tuesday rejected as 'puerile' the Church of Scientology's comparison of modern Germany to the Nazis' Third Reich. But a 28-page report by Abdelfattah Amor said Germany could do more to assure the protection of religious rights. The German government 'beyond day-to-day management, must implement a strategy to prevent intolerance in the field of religion and belief,' Amor said in the report to the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

"Amor, a Tunisian lawyer, has been assigned by the 53-nation commission to investigate claims of religious persecution in countries ranging from China to Sudan. 'Any comparison between modern Germany and Nazi Germany is so shocking as to be meaningless and puerile,' said Amor. This view is 'unanimously expressed' by representatives of other religious minorities, Amor said."

From Die Welt:

"The American actor Michael Douglas refused to sign the Open Letter to German Chancellor Kohl, in which prominent members of the US film industry accused Germany of persecuting Scientologists today in the same way that Hitler did in the 1930's. 'I did not feel right about the parallels that were drawn between the Nazi government and present-day Germany', said Douglas to the WELT in an interview. Douglas was approached by Bertram Fields, one of the most influential attorneys of the US entertainment industry last September. 'We are often asked to support public causes, and we often do', said Douglas. 'Fields had drafted a strongly worded text in which this dramatic comparison was obviously very provoking. I am darned glad that I didn't sign it. That was a close call. You have to be careful if you're going to meddle in the politics of other countries.' And despite the fact that he had just shot a film with public scientologist John Travolta, he had never talked with him about this subject: 'I learned very early: if you don't talk about politics or religion, you can get along with anybody.'"

From Cologne 'Stadt-Anzeiger':

"In the past week a concerted effort was made on the part of the Germans to bring about and gain clarity. Five Bundestag representatives and five scholars of the Enquete Commission's 'So-called Sects and Psycho-Groups' have led all-day discussions in Washington, have stated their mission, and have gathered impressions and information. They met up with occasional Scientologists protesting their presence with banners on the street. They met with 'respect for the German point of view' from the American hosts, as the FDP representative Roland Kohn said.

"The goal of their work is to neither decrease religious freedom, nor is it to put the heads of sects and psycho-groups upon pikes. Their assignment is rather, as Kohn formulates it, 'to impel public discussion of a society in upheaval, and to create conditions for the discussion of new pluralism.' Not least of which is to bring about a condition which deals with more visibility of 'consumer protection' in the emerging market of 'attainable life management assistance.'"

From Agence France Presse:

"Tom Campbell, congressional representative from California, has characterized his talk with the German Bundestag's Enquete Commission about Scientology as a helpful contribution in regards to the claims which have been made against Germany. The meeting on Wednesday was open and objective, without diplomatic embellishments, said the Republican on Friday to the AFP news agency. It was finally made clear to him that the German courts have decided once and for all that Scientology does not have a religious status.

"He had at first received no answer to his question as to whether children in Bavarian schools were warned about Scientology and whether they were trained in recognizing distinguishable physical characteristics of Scientologists, said Campbell. This idea was apparently also new to the delegation from Bonn."

From the Associated Press:

"Lawmakers fresh from a U.S. visit to defend Germany's stance on Scientology said Thursday they succeeded in refuting the group's claim that Germany practices religious discrimination. At the same time, the five-member bipartisan parliamentary committee said Americans it spoke with during a weeklong Washington trip confirmed German suspicions that the group is dangerous. The committee's chairwoman, Ortrun Schaetzle, said the differing stances on the Los Angeles-based Scientologists had not strained Germany's relations with the United States."

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  Grady Ward

Grady Ward reported that Scientology has asked that witnesses who claim to have posted the Scamizdat and Vorlon series of upper level materials not be allowed to testify at his trial.

"More than any other single paragraph of their pleadings to date, this demand that the court exclude material witnesses of the behavior for which they falsely allege that Grady Ward committed demonstrates to the world the plaintiff's bad faith in pursuing Ward. The cult desperately needs to get Ward in order to continue its program of intimidation under color of law of people who would dare criticize the 'church' by quoting lawful amounts of 'scripture' and might call the cult bad names.

"'Johan Wevers: Ward has testified throughout this case that he has no knowledge of the identity of the first Vorlon poster. He has also filed postings by Wevers in which Wevers stated that he did not know the identity of the first Vorlon poster. Wevers therefore lacks personal knowledge on this subject.'

"'Michael Ray Randolph: Ward has never disclosed this person as a potential witness for trial, nor even disclosed his existence in discovery. While Ward insisted throughout discovery that he had no knowledge of who was Scamizdat, he made a filing on December 29, 1997 attempting to delay the trial, in which he stated that an unidentified person had just stated that he was Scamizdat.'

Grady has filed with the court to protect witnesses in his trial from Scientology harassment.

"Grady Ward gave Thomas R. Hogan, one of the many attorneys for the criminal cult of scientology, notice that he was going to be filing an ex parte request for an order restraining the criminal cult from harassing potential witnesses in the upcoming RTC v. Ward trial scheduled for March 30, 1998. This harassment which seems to be a violation of the statute against tampering with a witness (a RICO predicate act).

"'Whoever intentionally harasses another person and thereby hinders, delays, prevents, or dissuades any person from - (1) attending or testifying in an official proceeding; (2) reporting to a law enforcement officer or judge of the United States the commission or possible commission of a Federal offense or a violation of conditions of probation, parole, or release pending judicial proceedings; (3) arresting or seeking the arrest of another person in connection with a Federal offense; or (4) causing a criminal prosecution, or a parole or probation revocation proceeding, to be sought or instituted, or assisting in such prosecution or proceeding; or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.'"


  Graham Berry

Graham Berry announced that he has formed a new law firm to continue his practice and his cases against Scientology.

"Since late 1991, I have been engaged almost continuously in the handling of numerous large cases filed by the Scientology organization. During those seven years, various major insurance carriers have invested nearly $5 million in developing my experience, skills and education in matters involving cults, coercive indoctrination and psycho-terror groups. I have decided to establish my own law firm to aggressively handle demanding and dangerous litigation. The Law Offices of Graham E. Berry, at least initially, will be a general litigation boutique available to handle last-minute trials and emphasizing matters involving cults, coercive indoctrination, psycho-terror groups and other dangerous and difficult opponents."


  Keith Henson

Scientology appealed the automatic stay in Keith Henson's copyright violation case caused when Keith filed for bankruptcy last week.

"Creditor Religious Technology Center hereby supplements its motion for relief from the automatic stay, to bring to the Court's attention, evidence of the bad faith motivation underlying the filing of Debtor H. Keith Henson's Chapter 13 petition. Henson asked the court to delay the trial because there was a chance that he would retain counsel. The court denied his request. In addition, on the same day Henson filed the Chapter 13 petition, Henson contacted RTC's counsel and requested a continuance so that attorney Graham Berry, who has been representing Henson for months in other matters, could appear for him in this case. When his requested continuance was refused by RTC's counsel in that conversation, Henson informed counsel that 'there are other ways of delaying the trial.' Within two hours of that pronouncement, Henson filed his Chapter 13 petition.

"To circumvent the district court's unwillingness to subscribe to his delay tactics, Henson took matters into his own hands. He picked an arbitrary date of March 2, on which new counsel would allegedly appear, and then filed his Chapter 13 petition to derail his trial long enough for that to purportedly happen. However, March 2 has come and gone, and no notification of an appearance by Mr. Berry in RTC V. Henson has been received."


  Birthday Game

Martin Ottmann posted some statistics from the Birthday Game, in which orgs compete to see who can "expand" the most during the year, ending on L. Ron Hubbard's birthday.

1. LATAM (Liana Trangoni) 1527
2. Canada (Alain Govessan) 1337
3. Africa (Terence Hill) 1150
4. Europe (Brigitte Werngren) 1141
5. UK (Bruce Perry) 1096
6. West US (Tony Whitington) 1085
7. East US (Hubert Guntensperger) 1065
8. ANZO (Cathy Grist) 972

"Sea Org Orgs:
1. CC Int (Dave Petit) 1606
2. AOSH EU (Bernd Kortel) 1547
3. AOSH UK (John Danilovich) 1351
4. AOSH ANZO (Moana Colosimo) 1248
5. ASHO DAY (Jon Lundeen) 1196
6. AOLA (Edy Lundeen) 1152
7. Saint Hill Foundation (Arda Froese) 1075
8. ASHO Foundation (Cheryl Fiandaca) 904

"Class V-Orgs:
1. CC New York (Robyn Mathieson)
2. Milano (Maria Rosa Dal Mas)
3. Caracas (Agustin Pinto)
4. Padova (Claudio Zonta)
5. Mountain View (Jan Silber)
13. LA Day
30. Munich (Nina Voegtli)
53. Frankfurt (Birgit Weigel)
54. Stuttgart (Gabi Korell)
70. Hamburg (Mark Lizer)
77. Hannover (Kathi Runge)
87. Duesseldorf (Andrea Suchanek)
90. CC Duesseldorf (Stefan Preuss)
103. Berlin (Kathy Zantop)
157. CC Hamburg/Eppendorf (Joachim Doose)"

"Conditions are assigned based upon the GDS (Gross Divisional Statistic) for each Division. Then, for the purposes of the 'Birthday Game', points are given. Normal = one point. Affluence = three points. Power = six points."

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From Svenska Dagbladet, regarding the continued controversy over the NOTS materials being available at the Swedish Parliament:

"All the members of the parliamentary standing committee on the constitution (KU) have been ordered to be silent on the investigation of the Scientology bible. This unusually drastic measure comes after lots of protests from amongst others the US government. Two years ago someone or some people handed in the 'bible' of the American Church of Scientology to a number of Swedish institutions. Thereby the scripture became a public document that anyone could come and read. The Church of Scientology in the US protested against offentlighetsprincipen [law of public documents]. This autumn the government suddenly decided to classify the Scientology bible. Now the KU are investigating the government's decision to classify the Scientology bible. A memorandum from the foreign department, which explains the government decision, has also been classified.

"'It's no secret that the US has put pressure on Sweden. But the reason we have an oath of silence is more because this is an embarrassment to Sweden', says KU member Peter Eriksson (mp) [the Green party] to SVT's Rapport [news program on national TV]. That the whole of the KU is ordered silent is very unusual and Peter Eriksson says that he is very surprised that such a drastic measure is taken."

From Swedish TV2 news:

"Why is the Swedish constitutional law regarding principle of public access to official records put aside? This was the issue regarding the secret bible of the CoS. The Swedish Parliament has made the Swedish parliamentary standing committee on the constitution (KU) the duty to examine why the Swedish Government gave way to pressures from high cabinet members in the US. The members of the constitution (KU) have now an obligation to observe silence when the examination of the Swedish Government is in progress. The NOTS material is still available in the Swedish Parliament, but not in the Government and most libraries followed the recommendation from the Government to keep the documents secret. This is against the Swedish principle of public access to official records."

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Madeleine Schurch reported this week that Scientology has been banned from recruiting on public property in Lausanne, Switzerland.

"Having harassed the inhabitants of Lausanne too much, its followers will have to pack the stands and the leaflets. After the prohibition of an ad campaign on its territory, last February, the Municipality of Lausanne decided to strike the scientologists even harder. Yesterday, it decided to refuse them any use of the public domain! This drastic measure shows a certain fed-up of the authorities concerning this cult which is strongly anchored downtown. The activities of this 'church' are clearly growing these last weeks, in particular since the launching of its advertising campaign 'Think for yourself'. Many people complained to the police about harassing and hard selling from the followers of the cult, who did not hesitate to stand in their way and to insist by largely exceeding the boundaries of their stand.

"'They will be able of course to continue their action, but only on private territory or in their places of meeting', specifies Bernard Metraux. His decision is based on an article of the Police Rules which stipulates that the direction of the police can withdraw the licence of a public demonstration in the event of nonrespect of the public order."



The New York Post this week followed the controversy over a possible congressional investigation into a deal between John Travolta and U.S. President Bill Clinton.

"Some courageous congressman may call for a hearing into whether President Clinton made a secret deal with John Travolta to help the Scientologists - but it won't be Rep. Michael Forbes. The Suffolk County Republican was furious with our report Sunday that he had pressed Rep. Benjamin Gilman, head of the House International Relations Committee, to launch an inquiry. Many of his constituents would probably applaud such a hearing, but Forbes called our story 'despicable.' 'The story is false. I don't know anything about the Travolta Scientology matter, and I never discussed it with anyone - no one on the committee, not even in casual dinner conversation. As my aide told you on Friday, this is the first I had heard about it. Your sources are blatant liars.'"

"Sen. Lauch Faircloth is leading the charge to haul John Travolta before Congress to testify whether he toned down his portrayal of a philandering presidential candidate in 'Primary Colors' because President Clinton promised to help the Church of Scientology in its fight for recognition in Germany. The North Carolina Republican - a protege of powerful Sen. Jesse Helms, who heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - has sent a letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, chairman of the Subcommittee on Foreign Operations of the Committee on Appropriations, urging an official inquiry. 'If the stories are true, it is incredible that the United States government would be pressuring one of our allies on a matter of internal policy so the president can use this movie as a vehicle to gain additional sympathy, ' Faircloth wrote."

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