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Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

Volume 5, Issue 21 - September 3 2000


Anonymous reports from Austria were posted to a.r.s this week that a Scientology-related company in Vienna is being sued by its employees. A Viennese Scientology Personnel Leasing Firm has been sued by two staff because of failure to pay fees. One in the amount of about 2,500 USD and the other for 15,000 USD. Former staff state that stop-gap measures often have to be used for debts, and sometimes it takes a months before they get paid." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000830210657.120A-100000@darkstar.zippy

Investment Fraud

The Arizona Daily Star reported on August 31st that an Arizona Scientologist has been charged with investment fraud. "Benjamin Franklin Cook III was charged with 37 counts of racketeering, fraud and theft in connection with an investment scheme run by his company, Dennel Finance Ltd. The indictment alleges that Cook defrauded more than 300 investors of a total of $41 million. If convicted, Cook, of Carefree, could face a sentence of up to several hundred years in prison. Cook's plan promised investors that their money would be placed in a European Bank trading program. They allege that he used the money to buy luxury items like cars, airplanes, a house and other real estate properties. Cook also donated $1.8 million to the Church of Scientology." Message-ID:


The East Grinstead Observer reported on August 30th that Scientology celebrities Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are looking for a home near Saint Hill in England. "Movie megastar couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are setting up home in Forest Row - their only home in the UK. The multi-millionaire actor and actress want a property in the village because they plan to send their two children, who are both adopted, to Greenfields School in Forest Row. The film stars, who are followers of Scientology, confirmed the news that they want to live near the group's UK headquarters at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead. A spokesman at Scientology headquarters could not confirm that the celebrity pair had been in touch, but said he could understand why they would want to move to the area." Message-ID:

Personality Test

The Chicago Sun-Times published a column on Scientology's personality test on August 20th. "Q. I had a rather odd experience at a recent interview in a specialty dentist's office. I was given a 200-item questionnaire written by L. Ron Hubbard, the Scientologist religion founder. It asked almost occult questions. There is quite a bit to think about in taking personality tests at job interviews these days, yes? "A. Personality tests attempt to compare your traits with those of other groups of people. Measuring the required job behaviors is done by 'benchmarking' - looking at the personalities of high performers and low performers in a given position to identify the behavioral requisites associated with success or failure in the position. The pre-employment-testing industry is big business, which partly explains why it garners cores of die-hard supporters and detractors only slightly less interesting than opposing sides in the Reform Party. "Try to choose answers suggesting positive traits: achievement- oriented, agreeable, assertive, conscientious, dependable, emotionally stable and trustworthy. Read through the test before you begin answering questions; be alert to replayed questions and thus avoid inconsistencies. "How should you handle a Scientologist 200-item questionnaire? Williams doesn't mince words: 'The instrument was a large-as-life clue to what you can expect in that office. If you're not in agreement, keep on walking.'" Message-ID:


Roger Gonnet posted a "call to arms" from CSI president Heber Jentzsch to protest alleged mistreatment of Scientologists in France. "Today France is under siege from a cadre of SPs who are seeking to turn back the clock and once again snuff out the light of Freedom. On June 22, the French National Assembly passed a suppressive bill that seeks to 'dissolve' undesirable 'sects.' Only members of Parliament were present in the Assembly when this legislation was rushed through. "We are calling all Scientologists to arms to turn back this tide of oppression and restore religious freedom to France. On September 20, the Torch of Freedom will be lit once again, outside the European Parliament in Brussels. A team of dedicated Scientologists, Ambassadors of Peace, will cross into France. They will carry the Torch and its message of truth over thousands of kilometers of French soil. On October 23, directly following the IAS event at Saint Hill, they will arrive in Paris. A huge March and Rally will take place. Thousands of Scientologists and others representing an impressive array of religious denominations will converge in the city in a demonstration of solidarity. "The next day a Religious Hate Crimes Tribunal will be held. Targets of religious discrimination will testify before a panel of expert scholars and religious leaders to expose the key perpetrators creating a climate of hate against religion in France." Message-ID: 8ofl8j$1iao$

Grady Ward

Stacy Brooks posted a motion for protection from further depositions in Grady Ward's ongoing copyright violation case. "Ms. Brooks testified exhaustively concerning her and the LMT's financial dealings with Defendant, and answered every question put to her concerning assets, income, and expectancies of Defendant. Ms. Brooks refused to answer questions put to her which dealt with her own affairs or those of the LMT, except insofar as they related to the assets, income, and expectancies of Defendant. Well after Plaintiff exhausted Ms. Brooks' knowledge of the assets, income, and expectancies of Defendant, the undersigned announced suspension of the deposition because the examination was abusive and interminably probed, for illegitimate purposes, matters beyond the lawful scope of examination. "Among the more pungent falsehoods offered by Plaintiff in the instant matter are that Robert Minton's 'stated agenda' is the destruction of Scientology. Mr. Minton has expressed a desire to see Scientology reformed, and its more revolting and antisocial practices terminated, but has no 'agenda' for the destruction of Scientology; that Robert Minton is the 'real party in interest' and an 'investor' in the Lisa McPherson wrongful death case. Mr. Minton has advanced costs for the benefit of the Plaintiff in the McPherson case, and hopes to be reimbursed. Mr. Minton is not entitled to press the wrongful death claim which is now pending in the Florida Circuit Court, and is therefore not the real party in interest in that action. "Plaintiff seeks an order adjudging some or all of Respondents in contempt for violation of the Court's order of July 25, 2000. Plaintiff fails to make out even a prima facie case for violation of the order, admitting in its Motion, Memorandum, and exhibits that Ms. Brooks appeared for deposition at the appointed time and place and answered all questions which were not deemed objectionable. Plaintiff requests that the Court compel responses to questions regarding the number of persons employed by LMT, the means by which Ms. Brooks' position and duties with the LMT were determined, the identities of Defendant's correspondents at LMT, whether Robert Minton had access to LMT's checkbook in January 2000, and the sources of funding for the LMT. Plaintiff offers no explanation of the pertinence of any of these areas of inquiry, except to suggest that information about the number of LMT employees would allow Plaintiff to determine whether Defendant has the use of a car. Plaintiff does not suggest how knowing whether Defendant borrows cars would promote execution of its judgment. The proceeding at hand is riddled with brazen falsehoods, which are entirely consistent with the judicially documented history of Plaintiff and its counsel. Plaintiff's purpose in drawing Respondents into this action is illegitimate from beginning to end. Protection for Respondents and sanctions against Plaintiff and its counsel, is the appropriate end to this matter." Message-ID:

Jesse Prince

Jesse Prince continued to post memories from time spent in the Sea Org this week. "The year was 1984. Hubbard was on an up swing of one of his manic depressive mood swings. Hubbard started out writing something about the use of computers on the whole track and somehow got into a rant about tar-coal perfume. Hubbard said rose scent permeated all new clothes as the sizing used on new clothes was tar coal rose perfume that greatly irritated his nose and skin. "Missions and projects were fired out to find or create a line of soap products that were scentless. Chemists were hired, and a new line of soap products were created. At great expense, a new line of shampoo and conditioner, laundry soap, body lotion, hand soap, industrial cleaning soap. Hubbard and his messengers developed new tech for handling his laundry. The procedure was to take a brand new shirt or other new article of clothing and wash it in six separate tubs of water by hand three times. That's 18 separate wash cycles! To rinse, the article was rinsed in six different tubs of clear water three times. The end product was a new shirt that was now thread bare and falling apart. Not to be stopped, there was a special sewer posted that would sew up the ruined shirt. The shirt would be dried outside on a clothes line, put in a plastic bag and sent on to Hubbard. "Hubbard had a fit again as he said he could still smell the rose perfume. Lower conditions were assigned to everyone connected with the project as poor little Hubbard had no clothes to wear! Hubbard had ordered Scientology celebs to create a music score for his books, the Mission Earth series. The producer/engineer who mixed Michael Jackson's Thriller album was employed at great expense. The name of this person is Bruce Swadean. After two days in the studio, a staff member was told to handle Bruce's wife because she was stinking up Hubbard's studio with her nasty perfume. A girl named Mary got the task and she pulled Bruce's wife aside while Bruce was in the studio and told her she was stinking up Hubbard's nice music studio with her smelly perfume. Bruce stood up and told Rick Cruzen, Charlie Rush, Peter Slesh just how wacky he really thought they all were and left the building never to be seen or heard from again. No matter how much Davey had people beg Bruce, he would not come back to the Golden Era Production concentration camp. Lower conditions for all concerned again!" Message-ID:

Married to a Scientologist

Ilse Hruby announced her new book, Married to a Scientologist. "I am from Vienna, Austria. I was married to a Scientologist for almost 4 years, [and] experienced an attempt to make me into a Scientologist. I have had to take a look at how much Scientology can influence, control and destroy the life and thought of a person. The book 'Meine Ehe mit einem Scientologen' appears in September in the Bertelsmann Verlag in the Gutersloher non-fiction series. The book is a first-person report of a marriage between a Scientologist and a non-Scientologist and the effect the Scientology doctrine had upon our marital relationship." Message-ID:


A letter from the tax authorities in The Netherlands was posted to a.r.s this week, describing the official position on Scientology. "The tax-deductability of donations is regulated in article 47 of the Law on income tax 1964 (hereafter Law IT). In order to qualify for donation deduction the Church of Scientology must be qualify as a religious or spiritual institution, or as an institution that promotes a public benefit. The Tax Authority has taken the following standpoints with regard to the Church of Scientology. "The Church of Scientology cannot be regarded as a religious or spiritual institution in the sense of art. 47, first paragraph Law IT. The essential element of being a religious association is that the organization is oriented towards the worshiping of God. There must be common worshiping of God by the members, based on common religious views. The investigation has shown that the Church of Scientology does not meet this condition. The character of the Church of Scientology is mainly commercial. The latter has been affirmed in a ruling of the Court of Appeals of the Hague. "The investigation has shown that the Church of Scientology is mostly engaged in giving courses. From the structure and content of the courses it appears that they are oriented towards the course participant as an individual and as such towards a private interest. In other words, the Church of Scientology does not serve the public interest, but a private interest. Payments that are made to the Church of Scientology can not come into consideration for donation deduction because there is no generosity involved because the payments correspond to a counter-performance that can be valued in money. "Yours sincerely, Tax Authority/Companies Amsterdam 1 G.J.K. Bakker" Message-ID:


Nigeria Today published an article on August 27th on John Fashanu's report and efforts to discredit Scientology critic Bob Minton. "David Lee (aka Robert Clarke aka Ron Christopher), whose real name is David Lebeau, is a private investigator who has worked for the Scientology organisation. For three years he compiled a dossier on Minton. The fact is that Lee personally compiled the 'Fashanu Report' and equally placed John Fashanu on his payroll and not the other way round as the former footballer has been suggesting. Through recommendations from another Scientologist, Chief Rilwanu Lukman, Lee recruited Fashanu to spearhead the assault on Minton. Journalists who interviewed Fashanu on the debt buy back deal are unanimous in their views that Fashanu could not hold any intelligent discussion on the report he claims he put together. Lee is extremely cagey about being identified as a Scientologist, lest his cover is revealed. "Lee ensured that Fashanu was placed under surveillance. Fashanu on the other hand tried to outwit Lee by acquiring new fixed network and mobile phones to make discreet telephone calls. Lee shocked Professor Bolaji Aluko in his Howard University office by playing back a conversation Fashanu had with Ned Nwoko, a member of the House of Representatives. Lee was at that time on the verge of abandoning Fashanu because the ex footballer was becoming a liability. "In June when President Obasanjo went to Switzerland, Lee and his group were on his trail. With the help of Lukman, Lee was able to meet Obasanjo for about 30 minutes. After that meeting, Nigeria at attempted to press charges against Minton. But the government is reconsidering its move because independent lawyers have counseled that Minton has no case to answer. One source said several lawyers had rummaged through the Fashanu Report and thought the country could end up with eggs on its face if the case was taken any further. Sources said Lee attempted to see Obasanjo in London last week through the Nigeria High Commission, but was given a cold shoulder. It is believed that Lee has returned to the drawing board to devise another method of attack against Minton. "Fashanu swore that his revelations had led to the freezing of some bank accounts in Europe, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. To date he and Lee have failed to provide details of such accounts that had been frozen. Not a single name has been linked to accounts that have been frozen through the Lee/Fashanu crusade. Lee even claimed Minton's accounts had been frozen, but has declined to substantiate his claims." Message-ID:

Tom Padgett

Jeff Jacobsen posted an update in the case of Tom Padgett, jailed in Kentucky in a Scientology-related family court case. "Tom Padgett has been moved to Christian County Jail; Cell 962; 410 W. 7th St; Hoskinsville KY 42240 "This is about 1 hour north of Nashville. Visiting hours are Friday and Saturday, 9am - 10am, and 1-3pm. The phone number for the jail is 270-887-4152. Tom said there is a possibility he may be getting out soon." Message-ID:

Protest Summary

"Barb", "Bat Child" and "Blue Xenu" posted protest reports from San Diego this week. "I had some 'Cult in your Neighborhood?' and Xenu fliers. Bats brought a bunch of 'Insane Cult' fliers, featuring choice quotes from L. Wrong. I printed up a new sign in light of recent cult activities, 'Scientology Hates Free Speech!' and the 'Scientology: $360,000 Space Alien Cult' sign for bluexenu. No sooner had we reached the corner of 4th and Ash than we acquired a handler with a camera. 'Why are you hiding from me?' he asked, trying to angle for a shot of me as I hid behind my sign. 'Because you bug me,' I replied. I told him that I'd let him take my picture if he asked nicely and said 'Please.' After getting the shots he wanted, he left us to our corner, where we received the usual barrage of honks, and thumbs up from passing motorists." "We received quite a few affirmative responses from passing automobiles. After about 8 minutes of picketing this round guy with a round face came out of the org to greet us and to take our pictures. Armed with a digital camera myself, I reciprocated in kind. We then walked down to an eating establishment with an outdoor patio so that I could get something to eat and also display our signs to the public." "I had my customary 'Who Is Xemu?' T-shirt, my old reliable 'Scientology: Space Alien Scam'/'Does the Bridge Really Cost $360,000?' picket sign, as well as copies of Roland's Xemu, Space Alien Scam and Insane Cult flyers. We had one passerby who talked to us for a little bit who had studied about cults, and said he'd read L. Ron Hubbard: Madman or Messiah?, so he already knew quite a bit about Co$. He took a copy of each of my flyers as well as a copy of Barb's flyers, and wished us luck and went on his way. "I couldn't stay for very long and said I should get going, and Barb and Blue Xenu kindly walked with me to the trolley station. We gave copies of our flyers to another passerby at the trolley stop who started talking with us about he briefly dabbled in Scn in L.A., but didn't stick with it for long because for one thing he liked to invest his money. A couple of passengers noticed my picket sign and commented, and one older guy with an accent sat in the seat across from me and asked why I thought Scn was a scam and how much it costs and that he heard that Travolta was a member." Keith Henson reported protests in Los Angeles this week. "We turned left at Fountain, walked by Bridge Pub and back to Sunset. As we started back down LRH way for a second pass, I was being very cautious. Sure enough Barton showed up. Graham got photos of him sitting on the steps, waiting for me to come within range. I wasn't interested in playing this game again-it was a good try, but it didn't work. After that, Richardson stuck with me and I mostly stayed around the intersection of Sunset and LRH way while Graham picketed almost out of sight on the other end of LRH way. "We moved the picket to the over to the CC. Richardson got over to the CC ahead of us. I was trying to get a better angle on some video, when he came and said I was on private property. I wonder if CoS really owns the property to the east of the CC? Richardson has his usual camera going as I do, and I realized he has the camera lens cap on. Man, that must be embarrassing. We spent about half an hour at the CC, Graham walking all around the building and talking to a number of unhappy neighbors. "We then moved over to the LRH life exhibit. They still have two adult (porn) theaters and at least one tattoo place on that block facing Hollywood. We had a number of interesting conversations with pedestrians, including one street person. Seems that in the interest of cleaning up the neighborhood, the Scientologists forced out a group that was delivering lunches to the homeless, and closed a church that was feeding people on holidays." Report from Graham Berry: "Pseudo-naval uniformed Scientology Sea Organization staffers were bustling back and forth across the street. Others were enjoying an early morning cup of coffee. Scientology vehicles were traveling about their business and all seemed well at the Pacific Area Command Base. Then I walked around the corner and took the base by surprise. Like felons fleeing the scene of their crime, the staffers hastily grabbed their coffee cups and dashed down to the PAC cafeteria. Vehicles disappeared and staffers were ushered from the street by Base Security. Within two minutes the entire length of L. Ron Hubbard Way was deserted, except for two bicycle security patrols, two other security staffers, a uniformed Sea Organization officer, a plain-clothes staffer who is always posted at the Fountain Avenue parking building and there was me. White sneakers, blue jeans, black 'Scientology Kills' T-Shirt and my regular Picket Sign reading on two sides: 'Scientology-Church of Fair Game' and 'LRH was on Psych drugs when he died.' "Some of the staffers in berthing were still in their bunk beds and others still in their rooms. Many of them played 'peek-a-boo' from behind the curtains. Some even smiled and gave me the thumbs up! After 9 a.m. the 'public' members 'on course' began arriving. Many were escorted by either the plain-clothes staffer or the uniformed staffer. I greeted many of them with a very cheery 'Good morning!' Several asked how I was. 'Not bad for an SP,' I would reply. A rather drab and dreary woman plain clothes staffer tried to crowd me and to block my picket sign with one of her own. 'Don't stalk me. DM would not enjoy paying for your defense to a stalking charge.' She backed off and returned to keeping staffers from exiting the buildings and crossing the street. "A car careened around the corner, screeching to a halt opposite my car. It was Parking Enforcement. 'That car still has 5 minutes on the meter.' 'No,' she said. 'It's expired.' I said, 'You couldn't see that from the direction you came from or from where you parked. Scientology called you?' 'So what? It's expired.' 'So you are acting as an harassment arm of OSA and selectively enforcing the laws.' 'Well, there are other cars on expired meters.' 'How would you know? You haven't looked or written any tickets.' 'Keep the phone records,' I said. 'I will be seeking them in discovery, and all other records of similar communications between OSA and the City of Los Angeles.'" "It was August 30, 2000. Behind me stood the Church of Scientology's Advanced Organization Los Angeles. From the walkie-talkie radio of a security staffer crackled a voice: 'Keep your distance from him.' Around the corner spun a small red car which horrifyingly mounted the curb. I jumped back just in time to avoid being hit. Then it backed back and shot forward, up and over the handicapped access portion of the curb, over the sidewalk and onto the grass garden-border beside me. I leapt between two poles as he gunned his car and drove after me. Blocked by the two poles he reversed and then sped up L. Ron Hubbard Way and turned into the parking lot beside the American Saint Hill Building. The six observing security staffers had made no movement at all. 'We need the L.A.P.D. here,' I said to one. He did not move." "Passers-by received Xenu flyers. Base security quickly talked them off the recipients and substituted the new DA flyer on me. I found Keith Henson. A Spanish-language radio station was interviewing him as he handed out Xenu flyers and bantered with the good people. Ed Richardson, was videotaping the busy little scene. I noticed the RTC/OSA surveillance cameras swiveling and monitoring our every move. I changed picket signs. Now I carried a sign which read on the one side 'Scientology: Church of Fair Game' and on the other side 'LRH died on Psych Drugs'." Keith Henson also protested at Gold Base near Hemet, California. "Richardson and Petty came out to walk with me and were their usual chatty selves. They asked about Graham and were somewhat taken aback by the news he was picketing in LA and that Tory was picketing Flag. Ed and Frank chatted about my daughter and her going to school." "Wednesday morning Arel and I picketed gold. I never ask Arel to picket the clams because she tends to take them more seriously than they deserve. But after reading the positive reactions of a.r.s readers to her story of the persistent picketer/stalker she insisted. I was expecting our thugs but no thugs came out! I guess the sight of Arel, picket dancing, complete with bobbing clip-on space alien antenna was too much for them to deal with." "I was out at gold base picketing with the 'What Happened to Stacy Moxon Meyer?' sign. Edwin Richardson came out to walk with me, but this time it was total silence from him. This time I parked on the east end where (*) could see me from his new house. Once Richardson put the camera on two guys who were stuffing cardboard into a recycle truck. As I approached the plaza I could see light traffic on it, which dried up as I came over it. They must have an amazing traffic control set up to minimize seeing an SP. One of funniest things was two guys who were hiding behind a van, but I could see their feet!" Brent Stone also protested at Gold Base. "When I got to the first set of buildings, I stumbled across a group of about 200 people having some sort of meeting in front of one of the buildings. Before this, I had always pictured the whole place as some sort of ghost town, having seen very few people actually out on the grounds while I've been there. I stopped and pointed my sign in their direction. It was the 'NO OTs HERE' sign in big letters that I usually carry there. Within a few seconds the group started to break up, and they just barely had time to see the other side of the sign which said 'The Squirrels Are Int Mgt' before the place became a ghost town again. It seemed that many of the group actually looked at the signs. I didn't get ANY handler at all on Saturday, and I spent the rest of my time picketing without seeing anyone at all inside the grounds." Tory Bezazian protested in Clearwater at the same time Keith Henson and Graham Berry were protesting in California. "I took my sign 'Doubt is the Beginning of Wisdom' and the flip side was 'Scientology Takes Your Money and Your Life.' I went with Jeff Jacobsen who filmed it, and Karin Case came along and walked with Jeff. I wore my Headset and rocked to the Counting Crows while pacing back and forth out in front of the Fort Harrison Hotel. They immediately pulled down all shades and sent out a guy from OSA to film me. I just quietly picketed and rocked to my music. "When I first left I started calling OSA INT and saying who I was, and that I wanted to speak to Mike Rinder or Ray Mithoff. I kept saying into their camera 'I told you OSA INT. I called and asked you to talk and you never ever called me back.' Flag vans came by with people, and I showed them my sign about Doubt is the beginning of Wisdom. One kid read it others had their heads down or looking away. One of my friends pulled up on the side walk and held her face. I walked up and just smiled and said 'Hi!' "As soon as we got here Mary DeMoss and two others come screaming into LMT. 'We are here because of Tory's invitation. We want to see Tory,' etc. Quickly we called the police. They continued to scream. Stacy and Jeff and Mark threw them out and they went outside and continued screaming! I am in a back office and I could hear them. 'Tory what are your crimes?' The police were mean and rude. They came in and said 'What is this, tit for tat?' Why they are angry at us for demonstrating peacefully which is a constitutional right?" Jeff Jacobsen reported a protest in Clearwater later in the week. "About 8 of us walked over to Flag and started picketing. About 1:30pm Bob and Stacy had picketed Flag a bit and coincidentally there was a wedding going on there, unbeknownst to any of us. The Scientologists complained bitterly about that, that the bride had burst into tears when she saw the picketers there and we had ruined their carefully planned wedding. This made us wonder if the Scientologists include 'note: this building is one of the most picketed buildings on earth' in their promotional brochures. "No handlers, no Van tech, nothing. Just a nice quiet sidewalk. Down the street a few blocks at the Trust you could just make out some picket signs bobbing around. So that's where our handlers are! We decided this would be great because it would keep them away from us. Two other picketers came by but didn't have any signs, so Mark went with them to the Trust to get signs for them, and he videotaped the 6 or so Scientologists led by Mary DeMoss who were circling with their Caberta signs. Before Mark came back to Flag, we had decided to go picket the Sandcastle. So we walked by the Trust and caught the new picketers and Mark and walked down to the Sandcastle. "It was basically uneventful there as well. The staff closed the drapes in the big windows of the restaurant there, and we saw security staff running around like crazy, but that was about all the excitement there was." "Shellac" reported a protest at the London org this week. "Richard Ford and I staged another mini-picket outside the Tottenham Court Road org in London (the third in four weeks, I think). I began handing out leaflets to the public on my own. It took the Scientologists a while to realise that I wasn't advertising a computer or furniture shop. Richard turned up. He brought an alien puppet, and a loud voice to advertise our presence. Eventually three scientologists came out. Two handed out copies of 'Freedom', while another tried body routing. "Most intriguing was a woman (with her husband) who told me that she had discovered her boss was a Scientologist, and was actively recruiting. We pointed her to, and wished her luck." Kristi Wachter protested in San Francisco this week. "Peaches, Murdoch, Aaron, and I picketed the San Francisco org from noon until 2 pm today. Phr joined us for a second round from about 3:15 to 4 pm. A Scientologist left the org with revenge picket signs, headed for my home. The Scientologists called the police. A Scientologist played guitar outside the org. A freelance photojournalist came by and took pictures." Message-ID: Message-ID: 8od11t$ Message-ID: 8ofqs3$qjq$ Message-ID: 8ogo47$6ba$ Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: 8okj2s$q8g$ Message-ID: Message-ID: 8op19h$j84$ Message-ID: 8opndi$c5u$ Message-ID: 8opn9l$c5u$ Message-ID: 8oqg88$ful$ Message-ID: m1d7ilmqa4.fsf@localhost.localdomain Message-ID: Message-ID:

Dennis Clark

A fundraising flyer from CCHR spokesman and radio host Dennis Clark was posted to a.r.s this week. "We recently learned that The Human Rights Hour is now getting the better part of 18,000 hits per month on from the Internet alone. Two weeks ago, a representative of Microsoft called the station owner to tell him that my show was maxing out the local server and that there was more demand for the show than the local capacity to fill it. "Now that the stuff is really hitting the fan for the SPs locally, the-she-bitch-o-the-SP-Times is muttering about those 'weird radio signals' which are 'feared' by local politicians? In spite of our show being non-political, I even campaigned for the re-election of long-time Clearwater Mayor Rita Garvey after that unfortunate incident in which she crashed her car into a parked truck while blowing 10.0 on the DUI Richter Scale. My campaign slogan for her: If you liked her drunk! You will love her on Prozac! "With all of this now going down with volume and velocity, your help is urgently needed, that's RIGHT NOW, to support the show financially. I know you hear this quite often from lots of very good groups. Believe me, we need your help, NOW. If enough of you do so, we may end up with a radio station, reserved for sanity from the home of the Flag Land Base. Get it? Got it? Good. Do it now. "By the way, guess why the Hillsborough County judge in the civil case is called, 'Moody.' He apparently, hasn't had a BM, since the initial one, just over two years ago, when The Human Rights Hour went on the air. Listen to the only show in America which refuses to worship at the alters of the AMA and the APA and, 'think for yourself.'" Message-ID: 8oetv9$gd0$

In Memorium

The Cincinnati Enquirer carried the obituary of Ruth Ann Roberts on August 19th. "Ruth Ann Roberts, 58, a former Benedictine nun for 10 years, former employee for Cincinnati Bell Telephone Co., and former mailroom supervisor for the Church of Scientology, died Wednesday at Mary Rose Mission. A private memorial service will be held at the convenience of the family. Middendorf-Bullock Funeral Home, Covington, handling arrangements. Memorials can be made to Mary Rose Mission, 1543 Russell St., Covington 41011." Message-ID:

J.D. Salinger

A new book my the daughter of author J.D. Salinger includes mention of his experimentation with Scientology. From the New York Times on August 30th: "J.D. Salinger's daughter, Margaret, is visiting New York from Boston and staying at the Plaza Hotel. There is the possibility that her famously private father will try to stop her from publishing her memoir, 'Dream Catcher,' due out on Wednesday from Pocket Books. Mr. Salinger, 81, who has not published anything since 1965 and has not spoken publicly for years, is so determined in his seclusion that he successfully delayed the publication of a biography by Ian Hamilton because Mr. Hamilton had sought to use some of his letters. Mr. Salinger pursued Scientology, homeopathy and Christian Science. He drank urine, his daughter writes, and sat in an orgone box. He spoke in tongues, fasted until he turned greenish and as an older man had pen pal relationships with teenage girls." Message-ID:


Roland Rashleigh-Berry reported that the London org is having legal trouble with local government. "London org got busted by the Consumer Protection Officer. He picked up on two things, their sauna needs a licence and hasn't got one. They sell vitamins and minerals as part of the Purif and since it counts as foodstuff and they are counting these pills into a pot then this counts as 'preparing food' and so a registered 'food preparation area' conforming to borough regulations needs to be set up, inspected and approved. "This guy might have also passed word to the sauna licencing people not to grant them a licence. In that case they will have to rip their sauna out. Can you imagine all the hassle and expense of setting up a separate preparation room and the C/S having to wear white overalls and a chef's hat for counting out those pills? Also because they are selling food for public consumption on the premises then there could be a mountain of other legislation to apply." Message-ID:

Ursula Caberta

A motion to dismiss the case, brought against Ursula Caberta by Scientologist Hubert Heller during her recent visit to Clearwater, was posted to a.r.s this week. "Plaintiff's Complaint establishes as a matter of law that Defendant is immune from the jurisdiction of this Court under the provisions of 28 U.S.C. Section 1603, et seq. The Court does not have 'longarm' jurisdiction over Defendant, who is a foreign national covered by no portion of the applicable statute. Defendant does not have sufficient 'minimum contacts' with the forum state to allow the Court to exercise jurisdiction over her. Plaintiff is not alleged to have been a party to the business relationship claimed in Count I of the Complaint to have been disrupted by Defendant, and therefore lacks standing to brig this action. Plaintiff fails to state in his Complaint a prima facie case for tortious interference with an advantageous business relationship. Plaintiff fails to state in his Complaint a prima facie case for violation of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, and cannot successfully re-plead without admitting falsehood in his initial complaint. "For the foregoing reasons, Defendant prays entry of a judgment dismissing this action with prejudice, and/or granting such other, lesser, greater, or further relief as the Court may deem appropriate." Message-ID:

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