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Volume 5, Issue 3 - April 16 2000

Battlefield Earth

Publisher's Weekly on April 3rd reported that Scientology has sold book rights to Battlefield Earth in several countries. "'I feel like a flower surrounded by a swarm of bees,' exclaimed Jacqueline LeDonne of, midway into the 2000 London Book Fair. She was talking about the degree of attention focused on anyone--including the folks manning the equally crowded rival stand--who was offering guidance to fair goers eager to navigate a publishing world digitizing at megaspeed. "Bridge Publications ran clips from the upcoming film version of L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth; according to Javier O. Ruiz of Author Services, which handles Hubbard's work, rights to the tie-in book have been sold to Estonia, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and to the U.K.'s Blake Publishing (for $100,000)." From the Wall Street Journal on April 4th: "Battlefield Earth has been a hot potato in Hollywood for more than a decade because it's based on a science-fiction novel by the late Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. But some Hollywood executives are more frightened by the prospect of John Travolta playing a nine-foot-tall alien villain, rendered so unrecognizable by makeup that photo captions for the film must read: 'John Travolta, left.' Since the costs were footed by independent producer Franchise Pictures, distributor Warner Bros. has no money in the film, and about the enthusiasm to match." Message-ID: Message-ID:

Drug Free Marshals

The Miami Herald reported on April 16th that Scientology's Drug Free Marshals are holding an essay contest. "The Drug-Free Marshals program, an educational anti-drug effort sponsored by the Church of Scientology International, recently kicked off a regional essay contest. The topic is 'Anything Is Possible When You Are Drug-Free.' All essay entries must be received by May 10. The contest is open to all kids between the ages of 5 and 14. Entries should not exceed one page in length. Children entering the contest will receive an official Drug-Free Marshals Pledge." Message-ID: 8dch7s$suj$


Le Point published an article on Bob Minton on April 12th. "Bob Minton knew about Scientology what the Cruise and Travolta interviews said, which was good. Then the American banker read some critics that he first thought exaggerated. He came eventually in Clearwater, Florida, and that's where he saw young scientologists running in the street with their paramilitary suits. It's then that he changed his mind about scientology. This 50 year old retired man founded the Lisa McPherson Trust. "Lisa McPherson is the Scientology member who died from a pulmonary thrombosis after having been dehydrated, while the cult had guarded her during 17 days. She's now the symbol of Scientology opponents. Bob Minton started to finance Lisa's family's attorney. Then he helped some seven other ex-adepts. Bob Minton says he has suffered of the cult's harassment: leaflets glued near his home, private detectives inquiries about him, pressures on his family, his friends. "The day after our rendez-vous with Minton, we were receiving a letter from the French association of Scientology of Ile-de-France, where he's accused of 'being implicated into an affair of buying-back the debts of Nigeria', copies of the Sunday Times joined to the letter. Scientology gave also a file with police papers noting that Bob Minton has shot twice in the air to threaten scientologists, and that he would have brandished an ax and launched stones to other adepts. The document proves at least that Scientology has splendid relationships with local police. "This is not much to distract Bob Minton. He bought a building two doors from one of the Scientology buildings in Clearwater, as a sort of provocation toward the cult's managers." Message-ID: 8da17a$g8a$


Bob Minton reported on Scientology's efforts in Nigeria to discredit his financial dealings with the former government. "The Secretary-General of OPEC, Rilwanu Lukman, a Nigerian Moslem AND a practicing Scientologists who has been in Scientology for at least 14 years is the conduit through which Scientology has had access to Senior Nigerian Government officials in their attempt to destroy my former partner Jeff Schmidt in order to have me stop my attempts to expose Scientology's crimes. Lukman, a former Oil Minister in Nigeria and 2 term President of OPEC is in regular contact with Peter Franks the Scientology PI based in London. "Peter Franks and David Lee are both in contact with John Fashanu, a former Nigerian and English soccer star who has confirmed spending over 1 million dollars investigating the debt buy-back activities of Nigeria. Fashanu has bought his information from Franks and Lee, the Scientology detectives. Fashanu seems to be the innocent pawn of Scientology and Lukman who is being used to divert attention from the role that Scientology and Lukman are playing in Nigeria." Message-ID:


The Associated Press reported on April 7th that Scientology has lost a case against the Hamburg Interior Agency Work Group on Scientology. "The Administrative Court dismissed their complaint as inadmissible against the Work Group's so-called 'technology declaration'. Companies can order the statement from the agency and give it to their employees to obtain information about their membership in Scientology. It includes a question as to whether the person 'operates according to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard.' "Two women had refused to sign the declaration, after which they were let go. 'The technology declaration is clearly a call to boycott. It is distributed for the purpose of discrimination,' stated the Scientologists' attorney. According to the court's decision, no causal connection exists between the distribution of the declaration and the dismissal of the female complainants." From Hamburger Morgenpost on April 8th: "After U.S. American Bob Minton (Scientology Enemy Number 1) and Stacy Brooks, who spent nine months in the sect's 'rehabilitation camp,' reported on their experiences in Hamburg yesterday, the sect opened a colorful exhibit on Valentinskamp and ignominiously lost a court hearing. Loud color pictures, beaming faces, cardboard facades with nothing behind them: 'form your own picture of Scientology' read the exhibit invitations. "The money sect's complaint against the Interior Agency was dismissed in Administrative Court for lack of admissibility. The women, who wanted to use their methods to facilitate weight loss, were presented with a 'technology document,' as formulated by the 'Work Group on Scientology.' They were supposed to sign that they did not practice according to the teachings of sect guru L. Ron Hubbard. The court dismissed the women's complaint and that of the Scientologists, too. "And the ex-members who say bad things about Scientology, according to Hamburg spokesman Frank Busch, 'are always the same ones. They make their rounds. Other businesses also have discontented people who leave, too.' Businesses which call themselves 'church,' however, are few and far between." Amberger Zeitung reported on April 10th that a presentation on Scientology was held in Brandstodel. "'Scientology Soul Trapper' was the theme of the third evening presentations of the family seminars at the Duernsricht-Wolfring parsonage in Brandstodel. Reverend Hans Gruber was able to welcome accredited academic Bernhard Suttner from Windberg of Straubing-Bogen county. He continued to say that Scientology clearly targeted the problems dealing with youth. A favorite tactic in doing so was to stir up fears. "Scientology traps people, he said, for the purpose of gaining power over society. Power can be a purpose unto itself, but it also opens up new and effective paths to obtain yet more money. 'The catch often consists of young people, but adults who are going through a crisis in life are also at risk,' said Suttner. Many of these potential victims are on a quest for the meaning of life, for methods of surviving difficulties of all kinds, for orientation in the jungle of the globalized world or for extraordinary titillation from the realm of the unknown. "From its conception, Scientology has never been a 'church,' but a powerful commercial enterprise. New 'customers' have been successfully obtained by companies which offer their management courses and engage in their business consultation. The most important and widely distributed lure in use was said to be a comprehensive 200 question personality test called the 'Oxford Personality Analysis.' The focus of the 'Scientology teachings' was said to be the act of clearing people of 'false concepts, misunderstandings, obstacles to thoughts and feelings.' Politically, Scientology pursues the goal of bringing governments, philosophies or societies inimicable to it into a state of complete compliance." Neue Tag reported on April 11th that a presentation on Scientology was held in Duernast. "'The Scientology Organization is dangerous. It promises total freedom, but what comes out of it is total control and exploitation. The SO wants to get on the computer route to world domination,' stated pastoral speaker Andreas Hartung from Vohenstrauss in front of members of the KAB of Duernast, Kaltenbrunn and Freihung. Hartung provided the audience with an 'interior view' of Scientology with a video film entitle 'Dealing in souls - expensive dreams of superhumans.' The SO intentionally approaches children and youth, such as with homework tutoring, the degreed theologian gave by way of example. "'When one is cloaked in control, then humanly undignified conduct results,' the speaker stressed. He said that Ron Hubbard, the founder of the SO, had made himself into a Missionary of Illusion. He was also the originator of the statement 'If one really wanted to make a million dollars, then the fastest way is to start one's own religion.' Scientology runs its game with cost-intensive communication courses and violates peoples' private sphere up to the point of financial exploitation, Hartung continued." Stuttgarter Zeitung reported on April 11th that Scientology is carrying out an advertising blitz in Stuttgart. "The folding partitions, books and brochures from the 'What is Scientology?' wandering exhibition have only just been packed in the containers to send to their next stop, and another Scientology exhibition is opening up its doors in the former furniture sales house on Friedrich Street: life and work of the sect founder will be presented until Sunday under the title 'L. Ron Hubbard.' Hubbard's German publishing house, headquartered in Maschen near Hamburg, is responsible for the show, said Reinhard Egy, spokesman for the organization in Stuttgart. "From two to four teams of people acting as walking billboards are underway downtown to give directions to the event. Besides that, members have been giving out information about Hubbard's works since yesterday on Kronprinz Street. The information stand downtown is licensed with the Public Codes Office. But only to give directions to the Hubbard exhibition in process. Advertisement for the organization was said to be prohibited in general in the city. It was also said that sandwich men were permitted to walk through pedestrian zones without special permission, as long as they did not talk to or disturb anybody. The Codes Office and the police would keep a close eye on the advertisers' operations, Braun assured." Neue Presse reported on April 12th that Scientology has an exhibit in Hannover, and the city has placed a warning banner nearby. "Thursday and Saturday the 'Church of Scientology' will present its info and recruitment show 'What is Scientology?' in the HCC's Red Hall. 'Unfortunately,' sighed landlord Peter von Loebbecke. He said he had immediately informed the mayor's office and let the legal office know when he got the application to rent. The result: 'Our hands are tied.' "The event, according to Loebbecke, did not explicitly advocate the 'commission of crimes.' Executive Mayor Herbert Schmalstieg had to give his apologies when Michael Fuerst, Chairman of the State Association of Jewish Communities, showed his concern by asking about the gathering. The Parents Initiative also protested. The Executive Mayor stated, 'There is not margin of play to make a decision.' For two days, the auditorium costs 3,400 marks, including charges for setting up before and cleaning up afterwards. There can be charges in addition to that. Scientology paid in cash and in advance. "Michael Karoff of the commerce department donated a sign for the door. It contains a disclaimer from the city and the HCC." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000410154738.136C-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000410154821.136D-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000411161817.120D-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000411161643.120A-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000412122627.115B-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1000413164359.116A-100000@darkstar.zippy

Keith Henson

Keith Henson posted a reply from Scientology to his motion charging fraud and misconduct in his copyright violation case. Scientology is asking for sanctions against Henson. "Henson's motion for relief under Fed. R. Civ. P.60(b) is nothing more than a continuation of his frivolous litigation misconduct. The motion merely rehashes unfounded allegations, none of which have anything to do with the judgments in this case, or come anywhere close to impigning the underlying copyright and contempt judgments. Henson's motion is symptomatic of his entire history of litigation misconduct, throughout which he has burdened this Court and the Court of Appeals, as well as RTC and its attorneys, with numerous frivolous filings, including a motion to recuse Judge Whyte, baseless counterclaims that were dismissed, motions for summary and declaratory judgment that were denied, motions to modify or vacate the preliminary injunction that were also denied, and four appeals to the Ninth Circuit. His other meritless conduct has included forcing this Court to issue a contempt sanction for violation of a court order, and to expand on the preliminary injunction order on numerous occasions due to Henson's violations or threatened violations. This latest Rule 60(b) motion must be seen in the light of this long line of earlier abusive litigation tactics. As Henson has boasted, his misconduct has been intentionally aimed at squandering judicial and RTC resources. RTC specifically requests that this Court take measures to put an end to Henson's wasteful misconduct now. "Henson's motion should be denied, and appropriate sanctions should be imposed, including an order prohibiting Henson from filing any further civil actions, motions, or pleadings against RTC, or any Scientology-related entity, without prior court approval." Message-ID: 8d91vd$bg3$

Lisa McPherson

The St. Petersburg Times published a column by Mary Jo Melone on April 9th on the criminal and civil cases being heard in the Tampa area. "Do you think it's possible that those Scientologists, those believers in e-meters and psychological audits and goose-stepping group-think, are transmitting weird radio signals that have addled some of the best minds in Pinellas County? How else to explain the mental nose dives of the medical examiner and the chief circuit judge when they were confronted with the story of the slow, miserable death in 1995 of Scientologist Lisa McPherson at the Fort Harrison Hotel? "Last week, Judge Susan Schaeffer, who is presiding over the criminal case, dropped hints heavy as bricks that she may throw out the criminal charges against the church, for negligence and practicing medicine without a license. She even said she 'felt sad' that members of the so-called church had to see pickets in Clearwater protesting McPherson's death. Did Schaeffer have any concern for the feelings, confused, depressed and psychotic though they may have been, once possessed by Lisa McPherson? Apparently not. She even said McPherson went to the hotel, after a car accident and a bizarre episode in which she took off her clothes, quite willingly. "Schaeffer said she was troubled by the state attorney's decision to prosecute the church, and not individuals, because this could be taken as an infringement on the right to practice religion. If what they do at Scientology headquarters in Clearwater is a religion, then I'm a planet. Saturn, say, rings and all. "Hillsborough Circuit Judge James Moody has the civil case, a wrongful death suit filed by McPherson's estate. On Friday, church lawyers asked him to throw out the suit, based on some of the nonsense Judge Schaeffer had swallowed. They again said Lisa McPherson was not out of her mind and made a free and independent decision after her car wreck to go to the hotel. Moody refused. He said whether McPherson had acted freely was in dispute. The judge also said he would do everything possible to keep religion out of the case. "Is it the differences between two judges and their personalities? Or are the politics of placating Scientology in play? Clearwater's city manager, Mike Roberto, spends half his time making nice with the e-meter crowd. Worry that some of the best minds in Pinellas County have been cowed by Scientology." The Times reported on April 13th that Medical Examiner Joan Wood will review 150 cases that involved a doctor who no longer works in her office. "Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner Joan Wood said Wednesday that she is reviewing the accuracy of an estimated 150 autopsies, an unprecedented move brought about by the questionable work of a doctor who was forced to resign from her office last month. "Wood called it a 'sad' situation. Richard Eicher is 'a very bright man,' she said, but was in over his head. Although a veteran pathologist, he lacked training and experience in forensic pathology, and Wood said her office was too busy to train him. "The problem comes as Wood weathers criticism in an unrelated matter, the 1995 death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson. After originally saying McPherson's death was 'undetermined' and caused by 'bed rest and severe dehydration' at the Church's of Scientology's Clearwater retreat, Wood recently changed her ruling, calling it an accident. State Attorney Bernie McCabe said he did not know how the review of Eicher's work would affect pending cases." Message-ID: 8csd0t$ Message-ID:

Mean Magazine

Mark Ebner reported that a Scientology official visited Mean Magazine with concerns over a recent article on L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons. "LA $cientology PR operative Kat Tebar showed up at the Mean Magazine office today to purchase a copy of the issue featuring journalist Lisa Derrick's article on Jack Parsons and his relationship with L Ron Hubbard. While at the office, she made every attempt to try and discredit Derrick, calling her a 'bigot,' who is out to get Scientology. "The editor's response was priceless: 'If we published something critical of the Catholic church, I don't think the Pope would send someone by our office.' He went on to inform Tebar that she is welcome to buy an ad or write a letter to the magazine, otherwise, she should 'find something better to do.'" Message-ID:

Tom Padgett

An update on the case of Tom Padgett in Kentucky court was posted to a.r.s this week. "On April 10, 2000, Tom was not sent to prison as pro-scientology prosecutor David Massamore wanted. Padgett's lawyers didn't show up and he was forced to proceed pro se. Judge Charlie Boteler acknowledged the defendant did not violate any pre-trial diversion agreement terms, however he ordered the defendant to sign Kentucky AOC forms with incomplete and omitted information, and if he or his lawyers didn't execute it within 14 days, they would be sent to jail for 6 months for contempt of court." Message-ID:

Protest Summary

The Austin, Texas org was the site of two independent protests this week, first by "Albert", and then by "Ynot" and "Warrior" "I got some of my xenu flyers out and started to hand them out. I got only one out. Then Ed Davison came out and tried to grab the flyers from me and said, 'You need to leave.' I hung onto the flyers and so we were just standing there for a few moments playing sort of a tug-o-war with them. I told him that I was on public property and that I could just stand there all night. He said, 'You need to leave.' He just repeated his question. He said, 'Because you're not going to stand out here and hand that stuff out in front of my church.' "Then I said, 'I need to sit down,' and sat right down there on the sidewalk right in front of the org. It was then that he gave up and went back into the building. Then I got up and left with my Xenu flyers and my sanity." "We made matching signs, saying 'Who is Xenu -' on one side and 'Scientology Lies - ' on the other. Does EVERY cult hive have a little, sneering, weasel looking guy? He came out in a stained white shirt with a couple small holes in the side seams and a very small video camera. 'May I interview you?' he asked. 'Sure,' I replied, 'You can pretend anything you want.' 'What is your sign about?' 'You know about Xenu, don't you?' I asked. 'All the aliens you're infested with? I know you're in on the gag, aren't you?' He changed the subject; 'Why are you here?' 'I don't know why,' I said. 'I just felt like I was being pulled in to do this.' Weaselboy started stammering at that one. "We picketed a little over a half hour, then took a lap around the block. The culties sent their zombies to follow us. We decided to split up and see if we could confuse them. I was able to lose mine easily." "For the most part Wynot and I were apart from each other during our brief activities. Our hand-held signs (with no sticks) both contained the same messages. I would frequently flip my sign around to let people read both sides. What followed was the usual barrage of harrassive questions and insults. Some of which I recall as being: 'Who is Xenu? Is he the evil galactic overlord who murdered the souls of dead space aliens? Is that who he was? Sounds like a disinformation campaign to me. Why are you doing this? Do you think anyone cares? No one is paying any attention to you guys!' "Close to 3 PM I had to leave, so I headed on foot north up Guadalupe Blvd. Realizing that I was being stalked by two of the four handlers who had been on Guadalupe Blvd., I stopped in at a parking lot booth and politely asked the attendant if I could use his telephone. After getting the police on the phone, I calmly and assertively stated that I was being stalked by persons whom I believed to be Scientologists. I told the policewoman taking my request that I would wait right there until an officer arrived. "A fifth Scieno made her presence known. It was the inimitable Cathy Norman, Austin's very own DSA of many years. 'Are you the one who's been putting graffiti around here?' Then she remarked that the graffiti consisted of the exact same slogans as the ones Wynot and I had used on our signs! I chose not to answer her ridiculous 'question', instead preferring to simply look at her with a disgusted look. She remarked rhetorically, 'Aren't you going to answer me? Oh well, I guess not!' Then she abruptly left. "Shortly after that the police arrived. I stated simply that I was being stalked and I wished to make a report since it is illegal to stalk people. The officer told me that I was correct to have made the report/complaint. He also informed me that should the cult leaflet my neighborhood with pamphlets calling me a 'religious bigot', that I should be sure to get a couple of copies and to use them in a follow-up report, while adding that they would be useful evidence in a defamation suit! I thanked them and left smiling causatively, proceeding south along San Antonio Street towards my car with Wynot waiting worriedly inside it." Gregg Hagglund reported a protest in Toronto, and harassment of his wife by Scientology at her workplace. "My wife Jennifer is a teacher for the Greater Toronto School Board. A caller, who refused to identify herself, claimed to be another teacher, and threatened to have Jennifer brought before a Committee of Review for Religious Discrimination. This anonymous coward went on about a variety of topics, all the facts of which she was hopelessly misinformed. The threats of course are baseless as Jennifer is a caring and sensitive ESL teacher with extensive experience in dealing with often shell shocked refugee and immigrant children. Jennifer is a 'miracle survivor' of a massive brain tumor. Removal of this frontal lobe tumor was a life saving and risky operation. This left Jen with some emotional disability and the need for anger management. Jen takes Prozac and lives a 99% normal life. "Picketers: 10 AM to 1 PM: Alan Barclay, Ron Sharp, Dave Palter, Gregg Hagglund. 2 PM to 5 PM: Alan Barclay, Ron Sharp, Gregg Hagglund. Flyer Count: Approx. 750, mixed As usual the Org was forced to pay for an off duty police Officer to secure the peace. The morning consisted of Co$ members swarming myself, dogging, blocking and interfering with the movement of the other picketers, shouting down our communications to the public, snatching flyers, and 'fighting words' provocations. The Police Officer was less than helpful. "The Highlight of the afternoon was the performance of the woman I shall call THE Harridan. She once again denied that Xenu was part of OT 3, so of course I hauled out my copy and showed it to her. I started to read it, very loudly. She tried to shout me down at first, but halfway through leapt into action, ripping my copy of OT3 from my hands and running into the Org to hide." Message-ID: 8d8dc4$lh2$ Message-ID: Message-ID: 8db68b$ Message-ID:

Lisa Marie Presley

The South China Morning Post reported on April 10th that the planned wedding of Scientology celebrity Lisa Marie Presley has been postponed. "The daughter of the late Elvis Presley was planning to wed wild rocker John Oszajca in a Scientology wedding ceremony later this month. But Presley got cold feet after friends advised her not to marry her 25-year-old aspiring pop star boyfriend. Now friends are predicting that the ceremony, which was to have been held under tight security at the Church of Scientology's headquarters in Florida, will never take place. 'At the moment, it's been put back until the autumn,' a friend said. Oszajca has admitted experimenting with drugs, including LSD. 'She's crazy about this guy and wants to marry him, but her friends are horrified,' a friend told the American magazine Globe. 'They think John spells nothing but disaster,' the friend said." Message-ID: 8csoks$ag$

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