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Volume 3, Issue 17 - August 2 1998


The Cult Awareness Network lost an appeal to regain its name from Scientology this week. From the decision:

"The Cult Awareness Network, Inc., a nonprofit corporation in the midst of bankruptcy, wants to object to the trustee's sale of its trade name to a purchaser who it believes will use the name to promote cults. We hold that the Cult Awareness Network lacks standing to object because it has no pecuniary interest in the disposal of its estate.

"To have standing to object to a bankruptcy order, a person must have a pecuniary interest in the outcome of the bankruptcy proceedings. Only those persons affected pecuniarily by a bankruptcy order have standing to appeal that order. If the debtor can show a reasonable possibility of a surplus after satisfying all debts, then the debtor has shown a pecuniary interest and has standing to object to a bankruptcy order. The Cult Awareness Network argues that it has shown the reasonable possibility of a surplus in the estate. But the bankruptcy court found as a fact that the possibility of a surplus was 'too remote to support standing as a party in interest.'

"We are mindful that this is an emotionally charged case for the Cult Awareness Network. The name Cult Awareness Network has been sold to what that organization believes is a cult. The Cult Awareness Network suspects that the name will be put to misleading and unscrupulous purposes. That problem will be addressed, when and if it arises, by aggrieved consumers, by the Cult Awareness Network's board of directors (The Cult Awareness Network, Inc. still exists as a California corporation, as near as the record shows.), or perhaps by state or federal authorities, but not in this bankruptcy proceeding."



Scientology's Citizen's Commission on Human Rights was in the news this week, with this editorial in the Sacramento Business Journal, written by a CCHR director.

"The current version, Assembly Bill 1100, was passed by both the Assembly and state Senate and is due to go before Gov. Pete Wilson soon. The concept behind the bill is that it is only 'fair' that insurance companies provide equal coverage amounts for mental-health treatment that they have for medical treatment, and that it is discriminatory not to provide it.

"This issue has been driven by some extremely obvious vested interests -- psychiatric clinics, hospitals and psychiatric organizations. But according to survey data submitted to the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee in 1995, the general public has little or no interest in increased mental-health coverage. The problems with forced mental-health parity are so numerous that it would be impossible to cover them all in one article. But suffice to say, it is a concept doomed to failure. Where it is implemented, its failure will cost the insurance-paying public millions.

"Forcing mental-health parity mandates down the throats of the general public because of some intensive lobbying by a handful of vested interests is a despicable sin to commit on the people of California. A sin we will be paying for, for a long, long time."

CCHR is protesting the death of a girl at a San Antonio mental hospital. From UPI:

"The Austin chapter of the NAACP and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights today called for the probe into the death of Roshelle Clayborne at Laurel Ridge Psychiatric Hospital nearly a year ago. Commission spokesman Jerry Boswell says that Clayborne was 'brutally restrained.' He says the circumstances of the death were not reported to the medical examiner, who ruled the death an accident. Laurel Ridge spokeswoman Donna Burtanger says the death was 'unfortunate' and the hospital sends it sympathy to the family, but she says the hospital is actively working to exceed all state standards. Burtranger says the hospital will cooperate with any investigation."

The Evangelical Center for Sect Questions issued a press release this week, calling attention to Scientology's efforts to sway Christian churches with CCHR literature.

"In a far-reaching advertisement campaign, the 'Commission for Offenses of Psychiatry against Human Rights' (KVPM) has peppered Evangelical and Catholic church offices of numerous state churches, along with selected high school teachers and others at the end of July with the 70 page glossy brochure, 'Psychiatry Destroys Religion.' The self-appointed 'Commission,' which was founded in 1969 by Scientology, deals with 'Responsibility for Human Rights,' according to its letterhead. The 1997 pamphlet blends quotes taken out of context from Freud and Rogers with Hubbard's teachings. Using references to outdated, obsolete literature, it states that dangerous psychological and psychiatric theories are the cause of the rising crime and suicide rates, as well as of the 'brutalization' of society. Churches, in particular, are said to be predisposed to 'psychological infection.' Scientology feigns the role of counselor-at-law to Christianity in that it warns of the 'serpent' in the form of psychological science; it brands psychiatric diagnoses as 'contrived insanity; and it states that 'psychology destroys pastoral counseling.' Every chapter is decorated with Bible verse and augmented with overdrawn, theatrical graphics.

"Does the organization really hope that they can use the plea for human rights as a platform from which to direct their own manipulation techniques? It is more likely that this campaign is the projection of a defense mechanism - that which Scientology does not which to see in itself, it ascribes to its 'evil twin brother', which in this case is psychiatry. In this case Scientology is fighting itself in that its publication will quickly turn into a boomerang under the gaze of the critical reader."

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  Flag Land Base

Martin Ottmann posted a commendation list for December 1997 for Scientologists at Flag Land Base, including lists of hundreds of Scientologists and the PR efforts in which they are involved.

"LIGHT UP THE DOWNTOWN, in which church parishioners funded and placed thousands of white lights on buildings and trees within a 3-block area of the downtown.

"THE GRAND OPENING OF THE PINELLAS TRAIL IN CLEARWATER, the concerts featured Scientologist performers Edgar Winter, Glenn Zottola, Gayle Moran Corea, Raven Kane, Joanie Sigal, John Fleming, Tom Godfrey, Pam Sigal, Rick Crites, and Jim Nelson.

"WINTER WONDERLAND, this was the fifth year of this wonderful family entertainment. It had additional features this year that included a 35-foot slide, a baby carousel and a bounce house. Regular features were a petting zoo, pony rides, skating rink, hot chocolate house, playground, free photos with Santa and his elves, nightly entertainment, Christmas trees, lights and 'snow'.

"CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOCY BOYS & GIRL SCOUT TROOPS, helped out at many of the events and held their Christmas Party in the ballroom.

"THE STORYTELLERS, performed all over Pinellas County in libraries, hospitals, bookstores, for the foster children and Winter Wonderland.

"THE 9th ANNUAL FOSTER CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS PARTY, is held every year in the auditorium. It is a wonderful party with entertainment, food, face painting, crafts, and gifts from Santa for the foster children of the county and unites siblings who have been separated the rest of the year.

"THE 9th ANNUAL 'SAY NO TO DRUGS' HOLIDAY CLASSIC RACE, a race described in the Clearwater Times as 'there's a third high-visibility road race in the area that blends an international professional field with a mix of area amateur competitors and recreational runners.' This year the race featured Mark Allen, 6 time winner of the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, a pre-race dinner and the pancake breakfast.

Bennetta Slaughter Gung Ho Groups I/C
Irmgard Haug Artists In Action I/C
Tina Myers Boy Scouts I/C
John Lindman Clearwater Business Association I/C
Craig Burton Clearwater Beautification & Development Association I/C
Dr. David Singer Chairman, Clearwater Beautification & Development Association
Sue Minkoff Dianetics Athletic Association I/C
Marsha Freedman Foster Children's Group Co-Chairman
Ben Kugler Foster Children's Group Co-Chairman
Dr. Mary Jo Pagel Friendly Neighbors Committee I/C
Debbie Radstrom Girl Scouts I/C
Claire Guignon Parents, Teens & Kids Network I/C
Carolyn Bradham Special Projects I/C"



Articles on Scientology in Germany this week, first an editorial on reinstated police chief Otto Dreksler from Sueddeutsche Zeitung:

"For the last four months, Berlin police director Otto D. has been living an honest-to-God nightmare. He was accused without proof, and denounced without the possibility of defending himself. That is what can happen in Germany when state domestic intelligence has something against you. Now it turns out that Otto D. is not a Scientologist after all. Everything was a mistake. Sorry, Mr. D. That can happen sometimes. Is everything better again?

"The mistake is a catastrophe for the Berlin state intelligence office. The observation of the Scientology sect, as decided last year by the states' secretaries of interior, was a welcome addition to the work load for state intelligence after the end of the Cold War. However, it has apparently not occurred to them that Scientology should be a topic of social dispute and not of undercover operations by state intelligence.

"And then there is still Otto D. He is back to being director of the police operations center. His promotion, which had been delayed, will probably be made up for. But for four months he has had to fight for his credibility. He knows who his friends are now. In the CDU, where he has been a member for years, nobody lifted a finger to help him. Otto D. runs into mistrust no matter where he goes. He only has one last thing to say, 'If I am lying, then I hope my son goes blind.'"

From taz:

"Since the interior administration has had to admit in the past week that domestic intelligence had prematurely confirmed the membership of a police director in the Scientology sect without proof, a dispute for the political responsibility of the affair has been kindled. Interior Senator Jorg Schonbohm (CDU) has tried to avoid the responsibility for the intelligence agency. The public discussion with all the dire consequences, including those of Police Director D. and his family, are said 'not to have been caused by the interior department,' and therefore cannot be defended by them, Schonbohm stated to 'Spiegel' magazine. Even the CDU party chief, Klaus Landowsky, is taking the flak for his party companion. He says that the interior senator is 'completely blameless.'

"According to 'Focus' magazine, the intelligence agency states that Interior State Secretary Bose has complicity in the hasty disposition of the authority's information. According to 'Focus', the first consequences of the scandal will be the immediate replacement of several high-ranking staff in the intelligence agency. The 250 member strong office is to be completely re-structured. Departments will be merged, renamed, and more tightly networked together."

From Die Welt:

"Interior Senator Jorg Schonbohm, his State Secretary Kuno Bose (both CDU), and Intelligence Agency Chief Eduard Vermander are coming under stronger pressure in the case of Police Director Otto Dreksler, who apparently was unjustly suspected of being a member of Scientology. According to a report by the news magazine 'Der Spiegel', all the statements of the undercover agent who had testified against Dreksler were re-categorized as untrustworthy.

"After Dreksler, a CDU member, had been denounced by an anonymous letter writer at the end of March as leading cadre member of Scientology, the intelligence office confirmed the accusation only a few days later. The sole reason for the decision was that the undercover agent had immediately identified Dreksler, from a group of photographs, as a member of the 'OT Committee,' a leadership group of so-called 'Operating Thetans.' For reasons of secrecy, these super Scientologists meet only in private residences.

"According to statements by the 'Focus' news magazine, as a result of this affair, the state office for domestic intelligence will be completely reorganized. Departments will be merged, renamed, and more closely networked. Several high-ranking officials will be replaced forthwith. According to 'Focus,' the intelligence agency will state that State Secretary Bose has complicity in the hasty preparation of the erroneous official testimony."

An article from taz on Scientology's personality tests:

"According to a statement by the CDU [Christian Democratic Union], the Scientology sect is currently going door to door in Bremen with a personality survey in order to gather personal data. Brigitte Dreyer from the CDU said, 'I advise against making any statement to the sect. Doing that opens the door for misuse by the Scientologists.' Dreyer also said that the sect's promise of personal evaluative assistance after answering the 200 question survey which addresses the positive and negative sides of the person is just a ruse to get money from people.

An article from Mannheimer Morgen on a trip by German journalists to Scientology's Gold Base in California:

"Ina Brockmann and Peter Reichelt have had nothing to do with sheriffs since the cowboy and Indian games of their childhood. They had been filming a documentary about the organization's prison camp. Now the Scientology staff is being investigated for unlawful detention and unlawful coercion, as Reichelt told our paper.

"Several small, secret prison and work camps were supposed to be in the desert-like setting of 'Happy Valley.' According to Tabayoyon, high ranking Scientologists who had begun to doubt the teachings, as well as members of the Sea Organization elite unit, were interned there. Round the clock they were said to be under guard by armed watchmen who forced them to work. In addition, they underwent hours-long brainwashing sessions every day. Hubbard's son, Arthur, was said to have been hidden away in Happy Valley for a year after the death of his father, when Arthur had wanted to leave the 'Sea Org.' According to Tabayoyon, 60 children and youths as well as 30 adults live in the camps today.

"The curious Germans flew the 40 minutes from Palm Desert to the highly secret camp. They spotted over 20 children and youth. 'When the caretakers noticed our helicopter, they quickly drove the camp inmates into the barracks,' said Reichelt. 'They immediately put several jeeps in motion in order to follow us on the ground.' Reichelt and his crew circled the area and let the cameras roll.

"The Mannheim residents were driving through an Indian reservation on a public road. Suddenly Ina Brockmann had to stamp on the brakes - a yellow bulldozer blocked the road. To the right and left were large trees, so that there was no way of getting around it. Behind that were two automobiles. Brockmann tried to turn around, but the pursuers, along with a white delivery van, cut off her retreat. Men sprang out of the cars and surrounded the vehicle of the people who had intruded into the secret world of Scientology - who were traveling, as mentioned, on a public road. 'You are Germans. You are all under arrest,' screamed the ringleader, who turned out to be Scientology Vice-chief Ken Hoden. Along with five armed men, he tried to intimidate Brockmann and Reichelt. His purpose was to obtain the surrender of the videocassette. Hoden handed over his visiting card and asked what the reporters were looking for. 'Scientologists who have disappeared without a trace, among them Wiebke Hansen,' answered Brockman, 'and we assume that she is in Happy Valley.' Hoden confirmed the assumption, 'Yes, she is here for rehabilitation.'

"Only he would not let anybody in to see her. One word led to another, until Hoden gave a warning to all Germans who enter the vicinity of the Scientology region, 'All Germans will get the same as you have. Germany is our arch-enemy number one, especially here in California.'"

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  Helsinki Commission

The Washington Times reported on hearings of the Helsinki Commission, which included testimony from a representative of Scientology, claiming discrimination in Germany.

"Participants said traditionally tolerant countries such as France, Germany and Belgium were undermining various groups at odds with the dominant religion -- usually the Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox Church -- by several methods. Speaking at a House briefing sponsored by the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe -- also known as the Helsinki Commission -- panelists said these methods include gathering information solely from disaffected members. Massimo Introvigne, director of the Center for Studies on New Religions in Torino, Italy, said current investigations by European governments into lesser-known religious groups began in 1994, with the suicides and murders in the Order of the Solar Temple cult in Switzerland.

"The Germans are restricting the Church of Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses and small Pentecostal churches. Russia, Austria, Uzbekistan and Macedonia have passed restrictive laws and similar laws already exist in Romania, Ukraine and Belarus. Greece and Turkey also restrict religious freedom. In September, the Helsinki Commission will have a hearing on religious restrictions in Europe."

Arnie Lerma attended the hearings.

"Wearing a scientology kills t shirt, I walked the halls of congress stopping in each office explaining who I was, why I was there, and handing out info packs. I visited 55 congressional offices and handed out another 20 info packs

"At the Committee Briefing in room 2120, the first question - I stammered a bit. I walked up to microphone & rattled off something about Scientology having been convicted in 1982 in the largest domestic spy case in US history and then asked this Italian cult apologist what his relationship was to Scientology. His face turned a bit red and he stammered and waffled a bit and obfuscated any answer worth listening too and it was obvious. I couldn't find a single scientology supporter in 3 hours walking the halls of government. The only support they get is either by deception, largesse or fear.

"The last question went something like this: Hello, My name is Arnaldo Lerma, I'm an ex-deluded adherent of Scientology. As scientology stands convicted for Breach of the Public trust in Canada, upheld just last year, and after the commission has listened to testimony from John Travolta and Anne Archer et al., when will this commission hear the testimony of ex-members and find out the extent of the fraud being perpetrated on the public? I think the last line was 'When will we be heard?' The answer was a politically correct yes. I met with one commissioner afterwards to work out how to make this happen."

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  Keith Henson

Keith Henson posted correspondence from the court, which included a decision from Judge Whyte to not prosecute Keith for contempt for posting sealed court transcripts.

"The court declines to refer to the United States Attorney the potential prosecution of defendant H. Keith Henson for criminal contempt for the posting of the sealed portion of the May 11,1998 transcript to the Internet."

Graham Berry is attempting to withdraw from Keith's case, but has not yet filed properly according to Judge Whyte.

"Defendant H. Keith Henson filed a 'Substitution of Attorney' stating that Graham Berry is no longer representing defendant in this matter. 'Counsel shall not withdraw from an action until relieved by order of the court.' Counsel has not complied with Civil Local Rule 11-5 and has not obtained leave of the court. Counsel is advised to follow appropriate procedures if he intends to withdraw as counsel for defendant."


  Bob Minton

More details about the warning shots fired by Bob Minton to trespassing Scientologists on his property in New Hampshire became available this week.

"There were 2 visits by police, the first after the firing of the warning shots and all was OK with police except they suggested that a 911 call may be a better alternative. The 2nd visit was after dark about 30 minutes later, after the original single police officer responded when said 2nd officer heard another shotgun shell fired on or near my property. Both Stacy and me told the same story to different officers at the same time 200 feet apart that we did not fire the shotgun when the officer heard it. I was handcuffed because I was belligerent; firstly over the indignation of this hands up bullshit and secondly over being manhandled by the police. The police were doing their job to maintain their safety. My belligerence was clearly not helpful to the situation and I was handcuffed for it.

"The OSA trespassers said 'Hi Stacy! How is it fucking Bob?' I found this to be sufficiently over the top to leap out of the pool, run to the house and get my keys for the barn, open the barn, open my office, grab my shotgun, some shells and fire into 200 acres of hillside, at least 200 feet away from the OSA brown pants.

"Today, Sunday July 26, 1998, my wife Therese receives a hand delivered 6 page letter from Rinder in England attacking Stacy as a tramp who is fucking your husband; a woman who has sucked the life and money from a long list of men; and as a woman out to manipulate your husband to spend all the family money to attack Stacy's arch enemy Scientology. Also, the letter included attacks on everyone I have helped, including according to Scientology, wife beaters, child molesters, whores and pornography editors."

"4 OSA picketers were there plus a PI named Middleton from NH. Mr. Middleton was hired by the Church of Scientology, on this occasion to video the picket. He has now twice confirmed his employment by the Church to the Sandown Police Chief. One of the OSA people asked Mr. Middleton to enter my property and video whoever and whatever was going on in the swimming pool. Mr. Middleton said he refused as he did not want any criminal trespass charge to mar his PI record in NH. Not only did he refuse to break the law, he left in his car. Only 4 OSA boys left so what do they do--they go ahead and break the law."

From the Manchester Union Leader:

"A longtime opponent of the Church of Scientology allegedly fired two shots into the air Saturday after telling Church of Scientology members -- who had been picketing outside his summer home on Fremont Road -- to leave his property. Robert Minton, a longtime church opponent and defender of those he believes have been victimized by the church, fired a 12-gauge shotgun into the air after asking four pickets and a private detective hired by the church to leave, Police Chief Scott Currier said."

From the St. Petersburg Times:

"Police in Sandown, N.H., say both sides overstepped their bounds -- the four Scientologists by trespassing on Minton's land after being told to leave, and Minton by discharging a weapon into the air. An investigation of the weekend incident has not been completed, but no criminal charges are contemplated, police Chief Scott Currier said Monday. Currier said the Scientologists and a private investigator they hired had been in town trying to dig up dirt on Minton.

"Marty Rathbun, a top Scientology official, said he doubted the Scientologists trespassed on Minton's property. But Currier said Middleton told him he saw the Scientologists go up to Minton's front door and then behind the house. Middleton told police he heard someone tell the Scientologists to get off the property, but he was gone when the gun was fired."

From The Associated Press:

"'He had seen picketers out there earlier in the day, and we are somewhat aware of the conflict between Mr. Minton and the Church of Scientology' said Officer Ben Pinault, who responded when he heard the shots Saturday. The police still are investigating Saturday's incident. Sgt. Joe Gordon said several protesters came to the police department yesterday and picked up statement forms, with the intention of filing formal complaints against Minton. Gordon said Minton could face criminal charges. One Scientologist, Gerard Renna, said the group's demonstration outside Minton's home was peaceful 'He shot the gun' Renna said."

From The Rockingham News:

"Just who is 51 year-old Robert Minton, and why has he spent almost $2 million dollars helping people he feels have been victimized by the Church of Scientology? If you ask him, the Boston resident who owns a summer home on Fremont road in Sandown will tell you it's because he doesn't believe in Xenu, an evil galactic overlord who controlled nine planets in this section of the galaxy 75 million years ago and then decided to do a little population control by wiping out 7 billion people. It is something Minton contends Scientologists are taught. And it's an expensive lesson, he says, costing as much as $360,000 to get to the top levels of the church.

"Minton is currently preparing to assist another church deserter who, Minton said, plans to come forward with information about what goes on within the confines of Scientology. One of those former church members who doesn't want his identity or whereabouts revealed, has information that apparently upset the church, Minton said. When contacted by phone, the former church member described Minton as an angel come to help him.

"Although the estimated number of Scientologists in New Hampshire doesn't even make a dent in the estimated 8 million members worldwide, Hall says they are around. He says there is a small mission in Concord and estimates about 500 members live in New Hampshire. Due to the size of the New Hampshire mission, Scientologists have had to leave the state to reach the highest levels of the church, he said. Two of the protesters who picketed outside Minton's Sandown home last weekend live in Newfields."

Bob has been host to Jesse Prince, who has recently left Scientology where he was posted to the RTC. Prowlers continued to visit Bob and Jesse following the incident.

"We (Jesse and Bob) went to the barn for some internet activities following the WRKO radio show and after Jesse finished a two hour interview. We went to close the back of the barn and heard footsteps. I yelled stop and whatever or whoever it was ran. It sounded like human steps. We decided to call the police to secure the area."


  Picket Summary

Summary of picket activity at Scientology locations this week. From Keith Henson, in the Bay area.

"Mt. View org, 5:00-5:30, solo. About 20 minutes into the picket I decided to change my sign (which was the one which asks if the bridge really cost $360k) for a Lisa McPherson sign. As I walked back a kid roughly ten who had been playing with his skateboard came out and wanted to talk to me about who Lisa was and why she had died. It was an interesting exchange, because we had been talking for about 5 minutes his father came out and order the kid to stay away from the bad SP. Kid obeyed, went back from the street with his younger brother, maybe 7. About 5-10 minutes later, the guy and his two kids drove right by where I offered them a Xenu flyer. The man made an indistinct comment, the younger kid trying to reach for a flyer as his dad pulls out fast onto the street yelled 'scientology rules.'"

"It was an interesting picket in that I think they lost four this time. One couple saw my sign and turned around right in the driveway, another woman on a course wanted to know what the picket was about and took a Xenu flyer, I really doubt she will be back. The forth was a guy who delivered his best friend to some course, but, being Christian deplores his connection with scientology. He took a Xenu and said he would get his friend to read it and check out the Xenu web site."

From David Alexander, in Dallas:

"I arrived at the Org around 2:00, with my Thursday-before-2:00 sign: 'Don't Pay!! Scientology is Deception'. One passer-by slowed, studied my sign, came almost to a stop, then screamed out, 'YEAH!', holding his fist up high. I keep learning about more seething hostility toward this obnoxious church.

"One lady came out of the church, toward me, and said, 'Hi, why are you doing this?'. I explained a few things thinking she was a church official. She had just responded to their sign out front, 'Now Hiring'. She was very disgruntled at spending three hours getting grilled and questioned before finding out that they couldn't pay her anything, but that she was welcome to help take over the world. I gave her one of my flyers and told her some of my experiences. Michelle came out of the church and asked her if she would like to wait for her bus inside. She declined, MIchelle bent her ear a little more, then the lady left, telling me, 'It was good to meet you'."

From David's picket on Sunday, the 2nd:

"My signs today: Don't Buy!! Scientology is Deception. Scientologists are Bad Neighbors.

"I got some conservative waves from some cars I'm sure were Scientologists. One guy, who's face I recognized from my stint in there, came over and talked very cordially saying I should still try to get things resolved. I pointed out to him that I tried for years--plus I investigated and found the deception. He asked for my handout, then tore it up! He did it completely without malice (just a knowing look to each other) and we kept right on talking. A relatively new girl came up to me and asked me about my experience with the church. We talked about 30 minutes. I told her I thought it's a good help group, but there's no Divinity in it. The Powers saw her getting so much truth and sought to retrieve her. This spunky girl stayed with me even a little longer before returning to the fold. A little while later she walked by on her way to lunch. 'Hi'. 'Hello'. 'By the way, I hear you're getting your money back'.

"I got lots of recognition from the non-Scientology building tenants from last Sunday's and Wednesday's pickets. The new sign about 'Bad Neighbors' really got a rise from them. One guy stopped while I was talking to the new girl and said, 'Man you have a lot of courage to do that'. Another guy pulled over and talked to me at length. A young woman, walking, asked me how I could stand in the heat and do this. I told her, 'It's a Miracle!' She got a laugh out of that and wished me well."

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Chris Owen reported on the archive of Scientology NOTS materials in Sweden.

"I visited the Swedish Central Archives in Nrrmalm, Stockholm, where government documents are stored for public access under their admirable offentlighetsprincip. It was no great surprise to find a solitary, very bored-looking clam sitting in the tiny reading room of the Central Archive building. He had a well-thumbed copy of the NOTS with him, but he was not reading it: instead, he was just sitting at his desk, working on several rather tatty pieces of notepaper. I went into the archivist's private office, where he explained that the Scientologists were working shifts to prevent anyone from looking at the NOTS. When the building opened, one was always waiting outside first in the line to enter; he was relieved later during the day, with other Scientologists sitting on the NOTS through to closing time. The archivist made it clear that he and his department took a pretty dim view of this, and he rang a colleague in the Justice Department who also had a copy of the NOTS - it seems that there are no less than three separate departments holding the thing. You can obtain it from any of these three departments, but it's on public display only at the Central Archive.

"So I went across the street to the Justice Department, where I was asked if I wanted to 'sell the NOTS' [sic] for 400 Swedish Kroner (about GBP 31). I said yes and handed over the money; shortly a bound and covered copy was delivered to me. Evidently they receive a fair number of requests for it, as this must have been one of a pile of pre-copied NOTS."


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