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Volume 5, Issue 28 - October 22 2000

Ann Archer

Reuters published a profile of Scientology celebrity Ann Archer on October 20th. "'We are all born to act, it's what we do. We will do it until the day we die, whether we do it on film or on stage,' she told Reuters at Frankfurt, the world's largest book fair. The fair does not usually attract Hollywood stars -- but she was there to publicize an exhibition about the late American science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, which claims more than eight million adherents worldwide. Hollywood stars John Travolta and Tom Cruise are, like Archer, members of the Church of Scientology. What, then, was the attraction? Archer said: 'One thing Mr. Hubbard really brings to an artist is an understanding that his talent is limitless.'" Message-ID: 8sp9mc$


A schedule of holiday events at Scientology orgs in Clearwater was posted to a.r.s this week. "November 18th. Groundbreaking Anniversary Celebration. Enjoy an elegant dinner with live entertainment and a briefing on the rapid progress of our New Building! All Scientologists are invited. "November 23rd-26th. Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend. Join us as Flag on Thanksgiving Day for a lavish, traditional holiday dinner in the elegant Fort Harrison Auditorium. This sumptuous buffet includes all your holiday favorites! "December 2nd. Flag's 25th Anniversary Celebration. Begin your holiday season with our spectacular festivities celebrating a quarter of a century of 100% Standard Tech and the best in service!!! "December 9th. IAS Christmas Party. All IAS members are invited to the 1st party of the season. "December 14th. Flag's 12 Days of Christmas begins. We've got a sparkling array of activities lined up for the whole family. "December 16th. Super Power Christmas Party. All Super Power contributors are invited to our holiday celebration! "December 17th. OT Ambassadors Christmas Party. All Scientologists are invited. "The Spirit of Christmas lives with us. We are the protectors of the real tradition of Christmas - peace on Earth and Goodwill to all. We are the hope of Man - the only hope. Mankind's salvation lies within our hands." Message-ID:


A planned Scientology march in Paris to protest alleged discrimination has been forbidden by authorities because moving demonstrations are not allowed. "Considering the declaration of M. Michel Raoust, President of the French Committee of Scientologists Against Discrimination Association has made known his intention to organize an event on the public street on October 23rd 2000, between 12 and 4:30 pm, from the Place de la Bastille to the Place de la Republique; Considering that it was made known to Paris Police Prefecture that there is a risk of excess and violence and severe troubles to the public order during the planned meeting; Considering that the high number of participants announced by organizers who cannot guarantee the public order during such a large event; Considering that consequently, it has been many times proposed that such meeting could be held statically so as to limit the possible excesses, but that this proposal has been rejected by the organizers; Aforementioned event is forbidden." According to Agence France Press on October 20th, Scientology planned to hold the event anyway. "The Church of Scientology plans an event Monday at 1 pm against the anticult bill which will soon be examined in the Senate, which constitutes 'the modern form of Inquisition.' In a press release friday, the Church of Scientology asks also to the dissolution of the Mission Interministerielle de Lutte contre les Sectes (MILS) and the demotion of his president Alain Vivien. "The Paris section of the Church of Scientology has been asked to respond as an entity for 'fraud attempts', and infractions for keeping computer files on private persons, despite those persons being opposed to the existence of such files." Le Mardi reported on October 17th that Judge Marie-Paule Moracchini has been removed from a case involving lost Scientology court files. "Unless there is a miracle, Marie-Paule Moracchini will lose the Scientology files, one she 'deals with' since 1989. Olivier Morice, attorney of ex-followers asking for the judge to be removed from the case, announced that President Gilbert Alibert said 'We are scandalized and it has to be made known.' The president was speaking of the interviews recently given by Moracchini, as well as her allegations accusing one member of the accusation chamber's judges of biases (the Counselor Jacques Buisson). "The Chamber of Accusation's decision looks to be unavoidable: Marie Paule Moracchini should be disgraced from the folder she treats since 1989. Even if she loses the Scientology affair, she'll have to come before the Conseil Superieur de la Magistrature for this lengthy instruction and the loss of parts of the files." From Agence France Presse on October 19th: "The Appeal Court in Paris has ordered the judge in a long-running investigation into the Scientology movement to be pulled off the case, two years after important files in the case vanished from court. Wednesday's court ruling ordered Judge Marie-Paule Moracchini off the case, which unites 15 different plaintiffs and includes charges of fraud and the illegal exercise of medicine. She will be replaced by Judge Philippe Courroye. "The scandal broke in June 1998, when court officials discovered that one and a half volumes of the case's 10-volume dossier had gone missing. In the row that followed, prosecutors in the case tried to have Moracchini taken off the case, while lawyers for Scientology tried to have the case thrown out. "In January, a French court fined the French state 20,000 francs and ordered damages to be paid to two of the plaintiffs because of the disappearance of the documents. President of the court Marie-Claude Domb said the error could not be blamed on Moracchini, but described the incident as an 'inexcusable mistake' that was down to the failure to keep properly recorded copies. "In November last year, five French Scientologists were found guilty of fraud and attempted fraud. One of them was sentenced to six months in prison and fined 100,000 francs (16,000 dollars) for swindling people on behalf of the movement." Message-ID: 8sjgq9$gtq$ Message-ID: 8sptq6$1tgo$ Message-ID:


The Stuttgart consumer protection organization Aktion Bildungsinformation e.V. issued a press release on October 12, accusing the United Parcel Service with making substantial donations to Scientology. "A large cover organization of the U.S. Scientology financial sect and numerous American representatives have received considerable sums of money from the international delivery service, United Parcel Service (UPS). Besides that, the sect and its sub-organizations have delivery contracts with UPS. That was stated by Eberhard Kleinmann, chairman of the Stuttgart consumer protection organization 'Aktion Bildungsinformation, e.V.' (ABI), today in a press conference in the Hotel Esplanade in Berlin. "'By its joint work with UPS, the sect has come one step closer to its goal of increasing its influence in the economy and continuing to spread the management technology of L. Ron Hubbard,' said Kleinmann. The ABI has evidence that almost fifty representatives received payments in amounts of up to 240,000 US dollars from UPS. UPS donation money has also gone to the World Literacy Crusade Foundation. WLC founder Alfredie Johnson is said to be a member of Scientology and he appears in the sect's own publications as an accuser against psychiatry and against psychiatrists." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001016172729.122A-100000@darkstar.zippy

Keith Henson

Keith Henson posted a document he filed in his criminal case, in which he is accused of making bomb threats against Scientology's Gold Base. The affidavit describes an incident in which a Scientology PI attempted to run him over with a car. "On July 2, Scientology assigned Edwin Richardson and Frank Petty to harass me while picketing. They chased me across Highway 79 several times. I stopped a number of cars and asked that they call 911. Tape of this incident was later shown to the Highway Patrol who concluded that I was trying to escape from Richardson and Petty and not jaywalking. I have a number of tapes which I made of them verbally abusing me, making implied death threats and threats against my daughter. A transcript of one of those tapes and the tape itself was turned over to Lt. Tony Greer at the Hemet Sheriff's station. "On Sept. 17th I was picked up by Brent Stone in the parking lot of Stators at the corner of State and Stetson in Hemet, CA. Frank Petty was tailing Mr. Stone and had stopped in the parking lot near the south exit of the lot. As I got out of the car with my camcorder and started to cross the driveway to get closer to Mr. Petty's car, Mr. Petty pulled out and aimed his car directly at me, hitting the accelerator after he turned North." Keith will be a speaker at a meeting of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco. "Thursday, November 2nd, 2000, at 7:00PM PT. Moscone Center, Room 101; 747 Howard St.; San Francisco, CA, USA The upcoming BayFF includes panelists Keith Henson, a free speech advocate who was sued by the Church of Scientology, Prof. Joe Liu, an expert on intellectual property law, and Damien Cave, a Bay Area reporter with who covers tech issues. They will focus on the publishing/posting of documents on the Web that are later claimed to be private, or to contain trade secrets. What are the repercussions of this type of publication? Can litigation to prevent or punish such publishing be seen as a violation of the publisher's First Amendment rights? "Keith Henson, an electrical engineer and programmer by trade, and long a free speech advocate, was troubled by the Church of Scientology's 1995 attempt to destroy a Usenet news group. He was sued by them in early 1996 over an open letter to a federal judge which quoted from a Scientology instruction manual. Most recently, he has been exercising his First Amendment rights by picketing Scientology's desert compound near Hemet, CA. He has been charged with making 'terrorist threats' to the organization, which he denies. He is also well known for founding the L-5 Society in 1975, and was heavily involved in space politics for 6 years. He is a major character in the multi-person biography, 'Great Mambo Chicken and the Trans-Human Condition' by Ed Regis. In recent years he has been deeply involved with cryonics." Keith also reported that Scientology has obtained permission from the judge in his bankruptcy case to depose his college-age daughter. "My daughter is to be deposed Tuesday, most likely by the lawyer-pit bull, Sandy Rosen. The judge did limit it to one hour, starting at 9 am. I will be there, but my wife has been excluded. She will be down on the street from about 8:30 am with a picket sign about Paul, Hasting, Janofsky & Walker abusing her daughter for scientology - the cult of blackmail, bribery and fraud. The address is 555 South Flower Street, downtown Los Angeles." Message-ID: 8sigav$cci$ Message-ID: Message-ID: 8snc3m$aoa$

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Times reported that Scientology planned a workshop in West Valley this week. "The Church of Scientology Mission of the West Valley will hold a workshop for youngsters 11 to 17 from 1 to 3 p.m. today at the church, 21010 Devonshire St., Chatsworth. The cost is $5." Message-ID: 8ss80p$5p1$

Lisa McPherson Trust

There will be a benefit concert for the Lisa McPherson Trust on November 11th in Clearwater, Florida. "All proceeds will be donated to the Lisa McPherson Trust, a watchdog group dedicated to exposing the abusive and deceptive practices of Scientology in an effort to reform the organization and its harmful tactics. The event will take place on Saturday, November 11, 2000 from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Club More, located at 703 Franklin Street, Clearwater, Florida 33756. All ages are welcome before 8 p.m., at which time only adults 18 or older will be permitted. Cover charges will be free/donation for those 15 or younger, $15.00 for ages 16 through 20, and $10.00 for ages 21 and older. "Poets, guest speakers including former Scientologists, cult experts and video presentations will accompany the musical acts. Musical acts scheduled to date include WMNF radio disk jockey Jah-Be, The Hazies, Crizzy and the Punx, Fornikulture, Undecided, Wicker God, Trocar, Shiver, The Outpatients, Boney Fiend, The Gotohells, and ACK Records recording artist Tranceboy. "Scientology founder and Dianetics author L. Ron Hubbard's great-grandson Jamie Kennedy will be the Master of Ceremonies for this event. Poet and artist Kennedy has been profiled by television's 60 Minutes and in the New York Times regarding his volatile performances at poetry slams. He truly has a unique, critical perspective about Scientology and his family. Jamie Kennedy will also perform several of his poetry slam pieces." Stacy Brooks announced the second Literati Contest for writing essays on Scientology. "The Lisa McPherson Trust believes that a more comprehensive understanding of the abusive and deceptive nature of the Scientology organization is the best way to educate government officials and the public at large. Further, this understanding is also one of the most effective ways of helping victims of Scientology recover from prolonged abuse within the organization. We are pleased to announce the following topic for the 2000 Lisa McPherson Trust Literati Contest. "The topic is 'Scientology: Control, Freedom & Responsibility.' The essay should analyze how control, freedom and responsibility operate together or clash within the organization and how these interface with the non-Scientology world. The essay must be an original piece of writing. It must be insightful and thought provoking, and it must provide some practical resolution or approach to the Scientology issue by integrating the perspectives of both sides. There will be four judges: Bob Minton, Stacy Brooks, Karin Case and Graham Berry. The decision of the judges will be final. First place will be awarded $7,000. Second place will be awarded $2,000. Third place will be awarded $1,000. The contest closes on November 30, 2000." Message-ID: Message-ID:

Tom Padgett

Tom Padgett, recently released from a Kentucky jail when it was shown that he had paid all child support owed, posted an update to his civil case to regain contact with his children. "Tom Padgett's motion to have the harassment and character attacks upon him by Scientology agents acting on behalf of his ex-wife Laura, was overruled. Of particular concern was the recent letters in the Cape Cod Times, one of which asserts Tom was a deadbeat dad and a criminal as it was destroying his ability to find and maintain a job and income to pay for support obligations and to pay attorney fees to fend off Laura's obsession with litigation. The judge ruled this was a freedom of speech issue where he could not intervene. "Padgett's motion to the court to order counseling for the parties as a softer dispute resolution forum was sustained. The judge requested proposals from both sides. Tom submitted his on the spot. Laura and her lawyer have not submitted anything. They probably will never since Hubbard forbids any types of mental health relief other than Dianetic Counseling by a trained Scientologist. A motion to show cause why Laura Padgett and her attorney should not be held in Contempt of Court for failure to abide to a February 8, 2000 Order requiring routine discovery and disclosure of the parties was overruled. "Tom reports that attempts to see his son Beau have failed. He has only seen him 2 hours in the past 21 months." Message-ID:

Protest Summary

Gregg Hagglund reported a protest this week at the Toronto org. "Picket Hours: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM, 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Picketers: Ensign Kim, Mike Argue, Ron Sharp and Gregg Hagglund with a one hour assist by Kaeli. Flyer Count: 450 RX specials, 50 Human Cost of Co$. "Approximately at noon OSA Goonette and Thief Paulette made her appearance and soon after snatched a flyer. I asked the Police Officer to instruct her to refrain from her Public Mischief and to my surprise this Officer did just that. Paulette then spent a few minutes slandering me most viciously [on tape] and in the Officers presence. Her litany included of false accusations: A monumental yet undetected $800,000 Retail Bankruptcy Heist; Conviction as a child molester; Lobotomizing my wife; 'doing something' to my dear departed friend Elizabeth Pearse; drug trafficking out of my home. The usual complete vile spew from this extremely degraded woman. "For the afternoon, Colin Manning, Andy Hill and Poxy Paulette did their best to be as obnoxious, obstructive and intimidating as they could. Ensign Kim was the first target of the OSA thugs, with first Andy Hill and then Colin Manning trying some TR Bull Baiting in low tones. All three tried a gang BB session surrounding me on three sides with my back to the curb and traffic on Yonge St. Paulette was carrying a very hot beverage, either Tea or Coffee in her right hand. She thrust this into my face exhorting me to 'Speak into the microphone'. I could feel the heat of the drink with my nose, lips and chin. I put up one hand onto the top of the hot drink and forced her hand down and away from my face. She then raised it again, quite quickly to my face, and spilled some of the hot drink through the cover and on her fingers, hurting herself. Once more I quickly put my hand up to protect myself and pushed her drink down and away from my face. She pulled her hand back and began to swing the hot beverage up at my face with some force. My hand and the drink collided forcefully knocking the hot drink from Palette's' grasp and painfully stinging my hand with spilled hot drink. "I then went some 20 feet down the street to the Police Officer and apprised him of the actions of these thugs. He simply looked amused and said thank you for my information. A passerby who had been conversing with Ensign Kim near me and witnessed the entire episode came up to me and voiced his outrage at Paulette's' conduct. We were joined by the loud and abusive presence of Andy, Colin and Poxy accusing me of assaulting Poxy Paulette, who proceed to kick my sign directly in view of the Police Officer. The Officer appeared greatly amused by the goings on. I asked him how far he would let them go and he shrugged. So, much to Mario's' chagrin and anger I launched a Tone 40 chant about the fraudulent nature of the personality test and Dianetics. Mario came out the open door and berated the cop for letting me be so loud and then pulled the door shut. The cop merely grinned at Mario's upset too. Paulette then stood in front of the Dianetics Door challenging me to chant even louder, but it was now 4:30 and we couldn't stay any longer to play today." Message-ID:


24 Heures reported on October 14th that Scientologists have lost a case in Switzerland for not paying taxes. "Since 1993, the cantonal Tax Administration (ACI, the IRS at the cantonal level) waited for the Administrative Court (TA) to settle a case against the Scientologists. The ACI required the TA to find out whether the organization which calls itself 'Church' of Scientology must be considered as a business, ie tax paying, or as a tax exempt religious organization. Judge Jean-Claude Haller has issued an unfavourable verdict for the Scientologists. "It involves large sums of money, as the Lausanne based sect has not paid taxes, either city taxes or cantonal (state taxes) taxes since 1991. The Lausanne municipality has not received any official information yet and is strongly interested in the case. The continuations mentioned imply an appeal at the Federal Court (TF, the Supreme court). According to a member of the Lausanne authorities, this is rather improbable, as the Federal Court has already had to handle such a case in Zurich, and denied them the right to be considered as a church." Message-ID:

Battlefield Earth

John Travolta defended the movie Battlefield Earth and announced his hopes to produce the sequel. From the Calgary Sun on October 17th: "In his eyes, the much-hyped science-fiction epic Battlefield Earth was not a major box-office or critical disaster. Back in May, it took just 18 days for Battlefield Earth to be knocked out of the top 10 box-office list with paltry earnings of just $20.5 million US. 'It didn't lose anybody any money because we filmed Battlefield for just $50 million Canadian. We were very responsible with our investors' money,' insists Travolta, denying rumours the film cost upwards of $70 million US. 'By the time you factor in foreign sales and video, Battlefield will gross more than $80 million US, so it's not the flop some people are trying to say it is.' "Battlefield Earth was written in 1982 by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, for which Travolta is one of the most vocal celebrity spokesmen. 'When I first decided to turn Battlefield Earth into a film, I thought if I could even get it into theatres I'd consider myself lucky. I've done that and much more.'" From Reuters on October 18th: "Believe it or not but John Travolta says he was delighted with 'Battlefield Earth' - the Scientology-inspired sci-fi thriller slammed by critics as one of the worst movies of all time - and that plans are going ahead for a sequel. 'The bottom line is that I feel really good about it. Here I was taking big chances, breaking a new genre,' said Travolta, one of Hollywood's leading followers of the Church of Scientology. Released in May, it was vilified by critics variously as 'deeply dumb', 'laughably bad' and a 'monolithic monstrosity.' It has taken $21 million at the U.S. box office." From EOnline on October 18th: "Has John Travolta been possessed by the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard? What else could explain the erstwhile Sweathog's announced desire to do a sequel to the universally reviled Battlefield Earth, the sci-fi turkey that bombed the box office this summer. Travolta claimed the flick has become a cult hit on the Net and is gaining an audience overseas. The video and DVD are also expected to be out in time for the holidays. Regarded as one of the worst films ever committed to celluloid, and the leading candidate to sweep the Golden Raspberry Awards, aka the anti-Oscars, Battlefield Earth was a labor of love for Travolta, who said he always dreamed of making the film. From Mr. Showbiz on October 19th: "Battlefield Earth's failure was also rumored to have bumped the release of Travolta's next film, Nora Ephron's Lucky Numbers, in order to give his reputation time to heal. 'It could very well be [that studio representatives] wanted to distance themselves from Battlefield Earth, which left a bad taste in moviegoers, mouths,' speculated Robert Bucksbaum, president of box-office tracking agency Reel Source, back in June." From the Chicago Sun Times on October 22nd: "Travolta spent 15 years bringing the sci-fi vision of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to the big screen. 'The bottom line is that we were proud that we got Battlefield Earth done. I was pleased with the outcome,' Travolta says. 'In fact, the film did better than I expected. At the time, I withheld the fact that we did the movie for so little money. I have a very positive outlook on life, so I always seem to generate good fortune somehow. No matter what happens, I'm like a cat. I always seem to land on my feet,' Travolta says. "And it's easy to bring a smile to his face these days. Travolta is a beaming new father to daughter Ella Blue. Travolta's wife, actress Kelly Preston, participated in a quiet birth. 'It is a beautiful, still experience that lovingly brings a child into the world without screaming or talking." Message-ID: 8shfd9$dq7$ Message-ID: Message-ID: 8sm35m$aio$ Message-ID: 8snagc$96v$ Message-ID: 8sutks$1m3$

Saint Hill Size

Ted Mayett posted a recent mailing from Scientology's Las Vegas org describing their push to grow to the size of the old Saint Hill center. "The Las Vegas Org has been slated by International Management to go Saint Hill Size this year. Recently the American Saint Hill Organization in Los Angeles was announced as attaining the size of old Saint Hill. Just week prior the Tokyo org was announced as achieving the size of Saint Hill. They got the needed Technical trained staff hired and put onto the Technical Training Corps as the top priority. They made it a game to get these posts filled. These posts are: 20 Auditors, 5 Staff Staff auditors, Senior Case Supervisor, 2 Tech Case Supervisors, 4 Academy Course Supervisors, 4 Academy Word Clearers, Qualifications Secretary, Intern Supervisor and a Cramming Officer. This totals 40 people. "The good news is that we already have 10 of these posts filled and there are 2 more staff members about to finish their basic lineups and start their technical training to fill 2 more of the postings. That leaves 27 posts to fill to complete the full Technical compliment and complete the first step to making it to Saint Hill Size." Message-ID:

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