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Volume 3, Issue 7 - May 24 1998


Ralph Hilton reported on Scientology's attempt to become a recognized religion in Germany.

"It appears that unless Scientology finds 300 people willing to sign a form saying they are Scientologists then Scientology will be closed down in Austria. This is from a few phone calls made to friends of mine by the CofS. Apparently they are having considerable trouble finding 300."

"The newly added status - which needs only 300 members - was designed to be a intermediate form between 'eingetragener Verein' (public corporation?) and 'fully accepted religion'. Such groups would have for example not the right to start private schools for their belief or teach their religion in public schools."


  Graham Berry

Graham Berry reported that he has filed a libel lawsuit against a group of Scientologists including Keith Henson complainant Glenn Barton and a.r.s participant Russell Shaw.

"GLENN BARTON, an individual, the CAN Reform Group, an unincorporated association of individuals, Cult Awareness Network, an organization whose legal status is currently unknown, Cult Awareness Network Corporation, a California corporation, Nancy O'Meara, an individual, Robert Lippman, an individual, Isadore 'Izzy' Chait, an individual, Donna Casselman, an individual, W. Russell Shaw, an individual, and DOES 1 through 400, inclusive.

"This Complaint involves possibly the most egregious, extensive and permanent defamation, invasion of privacy and conspiracy in legal history. Among other things, Defendants have directly or implicitly accused Plaintiff of participating in murder, torture, kidnapping, slavery, illegal baby brokering, criminal sexual activity, prostitution, the production and importation of snuff movies, public sexual activity, scatological sexual practices, lewd conduct, art fraud, financial fraud, lying, dishonesty, assault, violent behavior, threatening behavior, aggressive behavior, obnoxious behavior, drug running, loan sharking, fencing stolen art, sado- masochistic sexual activity, sexual perversion, associating with mafia mobsters, establishing fraudulent businesses with lascivious intent, creating a hostile and abusive work environment, giving cocaine to 40-60 14-16 year old boys in exchange for their unlawful employment services, academic incompetence, professional incompetence and having H.I.V. or AIDS.

"Therefore actual damages are enormous. Defendants' defamatory and other statements have been used by persons unknown, but presumed to be associated with the tax-exempt, dangerous and paranoic cult, in breach of the Church of Scientology's relevant and material representations to the Internal Revenue Service regarding its pre and post-1991 litigation and harassing conduct, in an unprecedented 'operation' or 'project' to 'destroy' and 'to utterly ruin' the Plaintiff through the application of certain writings of the late L. Ron Hubbard such as 'The Manual of Justice'; 'fair game,' 'black propaganda,' noisy investigation,' 'on control and lying' and 'dead agenting.'"

Scientology's lawyers have requested hundreds of types of documents, including a number of bizarre requests.

"All documents which reflect, refer to or relate to any demand for money from any representative of any Church of Scientology or Scientologist, including alleged settlement offers, demands or suggestions. All documents which reflect, refer to or relate to communications with any insurance company or representative thereof, or with any person concerning insurance coverage for the Fishman and the Wollersheim cases. All documents which reflect, refer to or relate to allegations made against you by anyone that you have been involved in underhanded deals. All documents which reflect, refer to or relate to your use of cocaine. All drug paraphernalia in your possession, custody or control. All sexual paraphernalia, including, but not limited to, toys, manikins, riding crops, whips, dildos, collars, straps or similar devices in your possession, custody or control. All documents which reflect, refer to or relate to your payment of any monies to any male for sex. All documents which reflect, discuss or tend to show your lack of moral turpitude."

Graham Berry responded to the document request.

"Mr. Berry does not dispute the fact that he is gay. Therefore, asking for documents relating to gay organizations in which he is involved is irrelevant, not to mention extremely burdensome. Your requests ask for all documents that relate to any of the organizations with which Mr. Berry has been involved. Answering your request number 70, irrespective of the other requests regarding other organizations would probably fill a mail truck. Your requests are burdensome, harassing and extremely oppressive to the point of creating an undue burden. Unless you withdraw these requests immediately, Mr. Berry will seek a protective order.

"It is clear to me that you wish to oppress and burden Mr. Berry to such an extent as to cause him to drop this case. You will not succeed. If you do not withdraw all of the foregoing requests immediately, I will seek a protective order on Friday, May 15, 1998. With my motion for a protective order, I will seek sanctions in amount sufficient to dissuade you from continuing your unconscionable litigation tactics against my client."

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  Former Scientologists

Stacy Young reported on a recent visit to talk to a Scientologist, and the events Scientology took to retrieve her.

"I've just spent several days in New Orleans with a wonderful family, the Wessels. Their 27-year-old daughter Lara was recruited into scientology about a year ago, and her family watched with alarm as their loving, vivacious daughter's life was gradually enveloped by scientology. She had been an aspiring, very talented actress, but once she got into scientology she dropped her acting career entirely.

"Lara came right up to me, shook my hand, and said cordially, 'Hi, I'm Lara. Nice to meet you.' She did the same with Monica and Paul. We began by introducing ourselves and telling Lara briefly about each of our histories in scientology. I had been in for fifteen years, at the Advanced Organization in Los Angeles and later in the Guardian's Office, Author Services, Inc., and the Office of Special Affairs. I told her that during all the years I was in scientology I had always believed that if I could only move high enough up in the ranks I would find scientology being practiced the way I thought it should be, based on the policies I had read. But then I got all the way to the top of the hierarchy, working directly with David Miscavige, and discovered that, if anything, it was worse all the way at the top than it had been lower down in the ranks. When I was finished with my story, Lara decided she didn't want to be part of a group in which people were abused the way I was, and the way other people were that I described.

"Thursday evening Lara's aunt surprised us all with tickets to the New Orleans symphony. After the program we were supposed to meet Lara's brother and his wife for dinner. But when Lara called him he told her an incredible story. The New Orleans police and an ambulance had arrived at their parents' house, all lights flashing. The police had received an anonymous phone call that someone was committing suicide inside the house. Finding no one, they finally left. We had warned the Wessels that scientology would not believe Lara had decided on her own to leave scientology, that they would believe she had been coerced or forced in some way to leave.

"The next night, Friday night, Monica, Paul and I headed back to our hotel and Lara and her parents all went to bed by 10:30. At about 11:30 Lara was awakened by flashing lights shining through her bedroom window and the doorbell ringing repeatedly. The police said they had received an anonymous call that someone was being held against their will in the house and they wanted to come in and check it out. Lara's father said they were welcome to come in but said he thought he knew what this was all about and explained to them about what had been happening with Lara and scientology. The police by now were angry about being manipulated by scientology, and one of the officers told Lara's father that if he had any more trouble from scientology he would see that the offenders were arrested.

"Saturday Monica and Paul left, and Lara and I had a relaxing day. About 8:30 that night there was a loud knocking at my hotel room door. I opened it and there stood two heavy-set women, looking very serious. One of them pushed past me and elbowed her way through the doorway, saying, 'We're here to see Lara Wessel. Where is she?' Lara and I looked at each other in disbelief. More scientologists! Not wanting to be rude, I invited the women into the room and introduced Lara and myself. Lara told them what had happened - that she had gotten information about scientology that she hadn't had before and based on that information, she had decided she would rather not be involved in it. This was completely unacceptable to Mary and Tracy.

"Lara Wessel, in the meantime, is thrilled to have her life back. She is looking forward to getting her acting career back on track. She is happy to be able to have all of her old friends back. She is educating herself about mind control so she won't ever be taken in again. She is greatly relieved to be in control of her own thoughts again."

"One Scio" posted her story to a.r.s this week.

"I left Scientology today--for good. The last three days I've been dealing with the phone calls and persuasion from the Org, and today I got the result I wanted--the Ethics Officer gave up, and threatened me with a declare for 'not disconnecting from suppressive persons.' I told him I'd welcome it. I've spoken to several here, over the telephone and over IRC, in the last week or so. You gave me the courage and the strength to stand up and get out. I was destined for the Sea Org at the FLB less than a week ago.

"I'm here now, and I want to do my best to do my part and take my place to expose the Co$ for what it is. Scientology is an evil criminal cult, and Scientology training produces true suppressive people and degraded beings."



Kieler Nachrichten reported that Scientology schools in Denmark are coming under criticism from government officials.

"The admission of two Scientology schools in Danish Nordschleswig has met with harsh criticism. The state administrations's sect commissioner, Hans-Peter Bartels, called the decision of the Danish Ministry of Education 'annoying.' The state administration has no influence with them. The CDU state faction also expressed criticism: the vote of the administration in Copenhagen is not reversible, said political representative Ursula Roper. For six years, 50 children have been receiving their education in Bjerndrup, near the German-Danish border. Most of them are children of Scientologists from Hamburg, who bring them there to be trained in the teachings of sect leader L. Ron Hubbard.

"A year ago the Hamburg school authorities tried levying fines to obtain the return of children who were supposed to be going to school in Hamburg. On that occasion, several more children registered a changed of address to other schools in Denmark. The children will grow up in a 'pure Scientology colony,' stated Bartels."

Karsten Lorenzen reported on a news program in Denmark.

"Monday the 18th of may I was on national television TV2 goodmorning Denmark, discussing Scientology related companies. Anette Refstrup was there too, and a Danish member of the parliament. We had a discussion on whether or not the unemployed should be warned if the company had anything to do with Scientology. Then Anette started speaking about how good scio was. And I was asked what it was that Co$ did that was so bad, and I said MANIPULATION nothing but manipulation. Anette attacked me with different accusations, I did nothing but smile and laugh, she got more furious and looked like a fool. The Danish mp promised to ask the minister about a thorough investigation in to these matters."

KN: "Protest gegen Scientology-Schulen in Dänemark"
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  Jenna Elfman

Scientologist and U.S. TV star Jenna Elfman was interviewed by Barbara Walters this week.

"What's great about Scientology is, there's you, right? And you're always you. But as you go through life, you know, you have the betrayals and the losses and the things that start clouding up. And what Scientology does is it helps take away all that stuff so that you can just be you again, you know, and live as you with your viewpoints and stuff.

"BW: What do you say to people who say it is a cult, it is a dangerous cult?

"I usually laugh. Because I've seen so many people get off drugs, become literate, you know, finally for the first time, you know, rehabilitate their marriage or gain their self-esteem back. I mean, to me that makes me cry sometimes when I look at the successes and the beautiful things that happen to people. That's why, that's why I so know what it does for people, you know? People can say whatever they want because it is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and it makes me happy."


  Philip Gale

The Boston Herald published a story on the death of Philip Gale this week.

"Alone in a 15th-floor classroom, MIT sophomore Philip C. Gale drew a physics formula on a blackboard showing what happens when a body falls from a great height. Then he slammed a chair through the classroom window and jumped more than 200 feet to his death, as horrified students watched from a plaza below.

"As evidence emerged that Gale was suffering from depression, students and staff wondered aloud about why the high-pressure school's psychological safety net didn't save him. And friends raised questions about whether his upbringing in a controversial religion - the Church of Scientology - played a part in his suicide. Gale had quit the church. Even so, he chose to kill himself on March 13, the church's most important annual holiday marking the birthday of the late Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

"The suicide provoked intense debate on campus, and on the Internet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, about whether it was linked to Gale's Scientology upbringing. And Munsey soon created a Web page titled 'Who is Philip Gale?' raising questions about a link between Scientology and the suicide.

"According to Gale's friends, depression - or what he called 'boredom' or a 'void' - had long been masked by his irreverent sense of humor. The tall, skinny overachiever with close-cropped, bright red hair began to see his computer and music classwork as 'inane.' He spent hours banging on a drum set and playing computer games. Gale was still coming to terms with the sudden death of his father two years ago - at age 47 - of a heart attack, said Lauren McLeod, 22, a college friend who is now a reporter for the Concord Journal. And Gale had recently paid one visit to a therapist.

"He rarely talked about quitting the Church of Scientology, where his mother, Marie Gale, remained a prominent church official, the friends said."



A summary of articles from Germany this week on Scientology. From ddp:

"Thomas Holst, the 'Heath Murderer', who escaped from the psychiatric ward of the Ochsenzoll General Hospital in Hamburg four weeks ago, had closer contact to the Scientology Church psycho-sect than had previously been suspected. As reported by a former fellow patient, for months, Holst and he collected internal information about the establishment, patients and therapies for the Scientology 'Commission for Violation of Human Rights by Psychiatry e.V.' (KVPM). The material they assembled was picked regularly up by a representative of the KVPM during visitor's hours, and also given to him over the telephone. The former psychiatric aide had both the former fellow patient, age 27, and Holst sign over various powers of attorney to him. According to the patient, the KVPM staff member had told them both that everything would be done to get them out of the psychiatric ward. In this case a 'safe' refuge in Switzerland or Austria was offered."

News from Fraenkischer of a bomb which destroyed the automobile of a Scientology critic.

"After a bomb attack on the entrepreneur's jaguar on Monday, experts from the Landeskriminalamt (LKA) [German FBI] have been desperately trying to answer this question. A bomb exploded at 10:30 a.m. under the luxury sedan in its parking spot at the Gondrom company in Bindlach. The car was destroyed. Nobody was injured. At the time of the deed the publisher was already in his office.

"In Bayreuth, where the publicity-shy publisher lives with his family, it has been speculated, as it has in Bindlach, as to whether the attack could have something to do with the latest activities of the entrepreneur against the Scientology psycho-business. The Gondrom book stores were the subject of recent anonymous letters that suggested they were aligned with Scientology. Strong denials and the accusation that the competition wished to proceed with sordid means against Gondrom resulted in an anti-Scientology meeting to which the company was invited two weeks ago in the Bayreuther city hall. Prominent speakers before an audience of 500 - the most well-known was Scientology critic Renate Hartwig. She was clearly on the side of the entrepreneur and declared: 'There is nothing to the reports. Gondrom does everything humanly possible against Scientology.'

"The Bayreuth Chief District Attorney, Friedrich Eichfelder, replied in the affirmative to our newspaper's inquiry as to whether the explosive had been located underneath the car. Eichfelder did not want to participate in any speculation as to whether this could have been an act of revenge, or a 'warning shot' from Scientology. The district attorney said, 'We are investigating all possibilities and do not wish to make premature decisions.'"

From Fraenkischer:

"The European Commission for Human Rights has turned down a complaint by four Scientologists against the Information Campaign of the Bavarian State government. That was announced by Culture Minister Hans Zehetmair in Munich. The decision of the Commission upholds the [the actions of the] state government. Four Scientologists had wanted to prevent the publication of an article which appeared in 1996, 'All Clear? Information about Scientology,' along with an associated information campaign under a provisional arrangement. The EU Commission has now rejected this complaint. The article and the campaign only contains general information about Scientology; it does not address identifiable people."

From Nordwest-Net:

"Ex-Scientologist Norbert Potthoff lectured and answered questions in the Ganderkesee secondary school. Was life in Scientology easier than life after Scientology? What was going on the with the sect's secret service? Are Scientology missionaries in the schools? The questions of the students after the lecture by ex-Scientologist Norbert Potthoff showed a high degree of interest in Potthoff's experiences with the totalitarian sect. For one and a half hours, the 50 year old reported on the teachings of the Scientologists and their founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and his own, seven year experience in this system.

"The author was very clear on one point -- that the teachings were based upon social Darwinistic principles. 'Making the capable more capable,' according to Potthoff, is a Scientology motto which does not take an interest in the weak. He then explained the training methods in a medical manner. At first, the concentration exercises result in the release of adrenaline, later, in the release of the body's own painkiller hormone, endorphin, which is related to morphine. That is how the Scientology training went so well for him. It was a 'drug experience', stated Potthoff. 'We were trained like rats.'"

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  Gerry Armstrong

Gerry Armstrong reported that Scientology is attempting to have his lawsuit dismissed on the basis that he is not a resident of Nevada.

"CSI and RTC assert that I am not a resident of Nevada. This is not true. I have considered myself, and have legally been, a resident of Nevada since November, 1997. I have never since that time considered myself a resident of any other state or province than Nevada, and have never stated to anyone since that time that I was not a resident of Nevada. I have had a post office box in Nevada since November 21, 1997, where I have received mail, including substantive non-junk mail.

"CSI and RTC support their false assertion that I am not a resident of Nevada with a declaration by Sheila M. Werner, who states that during a conversation with her on April 5, 1998 I 'told [her] that I had recently been in Nevada but that [I] did not plan to live there and was there only for legal matters.' This is completely false.

"During our initial telephone conversations Ms. Werner said that she is involved in many facets of the Canadian movie/TV industry as an actor and in other production capacities and she wanted to make contact with me and give me a script writing program. I have been alert to Scientology's actions of operating agents to get close to me or having thugs threaten or attack me. When she first contacted me I was immediately alert to the possibility that Ms. Werner was a Scientology agent, and I continued to be alert to that possibility throughout the Werner operation. During the conversation Ms. Werner asked me where I had been and what I had been doing in Nevada. I told her that since November, 1997 Nevada had been my residence, that I was intending to live here and that I had most of my personal belongings here.

"Ms. Werner wanted me to take from her a copy of a script she said she had written involving the 'X-Files' TV program theme and characters. She said that the script she had written concerned a sort of viral mutation like 'mad cow disease.' She handed me her 'script' but I did not pick it up. She also had a typed receipt and confidentiality agreement for her 'script' which she handed me and wanted me to sign. I did not sign the document and did not pick it up. I told her that I suspected that she was an agent for Scientology, that the organization perhaps wanted to get my fingerprints on her 'script' for some malevolent purpose, and that perhaps the organization wanted to set me up in some kind of 'copyright violation' scenario. Now Ms. Werner has shown that indeed she was being operated as a Scientology agent, on orders, coached and drilled to get close to me in order to compromise, entrap or frame me in some way."



The South China Morning Post reports that Scientology's efforts in India are being met with resistance from Hindu leaders.

"Scientology has arrived in India and is living up to its controversial reputation. Described variously as a 'cult' and a 'new religion', Scientology has set up an office in suburban Bombay. It has organised 'Way to Happiness' workshops for high-profile businessmen, students and those with drug and alcohol problems.

"Workshop participants were attracted by advertisements placed in local tabloids. They read: 'If John Travolta has benefited from Scientology, so can you.' Anti-drugs businessman Yusuf Merchant is an early convert to the Church of Scientology, Mission of Bombay. He says it is 'mind-blowing'.

"Bombay's Hindu nationalist rulers, already reeling from an 'onslaught' of Western influence, have not taken well to the latest religious threat. One Shiv Sena party leader denounced the Scientologists as 'a dangerous cult for weak-minded individuals'. He said: 'This cult calls itself a church. Whatever it is, it should tread carefully.'"


  Keith Henson

The San Francisco Examiner published an article on Keith Henson's case this week.

"A man who lost a copyright infringement lawsuit against a wing of the Church of Scientology for posting the church's teachings on the Internet says he will continue to campaign against the organization. A federal judge on Thursday ordered Keith Henson to pay a $75,000 judgment and unspecified legal costs to the Religious Technology Center.

"'I wound up finding a smoking gun,' Henson said. 'It was instructions for the criminal practice of medicine without a license. It's specifically about curing illnesses by auditing with an E-meter.'"

From LA Weekly:

"'The jury held that copyright laws are sacrosanct, even when they're being used to conceal criminal conduct,' said Los Angeles attorney Graham Berry, who represented Henson and has often crossed swords with Scientology in the past. 'That's a disturbing decision, and one that lawyers for the Mafia might want to take note of.'

"Immediately after the verdict was announced, the court released the complete transcript of the trial - including a sealed portion of the transcript in which the offending document, its contents and alleged criminal components were discussed in great detail. The court immediately recalled the transcript, but too late: The very information the Religious Technology Center had fought to conceal was immediately posted to multiple Web sites. 'And once something's on the Net, there's no way to recall it or get it back,' chuckled Henson, whose marginal financial situation makes recovery of damages unlikely. 'That's worth an imaginary $75,000 to me.'"

LA WEEKLY: Scientology, cont.

  Michael Pattinson

Former Scientologist Michael Pattinson has filed suit against Scientology for misrepresentation which he says cost him years of his life and over $500,000.

"At the time Mr. Pattinson joined the Scientology Organization it was represented to him that Scientology was a peaceful, law abiding, bona fide and legitimate religion, acting in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Mr. Pattinson has recently discovered that these representations were false, and that the Church's and corporations of Scientology perpetrated further fraud upon him by way of material non-disclosures and upon which he reasonably relied.

"Contrary to the pertinent representations, and consistent with the material non-disclosures, Mr. Pattinson has learned that the Scientology organization engaged in fraudulent conduct in order to procure its tax exempt status in the United States, and that it continues to breach and violate applicable tax laws, regulations, and rules, and the express terms of the IRS Exemption Letter, and Secret Closing Agreement, entered into in 1993."

"Beginning in or about the Fall of 1973, and continuing through to the present day, Plaintiff became involved with one or more of the Scientology entities. At that time, Plaintiff began taking courses in auditing through the Scientology organization at Rue de Londres, Paris, France, where Scientologist staffer, Colett Byasson, used Hubbard's dissemination procedure on Plaintiff to 'find his ruin,' Defendants have consistently identified as his homosexual orientation, and to use that to induce Plaintiff to pay for Scientology services. The Scientology enterprise, through its agents, were expressly reassuring Plaintiff that Scientology was the total answer to all of Plaintiff's personal problems that were 'ruining' his life, including his homosexuality which Plaintiff was having difficulty accepting, and through their representations and material non-disclosures, induced Plaintiff to utterly commit to the Scientology enterprise and the writings and teachings of Hubbard and his adherence as a real way out of his perceived suffering and a guaranteed 'Bridge to Total Freedom' and resulting immortality.

"Contrary to these representations, Scientology and the writings and teachings of Hubbard and his adherence, Defendants did not solve the major personal 'ruin' that Plaintiff had described to Defendants, or cure his homosexuality, notwithstanding 25 years of avid dedication, the expenditure of many hundreds of thousands of dollars, the participation in numerable hours of auditing, processing and training in exclusively Scientology techniques, the expenditure of skill and labor in the employ of the Scientology enterprise, and his eventual ascent to becoming one of the very few Scientologists who had undergone the entire course of training through to Operating Thetan Level Eight. Although Defendants and their agents represented to Plaintiff that participating in, and paying for, their courses would enable him to attain 'Total Freedom' he learned by late 1997 that the number of persons having attained 'Total Freedom' from the years 1950 to 1997 was actually zero. Moreover, Defendants' misrepresented to Plaintiff that their scriptural training and auditing would permit him to 'exteriorize' and thus enable him, whenever he wished, to leave his body, travel to wherever he wished and then return to his body.

"In 1975, Plaintiff went to the Scientology organization in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he underwent further Scientology training and indoctrination, and participated in more Scientology courses, before going to the then new Flag Land Base in Daytona Beach, Florida for training in Hubbard's techniques and teachings on a full-time basis through the Spring of 1977. In the Spring of 1977, Plaintiff returned to the Scientology enterprise in Paris where he was engaged as a full-time staff member. During his employment as a Scientology staff member, Defendants subjected Plaintiff to coercive indoctrination, brainwashing, civil rights deprivations and labor law violations, as more fully set forth below. For example, while a dedicated Scientology staffer relying upon the fraudulent misrepresentations of Defendants as set forth herein, Plaintiff was forced to work from 9:00 a.m. to approximately 11:30 p.m., seven days a week from months at a time for 'pay' that was at or below the poverty level and which, when he left, the staff of the Paris Scientology organization was a mere few francs per week. When Plaintiff ceased being a Scientology staffer at the Paris, France org., he was also required to repay his 'freeloader debt' as more fully set forth below."

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  Picket Summary

Picket Report this week from "Jour" at the San Francisco org on May 19th.

"Suppressives: Myself, Taniwha, phr
Weather: Blustery (sunny but VERY windy)
Foot Traffic: Steady +
Street Traffic: Steady
Scn Response: Light Personality Tests with occasional Hiding
General Passerby Response: Very Favorable

"Today I brought some new fliers with me. One one side, they say in nice fat half-inch tall letters: DON'T BE A SUCKER! $CIENTOLOGY IS A $CAM! I bought about 3 dozen lollipops and glued them onto the fliers. There's info on the back about 'Make money', the cost of auditing, the personality test being a fake, bait-and-switch, compatibility with other religions, thinking for yourself, and Lisa McPherson, along with URLs for the $cn site, Clambake, and a.r.s.

"A gentleman from England stopped to talk with me for several minutes. A friend of his had become involved in $cn and he was quite upset about it. He was a bit rude to Ms. Pixie - every time she came within earshot he raised his voice and said 'They're EEVIL PEOPLE! EEVIL!' and finally said to her 'Why don't you get a real job and do something that's REALLY useful?!?'"

From Brent Stone in San Jose:

"I dropped by around 10:30 for a visit, and was greeted with a round of 'sprinkler tech' again. They usually try to turn them on before I arrive, but this time they just came right out and turned the things on while I was there. I took a picture of the guy turning them on. They called the cops and complained that taking pictures was harassment. Since the same cop was sent who had been there on previous harassment calls, he was the guy that they had told that the system was automatic. He was a bit amused at the fact that they called him to make sure he knew I was documenting their lie."



Swedish TV show Kalla Fakta (Cold Facts) on TV4 aired a program on Scientology this week.

"The scientology movement [note that the reporter does not use the term religion] is described as wielding a lot of influence and having the status of religion in the US. There's a recapitulation of the story of how the NOTs pack became public documents in Sweden, how the Swedish government initially opposed the US demands for secrecy - in the fall of '96 the Justice minister Laila Freiwalds said keeping the documents public did not break any international treaties. One year later, the Government copy of the documents was sealed with a reference to 'international relations'.

"The TV4 team went to the US to get more information. From day one, they were followed around by two cars. They visited Washington DC, and looked for Congressman Howard Cable, who has written several letters recently to the Swedish Parliament and the Justice Minister, pushing for the NOTs to be sealed. The reporters got hold of him, but he claimed he didn't remember anything about the letters, and was not familiar with Scientology; then he rushed off.

"Stacy Vaughn Young (critic) is interviewed. Some of the things she says is how she joined Scientology wanting to help make a better world; how the NOTs are a huge issue for Scientology, and there are no limits to what they're going to do about it; that their version of the truth is the only one they'll accept; that the NOTs are a huge source of income, and how Scientology try to censor the Net and free speech.

"The reporters also film at Gilman Hot Springs, and are approached by a security guard who tells them to call Janet Weiland.

"A professor of law at Stockholm University, Jan Rosen, is presented as one of the foremost experts on copyright law. He thinks the offentlighetsprincip does not conflict with copyright law, and is surprised at the Government's decision to seal the NOTs."

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  Mike Wallace

Martin Ottmann posted a letter sent to Mary Voegeding, Senior Executive of the Flag Service Organization, on how to handle a relative of Mike Wallace in the wake of the 60 Minutes broadcast on Scientology and CAN.

"Rondi Leonard, Solo NOTS Certainty auditor, being told that she must disconnect from her mother-in-law, Kappy Leonard because Kappy was once married to Mike Wallace, CBS news '60 minutes' news correspondent. The situation, because Rondi has been at Flag now for 4 weeks at the MAA and has not been able to continue her 6 months refresher and as a result this has gotten onto my daughter Noelle's lines who I have been handling and it violates KSW.

"Kappy Leonard, Rondi's 'step' mother-in-law and her husband Ardy's step mother, has not spoken to Mike Wallace in years. She had a son by him, Chris Wallace who she sees regularly but she hasn't and does not wish to be in comm with Mike Wallace at all. Rondi never has any contacts with Mike Wallace at all and has maybe seen Chris Wallace his son twice in 20 yrs. Chris Wallace is _not_ in any way antagonistic to Rondi or Ardy about Scientology.

"Rondi should not be asked to disconnect from a family member this violates PTS tech of what LRH says about family disconnection. If Rondi disconnects from her step mother-in-law this is sure to create antagonism and bring attention to the fact that she is doing so. It could create a vacuum effect which all manner of A=A=A be filled into the vacuum by family members such as Kappy or Chris Wallace. It can make matters worse for us as a group as for Rondi and her family. Someone is misinterpreting this family situation and making Rondi the brunt of it."


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