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Volume 5, Issue 37 - December 31 2000

Battlefield Earth

A German firm has sued the producer of Battlefield Earth, claiming they were misled in their deal to distribute the film in Europe. From the Los Angeles Times on December 22nd: "German entertainment company Intertainment and flamboyant film producer Elie Samaha's Franchise Pictures sued each other on Thursday as a long-simmering feud among the partners spilled into the courts. Intertainment sued Franchise in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, alleging it was duped by Franchise into overpaying by $75 million for the European rights to such films as 'Battlefield Earth,' 'Get Carter' and 'The Whole Nine Yards.' "Intertainment lawyer Scott A. Edelman said that Intertainment pays Franchise 47% of the film budgets in exchange for the rights. But Intertainment discovered that Franchise overcharged the company by inflating the size of the reported budgets, he said. Franchise's lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that Intertainment engaged in 'foot-dragging, delays, excuses and outright breaches.' It also alleges that Intertainment used Franchise to prop up the value of its stock price." Battlefield Earth continues to top critic's lists of worst films of the year. From the St. Petersburg Times on December 29th: "The undisputed worst waste of film in 2000 was Battlefield Earth -- Celebrity Scientologist John Travolta bankrolled this sci-fi epic, based on a book by the religion's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. A simple tithe would have sufficed. Effects weren't special, and the plot was impenetrable. Travolta, playing an ersatz Klingon, ended each sentence with absurd cackles in his poorest performance ever. Director Roger Christian sharply tilted the camera for nearly every shot, appropriate for a movie constantly zooming downhill. Boredom without end, amen." From the Orange County Register on December 31st: "Despite some spin doctoring from John Travolta that would be the envy of the Gore and Bush camps, the actor's science-fiction adventure 'Battlefield Earth' was the biggest bomb of the year. Travolta has suggested a sequel, but there will be no sequel. There will be a sequel to 'Little Nicky' before there will be a sequel to 'Battlefield Earth.'" Message-ID: 925ncj$e7r$ Message-ID: 92k6e0$tjn$ Message-ID:

Internal Documents

Andreas Heldal-Lund posted a series of internal Scientology letters and reports this week. From a report on the Cadet Org and its penal RPF unit: "I have several Cadets and blown Cadets who need to go to the children's RPF. Since being back in the Cadet Org I have been pushing hard on getting basics in and pushing hard on getting the Cadets producing. The scene is getting better with many Cadets starting to pick up their hats and the scene is starting to improve. However a very small percentage are entubulative sources and are sabotaging efforts to set the scene right. (reports are written and are I/P on the enturbulative sources) They need to be moved off the line per Forcing In The Ideal Scene. In addition to the Cadet Org itself getting established there are SO kids not in the SO who need to do the Children's RPF to get them back on purpose as SO members. "[name removed] recently took a razor blade and cut X's in his skin up and down both his arms. He is psychotic in PT and needs close supervision. In 1976 when the Commodore re-established the Cadet Org, he also included the children's RPF as a part of this. Ref Pac Estates Unscramble. In 1986-87 when myself and Yolanda Avila put back in the advices concerning the Cadet Org, the re-instituting of the Children's RPF was very instrumental as one of the successful actions done which 10X'd the Cadet Org at that time. "Another factor is that there are disaffected X-SO kids who are originating they want to come back. Today the CO PAC told me the Lipton girls want to come back. Last week Jade Kavanarr came to see me. This is a big reach from these kids. Our X-SO kids at Mace-Kingsley need to be pulled back and handled. They all need the children's RPF." Excerpts from a 1977 letter by Mark Ingber to the Melrose Org concerning the Cadet Org. "I have found that the issues recently put out which specify quotas of staff required from each Org to man up the Melrose Org and which require these quotas to be met as each new child enters the Cadet Org are unpopular with some. "Amost every person who was on staff at the Melrose in July 1976 has had to be RPFed or routed out as the Org was filled with criminals. These were the people entrusted to carry out the Commodore's intentions for the PAC children. It was no wonder that the place was a criminal mess. Where did these staff come from? To a great degree they were the ethics cases of other orgs who were offloaded to the Melrose to staff it up when any demand was put on the orgs. "There are currently over 160 children at the Cadet Org being cared for by just over 20 adult staff at the Melrose Ests Org. This means a scene of constant cope and forced neglect of the children. The Ests Bu is getting it staffed up and over half of the current Melrose staff are Ests recruits. However there is a need for additional staff NOW and no added time can be afforded "By this issue a one week grace period is hereby granted on compliance to FLWUS ED 682 during which time it is hoped that a positive workable and terminated handling is presented by those responsible outside of Ests such as the Parents Liaison Committee and COs Council. If at the end of that week no alternate handling is presented that is workable I will be forced to bring about a solution which does work in any way necessary to move the scene closer to the ideal as laid out by the Commodore." From a report on the rent not being paid on the East Grinstead Bookshop: "I just handled a phone call with the landlord of the East Grinstead Bookshop, Mr. Alan Mattey. He was extremely upset, to put it mildly, because he has been trying to get his rent paid and for the last three weeks has been shuffled around from one person to another with no one taking responsibility for the cycle, telling him people aren't there etc. He was threatening that he was going to inform the law that the rent is not being paid and is going to kick Fdn out so the receptionist called security and they told her to pass him on to us. "He is owed 666.67 pounds for rent due last month and in two days is owed another 916.67 pounds. The rent is paid in arrears so in fact the 916.67 due in two days is for the month's rent just completed. He was told three weeks ago that a cheque for the rent was on its way which has never arrived. "This is a definite shore flap, among other things, and is VERY not OK. We are working very hard to handle East Grinstead. We have developed a good relationship with the police and over our time here have forced them to wear their hat to protect us regarding the bookshop. To now have them be gone to by our landlord because we haven't paid the rent and he wants to re-possess is gross and cannot occur. "Mlv Deborah Gardner" From a report on the taxes owed by the Los Angeles org: "We found out that there were funds ripped out of the Reserved Payment Account in 88 and 89. The ex Treas Sec, Martin Witt, had a sort of Bank operation going where members of EC requested funds from the account for FP cycles and he considered that money 'owed back to him' etc. and of course it was never paid back. It turns out Martin Witt did fictional tax filings in 1988 for the org, reporting bullpen figures out of his head. He messed up the payroll records so bad that one couldn't tell at all what people DID get paid. For instance there were weeks when pay got cut, but payroll DVs were paid even though the pay had been cut. Where he would get the money to pay them was from the withholding tax that he kept as cash in the safe and didn't deposit to the IRS like he should have. Also, it was found that this cash withholding tax was used for other things as well. "These 1988 filings still require fixing and there are still filings from 88 not done. They never did the annual State tax filing for 88 because they couldn't answer the questions as to why their W2's didn't match their quarterly tax filings and they couldn't correct their quarterly tax filings because they didn't do payroll audits. "Tina Hall comes on as Treas Sec in Dec 88. The records dramatically worsened when Tina went on with regards to Treasury audits. She consistently filed all the returns late, thus accumulating more penalties and interest. All filings under her had been inaccurate. She wrote a cheque for just over $7,000 made out to her, signed by her as one signatory, and forged another signatory's signature. This cheque was cashed and supposedly used for payroll, per Tina. However, over $1,000 is not accountable in that week's pay as it was $1,000 less than the amount of the cheque. "Henry Rodriquez. Came into Treasury in Jan 89 as Dir RAM. He left Treasury in August 89 and then took a lower post in bookstocks. Henry was never qualled to be in Treasury, nor for that matter, to be on staff. He has a criminal history of theft. His own business was closed down by the IRS, This was the person put in charge of payroll audits and tax filings for LA Org. He never made one single payroll audit balance and never got the tax filings done in time. He was being routed out a few weeks ago and he blew the org. He is disaffected now and will not answer phone calls. "The Sales Tax also wasn't paid for the 4th quarter and we are making the FBO figure out the amounts owed and she is fully responsible for getting these paid in the morning along with unpaid 4th quarter payroll taxes. "I have requested immediate Sec checks of the EC members of NCC. Will also liaise with SC OSA US to get RBs done on EC of the org on being put together and to be on lines." Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID:

Michael McDermott

The Boston Globe reported on December 30th that the case of a man who shot seven co-workers is being publicized by Scientology, blaming the incident on his use of Prozac. "When Michael M. McDermott's lawyer suggested he might use a so-called 'Prozac defense' - one that would argue that side effects from antidepressant drugs may have led his client to allegedly gun down seven co-workers - he stepped squarely into a medical hornets' nest. As soon as the news of McDermott's alleged rampage hit the airwaves, fax machines began whirring at the Los Angeles headquarters of a Scientology-based group. The group blames psychiatric drugs for crimes such as the Columbine High School massacre, and it alerts the media whenever an alleged killer is reported to have taken drugs, such as Ritalin or Prozac." Message-ID: 92l5a1$i0a$


Wirtschaft reported in its November issue that Scientology has infiltrated the Hungarian branch of a German publishing company. "Heinrich Stiefel had long considered whether he should go public. His problem: the Hungarian branch of his publishing group had been infiltrated by Scientology. The company proprietor from Ingolstadt just barely had time to stop the psychological terrorism which had neutralized his staff and would presumably have meant ruin for his establishment. The businessman from Lenting near Ingolstadt wanted to warn other companies about Scientology - an association which officially calls itself a 'church' but actually is nothing other than a business which makes its members psychologically dependent with the help of totalitarian methods, and financially exploits them. 'It can happen to anyone,' Stiefel emphasized. 'Not only mid-size companies with contacts out of the country, but also small trade operations right in town.' "The Hungarian business manager rapidly brought the operation from the red into the black. But then the Hungarian fell into the clutches of Scientology. He took seminars for communication training in which course participants stared at each other for hours and had to smile and scream at each other. Part of the fabric of Scientology is to at first offer these courses for free, then gradually make them more expensive. The expenses are born by the participants who then attempt to deduct the fees as company business expenses. Stiefel Inc. also suffered loss that way. They were presented with deductions of astronomical amounts. A single course costs up to 12,800 marks per person. The amount was deducted from different accounts and the balance was hidden in various ledger posts. "He says Scientology is like AIDS or cancer in that 'You don't really get informed about it until you're affected yourself.' It cost about 80,000 marks to save the operation in Budapest and get it back up and stable. On top of that was the enormous wear and tear on nerves. He got in touch with the well-known exit counselor and Scientology expert Jeannette Schweitzer. He also talked the problem over with his home bank. They put it to him short and sweet, 'If your company is infiltrated by Scientology, you'll not receive any more public contracts. You could close down within a short time.' "When Stiefel explained to him that the working relationship would be ended in the event he did not give up Scientology, the business manager came around. He said yes, he would give Scientology notice and leave them. Shortly after that meeting Jeannette Schweitzer sent the prepared separation letter to Budapest. Nothing happened; the fax sit idle. 'We were there at 8 in the morning, immediately secured the evidence and locked up the business manager's office.' During this time the personnel were questioned. What came to light shocked the businessman from Ingolstadt. 'It really hurt me, what happened there.' Normally he reserves his feelings, but in talking with the Hungarian employees tears came to his eyes. 'It was like being slapped in the face.' "Over the course of time the Hungarian business manager had reorganized the entire operation. He introduced a strongly militaristic system of operation developed by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. A miserable operating climate prevailed in the 20-person operation. The people were not allowed to speak with each other, everything was in writing,' said Heinrich Stiefel. Every desk was cleared off and three baskets labeled 'In,' 'In Process' and 'Out' replaced personal conversation. Anyone caught 'gossiping' had to pay a fine. The employees went along with it out of fear of losing their jobs. Behind every desk hung statistics which were supposed to document each worker's performance. 'The one by the secretary, for example, told how many checks she wrote.' As soon as the statistics went down, they were offered training. But the worst was the so-called 'ethics folders' which were being kept on every worker. Personal data was listed and private details were documented. Stiefel has put the ethics folders at the disposal of Constitutional Security. "'Spying on your acquaintances is prohibited in all nations on earth,' says Heinrich Stiefel. 'That is psychological terrorism.' In securing the ethics folders, evidence has been obtained that Scientology operates using criminal methods. The evidence also includes state maps which were produced by the Budapest operation. Next to the company logo of the Stiefel publishing group was printed 'Hubbard College of Administration.' An attorney's office which specializes in Scientology has gotten involved. The Ingolstadt businessman's quick handling of the situation paid off. His operation in Hungary is once again running normally. Heinrich Stiefel took on a new business manager who highly motivates his staff. He had all other branches investigated to see whether there were connections to Scientology. "Since then he has had all his staff sign statements that they have nothing to do with Scientology. Every new applicant also has to sign the declaration - a measure which the 51-year-old man now recommends for other businesses. 'The dangerous thing about Scientology is that everybody thinks it could never happen to them.' There are clear signs, however, which could mean that infiltration is occurring. 'The first indices are the empty desks and the statistics on the walls.' People should start paying attention when supervisors turn into 'Executive Directors' in charge of their own numbered 'Divisions.' Caution is also advised when staff return euphoric from seminars and all too openly attempt to recruit colleagues for the same seminar." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1001228174438.116A-100000@darkstar.zippy


The Kalamazoo Gazette reported on December 28th that Scientology has purchased a hotel in Battle Creek, Michigan. "The old Hart Hotel in downtown Battle Creek is being acquired by the Church of Scientology, which will renovate the 1930-built structure over the next three years. Local officials say they view the purchase as favorable for the community in that there will be an investment in historical and cultural assets, and perhaps an economic impact in the area, if church members frequent nearby restaurants and hotels." An anonymous report was posted to a.r.s this week that the Royal Oak location of Scientology has closed. "The Royal Oak, Michigan Scientology office has shut down. There is now a bright shiny new ISP operating out of their former offices." Message-ID: Message-ID:

Tom Padgett

Tom Padgett reported developments in his case to have visitation with his children from his Scientologist ex-wife. "Report and Recommendation was filed and entered by Domestic Relations Commissioner Susan W. McClure finding that scientologist Laura Padgett should be held in contempt of court for her failure to appear and deliver the minor Padgett son to the court for an interview with the commissioner and a court-appointed psychologist for re-evaluation at the request and motion of the father Thomas Padgett. "The commissioner found that Laura Padgett has failed to show just cause why the Respondent Thomas Padgett shouldn't exercise visitation with his minor son like other normal parent / child relationships. Though this order was narrowed to the time frame of this Christmas Holiday vacation period and not a final solution to prevent permanent estrangement. Restrictions were imposed that the father and son should refrain from discussions about the mother's religious beliefs and this civil action. "Tom Padgett did report from the Providence, R.I. Airport that his son and his daughter did deplaned the scheduled flight from Nashville at 1pm on December 26th. This marks an end to the 7 year disconnection between the Padgett minor child and scores of paternal family relatives who have not seen him since July of 1993 due to the actions caused by his mother's [anti-family] scientological beliefs. From Cape Cod THANK YOU DEAR GOD!" Message-ID:

Protest Summary

Gregg Hagglund reported a protest against Scientology in Toronto this week. "10 am to 12 pm. & 1 pm to 3 pm. Picketers: Chris Wood, Gregg Hagglund Kaeli, Intel Observer: Zeratulcat. Flyer Count: 100 "We received numerous thumbs up, car acks and uncounted positive comments. We handed out flyers slowly but steadily and finished the afternoon with a flurry of about 25 in 5 minutes. Brian MacPherson and Gwen Jones put in a hastily arranged appearance at approximately 10:45 am. As before they were hopelessly stuck with discredited shore stories and tired attack lines at long flattened buttons. After about a quarter of an hour the visibly shivering Brian and SpittyKitty withdrew to the nearby coffee shop. Occasionally an SO or two would step out of the side door for a cigarette, but I'd chase them back in with a cry of 'No OT's Here' or 'Would you like to hear OT3?' etc. No one came out to counter leaflet at all, or Body Route either." Message-ID:

L. Ron Hubbard Day

The Tucson Citizen reported on December 27th that the mayor of Tuscon, AZ regrets pronouncing a city observance of L. Ron Hubbard Day. "Through the end of last month, in his first year in office, Mayor Bob Walkup signed 138 Proclamation Day decrees. Most Tucsonans remain unaware of these public but not publicized occasions. 'If it makes a group happy, I'll do it,' said Walkup, who often reads the proclamations at events to mark the occasion. 'It doesn't cost me anything.' "Separation of church and state notwithstanding, L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the church of Scientology, had his own special day in Tucson on March 13. Walkup, who turned down a request to proclaim National Bible Week this year, said he didn't recall approving L. Ron Hubbard Day. 'If it was just a name like that, I probably would have gone with the recommendation of the staff.' The proclamation recognized Hubbard for his 'humanitarian' works, and not for his role in founding the church of Scientology, which has been criticized by some as a cult that 'reprograms' its members." Message-ID:

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