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Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 2, Issue 7 - May 25 1997

  Dennis Erlich

Dennis Erlich posted a letter he sent to the San Diego District Attorney this week, explaining the situation with his ex-wife Rosa and his payments for child support.

"I received your letter notifying me of the new payment arrangements for my child-support. For the record, I have made every payment to my wife since March of 1995. Prior to that time, Rosa had taken the child out of the state, contrary to our 1985 dissolution order, and, in violation of that order, continually denied me contact with Holly from 1987 until she resurfaced in 1995 to assist the cult of scientology to silence my public criticism of them.

"In assigning arrearages and ongoing child support in the hearing which resulted in the 31 Aug 1995 court order you cite in your Ex-parte Application, the judge specifically refused to assign payments on the arrearages because at that time I was unemployed and living solely on unemployment insurance. As recently as March 26, 1997 Commissioner Clements specifically refused to assign payments on arrearages because of lack of sufficient income to sustain such payments. The Petitioner, Rosa Medvitz, knows these facts. Because of this I believe she brought this matter to your department for enforcement in bad faith."


  Ford Greene

Attorney Ford Greene held a live interview on the net with OMNI publishing, in which he discussed cults.

"The reason I became an attorney was because I had a firsthand awareness based on my being indoctrinated by the Moonies that cults are institutionalized systems of evil. Therefore, I felt compelled as a human being to proactively do what I could to bring sunlight on such evil. I was particularly horrified by the fact that this evil was being perpetrated in the name of God and under cover of the Constitutional protections given to freedom of religion.

"My theory is this: In order to exercise an intelligent and informed and voluntary consent, an individual always needs at least two things. He needs the raw brainpower to accurately evaluate information. The other thing he needs is sufficient, accurate information to consider. When both are not present at the same time, the result is not a constitutionally effective consent.

"Cult groups engage in deceptive recruitment practices. When the individual's capacity to think is high, the cult fails to disclose its true nature, intentions and plans for the individual. Cults mislead the individual by manipulating his need for trust, warmth, belonging, and security to be the agent of his own undoing."

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  David Miscavige

Grady Ward, Keith Henson and attorneys for Dennis Erlich deposed Scientology head David Miscavige this week. Scientology fabricated the story of a bomb threat to upset Grady and Keith's schedule, delaying their deposition until the next day. The deposition was held at a secret location to allow Scientology to keep high security around Miscavige. Keith Henson described his time spent near Palm Springs. Details of the deposition itself will not be available for 30 days.

"Early in the morning I was opped for the first time this year by two hang up calls to my room at 5:30. Never did get back to sleep. About 7:30 I went down to join Grady. Not knowing what to expect after the various confused rumors of the previous evening, Grady and I headed for the Palm Springs airport. About 8:40 Mike Rinder and an older cult zombie showed up. Rinder handed us the following court order:

"'On May 19, 1997, at approximately 4:20 p.m., counsel for Plaintiff RTC made an emergency ex parte application by telephone for a protective order respecting the deposition of David Miscavige, scheduled to commence May 20, 1997 at 9:00 a.m. RTC further requested that Defendants Ward and Henson be excluded from the portion of the deposition conducted by Defendant Erlich's counsel due to concerns regarding the safety of Mr. Miscavige. RTC requested that the deposition resume on May 21, 1997, for separate deposition by Defendants Ward and Henson. RTC's concern for the safety of Mr. Miscavige arises from certain recent internet postings by Defendant Henson perceived by RTC as threats against Mr. Miscavige, and alleged conversations between Defendants Henson and Ward overheard by an employee of Southwest Airlines at the San Jose Airport at approximately 1:00 p.m. today.'

"He mentions Embassy Suites ($100/night), which while not nearly as opulent as the Marriott Desert Springs ($350/night) where the deposition was originally set, was a cut above previous night's Comfort Inn ($50/night). So, we start down that direction, get slightly lost, and loop around. There is a car following, so for fun I make a quick turn into an unoccupied business complex, and the guy goes by. Back on the road behind him, he does a 180, and I wave at him as he goes by, but he may not have recognized me and goes tearing down the road in the reverse of our direction and vanishes.

"I figured I might get a quick picket in at Gold Base on the way back to the airport. The older cult zombie who was with Rinder is posted out there next to the hotel driveway, in the hot sun, waiting for me. He takes off in a heavy jog over to the lot next door where they must have parked some chase cars.

"I went back to the hotel and made up a sign. One side said 'Miscavige Fears Wogs' and in smaller letters, 'Wogs at Cause.' The other side said 'Cockroach Cult (ask Lisa McPherson about it.)' Toss the sign in the car, check a map and take off. Then out on I 10 and off toward the west. I drove through the half mile or so the cult owns on both sides of the road and parked outside of their property on the end toward Hemet. I took out my sign with the pool cue handle, sprayed on a layer of sun block, made sure the cell phone was in one pocket and my camera in the other and started walking back toward the Golden Era gate. It was about 2:45.

"I was not even 20 feet from the car before a guard in the sheriff looking uniform came roaring up on the dirt bike. I figured he would stop to talk, but no, he took one look at me, figured out what was going to go down, turned around and blasted off full throttle back toward the Golden Era gate to report, and perhaps start getting their people where they could not see the picket person or signs. Two of them (in uniforms, one a dark haired guy who had been on the bike) met me on foot while I was walking against the traffic direction about where the curbs started.

"After a few words, where I asked them to tell me if I was starting to step in cult property, they indicated they were unwilling to talk to me, though, in response to a question of why they were not asking who I was, the first one said grimly that they already knew. When the guy with the camera was about to shoot a picture, I would stop and give him a nice smile, then turn the sign so he could get the other side on a second shot. Only one other person, a woman of obvious high status in the cult, perhaps in her thirties (and possibly a public) stopped to talk to me. She got out of her nicely maintained car and asked if I didn't have something better to do. I told her that their fearless leader had delayed a deposition that morning and as a result, no, I didn't have anything better to do. She left somewhat flustered.

"I don't know how many people should have been outside that time of the day, but I saw only four or five, one of which might have been an RPF gardener. There seemed to be considerable effort to keep the people inside away from the fence. It was about 3:40 when I got back to the car. I tossed the sign into the boot (as the Brits would say) and drove back through Gold Base snapping a few last pictures.

"About ten or ten thirty (Sergeant?) William Rahn called from the Hemet station of the Riverside Sheriff's department. The Gold Base clams were whining to them about me, and he was interested in my side of the story. After getting my story, Deputy Rahn and I had an extended chat. He mentioned that over the years the cult property has accumulated quite a reputation for people being reported wildly running about on the roadway, or off into the desert by motorists passing through Gold Base. By the time they could get out there to check, nobody would be found, and no one would admit to knowing anything about such an incident."

[after the deposition]
"I told the desk clerk what was up, being tailed by three scientology operatives. One of the desk clerks offered to go get my car from the lot next door. So I gave him the key, after warning him the operatives would not be happy. He came back somewhat bug eyed with this tale of being stopped by the PIs who insisted on knowing who he was and what he was doing with the car--thus providing the cops who came by later with a third party verification."


  Warren McShane

Grady Ward deposed Scientologist Warren McShane this week, until shouting by a Scientology attorney caused him to terminate the deposition.

"As of Friday afternoon I have complete a day and a half of McShane testimony held in Eureka at the Killian Court reporters. I attended alone while the plaintiff attended with of course Warren McShane, attorneys Thomas R. Hogan, William Hart (Copyright lawyer working for New York Milgrim firm), and Ken Rice, an armed bodyguard working for Talon Security. At 3 p.m. on Friday I terminated the deposition without concluding it because of the shouting the Mr. Hart chose to engage in. I was shaking with anger and could not further conduct a fair and complete deposition.

"The deposition of the previous day and of the preceding morning went pretty smoothly. I had plenty of questions and felt as if the deposition was going well from my point-of-view. I was just completing the 'sealed' portion of the deposition where I questioned witness McShane about the Advanced Technology and other matters when the tirades first from McShane then amplified from Hart began.

"As Keith Henson might corroborate, this is the second time in three days that Mr. Hart has violated the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure by shouting and thus attempting to bully the pro se's. I will be making an ex parte/expedited motion complaining of this habitual abuse before Magistrate Judge Infante when he returns to court on Tuesday."



Roland Rashleigh-Berry reported on the aftermath of the latest picket in Poole, England.

"The Xemu leaflet is countering the Co$ in Poole UK. From what I can gather there are thousands of them doing the rounds. They are being photocopied in black and white and are being spread round everywhere. I am quite certain that it will mean the death of the Co$ in Poole.

"I certainly hope people who visit ars will not forget the Xemu leaflet and how effective it can be. Use it as preventative medicine. Nobody in their right mind would join the Co$ if they knew what was in the Xemu leaflet."


  Robert Young

Robert Young reported new accusations from Scientology through anonymous email.

"I have received numerous threats to silence me and have posted this to ARS. The latest now is that I am accused of killing my mother. This came about because last week I offered copies of a document that showed - contrary to what Scientologists and the world were told - L. Ron Hubbard, the inventor of Scientology, died while on a psychiatric tranquilizer, Vistaril. The physician 'in attendance' was a Scientologist, Dr. Eugene Denk, who failed to disclose to the coroner his actual location and activities when Hubbard had his final stroke.

"(the email I received follows) 'For a guy who ignored his mother and son most of his life, then allowed his mother to die of cancer uncared for, shunting the responsibility for her care to his sister, you have little credibility left. Weren't you responsible to a great degree for her neglected care resulting in her death, something which she obviously recognized as she wrote you out of her will because of it?

"'If one were to read between the lines on your most recent message, it seems you have been too late on everything and are desperately trying to blackmail, by releasing documents (which are in the public record anyway) through which you hope to hurt the man's friends and family. I suppose someone will now post the medical records on someone you loved dearly as well (or pretended to). (You were not even present when she died.) Don't you think this is a silly game? But, didn't you start it?

"'P.S. The complaint to the feds is easily refuted. Stop fooling yourselves.'"


  Zenon Panoussis

Zenon Panoussis posted updates on his case against Scientology for copyright and trade secret violation.

"I had a word with the public prosecutor the other day. The scienos have reported me for copyright infringement and there is an ongoing criminal investigation against me. Well, if the prosecutor prosecutes me, he will have to prove the infringement in court, and he doesn't think that masked scriptures are sufficient proof. So he has asked the CoS to provide him with the texts in a legible form.

"Ever since December, when the prosecutor made this request the first time, the CoS has been stalling. They haven't refused to provide the open texts, but they haven't provided them either. Their problem is obvious: if they release the works to the prosecutor, he will have to release them to me.

"The scienos claim, with the help of our dear professor Marianne Levin, that the release of a work to someone under a non-disclosure agreement does not constitute a release in the sense of the copyright law. Now, the scienos could possibly bind the prosecutor with a non-disclosure agreement, although it would be very dubious, but they could hardly bind me. If they release the works to the prosecutor, knowing that he must and will release them to me, wouldn't that constitute a release to 'the public' even according to their own standpoint?"



Anonymous poster "Number 3" admitted to authoring the fragment presented in last week's issue of Week in Review as a possible version of OT9.

"all right, you forced me into it. i wrote this excrement something more than a year ago. you can see it at you can see that i was joking and degrading, as explained on i wrote it basically to show how easy it was to put together a jumble of hubbardian balderdash."


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