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Volume 7, Issue 33 - November 17 2002

Nancy Cartright

The Buffalo News published an article on November 10th about Scientology celebrity Nancy Cartwright and her work with Scientology's World Literacy Crusade. "The voice of the wisecracking character on the long-running Fox animated series, The Simpsons, is a woman. What's interesting about Nancy Cartwright is that she took on a boy's persona, as she described in her newly released book, 'My Life as a 10-year-old Boy,' and how that fits into her role as a woman and a mother of a daughter and a son. "Cartwright, 43, and standing at 5-foot-nothin', as she said, is strong on responsibility - for herself and her children. 'As a celebrity, there's a huge responsibility - the responsibility lies in setting a good example. I believe it's not just through the politicians, or government that's going to change the world. I think it's through the artists,' she said. "Her work with the World Literacy Crusade, promoting excellence in education, has taken her as far afield as the Neko Tech School in Ghana. It's a cause her longtime friend and artist, Isaac Hayes, got her involved in after asking her: ' 'Come on, Nancy. Come home with me to Africa. You gotta bring Bart and go back to Africa. Help me set up this school.' Message-ID:


The television news magazine 60 Minutes aired a story on Scientology and the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights. "[Psychiatrist Dr. Bell] They are forever pumping into the black community these scare' tactics - that there's a genocidal plot to put black children on Ritalin, there's a genocidal plot to put black people on anti-depressant medication. "Who's spreading those tales? Among others, the Church of Scientology, which has long campaigned against psychiatry. [Cover of the CCHR publication 'Psychiatry's Betrayal: Creating Racism' which shows a black man in agony holding up a large metal ball over his head, the ball with a thick short chain leading to a thick metal headband.] This pamphlet is from something called The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights. a group founded by Scientology. The same stuff is on their web site. All targeted specifically at blacks, telling them that psychiatrists are racist." Message-ID:


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported on November 15th that the German state of Bavaria will be keeping a closer eye on Scientology. "The state of Bavaria plans to take a tougher stance on the Church of Scientology by increasing state assistance for what it calls victims of the religious organization founded by L. Ron Hubbard. Bavarian Interior Minister Hermann Regensburger has launched proposals that would mobilize state resources to help citizens that have suffered economic or mental damage from Scientology members. The Bavarian state government also plans to continue police observation of the organization. Regensburger has called on the federal government to examine whether to ban Scientology, arguing that it contravened the core values of the German constitution." Message-ID:


The Irish Times reported on November 16th that a Scientology court case is testing the rule that losing parties pay the legal expenses of the winners. "A decision by a High Court Taxing Master has cast doubt on whether solicitors who act on a 'no win, no fee' basis, and who are awarded their legal costs by a court, will actually receive their costs from the losing party. Master James Flynn yesterday ruled that two bills for costs before him in a legal action against the Church of Scientology and others should be taxed at 'nil' as the defendants could have no greater liability than the person who sued them. The ruling could have serious implications for the legal profession. "Ms Johnston had claimed she had suffered a distinct personality change after being subjected to what she alleged were COS mind control techniques. She sued COS and three named persons for damages. The Supreme Court hearings concerned documents sought by the parties to the dispute. Master Flynn said that, when the matter came before him, lawyers for the COS had requested sight of a 'letter-of-action' or a 'client care letter.' The lawyers also said they were placing Ms Johnston on 'full proof of all issues and disputes arising at the taxation and in particular those relating to the legal liability for costs of the proceedings'. The COS lawyers did not think a letter of action existed. "Master Flynn said the onus of proof in relation to legal liability for costs was a matter for the plaintiff. If Ms Johnston asserted there was a legal liability, she must prove it. The solicitor for Ms Johnston gave evidence that Ms Johnston had a legal liability to discharge costs. Master Flynn said Ms Johnston had failed to discharge the necessary proof and he must accept the COS argument that she was not under a legal liability to her own solicitor as to costs. Accordingly, he was left with no option but to tax the bills of costs before him at nil as the COS could have no greater liability than Ms Johnston." Message-ID: xzrB9.419$

Chili Benefit

The Wichita Eagle reported on November 16th that a school founded by Scientology celebrity Kirstie Alley is hoping to raise funds with a chili dinner. "Chili will be served up for $5 a bowl Saturday to help children learn. The Church of Scientology will host the chili feed to benefit Lillie's Learning Place, which offers free tutoring and lessons to improve study skills." Message-ID: DcOB9.451$

Drug Free Ambassadors

The Parramatta Sun reported on November 15th that Scientologists have been promoting an Australian version of the Drug Free Marshals program. "More than 200 locals have pledged to promote the benefits of leading a drug-free lifestyle. They did this after signing the Drug Free Ambassador Pledge in Church Street Mall, Parramatta, at the weekend. One young man was so impressed with the philosophy behind the campaign that he asked if the Drug Free Ambassadors might visit his high school in Parramatta to promote its ideals to his peers. Other supporters included three young people who had overcome addictions. "Cyrus Brooks, the Drug Free Ambassadors' coordinator in NSW, said he was thrilled with the measure of positive feedback from the community. Founded in 1990 in the US as Drug Free Marshals, the Drug Free Ambassadors program was brought to Australia by the Church of Scientology about seven years ago." Message-ID: NMNA9.372$

The Auditor

The November, 2002 issue of The Auditor announced news from Scientology orgs around the world. "The awardees acknowledged at this year's Auditor's Day Celebration at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida were: Top Field Auditor - Tammy Lemberger from Israel; Top Class V Org Auditor - Marisol Benitez from Mexico; Top Flag Auditor - Travis Stracener; Top Course Supervisor Team, Celebrity Centre Int. (represented by the Director of Training, Jason Maifeld); Top Sea Org Auditor - Vicki Markin from AOLA; Top Mission Auditor - Raquel Marin from Spain; Top Class V Senior Case Supervisor - Guillermo Pinto from Venezuela. "Vicki Daugherty, VM I/C, visited a local Cincinnati church and met the Bishop and one of the Sisters there. She briefed them on the VM program and Scientology and they were both very interested in learning about this in order to help their parishioners. A few days later the Bishop and his wife came into the org and started the Basic Study Manual and the Sister that the VM I/C had spoken to earlier began the VM Study Course. The Bishop also brought in six of his parishioners and they are all receiving help from VM's. At his next Sunday Service the Bishop announced to his congregation that the Church of Scientology will be helping him and his parishioners! "Celebrity Centre Int hosted the launch of Youth for Human Rights and Scientologist and TV star Lynsey Bartilson was the Master of Ceremonies for the event. Three hundred people attended including almost 49 community, government, interfaith, ethnic and UN human rights opinion leaders. A new booklet, entitled 'What is Human Rights?' was released to the group." "Department of Special Affairs personnel in Philadelphia Org visited the Pennsylvania State Capital and briefed staff of several state senators on the Church VM activities. A number of those briefed then attended a Dianetics Seminar at the Philadelphia organization and those new Dianetic auditors are now co auditing. "Detroit Org was recently involved in an event attended by 800 Boy Scout leaders. They had three booths at the event-Drug Free Marshals, Way to Happiness, and Narconon. At the Way to Happiness booth they laid out photos of LRH as an Eagle Scout, and gave out TWTH booklets to the attendees who were impressed with LRH's record as a scout. "PES Toronto Org delivered a lecture on Dianetics to a Religious Studies class of 220 students at McMaster University recently. After the lecture the students were invited to attend a Dianetics Seminar and 80 did. They watched the 'How to Use Dianetics' video and were invited to the org for a free introductory auditing session. Students purchased Dianetics at the end of the seminar and many received stress tests. "Dianetics and Scientology continue to expand in Nepal, with the first-ever Dianetics Workshop delivered recently in Lumbini, the birth place of the Buddha. The first Napalese mission was also opened in the city of Kathmandu, in a busy area of the city , right across from the Royal Palace. Ganesh Poudel, the proud ED of the new mission, trained in Bangkok Mission, and is now on post n Kathmandu. Ganesh and his staff of two are enthusiastic and determined to expand Dianetics and Scientology throughout Nepal. "In Thailand, a project to assist in the establishment of South East Asia's first Class V Scientology Organization recently opened a third Thai mission. Located on the resort island of Samui, southeast of Bangkok, the official title of the mission is the The Church of Scientology - Mission of Samui. The mission is already expanding rapidly under the guidance of well-known pioneer, Rohn Walker, experienced Mission Holder from California." Message-ID: 3WEZF5W737576.4197800926@anonymous.poster

Reed Slatkin

Knight Ridder Tribune Business News reported on November 13th that the court appointed trustee in the Reed Slatkin Ponzi scheme case will seek to recover money from some of the participants that received payouts in excess of their investments. Some of these may include prominent Scientologists. "Hundreds of people tangled up in EarthLink co-founder Reed Slatkin's investment scam are being pressured to return tens of millions of dollars in profits made on their investments. Unless they settle, these people face being sued - even having their homes and assets attached - by Todd Neilson, the court-appointed trustee who's going after Mr. Slatkin and the missing millions. Mr. Neilson contends they received funds in excess of the amount of their investments made with Mr. Slatkin's unregistered investment club. More recently, he's filed 54 complaints to recover money and is prepared to file hundreds of additional, similar complaints between now and April. "Now the trustee is seeking broader, sweeping powers from U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Robin Riblet. If approved, Mr. Neilson would be granted authority to settle hundreds of claims each worth up to $2 million without further hearings or court approval. He wants to eliminate the requirement that court approval be obtained on a settlement-by-settlement basis, claiming this would be cost-efficient for him and the court. There are more than 550 claims, ranging in value from $168 to more than $5.8 million, and tackling each one individually would require enormous expense. Nine claims worth more than $2 million each would still be handled in court. "The trustee contends that because Mr. Slatkin operated a Ponzi scheme, transfers received by investors in excess of their investments are fraudulent transfers and some were preferential transfers. Those are key terms, because Mr. Neilson believes that since Mr. Slatkin operated a Ponzi scheme, such transfers can be recovered by federal law. A Ponzi scheme is illegal because investors are not told that their money is simply being used to pay off earlier investors. Inevitably, the schemes collapse." Message-ID:

Set a Good Example

The Detroit News reported on November 13th that a first grader has won the the National Children's Set a Good Example contest, sponsored by Scientology. "Rachel Hamameh was struggling with his first-grade assignments because he didn't understand much English. Rachel took it upon herself to break the language barrier and helped him understand the work. That good deed helped Rachel win a gold medal in the 'National Children's Set a Good Example' contest. Students from 12,000 schools across the country participate in the contest. Four winners are selected from four age divisions each. Rachel won the top award in the 6- to 8-year-old division. "Rachel, now 7, was honored Oct. 15 by the Sterling Heights City Council. For the contest, Rachel was required to read 'The Way To Happiness,' a book by L. Ron Hubbard, with her parents. She then had to do a project based on her favorite part of the book and send a report to the judges. With the help of her parents, Rachel wrote a 700-word essay about helping others. For her efforts, she won a week-long trip to Disneyland with her parents and Hartsig. Gershonowicz paid for the trip. An awards program was held at Disneyland for 'National Children's Set a Good Example' winners." Message-ID:

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