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Volume 4, Issue 21 - August 22 1999


The controversy over Clearwater city manager Mike Roberto continued this week. Letters to the editor from Scientologists were printed in the St. Petersburg Times. "When I first came to Clearwater about five years ago, I wondered why such a nice little city was so desolate looking. Since I have been here, and particularly recently, I have noticed 'life' in the city. There have been a number of new buildings going up, and the city looks prettier. It is now my understanding that a lot of the life that I have observed was because of Michael Roberto. I just want you to know that he has made a difference in my conversations when someone asks me about moving or visiting here. "Joy DiVenuti, Clearwater" The Times published an article on the support Roberto has from Scientology on August 19th. "Members of the Church of Scientology recently have been rising to the defense of embattled City Manager Mike Roberto in an outpouring of public support for a Clearwater official that would have been inconceivable in the past. The unusual display, in the form of letters and e-mails to City Hall and the Times, is an indicator of how dramatically City Hall's relationship with the church and its members has changed -- from the icy co-existence that began with Scientology's arrival in Clearwater in 1975, to a new era of cooperation that began with Roberto's arrival in June 1997. "In an interview this week, Miscavige suggested Scientologists reacted the way they did because they are keenly aware of Roberto's efforts to improve relations with Scientology and 'treat them as citizens of Clearwater.' Most of them made the same general points -- that Roberto's energetic approach to redevelopment was good for Clearwater, that his transgressions were minor compared with the good he accomplished, and that the Times' reporting on Roberto has been counterproductive. "Miscavige said he has no desire to get involved in city politics and never would involve the church itself in such a campaign. He said he and Roberto have met between six and 10 times over the past year and half, not including numerous meetings between lower-level staff from both organizations. He added: 'I don't want to appear to be going to bat for the guy.' "In what is believed to be a first, the city last week listed Scientology as an asset to downtown in a document that will go to prospective developers. Also, the city recently participated in a market survey of downtown workers that was commissioned by the church. And, a week ago, city commissioners Ed Hart and Bob Clark and Mayor Brian Aungst visited the church's landmark Fort Harrison Hotel to view a concrete pouring for the $3.6-million basement." The Times published an article on August 20th about downtown construction and renovations. "Construction is well under way on a 370,000-square-foot Church of Scientology building that will take two years to build. When it opens, Scientology expects to have doubled its uniformed staff to 2,000. It also projects that the number of Scientology parishioners visiting Clearwater will increase from 1,500 to as many as 5,000 at any given time. A related project not yet started, the 3,500-seat L. Ron Hubbard Hall next to the new building, will fill downtown sidewalks with thousands of visiting and local Scientologists for evening events. "Where will they all park? Assistant City Manager Bob Keller, who has been the chief city negotiator with Scientology on the project, says the church is not required to provide parking until the city issues a certificate of occupancy. At that point, the building would be nearly complete. "Besides the new building and auditorium, the church plans a renovation of the Fort Harrison Hotel, a three-story addition to its Sandcastle property on Drew Street, a renovation of the old Osceola Inn next to the Sandcastle, a 'streetscape' project in front of its properties at Cleveland Street and Fort Harrison Avenue, and, at that same intersection, renovations to Scientology's Coachman Building, including retail outlets on the first floor. Scientology says the projects will require a total investment of between $60-million and $80-million. "Work on the Flag building is proceeding with a city foundation permit that will allow it to complete the concrete and steel base. But the church needs a building permit to continue construction. It is expected to apply for one soon. In an interview, Keller said waiting until the certificate of occupancy to resolve the parking issue was standard procedure with other buildings. He said it would be unfair to Scientology to change the rules mid-project. "As part of its expansion, the church says it has spoken with retailers about locating in the Coachman Building, which has about 12,000 square feet of space that could be used for commercial purposes. The effort is in response to a request by City Manager Mike Roberto. As a marketing tool to attract retailers, the church has commissioned a study of its parishioners' shopping preferences and buying power downtown. The study concludes that Scientology's visiting parishioners alone would support several types of stores and restaurants downtown. Among the study's other findings: 21 percent of Scientologists who visit Clearwater for church counseling have annual incomes of $200,000 or more." Message-ID: Message-ID: 7pgncj$ Message-ID: 37bd3afb.4543009@ARSCC.wdne.Media.Dissemination.DivC.SFBay.Area


Daniel Leprince posted a letter to a.r.s from Bill Walsh, a lawyer for Scientology, in response to a recent Danish TV broadcast. "In its 12 june show on Scientology, DR 2 TV relies on imaginary anecdotes from a disaffected Scientologist completely devoid of credibility and a 'mock' incident with a child fabricated for sensationalistic purposes by DR 2 TV to justify outrageous claims that the state should interfere to protect the rights of children of Scientologists pursuant to UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. As human rights counsel for Church of Scientology, I must inform you that these trumped up, sensationalistic charges are both ludicrous and offensive. "The truth is that Scientologists do not violate human rights but instead are the targets of human rights violations. These violations of the minority religious rights of Scientologists are documented in numerous human rights reports published over the last few years by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, The United Nations Special Rapporteur for Religious Intolerance, The International Helsinki Federations, The University of Essex Human Rights Center, the Helsinki Commission, and the United State Department." Message-ID: 7phb3f$pv1$


Focus reported in its August 12th issue that Scientology will be leaving the org building in Hamburg. "How bad its finances have been getting is shown in the course of a rental procedure before the Hamburg State Court which has to do with the headquarters in the St. Georg district. The building's owner, an ex-Scientologist, had sued to vacate for back rent, and now intended to settle after a months-long legal dispute: the Scientologists have signed an agreement stating that they will move out by the end of the year. Where to speaker Gisela Hackenjos is not yet ready to say. The symbolic building will be torn down; in its place modern office buildings will be built." Duesseldorf Municipal Court ruled this week against ARC Music Sales, which objected to being linked with Scientology. "The complainant demanded condemnation of the accused with regard to negligence in certain statements about some sort of connections with the Scientology Church. The complainant is the producer of recordings of international music for which she advertises in her prospectuses. Those also contain the name of her independent sister company 'ARC Music Productions' headquartered in East Grinstead, England. The business manager of that company, who also used to be a co-worker and business manager of complainant are members of Scientology. At the time, the complainant's business manager was also a Scientology member. "The complainant uses the so-called Scientology 'technology,' which has to do with the management teachings of the founder of Scientology. The complainant has already distributed CD's with covers which contain thanks to the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and pictures of artists who are known Scientology adherents. The series of letters of the complainant's name is known in the Scientology teachings. There, ARC stands for Affinity, Reality and Communication. "The accused, in his duties as Sect Commissioner of the Evangelical Church in Rheinland, wrote to the Bertelsmann Club, Inc. in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck on 6 Jan. 1998. "'Acquaintances have brought to my attention that your offerings in the 1997 Catalog IV include offering from ARC. Possibly the connection of this offer to Scientology is not known to you. For this reason I have enclosed copies of an older list which shows the connection with L. Ron Hubbard.' "The complainant alleged that the statements made by the accused did not reflect the truth and that she regarded the statements as damaging for business. "It is conceded to the complainant that in view of the general publicity about Scientology, a connection of the sort asserted can have an effect which is damaging to business. However, the letter dated January 16, 1998 from the accused to Bertelsmann Club, Inc., contains no claims of fact which run contrary to the truth." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.990818162808.114A-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.990819183249.141A-100000@darkstar.zippy

Grady Ward

Grady Ward reported that his settlement agreement with Scientology has been upheld by the appeals court. "While the panel agreed by implication that my final approval of the form of RTC's copyright was a material term of the negotiations, they also found that my giving Judge Fogel the right to reduce the oral negotiations to writing also gave the district court the right to strike that term upon its own volition. "Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction requires that RTC pay its own two million dollars plus attorney's fees and costs for this four-and-a-half years of litigation in exchange for the equivalent of $35,000 from me paid at $200 a month. The permanent injunction guarantees that none of my rights under the 'fair use' provisions of the Copyright Act or any rights to speak out under the First Amendment are diminished in any way. There was *no* admission or finding of liability for copyright infringement or anything else." Message-ID:

Berry / Cipriano / Pattinson

A hearing was held in the Michael Pattinson lawsuit this week. Scientology alleges that Pattinson's suit violates their freedom of speech. Graham Berry also had a hearing in bankruptcy court. Court reporting by Keith Henson: "Monique Yingling and Bill Dresher for CST, Samuel Rosen for RTC, Kendrick Moxon for CSI, Ed Parkin and Lynn Shape. Before the hearing, they were all in a gaggle out in the hallway, with Moxon talking in a loud voice about how Graham is going to be sanctioned in other cases. Moxon was looking fresh and unstressed for someone in his position. Monique looked really worried, and Rosen looked both worried and completely dispirited, drooping and sitting apart from the others, as though to distance himself from Scientology. "The judge first asked Bill how the Pattinson complaint interfered with CST's right of petition, and Bill responded that CST's petition right was no of concern. It was speech and religion. Graham responded that Pattinson had little knowledge about CST other than that they held the copyrights. The judge asked how did that affect freedom of speech? Claimed religion is related to religious speech and the claims Pattinson suit altered their speech rights. Graham turn: He said Dresher had built a straw man and proceed to beat him down on a different playing field from where he was. "CST was to insulate Scientology from people like Pattinson. Dresher looked upset as the alter ego argument in the Wollersheim case was discussed. Graham advised the Court that SLAPP was ridiculous to claim, since 4 of the 6 fraud counts in Pattinson had been already adjudicated in other cases, Wollersheim, Armstrong and Allard. About this time the judged realized Graham was not arguing the motion but asking for depositions of DM and others, seeking full discovery to oppose the SLAPP motion. "On to bankruptcy court, where Isadore Chait, Moxon and Glenn Barton are Grahams creditor because of overwhelming discovery and sanctions by Judge Williams in the Cipriano case. Graham informed the bankruptcy trustee he will be filing a copy of the Cipriano declaration in that case and (to the trustees bewilderment) requested several times that it and all the papers in the case be referred to the FBI. Out of the court Moxon was pointing to a FBI warning sign and said, 'You will enjoy yourself in jail.' Graham replied, 'Not as much as you, Rick. Still time to turn State's evidence.'" Graham Berry was disciplined by the court this week following his filing of information from Robert Cipriano. He alleges that the judge is biased towards Scientology, and that his wife does work for the church. "It was evident from the start, that this was going be a lynching by a kangaroo court. The vexatious litigator motion was argued by Chaliff, Moxon, Rosen, and Chodos. Graham pointed out that Moxon was joined by a criminal defense lawyer G. Chaliff from which the court might draw an inference. Chaliff was adamant that the record indicated that Graham had to be stopped. Judge Williams denied sanctions of $4200 requested by other cult lawyers after conceding that he was unaware that Graham had given proper notice to the court and all the parties for the Monday ex parte motion. "Graham took Judge Williams through the Cipriano declaration and exhibits with Moxon's finger prints all over it, leases, car rentals, checks, and all. Moxon did not deny the evidence, just claimed it was inaccurate. About 3/4 of the way through, Judge Williams asked what relevance the Cipriano declaration had with Graham being a vexatious litigator. The essence of the vexatious litigator statute is that the case be frivolous and that not only was the defense presenting falsehoods which led to the case, the falsehoods had been procured by blackmail and bribery. Their conduct was perjurious and that the proceedings had been tainted, polluted through out by the criminal conduct of the parties and their counsel. The Judge said to Graham it is not what you did but how you did it - as if the impudence and impertinence of fighting the criminal cult constitutes vexatiousness "There was concern that Graham might file another case next week. The clam lawyers wanted a minute order immediately declaring Graham a vexatious litigator. They got it. Judge Williams had the cult lawyers draft it, and had everyone come back after lunch so he could sign it in front of them. Graham advised the court that he would be filing an abuse of process claim against Moxon, Eugene Ingram, and Hurtado next week. The cult's lawyers swooned in disbelief that Graham would do such a thing as filing new lawsuits to sue for abuse of process. Abuse of process involves the use of lawful process either in an unlawful manor or for an unlawful end. The Cipriano declaration demonstrates that they have been involve in the most egregious abuse of process imaginable. "The cult lawyers expressed their outrage that court documents would wind up on the net. Rosen wanted the Cipriano declaration sealed because of what it said about himself, Barbara Reeves and Mike Turrill. Soter wanted part 4 struck because of the reference to him and his law firm. They failed. Judge Williams did not recognize Cipriano at all, saying he was no longer a part of the litigation. "The cult's lawyers appear to be horrified that Cipriano should have the courage to stand beside Graham in the courtroom and confirm what had happened. They were boggled that he could look them in the eye and unflinching stand up to them." Graham Berry released a statement on the developments. "Today the Court held that it was not what I did, it was the way I did it, and determined me to be a vexatious litigant. It also held, in essence, that the outcome of a case is unaffected by opposing parties' and counsels' blackmail, bribery, witness tampering, subornation of perjury and obstruction of justice. In other words, as a matter of fact and equity that the 'end justifies the means' - which is really what the 'Fair Game' Policy is all about. "The judge should have disqualified himself. He refused to do so, but did not deny that his significant other worked for a Scientology corporation and his former clerk for its attorney. It was astonishing when he questioned me as to why the Cipriano Declaration had any relevance at all. It was significant that he concluded by saying that he knew little about civil law having practiced as a prosecutor. The judge also indicated that he will deny any motion for civil and criminal contempt or sanctions against Moxon. For the sake of the trial court record that motion will still be filed. A similar motion is being filed in the Pattinson case early next week. A writ will be filed seeking reversal of the vexatious litigant ruling. This is just one round in my quest for justice and I thank everyone who has expressed their support to date." Message-ID: 7pdo97$ Message-ID: Message-ID: 7pligc$ Message-ID: 7pmcq8$ Message-ID:

Kendrick Moxon

Scientology attorney Kendrick Moxon is suing the state of Maryland for a task force to investigate cults on college campuses. From the Associated Press: "The suit, filed Monday, alleges that the state General Assembly has 'determined that it is both unnecessary and harmful for students to think for themselves.' The plaintiffs, which include the International Coalition for Religious Freedom, funded primarily by Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, claim the Task Force to Study the Effects of Cult Activities on Public Senior Higher Education Institutions is violating the establishment and free-exercise clauses of the First Amendment. 'The government cannot, absolutely cannot, get involved in adjudicating what's a right religion and what's a wrong religion,' said Kendrick Moxon, a Los Angeles civil rights attorney representing the plaintiffs. The suit seeks an injunction against the task force, as well as a declaration that the inquiry is unconstitutional." Message-ID: 7pbu7n$


Swiss newspaper L'Hebdo published an article recently on efforts to spread Scientology into Albanian refugee camps. "Has the church of scientology cooperated with the International Red Cross during the Kosovo war? It's what it lets to understand in its last issue of 'Freedom', whose Romand swiss issue was 100000 copies. The cult wrote how a certain Michael Edwards and 18 other volunteer ministers went to Albania during all the recent war and 'came there to give service spiritual council and dianetics' to 'refugees of both camps'. 'Collaborating with the International Red Cross, volunteer ministers offer an efficient help' - then we are taught that dianetics seminaries - two to three days long - have been organized in the camps, and 'allowed to alleviate the emotional sufferings of 10000 refugees'. "The Lauzanne church of scientology alleges that 20000 copies of the booklet 'The Way to Happiness' have already been distributed to albanese camps, and that its action keeps on in the Kosovo. The International federation of the Red Cross, managing national branches, insists 'We never heard of such a thing, and we did never see anything they did there', says Jessica Barry, back from one of the 8 Kukes camps. Same from the CICR (International committee of the Red Cross): 'The CICR has a principle: never working with any church or religious community. It is nevertheless possible that Scientologists want to get international credit by using abusively of our name', said Urs Bogli, their public relations man." Message-ID: 7pj4eu$20r1$

Arnie Lerma

Arnie Lerma reported a visit from FBI agents to his home this week, investigating alleged terrorist activity. "They entered Casa De Lerma under the influence of what appeared to me to be purposely fabricated information The Agents left fully informed about the true nature of the psychopolitical terrorist organization still doing a brisk tax exempt business in fraud that uses the trademarks Scientology, Dianetics and L Ron Hubbard after a short briefing. "For the record the only reference I've ever made to 'bombings' was a a couple postings LONG while back, where I voiced my suspicion that the cult was crazy enough to bomb one of their own facilities. I now suspect that, based on their plan to destroy Paulette Cooper, called Operation Freak Out, that they might then use hair, or finger prints taken from papers during the August 1995 RAID on my home to try to frame me." Message-ID: 7paeph$

Bob Minton

Bob Minton also reported a visit from law enforcement investigators. "Two Massachusetts State troopers working with the Mass Attorney Generals Office, Civil Rights Division came to Boston to see me today, which is where I don't live, about threats made by me against scientology on the internet. I don't know if they have a warrant but they're now passing the matter along to the New Hampshire State Police who would have jurisdiction. I bet they are working on a warrant!" Message-ID:

Jeff Schmidt

Bob Minton posted a description of Scientology harassment of Jeff Schmidt, a former business partner. "Jeff Schmidt is a close and dear friend of mine as well as a former business partner. In scientology jargon, those are his crimes and why he should be utterly destroyed. For the last two years scientology has been trying to do just that. Like me, most all of his friends have washed their hands of him because he is a marked man by scientology. His friends do not wish to incur the wrath of scientology. Jeff has pleaded with me to stop going after scientology and at their behest urged me to sign a settlement agreement with scientology as recently as yesterday. "Peter Franks had been caught in a criminal act involving trying to obtain information about offshore financial matters in the Channel Islands related to Jeff. Scotland Yard was willing to prosecute Franks but needed Jeff's full cooperation. He would not help us. He wanted nothing to do with scientology or this fight. Sometime in late December or early January when Jeff was away from his office in London, someone broke into his office and copied every file he had. The very next day, a letter arrives from Inland Revenue commencing a tax audit. Inland Revenue informs Jeff that someone has delivered anonymously 16 boxes of copies of files, which were from Jeff's office The tax audits continue to this day. "His wife was scared. She was afraid of scientology because of what she knew about them and because of that, what was happening to them she perceived that scientology was responsible. In early April, they took their kids from school in London and moved to Brunei. Somehow, scientology pi, Peter Franks got the phone and fax numbers of Jeff AND his father-in-law. Jeff's father-in-law is the Minister of State for Internal Security in Brunei. Daily faxes went and still go to the father-in-law about Jeff and his ties to religious bigotry in the form of Bob Minton, criminal activities involving Jeff, Jesse Prince and me in money laundering operations and of course Jeff's criminal activities involving the rape and pillaging of third world countries while Jeff, Selwyn Lewis (another former partner who lives in South Africa) and I were partners together. Jeff has not lifted a finger to do anything to help me fight scientology. He has always been one of the most courageous and ethical people I have ever known. Yet he is persecuted and near the brink of ruin because scientology wants him to supply information to utterly destroy me. I can assure you and Jeff that it is very hard to continue to fight scientology while this is happening to such a close friend. His family hates me and blames everything on me. Jeff blames me and pleads for me to stop. But it is because of the pure unadulterated evil perpetuated by scientology that I cannot." Message-ID:

Protest Summary

Catarina Pamnell reported a protest at the Copenhagen org this week. "Date: Saturday, August 14, 1999. Start and End Times: 12.30 - 18.50. Picketers: Val Harris, Per Lundquist, Catarina Pamnell, Ake Wiman. Number of Handouts given away: 900. Per and Ake wore 'Scientology kills' t-shirts. I preferred one saying '$cientology sucks', as that expresses my sentiments better. Public reception was fine on the whole, though occasionally we got mistaken for scientologists and had to stress that we were protesting them. "There were CoS people following us all the time. There were also some people distributing invitation tickets. BlondLady asked where we got the fliers from, and looked skeptical when I said I had made them. She asked where I had gotten the material from, and I explained the basis of the flier point by point (such as information on Lisa McPherson coming from their own notes on her treatment). "At another square further up the Stroeget, we sat down to have our picketnick, with sandwiches, beer for the boys and ice tea for me. Our handlers stayed to the side, too bad, they could have joined us. Ake suggested we'd lose our stalkers. In through a McDonald's, out by another exit, through a department store - a classic move! We then peacefully strolled up to the Copenhagen org/New Era Pubs/CLO building at Store Kongensgade. Ake tried asking for Freedom mags at the org, but no luck. They also wouldn't sell Val a poster of the tone scale, which had caught his eye. They did call OSA though, and our old friend 'Julia' came out. At about 18.00 we headed back through town. Had almost no fliers left, but we saved a few so we could end off where we had begun, in Axeltorv. At 18.50 Per gave out the last one, as it happened to a public scientologist." "Gypsyblue" and "Wulfen" reported a picket at the Toronto org. "Before I had even said hello a scieno woman was snapping my pic. My standard stance is a big smile and a peace sign. As always, the passers-by who spoke to me had only negative things to say about the 'Church'. One man told me he'd lived for a time in Clearwater, so he knew all about their evil ways. At least five separate people thanked me for my efforts. One man asked me 'What's in it for you?'. I said 'Knowing I'm doing my part against something I think is evil and insidious'." "Picketers: Me, Gregg, Gypsyblue, AndroidCat, Gorilla, Deep Wog, and a newbie: Michael Argue, an ex-Scientologist. Leaflets: 1350. I photocopied 450 'No Science in $cientology / What Judges Say About $cientology' leaflets, and a bunch of us gave away nearly all of those. I gave away a few of the $cientology Can't Take Criticism/Scienositter leaflets, and Gorilla gave away all of the Human Cost/$cn Costs a Mint leaflets I had left from previous pickets - 150. "There wasn't a police officer in front of the Org, so we started picketing. Then, lo and behold, the off-duty police officer appeared, so I went and introduced myself. A Scientologist was already there, and she stopped talking to the police officer when I wandered over. Michael Argue turned up shortly, and I brought him back to the police officer to introduce him. "Dan and other Scientologists were all over Michael Argue for the early part of the morning, with side comments to us. Michael was remarkably civil to them, considering what he's had to put up with. Apparently Dan and the others think that Michael showing up with us just continues his slide into depravity. I got the usual thumbs up and other smiles, waves, and enthusiasm for passers-by. A couple even handed back their leaflets, saying that they'd read the leaflets but didn't actually like the cult before they read those leaflets. "We broke for lunch. Guess who showed up - Peter Ramsay! He had *presents* for Gorilla and AndroidCat - copies of letters sent to their employers about their critical activities, with the usual cult lies and smears. Gregg saw Ramsay walking across the street, and got pretty excited. 'There's the man who intimidated my brother!' and 'There's the man who scared my parents'. It confused the passers-by, made Ramsay snicker, made the rest of the cultists frown, got knowing nods from us picketers, and got the police officer into peace-keeping action for the first time all picket. 'No matter how much fun you're having, don't create a disturbance.'" Message-ID: 7eRt3.3058$ Message-ID: Message-ID:

Flag Stats

Catarina Pamnell posted statistics from Source magazine this week. "Theme of this mag is a new issue from RTC 'Your progress to OT (Arbitraries canceled).' Miscavige says they found out some people on their way to OT levels had been ordered to do unnecessary actions, and now RTC has told the orgs how to do it right. So everyone's going to be OT *real soon*, or something. "A plug for the Scientology Ethics Specialist Course says they have over 100 people doing it now. Ethics is 'in' at the moment - the PTS/SP course is also very popular, 37 persons completing it in this issue. Flag completions: Bodhi Elfman has done False Purpose RD 1st dynamic. Kim Bright Cassano did the Ethics Specialist course. And David Gaiman the PTS/SP course. Clear: 8 people, OT1: 3, OT2: 6, OT3: 3, OT4: 2, OT5: 6, OT6: 28, OT7: none." Message-ID: 3QEu3.4872$

Zenon Panoussis

Zenon Panoussis reported contact from a Scientologist offering a deal to stop him posting Scientology materials on the Internet. "Ulla is an ex-girlfried, the mother of my son and currently a good friend. A woman called Ulla today and introduced herself as Tarja Nylund, a childhood friend and distant relative of Ulla's. What Tarja had to tell Ulla is that she knows that I've been posting more scientology stuff from Holland and that this fight has gone on rather long and she wondered whether I would be prepared to drop it if the CoS also did so. Ulla told her that she has no idea what I'm doing in scientology matters, nor how I would feel about a possible settlement, but promised to convey the suggestion to me. "I called Tarja this afternoon. Tarja made it very clear to me that this initiative was her own idea and did not come from RTC I am rather prone to believe that Tarja wouldn't move a fin without RTC's explicit instructions. She suggested that the CoS could write off my debt to them and I could stop attacking them and we all could go on with other things in life. I told her that I am always willing to discuss a compromise, but I am not at all willing to make unilateral concessions; that if I am to back a step or two, then the CoS must back a step or two as well. Further I told her that I would rather discuss the issue with someone who is entitled to sign an agreement and therefore can negotiate without having to get approval upstairs for every move. I will not allow myself to be intimidated and I am more stubborn and obnoxious than an angry donkey. I am indeed willing to compromise, if the compromise is mutual." Message-ID:


Scientology's Citizen's Commission on Human RIghts recently held a protest in Stoneham, Massachusetts. From the Independent, on July 28th. "Children from a private grade school, joined an international psychiatric watchdog group with a 20 foot banner in front of Stoneham Town Hall opposing the psychiatric drugging of four million US school children, including those in Stoneham, and visited town officials. 'Psychiatric drugs and their withdrawal effects are proven to create hostility, psychosis and violence among a myriad of other dangerous side-effects,' said Kevin Hall, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) New England Director. 'High School shooters Kipland Kinkel of Oregon, Eric Harris of Colorado and Thomas Solomon, Jr. of Georgia were all on mind-altering psychiatric drugs, and it's great to have children taking responsibility in preventing future violence and heart-ache.' "An imposing 20 foot banner with the message, 'Psychiatric Drugs Make Zombies Out of School Children,' was displayed while children circulated information including the (CCHR) booklet, 'Psychiatry--Betraying & Drugging Children.' The children and CCHR then went to the offices throughout Town Hall. The children, in unison, told the town officials, 'Tell psychiatrists, don't drug kids,' while giving them the psychiatric child-drugging booklets which are available to anyone at no charge by calling (800) 869-CCHR. CCHR was established by the Church of Scientology in 1969 to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights. BALA uses the study technology of writer and philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard." Message-ID:

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