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Volume 5, Issue 14 - July 16 2000

Antje Victore

One of the letters manufactured to support the asylum petition of Scientologist Antje Victore in 1996 was posted to a.r.s this week. "Recently the government of Munich has ordered that no Scientologist can get a job in all companies and institutions under public law. There is now a standing order. The rule is, that all people looking for a job have to fill out a form with questions like are you a member of any Scientology organisation or group or church. The answer has to be NO, this is a requirement for appointment. Under this order I cannot employ you, I would risk a loss of business and a lot of discrimination. Sorry for this negative message. "In Germany, we have a lot of Scientologist without work, and for practicing Scientologist it would be very hard to live here in Germany in your normal way of live. The defense of the constitution will keep under surveillance all Scientologist in Germany. "Yours sincerely, Wilhelmina Katzschmann" An affidavit by Jens Billerbeck describing his part in the deception was also posted this week. "In Fall 1996, Antje E. Victore, who I, as a Scientologist, knew very well at the time, asked me to compose a letter from my own company. In it the impression was supposed to be given that she had put in an application with my company and that I was refusing her based on her membership in Scientology. In fact Antje E. Victore had never applied with my company. "Antje E. Victore stated to me that she needed such a letter so that her asylum application at an immigration court in Florida, USA, which had initially been refused would then be granted. She was very proud that this operation was being worked out personally with her by an OSA (Scientology intelligence service) attorney and Kurt Weiland, OSA chief at the time. So as a favor to a fellow Scientologist, I authored a letter and sent it to her in Florida, USA. When her asylum application was granted in February 1997, Antje E. Victore sent me a commendation letter typical for Scientologists in which she thanked me for my support." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000711210831.120D-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000713202334.116A-100000@darkstar.zippy


The St. Petersburg Times reported on July 12th that the downtown development plan, which was supported by Scientology, was defeated in a voter referendum. "Asked to approve leasing city-owned waterfront land to developers for 99 years for as little as $1 per year, voters said no by a 58 percent to 42 percent tally. The decision, which shocked city officials and civic boosters who had openly predicted victory in the afternoon, capped a divisive campaign in which both sides traded accusations of distortion and outright lying. City land would have been leased to the developers for 99 years. The move was requested by developers who said they needed the incentive to make money on their plans to build a downtown multiplex movie theater, 1,200 new apartments and condominiums, public parking garages and up to 300,000 square feet of new retail space. "A group of former city commissioners dubbed Save the Bayfront led the fight against the concept. They played on fear that the Church of Scientology, whose spiritual headquarters is downtown, might benefit from the plan. They also argued that the city couldn't be trusted to complete a deal with developers George de Guardiola and David Frisbie of West Palm Beach. "It was people like Roger Schaffer who carried the day. He had heard the developer's plan to bring in restaurants and retailers, but, unimpressed, the 57-year-old voted against redevelopment. 'I don't think there's anything they can do to change what downtown Clearwater is,' Schaffer said. 'I don't see fine restaurants going in. I don't see high quality. We're a conservative community made up in large part by a lot of retirees." The Times also published an editorial by Diane Steinle on July 16th on the downtown plan and Scientology. "This was a $300-million plan to redevelop Cleveland Street, the downtown's struggling retail strip, as well as a waterfront now mostly covered with old buildings and parking lots. Ask people why they voted no, and many say they feared that the downtown improvements would be too good for the Church of Scientology, perhaps encouraging more Scientologists to come to Clearwater and providing more places downtown for them to live, work and play. But ask other people why they voted yes, and some say: the Church of Scientology. Unless something new and different happens downtown to draw a better mix of people there, they say, Scientologists will continue to dominate the area and buy up property at bargain prices. Clearly, whether people voted yes or no, fear of the spread of Scientology was a factor. "A surprising number said they voted no because of the fender-bender-plagued roundabout the city built on Clearwater Beach. How in the world did a traffic device, no matter how poorly constructed, become the watershed issue for people voting on downtown redevelopment? No matter what other reasons they gave for voting no, most mentioned distrust of city officials as a contributing factor. "Unless current city commissioners accept their obligation to act decisively to regain public trust and repair the community's divisions, the downward slide may continue and residents' impatience will grow. The March city election looms like a dark storm cloud on the horizon. In such a divided, cynical community, angry one-issue candidates can gain a foothold and the city's best potential candidates for public office duck and decline. Who can blame them for that?" Message-ID: 8khlnn$ Message-ID: 8ksddu$

Copyright Law

The Village Voice published an article on July 12th, describing the impact precedents set in Scientology's lawsuits have had on a new case. "An internal document recently leaked by an unnamed Victoria's Secret insider, and posted online by the smoking gun, has the lingerie company's thong in a twist. In June, the web site ( reproduced a six-page Dress for Success guide in which the negligee hawker told employees not to wear sleeveless dresses or open-toed shoes, more than two earrings per ear, or more than two rings per hand. Victoria's Secret attorneys fired off a letter June 28 demanding that the dress code be taken down and the deep throat identified. In rattling the Smoking Gun's cage, the company relied not only on confidentiality clauses, but on the federal law of copyright. "In a series of chilling decisions for Web journalists, courts have often frowned on the copying of entire unpublished works. In 1996, Netcom had to settle a copyright case with the Scientology crowd after allowing a dissenter to post portions of guru L. Ron Hubbard's writings online. And in another case involving Hubbard's writing, a court ruled that fair use can be restricted to minimal use. Foreign judges agree. Basing its decision on the U.S. precedent, the Hague ruled last year, also in a Hubbard case, that even 'banal text' is copyrighted, though it excused a journalist for posting only small parts of a document on her Web site." Message-ID: 8khl24$

Susan MacDonald

A statement by former Scientologist Susan MacDonald was posted to a.r.s this week by Stacy Brooks, President of the Lisa McPherson Trust. She details many abuses that are ongoing within that organization, abuses with which I am personally familiar because they have not changed since I was in Scientology. I applaud her courage in breaking with RTC, knowing as she does that her public announcement could subject her to harassment and intimidation. She still feels that the tech is valuable; I do not. Several months ago, when she and I corresponded about her investigation of RTC's management practices, I made sure she knew that our views are very different. Susan did understand that, but she also understood that regardless of what our differences might be, we do agree completely on one thing: the abuse and deception that is rampant in the Church of Scientology must end." From Susan MacDonald: "This is an announcement of the result of my Doubt condition as regards the organization of the Church of Scientology as it exists and has existed since the early 1980s when RTC, headed by David Miscavige, took control. I am not now, nor have I ever been, in doubt as regards the technology of Scientology as written by L. Ron Hubbard. I have found this tech to be extremely workable in achieving my goal of spiritual freedom. Where it has failed, I see evidence of tampering with it or misapplication of it. Where it has succeeded, it is due to the good intentions of those applying it and their ability and my ability to apply it to the result described by LRH. "Following are some of the major outpoints that I have observed with some examples and my conclusion as to what each means to me. Class IV and V Orgs have contracted, or at best remained the same size for 20 years. I have observed the course and growth (or lack thereof) of my own local organization for over 15 years. Despite the peaks and valleys of more staff at times and less staff at times, the overall result is that the org is not one bit larger, nor is it producing any more products than it was 15 years ago. I thought this might have been an isolated org, so I began questioning friends who live in other cities about their local orgs. The information is the same. Most of them have a staff of not over 20 and most of these are part-time staff members. Lower orgs than the AOs and FLAG are being used like missions to an org they send their public to the higher orgs as rapidly as possible. Those public that remain on the local level are moving so slowly up the Bridge and are so few in number that the orgs are slowly dying from lack of support. "LRH policy is not being followed from the highest level of management to the lowest level organization. I also don't know of one person who hasn't compared that working environment to other companies or organizations they worked for and wondered why, if this was/is such a great management system, the orgs weren't booming like wog businesses. Staff are blackmailed into stat pushing in order to get their very precious lib time. Lib time is revocable at the whim of ones senior, even if that time is unscheduled org time (time when the org is supposedly closed). Nowhere in LRHs policies is this management style advised. I find many, many instances where basic policy is not being applied. "The church continues to mock up more and more enemies and is not handling their attackers effectively. How was a Bob Minton allowed to be created to the degree that he has opened an office in Clearwater and is opening at least two more in other states? How is it that more and more of the type of Jesse Prince, Peter Alexander, Stacy Young, Vaughn Young, and others are rising up and speaking out about the conditions and treatment they received in the Church and how it needs to be reformed? A review of the law suits world wide against the Church or any of its entities reveals that we have many enemies. And many of began their descent to the level of enemy by questioning the outpoints and being unable to cause a change to right them. A review of the Policies and Tech regarding PTSness and Suppression will also reveal that the Church is lacking in its application. One either handles or disconnects. They have not handled them, and they certainly have not totally disconnected. They are involved with their enemies daily. "RTC has undertaken to rewrite LRH's policies and tech in mass volume. Since LRH died in 1986, seemingly every book, every tape and every loose policy and bulletin have been reworked, reprinted and reissued with multitudes of changes. The PR line given by the Church for this is that LRH left notes and other instructions leading them to do this. Another explanation given by RTC is that when comparing the current to the original LRH writings, there were many errors. LRH was quite alive and very much involved in the Church at least through 1978. The original OEC and Tech Vols and all the books were being used pervasively throughout the organization during the 70s. Even the OT Levels were being used consistently to rave results. If these were so inadequate, why did LRH allow them to be used? Why were whole chapters deleted from the newer versions? Where are LRHs orders as regards these massive changes? "As a member of the church, I am not allowed to freely read and discuss issues relating to the church. The Church has demanded that parishioners NOT research anti-Church information with the penalty of spending time in ethics handing why one would want to read anything anti-Church. The Church has distributed a Net Nanny program which filters out any site with what they believe has anti-Church sentiment. I have personally been told that certain books are banned, in particular The Gods of Eden and certainly the books written by Paulette Cooper, L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., Bent Corydon, and others. I have been told by friends to be sure and not read certain articles in the newspaper as they might contain OT material, and I've been told that surely I don't wish to explore sites on the internet. While on services at the Church, I was in fear to even discuss anti-Church ideas believing with total certainty that I would end up spending hours in session handling these thoughts and discussions. "I hereby announce that I am no longer a part of that group which is run by RTC and is altering and squirreling LRHs Technology of spiritual freedom. I have joined the group of Scientologists who KNOW the Tech of Scientology as researched, compiled and written by L. Ron Hubbard; who APPLY the Tech standardly with good intentions to attain the highest possible level of spiritual freedom for all; and who renounce all who would sabotage it or use it to harm or impede others from going free." Message-ID: Message-ID:

Executive Software

German computer magazine c't reported in a July 7th article on the status of Scientologist-owned Executive Software, and the reaction it has faced in Germany. "The corporation of professed Scientologist Jensen is the producer of the defragmentation program integrated into Windows 2000. The corporation which is managed according to Scientology policies in Windows 2000 has become a reason for concerned users, government agencies among them, to ask for an investigation by the Cologne Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI). The BSI is now supposed to check whether Windows 2000 generally proves to have holes in security by which it would possible that transfers or counterfeits of files could occur which were not intended by users. "The second point of attack is the so-called 'sect filter' - a security clause written by the Federal Ministry of Commerce (BMWi) in September 1998 as an attachment to the federal policy on award of contracts. According to it, companies which perform schooling or consultation in public service must sign a statement that they do not employ the training, management or organization techniques of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, in which people are psychologically manipulated or put under pressure. "The U.S. House of Representatives foreign affairs committee took that regulation in the middle of June as a reason to offer a forum for Executive Software chairman Craig Jensen to complain about persecution of his brothers in faith by German agencies and about an alleged embargo against the product of his firm. "The CDU/CSU faction is preparing a Minor Inquiry for the German Parliament. In the request for information it would like to know what legal possibilities the federal administration sees to stop 'infiltration of the German economy' by Scientology members, whether it would consider tightening up the security clause and how it would like to prevent the award of public contracts to corporations directly controlled by Scientology through the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000710163031.134A-100000@darkstar.zippy

What is Scientology?

"Shellac" reported a visit to the What is Scientology? exhibit in London. "The exhibition was hauntingly familiar, by which I mean that they had simply dusted off the boards from the previous year. It was located in a basement hall which allowed enough space for two beds. Scientologists lined the (narrow) pavements outside, tempting innocent shoppers with their wares. The Jive Aces, Scientology's popular music combo played a stirring set of the big band style. The exhibition was a rather partial view of Scientology, concentrating on there 'religious beliefs' and 'good deeds'. There were very few non-scientologists in evidence. "I mumbled something about seeing OT III on the internet before noticing a couple of suits lurking behind me. I turned to find an unpleasant little man looking up my nose. He told me to leave. 'It isn't public - you need an invitation.' 'We have' said Richard, neatly producing two invites (they were being distributed on the street outside). He told a goon to get hotel security. So we left Richard distributed his number freely, on little cards with as we left." Message-ID: m1k8esjvfc.fsf@localhost.localdomain


The Globe and Mail published an article on July 14th on Scientology's attempt to take the domain from a group of freezone Scientologists. "The controversial Church of Scientology has lost a fight over an Internet domain name to a renegade sect that swears allegiance to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard but split from the church nearly two decades ago. An arbitrator operating under a new international system set up to resolve fights over Internet monikers has refused to award to the Religious Technology Center. The arbitrator ruled that the disputed Web address should stay in the hands of its current owner, Freie Zone E.V. -- Free Zone Association -- because it has a legitimate right to the name and has not behaved in bad faith. "In a complaint filed in May, RTC accused Freie Zone of being an 'underground' organization whose purposes include interfering with the centre's activities and those of its affiliates. It alleged that the association had no legitimate right to use the disputed domain name and had instead set up the site in bad faith to attract Internet users away from legitimate Scientology sites. Freie Zone contended it set up the site to sell reprints of a German book called Scientologie -- Wissenschaft von der Beschaffeneit und Tauglichkeit des Wissens (Scientology -- Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge), which was published in 1934. The association said it had obtained exclusive rights to the book from the heirs of its author, Dr. Anastasius Nordenholz. "While ruling that is 'confusingly similar' to some of RTC's trademarks, Mr. Meyer-Hauser found that the rights to the Nordenholz book had indeed been licensed to Freie Zone and 'these rights appear to be even older than the complainant's trademarks.' He also found that using the Web site to disseminate information about the book and its underlying philosophy 'appears to be a legitimate interest in itself.'" Message-ID:


Berliner Morgenpost reported on July 6th that Thomas Gandow spoke at a CDU event in Steglitz, calling Scientology a 'new form of political extremism.' "To the approximately fifty people present, including Cerstin Richter-Kotowski for the Steglitz CDU in the Berlin House of Representatives, director of planning and training Norbert Kopp and the city's planning representative starting in 2001, Ralf Koerner (both CDU), Gandow said in the old Steglitz assembly building on Tuesday that not all German states understood what danger emanates from Scientology. "The clergyman explained the increased efforts by the Scientologists to gain attention by mass mailings in areas including Zehlendorf and Steglitz - in May of this year, the organization recruited at an exhibition on Founder L. Ron Hubbard in the city's center at 30 Dueppel Street - as 'sheerly return on investment.' Making money was the supreme goal of the 'Scientology corporation,' Gandow said, and recalled Ron Hubbard's Creed of 'Make money, make more money, get other people to make more money.' "The church representative also expressed self criticism, 'The Church has be accused, not unjustly, of often speaking up too late,' said Gandow. He said that society would have to be alerted to Scientology in a timely manner. 'Therefore I advise everyone here not to say that things can't be that bad,' the sect commissioner appealed." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000710163140.134B-100000@darkstar.zippy


Cynthia Kisser, former director of the Cult Awareness Network, reacted to the planned conference session on CAN led by a Scientology lawyer. "Paper for upcoming conference of Society for the Scientific Study of Religion: 'CAN, We Hardly Knew Ye: Sex, Drugs, Deprogrammers' Kickbacks, and Corporate Crime in the (Old) Cult Awareness Network.' Anson Shupe, Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, Kendrick Moxon, and Susan E. Darnell. "Desiring to divert researchers from the legal record that points to Scientology's illegal use of the court system to destroy CAN and attack its leaders, Scientologist Kendrick Moxon, working with cult apologist Ansun Shupe is now driven to further justify Scientology's conduct in regard to that destruction. Since exclusive control of CAN's files and corporate records passed to Scientologist Gary Beeny a few years back, CAN will likely not be able to dispute any misrepresentations and out of context statements that Moxon and Shupe present as part of their paper. Despite gleeful howls from Scientologists a few years back with the passage of CAN's files to Beeny that criminal charges would likely be forthcoming based on evidence that would be found in those files, no such event has, of course, come to pass. Instead, Moxon et al are reduced to Scientology's infamous dead agenting techniques such as the creation of the anti-CAN paper scheduled to be presented under the auspices of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion." Message-ID: 8kcokc$


Two articles on July 12th in City People, published in Lagos, Nigeria, described the attempt by Scientology and John Fashanu to discredit Scientology critic Bob Minton, "Fashanu said he launched his investigation into the buy-back scheme as a result of information revealed to him by a background check into potential business partners. And that in the process, he uncovered a fraud amounting to billions of dollars through a network of about 200 bank accounts. He said the scam he uncovered, centers around the buying back of Nigerian debt by the Central Bank of Nigeria between 1988 and 1993. His investigators alleged that the then military Head of State, Gen Ibrahim Babangida was involved in the buy-back scheme and further alleged that it had the support of some of the most respected banks in the world. "The investigation primarily fingers two men; Jeffrey Schmidt and Robert Minton, who are said to have manipulated the debt. He said that companies were set up in America to help disguise the origin of the funds. He said the investigators found that Growth Management was used to buy back the debts at about 10 cents in a dollar and later resold to the Nigerian government at about 45 cents at 1 Dollar, with millions in profits diverted into private bank accounts. "But City People checks have revealed that these claims are all hoax, as there was no stealing, or fraudulent dealings as Fashanu alleges. In fact, there was no debt buy back scam as claimed by Fashanu. It has also been discovered that the whole allegation was meant to discredit Robert Minton, the Babangida administration's principal partner who Fashanu and Co. alleged manipulated the debt. Minton recently explained what the billion dollar debt buy-back scheme was all about. What he and his two other partners did, for which they made $45 million in five years, was buy back debts. They then resold to Nigeria in that way reducing the debt load of Nigeria. Defending his involvement in the deal, Minton said he did not do anything criminal, as Nigerian lawyers in New York had already given clearance for the buy-back. "Minton alleged that Fashanu was being used by the Church of Scientology, with which he had a three-year running battle over the church's alleged human rights violations and murder of certain persons, which he is trying to expose. City People's check also revealed that contrary to Fashanu's claims, the debt buy back was not fraudulently done because Minton's explanations tallies with the findings contained in the reports of the public hearings conducted by the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts in February." "'John Fashanu has been used by the Church of Scientology, an organization that considers me to be their greatest enemy in the world. There is no chance that Fashanu investigated it on his own. His investigator is a full time worker for Scientology. He has been given this report so that I can be discredited as an effective critic of Scientology in USA, Europe - France and Germany. This is a vendetta on Scientology's part against me and they are using Fashanu and Nigeria as a tool to beat me on the head with the clock and that is the bottom line. The fraudulent transaction, money-laundering claim for IBB is not true. The investigator, Robert Clark for Fashanu goes by two different names i.e. David Lee and David Laubach. "'I am exposing Scientology for the type of Totalitarian organization they are. They like to hide behind religion; they are not a religion but a political movement that disguises itself as a religion. They are not willing to accept or receive any criticism. They say that anybody that speaks against them is a criminal. They have used different mechanisms to get me arrested and to stop being a critic of Scientology. That is really what it is all about.'" Message-ID: Message-ID:

Protest/Revenge Summary

Keith Henson continued protests at Gold Base near Hemet, California this week. "This morning, when Edwin Richardson and thug 2 were sent out, I called and sure enough a while later no fewer than three Sheriff deputies showed up. I was on the west going leg almost in front of the main gate at the time. Ken Hoden came out. The guy looks worse than the last time I saw him. A huge bunch of the staff walked by south of the main gate in sight of three sheriff cars with flashing lights and one guy with a sign which asked on one side 'What happened to Stacey Moxon Myer' and on the other, 'Knowing How to Know is Knowing When to Blow!' Later in the picket, while being followed by two very silent thugs at a good distance, I saw one of the buses turn in at the eastern most gate. They are totally disrupting traffic in a hopeless attempt to avoid staff seeing me." "Richardson and thug 2 didn't pick up on me till I had walked most the way from the west end to the main gate. They were both in bullbait mode, but I don't think their hearts were really in it. The CHP/Deputies wanted me to get a secret tape of them bullbaiting, so I did. I will get the tape over to the deputies in the morning, but it was more pathetic than anything else. "After one pass to the east end of the complex, I stayed near the west end where the buses are parked. 5 pm and no movement, 5:30, still there, 6, 6:30, thug 2 gave up at 6:45 and Richardson followed 5 minutes later. 7 pm and the buses had not moved. Finally pity for those who had been there since 7 am got to me." Keith also protested in the San Jose area this week. "I picketed the Los Gatos org on Bascum Ave. for about 15 minutes, then hit the Palo Alto mission on the way back. Neither of them even shut the blinds. The Palo Alto mission had between half a dozen and a dozen people just inside the door and none of them ran. The Los Gatos mission sent out someone to take a picture of a very old sign I was using, but otherwise, the only reaction was a kid about 8 years old who said my sign (Scientology is stupid and expensive) was untrue. When I asked what was untrue about the sign, the kid got grabbed inside by a parent." David Rice described revenge pickets at his boat, in retaliation for protests at Gold Base last week. "I saw that there was a Sheriff knocking on the hull of my boat. He told me about the revenge 'picket' the crime syndicate held at my boat. Seems that a few goons from the Crime Syndicate of Scientology had been out to the marina 'picketing' and passing out 'dead agent' flyers falsely purported to be about me and my sibling. These goons had trespassed on the docks (against County law) and put their bogus flyers on people's boats (also against the law). Some of my boat's neighbors got royally pissed at this behavior and they called the Sheriff, the police, and the Harbor Patrol. The criminals fled less than a minute before the Sheriff, police, and Harbor Patrol showed up. "One neighbor said he was going to shove the bastards into the water but was talked out of it by his wife. The people on the dock were told to call on marine VHF Channel 16 immediately if the criminals come back, and they would be arrested for trespassing on County-owned property and for boat vandalism. The Sheriff collected the DA flyers for 'safe keeping' and then left." Catarina Pamnell reported a protest in Copenhagen this week. "Carina and Lennart from our invisible Stockholm office. Catarina and Ake Wiman. Handlers: OSA PR Anette Refstrup, Erik who seems to be HCO. Also present green-shirted OT and ill security guard. Handouts: 250 'Beware,' warning of the personality test trick, high prices, etc. A5 size in a choice of colors, one side in Danish, the other in English. "We made a quick turn around Radhusplads, the central square, and then a tour passing the AO, DK org and the Nordland, leafleting as we went. The scientologists were not bothering us this time. Kept us under observation, but no in-your-face tactics. After 30 minutes we all got together again, and realized we had already distributed 200+ handouts." "Kaeli" reported a protest in Toronto this week. "Attending: Gregg, Mike, Kaeli, Zeratul.Cat. There were nine of them out there, and the scaffolding and green mesh were still hung. The police officer that the Org hired for the day was very visible, and made it very clear that he would not put up with any shouting, pushing, and shoving by anyone. He spoke with each of the picketers. I explained during the June picket, I was shoved up against the scaffolding. He told me that this would not happen anymore. He also spoke to the Toronto Scientologists as well. "At one point, while I was talking to a woman from Japan, who mentioned cults in Japan where some members have been known to kill their parents, one of the Scientologists came out, waving her DA flyer, 'these people put pictures of children on the Internet!' I explained that the Scientologist is hinting that we are child pornographers. The woman read it briefly, and said she knew that the CoS has trained its members to lie. Failing to get the woman to stop talking to me, the same female Scientologist raced back into the Org and retrieved a camera. At that point, the woman backed off, yelling at her, 'Don't take my picture!' She waved goodbye to me as she hurried off. Before Gregg went home, he was told by his wife that apparently two people were picketing his home." Message-ID: Message-ID: 8kiamc$o8e$ Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: 8kig4d$vgt$ Message-ID: 8kjg4g$8nj$ Message-ID: 8kmiqg$1cj$ Message-ID: 8kqqib$6lu$

Worship LRH

Associated Newspapers published an article on July 10th on Anthony Christian, an artist living in India, and famous for painting portraits. "Back in the Seventies he was a celebrated portrait painter and something of a Brit Art star, with glowing writeups in Vogue. Then he dropped off the map, going first to Bali and then India, where he became a virtual recluse with his art materials and a succession of wives for company. Mad Valley is known for its lush profusion of strange flora and fauna, such as the kurinji, a flower which blossoms only every 12 years, rare bats, scorpions and the odd panther. "He told me one incident among many that had put him off portraits was when the Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard asked him to 'paint me in a way that people can worship me'. He's now decided to end his self-imposed exile, and said I was the first journalist who had ever been to his south Indian retreat." Message-ID: IADa5.273$

Refund Agreement

Greg Barnes posted a release form sent to him as a condition of getting back unused money on account with Scientology. Some highlights: "For and in consideration of the mutual covenants, conditions and release contained herein, including, but not limited to, the agreement between the Church and Mr. and Mrs. Barnes to withdraw any claim for all their donations made to the Church, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes do hereby release, acquit and forever discharge for themselves, their heirs, successors, executors, administrators and assigns: the Church of Scientology and all other Scientology organizations or affiliated entities from any and all claims, causes of action, demands, suits, debts, sums of money, contracts, controversies, damages and actions of every kind and nature, known or unknown, in law or in equity, for or because of any act or omission allegedly done by any or all of the Releasees from the beginning of time to and including the date of this agreement. It is intended that all such Releasees are released from liability for all acts, regardless of the capacity in which they were performed. "Mr. and Mrs. Barnes agree never to create or publish or post or attempt to post, attempt to publish and/ or assist another to create for publication or posting by means of magazine, article, book, electronic communication, notice or message or other similar form, any writing, or to broadcast, or to assist another to create, write, post, film or video tape or audio tape, any show, program or movie, concerning their experiences with or knowledge or information acquired personally or indirectly concerning the Releasees. Mr. and Mrs. Barnes further agree that they will maintain strict confidentiality and silence with respect to their experiences with the Releasees "Mr. and Mrs. Barnes agree to turn over to the Church at the time of the consummation of this Agreement, all materials in their possession, custody or control of any nature, including E-meters, documents, papers, memorandums, tapes, films, photographs, or any variations thereof which concern or relate to the religion of Scientology. "Mr. and Mrs. Barnes agree that they will not voluntarily assist, advise or cooperate with anyone, including individual partnerships, associations or corporations, adverse to the religion of Scientology in any proceeding against any of the Releasees, or voluntarily cooperate with any person adverse to any of the organizations, individuals or entities listed above in any proceeding against any of the organizations, individuals, or entities listed above. This includes, but is not limited to, anyone contemplating any claim or engaged in litigation or involved in or contemplating any activity adverse to the interest of any entity or class or persons listed above. Mr. and Mrs. Barnes also agree that they will not cooperate in any manner with any organizations aligned against Scientology or any of the organizations, individuals, or entities listed above. Organizations aligned against Scientology include, but are not limited to, Citizens Freedom Foundation (CFF), American Family Foundation (AFF), FACTNET, Inc. and Lisa McPherson Trust, Inc. "Mr. and Mrs. Barnes further agree that they will not use any part of any money received pursuant to this Agreement to fund, directly or indirectly, attacks on Scientology or any of the organizations or entities listed above. Mr. and Mrs. Barnes agree not to testify or otherwise participate in any judicial, administrative or legislative proceeding adverse to Scientology or any of the organizations, individuals or entities listed above unless compelled to do so by lawful process. Unless required to do so by such lawful process, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes agree not to discuss their experiences or personal or indirectly acquired knowledge or information concerning the organizations, individuals, or entities listed with anyone other than members of their immediate family. Further, if compelled to testify by lawful process, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes will give the Church notice of said process within 3 days of its receipt. As provided hereinafter in paragraph 18, the contents of this Agreement may not be disclosed." Message-ID: 8kjbho$

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