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Volume 5, Issue 38 - January 7 2001

Scam Artist

The Arizona Republic reported on January 5th that Scientology was instructed to return $1.2 million dollars that was donated by a scam artist member. "More than $1.2 million bilked from investors has been recovered by federal officials and will be returned to the fraud victims, authorities said Thursday. Benjamin Franklin Cook III of Arizona was charged last August with 37 counts of racketeering, fraud and theft in connection with an investment scheme run by his company, Dennel Finance Ltd. "A U.S. Customs Service investigation resulted in a court order this week directing the Church of Scientology to return $1.2 million donated by Dennel Finance. The church returned the funds to a receiver and has not been accused of any wrongdoing, authorities said. "Cook's plan promised investors that their money would be placed in a European bank trading program. The agencies allege that Cook used the money to buy cars, airplanes, a house and other real estate." Message-ID:


The Austin American-Statesman reported on January 4th that two men were arrested for exploding a device at the Scientology org. "Police arrested two men Wednesday in connection with the detonation of a bottle filled with an acid mixture Dec. 27 in the 2200 block of Guadalupe Street. John A. Tipton, 21, and Roel Calderon, 21, were charged with arson. They were being held at the Travis County Central Booking Facility in lieu of $20,000 bail each. Detectives found no evidence that the device was directed at the nearby Church of Scientology, police said." Message-ID:


Letters to the Editor of the St. Petersburg Times on January 3rd addressed plans for a Scientology mission in Largo, Florida. "'I know they do a lot of good, but they control people's minds.' This quote is attributed to Largo Vice Mayor Jean Halvorsen. I am not a Scientologist, nor am I extremely knowledgeable. What I am knowledgeable about is that there is no way Jean Halvorsen could possibly represent the best interests of the residents of Largo when she is so clearly prejudiced against one group of its citizens. -- Michael Barboza, Largo "The so-called Christians who are protesting Kathy Feshbach's purchase of property in Largo make me ill, especially the lady who attended the church faithfully for many years. Did not this lady ever truly get the spiritual message from her minister, judge ye not lest you be judged? -- Bill Hoth, Clearwater "Largo residents should beware of the expansion of Scientology into their city. Scientology wants to be a presence in Largo's redevelopment district. If you don't think that is bad, just ask the citizens of Clearwater. Kathy Feshbach says she wanted to buy the church so they could keep it a religious spot. Scientology has nothing to do with religion. It would have been more appropriate if she had bought an old bank, since the only thing they worship is money. -- David Rodman, Dunedin" Message-ID: 92v5io$


Tilman Hausherr reported a new Scientology front group aimed at literacy. "LEAP, 'Literacy Education and Abilities program'. It is for Memphis what the World Literacy Crusade is for Los Angeles, i.e. turning people into Scientologists without the name." Message-ID:

Mace-Kingsley Ranch

Patricia Greenway reported on an effort to prevent the son of Peter Alexander from being sent to Scientology's Mace-Kingsley Ranch in New Mexico. "Peter Alexander's 14 year old son, Moe lives with Peter's ex-wife (current Scn) Jolie Kanat in Marin County, California. Jolie told Moe that she was pulling him out of his public school in the next 2 days and sending him to the Mace Kingsley Ranch, a bootcamp/RPF for kids located in New Mexico. Peter Alexander's child custody agreement stipulates shared parental responsibility regarding Moe's education and counseling so he knew he had to stop this action. "Peter called his ex-wife Jolie to remind her of the shared parental responsibility stipulation in their custody agreement. He told her in no uncertain terms that Moe was NOT allowed to go to any Scn school. Jolie said she 'understood'. We learned that immediately following Peter's call to Jolie, she made arrangements for Moe to be taken this Sunday to Larry Master for 2 weeks of 'cleaning up' before being delivered to the Mojave Academy. Thanks to the diligent efforts of so many of you we were able to ascertain the following: Larry Master, an old time Scientologist located in Perris, California operates a 'counseling center' called Larry's House. We found that by calling the 800 number on the Larry's House website that you get yet another old time Scn named Billy Nichols. "Peter immediately sent the Mojave Academy email informing them of his shared parental responsibility custody agreement and that he was not giving Moe permission to attend there or even to visit their facility. Legal action will be taken if they disregard this communication. Peter then called Larry Master. He asked Larry what was the nature of his counseling center. Larry told him it was a 'qual facility' and that he had '100 per cent results.' Larry asked Peter if he was a member of the 'church'. Peter said no. Larry then said: 'Well that's going to make this very difficult then.' Larry then said something about the disconnection policy and Peter responded by telling him that Moe would not be allowed to go there and under Florida law the shared parental responsibility agreement would give Peter grounds for suitable legal action against Larry and his facility. At this point, Larry blew up demanding to know how Peter found out about him and how he got his unlisted phone number and that he was changing his number right away and, after the yelling from both sides mounted, it was unclear as to who hung up on whom. "Thank you for your invaluable support, a very frightened 14 year-old thanks you as well." Message-ID:

Protest Summary

Bruce Pettycrew reported a protest in Mesa, Arizona this week. "Kathy and I dodged intermittent showers this AM to picket from 9:00 to 9:30. During that time, the 'Key-bearer' arrived on his bicycle to let in 3 waiting stooges. About 9:20, 1 more person was dropped off." "Ethercat" reported a protest in Atlanta this week. "Arrived around 2, left around 3. There were two adults who left in one car, and an adult with a child in the second car. Wynot made sure they got a glimpse of the 'Who is Xenu? Find the answer on' sign, keeping the 'Scientology Lies' sign aimed at the street. My sign said 'What is Scientology? A bait and switch SCAM!' "Once thing I've noticed about the honks and waves - they're becoming bolder. We're getting people laying on the horn, for a long honk as they pass. Some of the people waving or giving us thumbs ups take great care to make sure we see, and we always give them a wave or a smile." Kristi Wachter protested this week in San Francisco. "12:00 - 2:00 pm. Picketers: Phil, Peaches, Sal, Kristi Wachter. Handlers: Jeff, Craig, 'Atlas'. Number of Handouts given away: 231. "When Peaches and I arrived at the org, Phil was already picketing. He spent most of the picket talking with various Scientologists (as a former Scientologist, I think he directs his message more toward current Scns than toward the public). During most of the picket, Craig kept within 10 feet of me and attempted to hand out libelous fliers. These were new fliers; they feature Peaches and me on one side, with our photos and the following text: 'Religious Bigots Peaches O'Reilly Kristi Wachter Stop Hate.' The other side has a picture of Bob Minton, 'Stop the Hate', an excerpted headline 'a L4 billion fraud', a blurry and illegible scan of part of a newspaper article, and a photo with the caption 'Nigeria's people are hostage to their country's crumbling economy.' "As I glanced up the street, I noticed a new picketer carrying one of Peaches' signs. I came over and introduced myself. I asked the newcomer for a name or nickname - he said 'Sal' - and I asked why he had decided to join in. He said that when he had arrived in the city some years ago he had gone in to the org for a personality test. He said the invasive questions they asked bothered him, and he felt like they were trying to manipulate him. He said he'd never been inclined to take any action to protest Scientology before, but he'd seen us picketing occasionally, and today he had time to join in. "One gentleman took a flier and told me he fully supported us - he'd had a friend who had died because of Scientology. He said his friend was schizophrenic, and when he became involved in Scientology, they told him he didn't need his medication anymore. He began to give them all his money, and the Scientologists got him to stop listening to his parents and his doctors. He went to Clearwater. He eventually began to re-establish some communication with his family, but one day he went to the top of a building and jumped off. His name was John McNaughton. I expressed my sympathies to this man on the loss of his friend. "Peaches pointed out a couple of Scientologists heading over to Market Street with the Stress Test tables, and I believe she saw Craig heading over to my home (or hers) to revenge-picket us. There was no sign of picketers when I returned home, and no one reported any revenge pickets to me, but it seems likely that Craig picketed me while I was at the org." Message-ID: ckJ56.122918$ Message-ID: Message-ID:

New Year's Resolution

Scientology issued a press release this week on making New Year's Resolutions. "The poor success of such 'resolutions' seems to have evolved now to mean something like 'deciding to cease an imagined vice, and then quickly relapsing to one's previous behavior.' Why are such attempts at reformation often so futile? In research during the 1970's and 1980's, L. Ron Hubbard, best known for his Dianetics discoveries and for the applied religious philosophy of Scientology, isolated a key factor. He found that residue of harmful drugs and toxins in the body inhibited one's ability to think clearly and decisively even years later. "When residue of drugs and toxins already in the body restimulate mental image pictures, so too are previous thoughts and decisions activated. These notions and decisions from previous experiences buck right up against the current decision to quit. They 'short-circuit' the resolution or 'will power' below a person's awareness level resulting in failure to follow through and achieve the goal that was set. L. Ron Hubbard deduced that if one could remove the residuals of drugs and toxins from the body, then these harmful mental image pictures would not have a chance to be restimulated. Mr. Hubbard developed the Purification program. This is a simple, yet brilliant, program of exercise, nutrition, and induced sweating in a sauna that purifies one's body like a cool, clear stream of water, rendering null and void the adverse effects of the drugs and toxins. The result is a clearer thinking, more bright and alert individual. "More than a quarter-of-a-million people have already completed this program to rave results. This year, if you want your resolutions to stick, perhaps the first resolution might be to do the Purification program, and then thinking clearly, improve yourself in other areas of life." Message-ID: 92uv0v$

In Memorium

Jeff Jacobsen reported a death announcement from The Auditor. "Andy Simson, who was a veteran Sea Org member. 'He has been granted a 21 year leave from the Sea Org and we look forward to his return.' The South County Journal reported on December 29th that a Kent area Scientologist has passed away. "Charles Lynn Sheahan of Kent died Dec. 23, 2000, in Renton. He was 60. Born Oct. 15, 1940, in Chicago, he moved to the Renton/Kent area in 1963. Mr. Sheahan retired from the Navy in 1971. He was a minister at the Church of Scientology in the Renton area for 10 years and worked at Family Circle Learning Center in Renton for 11 years as a cook. He enjoyed woodworking in his shop." Message-ID: Message-ID:

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