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Volume 5, Issue 20 - August 27 2000

Cult Apologists

Deseret News on August 19th published an article on a new series of books by cult apologists. "'Studies in Contemporary Religion,' under the direction of Massimo Introvigne of Italy, offers a digest look at faiths ranging from the Baha'is to the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon. The first volume in the series, an 80-page look at Scientology by J. Gordon Melton, will be out next week. A volume on the 'Unification Church' by Massimo himself will soon follow. The series is published in association with the Center for Studies on New Religions in Milan. 'We'll also be marketing them to religion professors for use in classes,' he says. 'There will be a new one every six months.'" Message-ID:


From the letters to the editor of the St. Petersburg Times on August 21st: "This visionless governance ripped the heart out of downtown. In stepped the Church of Scientology. Their religion, motives and methods maybe suspect, but they have exhibited some qualities that should leave many of us feeling embarrassed. They plan for the long term, construct and remodel buildings of permanence, and they have fortitude. -- Roger Woodruff, Clearwater" From August 22nd: "As a fresh approach for Clearwater City Commission efforts, why not take some of the 'water' out of the name 'Clearwater' and designate a central downtown area as Clear City with its own religious organization management and maintenance? The existing Clearwater city management could then relocate its structures and operations to the west side of U.S. 19 between Enterprise Road and Countryside Boulevard. -- Hal H. Ebersole, Clearwater" "M" posted to A.r.s this week to report that his battery complaint against Scientologist Dennis Clark was lost by the prosecutors. "I was told that they still did not have it, even though a complaint filed two days prior against Clark has been in their hands since 08/07/00. The person who receives the reports and inputs them into the computer never got the file. It just disappeared after being handed off to their offices. It was evidently intercepted by an 'attorney,' and was never seen again. The Clearwater PD is now forwarding another copy of my complaint, and I have been assured that it will receive prompt attention and will be rushed through the system, because of this delay." Message-ID: 8nr47u$ Message-ID: Message-ID: 8nto1g$


Iain Brown reported that his Internet service was temporarily disconnected recently due to a complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. "DMCA gives pretty much anyone with sufficiently deep pockets the ability to shut down access to any site for any reason at any point of connectivity. A certain nameless California law firm, likely representing a certain nameless cult based mainly in California and Clearwater, FL, has had my ICP cut routing to my site using a DMCA threat. Because they totally skipped the part about requesting that I take down a particular page (which would have given the site's owner the right to file a counter-notification) and skipped the part about informing my ISP, they gave me no chance to resolve the problem. Instead, they threatened my ICP, who immediately buckled and turned my IP off in their router. Which, of course, killed not only the site in question, but all other sites hosted at the same IP. "In my case, when they realized the law firm was not acting in good faith, they developed some backbone. But if the law firm had chosen to divert a tiny percentage of the group's resources at them, they'd have been in trouble, and even though I would have had legal redress, it would have been damned expensive for me and for the ICP." Message-ID: 8o12ji$

Executive Software

An account of the interview process at Scientology-affiliated company Executive Software was posted to a.r.s this week. "At the interview they were very impressed with my technical knowledge and experience. At the end of this interview they said they rigidly follow the L. Ron Hubbard 11 volume set of how to run a business. They also had a large painting in the waiting room. It looked like a futuristic scene similar to ones in the Blade Runner movie. The small copper plaque at the bottom said 'L. Ron Hubbard.' "The HR lady administered three written tests to me. The first one was a personality test. The Oxford Personality Type Indicator, or something like that. Many questions were similar to ones from the Myers-Briggs test. The second test was a timed test of basic mathematical skills and logical thinking. The third test, however, I think is the one that tests to see how compatible I am with Scientology. Questions like: Do you believe in Destiny? Who invented Buddhism? When you vote, do you: a. Vote your party. b. Study the issues and then vote. "The HR lady said she would get back to me either way. I called the HR lady a week later having not heard anything. She said, 'Oh, I was just about to call you. You know there were many others applying for the job and we picked someone else.' I doubt she was 'just about to call me'. I believe I was not hired because of my answers to the Scientology test." Message-ID:


Der Spiegel published a brief bio of Guenther Beckstein on August 17th. "GUENTHER BECKSTEIN, 56, Bavarian Interior Minister, is doing an exemplary job of seeing to the computer security of German financial institutions. For instance, he recently had 'Das System Scientology,' a brochure published by the Bavarian State Ministry sent to Bernd Fahrholz, chairman of the board of the Dresdner Bank. Then the banker used that information to advertise for the implementation of the Windows 2000 Microsoft operating system. In contrast, Beckstein's agency sees a considerable 'security risk' in there having been a Scientologist providing a component of that system." Stuttgarter Nachrichten reported on August 26th that Scientology will again be subject to a ban on recruiting in public. "Once again a ban on recruiting on the streets and squares in Stuttgart will be strictly enforced for the Scientology Organization. Members and staff of 'Dianetik Stuttgart Scientology Kirche e.V.' are prohibited from verbally accosting pedestrians on public land and inviting them to meetings for more information. Also, the association may not distribute brochures. The codes office has been instructed to follow up on every instance of illicit conduct. The ban on recruiting has been upheld by the Stuttgart Administrative Court and by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Superior Administrative Court." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000821202623.116A-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000826074138.116A-100000@darkstar.zippy

Jesse Prince

Jesse Prince posted some of his experiences at the top levels of the Sea Org this week. "There was once a fellow named John Nelson who at one time was the top executive in Scientology. His post title was Commanding Officer, Commodore Messenger Organization International, the year in question was 1983. John Nelson was just one of the casualties of Hubbard's rant and he was removed from his position of power. John ended up leaving the Sea Org and joined David Mayo who started many groups called AAC or Advanced Ability Centers. Hubbard ordered Miss Cabbage to get Mayo and Nelson thrown in jail by whatever means because they were a horrible embarrassment to Scientology. "John was traveling in Hong Kong on business. Unbeknownst to John, Rick Aznaran and a newly hired private investigator were watching John's every move. Rick and his PI had very high end bugging devices as well as the standard breaking and entering tools. John had a hotel room in Hong Kong and at one point left to meet with business contacts. In Hong Kong, if a person is caught with a large amount of heroin, the person caught gets the death sentence. The PI with Rick called me from Hong Kong and told me that Rick had planted a large amount of heroin in John's room. Rick was arranging for the Hong Kong police to raid John's room because John was a drug dealer. "I myself had been involved with Rick illegally bugging other people but never had we ever done anything to get anyone killed. I told Rick it was the wrong thing to do and to get his ass back home as fast as he could. Miss Cabbage was told what was happening and agreed Rick should come back home because too many people knew what the op was as I had already told many people about it." "If memory serves me right the year in question was 1985. Davey said he had just returned from Philadelphia in John Travolta's private plane to get his father out of jail. Davey's father Ron Miss Cabbage senior was arrested for raping a young woman. Davey had been screaming and screaming at his dad and old Ronnie looked very contrite when I saw him. Davey wanted me to sec check Ronnie and explore every nook and cranny of the crime. Davey told Marty Rathbun to get in touch with Gene Ingram and make this whole thing go away without a trace in Philly. I dutifully went in and did the sec check on Davey's dad. Ronnie confessed to the crime and told me all of the gory details. "A person who was my staff (David Sike Bush) did a sec check on Davey's mother Loretta who was also brought in for the occasion. Davey wanted his mother sec checked to get any other peripheral crimes discovered before something else blew up. At the end of the sec check, both mother and father were made to do lower conditions and they were to get a Chaplin handling. I was present for the Chaplin handling and the Chaplin was Davey himself. Davey sat his parents down and told them they were to immediately divorce and Ron senior was joining the Sea Org so that the Sea Org could protect him. Loretta was visibly hurt and upset upon hearing the verdict and accused her son Davey of being a little Hitler in front of others present. The others being Ray Mithoff, Marty Rathbun and Norman Starkey. Davey's response was to scream at his mother until she just buried her face in her hands in grief. Later Davey did tell her that he would make sure she was very well taken care of. He planned to make sure his mother was well taken care of through a Scientology company named Real World computer software. Under a directive from Davey, Ray Mithoff personally rounded up all the sec checking worksheets on Ronnie and Loretta and destroyed them all. Marty and Gene Ingram went to Philly and 'erased' the incident from the system." Message-ID: Message-ID:

Keith Henson

Keith Henson posted updates on his case, in which he is faced with a $75,000 judgment to Scientology. The appeals court kicked back the appeal on the contempt business over the accidentally posted trial transcript saying the judge needed to justify his award (or lack thereof) a little better. The cult filed the usual several inches of paper and I got the date wrong. I turned in a short request. "'Bankrupt defendant is not certain what he would say in the face of inches of legal paper and complex arguments by expensive lawyers. To remind the court, Defendant's original purpose was to call attention to dangerous and abusive policies and practices of Scientology which hurt, defraud, or kill its members. On June 25 of this year, Stacy Moxon Meyer was electrocuted and burned beyond recognition in a transformer vault at a Scientology's desert compound near Hemet, CA. The court can impose no penalty on me which compares to this." Keith also filed for a protective order in a deposition in another case. "Witness requests that the deposition question be limited to his first hand knowledge of events involving Hurtado, and that wide ranging questions outside of this area not be permitted. Also that any material in this deposition not be permitted to be used in other Scientology cases against me. Witness and witness's wife have been abusively deposed a number of times by the law firm of Moxon and Kobrin, within the past two months in a bankruptcy action for several hours. This is in keeping with a Scientology policy to use the law as a weapon against critics. "I have recently been protesting Scientology policies or practices which resulted in the deaths of two young women at their desert compound near Hemet, California, and to punish me for this political protest they are using the excuse that I know something in this case against my lawyer, Graham Berry to get yet another deposition on top of the 40 hours or more I have already have subjected to." Message-ID: 8nsqja$snr$ Message-ID: 8oadgk$5vh$


Nigeria's Tell Magazine published an article on August 21 on Bob Minton and Scientology's allegations in a debt buy-back program. "TELL learnt the expose by Fashanu may just be a smokescreen in an ongoing high wired politics in the international circuit. Fashanu is yet to release a single name or bank account of any Nigerian who has benefited from the deals. Jeffrey Schmidt and Bob Minton were alleged to be the brains behind the major offshore company, Greenland Holdings Inc. based in Panama, that was used to purchase Nigeria's debt. The multimillionaire, Minton, seems to have received more of the attacks. But why? "The Nigerian Democratic Movement organized a public forum where Minton and Fashanu were to speak on all the grey areas in the debt buy-back controversy. Fashanu failed to turn up for the event. The organizers of the event were shocked at Fashanu's absence. Minton, who came to the venue with a heap of documents relating to the transactions, told TELL that he never participated in any dubious deal to rip off Nigerians through their government or agents. 'What we did was within internationally recognized financial guidelines and laws.' The main grouse of his accusers, Minton claims, is because he is fighting the Church of Scientology. 'Fashanu is hired by the Church of Scientology. And his so-called investigator, Robert Clarke, works for the scientology organization.' "Minton formed the Lisa McPherson Trust to fight and 'expose the abusive and deceptive practices of the Church of Scientology and help those who have been victimized by it.' The trust, which started operations on January 6, 2000, is named after a young lady, Lisa McPherson, who allegedly died in the Church of Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel after being held against her will for 17 days. Minton told the magazine that his crusade against the Scientologists has caused him great stress, including the 'present campaign to tarnish my name and professional integrity.' When Minton was given a human rights award in Leipzig, Germany in April, the Fashanu group was alleged to have manipulated this information to mean that he went to hurriedly close his account to Germany and move them to Switzerland. "Did the debt buy-back yield any financial reward for the country? Rasheed said it resulted 'in external debt reduction of over $5 billion for the country.' A financial expert who spoke to TELL said the transaction between Minton and the CBN was done within acceptable international laws. 'There is no doubt that Minton made a lot of profit but that was based on the content of the agreement. He didn't violate any law.' But Fashanu's investigator, Robert Clarke, will hear none of this. In his letter to Aluko, he stated that 'domination and evidence indicate that these individuals not only profited from these transactions but set up an offshore network to hide their true identities and ownership and elude the US tax jurisdiction. These individuals set up a complex money laundering operation using real and manufactured Third World debt instruments on the secondary market.' "Perhaps, the most devastating criticism of Fashanu's tactics and motives came from his former admirer, George Noah. The London-based Nigerian journalist was the first Nigerian to interview and write on Fashanu's 'heroic and patriotic' exposition of the $6 billion scandal. On finding out that Fashanu might have fooled the nation, Noah poured invective and diatribe on the former soccer star for his diabolical campaign. He described Fashanu as a military apologist and an Abacha lackey. The ex-footballer, Noah said, will be the first to admit that his widely publicized 'Fashanu report' is nothing about politics, 'but by commenting on Nigeria's debt buy-back deals from 1988-1993, Fashanu has ignited a political dynamite and the expected debris may eventually consume him.'" Message-ID:

Tom Padgett

Jeff Jacobsen reported on the status of Tom Padgett and his case against Scientology in family court in Kentucky. "Tom Padgett called. He said that he was sentenced today to 5 years in prison. He said that he was taken into the judges chambers and offered leniency if he signed papers that would gag his speech, which he refused to do. Tom said he had an attorney with him at sentencing." A letter from Tom was posted to A.r.s this week. "Jail sucks big time! It's really amazing! Here I sit 'Isolated', 'Disconnected' from my kids, and the ultimate 'Fair Game' application. The cult and my LRH robot ex think this will stop me! Actually it has strengthened and fortified my resolve to continue to expose the evil and corrupt nature of Co$ and this KY venue. I'm surviving and healthy but really pissed off!" Message-ID: Message-ID: 8o0m55$

Protest / Revenge Summary

Karin Spaink and Zenon Panoussis reported a multi-day protest at the Scientology exhibit in Amsterdam. "The scienos rented a conference room in the American hotel, fairly posh, very central, for a one-week exhibition. Got demo permits for the entire week, produced fliers in the very last minute. We got it all wrong, the exhibition was starting Monday. In four hours, six of us handed out about 700 fliers to the afternoon shoppers, tourists, saunterers and early evening out-goers. "Monday afternoon we met outside the hotel to celebrate the real opening of the exhibition. The scienos knew we had been there on Friday, yet appeared to be taken by surprise when we arrived today. They made some attempts at handling us (surrounding, questioning, insulting, distracting). I called the police, who arrived half an hour later and told them off. In the meanwhile, a couple of tone-40 'FUCK THE HELL OUT OF MY FACE!' at about 120 db proved to be most efficient, since they can't very well have scenes like this in front of their posh exhibition, with press invited and all. Even the hotel manager came out and told them off. "We moved away from the hotel entrance, which is on a side-street to the main street where all the pedestrian traffic is. Some 500 within two hours, we ran out and I had to go make another 800. In the meanwhile the scienos got their counter-picketters ready and came out to apply their usual tactics again, surrounding us, barring us from view, standing in front of us. They came out with balloons and carnations and started distributing them to passers-by. That won them momentary sympathy, which often only lasted until they proceeded to offer an invitation card for their exhibition. Handing out our fliers to the people that got the invitations with the words 'the other side of the story' was no problem at all. "The Jive Aces took to playing at the nearby square. The people formed a wide ring around them and were given flowers, balloons and invitations. This made it extremely easy for us to walk inside that circle and serve each and every member of that audience with one of our own fliers, while the scienos could hardly disturb their show by trying to handle us inside the circle in full view of everybody. The Jive Disasters broke up and left." "They snatch the critics' flyers out of people's hands. It tends to irritate people to no end. You see their faces go from stunned to annoyed. But more often, the Scienos try to prevent us from handing out folders. Getting 'inadvertently' in our way or downright blocking us. "I was in my wheelchair, a huge cardboard sign standing against one of my wheels. An elderly Scieno approached, pushing an old woman in a wheelchair. She parked her right next to me. After some time I moved, wanting more of a view and a better approach to passers-by. The woman was pushed right next to me again. I moved. She was moved. I got out of my chair and used my stick to support myself. The old woman couldn't. I moved my cardboard sign to the opposite side of the chair, where it wouldn't be blocked by the old woman. She was wheeled around and parked to block it again. I lifted the sign and moved it back. The old woman was shoved around once more. This lasted some twenty minutes. The woman in the chair was Ms. Van Loon, an IAS Patron With Honours [$100,000]. The woman pushing her was another Ms Van Loon, also an IAS Patron With Honours [$100,000]." "I gave somebody a flyer while the scieno was telling him 'find out for yourself'. The scieno snatched it immediately. I asked 'really now, is this what you mean by find out for yourself?' and gave the raw meat guy another flyer. The scieno started moving to snatch it too, so I said 'put it in your pocket, or she'll take it too.' By this time the guy was dying to read my flyer and had no interest whatsoever in going to the exhibition where they were trying to drag him." "We placed one huge poster 85x120 cm with the text 'Scientology is a fraud. See here how they trick you' on each corner in front of the hotel, so that it was impossible to get to the exhibition without seeing them. It could refer equally well to our OCA table as to the scienos' own exhibition. The scienos were notably furious. The posters definitely resolved all the confusions on who is who, and it became even easier for us to hand out our flyers without being mistaken for scienos. The hotel was completely surrounded by entheta and the exhibition was under siege. As a result, the scienos moved all their body routing away from the hotel, to the nearby square and elsewhere. One of the posters was tied to a pole, the other was just leaned against one. Within 15 minutes the scienos had stolen it. "The police arrived. They had had a constant stream of complaints from 'annoyed citizens' all week about our 'aggressive leafleting' and our 'harassing of passers-by'. They had also received complaints from the CoS officials about our 'offending flyers' and our 'disruption of their peaceful exhibition'. It took the police very short time to figure the real situation and the real source of the complaints. They dismissed the 'aggressive leafleting' as bullshit, the 'offending flyers' as freedom of speech and the 'disruption of a peaceful exhibition' as a properly carried out demonstration with proper permits and all. This done, we begun to wonder about the leafleting of the scienos: did they have a permit for it? 'Right', said the police to the OSA, 'can we see your permits now?' The scienos were ordered to stop leafleting at once, leave the area in front of their own exhibition and not get close to us any more." Karin Spaink reported a threat from a Scientologist at the event. "Thursday evening a Scientologist (allegedly an OT) tried to intimidate me, repeatedly telling me 'that he surely hoped that I would still be laughing today.' When I didn't reply, he told me that 'tomorrow there will be an arrest warrant for your lover, and your sado-masochistic practices will be widely exposed,' stretching his arms to indicate how widely. That was three days ago. I haven't seen any 'exposition' of myself and Z is not wanted anywhere. No 'lurid sex crimes' in the papers." "Barb" reported a protest at Gold Base, near Hemet, California. "I don't think the temp was much more than 90 degrees. I had my mister bottle, and we brought plenty of water. David's trip meter tells us that it's about a hair over a half mile from Ashlee's memorial to Davey's house. We parked at the memorial and started walking. We hadn't gotten very far when a car pulled up. The driver had a Christian fish sticker, and was in full Air Force uniform. He wanted to know if we were Christians, and I told him about Scientology/Hubbard views on the existence of Christ. "A lot of the plantings by the roadway have died, but there's a good crop of tumbleweed. As we hiked along, we got lots of thumbs up and honks from passing motorists, including two big rigs in a row. Another car pulled over, and the driver said, 'What about them taking my picture here?' He was not a Scientologist, but a biology teacher in town. Apparently he has had students run out of the riverbed that marks the south-western boundary of Scientology property. We pointed out some of the mounted cameras along the highway, which made him nervous. He wanted to know if there was any organized effort in Hemet to counter the cult in their midst, which unfortunately there is not. He told us that Scientology has purchased all these little houses at the south end of the base, the last hold-out just caved in and sold. Moreover, he said that Scientology also bought most of the houses in the new 'lakefront luxury' development just south of the houses!" "Barb" also reported revenge activity from her parents. "My parents had a visit last night from two ladies who wanted them to persuade me to stop hurting their 'church.' For some reason, the ladies didn't want to own up to being Scientologists, but they finally and reluctantly admitted to it. Dad let them run on for a bit, then said, 'Goodbye now,' and shut the door on them." Bruce Pettycrew protested in Mesa, Arizona this week. "There were 4 cars in the mi$$ion parking lot when we arrived at 9:00 A.M. and no one arrived or left while we were picketing. Traffic was normal, but we got more honks and thumbs-up than usual. We quit about 9:50 and as we got to our car parked across University Drive, one of the men working on the JP Courthouse lawn asked us about our activities. He was in his twenties, and told us that he had attended one session at the Borg and was appalled by the behaviour of the registrar. He had taken the personality test and the registrar, 'Wouldn't let me leave. He kept telling me that I would kill myself if I didn't take the courses.'" Keith Henson reported revenge actions in San Jose this week. "I got a call this morning from the mother of one of my daughter's friends who lived across the street where we last lived in San Jose--4 years ago. Seems that some PI claiming dude had come calling with a story about a security background check for a job I was supposed to have applied for. After a few minutes, the guy started asking her questions about my daughter and her daughter. She twigged that something was very wrong and closed the door on him, then gave me a call. She mentioned that the dude had been talking to my former next door neighbor, so I called him. He gave me more information, the guy was driving a dark Suburu, and claimed to be from American Protective Services, a local security company." Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: 39a5d34b.50367783@jumbo Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: L0Wp5.30587$ Message-ID: 8o9r3i$f0i$

Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake City Tribune reported that Scientology is conducting a benefit for a local rescue mission. "The Salt Lake Rescue Mission has been chosen as the focus of the Church of Scientology's most recent benefit campaign. During the month of August the church will collect canned food, men's clothing, disposable razors, bath towels and nightwear for large women. Donations are being collected from Scientology parishioners, but donations from others in the community to rally the cause are needed. The Church of Scientology service on Sunday will focus on 'Happiness and Interest.' The service will begin at 10 a.m. at 1931 S. 1100 East, Salt Lake City. People of all faiths are welcome." Message-ID: 8o8ip0$ia7$

Ursula Caberta

Hamburger Morgenpost published an article on August 23rd about Ursula Caberta's recent visit to Clearwater. "A Hamburg Scientology chief had warned Ursula Caberta against flying to Florida because, she said, it would be unpleasant for her. But the director of the 'Work group on Scientology' flew there anyway - and will not quickly forget her trip to the home of the monster cult. About 30 Scientology disciples were waiting at the Tampa, Florida airport for the visitor from Hamburg. Ursula Caberta was wildly mobbed, heckled and spat at. Scientologists screamed over and over at the top of their voices, 'Nazi go home!' and 'Nazi criminal, go back to Germany!' German Scientologists were also in the 'Welcoming Committee.' One German woman shorted, 'You are a killer, you are. You're killing people in Germany!' "The courageous combatant also reported that she was hounded and insulted by Scientologists in restaurants and in her hotel. Over and over Scientologists appeared with posters. The cult adherents had written 'Nazi go Home' and 'Take fascism back to Germany!' Caberta ended up leaving Florida one daily earlier than planned. 'It was getting too hot for me there. I was happy to get back to Germany,' she said. What had been especially surprising about the type of treatment she had received, said Caberta, was that the German Scientologists always claim they are being hounded here. Caberta, 'But no Scientologist in Germany has ever been treated like I was in the USA.'" Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000823195330.118A-100000@darkstar.zippy

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