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Volume 6, Issue 26 - October 14 2001


Two press releases from Scientology's Citizen's Commission on Human Rights this week warned parents against using psych drugs to treat ADD, on October 10th, and praised the U.S. Department of Justice for their work for patients at a Florida hospital, on October 12th. "Few parents are warned that children labeled with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for which they are customarily prescribed dangerous, potentially addictive drugs, can later be disqualified from joining the armed forces to protect their country. The problem could worsen because of recently released guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that endorse the psychiatric-invented condition and the cocaine-like drugs prescribed for it. "Ms. Jan Eastgate, International President of the psychiatric watchdog group, The Citizens Commission on Human Rights said, 'The country's future security is potentially being minimized because of a diagnosis that has absolutely no scientific proof to substantiate it and because of drugs that are known to induce violent rages, suicidal behavior and have even been implicated in terrorist training.' "Locally, stimulants prescribed for ADHD are like amphetamines and, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, are more potent than cocaine. The AAP guidelines, influenced by psychiatric, psychological and pharmacological interests, say that stimulants reduce the 'core symptoms of ADHD.' Eastgate says, 'Hitting a child over the head with a two by four would also reduce his fidgeting, squirming, talking excessively or losing his pencils-all symptoms of 'ADHD.' Just because a drug alters behavior doesn't prove the existence of a disease or that the drug works.'" "The US Dept. of Justice's Civil Litigation Section of the Civil Rights Division was awarded the prestigious Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) Human Rights Award on Saturday, September 29th, for their work in exposing the negligence resulting in patient deaths, patient abuse and many other violations of patients' human rights at G. Pierce Wood Memorial Hospital in Arcadia, Florida. "Steven Rosenbaum, Chief of the Special Litigation Section of the Dept. of Justice Office in Washington, DC, said that his office was very proud to receive the award, having stood 'shoulder to shoulder with CCHR in guaranteeing human rights for all Americans.' The Justice Departments' work ultimately led to the Florida Legislature enacting legislation that cut funding to and ordered the closure of the hospital by April of 2002. "Also featured and representing CCHR International was Commissioner and attorney Mr. Rick Moxon, who released the new CCHR International website that provides an anatomy of terrorism and psychiatry's role in the creation of senseless violence. The website was released following the recent violent terrorist attacks on America and can be viewed at" Message-ID: Message-ID:


The St. Petersburg Times reported on October 10th that a Christian group is challenging a decision by the Pinellas County transit authority to ban their ads on bus shelters. The decision is similar to a ban on non-commercial bus ads run by Scientology critics in 1999. "Focus on the Family, an evangelical Christian ministry, is wrestling with the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority about an advertisement the religious group wants to display on bus shelters. Last year Eller Media, the advertising agency handling PSTA accounts, refused a Focus advertisement promoting a conference in Brandon. "On Tuesday, Focus filed a motion seeking an injunction against PSTA, claiming that the group's posters were unconstitutionally censored. 'The First Amendment guarantees free speech,' said Mathew Staver, an Orlando attorney representing Focus. 'The government cannot selectively choose those messages it allows and those it censors.' "An agreement between PSTA and Clear Channel, which handles advertising at the bus shelters, gives Clear Channel the right to build and maintain PSTA shelters as well as accept and decline advertisements. The agreement says that 'no advertising promoting the sale of alcohol, tobacco, or (a) political or socially embarrassing subject' will be allowed. Advertising also will not be accepted if it is false, misleading, defamatory or obscene. Attorneys for PSTA and Clear Channel say the advertisement would embarrass and offend gays and is inappropriate. 'What's socially embarrassing to one person is not socially embarrassing to another,' said Staver, president and general counsel for Liberty Counsel, a civil liberties education and legal defense organization in Orlando. "Two years ago, the transit agency decided its buses would not be a 'public forum' for advertisers. The decision came after PSTA was entangled in match between the Church of Scientology and a group of church critics who purchased advertisements that read: 'Think for Yourself. Quit Scientology' and 'Why does Scientology lie to its members?' PSTA's board voted unanimously to only allow bus ads that propose 'a commercial transaction' - a decision that silenced public service messages on buses. That policy, however, does not address bus shelters." Message-ID: 9q1h2r$

Tom Cruise

The Associated Press reported on October 14th that Tom Cruise caused a security alert at an ammunition factory in Oklahoma when he few close to the facility on his way to visit the nearby Narconon facility. "A high security alert was issued at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant when a small airplane carrying a famous passenger flew low over the facility and appeared to drop something, authorities said. The aircraft carrying Oscar-nominated actor Tom Cruise was landing in the southeastern Oklahoma town on Sept. 26 so he could travel to a nearby drug rehabilitation center with ties to the Church of Scientology. "Some witnesses thought they saw something drop from the plane and security was called, Hughes said. A search of the area found that nothing had been dropped, and what people probably saw was the plane's landing gear going up and down, Hughes said. "Cruise's plane landed at the local airport. The pilot may have mistaken a half-mile long cement pad at the plant to be the airport's landing strip, authorities said. By the time McAlester police and FBI agents arrived, Cruise and his party were headed for the Narconon Arrowhead Drug Rehabilitation and Prevention Services facility on the shores of Lake Eufaula. "Cruise was there to tour the facility and offer his support of the program, Narconon Arrowhead President Michael Anzalone told the McAlester News-Capital & Democrat. 'The visit was to see Arrowhead and see the expansion,' Anzalone said. 'He was here for a couple of hours.'" Message-ID: 9qc9eb$

Gabe Cazares

The St. Petersburg Times reported on October 12th that a community group is asking that a street be renamed in honor of former Clearwater mayor Gabe Cazares. "'We've had this in mind for some time, and we feel it's time,' said Edward Quinones, the chairman of Uno Federation Community Services, a non-profit group based in Clearwater. 'We think it's fairly obvious in this area, with such a large Hispanic population, that this would be appropriate.' Uno's board suggested that former Clearwater Mayor and County Commissioner Gabe Cazares, a Mexican-American, would be a good person to name a road after. Uno's board also proposed that a major road such as Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard be considered. "Generally, the city does not name things after people who are still living, Horne said. Cazares is very much alive at 81. Another problem is that the city avoids changing names of major roads that are controlled by the state or county, Horne said. "Cazares said he was flattered that anyone would want to name a road after him. Cazares was mayor of Clearwater from 1975 to 1980 and later served one term on the County Commission. But he predicted that naming a street for him would draw opposition from the Church of Scientology, who aggressively targeted Cazares with a nasty smear campaign in the 1970s to silence his criticism of the church. 'I would count on them opposing it 100 percent,' Cazares said. "'I haven't counted on any memorialization yet,' Cazares said. 'I'm still a young man of 81 years of age. Normally, you shouldn't name a street or building or anything after a living person. But I do appreciate the thoughts of those who are recommending it.' Cazares said he wouldn't mind if people considered memorializing him in a few years." Message-ID: 9q9q0c$


Freie Presse Chemnitz reported on October 12th that former Scientologist Norbert Potthoff with give a talk on his experiences in Zwickau. "'Scientology - from the internal life of a cult. A former member tells his story,' an announcement at the Zwickau 'Kreisverband des Deutschen Gewerkschaftsbundes(DGB)' invites people next Friday at 7 p.m. in the Gasometer, 3 Kleine Biergasse. Admission is free. There is to be a discussion following the presentation. "As a former member of Scientology, Norbert Potthoff will talk about his own experiences as well as give some insight into the methods of the cult and its dealings with members and critics. Through Potthoff's presentation, the SPD city council faction VIP hopes to raise awareness about the internal structures and machinations of the cult. "The DGB chief knows only too well that Scientology is a red-hot topic in Zwickau. Currently the professed Scientologist and chief of 'Schloss Osterstein Verwaltungs GmbH,' Kurt Fliegerbauer, continues to spend time in the city restoring buildings. After he finally started renovation of the 'Kraeutergewoelbe,' he is the current manager for the renovation of the former 'Milchbar' on 'Hauptmarkt.'" Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported on October 13th that an Islamic association in Stuttgart has ties with Scientology "A simple two-story block building in the industrial area of the Wangen district of Stuttgart is where the headquarters of the state association of the 'Islamische Gemeinschaft Milli Goerues' (IGMG) is tucked away. In almost every state in Germany, the 'Milli Goerues' have a district association, with the headquarters situated in Cologne. 500 mosque associations in Germany and 214 in the Benelux countries, France, Scandinavia, Austria and Switzerland are claimed by the association - independent figures do not exist. "German Constitutional Security has had this largest of the extremist Islamic organizations under surveillance since its inception in 1984. Constitutional Security assumes that it is the European arm of the 'Virtue Party,' banned in Turkey this year, and also the successor organization to Necmettin Erbakan's 'Welfare Party,' which was also banned. The 'Milli Goerues' represent themselves externally as being involved in the integration of the Muslims that live here and as representing the interests of immigrants. But they have been accused of having two faces in that it is claimed that their goal is to break off from mainstream society, in the judgment of Islam expert Thomas Lemmen, author of a Friedrich-Ebert Foundation study on Islamic organizations in Germany. "Nordrhein-Westphalian Constitutional Security says it has proof that the IGMG and Scientology are cooperating. Apparently the 'Milli Goerues' want to profit from the Scientologist understanding of business, and in return the IGMG will open up the Turkish market for Scientology. Bremen's Interior Agency suspects that the 'Milli Goerues' have a connection with the misappropriation of investors' money in Turkish holding companies." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1011013123316.120A-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1011013123359.120B-100000@darkstar.zippy

Keith Henson

Keith Henson reported that the transcript of his trial in Hemet, California where he was convicted of interfering with a religion has been tampered with. "Thursday I received the Clerk's transcript for the appeal in the Hemet case. I thought that it was a little odd the motions part of the of the transcript was missing. "According to my recollection, that of Jim Harr, and my report at the time, the motion for reconsideration, Frank Oliver's declaration and his exhibit with all the GO/OSA documents in it should have been in the appeal record. Indeed, they were the major grounds for the appeal since all evidence of TR lying, and scientology policies such as fair game and paying witnesses $1000 for false testimony were suppressed in the trail by motions in limine. "I knew that scientology steals things out of the court records and that false records had been filed in this court when the DA and scientology tried to get me arrested for failure to appear back on Sept. 15 of 2000. So I was not overly surprised to find the motion, the declaration, and the exhibit were all missing from the appeal record when it came in the mail. "This means I can't cite fair game, policies on lying, or Scientology's policy of paying for false testimony in the appeal because they are not part of the record. The transcript of where Jim asked the judge after he ruled if these were now part of the record, DDA Schwarz's objection to it being made part of the record and the judge telling Robert Schwarz that he had ruled on it was not provided. Also, the minute orders of the day (April 19) do not mention the judge ruling on the motion to reconsider. So there was a concerted effort to take out all references to the motion, Frank Oliver declaration and his exhibit as DDA Schwarz and the cult insisted. This is in spite of the judge specifically making them part of the record." Message-ID:

Lisa McPherson

A portion of a deposition in the Lisa McPherson civil case was posted to a.r.s this week, in which Bob Minton is being deposed by Scientology lawyer Ken Moxon. Bob is being accused of tampering with witnesses in the case. "MR. MERRETT: I'm going to object for relevance and the scope of the July 19th order. This is a posting about a charity run in Clearwater. Doesn't mention any witnesses; doesn't mention any payments; doesn't mention any pressures. "MR. MOXON: The Lisa McPherson Trust came to try - intimidated people from the church who were putting on a charity run. Many of whom were witnesses in this case. It's part of their whole thing to cause the - you know, infect the jury pool and get the media that were there to criticize the race and to intimidate Scientologists participating in it. "MR. MERRETT: Can we get the names of the witnesses? "THE COURT: I'm going to let it be answered. "MR. MERRETT: Your Honor, I just wonder, as a matter of record, because I think counsel is just making this up, if we could just get the name of the witnesses who were intimidated. That should be easy. "THE COURT: Well, if it's to show a pattern of conduct by people involved with the trust insofar as creating bad publicity of the defendant, I'm going to allow it to be inquired into. "MR. MERRETT: But that's going to be done on counsel's representation, without him being required to tell us who these witnesses are, who were supposedly intimidated. "THE COURT: That's correct. "Q I've marked as Exhibit Number 21 a posting to the Internet dated July 26th, 1998 concerning an incident at your home where you say you shot a shotgun over the heads of OSA employees, you say. Is this your posting? "MR. MERRETT: Same objection, your Honor. This is in New Hampshire. Now, how many of these people, I wonder, were witnesses? "THE COURT: Overruled. "MR. MERRETT: If I can just ask your Honor, so when I deal with this, litigating it, what is the relevance with respect to witnesses and payments or pressure to an incident that happened 2000 miles away with nobody who's identified as a witness? "THE COURT: It tends to show the motive of Mr. Minton, both on behalf of himself and on behalf of the trust, and the bad blood he has; his involvement in this case. It's hard to distinguish the trust, Mr. Minton and the plaintiff in this case. They're so intertwined, as a matter of fact, it almost appears that Lisa McPherson has been overshadowed by the activities of the trust and Mr. Minton in pursuing this case against the Scientologists. That's the way it appears to me. "MR. MERRETT: Well, I have to object at this point, because you've obviously been fed some kind of information that's not a matter of record. "THE COURT: All I know is what I've heard here in these depositions. I have no interest in the - Scientology; I have no interest in Mr. Minton; I have no interest in the trust. All I know is what I've been hearing in this and what I've been reading from the motions and what you've told me what the orders have been, both of you. And that's the way it appears to me. "MR. MERRETT: Well, she's still dead. She still died in their hotel. Mr. Minton wasn't there. He's not a witness to the case. His loathing for Scientology is not a material issue. "THE COURT: I'm just telling you how it appears it's developing to me; that Mr. Minton and the trust seem to have as great a interest in the outcome of this case as the estate of Lisa McPherson has. Just from all the activities and goings-on. And I only judge that based on what I've heard. "MR. MERRETT: Well, there certainly has been no evidence of any financial interest on their part. "THE COURT: Doesn't necessarily need to be a financial interest. But everybody is actively - Mr. Minton and the trust and the estate seem to be actively pursuing this case against the Scientologists. And I'm just basing it on what I've heard. I've made no independent investigation. "MR. MERRETT: I would renew my objection with respect to the scope of the order that we're here on, the one that Mr. Moxon claims to be sailing under which restricts it to evidence of payments to or pressures upon witnesses. "THE COURT: Well, I'm enlarging it to that extent, where I think this is all material. "THE DEPONENT: I would point out that as of this date, the Lisa McPherson Trust was at least 18 months away from existing." Message-ID:

Farsi Hubbard

An email was sent to Scientologists this week asking that they donate to help translate The Way to Happiness into Farsi for distribution in Afghanistan and Iran. "We are translating The Way to Happiness on an emergency basis into Farsi in order to distribute them to both countries immediately. The target is 1/2 million copies distributed in that area immediately. We need your help to destimulate this part of the planet and put sanity and ethics in. "I have raised the money for the translation and the translation is 1/3 done; we now are raising funds for the publishing and distribution stage. All donations go to ABLE INT/ Persian Afghanistan Project. All donators will of course receive a Commendation for their help on this matter. Please email me (Susan Hanasab) at" Message-ID:

Dianetics Seminar

An insert in the San Diego Union-Tribune this week advertised a Dianetics Seminar to be held on October 14th. "Terrorism affect us all. In turbulent times, fear, depression and insecurity weaken us and those we care about. Your family, children, friends, neighbors and co-workers need help. Dianetics, by L. Ron Hubbard, can help you rid yourself of the fears, anxiety and depression you can't shake no matter how hard you try. "Attend a free Dianetics workshop. Learn simple, effective techniques to help yourself and those you love. "Where: Hubbard Dianetics Foundation 1330 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14 12:30-4:30 PM" Message-ID:

IAS Event

The American Saint Hill Organization in Los Angeles sent emails to Scientologists this week, urging them to attend an event on October 27th at the Shrine Auditorium. "International Management asked that we contact all Scientologists in this area, as they want every Scientologist to attend. You will be briefed on vital actions, which will be sweeping across the world to change conditions using LRH Tech and bring about the Aims of Scientology. You will also find out what is being done to handle the underlying source of suppression on this planet - Psychiatry. "The event is on Saturday, October 27th at the Shrine Auditorium. The reception begins at 5:00PM. The reception will have food and drinks so you can have something to eat before the event. This is our most important IAS event since 1993! "Sincerely, Jarret Rible Dir Clearing ASHO Day" Message-ID:


Neue Luzerner Zeitung reported on October 1st that Scientology distributed flyers claiming that a recent attack on the Swiss Parliament by a man with an assault rifle and a bomb was due to past psychiatric treatments. "A green flyer handed out in Zug on Saturday was met with a lack of sympathy and back-and-forth shaking of heads. A Citizens Committee on Human Rights in Psychiatry, Zurich section, believes that the public mass murderer, Friedrich Leibach, who recently ran amok, had been 'put out of commission' by psychopharmaceutic drugs. It demanded an autopsy of the perpetrator with regard to those drugs and demanded an explanation of his past psychiatric treatment. "Of course the conditions would be explained by the forensic medical department, said police commander Urs Huerlimann. Moreover, he said, the contents of the flyer had been noted and referred to a psychologist. No measures would be taken on account of it. From the letters to the editor of Neue Zuger Zeitung on October 2nd and 6th: "With horror and disgust I read your article 'Noted,' about the Citizens Committee on Human Rights in Psychiatry, Zurich section, which appeared in Zug with its abstruse assertions. It's important to point out in this regard that CCHR is a front group and cover organization for the Scientology Church, that means it's an organization which recruits members for this money-machine under its veil of religion. The Scientology Church exploiting and taking advantage of the painful events in Zug is loathsome. I believe the residents of Zug have the right to know about this connection.- Peter Widmer "We could not help but react to the abstruse letter from Mr. Widmer. If he wants to talk about transparence, then he would also have to communicate that for years he has maintained a web site, which contains filthy language about a great number of minority religions. We read the flyer from CCHR. It simply demanded that there should be an investigation into how many psycho-drugs and how much psychiatric treatment Fritz Leibacher had. - Scientology Church-Zurich" Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1011007175748.126A-100000@darkstar.zippy

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