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Volume 6, Issue 22 - September 16 2001

World Trade Centers

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, DC this week, Scientology has participated in services in memory of the victims. Notice of a service in Pasadena was distributed to Scientologists by email. "Dr. Yahia Abdul-Rahman has extended this invitation to Rev. Heber Jentzsch and All Scientologists to attend the Southern California Gathering of All Faith Communities. This is an All Faith Prayer Meeting Thursday Evening at the Pasadena City Hall. Heber and 35 other religious leaders from around the Southland will present an uplifting and unifying evening of prayer and sanity and correct perspective to the events that took place in New York and Washington, DC this week." From the Seattle Times on September 14th: "Churches of Scientology: commemorative services for the public from 1 to 9 p.m. today at 601 Aurora Ave. N., Seattle; 1234 N.E. 145th St., Shoreline; and 15424 Bel-Red Road, Redmond. 206-284-0604." From on September 13th: "An estimated 1,500 people came to Nashville's Centennial Park Wednesday to mourn the terrorist attacks carried out against America the day before. Instead of mingling, most of the people sat on the park lawn in clusters throughout the observance. Some wore white ribbons on badges that read 'God Bless America.' Others carried small American flags. A handful of young people circulated through the crowd and handed out invitations to the Church of Scientology." A number of emails distributed to Scientologists described efforts to distribute The Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard in New York, as well as other responses to the crisis. In addition, Scientologists are attempting to interfere with mental health professionals there to assist victims and their families. "From: Bill O'Meara Tuesday, September 11, 2001 "The Way to Happiness was written specifically as a non-religious work so that any group, public or private, could use its message of basic values and lessons for life. We immediately need $500,000 to fund the printing and distribution of 2 million books for Washington D.C. and New York. The ongoing campaign is to print and distribute booklets to every household in the U.S. There are 73 million households." "From: Darlene K. Swanson Tue, 11 Sep 2001 "This is what is needed: Encourage everyone to come to Flag for their next service since this will help destimulate a very restimulated country and bring in more theta. People who are willing to go to New York to give assists and whatever else is needed. Donations are needed to cover air fares, buses, T-shirts etc. Donations should be given to Bennetta Slaughter. It would be a tax deductible donation to the Gung Ho Groups. A blood drive is being set up for tomorrow morning either outside the FH or in the Sandcastle area. Need donations of Way to Happiness booklets. These can be dropped off at the FH. "Per Pamela Lancaster Johnson, Field Control Sec, CC Int: There will be a Candlelight Service tonight, Wednesday September 12th, at 10 PM in the Franklin Gardens at CCInt." Dear Scientologists, "Battle Plan: Go to your local Church of Scientology for briefings and hatting. Volunteer to help put in order. Study the Scientology Handbook booklet 'Solutions for a Dangerous Environment' page 10: Ways to Lessen the Threat'. Be ready to run locationals and other assists on people you meet who are upset. Get hatted TONIGHT at your local org or mission. Report your wins with LRH tech. Email to Volunteer Ministers c/o Kathy Evans at "ML, Kathy Evans Volunteer Minister" "The CLO and New York Orgs are ok and are operating. New York Org is just body routing people off the street and giving them assists or sending them straight into group processing. Volunteer Ministers have been dispatched to aid with blood drives and give assists in hospitals. "Volunteer ministers are needed. When arriving at a hospital, VM's should say who they are say they are there to give spiritual aid. This is needed before the psychs get their ruddy hands on people. If you are in New York and can take food and water to Manhattan you need to let the police or guards know that you are delivering food and water for the Office for Emergency Management. WISE is stepping up the Management Series and OEC donation campaign to get the admin tech disseminated in the area. This includes donations to libraries and government officials. "Come to Flag: we have doubled the delivery at Flag since May. We are now up to 25 OTs in one week. We have doubled the Well Done Auditing hours, but this week we will have 3x'd this stat. We are up to 6,300 well done auditing hours a week. It is the safest place to be. Now is the time to go OT. In truth, the most valuable thing you can do is apply LRH tech to the world around us and do your part in applying LRH ED 'BOOM POSTULATE.'" "FROM: WISE International 11 Sep 2001 "I trust that you all know that getting LRH tech into society - RAPIDLY - is the remedy to this third dynamic engram, and I wanted to ensure that you are briefed about specific actions you can and should take. With populations panicking or in shock at what occurred, we have the tech to bring order and handle the situation. It is vital that you take on the role of being a stabilizing influence in your area. "If you are on service at your org, do and complete that service, and get more. Increase the hours you are in the org. 2 million of The Way To Happiness booklets are being printed in New York City for distribution right there and in Washington, D.C. Contribute to making this happen. Disseminate! You are an appointed FSM for your local org - help someone in your area by caring enough about them to bring them into the org for service. Deliver assists to those in need. Attend your upcoming Auditor's Day event. They are happening as scheduled around the world. This is Saturday, 15 September for LA and all WUS, EUS, Canada, UK, European, African, and ANZO orgs, except: for Bulawayo, Harhare, Tokyo, Malmo, Goteborg, Stockholm, Oslo, Brussels, Lisbon, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam and all Mexico and LATAM org events, which will be held Saturday 22 September. "Love, Don Drader President WISE Int "FROM: Karen Scott Fri, 14 Sep 2001 "We have experienced considerable success making ourselves stable terminals in the disaster zone giving assists and supplying food to the police and fire fighters. We are 'the guys in the yellow shirts' and that alone now gets us past the road blocks into southern Manhattan. With our higher confront and work ethic we have established ourselves to such a degree that we now have the Red Cross referring social workers and psychologists to us at the org for training transport into the disaster zone. We hat them on assists put a shirt on them and send them in. "With Scientologists and non-Scientologists combined we have sent out close to 150 Volunteer Ministers so far. At the highest peak so far we have had close to 40 people working the zone at one time. What we are aiming to handle is provide adequate support for these people. You will hear the media running a line that 'We don't need any more volunteers.' What they are neglecting is the old datum that behind any army are 5 people to every soldier acting as support staff to keep him fed and supplied and in shape. This is where we come in and I can tell you now: this area could absorb the efforts of a thousand Scientologists for weeks right now. "Additionally we are trying to move in and knock the psychs out of counseling to the grieving families and that could take another 100 plus people right now. Due to some brilliant maneuvering by some simply genius Sea Org Members we tied up the majority of the psychs who were attempting to get to families yesterday in Q&A, bullbait and wrangling. They have a hard time completing cycles of action and are pretty easy to disperse. But today they are out in full force and circling like vultures over these people and all of our resources are tied up in the support efforts in the disaster zone at present. "No one can do anything for them or the rest but Scientologists. The other religions here with their ministers have shown their true colors and are working hand in hand with the psychs to give these people as much false data and restimulation as they can. They HAVE NO TECH and they're not even trying to hide it anymore. They've crossed over and abandoned anything spiritual and to hell with them. "The Red Cross has told us when we went to help at their shelters and found no one there, 'the people say they are doing fine so we send them back out'. That's because the Red Cross' confront is sooo low they can't even see when people are suffering right in front of them. They are blind. "Lt. Simon Hare CO I HELP Canada (in NY)" "I arrived today along with 16 other Volunteer Ministers to the 'base' which is located at Stuyvesant High School, about 1/4 mile from the disaster site. I initially spent my time just unpacking food and handing out water. There was a very large barricade there manned by both Police and Military and they absolutely refused to let us though. The SO member in charge of the VM's 'snuck' about 5 of us in another way and on the way we gave out cold drinks to tired rescue workers. "We stayed in the pier area right near the site for awhile, helping to unload TONS of supplies arriving by boat. We put out 3 cots and we started body routing people in for nerve assists. I had the pleasure of giving a nerve assist to a very nice but tired gentleman from the PA Search & Rescue Team and then gave him a locational afterwards. He was very VGIs." "I was very pleased to see the 'Mental health' section empty, and Kumi Kimball's assist cot FULL -- every single time I had the opportunity to venture away from my post for a break! It was a beautiful thing!" "As part of a briefing given to a group going to ground zero this evening (some folks from LA), we were informed not to give out any information about what is going on down there via the Internet. This restriction was communicated as being necessary in that the internet can be infiltrated, and possibly this information could be gotten into the wrong hands, altered, etc. However, I think that I can say with certainty that we are TRULY one of only 4 groups allowed into ground zero. This is a known fact and even the reporters are green with envy I assure you." For a few hours Fox News ran the number for Scientology at the bottom of the screen. From Stacy Brooks: "Fox News is running an announcement at the bottom of their screen directing people to call 1-800-FOR-TRUTH for national mental health assistance. This is part of what is running on the screen: NYPD WARNS OF CRUEL SCAMS: FAMILIES OF MISSING PERSONS URGED NOT TO GIVE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS TO PEOPLE POSING AS RESCUE WORKERS... PET RESCUE CALL ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL: 888-567-8123... NATIONAL MENTAL HEALTH ASSISTANCE: 800-FOR-TRUTH... "When you call that number the person answers: 'Dianetics Help Center, can I help you?'" From Keith Henson: "I called them. From back ground noise they have a bunch of operators working. They are pushing Dianetics, but if you ask them, they will mention Scientology. They are pushing teaching people how to do 'touch assists,' and no doubt taking names for later regging. They are set up next to the Red Cross at 227 W. 46th St., that is between 7th and 8th Ave. The operator said they will be teaching starting on the hour between now and midnight." From Dilbert Perkins: "When I called 1-800-FOR-TRUTH the first time, they answered 'Dianetics assistance center' but awhile later, they answered, '1-800-FOR-TRUTH.' I said, 'I thought you were National Mental Health Assistance.' She answered, 'We are, we are an organization comprised of the Citizen's Coalition for Human Rights and the Church of Scientology to aid the people of New York.'" Fox News removed the phone number and offered this explanation in an email: "It was a stupid screw up and it's gone. Thanks for your note. "Ken LaCorte L.A. Bureau Chief Fox News Channel" The St. Petersburg Times reported the appearance of the phone number in an article on September 15th. "Television viewers who turned to Fox News on Friday for coverage of the terrorist attack also saw a message scrolling across the bottom of their screens - National Mental Health Assistance: 800-FOR-TRUTH. Unknown to the cable news channel, the phone number connects to a Church of Scientology center in Los Angeles, where Scientologists were manning the phones. "'It was entirely a good-faith attempt to help people,' said Ben Shaw, a Clearwater Scientology official. Church spokesman Kurt Weiland in Los Angeles said the phrase 'National Mental Health Assistance' must have come from Fox. 'I can assure you it didn't come from us,' he said. Scientology firmly opposes psychiatry, and church members campaign to eliminate psychiatric practices in mental health. "Fox News spokesman Robert Zimmerman said the station received an e-mail about the hotline and aired the number without checking it. 'The bottom line is we (messed) up,' Zimmerman said. 'Unfortunately, it didn't get vetted. We apologize.' The hotline information ran for several hours - once appearing below the image of President Bush and his wife, Laura, at the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance in Washington. The news channel yanked the information Friday after learning of the Scientology connection, Zimmerman said. "Michael Faenza, president and chief executive of the National Mental Health Association, called the hotline number 'outrageous' and said Scientology 'is the last organization' emotionally vulnerable people should call. 'They just leave a wake of destruction in the realm of mental health,' he said. "The mental health association, based in Virginia, is the country's oldest and largest nonprofit organization addressing all aspects of mental health and mental illness. 'This is a very important and sensitive time,' Faenza said. 'I'd urge the Church of Scientology to stay out of the mental health side of what happens in the country now.' "In some cases, callers were referred by the four Scientologists answering the phones to agencies compiling information about missing people. In other cases, callers were directed to agencies taking collections, Weiland said. If people called crying and upset, he said, they were told they could visit a Scientology center. "When a reporter called, a volunteer said free copies of a booklet, Solutions for a Dangerous Environment, were available to callers. The booklet is a Scientology publication based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, although that was not mentioned in the phone call." A Scientology press release on September 15th promoted the phone number and the work of Scientologist in New York. "Families of victims, those injured, even emotionally distraught rescue workers can call 1-800-FOR-TRUTH (1-800-367-8788) to receive effective trauma counseling after the recent tragedies. Those wishing to help others can learn where to receive training in these counseling techniques through the same phone number. Both counseling and the training in counseling methods are delivered free by Volunteer Ministers of the Churches of Scientology around the country. Callers will be directed to their nearest resource. "Scientology Volunteer Ministers were immediately on the front lines in New York City and Washington DC after the tragedies. Hundreds are on site and more are coming to New York from across the nation. 'By teaching these techniques to hundreds of concerned citizens at ground zero in New York and Washington DC, we effectively spread real relief to thousands,' said Rev. Susan Taylor, president of the Founding Church of Scientology of Washington DC. "The easily learned counseling procedures include the 'Touch Assist' which restores a person's communication with injured parts of the body. Touch Assists are used with first aid and proper medical care. The 'Locational Assist' helps a disoriented, confused, or stunned person regain awareness of other people and the environment. During emergencies, this helps a person 're-focus' and start helping others." The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Scientologists working in the disaster area in an article on September 15th. "Within the secure zone five blocks from the ruins, Stuyvesant High School has been turned into an impromptu command center swarming with FBI agents, New York police officers, dog handlers, firefighters and doctors. Most of the food service at the center is being handled by people wearing yellow T-shirts that say 'Church of Scientology volunteer.' "Stuyvesant's first floor has been transformed into a M.A.S.H.-like unit, but without survivors to treat, the only busy areas are for medical massage and psychiatric care. On Friday, a search dog named Shannon gets a professional rubdown, eyes closed and legs in the air. "Periodically, teary-eyed rescue workers seek out psychiatrists. But the doctors also actively look for patients. One psychiatric nurse said he searches for a certain look in people's eyes - a barely contained hysteria - and gently suggests treatment. Some of the workers are simply exhausted, others young and unprepared for the sight of human body parts, said the nurse, a Vietnam veteran on the staff of Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan." Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: 9nvl5l$ Message-ID: 9nvl0q$ Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: 9nsqc5$ Message-ID: 9nsr9n$ Message-ID:


Jeff Jacobsen reported that Scientology's beautification group, Citizens for a Better Clearwater, has received a certificate from the city thanking it for the work done on the alley behind Scientology's Coachman building. "The certificate was presented at the City Commission meeting on September 6, 2001. "'Our criteria is to recognize outstanding examples of well-designed, well-maintained properties that best promote Clearwater's Sparkling image. The Gas Light Alley Park illustrates that effort,' said Brooks Hammac, Beautification Committee Chair. 'It is our hope and aspiration that this program will be an incentive to others to improve or maintain their properties in a like manner. Working together we can make Clearwater a better place for all of us to live, work and play.' "Citizens for a Better Clearwater, working with various City departments, transformed a dingy alleyway into an attractive 'pocket park' that provides a pedestrian walkway from Park to Cleveland streets south of the 503 building. Personalized bricks were sold to help generate monies for the improvements and created enthusiasm while fostering a community spirit."

Tom Cruise

The National Enquirer reported on September 18th that Scientology celebrity Tom Cruise is trying to introduce his new girlfriend, actress Penelope Cruise, to Scientology. "Penelope is a Buddhist - and Tom is a devout Scientologist. Cruise has given his new girlfriend the grand tour of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood - but Penelope has reservations about Scientology. 'Tom has begun preaching the word of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to Penelope,' disclosed the insider. 'So far she's put Tom off, but knows she's going to have to deal with it.'" Message-ID:

Lisa McPherson

The judge in the Lisa McPherson civil case has found Bob Minton in contempt of court for failing to appear for deposition, and has ordered him to appear for sentencing. "Mr. Minton was properly subpoenaed for a deposition on August 3, 2001, and failed to appear. Mr. Minton filed a response to the motion for an order to show cause, in which he stated that Scientology posted information on the internet that purported to detail Mr. Minton's mental health history and discussed private medical records of Mr. Minton's two minor children. Mr. Minton also stated that Scientology leafleted his minor children's neighborhood with accusations of his and his wife's dishonest or criminal dealings in Nigeria. Mr. Minton stated that as a result of the internet posting and the leafleting he consulted a therapist, and the therapist advised him not to travel to Florida for the deposition. "Mr. Minton's attorney presented an unsworn statement from a doctor at Parkland Medical Center stating that Mr. Minton was admitted to Parkland Medical Center for treatment of pneumonia on August 29, 2001 and would not be able to attend to business matters for seven to fourteen days. At all times material, Mr. Minton had the ability to attend the deposition, and Mr. Minton's failure to attend the deposition was the result of choices that Mr. Minton made. Mr. Minton is, therefore, in contempt of court. "Robert S. Minion shall personally appear before the undersigned on the 4th of October, 2001 at 1:30 p.m.. for the imposition of sentence and the entry of such other other orders as the court shall deem appropriate in the premises." Message-ID:

Tom Padgett

An affidavit was filed in Tom Padgett's family court case by Rev. Robert Pardon, Director of the New England Institute of Religion Research. Tom is requesting some visitation or custody of his children, and is opposed by his ex-wife, who is still a Scientologist. "In my professional opinion any testimony given at this time by either Padgett child would be highly unreliable. This is due to the long period of time that neither child has had unfettered access to their father. "What would be required for either one of the children to be viewed as a competent witness is that they be allowed to have unfettered access to their father for an extended period of time where normal communication can be reestablished. That they meet with a neutral family counselor to help them process the many intense emotions they have towards either/both parents. That the minor child, Beau Padgett, be assigned a Guardian Ad Litem to seek his best interests. "Statements limiting what either parent can or can not talk about anything with his or her child initiates such conversation is not in the best interest of the child. This certainly true in the case of Julie Padgett who is now emancipated. And, in my estimation, in the case of Beau Padgett who is 16 years old, it is also true." Message-ID:

Reed Slatkin

The Santa Barbara Mercury News published an article on Scientologist and investment counselor Reed Slatkin on September 10th. "His assets have been frozen, from valuable artwork and software company stock down to a single share of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. And Reed Eliot Slatkin, co-founder of EarthLink and a millionaire investment counselor, sits holed up in his estate, under the icy glare of federal authorities. "Investigators suspect Slatkin was running a huge international investment fraud, bilking what now appears to be as many as 850 creditors out of about $600 million. But Slatkin's troubles are also presenting a public relations challenge to the Church of Scientology, a lightning rod for controversy since it was founded in the 1950s. His longtime connections to the church have some critics and investors wondering: Was the church a beneficiary of Slatkin's? A victim? Or both? "While there is no evidence that Slatkin took investors' money and gave it directly to the church, some non-Scientologists are asking whether their life savings went to Scientologists who did make money -- and ultimately to the church itself. Church leadership has tried to distance itself, insisting Slatkin wasn't the fervent Scientologist he claimed. "'This really hasn't had an impact on the church,' said Scientology spokesman Aron Mason. Alleging a church role here is 'like saying Michael Milken was a Jew who used his relationship within his religious community to develop a financial operation and people got hurt. But you can't hold the church accountable for the actions of an individual member,' said Mason. 'That's outrageous. I wish I knew where all that money went, but it certainly did not go to the Church of Scientology.' "Critics of the church, many of them former members who say they have been pestered for years for questioning Scientology policies, see something more sinister. Many of the church investors who entrusted their money to Slatkin were high-profile people in their fields. The church must have profited, critics say, if only from huge charitable contributions from investors. "'Slatkin has been a big donor to the church and so are a lot of the people who invested with him,' said Arnaldo Lerma, a former Scientologist and longtime critic outside Washington, D.C. "If investigators can show the church somehow reaped rewards, Scientology might have to give some of that money back. There is precedent: After an Arizona businessman was indicted last year for defrauding investors in an operation similar to, but smaller than, Slatkin's, authorities discovered he had contributed $1.8 million to Scientology. "'We found $50,000 a crack going to the church, $200,000 another time,' said the court-appointed receiver in that case, Phoenix CPA Larry Warfield. After a lawsuit, 'they've paid us back $1.3 million and have promised to pay us back another $150,000 in 60 days. They've been very honorable.' "In the Slatkin case, if Scientology has to give money back, Lerma said 'that's money they won't have anymore to hire lawyers to sue us.' "With Slatkin, some worry about an awkward religious divide between money makers and losers. 'If Reed lost church members' money, that's interesting,' said Patrick Siefe, a non-Scientologist and former Slatkin associate who helped design his trading software. 'And if he didn't, that's even more interesting.' Anti-tobacco litigator John Coale told the Wall Street Journal that he and his wife, CNN legal commentator Greta Van Susteren, made money from their investments with Slatkin. "Bennetta Slaughter, a longtime church activist and donor, began contacting investors after the case became public, saying she was organizing creditors. If they would send her $250 each, she would hire legal counsel. 'Bennetta called me out of the blue,' said one investor, a Sante Fe art dealer. 'She didn't say she was with the church. But she was very articulate and seemed to have a real command of the issues.' "'Slaughter is the ultimate loyal volunteer and tireless worker in Clearwater for Scientology,' said Kady O'Malley, a freelance journalist in Ottawa who writes about the church. Slaughter's involvement suggests to O'Malley that the church is trying 'to somehow control the agenda.' Slaughter disputes any suggestion that she was doing this work for the church. In a letter to the Mercury News, she said she was acting as a private investor. "Regardless of how various proceedings are resolved, one thing is certain: Slatkin will likely become an outcast from the church that had meant so much in his life. 'These things are now before the courts and law enforcement,' said Mason. 'But if he's done the things alleged, he'll be excommunicated. You can't be involved in this sort of thing and remain a Scientologist.'" Message-ID: 9ni986$


The Washington Times reported on September 15th that Spanish prosecutors want to dissolve Scientology in that country and imprison 13 members. "Spanish prosecutors called yesterday for the dissolution of the Church of Scientology and heavy prison sentences for 13 followers of the movement on trial on charges ranging from illegal detention to tax fraud. "A Madrid district court heard accusations that the Church of Scientology as a sect was driven by the lure of money and an obsession with getting rich, and the movement had psychologically damaged some of its followers. The case started in 1988 when police raided a Madrid hotel where the movement was holding a congress, arresting 37 members." Message-ID:


The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported on September 15th that Scientology's Citizen's Commission on Human Rights announced plans to protest a mental health clinic. "A group with ties to the Church of Scientology plans today to picket a local clinic that treats patients with attention deficit disorder. The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights of Nevada plans a demonstration at the A.D.D. Clinic on Renaissance Drive. "The group opposes the clinic prescribing a drug called Adderall - a controlled substance - to children suffering from the disorder. "Dr. Corydon Clark said Adderall and other Food and Drug Administration-approved stimulants are 'among the safest and most effective medications in the entire history of medicine.'" Message-ID:

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