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Volume 7, Issue 37 - December 15 2002


The Sun-Herald reported on December 15th that Australian billionaire James Packer has been taking courses at the Scientology org. "The Church of Scientology's newest pin-up boy yesterday spent his Saturday reflecting and studying the philosophies of L Ron Hubbard - the science fiction writer turned religious guru whose books have inspired some of the world's richest film stars. "Not so long ago Packer Junior could be seen entertaining friends on his Bondi beachfront balcony or walking the dogs he co-owned with former wife Jodhi. But recently he has attended so-called auditing sessions with the Church of Scientology. Yesterday he spent nearly three hours at the organisation's Glebe building. "Packer has steadfastly refused to comment on rumours he has embraced Scientology since splitting from his wife Jodhi in June. But he has not flinched from his instruction despite growing public interest in the church's latest millionaire recruit." Message-ID: cxHK9.151$

Jailhouse Wedding

The Southeast Missourian reported on December 10th that a Scientology minister presided at the wedding of psychiatric patient Rodney Yoder. "The nuptials took place Sunday at the Chester Mental Health Center, three days after a Randolph County jury decided that 12-year mental patient Rodney Yoder was mentally ill and too dangerous to be released. A Scientologist minister presided over the ceremony while three guards stood watch. The groom has written more than 100 letters to public officials threatening to kill them. The bride is Canadian Millie Strom, who has lobbied for Yoder's release. Strom, 50, is a member of the anti-psychiatry movement and was married to legendary bluesman John Lee Hooker for five years. "Yoder attracted national media attention last week when he put 'psychiatry on trial' during his commitment hearing in which he argued that there is no such thing as mental illness. The jury deliberated for just over an hour before reaching its verdict. "'Originally, the minister was going to say we were gathered in a holy place,' he said. 'But we took that out immediately. I wanted to say we were gathered in a psycho-prison, but we decided against it.'" Message-ID:


United Press International reported on December 10th that Scientology planned a candlelight vigil in Los Angeles to protest psychiatric treatment. "On Tuesday evening, a candlelight vigil outside the international headquarters of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights in Los Angeles will be held to mark what organizers say is the 'memory of the hundreds of children who have tragically died due to abusive psychiatric treatment.' The group is affiliated with the anti-psychiatry Church of Scientology. According to the CCHR, more than 6 million children in the United States have been prescribed mind-altering psychotropic drugs to treat emotional illness and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder." The Woonsocket Call reported on December 14th that Scientologists have accused a Massachusetts school superintendent of being a drug pusher, claiming that he promotes the drug Ritalin. "Members of the Church of Scientology in Pawtucket used the public comment time to talk about the effects of the drug Ritalin on children and accused the town's school superintendent of being a drug pusher." Message-ID: Message-ID: bBHK9.152$


The Sunday Mirror reported on December 8th that Scientology has been conducting a recruiting drive on the campus of University College Dublin. "The controversial Church of Scientology has been using anti-drug pamphlets in a bid to open contact with thousands of potential members. The leaflets, delivered to the students' union of University College Dublin, all have contact numbers for cult members printed on them. The students' union was later contacted several times by Church of Scientology members, urging them to take more pamphlets. Last night UCD said it refused to hand out the information once it realised the religious sect was behind the campaign. "UCD student welfare officer, Seamus O'Maonaigh, said the 'no to drugs' leaflets were misleading. He added: 'I thought they were health workers. They gave me some leaflets and tried to ring the college many times afterwards. The information printed was misleading. It stated that the use of drugs such as cannabis could lead to prostitution and down and out lifestyles. The leaflet gave numbers for Scientologists. Once I discovered the information was misleading none of the promotional material was given to students.' "The Church of Scientology repeatedly phoned Mr O'Maonaigh, who represents more than 19,000 students in UCD. He said: 'They left many messages on my answering machine wanting to know would I take more leaflets. I didn't actually know the booklets were Scientology until a journalist pointed it out in my office.' "He added: 'I threw them in the trash once I realised they were suggestive in a false nature.' He said the leaflets claimed to be giving health and welfare information but were instead an invitation to join a controversial group. One page in the Scientologists' booklet states: 'In truth, soft drugs do not exist, so a large number of joint smokers end up with a needle in their arm for new sensations.' People can get over cannabis. I would be horrified if teenagers are getting the wrong information. You don't have to go to these people. The student unions can give you information on this issue.'" The Irish Times reported on December 11th that the trial continues in which a former Scientologist is suing the org for abuse and psychological damage. "A woman who is suing the Church of Scientology has been cross-examined at length in the High Court about why she had not spoken about the alleged pressure put on her by the church when interviewed on RT's Late Late Show in February 1995. Mr Michael Collins SC, for the church, also asked Ms Mary Johnston why she had not spoken about pressure to join the church in a Sunday Tribune article in 1994. In that article, she had stated she was not vulnerable, Mr Collins said. "Ms Johnston (40), who operates a sports equipment business at Westwood, Foxrock, Dublin, is suing the church and three of its members for damages for personal injuries, breach of constitutional rights and conspiracy. Ms Johnston denied that she had been briefed by Bonnie and Richard Woods, whom Mr Collins described as members of a fundamentalist church in England opposed to scientology. She had gone on the show in the hope of discouraging people from getting involved in the church. However she had said very little on the show because she was contemplating litigation. Asked about a Sunday Tribune article referring to her, Ms Johnston said that at the time she was only out of Scientology six months. As an former cult member, she was coming to terms with the trauma she had been through." From the Irish Times on December 12th: "A woman who is suing the Church of Scientology for damages told the High Court yesterday she was distressed to recall that a man became unconscious while she was giving him an 'auditing' session. She described the church as 'coercive' and 'destructive'. Ms Mary Johnston said she was giving the auditing session in question in Britain in 1994. 'I am distressed when I think back to how that poor man went unconscious on me and I was able to click him back. It has bothered me that I may have caused him harm.' "Ms Johnston said she felt she had carried out things on a human being without having had the medical background to do so. She had done this through following the commands given by Ron L. Hubbard, the founder of the church. "Asked about carrying placards outside a Church of Scientology meeting, Ms Johnston said she believed the church was coercive and destructive and altered people's perception of reality. 'I defend people's rights to believe what they like, but if people carry out acts which harm people by taking them away from their families, then I have a problem with that and have a duty to speak.'" From the Irish Times on December 13th: "Ms Johnston was asked by Mr Michael Collins SC, for the defence, if she had any objection to Scientologists, when subjected to criticism of the most severe kind, attempting to defend themselves or their point of view. Ms Johnston said her criticism of Scientologists was based on things that had happened to her and was levelled against the individual Scientologists who perpetrated what she claimed. She did not criticise Scientologists in general. "Her issue was with the coercive and manipulative techniques devised by the founder of the church, L Ron Hubbard, and used in pursuit of its activities. Ms Johnston said Hubbard had written that anyone who was antagonistic to Scientology could be tricked, sued, lied to, cheated or destroyed. He had also written: 'You are safe as long as you don't attack them.'" Message-ID: Xz0J9.1101$ Message-ID: RT0K9.109$ Message-ID: UZkK9.116$ Message-ID:


The News-Press reported on December 13th that a group of Scientologist joggers ran in Glendale, California to promote human rights. "An entourage of 13 joggers ran down Brand Boulevard with Glendale Police escorts Thursday to promote human rights during the Glendale leg of the L.A. Multathon. The event, Uniting Greater Los Angeles for Human Rights, was a celebration of the 54th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, Church of Scientology spokeswoman Angie De Rouchie said. Sponsors of the event are the Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology International and the International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance, in cooperation with United Nations Assn. USA. The event will culminate with a parade and festival Saturday on L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles. Joggers came from France, Spain, Korea and the Czech Republic to participate." Message-ID: OUkK9.115$

Org News

The Auditor recently reported news from Scientology orgs around the world. "The Los Angeles Latino Book and Family Festival, a two-day annual event was recently held in the LA Convention Center. The Latino LRH Life Exhibition was a main attraction, with thousands moving through this both days and hundreds requesting more information. Staff from Celebrity Centre International Los Angels Day and Foundation manned the Stress Testing booths as people lined up at the E Meters for their tests. Applied Scholastics was there showing hundreds their Latino editions of LRH study technology books for children. "The new National Church of Scientology of Spain was announced at the finale of the 2002 IAS anniversary event. Recently purchased with a grant from the IAS, the acquisition of this historic building in the heart of Madrid is the result of an eight month search to locate the ideal premises for the church. Only one block from the Spanish parliament and just down the street from the world famous Museum Del Parado, the building will also accommodate the headquarters for all public affairs activities for the church in Spain. Containing over 46,000 square feet, the building will easily accommodate a Saint Hill size Org with large delivery spaces planned for the upper floors. "Seattle, Washington law enforcement officials put out a call to all religions to provide counselors for the police force and their families. After reviewing the rejecting numerous applications, the City of Seattle Police Department certified 20 area Chaplains. Five out of the twenty authorized to be part of the Chaplaincy Program are Scientologists and Volunteer Ministers! Each were presented with a certificate acknowledging their outstanding accomplishment and membership in the Seattle Community Chaplaincy." Message-ID: 9IIQCY5037605.413275463@anonymous.poster

Lisa McPherson

A probate court in Florida has ruled that Scientology cannot yet claim money from the estate of Lisa McPherson from an award in Texas court. The award was for breach of contract when estate attorney Ken Dandar sued Scientology leader David Miscavige after signing a contract promising not to do so. "RTC is seeking to have this court allow execution of its judgment against the wrongful death action and what has been classified by RTC as the 'Minton money.' The Estate asserts that the wrongful death claim can not be assigned and that, in any event, to permit execution by RTC would give it some preferential treatment. "The general rule is that at common law an assignment of a cause of action for personal injuries was not permitted. RTC asserts that inasmuch as the wrongful death action is a creature of statute, the general rule against assignment and hence against execution does not apply. The Estate, on the other hand, argues there is no such distinction, that wrongful death actions are as personal as a common law tort. The court is very concerned that the wrongful death act empowers and requires the Personal Representative to assert not only the claims of the Estate but also the claims of the survivors of the decedent. Accordingly, that cause of action encompasses more than the interest of this estate. "Turning next to the 'Minton money,' the ownership of those funds has been the subject of protracted litigation in three separate divisions of the Sixth Circuit for much of 2002. This court is unaware of any ruling which establishes that those funds are the property of this estate. Argument on this motion is not sufficient to permit this court to usurp the prerogative of the other circuit judges who have beard extensive testimony on this issue. "Since this court is ruling that the wrongful death cause of action is not something which can be assigned and therefore not executed upon, and that a clear showing of entitlement has not been made as to the 'Minton money,' there is no need for this court to address the issue of preferential treatment of RTC in this matter." The court also denied a motion by Bob Minton, who asked that an administrator be appointed to oversee the assets of the estate. "After receiving extensive documentary evidence in support of the Petition and after bearing excellent argument of counsel, the court finds that the claim of Robert Minton is clearly contingent upon a successful resolution of the wrongful death suit. Therefore, Robert Minton is not an interested party and accordingly has no standing herein. Based thereupon, it is ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the Robert Minton's Petition for Appointment of Administrator ad Litem be and the same is hereby denied." Message-ID: TLmJ9.1115$


Pakistan newspaper Dawn reported on December 10th that Scientology's Narconon program is is promoting drug abuse prevention among children. "Homeless children are more vulnerable to drug abuse and it is duty of civil society to protect them against the menace. This was stated by the president, International Narconon Network, Clark Carr, while talking to journalists at the local press club on Monday. Carr is on a visit to Pakistan at the invitation of the Anti-Narcotics Force. He will conduct a series of workshops on drug prevention and rehabilitation of the addicts. "He said that he was horrified to witness street children sniffing glue and petrol to numb their senses and added that drugs, whether it was glue or heroin, destroyed the brain. He said that his organization was providing educational and rehabilitation services at 100 centres in 31 countries with proven, effective and inexpensive treatment methods for drug addicts. "The Nazim of Hyderabad taluka, Haji Moinuddin Shaikh, welcomed the establishment of a drug prevention and addict rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad by Dr Sharif and offered help to eradicate the menace from the city. Dr Carr and Dr Sharif also gave a scientific presentation on the Narconon programme to the staff of the Liaquat University Hospital." Barbara Graham spoke at a meeting of a county Board of Supervisors to oppose a permit for Narconon to open a facility in Warner Springs, California. "Three people (including myself) spoke against the permits. About 15 people, many of whom were local residents and egregiously ignorant of Narconon, spoke in favor of it. One of the pro speakers was a guy from Narconon, Newport Beach. Others were from Tucson Arizona and points east. "The appeal to yank Narconon's permits was unanimously denied. The good news: after the meeting, I was approached by a woman from one of the supervisors' offices. She thanked me for speaking, and gave me her card. I also made several valuable contacts in the Warner Springs community. It should be noted that there will be a six and 12 month review of Narconon's permit to operate. There was much cheeping and hugging amongst the culties when they heard the ruling. Far be it for me to point out that they may have won a skirmish, but they haven't won the war!" From the Union-Tribune on December 12th: "The county Board of Supervisors yesterday gave the go-ahead for a Narconon drug and alcohol treatment center planned for the rural Sunshine Summit area, unanimously rejecting a neighbors appeal. Narconon officials said they hope to open the 30-resident center at a former resort off state Route 79 early next year. "Chet Kalinowska filed the appeal in October after the county Planning Commission unanimously approved the project. Kalinowska argued that the 30-acre property did not have adequate water, and that security plans for a program dealing with drug addicts were inadequate. Supervisors Bill Horn and Ron Roberts told Kalinowska and other opponents that they believed the center would use less water than previous tenants. They also said they were impressed that Narconon managers had agreed to drain a fishing pond and to limit the centers water use to less than 3 million gallons a year. "Supervisors also rejected pleas by Barbara Graham of San Diego to turn down the drug center because of its links to Scientology, which she said had a 50-year history of criminal behavior and abuse of members. Graham also said the Narconon program had a dismal record of rehabilitating drug and alcohol addicts. "Bill Langill, pastor of the Oak Grove Community Church, praised the centers efforts to rehabilitate addicts and lauded its philosophy of community volunteering. 'Not only have they come to church services and bible meetings but they have repainted buildings in our neighborhood and helped rebuild roofs,' he said. 'They are a positive addition and good neighbors.'" Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID:

Protest Summary

Keith Henson reported a protest outside the Toronto org on December 7th. "Chris Wood, Ron Sharp, Arel and I picketed the org on Yonge St from about 1 pm to 4. The picket was dedicated to the memory of Lisa McPherson who died after 17 gruesome days in the hands of scientology in 1995. The picket went long because we found Scientology had closed the side street and were exploiting Christmas using a number of org children singing carols. So in spite of the cold we stayed till they were closing up. The flyers went faster than normal because the street crowd had a lot of new people in it." Message-ID:

Reed Slatkin

Documents were posted this week showing that the bankruptcy trustee in the Reed Slatkin Ponzi scheme investigation has been suing to regain funds that had been distributed to Scientologists before the scheme was discovered. "Plaintiff Name: R TODD NEILSON CH 11 TRUSTEE Defendant Name: DIRMANN, JACK Cause of Action: TO RECOVER MONEY OR PROPERTY Demand (Thousands $): 1,304 Nature of Suit: To recover money or property "Complaint on claims to set aside and recover fraudulent transfers, to set aside and recover preferential payments, and for turnover." "Defendant Name: ANDRUSCAVAGE, JOSEPH Cause of Action: TO RECOVER MONEY OR PROPERTY Origin of Suit: Original Proceeding Demand (Thousands $): $230 Nature of Suit: To recover money or property "Complaint on claims to set aside and recover fraudulent transfers, and for turnover." "Defendant Name: DOHRING, DOUG Cause of Action: TO RECOVER MONEY OR PROPERTY Demand (Thousands $): $193 Nature of Suit: To recover money or property "Complaint on claims to set aside and recover fraudulent transfers, to set aside and recover preferential payments, and for turnover." "Defendant Name: CODDING, SANDRA Cause of Action: TO RECOVER MONEY OR PROPERTY Demand (Thousands $): 1,437 "Complaint on claims to set aside and recover fraudulent transfers, and for turnover." "Defendant Name: SHERMAN, LAURA Cause of Action: To recover money or property Demand (Thousands $): $54 Nature of Suit: To recover money or property "During the periods referenced in this Complaint, Sherman purported to invest money with Slatkin. As a result of that purported investment, Sherman received total transfers from Slatkin in the sum of $176,302.20 and net transfers in the sum of $ 54,079.20 (i. e., the total amount that Slatkin transferred to or for the benefit of Sherman less the total amount that Sherman purportedly invested with Slatkin). All of these transfers by Slatkin were made for the benefit of Sherman and in furtherance of Slatkin's Ponzi scheme." "Defendant Name: SINGER, DAVID Cause of Action: TO RECOVER MONEY OR PROPERTY Demand (Thousands $): 2,135 Nature of Suit: To recover money or property "Complaint on claims to set aside and recover fraudulent transfers, to set aside and recover preferential payments, and for turnover." "Defendant Name: DE SALDARRIAGA, JUDITH Cause of Action: TO RECOVER MONEY OR PROPERTY Demand (Thousands $): $103 Nature of Suit: To recover money or property "Complaint on claims to set aside and recover fraudulent transfer, and for turnover" The trustee has won a summary judgment decision against Ron Rakow and Denis DelBianco to return a set of paintings to the bankruptcy estate. "Summary Judgment on the Rakow Parties' entire complaint is granted in favor of the Trustee and against the Rakow Parties. The Estate is the lawful owner of the following paintings: Seascape by William Trost Richards, 1872; Twilight on the Plains, Platte River, Colorado by Worthington Whittredge; Rocca di Secca by Albert Bierstadt, circa 1858; The Berkshires, Massachusetts by Thomas Hart Benton, circa 1923; Raspberries by Lilly Martin Spencer, circa 1859-60; Sunset by Frederick Edwin Church, circa 1865; Rocky Mountains by Thomas Moran; View of East Hampton by Thomas Moran, circa 1900; and Southern California [Pasadena] Picnic by Thomas Moran, circa 1910." Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID: Message-ID:

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