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Volume 6, Issue 17 - August 12 2001


On August 12th the St. Petersburg Times published the opinions of Clearwater residents about their city. "I think of Nazi Germany. The cult of Scientology displays its conformist order in downtown. They have gained the exclusive support from both the police and local politicians, just like the Nazis did in Germany over 60 years ago. - Andreas R. Pohlmann "Love Clearwater, hate Hubbardsville!!! Clearwater should move its government offices to Countryside, leaving the government offices of Hubbardsville intact. - Bill Toth "I think of sunshine and hot weather, nice clean neighborhoods, crowded beaches, tourists, congested roadways, U.S. 19, the roundabout, the Phillies and Scientology, Scientology and more Scientology. With an emphasis on Scientology. - James Devine "I'd like to think of beaches, jazz, the parks and baseball. It would be nice to think of the good schools, people, festivals and fun and also the parks and golf and boating in the sun. But alas. Although it is not anyone's fault, all we can think of any more is the CULT. - David Rodman "The first thought that comes to mind is the uneasy feeling of being held up in traffic downtown, watching in disbelief as the mob of drones (some in rank), ignoring the traffic signals, rush across the street to catch their next 'Mind Meter Reading Session.' Instead of dealing with this 'religion' draining the city's tax base, the elected chose such diversions like Harborview Center, roundabout and the library. - Lyndee Dolan" Message-ID: 9l5q93$

Celebrity Center

A Scientology press release on August 9th promoted the anniversary event held recently at the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles. "The names on this year's lengthy guest list included, Jenna Elfman, Leah Remini, Catherine Bell, Danny Masterson, Lynsey Bartilson, Marisol Nichols, Michelle Stafford, Jennifer Aspen, Nancy Cartwright, Marissa Ribisi, Erika Christensen and Jason Lee. "Celebrity Centre President, Susan Watson, said, 'the popularity of Scientology and Mr. Hubbard's works within the arts mirrors the Church's overall growth, with nine million members in over 120 countries and eleven 'Celebrity Centres' in cultural centers around the world such as New York, Paris, London, Vienna, Nashville and Las Vegas as well as the International center in Hollywood.' "The fifteen hundred-or-so guests at the soiree not only received a copy of a new musical CD entitled, 'The Joy of Creating,' they witnessed the hip-hop legend, 'original human beat box' Doug E. Fresh, Broadway's Carl Anderson, jazz great Chick Corea and Australia's number one female vocalist Kate Ceberano, performing variations of Mr. Hubbard's poem that declares, 'The greatest joy there is in life in creating. Splurge on it!'" Message-ID: 9ku5vq$

LMT Media

Mark Bunker reported that Scientologist Mary DeMoss has led a campaign to remove television programs from the Lisa McPherson Trust media site. "For decades, the media has reported on the abusive and fraudulent nature of Scientology. Many brave people have come forward to tell their stories. Many exposes have been done. LMT Media has been dedicated to presenting the sights and sounds that bring these stories to life to as broad an audience as possible. Recently, we have been contacted by the copyright owners of many of the shows on our site. The letters all begin the same: 'We have been informed that your website is streaming our material.' "In speaking with the various TV stations, networks and producers, it has been confirmed that the group contacting the copyright owners is in fact the Scientology front group, 'The Foundation for Religious Tolerance' led by Scientologist Mary DeMoss. In her letter, Mary DeMoss stresses that the LMT is a for-profit company, leading the producers to believe we may be financially gaining from the use of their shows. This is not the case. "Regrettably, we have had to remove some of the material from our site. We fully understand the positions of the producers and their legal departments, as they certainly have the right to control their material. However, the sad fact is that these shows were produced to educate the public and help individuals, and now these same shows will be locked out of view in a studio vault where they can help no one." Message-ID:


The Associated Press reported on August 9th that Scientology has filed a lawsuit against France with the European Court of Human Rights, alleging that a new law outlawing abuse of members is religious persecution. "'Thousands of believers face the prospect of heavy fines and prison sentences simply because of their religious affiliation or because they exercise their right to freedom of association,' said a statement from the Scientologists' Paris office. The Church of Scientology said the law was 'an obvious attempt to eradicate religious minorities in France' and urged the court in Strasbourg, France, to declare the measure in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights. Under the new law, the judiciary can disband sects charged with committing abuses. The legislation also allows for stiffer punishments against sect leaders." From the South China Morning Post on August 10th: "The Church of Scientology filed a suit against the French state before the European Court of Human Rights charging that a controversial anti-sect law was an assault on human liberty. 'There was nothing we could do in France to challenge this new law and our only recourse was the European court,' said Jean Dupuis, a spokesman for the church in Paris. The law, adopted in May, allows courts to shut down associations once found guilty of a range of crimes." From a Scientology press release on August 9th: "The Church's application, filed by barristers from Blackstone Chambers, one of the most respected British law firms with a significant human rights practice, has been brought in exceptional circumstances. Said Daniele Gounord, the Church's Public Relations Director, 'An extremist clique, comprising only 3.5% of the French legislature, has managed to pass a law that amounts to a death sentence for freedom of conscience and belief in France. This law will inevitably create prisoners of conscience. Thousands of innocent believers face the prospect of massive fines and prison sentences, solely for exercising their rights to believe and peacefully associate as they choose. "The Church of Scientology alleges that the law is a blatantly illegal attempt to dissolve minority churches in France and make it impossible for parishioners to worship according to their conscience. French Senator Nicolas About and National Assembly member Catherine Picard worked with Alain Vivien, president of the French government's 'Interministerial Commission to Fight Against Sects,' to draft the legislation." Message-ID: Message-ID: 9l0hu1$ Message-ID: 9l11sa$1m5g$

Keith Henson published an article on August 7th on the sentencing of Keith Henson in California while he remains a refugee in Canada. "A Scientology critic who fled to Canada to avoid his conviction in a California court for threatening to interfere with the church's operations has been sentenced to a year in prison. Officials at the Electronic Frontier Foundation said the trial judge repeatedly refused to consider Henson's comments in proper context. 'At the end of the day what it comes down to is, this grandfatherly man who is very critical of Scientology is convicted for his speech,' said Robin Gross, staff attorney for the EFF, a San Francisco-based group. 'The Church of Scientology has been very successful using the law to squelch criticism on the Internet, and he is a victim of that.' "Aron Mason, public affairs director for the Church of Scientology, said Henson publicized the fact that he had a background in weapons technology and held a patent on a missile-launching device. 'You have to take this thing a bit more seriously when you realize he's capable of doing that,' Mason said in a telephone interview. 'He made it so clear to us that he was serious.' "But according to the EFF, the Church of Scientology embarked on a campaign to discredit Henson, creating false claims of stalking and exaggerating the man's postings. EFF officials said Henson's background is in computer technology, not missile systems, and claimed that if Henson's comments had been taken in context, they would clearly be seen as jokes. The 'cruise missile' reference was a response to a joke about the sex life of Tom Cruise, a prominent member of the church. Shari Steele, EFF executive director, said her group's biggest concern is one of the laws under which Henson was prosecuted. Prosecutors tried Henson under a state hate-crime statute requiring evidence of 'force or the threat of force' and that 'the speech itself threatened violence against a specific person or group of persons and that the defendant had the apparent ability to carry out the threat.' Steele said Henson's statements didn't come close to reaching that threshold. "On July 25, Superior Court Judge Robert Wallerstein sentenced Henson to one year in jail and fined him $3,000. But Wallerstein gave Henson the option of serving 180 days in jail and three years of probation. Henson, who awaits a hearing in Canada on his status as a political refugee, refused to accept the sentence." Message-ID: 9kq76j$

Bob Minton

Bob Minton posted a letter he wrote to the Salvation Army in Clearwater, which administers his parole program. Bob was placed on probation after being found in violation of an anti-protesting restraining order. Scientology is complaining to the Salvation Army about firearms Bob owned earlier this year. "On the first day that I walked into the Salvation Army Correctional Services and met with my probation supervisor, I informed her that I owned several firearms that were kept at my home in New Hampshire. Ms. Muniz indicated to me that this was 'no problem' with regard to the general probation condition of 'you will neither carry nor own weapons without first securing the consent of the probation supervisor,' since the infraction for which I was on probation did not involve firearms and the firearms were over 1,500 miles away from Florida. "On June 26, Connie Dugan informed me through Sharon Young that I was required to register my firearms in New Hampshire with the chief of police in Sandown, my hometown. I called Connie Dugan directly and informed her that there was no provision in the state of New Hampshire for the registration of firearms unless one is applying for a license to carry a concealed weapon. Ms. Dugan subsequently informed me that I was now required to register my firearms with SACS. In response to Ms. Dugan's demand on June 26, which amounts to changing the terms of my probation, I told her that I no longer owned the firearms and had transferred ownership of them to Stacy S. Brooks. Therefore, I 'neither carry nor own weapons,' and consequently I am under no further obligation to provide anything concerning previous firearms ownership to SACS. "My attorney has tried to deal with this matter by attempting to have the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judicial Circuit mediate in this matter. The result of that attempt is unsatisfactory to me and I am instructing my attorney NOT to submit any list of weapons that I owned prior to June 26, 2001, that being the date I informed Connie Dugan I do not own any weapons, to SACS. "I trust that my position is clear enough on this matter that SACS can act intelligently despite how much pressure is brought to bear on your office by the Scientology misfits." Message-ID:

Protest Summary

"Yduzitmatter" and "Kaeli" reported on a protest held on August 11th at the Toronto, Ontario org. "Picketers: Kaeli, Zeratul, Keith Henson, Android Cat, Slippery Jim, Nan McLean, Kim Palmer and SPECIAL GUEST PICKETER: Arel Henson. Fliers: 300 - 350. Keith kept the 100 feet distance from the Org. He was accompanied by one or two of us while the others concentrated on the Org. "There were no 'handlers' as such and no real bull baiting happened. We peacefully picketed and handed out our fliers going up Yonge Street past the Org, turning on St. Mary's Street and walking down the side of the Org buildings. At one point Mario and the man I named 'Jewelry Man' were discussing something and as we passed the following was said 'should be in Jail, mumble mumble, back in JAIL mumble mumble JAIL'. It seemed to be a deliberate attempt to get a rise out of us. "During the time we were picketing the scientologists used a side entrance that appeared to be an emergency exit as it had no handle on the outside. The Org had set out the e meters under an awning and at some tables which were set up on the public sidewalk and were handing out free tickets to the Orientation Film." "As we approached and began picketing, Zeratul said he could hear Mario saying, 'Damn! Damn! Damn!' It was noticed they were on the phones as well during this time period as well, on both land and cell-lines. At one point, it was noticed that a passer by was taking pictures of the Org itself and even of the one taking pictures of us. Mario yelled at him something about contacting his boss or something to that effect. Then he turned to both me and yduzitmatter, and yelled at us to 'do something about him.' Both of us answered back with, 'I have no idea who he was, and he isn't with us.' He mumbled something like 'sure, yeah right' and I re-affirmed the comment with: 'Sorry, I *really* have no idea who he is.' "I believe near the end of the picket, Android Cat apologized to Mario for the un-announced pickets and Mario replied back 'I would think that apology is genuine, if you were human.' At 2:45pm, we called it a day." Message-ID: Message-ID: 1Tnd7.64748$ Message-ID:

In Memoriam

Class 12 auditor Claire Reppen passed away this week. Scientology announced a memorial service. "There will be a Memorial Service for Claire Reppen on Saturday morning (August 11), at 11 am, outside the Sandcastle restaurant in the back. Claire (Class XII) passed away a few days ago from cancer. She has many, many friends and PCs in the local community and was an awesome example of Class XII ability." Message-ID:

Writers of the Future

Reuters reported on August 10th that the Writers of the Future Contest will be held again this year. "The 18th Writers of the Future Contest will be held at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Hollywood headquarters of Author Services, a Scientology operation. The event, created by late 'Battlefield Earth' author L. Ron Hubbard, will include presentations by Karen Black, Marisol Nichols, Denise Duff, Justin Whalin and Patricia Tallman. Attendees will include scribe Ernest Lehman, Vivian Kubrick and producers John Ketcham and Robert Katz." Message-ID: 9l0gcu$

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