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Volume 5, Issue 29 - October 29 2000


Karin Case reported that Scientology has been hosting an art exhibit in the Clearwater Bank building. "Jeff Jacobsen noticed a sign in front of the Scientology 'The Bank' building that said 'Art Exhibit, October 26 - 28 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. All Welcome.' Jeff, Ingrid and I took a walk to The Bank building to check out this open, free art show. Surprisingly, no one was entering the art show. Jeff tried the front door but it was locked. Then a staff member opened the door. I pleasantly said, 'Hi!'. He looked startled by my friendly gesture and replied, 'It's not open now.' When we turned around to leave, the 2 off-duty officers and Antonio approached us. The male officer asked me, 'Did you just try to go into that building?' I said, 'Yes, the sign says art show, all welcome.' He said, 'Oh, ok that makes sense, I was just asking if you tried to go in.' "Antonio was telling Jeff 'You are not welcome, what part of that do you not understand?' Jeff pointed out to the officers and Antonio that the sign is then incorrect and perhaps they should add, 'Except the LMT staff' under 'All Welcome.'" Message-ID:

U.S. Congress

Die Presse published an article on October 18th on the resolution pending in the U.S. Congress which would criticize France, Germany and other European countries for alleged discrimination against Scientology and other cults. "A resolution (HR 588) has been taken up recently in the International Relations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. The resolution was sponsored by Committee Chairman Ben Gilman and Republican Matt Salmon and Donald Payne. They have also expressed support that experts on religious freedom should be included in international meetings, such as OSCE. The resolution criticizes mainly France (for a parliamentary report on religions) and Germany (for discrimination against Scientology adherents in business), but it was also said that religious minorities were disadvantaged, monitored and boycotted in Austria and Belgium. Austria was said to produce 'intentional propaganda against religious groups,' such as through its established sect office." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001023180006.122B-100000@darkstar.zippy

Tory Bezazian

Former Scientologist Tory Bezazian reported that she has been declared a suppressive person by Scientology. "Today, on October 28th, 2000 almost 3 months exactly from when I left the Church, I received on goldenrod my official Declare! It says I abandoned my husband. This is false. It says I abandoned my friends. This also is false, and in fact, when I have tried to call them, they have hung up on me. "In 1969 I read Dianetics and I hitchhiked from Chicago to LA to study Scientology. I have been there for 30 years. During much of this time I have fought my own battle with people mislabeling me as 'PTS' and people treating me as if there was something wrong with me, because I have a physical condition. Well, now they have changed their minds. I am no longer PTS, I am an official SP." Message-ID:

Jenna Elfman

Source magazine recently printed a statement by celebrity Jenna Elfman on her completion of OT Preparations. "I am SUCH a product of OT Preparations. I don't have any attention on my case now. I'm in present time on my case. "I went and got myself a new Clear bracelet, it so rehabilitated my State of Clear. No more thought, nothing. Very, very certain. And all I see now is future! "I'm ready for OT I. Wow, me. I can get that data. I couldn't have it before. Didn't know I couldn't have it. But I was not in present time to even think that I would be going on to OT I. Now, I'm here full time. I go on course from 9:30 in the morning until 10:15 at night. "When I'm drilling, Ron is with me. I really am hearing his communication, his intention, his think on it. And I really feel how much he wants us to go free." Message-ID:


Scientology held a rally in Paris this week to protest alleged discrimination. From Tilman Hausherr: "They did meet at the Bastille but it wasn't a demonstration - just a bunch of tourists waiting for a bus. Estimate is between 1500 and 3000 cultists. No flag waving, no chanting, no speeches, no banners. There was a press conference in a cafe with Kirstie Alley, Anne Archer and Isaac Hayes. Pseudo-celebrities Andrik Shapers and Jeff Pomeranz were there too. And a few OSA goons like John Carmichael and Daniele Gounord. From Roger Gonnet and Eldon Braun" "We met at the Place Bastille at 1:30 pm, where an estimated 1,200-1,500, joined by a few Raelians and other fringe groups, converged in two different clumps on opposite sides of the square. There was no permit for a demonstration, since the approved venue (Place Denvert-Rocherau) had been rejected. Kirstie Alley and Issac Hayes showed up to do a brief gig at the first floor window of a cafe. Perhaps two hundred cops were in attendance. They peacefully kept the crowds in check and lined up to herd them toward a dozen double decker tour buses. "Then they were driven to the big afternoon rally, which had been hastily organized just outside Paris at the Bois de Vincennes. The Foundation for Religious Tolerance rented a large restaurant called La Porte Jaune for the afternoon at the last minute at a cost of 200,000 francs (US $27,000). Earlier today, a small delegation went to the Interministerial Mission to Combat Cults asking to be heard; they weren't received, so they left a funeral wreath outside the front door. They have rented the Salon Vianney at 98 Quai de la Rapee in Paris for tomorrow's 10 am mock 'religious hate crimes' trial of the President of the Mission, the Mayor of Paris, and perhaps other officials." The Panafrican News Agency published an article on October 23rd on the rally. "Scientologists, including a number of South Africans, Monday reacted angrily to the French Government's perceived religious intolerance. France has blacklisted 173 religions and is seeking to pass a bill that will look to dissolve sects that are considered undesirable. The list includes Baptists, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Scientologists and Seventh-Day Adventists. This bill is expected to come before the French Senate at the end of October. Scientologists as well as an array of other religious denominations in Paris Monday held a huge march and rally in protest of this bill. A number of South African Scientologists who are outraged at the bill flew to France to lend their voices to the protest." From Agence France-Presse on October 23rd: "Several thousand Scientologists from the United States, Canada and European countries gathered in Paris Monday to protest against a proposed new anti-sect law in France. The protest was the largest Scientology gathering in France for several years, since the group fell foul of the French authorities after its members were accused of brainwashing vulnerable people and extorting money from them. "The upper house of the French parliament is due shortly to debate a bill passed unanimously by the lower house in June which makes 'mental manipulation' a crime. The law would authorize a court to dissolve a sect already convicted twice by the courts. It outlaws the groups from advertising to youths and gives mayors the right to prohibit the groups from moving to schools, hospitals or other establishments sheltering impressionable people. "The demonstration, which had not been authorised by local authorities, also called for the dismantling of France's interministerial anti-sects mission and the sacking of the body's president Alain Vivien for 'his serious violations of the fundamental freedoms of French citizens.'" Message-ID: Message-ID: 8t1o6c$5nf$ Message-ID: 8t46j0$5cm$ Message-ID: 8t4f2d$6ub$ Message-ID: 8t4j6k$hh4$


Focus reported on October 21st that a new report has been prepared by Dr. Stephen Kent on Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force. "Apostate members of the Scientology organization's elite unit, 'Sea Organization,' are subjected to 'brainwashing' in at least ten penal camps in the USA, Denmark and England, according to Canadian professor Stephen Kent. Kent will present his scientific study in the coming weeks with a former camp inmate in Hamburg and Berlin. Those formerly involved report that deviants, including the former Hamburg chief Wiebke Hansen, must always run from one place to another in the heavily guarded camp, and have to work for up to 30 hours at a stretch. The food was said to be insufficient and 'terrible.' Totalitarian methods such as forced confession of imaginary sins are alleged to be used to make the inmate toe the line." Ursula Caberta announced that the Hamburg Interior Agency has published a brochure on the RPF. From the Associated Press on October 23rd: "The Hamburg Interior Agency has published a brochure about Scientology which warns about its re-education camps. 'It is time that we address this issue,' said Ursula Caberta on Monday. She directs the Work Group on Scientology for the agency. According to her statements, members ready to leave the organization are put into these camps in which they are again made loyal. The author of the brochure is Canadian sociologist Stephen Kent, who says he has conducted numerous interviews with former Scientologists. "According to what he says, the camps are in the USA, Great Britain and Denmark. The inmates are poorly fed, required to do heavy labor, and subjected to hours of interrogation. Kent's findings are verified by U.S. citizen Stacy Brooks who, in her own words, was herself dragged off to one of these camps when she was a Scientologist. 'I saw how several inmates were hit,' she said. According to Kent and Brooks, government authorities are not doing anything about the camps." From Aktuelle dpa-Meldungen on October 23rd: "The 're-education' into obedient Scientologists in these camps is an equivalent to 'brainwashing,' During the press conference, members of the Hamburg Scientology organization protested against Caberta in front of the agency and accused her of accepting bribes. It was alleged that she 'secretly accepted money for the payment of private debts' from an 'active opponent' of Scientology. Caberta dismissed the allegation back in September. 'I am not corrupt,' she stressed. "Former member of Scientology Stacy Brooks reported in Hamburg that she was taken by force in the middle of the night to a 're-education camp' in Los Angeles. She said there she was subjected to episodes of anguish and sleep deprivation, among other things. She said that other inmates had been hit. The police in the USA allegedly knew about the camp, but did not get involved. "The so-called RPF program was not voluntary, as Scientology claimed, said Prof. Kent. He said that, without question, the actions of the RPF violated a series of human rights agreements like the rights of freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Kent said that these and other human rights problems 'centered around Scientology programs which enjoy tax exemption in the United States.'" From Hamburg Morgen Post on October 24th: "Does Scientology maintain penitential camps in which apostates are forcibly held and are subjected to brainwashing? A new booklet from the Work Group on Scientology in the Interior Agency has come to that conclusion. Its author is Professor Stephen Kent from Alberta, Canada. "'Even residents of Hamburg who are members of Scientology run the risk of ending up in one of the organization's penitential camps in Denmark or the USA,' said Ursula Caberta, Hamburg's Scientology Commissioner. Stephen Kent said the camps were set up to break down the will of members critical of the organization. 'Witnesses have told me that they were held there an entire year,' said Kent. "'I was pulled out of my bed early in the morning and dragged off,' Stacy Brooks reported. She said the rehabilitation camp was in the middle of Los Angeles. 'I was constantly watched there and interrogated daily - with a lie detector.' She said she received threats that she would never see her family again. 'In the afternoons we had to do the running program for hours to get rid of negative thoughts.' The only ones that leave are those who toe the line for the sect, said Stacy Brooks. Now she has joined the struggle against the sect." Augsburger Allgemeine Stadtausgabe reported on October 20th that Scientology has opened a new facility in Augsburg. "The police and Constitutional Security have an opening of an 'encounter center' by the controversial Scientology organization in the Dom district on their agenda. We operate on the assumption now, as we did before, that this organization has anti-constitutional currents,' said Franz Gruber, spokesman of the Bavarian State Office for Constitutional Security. Therefore the office collects information on the organization's activities, which has 2,600 members in the Free State, according to findings. Scientology had already established a 'Mission' once in Augsburg in the early '90s. 'That closed again, though, because of inactivity,' according to Gruber. The organization has apparently increased its efforts in the past several months to again gain a hold in the Free State. 'The opening may be an attempt to create a logistical center for recruitment of customers in the southern German area.' As verified by a police spokesman, the encounter center is also under surveillance by the Augsburg Commissariat for State Security." Stuttgarter Zeitung published an article on the German OPC on October 25th. "The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) was already running into problems before it got started. The Allies sought people who were unencumbered by the Nazi era yet were politically experienced enough to guard the new democracy. The Allies refused the first seven candidates which the federal administration under Konrad Adenauer proposed for president of the office, all of them because of their brown past. Finally, in 1951 the Brits installed Otto John from the resistance movement as chief of Constitutional Security on July 20th. "As the central agency for the observation of extremist currents, Constitutional Security has collected enough proof in the past 20 years for the prohibition of a total of 22 counter-constitutional organizations. Fields of operation include not only the surveillance of both leftwing and rightwing extremists, but also of sect-like organizations like Scientology. On top of that comes battling extremism by foreigners. The mission of the more than 2,000 staff, who have at their disposal an annual budget of about 224 million marks, includes counter-espionage. About 60 percent of their information comes from public sources. Only a little bit flows through the secret channels, which includes undercover men and eavesdropping devices." A Press Release announced this week that nominations are open for the second Alternative Charlemagne Award. "The spokeswoman for the European-American Citizens Committee for Human Rights and Religious Freedom in the USA, Solveig Prass of the Parents and Concerned Initiative against Psychic Dependency of Sachsen, Inc., announced that competition was open for the Alternative Charlemagne Award in 2001. The Committee's human rights prize will be bestowed in 2001 upon a person who excels in the trans-Atlantic area in the discussion about human rights and religious freedom and the totalitarian Scientology organization." Today in the Bundestag reported on October 26th that the CDU/CSU has asked the German government official questions about plans regarding Scientology "The CDU/CSU faction have made Psycho-groups with a high risk potential into a Minor Inquiry. Mentioned in particular was the Scientology Organization. The government should say, based on the evaluation of the Scientology Organization by the French administration, whether it is ready to agree to a joint French-German initiative with the goal of achieving a coordinated joint method by the EU member states in dealing with the risks arising from Scientology. "It is also asked whether the U.S. government has tried to exert influence to Scientology's favor in Germany. The faction further intends to know what the administration has undertaken to present the USA with their opinion of the risks resulting from Scientology to the liberal democratic basic system of Germany and to gain agreement for the resulting plan of action. "In addition to that, it is of interest to the representatives how many commercial enterprises Scientology and its sub-organizations control directly through capital ownership and contracts and indirectly through management personnel. Finally, the faction inquired as to the legal alternatives to thwart infiltration of the German economy by Scientology members." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001023175818.122A-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001023180103.122C-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001023180215.122E-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001025113958.116B-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001025113925.116A-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001026060721.158A-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001026060856.158B-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001026165207.114C-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001027115622.118B-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001027115533.118A-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001029062607.114A-100000@darkstar.zippy

Keith Henson

Keith Henson reported developments in his bankruptcy case, including an abusive deposition of his daughter by Scientology. "Monday Rosen deposed my wife Arel for three hours. It was relatively fractious, especially the exchange with Warren McShane over the transparent access he has with 'sealed' materials. Next morning my daughter was subjected to an hour of deposition by Rosen. I was in the room along with Valory Horn, her attorney. Arel picketed outside the building. There were a few memorable exchanges between Rosen and Ms Horn, and we walked out of the deposition after the one our stipulated by the judge - not the one in San Jose, but a Central district judge. She limited Amber's deposition to one hour and ordered RTC to pay $1000 in sanctions for trying to get a longer deposition. "Rosen did not do so hot trying to deal with Amber. In spite of mocking/sneering, he could not shake her. Part of the deposition was about some artwork she was given when she was a little kid and the rest was about such matters as what she had been given as a graduation present. Rosen tried to upset her in a number of places with one exchange about 'being paid' for her tutoring work. "About three PM Arel and I put in a short picket on LRH way. When we parked on Sunset, there were three estates project force children sweeping the sidewalk. The EPF children came up to our car just as we were getting the signs out. The kids read the signs with wide open eyes and then ran." Message-ID: 8t9fk0$h9c$

Lisa McPherson Trust Benefit

Mr. Scary Productions announced some changes to the band line-up for the benefit concert to benefit the Lisa McPherson Trust. "Two more bands are now added to the lineup for the 1st Annual Benefit Concert for the Lisa McPherson Trust on Saturday, Nov. 11th. They are Gnaw and Low 2 the Left. They are helping us get the fliers for the benefit distributed in the Tampa and Brandon areas! The Master of Ceremonies, Jamie Kennedy, advises that his mother was visited recently by a couple of Scientologists that were looking for him, and it has got him fired up." Jamie Kennedy described the incidents with Scientology. "Listen to the track JUDAS' SON. The recording is from the first time I performed it ever in San Jose. The recording details how the now deceased leader of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard is my great grandfather on my mothers side, my grandfather being the right hand man in the cult for many years until he defected as well. It also details how the Church is quite simply one of the most dangerous cults on the planet. They sue people, blackmail people, frame people, fake suicides and straight out kill people. They've infiltrated the FBI, the IRS, the CIA and the State Department. The FBI has actually stated that their own surveillance equipment is not even close to what the Church has. They have BILLIONS of dollars in secret accounts and over 8 million followers including Tom Cruise and of course John Travolta. And ALL of it was started by my great grandfather. "JUDAS' SON is the very same recording that an anti-Scientology group out of Florida called the Lisa McPherson Trust (named for a woman who was killed by the Church when she tried to defect) heard on the Internet and is now paying all my expenses to fly me out to Florida to perform and MC at a first of it's kind benefit concert in November in the city of Clearwater, a city that Scientology owns HALF of, literally millions of dollars in real estate, half the police force, and where the international headquarters of the Church is located. The benefit features ex members of the church, DJ's, local bands. "This very same recording and this very same concert is why the Church came to my HOUSE in Vallejo last Thursday. They actually came to my ex girlfriends house, two of them, a man and a woman claiming that they were 'poets' who were throwing a 'show' with me and they really wanted to discuss my poetry with me. My ex didn't know any better and directed them to my mothers house (where I've been crashing) a few blocks away. They arrived and tried to sell my brother the same line of shit. They kept trying to weasel information about me to him until my mother came across them. She instantly got a bad feeling about them, telling me later that she can always recognize Scientologists by their 'dead eyes' and nearly robot like behavior. When she asked what poems they wanted to discuss with me, they shuffled a bit. She asked if it was any poem in particular, they said yes, my poem on Scientology. 'Are you Scientologists?' she asked. They tried to change the subject saying it wasn't important until she drilled them on it again and the man uncomfortably admitted that the woman was a Scientologist and that he was 'with the church'. "They asked if I knew that my piece was being used by opponents of the Church. 'Of course he does,' she said. 'Well we claims in his piece that we threaten people' he said. 'Then what the hell are you doing on my porch?' my mom shot back. They actually started quoting lines from my poem, claiming they had never seen any of evidence of any of it and my mom started laughing, sadly shaking her head at their devoted ignorance, told them she prayed they'd escape the cult and politely told them if they wanted to speak to me, to leave a number and get the hell off her lawn. "Some of my family thinks I'm sticking my head into the mouth of the lion by flying out and doing the show. My family prefers its silence and to be left out of it. I refuse to go down quietly. There's a strong possibility that the Church will show up at my next few shows. In secret of course, recording anything they can to use against me later. My mom sadly shook her head and told me that this is only the beginning, that they won't ever stop until I'm quiet, they have too much money, too many thugs and slaves and lawyers, that I'm fighting an impossible fight, that this fight almost killed my grandfather and HAS killed other people. So if I vanish, you know who the suspects are." Mark Bunker reported that a new flyer has been distributed against the concert. "This morning, a flyer was left at the door of the LMT. It is an attack on the upcoming benefit concert for the Trust: "ANTI-CHRISTIAN BANDS? FORNIKULTURE & Go TO Hells are two of the bands scheduled to appear in Clearwater 'BENEFIT' for The Lisa McPherson Trust, Inc. The Master of Ceremonies for the Lisa McPherson Trust benefit has stated that 'Christianity is one of the most dangerous cults on the planet.' Do we want this hate rally to destroy harmony and create conflict in Clearwater?" Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: 8thdtk$

Tom Padgett

Tom Padgett posted an update to his case in Kentucky, where he is trying to get visitation with his children and defeat efforts to jail him again on child support matters. "A motion was filed to require prevention of CHILD/PARENT ALIENATION SYNDROME - an APA diagnosis when one parent keeps a child or children from another, and PERMANENT ESTRANGEMENT - a negative phenomena strongly warned to the court in March of 1996 in this case by expert witness Rev. Dennis Erlich. DISCONNECTION - a mandatory severance between Scientologists and their family members, friends, and loved ones which sadly includes young innocent children against their will and wishes. CHILD ABUSE - a vast harm acknowledged by most child psychologists and child psychiatrists when one parent's unchecked anger motivates keeping children from the other parent. "A motion filed to get an actual written order for a legal guardian ad litem for the minor child involved of which the parties agreed to one in July 1999, was overruled. The judge's comments were there was no need for one in this case and in a round about way stated he didn't want any 'outsiders' from Hopkins County involved. The July 1999 agreement appointed a candidate from Louisville, 2 1/2 hours to the east of Madisonville. The father disagreed that the child needed his own legal guardian since the mother only wanted to settle their parental differences through more litigation in the courts. "A motion for a partial ruling on a past motion for reduction of support obligation was deferred back to the local Domestic Relations Commissioner to be heard. Tom called the Kentucky Child Support Enforcement in Frankfort re: emancipated children issues rendering a discovery that he had been 'overpaying' child support by fifty percent for the past 29 months since the older child reached 18 and had graduated from high school in May of 1998. He wanted immediate credit and adjustments made as it would dramatically effect the outcome of the criminal case. The older child, a daughter who has denounced scientology, is in college and has indicated that she wants any support to be directly from her dad rather than through her mom. "Tom's motion to the court for an Order requiring Laura to attend the mandatory Hopkins County Parent Education Class for divorcing parties was overruled. Tom attended the class in October 1998. The Judge noted that rule went into effect in early 1998 long after this action was filed in 1992. The Judge did, however, 'recommend' Laura to attend to appear reasonable, but would not order it. Since the class is facilitated by psychologists, Laura cannot attend as taboo per LRH policy." Message-ID:

Protest Summary

Rod Keller and Arnie Lerma reported a protest in Washington DC this week. "I had a new sign 'Stop Hurting Families, Scientology' and 'Stop the Abuse and Deception.' I began handing out my Why I Protest flyers ( and over the course of the day I gave out about 300. Eventually the handlers were Sylvia Stanard, Thierry Duchanac and Justin Clark. They also had two body routers. I saw one couple and another guy go in during the protest. The couple came out later, took my flyer, and took a picture with me. I asked if he passed the personality test, and he said 'no.' He said he was mostly on the side of the protesters, but wanted to hear both sides. "Arnie and Lisa showed up at about 1:30 with Arnie's large 'Cult Zone' sign. Jim showed up later with 'Honk if Scientology Sucks' which brought a lot of honks. "This protest saw the introduction of 'leaf blower tech'. A young staffer began to blow some leaves from the side of the wall in front of the org. But after the leaves were gone, he kept blowing and blowing. He blew the same two leaves for about 15 minutes. It's a loud blower, so the introduction of 'accidentally stepping on the power cord tech' was introduced and proved to be a superior technology. Sylvia came out and told the guy to get off the corner where there were no more leaves, and do the rest of the sidewalk. I think she was embarrassed by her org's actions. "I was told several times by Sylvia and Thierry that they have decided I am not evil. I am deluded, but apparently sincere. Arnie isn't evil either, but would be if he wasn't insane." "I arrived at Connecticut and R streets to find Rod Keller already picketing. My picket sign was a new one. 'CAUTION ENTERING GREEDY CULT ZONE.' '$cientology LIE$' enclosed in a fluorescent highlighted pink arrow. 'WWW.XENU.NET' And it was BIG 36' x 48'. "150 of a new flyer I made and crafted for this picket. Thierry OSA Duchanac came over for pictures and told the body router NOT to talk to me at all. The body-router almost snared this one kid, so I walked up to them and looked the kid in the eyes and said 'HANG ONTO YOUR WALLET AND RUN LIKE HELL!' He did not take the personality test." Message-ID: 8thg1a$ Message-ID:

Chuck Russel

Die Welt published an interview with film producer Chuck Russel on October 26th. "Chuck Russel began his career as producer with the horror shock film Nightmare on Elm Street III. That was followed by the comedy The Mask with Jim Carrey and Eraser with Arnold Schwarzenegger. "DIE WELT: You have voiced criticism about sects like Scientology. "Russell: I didn't have a special institution in mind because there are so many shady operators who assimilate the lives and spirits of people to defraud them of their hopes and goods. Everyday we should ask to whom we belong and who comes between individual people and God." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001026165029.114A-100000@darkstar.zippy

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