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Volume 6, Issue 43 - February 17 2002


The Austin American-Statesman published a profile of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, written by the Director of Special Affairs of the Austin, Texas org, on February 16th. "In Scientology, we have no dogma about God. Nor do we ask you to take our teachings on faith. Instead, we start by showing you things about your spiritual nature, yourself, others and the world around you. From there you begin your road to truth and relationship with the Ultimate. "In May 1950, Hubbard published his initial findings in 'Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.' 'Dianetics' gave simple techniques that enabled one to address mentally caused ills, aberrations and suffering springing from past experiences. It was immensely popular, spawning a grassroots movement that by the end of 1950 included several hundred groups in the United States alone. "Further exploration led Hubbard to discover the factors that keep a spiritual being trapped in the physical world, resulting in the loss of true identity. He developed techniques that opened the door to new levels of spiritual awareness. Hubbard named this 'Scientology,' describing it as 'the route to total freedom and ability as a spiritual being.' "Scientology is concerned with bringing about a better civilization through rehabilitating individuals and providing them with tools to accomplish positive ends. How can I improve my relationships with others? How can I know what is ethical? How can I overcome the barriers that confront me in life? What can be done to bring out a more peaceful society? Scientology provides practical guidance on these matters. In Scientology, we have a motto: Whatever problems you face, something can be done about it." Message-ID:


"El Queso" reported that Scientology has lodged complaints with over the content of MP3-encoded original music and the photos that accompany the recordings. "'Photograph of Mr. David Miscavige (Chairman of the Board RTC) is taken from the publication International Scientology News Magazine, copyrighted by Church of Scientology. We request that this work be removed immediately. "'In addition to engaging in copyright infringement, this same stationMP3 subscriber has placed abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane and otherwise objectionable content on his web page on stationMP3's web site which encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, gives rise to civil liability and is violative of the law. This content includes graphic descriptions of perverted sexual acts, bodily functions and such other pornographic, obscene and vulgar, defamatory content which targets certain officials of the Scientology religion, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion and even one of the lawyers in our firm, Helena Kobrin.' "The site is still up, and the song has been slightly redone with a special 'Fuck you' to Ava in the new version. The song is now called 'David Miscavige is Commodore Blowjob.' The songs will stay up, and if you make one site pull them, I'll find 2 more to host them." A musician nicknamed "El Ron Hitler" also drew complaints from Scientology. "I was harassed by the Sci-fi religion a couple of years ago for having a band named El Ron Hitler. We recorded some tracks in late 1999/early 2000 and put them up on and then started playing some live shows around town at parties and clubs. I started receiving strange calls from a woman who claimed that I was the 'missing ingredient' for an all boy band 'like N'Sync.' And she was wondering 'Are you in El Ron Hitler?' Right away, I knew that something was not quite right. I knew that they were trying to gather information on me - a clever tactic used by the Church Of Scientology. "One morning I was awakened by call from the 'attorney' for the Church Of Scientology (who sounded a lot like the person that had 'offered' me to join the all boy band) telling me to stop using the name El Ron Hitler and that they were threatening to sue me for taking their founder, L. Ron Hubbard's name in vain. I told her to leave me alone and hung up the phone. Shortly thereafter, I found a letter sitting underneath my door at my apartment. I opened the letter and it was a 'cease and desist' letter from the attorney. The letter stated that El Ron Hitler's music will cause their the Scientology 'parishioners' to be attacked both verbally and physically by our fans. "In the letter was a business card left by the private detective that was hired by the Scientology's lawyers. He had scrawled 'Call me Immediately' on a post-it note. I started getting more voice mail messages the next day and immediately called an attorney that a fellow friend and local club booker had pointed me towards - Carol Sobel (ex-ACLU). I also forwarded the information to the LAPD and they called me and told me that they had gone to give Ingram a nice little visit and they assured me that he would never bother me again. I decided to use the voice mails that Mr. Ingram had left into a song and I did. The result is 'Careful With That Badge, Eugene.' "The calls stopped coming, but the lawsuit was still pending. My attorney was telling me that the COS had sent some people to her office to 'make sure that she received the faxes' that they were sending. I then decided to change the name from El Ron Hitler to NostraDumAss. I decided to do this since I didn't want either my band members or our families harassed by them." Message-ID: Message-ID:

Kit Yarbrough

Former Scientologist Greg Barnes reported this week that Scientology recently declared a Clearwater-area Scientologist a Suppressive Person. "Last week Kit Yarbrough was declared. Her crime? Not disconnecting from her livelihood and from Greg and Debra Barnes. Kit has two sisters and a mother in Clearwater. One of the sisters called her 82 year old father who lives in Texas to tell him that she is disconnecting from him because he will not stop talking to his daughter Kit. Kit's dad has not been active with the cult for some 10 years or more but none the less he got the disconnection as well. "Kit's mother and two sisters had previously stopped associating with Kit because she refused to give up her business and disconnect from us. The sisters and mother even refused to come to Kit's daughters wedding late last year. My hopes go out to Kit's dad to somehow make peace with this insanity." Message-ID:


A letter from the Republic of Germany to the U.S. State Department, posted to a.r.s this week, announced Germany's intention to instruct Ursula Caberta, head of the Scientology task force in Hamburg, not to respond to a lawsuit filed against her by Scientology in Tampa, Florida. "The subject of the complaint is devoted entirely to the activities of Mrs. Caberta or her staff in Germany in their official capacities as staff of the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Based on the fact that the complaint may only be validly directed to the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the Federal Republic of Germany, representing the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in accordance with international law, invokes state immunity and requests immediate withdrawal of the complaint. A court in the United States does not have jurisdiction in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in the Federal Republic of Germany, and is not in the position to institute court proceedings there." Die Welt reported on February 16th that a retired Scotland Yard officer spoke to a German business association to praise the drug rehab programs of Scientology. "The guests of Henry Randmark, President of the American German Business Club Hamburg e.V., had to wait a matter of minutes before the event officially began. But the wait in the cold was made up for by the a presentation by a retired police superintendent of Scotland Yard about drug crime and rehabilitation, as well as by a buffet. The audience listened to the presentation in amazement as Brightmore glowingly praised the rehabilitation methods of the Scientology cult. People present included US General Consul Susan Elbow and Patron Prince Ferdinand von Bismarck." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1020213074349.112B-100000@darkstar.zippy Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1020216081957.110A-100000@darkstar.zippy


Dolomiten reported on February 13th that Scientology attended a health fair in Bozen, Italy. "The Scientology psycho-cult is once again putting out its feelers in South Tyrol. At the 'Salus' - a fair for good health - two staff members distributed information and sold books by cult founder Lafayette Ron Hubbard from a booth. Scientology is a business under guise of a church concerned with maximizing profit, thereby tapping into people's wants; it strives for world domination, as German former Labor and Welfare Minister Norbert Bluem characterized the psycho-cult. The totalitarian organization exploits the fact that many people are searching for a deeper understanding in the community of good health. "Scientology is widespread in upper Italy: there are branches in Verona, Padua, Brescia, Milan and Turin. In Verona they've already been recruiting directly from the street with their own stands. "The leaflets distributed contained a personality test with over 100 questions. The test was to be filled out and, together with name, address, e-mail address and job title, sent to the 'counselor for the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation' in Milan. The evaluation of the test is free, the leaflet promises. "One visitor to the fair observed a Scientology staff member urgently imposing himself upon another fair visitor. Hubbard's books were also offered at allegedly advantageous prices. Antonio Pasqualin, Salus arranger, did not wish to make a comment on the subject. Fair director Reinhold Marsoner indicated that the Bozen Fair was not at fault. The fair only rented the hall and had no control who was given space at the Salus. 'It is the first time this sort of thing has happened,' said Marsoner. 'I don't see any connection at all between the theme of the fair - health - and Scientology.' He said the case was being discussed internally." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1020213074300.112A-100000@darkstar.zippy

Back Taxes

The Los Angeles Independent reported on February 13th that Scientology may have property seized for non-payment of property taxes. "According to officials with the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor's Office, the Church of Scientology is in danger of having at least one of its Hollywood properties repossessed for failure to pay property taxes. The Scientology property at the corner of McCadden Place and Hollywood Boulevard, which the church uses as an 'testing center' and residence for some of its members, is nearing the five-year mark for failure to pay property taxes, and as a result, could be subject to county auction in July of this year, if the taxes owed are not brought current, officials say. "The back taxes owed on the properties are now in the millions of dollars. Scientology has filed for exemptions on property taxes owed to the county on the basis of their being a nonprofit organization. In the meantime, the county expects the property owner to pay all relevant taxes, which would then be reimbursed should the county find in favor of the property owner's exemption. "Kerry Morrison, executive director of the Hollywood Entertainment District, says she has not received any of the business improvement district funds that should have been paid on any of the Scientology properties for the last five years. The funding for the BID - or BID assessment fees - are paid to the organization by the county when the property taxes are collected. Morrison estimates that the money owed to the BID by the Scientologists totals more than $100,000, and dates back to 'Phase 1' of the business improvement district's existence. Currently, the BID is in 'Phase 3.' Morrison says the Scientologists' failure to pay the BID assessment fees have affected the BID's ability to provide service to the area." Message-ID: a4dmbt$


An email sent to Scientologists announcing the schedule of events for L. Ron Hubbard's birthday celebration was posted to a.r.s this week. "We are approaching the most important Scientology event of the year, the event where Scientologists in continents across Earth will join in celebrating one man's influence upon the lives of billions - the LRH Birthday Event! At this year's event, you will get a special briefing on LRH's impact on the world and will see how major opinion leaders and officials are recognizing the workability of LRH's legacy and working in earnest to push his solutions into society. "We are on a race against planetary decline. Only we have the answer right in our hands - LRH's tech. It's up to all of us to be briefed and in-the-know on the forward thrust of Scientology and to lend a hand in the crusade. "15 March, Friday at FLAG, RUTH ECKERD HALL - live event 16 March, Saturday - PAC, FSSO, WUS, EUS, CAN - by satellite 23 March, Saturday - MTL, QBC, PTR USING TRANSLATED VIDEOS - UK, EU, AF, ANZO, MEXICO CITY - VIDEO 30 March, Saturday - TOKYO, BYO, HARARE - BY VIDEO - AMS, BXL, TAV, MAL, GOT, STM, BUD, LIS, OSLO, BTA, BUE, VZA, CARACAS, GUAD - BY VIDEO" Message-ID: 9ngb6uc7783cbeeomarmudkded22nte3lh@ARSCC.Sweden.Dep.OSA.Surveillance

In Memoriam

"Cerridwen" reported this week that long time Scientologist Eunice Ford has passed away. "Eunice Ford passed away on February 6th in a convalescent hospital. She was a long time Scientologist, an OT, and held many posts in the Sea Org including Chaplain at ASHO. It was reported that she had Alzheimer's disease. She was well thought of by many. Many of Ex's may have known her." Message-ID:

Protest Summary

Keith Henson reported a protest at Toronto's Scientology org on February 17th. "Arel was in town, a new person wanted to picket, so 5 of us picketed from noon to two pm. I was across the street and gave out over 100 Xenu flyers. Martin LeMoine was part of the Sea Org when it infiltrated into Clearwater and at one time was the ED of the Montreal org. He and his family went 'clear' together but never got into the OT levels because he wanted his friends and family to go up the 'bridge' together. Martin was immediately recognized by Bobby Hill and Val Hill. Bob and Val were very busy trying to steer the latest scientology recruits away from the picketing SPs. The org seems to have switched from Saturday courses to Sunday to keep the raw meat from the enturbulation of pickets. "Mario and Pat Felsky plus other senior members of the Day org showed up, having had their Sunday ruined. They begin traffic control, sending people out of the org in places were the picketers were not close to at the time. After Gregg read OT 3, the day people vanished except for Mario and Felsky. Shortly after that Bob and Val Hill showed along with one of the three Mikes. "A fresh recruit Scientologist approached Gregg and wanted to talk to him. He had wanted to know why Gregg had a problem with Scientology. Mario saw him and screamed 'No! Don't talk to him!' The young man said to Mario 'I can't hold two conversations at the same time, I want to talk to him' gesturing at Gregg. Gregg told the young man, 'You won't be able to talk to me, it's against policy' at that moment Mario reach them and said, 'You cant talk to him, it's against policy.' Mario grabbed at the young man who shook him off one arm, Mario went around him, grabbed him by the other arm and marched him into the org. As he was begin marched away Gregg told him, 'You know where you are going now.' Then Gregg and Martin both said 'Your going to ethics!' "At one point in the picket, two kids of scientology's parents were yelling at Gregg that he was going to die. One police car went by went by, recognized Gregg and waved." Message-ID:


Tages-Anzeiger reported on February 9th that Scientology held an open house at a hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. "On the facade of the Spirgarten Hotel a large billboard sign proclaims 'Would you like your children to live in a drug-free world?' This is the social theme the Zurich Scientology organization is using to advertise its exhibition in the hotel auditorium. In order to draw passersby into the recruitment show, several Scientologists hand out roses on Lindenplatz, then accompany people to the exhibition spaces, where they are handed over to other cult adherents who take them through the the exhibition. "The Zurich Scientologists are getting support in their two-week mission offensive from the Jive Aces Scientology swing band. The professional band is currently playing throughout Switzerland and appears for advertisement purposes on the cult's web pages. The musicians are members of the Scientology elite unit, the Sea Org. "It is misleading for the passersby on Lindenplatz to be invited in to visit an exhibition about drug problems when the topic of the exhibition is the teachings and practices of Scientology. For instance, visitors receive a demonstration of Scientology's e-meter. The Scientologists claim they can 'see thoughts' with the controversial device. In truth, however, it is more of a simple electrical skin resistance meter, which makes it sort of a lie detector. "In another room Scientologists perform their 'assists' on visitors. It is a sort of laying on of hands by which the visitor 'can experience help with their own body.' Although the exhibition is public, with flyers being distributed, Scientologists refuse entry to critical journalists. "Director Demarmels of the Spirgarten Hotel had no qualms about renting his hall to the Scientologists. 'I didn't think to much about nor am I adverse to the association,' he said. Neither is the business manager of the Nelson Pub worried about contact with the Scientologists. 'We only care about the music.' He said the band contacted him and asked about appearing. He is seeing to it, however, that the Scientologists and their musicians are not advertising for their organization." Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1020210071810.114B-100000@darkstar.zippy

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