The Foster Report

Scientology and its Enemies

173. The reactions of individuals and groups to criticism varies from grateful acceptance. or amused tolerance, at one end of the scale to a sense of outrage and vindictive counter-attack on the other. Perhaps unfortunately (especially for its adherents) Scientology falls at the hyper-sensitive end of the scale. Judging from the documents, this would seem to have its origin in a personality trait of Mr. Hubbard, whose attitude to critics is one of extreme hostility. One can take the view that anyone whose attitude to criticism is such as Mr. Hubbard displays in his writings cannot be too surprised if the world treats him with suspicion rather than affection.

174. The enemies of Scientology would seem to fall into four classes: -

(i) Scientologists who have defected from the cause;

(ii) Anyone outside Scientology who expresses doubt as to its truth, value, efficacy, or sincerity;

(iii) Psychiatrists;

(iv) Communists.

(i) Defecting Scientologists

175. Within Scientology, very tight discipline is imposed upon its adherents. The executive agency responsible for its enforcement is called "Ethics" which operates by holding Ethics Courts whose sanctions are the "assignment" of a "Lower Condition" (157) on the accused. The following is the scale (in descending order) of the Lower Conditions, with the appropriate penalties: -
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

(Cancels HCO Pol Ltr 18 October 67 issue IV)


PENALTIES FOR LOWER CONDITIONS (Applies to both Orgs and Sea Org)

LIABILITY - Dirty grey rag on left arm. May be employed at any additional work. Day and night confinement to premises.

DOUBT - May be confined in or be barred from premises. Handcuff on left wrist. May be fined up to the amount carelessness or neglect has cost org in actual money.

(157) "Lower" in this context means lower than the Condition of "Non-Existence".


ENEMY - Suppressive Person order. May not be communicated with by anyone except an Ethics Officer, Master at Arms, a Hearing Officer or a Board or Committee. May be restrained or imprisoned. May not be protected by any rules or laws of the group he sought to injure as he sought to destroy or bar fair practices for others. May not be trained or processed or admitted to any org.

TREASON - May be turned over to civil authorities. Full background to be explored for purposes of prosecution. May not be protected by the rights and fair practices he sought to destroy for others. May be retrained or debarred. Not to be communicated with. Debarred from training and processing and advanced courses forever. Not covered by amnesties.

Note: Any lower

Condition assigned is subject to a Hearing if requested and to Ethics Review Authority or Petition if the formula is applied. A ship captain's okay is required in the SO for conditions below Danger, similarly in orgs where the Exec Council must approve one (Exception is Missions during the Mission who have unlimited powers).


LRH: js"

Mr. Gaiman tells me that "all penalties for all Lower Conditions were abolished in 1970". Here is the source document on which he bases that statement: -
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


Ethics Hats
Dept 3
Exec Hats


The following HCO PLs are cancelled:

HCO PL 26 Sept '67 Conditions for Scn Orgs Addition to Applying Formulas.

HCO PL 18 Oct '67 Issue IV Penalties for Lower Conditions.

HCO PL 20 Oct '67 ISSUE II Conditions Penalties New Employees and Persons Newly on Post.


HCO PL 6 Oct '67 Condition of Liability.

These penalty HCO PLs included loss of pay, grey rag etc. as additional to the Conditions Formulas which still apply.

This cancellation is contemporary with the justice discovery that crime is the direct result of a lack of a hat and training on the hat and that a hat consists of a write up, checksheet and pack fully trained in on the person. (See Personnel Series.)

The target of Ethics is any neglect of org boarding or hatting and training an activity.

The motto is "Hat don't hit".

It is also part of this that I have concluded man cannot be trusted with justice.

The cancellation of Ethics penalties does not cancel a failure to provide an org board or to hat and train juniors or personnel as a Comm Ev offence nor does this cancellation cancel Conditions Formulas. It does cancel the penalties formerly assigned and as outlined in the cancelled Penalty Policy Letters listed above.

LRH: sb: ka

Copyright © 1970
by L. Ron Hubbard

176. Until October 21st 1968, the Condition of Enemy carried the additional penalty of "Fair Game", described as follows: -
"May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologists. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."
177. The "Fair Game" rule, however, caused a great deal of adverse publicity in Parliament and the Press, and accordingly it was repealed in the following terms: -
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex.



The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations. This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP.

LRH: si

Copyright © 1968
by L. Ron Hubbard

(158) HCO P/L of 18th October 1966.


178. It seems clear that the Fair Game penalty, before its repeal, was not just a theoretical sanction. In at least one case which has come to my notice, a defector from Scientology who had risen through the ranks to a high position in the organization was declared "Fair Game" over Mr. Hubbard's signature when he decided to dissociate himself. Thereafter, members of the Scientology leadership were found writing to third parties to say that the defector had been "excommunicated for theft and perversion". Another Scientologist, who had sued for the return of his auditing fees, found himself the subject of a private prosecution for theft by the Scientology leadership. Fortunately for him, he was acquitted.

179. Some idea of the strictness of the internal discipline can be gleaned from the following:

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


Issue III


Recently, during the reorganisation of WW, it came to light that in some Continental orgs EXEC SECS an SECS had an occasion actually ordered that certain Pol Ltrs and HCOBs were not to be followed.

This order is an illegal order and any staff following it is guilty of executing an illegal order.

Any executive issuing such an order shall hereafter be considered as committing a high crime which on proof beyond reasonable doubt constitutes a HIGH CRIME and can carry the assignment of the Condition of TREASON for both the person issuing the order and the person who receives and executes it.

All such instances MUST be reported at once to the International Ethics Officer at WW.

Failure to report such an order to the Int E/O when one knows of it carries with it the assignment of a Condition of Liability.

Lines for the amendment of Policy already exist as per other Pol Ltr and until an amendment is legally and completely passed the old policy must be followed.

HCOBs cannot be amended.

LRH: jp
Copyright © 1967

by L. Ron Hubbard



180. A selection of typical "Ethics Orders" follows (159) : -

No. 1251

24th May 1966
To: Those concerned

From: Ethics SH

Subject: * * * * * *

* * * * * *, for having published by letter to 3 persons in the USA statements that he has not had the gains he expected from Power Processes and level VI processes and complaining of "extra charges" for Review auditing necessary to the handling of his case, is:

(1) Placed under a non-enturbulation order. If one more report is received by Ethics of * * * * * * publishing entheta or otherwise causing enturbulation, he will be forthwith declared a Suppressive Person

(2) Denied Clearing Course materials for a period of not less than one year. He will only thereafter be granted the privilege of admission to the Clearing Course after a very thorough Ethics Clearance.


D/Ethics Officer SH"


To: Those Concerned

From: HCO Exec Sec WW

Subject: Suppressive Person

No. 218 WW 1859 SH
6th November 1967

* * * * * * of * * * * * *, Victoria, Australia, is hereby labelled a Suppressive Person for the following reasons:

(1) Bringing a civil suit against his wife on a personal matter - divorce - attempting to involve Scientology in it in older to benefit financially in doing so.

(2) Testifying hostilely before the Victorian Inquiry into Scientology to suppress Scientology.

A. * * * * * * is not to be trained or processed.

B. He is not to he communicated with.

C. He is not to be helped in any way.

D. He may not enter any Scientology Church or Organization.

(159) To save them embarrassment, I have deleted the names and addresses of the 
subjects in each case.


E. Any person connected to him are declared to be Potential Trouble Sources and are not to be trained or processed until they have presented evidence of their handling or disconnection.

F. By his own acts he has taken himself off the road to Release and Clear.

HCO Executive Secretary WW"


To: All Staff and Students

From: Public Ethics Officer SH

Subject: Blown Student

No. 1841 SH
14th November, 1967.

1. * * * * * *, Dianetic Student, is hereby declared a Blown Student. He went to London to find and audit a PC and to this date has not returned to Saint Hill despite a phone call from the Ethics Officer for him to do so.

2. His time on Dianetic Course is now expired.

3. He is to report to the Public Ethics Officer SH within one week of receipt of this order.

4. Failure to comply will result in * * * * * * being declared a SUPPRESSIVE PERSON.

Public Ethics Officer SH"


To: All Staff, Students and PC's

From: HCO Area Sec SH

Subject: Condition of Enemy

No. 1927 SH
30 November 1967

1. * * * * * *, of * * * * * *, London * * * * * * is hereby declared in a Condition of ENEMY and declared to be a SUPPRESSIVE PERSON for the following:

2. Demanding the return of any or all fees paid for standard Training or Processing actually received.

3. A request for cancellation of his Certificates has been forwarded to the Chairman at SH.

4. Any and all persons connected * * * * * * are declared Potential Trouble Sources and are not to be Trained or Processed before they have presented evidence in writing to the Ethics Officer, in their nearest Organization of handling or disconnecting.


5. By his own actions * * * * * * has taken himself off the only road to Total Freedom.

6. The Formula for the Condition of Enemy is "Find out who you really are."

T/HCO Area Sec SH"


To: All Staff / Students

From: Ethics I/C IT SH F

Subject Troublesome Source

December 7, 1967.

1. * * * * * *, of * * * * * * EAST GRINSTEAD, is hereby declared a troublesome source as per HCO PL 27-10-65, paragraph A. Her husband forbade her to have any more processing.

2. * * * * * * is denied any further auditing or processing until she has handled the above situation to the satisfaction of the Ethics Officer.


Ethics I/C IT SH FDN"

"(golden rod)
Yacht Royal Scotman


12 February 1968


* * * * * *, Advanced Course Student, is declared to be in a Condition of ENEMY.

1. For refusing to accept the findings of a Committee of Evidence properly convened and which placed her in DOUBT.

2. For stating she was leaving Scientology.

It is noted that the Continuous Present Time Overt question could not be cleaned on * * * * * *. She has no reality on overts whatsoever. At least two worthy Scientologists have gone badly PTS in her presence.

The indications are that she is dedicated to enturbulation and the emination [sic] of destructive intent as with a true SUPPRESSIVE.

1. * * * * * * is not to be trained or processed.

2. She is barred from entry into any Scientology Church or Organization.


3. She is not to be communicated with.

4. She is denied forever the materials which would have opened for her the doors to freedom and power.

Anyone connected to * * * * * * is declared a Potential Trouble Source and may not be further trained Dr processed until they have shown evidence that they have totally handled and disconnected from her.


IF at any time in the future * * * * * * comes to her senses and realizes what her situation is - if she successfully applies the ENEMY formula, she will be upgraded into DOUBT at which time she must comply with the findings of the Committee of Evidence and the formula of DOUBT and work her way back up the Conditions.

* * * * * is to apply the Formula and penalties of ENEMY.

Barry Watson
HCO Area Sec AO
Endorsed by Julia Galpin
HCO Exec Sec AO

By the Authority vested in Executive."

(ii) Doubters outside the fold

181. The attitude of the Scientology leadership - and especially Mr. Hubbard - to those outside Scientology who are unconvinced of its excellence - which must include most of the population of the United Kingdom - is in my judgment the key to the relationship between Scientology and the rest of society. It is therefore worth quoting at length from the internal Scientology documents which lay down policy on the subject, and I do so here: -

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex.


LRH Comm


Exec Sec Hats
HCO Sec Hat
Legal Officer Hat
LRH Comm Hat
Dist Sec Hat
Press Hat
Sect 5 Dept 3

Anyone proposing an investigation of or an "Enquiry" into Scientology must receive this reply and no other proposal:

"We welcome an investigation into (Mental Healing or whoever is attacking us) as we have begun one ourselves and find shocking evidence."

You can elaborate on the evidence we have found and lay it on thick attacking the attackers only.

NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to an investigation of the attackers

This was the BIG error made in Victoria. I Okayed an Enquiry into all Mental healing. I ordered evidence on psychiatric murders to be collected. Non-compliance with these orders brought on the loss of Melbourne and the law in Victoria against Scientology. This was the non-compliance that began it. The original order I gave was relayed as "we welcome an Enquiry into Scientology . . ." or it was changed to that in Melbourne.

This is correct procedure:

(1) Spot who is attacking us.

(2) Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using own professionals, not outside agencies.

(3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.

(4) Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.

Don't ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way.

You can get "reasonable about it" and lose. Sure we break no laws. Sure we have nothing to hide. BUT attackers are simply an anti-Scientology propaganda agency so far as we are concerned They have proven they want no facts and will only lie no matter what they discover. So BANISH all ideas that any fair hearing is intended and start our attack with their first breath. Never wait Never talk about us - only them. Use their blood, sex, crime to get headlines. Don't use us.

I speak from 15 years of experience in this There has never yet been an attacker who was not reeking with crime. All we had to do was look for it and murder would come out.

They fear our Meter. They fear freedom. They fear the way we are growing. Why?

Because they have too much to hide.

When you use that rationale you win. When you go dishwater and say "we honest chickens just plain love to have you in the coop, Brer Fox," we get clobbered. The right response is "We militant public defenders of the freedom of the people want that there Fox investigated for eating living chickens!" Shift the spotlight to them. No matter how. Do it!

You can elaborate on the formula. Let's say some other branch of government wants to investigate us via the press Just apply the formula:

"We welcome a public enquiry into (that branch activity) as we already have begun to investigate their (...)."
It will always work. It even would have worked on the U.S. F.D.A. when they first began five years before their raid on DC. They run! And that's all we want.


The way we will eventually stop all attacks from there on out is by processing the society as follows:

(l) Locate a source of attack on us.

(2) Investigate it.

(3) Expose it with wide lurid publicity.

You see the same thing in a preclear. He has a rotten spot in his behaviour. He attacks the practitioner. The spot is located on a meter. It blows and the preclear relaxes.

Well this is just what is happening in the society. We are a practitioner to the society. It has rotten spots in it. Those show up in attacks an us. We investigate and expose - the attack ceases.

We use investigators instead of E-Meters. We use newspapers instead of auditor reports. But it's the same problem exactly.

So long as we neglect our role as auditor-to-the-society we will be attacked.

Society is pretty crazy. It's a raw jungle. So it will take a lot of work. We must be willing to put in that work as a group or we'll be knocked about.


Therefore we must act like a reform group.

The way to seize the initiative is to use our own professionals to investigate intensively parts of the society that may attack us. Get an ammunition locker full. Be sure of our facts. And then expose via the press.

If we do this right, press, instead of trying to invent reasons to attack us will start hanging around waiting for our next lurid scoop.

We must convert from an attacked group to a reform group that attacks rotten spots in the society. We should not limit ourselves to mental healing or own line. We should look for groups to investigate and blow the lid off and become known as a mightly [sic] reform group. We object to slavery, oppression, torture, murder, perversion, crime, political sin and anything that makes Man unfree.

The only error we can make is disperse our investigation. We do a preliminary look, then we must select a target and investigate it until we have the cold facts and then BANG, fire the salvo.

Don't worry about libel if our facts indicate rottenness. The last thing that target will do is sue as then we would have a chance to prove it in court, which they are terrified of our doing.

Remember - the only reason we are in trouble with the press or government is that we are not searching out and exposing rotten spots in the society. We must practice on the whole group called society. If we do not it will attack us just as preclear will attack a Scientologist that won't audit him.


To get wholly over to cause we must select targets, investigate and expose before they attack us.

We have at this writing a long way to go. But we might as well start somewhere. Begin by investigating any attacking group, find and expose the dead bodies. Then work on to our selecting the targets.

And that will handle it all.


LRH: ml

Copyright © 1966
by L. Ron Hubbard

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



(This Pol Ltr Augments HCO Pol Ltr of
19 Feb 66, Attacks on Scientology)

Gen Non-Remimeo

Exec Sec Hats
HCO Area Sec Hats
Legal Hat
Section 5 Hats

When you hold up an image of freedom, all those who oppress freedom tend to attack. Therefore attacks, on whatever grounds, are inevitable. Holding up a freedom image is however the only successful forward action even though it gets attacked.

It remains then to take the handling of attacks off emergency, predict them and handle them by proper tactics and administrative machinery.

The first group of actions have not been effective in handling attacks:

(The G stands for Group, the following are 3 different Groups of actions):

G 1.1. Hiring expensive outside professional firms;

G.1.2. Writing Scientologists to write their representatives in government;

G 1.3. Advertising the attack to the Scientology "field";

G.1.4. Being carefully legal in our utterances.

This Second Group of Actions has been of some small use in deterring attacks:
G.2.1. Direct letters from the org to a Congress of Parliament (ruined the U.S. Siberia Bill);

G.2.2. Circulating pamphlets about the attack (got rid of Wearne out of the [Victoria] Enquiry);

G.2.3. Suits against sources of libel and slander;

The Third Group of Actions have been positive in stopping attacks:
G.3.1. Investigating noisily the attackers,

G.3.2. Not being guilty of anything;

G.3.3. Having our corporate status in excellent condition;

G.3.4. Having our tax returns and books accurate and punctual;

G.3.5. Getting waivers from all people we sign up;

G.3.6. Refunding money to dissatisfied people;

G.3.7. Having our own professionals firmly on staff (but not halfway on staff);

G.3.8. Going on advertising total freedom;

G.3.9. Surviving and remaining solvent by stepping up our own usual activities;

G.3.10. By catching the dropped balls goofed by others and hired professionals,

G.3.11. Being religious in nature and corporate status.

As you read over the above you should be able to see where our funds should be placed.

In the first group you can see large possible outlays to professional firms attorneys, accountants. This is money utterly wasted. They flop and we have to do it all ourselves anyway. The fantastic cash cost of mailings to Scientologists was evident in DC where it ate up all their "freedom funds". Any by advertising the attack to Scientologists we only frighten them away from the org and lose our income as well. So we must never do these three things.

The second group above are not very costly and constitute a proper line of defense and should be undertaken. But they must not be counted on to do more than impede an attack. They will never stop it cold. This second group is like an infantry defensive action. It is necessary to oppose the enemy but just opposing will not finally win the fight. That is done only by taking enemy territory.

The third group contains the real area for the outlay of funds and stress of planning. This group has an excellent history and has ended off a great many attacks beginning in 1950. Therefore one should take care not to leave any of these out whenever an attack is mounted on us.


It is a curious phenomenon that the action of investigation alone is head and shoulders above all other actions.


This is most like Scientology processing, oddly enough, where the practitioner seeks the hidden points in a case. As soon as they are found the case tends to recover, regardless of anything else done.

Groups that attack us are to say the least not sane. According to our technology this means they have hidden areas and disreputable facts about them.

As soon as we begin to look for these, some of the insanity dissipates.

It is greatly in our favour that we are only attacked by mad groups as people in that condition (1) invariably choose the wrong target and (2) have no follow-through. Thus they are not hard to defeat providing one (A) looks for their hidden crimes and (B) is irreproachable in his conduct himself .

We discovered this more or less by accident. The basic discovery was that the interrogation of a policeman produces a confusion and an introversion; it is his job to interrogate - so you reverse the flow, mix up his "hat" so he doesn't know who is which, and you reach for his own doubt.

These people who attack have secrets. And hidden crimes. They are afraid. There is no doubt in their minds as to our validity or they wouldn't attack so hard at such cost. Society tolerates far worse than we are. So they really believe in us. This hampers their execution of orders - their henchmen really don't share the enthusiasm for the attack for after a bit of investigation it becomes obvious to these henchmen that the attack smells. This impedes follow through.

And when we investigate, all this recoils on the attacker. He withdraws too hurriedly to be orderly.

An attacker is like a housewife who tells City Hall how terribly her neighbours keep house. But when you open her door, the dishpans and dirty diapers fall out on the porch.

All you have to do in lots of cases is just say you are going to rattle their door knob and they collapse.

I can count several heavy attacks which folded up by our noisily beginning an investigation of the attacker.

Our past liability in this was that we depended on outside firms, enquiry agencies, etc. And these have too many clients and we have too little control of their direction. The answer is to organize and maintain our own proper corps for this action.


LRH: ml

Copyright © 1966
by L. Ron Hubbard


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


Limited Non-Remimeo
Exec Sec Hats
HCO Sec Hats
Sect Officer Hat

HCO Div 1

Department 3, Section 5


The Public Investigation Section is formed in Division l, Dept 3, as Section 5.

The purpose of this section is:

When an organization has lS0 on staff this section must be formed. Until that time it should be formed in Continental organizations responsible for the general good of Scientology on that continent.

It is composed wholly of professional investigators. Agencies may not be used.

Personnel for this section is advertised for in classified columns, giving only our phone number, and are called in for personnel review by Dept l and Dept 14.

Great care must be taken in selecting such personnel as to past experience and an E-Meter check that is completely valid must be passed by the applicant regarding his purposes. A high or low tone arm or an undesirable needle reaction flunks the applicant. The question regarding the applicant being sent there by some other hostile agency must be passed without any question of doubt.

The applicant is given nominal pay and expenses on actual receipts only until he or she has a proven statistic at which time better pay may be given.

The investigator is detailed only to specific projects as laid down by Worldwide and these must always concern broad public matters that are


reacting on Scientology and strictly in accordance with the purpose of this section. In this way investigation serves as processing at public level.

The section may never be used on Ethics Section matters but may work with Ethics when an ex-Scientologist is involved.

The section has nothing to do with dispersed investigation of isolated cases. It may only work on matters relating to groups and individuals who are part of those groups.

The statistic of the section is dual consisting of the number of cases successfully investigated on specific projects and the number of derogatory news stories appearing that week related to enemies of Scientology related to a specific project. The statistic of each individual investigator is the number of cases personally investigated to a completed useful report. These are reported to the HCO Advisory Committee and graphed each week. Production of the section is the number of cases in a project processed.

It will be seen that the section has all the useful functions of an intelligence and propaganda agency. It finds the data and sees that it gets action.

The determination of what a project is is simple - what agency or group is attacking Scientology? As Scientology stands for freedom, those who don't want freedom tend to attack it. The Section investigates the attacking group's individual members and sees that the results of the investigation get adequate legal action and publicity.

The mechanism employed is very straightforward. We never use the data to threaten to expose. We simply collect it and expose.

Experience with the section will show that very sordid motives lie behind such attacks and that individuals of the attacking groups have a very great deal to hide. Thus the section always has a huge quantity of matters to be discovered and is not likely to run out of cases to investigate, providing only that it does not depart from this formula:

(1) Note what public or private group is attacking Scientology.

(2) Get a project warrant from the Advisory Council Area or WW to investigate it.

(3) Collect as many case histories as possible on the individuals of that group, specializing on those that can be led to criminal prosecution by state or world agencies.

(4) See that enough of the data is made available to the state or world agencies to obtain convictions.

(5) See that excellent press coverage is given the disclosures over as long a period of time as possible.

(6) See that HCO and Scientology are given full credit for protecting human rights and liberty.

If there is no variation in the above formula and if serious departures or private vendettas do not enter in, and if all evidence continues to be honest and none of it framed, the section and Scientology will prosper.



All investigators, once they have passed their rigorous screening and have been employed, may look over the organization, its papers and files and satisfy themselves that we ourselves are not trying to hide anything and are exactly what we say we are and do exactly what we say we do.

Operating from this platform of confidence, the investigator can be much more effective.

Successfully experiencing Scientology processing can heighten the confidence even further.


Standard intelligence procedures are used.

The section has a file for each project and files by names of individuals within that project. The names are cross indexed, etc.

Public solicitation for cases of injury to the rights or liberty concerned with that project can obtain leads.

Every project should be the subject of a case form made up to contain details necessary for filing and follow up.

Anyone writing in a complaint is then sent a copy of the form to fill in so that the vital data can be weeded out and the importance of that complaint seen at a glance. The pattern of the form is based on the data needful to get a conviction.

Such a form is always sent back with a covering letter stating it is all in confidence, etc., making the plaintiff feel safer in answering.

However lists of names of plaintiffs are procured, each becomes the subject of a filled form.

The more fruitful of such forms are followed up by individual investigators. These obtain the data necessary for a conviction of the individual complained about who is a member of the attacking group.

Only copies are ever given state agencies or the police. Originals are always held.

The usual precautions against libel, slander and false arrest are taken. Projects must be studied for legal liabilities by the Legal Section before being commenced upon. But no project may be stopped by the Legal Section - their whole function is to find how to make it safe.

No act which will make an investigator liable to criminal prosecution may be ordered."


Office of LRH

9th February 1966

SECED 45 WW & 310 SH
Exec Secretaries and
Secretaries and Legal Officer



1. The "news" that some lord [Lord Balniel] is "going to ask a question in the House as to why the Health Minister here does not conduct an Enquiry into Scientology like in Melbourne" as published in the "News of the World" which we are sueing gives us this planning.

2. First, it isn't anything to worry about.

3. Melbourne went awry because it was a non-compliance. Hemery gave the Melbourne Office permission to agree to an Enquiry. I okayed only this: That we agree into an Enquiry into all mental Health services and activities. This was the order. Hemery or Williams narrowed it to Scientology only.

4. Obviously we could have had a ball and put psychiatry on trial for murder, mercy killing, sterilization, torture, and sex practices and could have wiped out psychiatry's good name.

5. That went wrong and Melbourne wouldn't follow any other order either. So it was a mess.

6. If we are ever so involved again we demand one or all mental healing activities including psychiatry and demand it loudly. And lead them up the path to slaughter.

7. Planning would be If any more is heard of this:

(1) Mary Sue will write a letter for the Chaplain to all members of Parliament and have it photolithoed and if it hots up mail it to all members of Parliament.

(2) Get a detective on that lord's past to unearth the tid-bits. They're there.

(3) Stress sex and blood in psychiatry and collect data and mount an all out attack in the press on psychiatry, so that "Mental Health" sees that they are going to get hurt and will cool off.

(4) If an Enquiry after all OCCURS and we are pulled in, we try only Melbourne's illegalities all over again (not their transcript) and try psychiatry only. We refuse to discuss or describe Scientology. As near as we come is "Well Scientology isn't like Psychiatry. In psychiatry they think adultery is a cure for ..............". You get it. Curve every answer with answers that MAKE LURID PRESS TO PSYCHIATRY'S COST. Papers by policy only want blood and sex - so give them Psychiatry's and they'll print it. Further couple the words Psychiatry and Capitalism - allege that Psychiatry is the Capitalist tool (a Conservative opened the attack in the UK) and found the press beating the drum for us.

(5) Refuse to let the enemy introduce Melbourne transcripts as suits are in progress - "sub-judice". Use only Melbourne illegalities.

8. Remember these things - we won against the FDA. We are winning on US tax. We have caught the ball on UK tax. Part of our trouble is that we're an up statistic and governments are SP and strike at all rising statistics. (See Income Tax scales of tax; as your wage rises the penalty percentage rises.)

9. The Melbourne staff set up a nice new org in Adelaide and other states in Australia are revolted at Victoria.


10. The US is clean operating ground.

11. And England's Parliament is not about to pass or even introduce law barring religion or philosophy. After all these aren't ex-convicts.

12. These flurries can be expected. Plan for them and handle.

13. This is nothing compared to what will happen when we start taking SPs out of the government. They are rightly afraid.

14. So don't you be. Tomorrow belongs to us. Inevitably there are bumps in the road.


And again, for general circulation: -
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



To: Scientologists
From: Ron
Subject: How to do a NOISY Investigation.

Further to HCO Executive Letter of 3 August 1966, Cathy Gogerly, HCC Area Sec, Adelaide, Australia, has given details of how to go about dealing with attackers of Scientology.

" ... Here's what you do.

Soon as one of these threats starts you get a Scientologist or Scientologists to investigate noisily.

You find out where he or she works or worked, doctor, dentist, friends, neighbours, anyone, and 'phone 'em up and say, "I am investigating Mr/Mrs .......... for criminal activities as he/she has been trying to prevent Man's freedom and is restricting my religious freedom and that of my friends and children, etc".

You say now and then, "I have already got some astounding facts," etc., etc. (Use a generality.) It doesn't matter if you don't get much info. Just be NOISY - it's very odd at first, but makes fantastic sense and WORKS. (Honestly, you feel a real dill, its [sic] so reverse to all detective work.)

You will find that Scientologists will come rushing forward with 90 per cent of your facts anyway. (They are never from auditing sessions.) Scientologists are really terribly ethical.

Best and love,



LRH: Ib - r

Copyright © 1966
by L. Ron Hubbard


182. It is evidently no coincidence that, a few months before these directives were written, the Anderson Board had occasion to comment that
"from time to time attempts were made by the Scientology interests to widen the scope of the Inquiry into a general investigation of the medical profession, or more particularly into the practices of psychiatry and psychology, in an endeavour, it would seem, to deflect attention from Scientology by attacking orthodox practices of medicine." (160)
nor that the Ontario Committee on the Healing Arts found it necessary to report that: (161)
"The next response of the Scientologists was to loose a volley of highly offensive Press releases during the month of November 1968, attacking individual members of the Committee, accusing at least one member of "crimes", impugning the motives of the Committee, accusing the Committee of conducting an "Inquisition" and charging that the Committee's investigation was "outrageous", "dangerous", and a "fast route to fascism".

Such tactics, as we later learned, are regarded in many jurisdictions as characteristic of the Church of Scientology. It is their normal practice to attack any individual or organization which attempts to investigate the Church of Scientology."

I also observe that, of the whole of the written submissions put in by the Scientologists to the Inquiry now being held in South Africa, nearly 400 pages are devoted to "The Nature of the Attack on Scientology" whereas "The Nature of Scientology" is covered in 62, and "Organisation, Advertising, Ethics and Finance" in 13.

183. Nor is the expression of this policy confined to internal directives with restricted circulation. The following article, for example, appeared over Mr. Hubbard's facsimile signature in Vol. l6, No. 3 (162) of Certainty, a Scientology magazine: -


If Aunt Ermintrude each night went through your change purse and extracted divers coins without your knowledge, and then if she found you had joined a group that could discover secrets, her immediate and passionate reaction would be to damn the group and you as well.

If the wife were stepping out with your best friend behind your back and one day she found you had thoughts of joining a group that taught you people's motives and reactions and made you understand them, she would throw a mad dog fit to prevent your progress.

(160) Anderson Report, p. 9.
(161) Vol. 2, p. 506
(162) Undated, but bearing a copyright claim for 1968 in Mr. Hubbard's name.


If a government were busy making capital out of people's ignorance of economics and world affairs and were playing a double game and a group came along and started to make its people smarter and more knowledgeable of true motives, that government would try to shoot every member of that group on sight.

If a group of "scientists" were knowingly raising the number of insane to get more appropriation and "treatment" fees and somebody came along with the real answer, that group would move heaven and earth to protect its billions of rake-off.

And so individuals, governments and "scientists" attack Scientology.

It's as simple as that. We do not treat the sick or the insane. We break no laws. We do more good in any ten minutes of this planet's time than the combined efforts of all social ministries on Earth to better mankind.

Stated that way, however, it looks pretty hopeless and even dangerous to be a Scientologist.

Except it is totally hopeless and fatal not to be a Scientologist.

Those who are not Scientologists are left in complete ignorance of the motives of the dishonest. And they have no chance of personal immortality. It is as simple as that. It is better to be endangered but with a chance than to be condemned utterly and without one.

Those who criticize one for being a Scientologist or make snide remarks cannot stand a personal survey of past actions or motive. This happens to be a fortunate fact for us. The criminal abhors daylight. And we are the daylight.

Now get this as a technical fact, not a hopeful idea. Every time we have investigated the background of a critic of Scientology we have found crimes for which that person or group could be imprisoned under existing law. We do not find critics of Scientology who do not have criminal pasts. Over and over we prove this.

Politician A stands up on his hind legs in a Parliament and brays for a condemnation of Scientology. When we look him over we find crimes - embezzled funds, moral lapses. a thirst for young boys - sordid stuff.

Wife B howls at her husband for attending a Scientology group. We look her op and find she had a baby he didn't know about.

Two things operate here. Criminals hate anything that helps anyone instinctively. And just as instinctively a criminal fights anything that may disclose his past.

Now as criminals only compose about 20 per cent of the race, we are on the side of the majority. This is quite true. In one country we have almost exactly 100 Scientologists for every member and supporter of psychiatry. They make the noise because they are afraid. But we have more general influence and more votes.

The way we handle the situation now is simplicity itself and we are winning.


We are slowly and carefully teaching the unholy a lesson. It is as follows: "We are not a law enforcement agency. BUT we will become interested in the crimes of people who seek to stop us. If you oppose Scientology we promptly look and will find and expose your crimes. If you leave us alone we will leave you alone".

It's very simple. Even a fool can grasp that.

And don't underrate our ability to carry it out.

Our business is helping people to lead better lives. We even help those who have committed crimes for we are not here to punish. But those who try to make life hard for us are at once at risk.

We are only interested in doing our job. And we are only interested in the crimes of those who try to prevent us from doing our work.

There is no good reason to oppose Scientology. In our game everybody wins.

And we have this technical fact - those who oppose us have crimes to hide. It's perhaps merely lucky that this is true. But it is true. And we handle opposition well only when we use it.

Try it on your next critic. Like everything else in Scientology, it works.

Sample dialogue:

George: Gwen, if you don't drop Scientology I'm going to leave you.

Gwen: (savagely) George! What have you been doing?

George: What do you mean?

Gwen: Out with it. Women? Theft? Murder? What crime have you committed?

George: (weakly) Oh, nothing like that.

Gwen: What then?

George: I've been holding back on my pay . . .

If you, the criticized, are savage enough and insistent enough in your demand for the crime, you'll get the text, meter or no meter.

Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her crimes, known and unknown. And act completely confident that those crimes exist. Because they do.

Life will suddenly become much more interesting - and you'll become much less suppressed!"

(iii) Psychiatrists

184. The Scientology leadership sees in psychiatrists an especially virulent class of enemy. It is certainly true that psychiatrists in general have expressed no approval of Scientology theories, and tend to regard Scientology processing as potentially harmful, especially to unstable minds. The Scientology leadership has reacted energetically: -
"When Hubbard says more psychiatrists are nuts than any other section of the community, he is stating an observable, statistical

truth. The fact of the matter is there are more psychiatrists under treatment for psychiatric illness than any other section of the community. Physician heal thyself. The public at large are discontented and dismayed at current psychiatric practice and current psychiatric treatment. We have from Australia a corrected statistical analysis of the efficiency of current psychiatric practice and the fact of the matter is that more people get worse under treatment than get better.

The overwhelming majority of psychiatrists in the western world are atheist, godless, and against any philosophy which stands for any moral value or any integrity of the individual as a spiritual being. A small number of right thinking psychiatrists from the profession have tried to obtain a reform in the dangerous ideas being advanced by the majority of their fellows. They have even gone so far as to talk about rackets ..." (163)


The instigators of these Death Camps is a private psychiatric front group of which Lord Balniel is an officer. Kenneth Robinson was a Director of it. Scientologists have found they instigate these Death Camps throughout the U.S. and Commonwealth. They control large sections of governments and attack anyone who opposes their new fascist state. They seek the right to seize and kill any man, woman or child who opposes them. Cecil King was one of them. He was to be the new Hitler in England. Immigration and Health Ministries were totally controlled by them throughout Commonwealth and U.S. Nelson Rockefeller through his U.S. Foundation was to be the new Fuehrer in the U.S. These people are merciless and seek destroy any opposition with Death Camps.

The public can expect Cardiff Hospital Staff to get sacked and blame while they were only following orders. Lord Balniel, Kenneth Robinson Cecil King and all the very posh overlords of this conspiracy will crucify their henchmen to try to keep their own shirts clean. Death Camp orders come from the very top. A psychiatrist . . ., once told me years ago he would be sacked if he refused to follow Health Ministry orders to torture and kill patients. He gave me the data on what was happening in these Death Camps. When he protested his orders from superiors he himself died, and I was never satisfied by official account of his death. This goes to the very top of society. The names connected with these atrocities a astonishing. This whole cancer should be dug out and exposed to the public view before England finds herself wholly in Fascist hands. For years they tried to strike down or discredit anyone who knew about their Death Camps. Now it is exposed and they are reaping the hurricane. These best people kicked Greece out of Europe for torturing prisoners while they themselves were running Death Camps. Now watch them try to whitewash themselves by blaming their lowest henchmen. The same arguments were tried in the Nuremburg Trials that they didn't know what their staffs were doing. But they still hanged the war criminals in Germany for the same crimes.

L. Ron Hubbard"

(163) Freedom, No. 8, 1969.



Concerning attacks on Scientology in England, sooner or later the real story will out They can't hide the truth forever. Despite all the frantic efforts of psychiatric press officers and thumb screw domination of certain psychiatry controlled politicians, the story is very simple: 100,000 British Scientologists have real answers to the human mind They can really handle mental problems. That ends the terror reign of psychiatry and the countless millions of government funds they grab. It threatens their greed and power. They are using every press and politician trick they can conceive of to

1. Discredit Scientology.

2. Eradicate a writer for writing books on the mind

3. Destroy a church.

4. Protect their political power and their millions

On their side psychiatry
1. Hurts and kil1s people.

2. Violates all human rights.

3. Teaches hate and

4. Indulges in almost every crime in the penal codes.

It is a simple story of a threatened and unworthy power seeking to destroy by any means new research and truth. These are not civilised men. It is is up to the world if their reign of terror ends and if true human rights begin. Isn't it interesting that the boards of directors of their front groups contain International Banking Directors? It is a simple story and it will be told. Not even the most agile press officer or government stooge can obscure the truth forever. Sooner or later the story gets told."

"INTERESTING! . . . how many murders take place in the locality of mental homes and institutions. Time after time the newspaper carrying the story mentions the fact that the local mental health institution or a psychiatrist had been responsible for the 'treatment' administered to the murderer. It would seem that the 'profession' of psychiatry can't handle its patients, and doesn't mind if they run loose murdering or killing. But then as psychiatry practises in death, maiming and drugging, it's not very surprising. No wonder there have been demonstrations against psychiatry down in Queen Anne Street, London, outside the H.Q. of the National Association for Mental Health."



I have put in quite a lot of intensive study in the last few months on the character and anatomy of the opposition. And I have found some amazing phenomena.

Evidently what seems to be going on on a very broad basis in the West is a social evolution that is not pretty.


Russian apparent [sic] 'won' World War II. She acquired 750,000,000 new population in conquered areas. The West betrayed the expatriate governments of these seized countries (Poland, China, Czechoslovakia etc.) and the crime has come home to haunt them. The West finally woke up to the fact it had an enemy not an ally.

The continual cold war needling of Russia has pressured certain elements in Western governments into TURNING FASCISTS.

The natural conflict of Communism and Fascism has been pressed into being in some areas in some Western governments.

Fascism is "Industry operating in collusion with the military" according to the text books.

A Fascist has certain personality trails. He tries to obliterate minorities. He burns books.

He seeks "legal" means to seize any person who disagrees and hold or murder him. He does physical experiments on people.

The Fascist has the delusion that ideas can be crushed by force.

Such small elements in Western governments have turned to the psychiatrist as a method of seizing. torturing and killing people. In the U.S. Civil Defence Manuals under "Psychology" it says the role is to notice anyone who tries to do anything about a nuclear bombing or who is blaming the government and seize him and put him in a stockade. No mention of soothing the population or caring for emotional upset is made.

These fascist elements were looked to to resist Communism and so have gained some power. They probably don't even think of themselves as anything but "patriots".

The Communist elements are infiltrating such areas and attacking such officials heavily.

The Western population is overwhelmingly on the side of human rights, so these politicians are against the stream of public opinion.

If the Communists can force these fascist elements to act against public opinion (such as attacking Scientology and other minorities) they can show the public that their government has no Cause worth fighting for, that it is destructive and mad.

This effectively turns the people against their own governments.


The stage is then set for Communist insurgency and government overthrow.

The odd picture then greets us when we suspect our enemies, of a fascist inner-government clique with Communists mixed up in it.

The Fascists, lied to and needled by Communist elements then act like mad dogs against the wrong targets in the society, become hated by the public and no longer find public support or obedience. The Communist is then able to subvert the entire country by propaganda or insurgency.



Communists are not attacking us. They are stirring Fascist elements up so they will attack us.

This involved action then causes the Fascist to look crazy. He is seen to be attacking a minority church group which has done nothing, causes him to seize innocent books and generally act like a Fascist.

The people see these acts as wrong headed and the government loses credit.

Thus, when we investigate these actions we find fascists running death camps and commies stirring it up.

It is a pretty dizzy sort of scene.

For 19 years we have been demonstrating that we help people and have the first truly effective mental technology If we won probably both the Fascist and the Communist would lose out since both are fanatics.


Our opponents are a small clique running against the trend of the world. They will lose."

(The above quotations all come from one issue of Freedom Scientology, undated but with a copyright claim by Mr. Hubbard for 1969.)
Scientology organizations have seventy five million dollars worth of suits so far filed or about to be filed against psychiatric organizations and others over the world in the international conspiracy against Scientology for libel, slander, conspiracy and psychiatric efforts to destroy this Church. This includes the sum about to be filed against the psychiatry controlled US agencies which just lost their six year court attack against Scientology in Washington DC. It does not include suits against newspapers which were dropped by Scientology last autumn or allowed to dwindle out. This huge sum was added up at a strategy conference of Scientology legal executives just concluded in New York. 'The suits should be easy to win' a legal spokesman said. 'We received unexpected top level support and evidence from several quarters, including medical doctors. The attacks were apparently an effort to take down Scientology churches as the first move against all churches in the west. The attack is failing because the combined government investigatory forces urged on by psychiatry could find no real evidence against Scientology. This has been a very costly attack for Scientology. The attorneys at the meeting were alarmed and horrified at some of the evidence which clearly showed the stranglehold psychiatry and brutality have managed to get on some elements in governments and society. There has been unbeknownst to Scientology a hidden river of lies and false documents about Scientology being poured out under cover for nineteen years. The enemy even composed and mimeographed purported Scientology literature and sent it to news agencies and governments. The suits are very straightforward. If they all come through they will make Scientology churches amongst the richest religious organizations. All damage monies are tax free. The money will be used to try to straighten out some of the horrors

psychiatry has made in the field of mental healing. Scientology is one of the most significant advances in the humanities in this century and has been bitterly fought by older practices'." (164)
185. One body with which Scientology has a special quarrel is the World Federation of Mental Health. This is an international body having as its principal object the bringing about of improved measures of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in the furtherance of mental health. The Scientology leadership's view of it may be judged from the following quotations, taken from a memorandum delivered by them to the Attorney-General's office in November 1968: -
"The primary problem of an espionage saboteur unit is finance. This group has solved this by pretending to collect contributions for "mental health" from the public . . .

They use this money for political ends.


They get "next to" the best people and use their names freely as a cover.

They hold or "treat" the wives or families of many important officials.

They pretend that their technology is far beyond the ability of laymen to understand whereas it is simple brutality and murder . . .

They are sunk so deep into most governments by threat, blackmail or pretenses that they believe that they are above the law.


It maintains complete courier systems, holds meetings openly as a professional group in various capitals.

It has involved many famous names who are foolishly led to vouch for it and mask its actual aims.


The pattern of the World Federation of Mental Health is to have four or five associate groups or affiliates in a country.

Only one of these is the actual working group. It usually has "National" or "Mental" Health as part of its title. These actual confederates collect funds and act as agents provocateur.

The "National" in the title deludes people into thinking it is government connected and sometimes even the government is fooled. But these confederates have no more connection with the government than the main group has with the United Nations.

By the use of these "connections" both the confederate and main group collect fantastic quantities of money under false pretenses.


(164) Freedom No. 11. 1969.


The organisation holds "Congresses" in various capitals yearly. These have many "closed door" committee meetings for confederates Russian delegates routinely attend.

This makes a convenient meeting ground for the programmes and orders.

Confederates come away with their briefing and go to work in theircountries.

Couriers of the main organisation are continually on the move, visiting confederates while attending the conferences of other organisations.


The U.K. Confederate member "The National Association for Mental Health" runs its own private institutions and specializes in the relatives and children of aristocrats.


Their actual effect on an area is to degrade its culture and suborne [sic] its government.

Their aims, even the visible ones, are mainly political. They maintain a close hold on certain members of parliament who speak for them.


A constantly recurring political target is their "Siberia" bill which once passed half through the U.S. Congress and is routinely offered.

By its terms any citizen in the country can be picked up, deprived of civil rights, tortured and killed in a remote stockade. A million acres in Alaska was being set up for this in the 1950s. The bill is currently being offered again in New Zealand.

In operation they act like an intelligence group. They infiltrate with agents, they use agents provocateur press tactics, they use couriers. they have a heavy false cover in the "UN" and "National" groups.

Opponents are blackmailed into compliance or hounded or picked up as "insane" and killed or depersonalized.

Their "cures" consist of brain "operations", electric shock and convulsive drugs. These were early Russian secret police methods. The largest test of this subject is Russian.


Only a scholar would know that these "treatments" are peculiar to intelligence activities.



Several famous deaths and incidents trace back to persons in the hands of members of this group. The Texas tower gunman's entire plan (to go into the U of Texas high tower and kill people with a rifle) was known to a member of this group's associates but was not prevented by him and he informed no-one.


Such assassinations and incidents are beyond the scope of purely business investigations. But it seems in many major incidents an assassin was just before the act in the hands of a member of this group. The group spokesmen explain it all away very glibly, saying "he was insane so of course he was in the hands of a group member". Coincidence is however too frequent.

Even the defection of the two British government officials (Burgess and McLane [sic for McLean]) traces to a member of this group in Washington D.C.


The central control of all such activities is now fully and newly concentrated in England ....

All attacks on Scientology lead directly to this "National" group in England. The "National" group leads to their "World" group. The World group confederates are the whole authors of all attacks on Scientology in other countries. And the full current programme originated at the "World" group's last congress in London in the summer of l968.

One could assume innocent rivalry except that the "World" group pretends and collects money under false pretences that it does illegally murder "patients", that numerous national or public crimes trace back to its practitioners and that the wives or families of too many politicians are in their hands.

It might be wise to call in the military on this matter as they are well trained in purely intelligence matters and may themselves have evidence hitherto not related or co-ordinated. And also, it might be doubly wise as public commotion has already begun on this subject".

186. At about the same time, the Scientologists attempted to take over the National Association for Mental Health, a U.K. body which is affiliated to the World Federation of Mental Health, by joining it in large numbers, with the object of voting a majority of Scientologists on to its Council. The Association responded by refusing to enrol any more members before the relevant annual general meeting, and expelling 302 members thought, or reasonably suspected, to be Scientologists, including the seven newly joined members who were being put forward for the Council. Eight of the Scientologists concerned retaliated by seeking an injunction to restrain the Association from holding its Annual General Meeting without them, and a declaration that the excluded members were still members. These applications were dismissed by the Chancery Division of the High Court on 25th March 1970.

(iv) Communists

187. Some of the Scientology leadership's hostility towards Communism will already have appeared from the quotations relating to psychiatry. But the main attack proceeds by a different method, namely the dissemination of a booklet called "Brain-washing; a Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics". This purports to be "a synthesis of information gathered through observation, discussion, investigation and experience" over


the ten years to 1955 by a Mr. Charles Stickley, a follower of Dianetics in New York City. No indication is given of how it was leaked from such a high-security context, and I am unable to judge its authenticity, for which even Mr. Stickley says he "cannot entirely vouch". Its style resembles more that of Mr. Hubbard than that of the Marxist-Leninist phraseology standard in Soviet official literature. A few quotations must suffice here: -

American students at the Lenin University, I welcome your attendance at these classes on Psychopolitics.

Psychopolitics is an important if less known division of Geo-politics. It is less known because it must necessarily deal with highly educated personnel, the very top strata of "Mental healing".

By psychopolitics our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first most important step. Our fruits are grow in chaos, distrust, economic depression and scientific turmoil. At least a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered Communist State, at last only Communism can resolve the problems of the masses.

A psychopolitician must work hard to produce the maximum chaos in the fields of "mental healing". He must recruit and use all the agencies and facilities of "mental healing". He must labour to increase the personnel and facilities of "mental healing" until at last the entire field of mental science is entirely dominated by Communist principles and desires." (164)

"With the institutions for the insane you have in your country prisons which can hold a million persons and can hold them without civil rights or any hope of freedom. And upon these people can be practised shock and surgery so that never again will they draw a sane breath. You must make these treatments common and accepted. And you must sweep aside and treatment or any group of persons seeking to treat by effective means.

You must dominate as respected men the fields of psychiatry and psychology. You must dominate the hospitals and universities. You must carry forward the myth that only a European doctor is competent in the field of insanity and thus excuse amongst you the high incidence of foreign birth and training. If and when we seize Vienna you shall have then a common ground of meeting and can come and take your instructions as worshippers of Freud along with other psychiatrists." (165)


Psychopolitical operatives should at all times be alert to the opportunity to organize "for the betterment of the community" mental health clubs or groups. By thus inviting the co-operation of the population as

(164) p. 3.
(165) ibid.


a whole in mental health programmes, the terrors of mental aberration can be disseminated throughout the populace. Furthermore, each one of these mental health groups, properly guided, can bring, at last, legislative pressure against the government to secure adequately the position of the psychopolitical operative, and to obtain for him government grants and facilities, thus bringing a government to finance its own downfall.

Mental health organizations must carefully delete from their ranks anyone actually proficient in the handling or treatment of mental health. Thus must be excluded priests, ministers, actually trained psychoanalysts, good hypnotists, or trained Dianeticists." (166)

"If he has not done his work well, hostile feeling groups may expose an individual psychopolitician. These may call into question the efficacy of psychiatric treatment such as shock, drugs, and brain surgery. Therefore, the psychopolitical operative must have to hand innumerable documents which asssert enormously encouraging figures on the subject of recovery by reason of shock, brain surgery, drugs, and general treatment. Not one of these cases cited need be real, but they should be documented and printed in such a fashion as to form excellent court evidence." (167)

"Recruitment into the ranks of "mental healing" can best be done by carefully bringing to it only those healing students who are, to some slight degree, already depraved, or who have been "treated" by psychopolitical operatives.

Recruitment is effected by making the field of mental healing very attractive, financially, and sexually.

The amount of promiscuity which can be induced in mental patients can work definitely to the advantage of the psychopolitical recruiting agent. The dupe can thus be induced into many lurid sexual contacts, and these, properly witnessed, can thereafter be used as blackmail material to assist any failure of pain-drug hypnosis in causing him to execute orders.

The promise of unlimited sexual opportunities, the promise of complete dominion over the bodies and minds of helpless patients, the promise of complete lawlessness without detection, can thus attract to "mental healing" many desirable recruits who will willingly fall in line with psychopolitical activities." (168)

188. One matter must be explained in connection with this curious document, and that is that its first two pages are now a matter of Congressional record in the United States of America, a fact of which the Scientology leadership makes much play. What they do not add - and what may not be known to most people who are more familiar with English than with American Parliamentary practice - is that any document can be "read into the record" in the United States by any Congressman who says he wants it to be, if none of his colleagues object. Its mere appearance there is therefore no indication by itself of the authenticity of the document or the truth of its contents.

(166) p. 45.
(167) p. 50.
(168) p. 56.


189. Perhaps this is also a suitable place to quote the following: -

ED 1040 INT

FRANCHISE .. . Suggested plan for an area.

15th April, 1968.

A plan for setting up Scientology in businesses and taking responsibility for this area.

1. Take a business that is already doing fairly well on the basis that you reward the up-stat.

2. Approach the highest executive and disseminate Scientology to him. Offer to make his business make more money for him at no cost to him. Your two demands:

(a) Total Control of the business during the time you're operating within the organization.

(b) 50 per cent of the additional profit your actions will produce.

3. Next action is to put in Ethics. Locate the SP's in the org and fire them.

4. Audit the Execs ... show them what its all about. This will then start the cycle of getting in tech in the organization. Execs will push their juniors and other staff to have auditing. Start in the organization would be interested anyway as a result of suppressives out of the way thereby making the environment a safer place to work in ... seeing Scientologists in operation ... and also seeing the case gains on their seniors.

5. Admin: Set up Central org board and get organization worked out on this system. Comm system, comm stations, hat write ups.

Result of above will be that organization will get smaller staff-wise as putting in the org board will show up what posts etc. are dev-t and can be disbanded. Also any additional SP's or PTS's will have blown off staff as a result of ethics, tech and admin going in. All this - much increased production - expansion - Gross income increase.

You would approach the executive of the organization with a copy of some of our production graphs as evidence, etc. You would do this alone. When moving into the organization to set it up, you would take as many people as needed, depending upon the size of the org, to set this up. Naturally each person would be thoroughly expertised on the area he was handling.


Staff LRH Comm.





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