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Volume 6, Issue 36 - December 30 2001


Georgian news agency Iprinda reported on December 28th that the Orthodox Church is warning the public not to become involved in Scientology. "The office of the patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church issued a statement today, warning the public not to fall under the influence of the false doctrine of the totalitarian sect of Scientology. The sect, which preaches ridding the individual of 'reactive mind' and understanding the 'power of personal cognition', has been operating in Georgia for the past three years and poses danger to the spiritual and physical health of the individual, the statement issued by the Georgian Patriarch's Office said." Message-ID: a0iump$

Protest Summary

Keith Henson reported a protest at Scientology's Toronto org on December 29th. "Arel, Gregg, the Unknown picketer and I put in a short picket Sat afternoon in spite of it being a bit nippy. As usual I was across the street. "Gregg only had one of them even say a word to him. Arel had an interesting conversation with a guy who claimed to be a son of the Rev. Leslie Grove. He said the Rev had preached against Scientology. A woman mentioned that she had a horror storks from former members to tell and Arel suggested she put them on the net. "The people who came by were highly supportive. I would estimate we gave out 150-200 flyers, which is darn good for it being that cold. The org called the cops again, but this time the cop who responded just drove by, checked out the picket from the warmth of his car, waved and drove on." Message-ID:

Mike Rinder

The December, 2001 issue of Impact Magazine published a speech by Mike Rinder, the director of the Office of Special Affairs, at the annual IAS meeting. "Officials from the Moscow prosecutor's office called in so-called experts from the Serbski Psychiatric Institute, notorious for its treatment of dissidents during Soviet days. Finding nothing, they invented a claim that our organizations were engaged in financial fraud, taking 'creative accounting' to criminal extremes to create fake evidence. Then they issued outrageous tax assessments and opened a criminal case against the Mission of Moscow. "In March this year it all came to an end. The court declared the activities of our mission religious and exempt from tax, found the prosecutor guilty of extensive violations of criminal law, the governments cases were dismissed and the prosecutor was ordered to pay all our costs. "Within a few short years, lawyers, justice officials, city and regional government personnel and every high level judge in the nation will truly understand Scientology. Because last month, the first official course on Scientology, using our books as the curriculum, became part of theology studies in every university and all institutes of higher learning in Russia! "In Geneva, The runners from seven nations arrived at the United Nations Plaza on October 11. Local, national and international dignitaries joined us in force. More that fifty United Nations organizations and members of government delegations representing thirteen nations came, including the United States, Canada, Denmark, and Switzerland. They all pledged their commitment to the goals of the European Marathon for Human Rights and signed our petition. "CCHR has been touring thousands through the Death Exhibit, from doctors and lawyers to legislators and authors. No matter their view when they walk in, when they leave, they are at cause, armed with the truth and ready to put and end to psych abuse. "As we arm prosecutors with our evidence, they are having greater success than ever putting these criminals where they really belong. The number of psychs jailed this past year was 222, another highest ever. But not only are we putting more psychs behind bars, we are eradicating their habitat. In the past year alone, 489 facilities have closed their doors. That's more than double last year and another highest ever." Message-ID: WSUT4AIM37252.6754861111@anonymous.poster

Reed Slatkin

The Los Angeles Times reported on December 22nd that an investor in the Reed Slatkin Ponzi scheme has sued UnionBanCal and Slatkin's law firm, claiming they concealed that the Scientology minister was running a fraudulent investment club. "UnionBanCal Corp. and a California law firm face a suit claiming they conspired to conceal information from U.S. authorities investigating Reed Slatkin, the bankrupt investment manager who is under criminal investigation for alleged investment fraud. "The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Los Angeles investor Harry Rockoff, claims that the bank and Slatkin's attorneys at Bryan Cave 'conspired with Slatkin to facilitate the (investment) scheme' and obstruct an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. "The suit, which seeks class-action status, said the bank aided Slatkin's alleged Ponzi scheme by allowing him to commingle investor funds and extending him credit." Message-ID: 9566ff1aef67ab12e921bad945cd3369@anonymous.poster


The mailing list of the American Saint Hill Organization promoted the use of E-meters in airport security. "This is a win from one woman using the E-Meter at an Airport Security Checkpoint. Upon arriving in the U.S. she had to clear it through customs there. She was stopped by at least 6 policemen who were standing around her. She was told that she could not go through and then they began asking her questions regarding the E-Meter. "She proceeded to calmly tell them what the meter was and how it worked and then said, 'Here, I'll show you' and began to set up the meter and put the first policeman on the cans. She did pinch tests on them and they saw the reaction on the needle. Then she asked each one what they had the most attention on and there was of course reactions on the meter. This blew them away and from it they could see how the meter worked. The Chief of Police in the airport came down and asked what was going on. After he received his demonstration, he turned around to the Scientologist and said that this instrument was something that they could definitely use at airport security. "Ml, Peter McCuen" Message-ID:

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