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Volume 6, Issue 47 - March 17 2002


Celebrity Magazine interviewed Ernie Reyes, Jr., a martial arts celebrity, in the March, 2002 issue, and reported on an event to honor the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. "Celebrity: You've done two co-audit courses. How has this training helped you in your life? "ERNIE: Ultimately it has given me a foundation of understanding. My training truly safeguards me from becoming continually confused and dispersed. I am able to focus on what it is that I'm trying to accomplish in life, professionally as well as otherwise. Training is helping me in general by giving me a greater understanding of what life is all about, how to handle it and how to be more at cause. It takes away the confusion about what it is I need to do to achieve the goals I have set of to achieve. "Celebrity: You are an actor and a world-class martial artist. How has training helped you in your career? "ERNIE: Well, it's really opened my eyes to the realization of how much more able, more competent and more certain I can be in all of the things I'm doing. I used to think that one can reach a plateau in certain actives and that's it. But in studying Scientology, I began to realize just how unlimited the gain available really are -- to every individual and in any area of life. So it has given me a chance to raise the bar to even higher levels than I've achieved in the past, and I know I can attain those. "Celebrity: You recently attested to the state of Clear. How did your training assist you in that accomplishment? "ERNIE: Before I attested to Clear, I was auditing my brother on the Method One Co-Audit course. Working a meter and wearing the hat of an auditor really enlightened me on the state I was going towards. "At the 10th Annual World Literacy Crusade Celebrity Salute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., both Scientologists and non-Scientologists celebrities came to the Cerritos Center for Performing Arts, making the educationary group's first decade of saving lives. The event was hosted by Isaac Hayes and Chaka Khan, along with singer/actress Dawn Lewis as emcee. Actors Ericka Christensen, Darius McCray, Oba Babatunde, Glen Plummer, Tracee Nichols, Lynsey Bartilson and Jennifer Hammon performed reading form the works of King, while singers Isaac Hayes, Chaka Khan, Carl Anderson and Tine McCool, hip hop artist Doug E. Fresh, jazz guitarist Johnathan Butler and gospel great Howard McCrary gave musical performances." Message-ID:


The St. Petersburg Times reported on March 14th that voters at the Scientology housing compound voted overwhelmingly for Frank Hibbard in the recent City Commission election. "Hibbard, a bank investment officer, unseated Hart by winning about 53 percent of the vote. Breaking it down, Hibbard received 610 more votes than Hart, according to the final results released Wednesday. Hibbard's support was especially strong in suburban Countryside neighborhoods, which Hart won three years ago. But that was before Hart aggravated several well-known residents there who decided to stump doggedly for Hibbard. "This time, Hibbard won roughly two thirds of the vote in Countryside, gaining 413 votes more than Hart's total votes here. Hibbard's strongest showing in any single precinct was in precinct 518, a Scientology stronghold where the church-owned Hacienda Gardens housing complex is located. Hibbard won 88 percent of the vote there, gaining 229 votes more than Hart's tally. Three years ago, the precinct was a base of support for Hart. 'I'm pleased at every vote we got regardless of where it was from,' said Hibbard, a member of Calvary Baptist Church." Message-ID:

LRH Birthday

Scientology announced that Clearwater will be holding a live birthday event for L. Ron Hubbard. "All public in the Clearwater area MUST ATTEND this event. It is going to be massive in scope and everyone must be briefed. Then we are holding the two day OT Convention at Flag - there is data in here and tools being released that you and our public must have. So, therefore, take on you Division 6 hat, get on the rooftops and all comm lines and let EVERYONE know to be at the event and the Convention! "There will be a special presentation with data never heard before about LRH's discoveries into the 3rd and 4th dynamics. It is extremely pertinent at this time as it concerns the very breakthroughs LRH made on how to arrest this civilization's decline and Clear Earth. Please let Flag know that you are coming to our most important event of the year - the celebration of LRH, his legacy and the gift he wanted most: EXPANSION. "The D/Captain for the Flag AO will release a brand new dissemination tool that Flag has produced. This includes a chart and special cards that take a person's personal seven division org board and by using this tool get him moving rapidly up The Bridge to OT and expanding across his dynamics! Many other tools are also being released by him - and you will be personally drilled by Flag's staff who are experts and have moved THOUSANDS of public up to OT. "ML, Bjorn Jansson Public Officer FSO" Message-ID:


Rheinische Post reported on March 5th that the U.S. State Department report on human rights criticizes Germany for its treatment of Scientology. "The German judicial system was accused of discrimination against the Scientology organization, among others. In France several cases of abuse of prisoners and excessive use of force by the police and investigative authorities were cited. "China was accused of violations against religious freedom. Besides that, said the report, Peking was abusing the international fight against terrorism to persecute Moslems in Singkiang. Russia, according to the report, used torture in the fight against Chechnian separatists, and it said that prisoners were tortured in Saudi Arabia. In Pakistan, the police were criticized for infringements, which were said to include rape and murder. Iran and Iraq were brought to task for violations against the freedoms of assembly and of opinion, and other restrictions." Freie Presse reported on March 11th that Scientologist and real estate developer Kurt Fliegerbauer may be forced into bankruptcy if he fails to pay his taxes. "Kurt Fliegerbauer and his Schloss Osterstein Management company are in financial difficulty. The Zwickau City Tax Office has filed an insolvency application for unpaid taxes against the enterprise. Fliegerbauer said it was a matter of about 250,000 Euros that he owed in taxes, in the form of corporate and value-added taxes. He said things went awry financially because he had uncollected claims in the millions and the investments he had been promised hadn't yet happened. As soon as the investment money was deposited in the company bank account, he would pay off his debts, probably this week. The businessman is regarded as one of the biggest construction investors in Zwickau and as one of the most influential Scientologists in the German real estate market. "The building renovator has worked on almost 300 buildings in Zwickau, and has done business of 300 million Euros with more than 500 investors. Fliegerbauer has consistently denied that his Schloss Osterstein Management company was ever involved with the cult, 'My business has nothing to do with Scientology.'" Message-ID: Message-ID: Pine.LNX.3.96.1020312165908.112B-100000@darkstar.zippy

School Lease

The Los Angeles Times reported on March 17th that the Los Angeles Unified School District is ending the leases on nine schools by private organizations, including one school run by Scientology. "The school board is scheduled Tuesday to seek proposals for the future uses of all nine campuses in the western San Fernando Valley. Because the area's schools are among the school district's least crowded, seven of the campuses have been leased to private schools - among them, a Christian school, two Jewish academies, a French school and an arts academy that employs study methods developed by the founder of Scientology. L.A. Unified has used the other two campuses for administrative offices and programs for adults, at the Hughes center. "The school district alerted the private schools more than a year ago that their leases would not be renewed. Some have found new homes; others are still looking." Message-ID: a72m15$


The Sunday News from Lancaster, Pennsylvania reported on March 9th that a counselor with Narconon, Scientology's drug rehabilitation program, was found guilty of selling heroin. "Anthony J. Mariani, 40, now of Dunwoody, Ga., also was found guilty of possessing drug paraphernalia. Mariani, who has undergone voluntary drug rehabilitation and now works as a counselor for the inpatient Narconon program outside Atlanta, faces a possible 2-year mandatory minimum prison sentence. "On Sept. 9, 2000, Mariani, who had a long history of heroin addiction, was involved in a disturbance at the Turkey Hill Minit Market, 2787 Lincoln Highway East. When police arrived, they found Mariani in possession of 31 packets of heroin, weighing 1.1 grams, and assorted drug paraphernalia. "Despite objections from Conrad, Ashworth allowed Mariani to remain free on $15,000 bail and return to the drug rehab center where he works and lives until he is sentenced." Message-ID:

New Zealand

The Evening Post from Wellington, New Zealand reported on March 12th that Scientology may join others in filing claims against a mental institution that allegedly abused patients in the 1970s. "The lawyer who spearheaded a $6.5 million compensation claim for former Lake Alice child patients has lodged criminal complaints with police against the mental institution's staff. Christchurch lawyer Grant Cameron said today that the complaints were lodged on behalf of 34 people who alleged they were abused at the now-closed hospital's child and adolescent unit in the 1970s. The 34 represent about a third of his clients who received compensation and an apology from the Government in October. "Mr. Cameron said the complaints alleged assault by staff through the use of electroconvulsive therapy and the drug paraldehyde, which causes extreme local pain, as well as sexual abuse of children by some staff. He believed there was 'undoubtedly' a strong prima facie case in the complaints. He believed the charges would be subject to extradition. "Psychiatric watchdog, the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, said it was very close to also filing a complaint on behalf of a former Lake Alice patient." Message-ID: a6q5su$

Protest Summary

Keith Henson reported a protest at the Toronto Scientology org on March 16th. "Chris Wood and Android Cat met Gregg and me at noon. As usual I was across the street. Brisk day for flyers, some of Kristi's 'Is Scientology breaking the law' and a batch of a posting by Poopsy Charmicheal. Right after I got on station a Scientologist came by and told me to quit what I was doing and go away. He said this about 6 times. Later I had a guy in shades try to get in a fight with me. He claimed he had spent much time with Scientologists and they had never tried to suck him in. I asked him if he was a scientologist and he claimed that I was defaming him. He seemed in shock to discover I had a tape recorder in my pocket. "Bob Hill and Brian McPherson put in an appearance. Gregg had considerable interaction with Bobby. Bob was posted after a while out on the corner to keep Scientologists from taking a flyer. A street person was giving Gregg a lot of trouble. After a while the street kid started getting violent - supposedly because Gregg's patter included a mention that the city would not subsidize a Hell's Angel's clubhouse but is providing a tax subsidy to Scientology. Gregg has this really funny section where this street kid is told he is on tape. Total dismay 'What!' in a high-pitched voice then 'Oh F***' and then he splits. Later Gregg read OT3 and clears the Scientologists from the street. The cops arrived from Gregg's request. Gregg told them the street kid was gone." Message-ID:


The World Institute of Scientology Enterprises announced a convention to be held in Clearwater in April. "In honor of LRH's Birthday, we are extending a reward to you for getting registered now. When you sign up before LRH's Birthday, we will give you a $100 discount off of the full price of $400. We will be running 3 different series of workshops concurrently to help ensure that all attendees are able to attend workshops that will most benefit them. "Model of Admin Know-How Series - How to get the vital basics of LRH admin tech implemented, such as creating your own organizing board and getting it into use; marketing; getting your Company Training course room fully operational to be able to train all your staff on LRH admin tech courses. "Dissemination Series - Primarily designed for those most interested in Marketing and Disseminating LRH Management Technology and getting this tech into the hands of professionals everywhere. "WISE has launched a new era in the dissemination of LRH's admin tech. On the heels of the hugely successful convention just held aboard the Freewinds, WISE is continuing to unfold its Strategic Planning and bringing the Admin Scale of WISE to its membership." Message-ID:

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