Debates on the Scientology Restriction Bill, Victoria, Australia


15 September 1965

The Hon. J.W. GALBALLY (Melbourne North Province), by leave, moved for leave to bring in a Bill to prohibit the teaching and practice of scientology for fee or reward and the use in relation to such teaching or practice of any apparatus or device for recording or measuring personal reactions impulses or characteristics.

The motion was agreed to.

The Bill was brought in and read a first time.


21 September 1965

The Hon. J. W. GALBALLY (Melbourne North Province) - I move -

That this Bill be now read a second time.
The Auditor, The Saint Hill Journal of Scientology, 9 World Wide, contains the following material:
I have been in scientology since, 1963 and am only now beginning to grasp an understanding of it. I am now on a H.Q.S. course and our instructors Joy and Alan Walters are doing a great job of training us. I think that is the general opinion of the other students here. I am fifteen years old and the youngest member on the course and am doing great. I have found that I can apply scientology in my school work, and other things. Last year I was in the 8th grade and I had miserable marks. I am repeating the 8th grade again and I am getting fabulous marks. I have been nominated to work on the school newspaper and am going to be in a higher English and algebra class next year.

Dear Editor,

In October; 1964 after being witnessed twice to the "inquiry" here I collapsed with a coronary occlusion. The doctors (two) gave up hope of my recovery. I asked what had happened and they told me a heart muscle was damaged with a clot blocking the flow. "Oh" I said, "is that all". I must communicate to my heart which I did and the next day they were amazed at what had happened. So I said "What is the use of being a D. Scn. unless I know how to use the science."

I infer "D.Scn." means "doctor of scientology". The letter continues-
The medico said "My! my! I wish all my patients were like you. I would be a very happy G.P." All the best, Treasure Southern D. Scn. Melbourne 14th May, 1965.
In the same issue of this same journal of scientology under legal notices, I read this -
I, Heath Douglas Creer, do swear that I do disavow and thoroughly disassociate myself from any overtly or covertly planned contact or association with J. Roscoe Creer and Isabell Hodge Creer, or anyone demonstrably guilty of suppressive acts (as described in H.C.O. Policy Letters March, 1965.)

I understand that any breach of the above pledge will result in my being declared immediately a Suppressive Person.

(Signed) H. D. Creer.
There are other legal notices along the same lines. Then appears this letter -
Dear Editor,

There are two things I must tell you about; one is, about a very successful Touch Assist. My wife accidentally burned her hand on an electric iron. The burn was severe enough to actually sizzle against the iron and swell very rapidly. Well after 30 minutes of Touch Assist, the pain had gone and the swelling had subsided. By the next day the burn was barely visible.

The second item, and one which I am getting quite excited about, is that I am saving to go over to H.A.S.I. in September for 25 hours as a start to my Clearing Programme.

The last letter I want to refer to deals with a traffic accident assist and reads -
While travelling home from H.A.S.I. last Thursday evening.
That is one of the establishments they are financing -
I witnessed an accident at about 10.20 p.m. The accident involved an elderly man being hit by a motor car on a pedestrian crossing. Here follows an account of what happened between that time and 20 minutes later, when he was taken to hospital. As I got off my motor cycle, I called across the road to some pedestrians to "phone for an ambulance" and reached the injured person followed by four people. I told them to keep away and stay quiet. The man lying in the road was about 65, lying on his back with legs twisted badly and head thrown back. He was anaten and his breathing was very light and spasmodic. I began to run an assist "Lay that body on the floor, thank you". While running the assist I had to keep pushing people away until a policeman arrived. I explained that I had been trained on handling accidents and he left me alone and cleared the pedestrian crossing of all people. After the assist had been running for about three minutes, I noticed that the "PC" got worse. His breathing almost stopped and the skin on his face changed colour. I had the thought "Christ he is going to die on me". Then straight after that I determined he was not going to die.
Then he goes on to describe the effect of this marvellous cure on a man with a broken leg. Those are some examples that should satisfy the House of the infinite harm that these people are still doing in the community. First of all, there is the example of a little girl of fifteen who has been convinced that these people are actually helping her with her education. We know that they are not. We know that they are frauds.

There is then the case of an old lady with a coronary occlusion who believes that doctors know nothing and scientology knows all. There is the man who actually took command at a traffic accident where a man was lying injured on a pedestrian crossing. These three examples are not old hat. They are reports of what has happened this year. These people are flourishing. On a light note I commend this example of scientology benefits to the Minister of Housing. It refers to a professional golfer. The report goes on to describe-

Cedric Amm, professional golfer, was sent in to us by a man whose daughter is having an intensive here. He was here from 10 one morning until 1.30 p.m. one day - did tests, had a long talk with me and then Terry McLury had him on the meter and had a long talk with him.
The Hon. L. H. S. THOMPSON. - Does that mean 68 off the stick?

The. Hon. J. W. GALBALLY. - This story has a happy ending. It continues -

He went off two days later to the Rhodesian tournament. Result attached. Sudden Death Win for Amm, from a Cape Town Newspaper.
There has been an intensive programme going on in Britain as well. There is a heading in this publication "Scientology Helps Nuclear Engineer. We ought to send this one to the Americans for consideration in their space programme. [Ed. - in fact, L. Ron Hubbard had already done that!] Another report states -
The key figures in scientology Orgs across the world are being flown to Saint Hill during June and July for briefing and Release. The heads of Orgs are given special coaching on the new organizational plan and our immediate objectives so that they can bring their Orgs up to top efficiency.

Each is at Saint Hill only a few weeks. During that time he or she is audited on the Power Processes to Release. When released and briefed, they are being flown home to get the show on the road.

Jane Kember, Organization Secretary, H.A.S.I. Johannesburg, was the first in. She was Released and briefed in late May and was the first to be returned home.

She looked very beautiful when she left .

I have read some of the letters which have been sent from Melbourne. They are accompanied by a word from the great man himself, Ron. Hubbard, in his own handwriting. It states, inter alia -
Dear Scientologist,

I am sorry for all those price and membership changes of last winter and spring.

Apparently the cost of living has gone up over there too. They do not seem to be any more successful at putting value back into the pound than we have been. The letter continues -
I was gone a little while and things got upset. It is all straight now. You can help me if you would to keep things going.
In a word, that means sending money. The letter continues -
Carry on with your plans for progress and betterment in scientology. There are no real blocks now on your road to release and clear. I have removed all I could find. The road is open.
I have here list of the new book order forms which contains 30 or 40 items. All of them are announced to be ready soon. There is under the heading of, "Pamphlets for Beginners", What Everyone Should Know About Scientology, no discount, at 35s. Sterling. Then follows a list of other books available at different prices.

The Hon. C S. GAWITH. - Is there anything for members of Parliament?

The Hon. J. W. GALBALLY. In view of the history of scientology in this House, that is a pertinent question. There is also the book, E-Meter Essentials, by Ron. Hubbard, for the moderate sum of 12s. 6d. sterling, and also a book called, E-meter Drills. I have quoted these recent publications and announcements at some length to apprise the House that scientology is by no means dead; it is flourishing. I have again introduced this small measure in the hope that it will not be a vain attempt to win approval to curtail some of the activities of the scientologists. I thought it was a misfortune that, in 1963, this House failed to adopt this measure. If, two years later, it again fails to pass it, I believe it will be a calamity.

It ought to be clearly understood that this measure does not ban scientology or the freedom of people to congregate and discuss their scientific or other beliefs, or to disseminate their ideas, whatever they may be. During the past two years, some kind of smokescreen was put up by these people, and indeed some of us have been subject to all kinds of threats by them that this is an attempt in some way to curb their financial activities - because nothing else is intended - or is in some way an interference with their liberty and freedom. It is no such thing. In a democracy it is a common cry, "This is an interference with liberty." But is liberty being interfered with when we protect the little girl of fifteen years of age from these nefarious activities? Is liberty being interfered with when we see these so-called scientologists moving a man with broken legs and taking charge of him in a traffic accident? Is liberty being interfered with when scientologists encourage people to believe that they can cure burns and coronaries merely by the processes of thought? We do not know all about the processes of, the mind or the body, but I trust we do know quackery when we see it.

My measure does not in any way interfere with their scientific, pseudoscientific or other beliefs, or their right to disseminate them. But it does put a spoke in their wheel so far as taking money from the public is concerned. That is the only thing that keeps these people going. It is a financial empire with a madman at the top.

The Hon. A. K. BRADBURY. - A blackmailer.

The Hon. J. W. GALBALLY. - I have not adopted that word. Is the House safe in passing this measure? Does it breach any long-established principle? Does it endanger anyone's liberty? Does it contain a bad principle? Of course not. When people prey on others by pretending that they have got a cure for a disease or anything else, the State has a duty to step in. We have recognized that duty in many fields. We have recognized that the bogus company promoter has no right to go around the countryside hawking shares. We have recognized that the cancer quack has no right to prey on unfortunate victims of that terrible disease. A section was inserted in the Medical Act by this Parliament ten years ago to rub him out. In borrowing that provision from the Medical Act, I believe we will rub out these people.

The Hon. G. L. CHANDLER. Regardless of whether your Bill is right or wrong, do you know of any restrictions on this type of thing in other countries? Is this type of legislation new, or is it in operation elsewhere? The Hon. J. W. GALBALLY. I understand that the subject has been dealt with in the United States of America, but whether it was by legislation or not I am unable to say. I received a letter from a person in America some time ago who was most interested in what we were doing here. The information I have is. that Hubbard is the American founder. He flourished in America for a time. The Federal Government threatened action, and Hubbard said that they were a lot of communists and so on. He is a man who is not afraid to take the offensive. I am unable to say whether action was taken by means of legislation or at police level.

The Hon. J. M. WALTON. - Taxation measures were taken.

The Hon. J. W. GALBALLY. - Mr. Walton, who has a long and thorough interest in this matter, has furnished the answer. As honorable members are aware, in America, the weapon of taxation is a strong one. It brought down Al Capone and others. It is apparently true to say that Hubbard got into some financial troubles there, and he left for England where all this information is being collected and sent out. Whether he is strong or not in England, I am unable to say, but undoubtedly his scientologists have got a foothold in Melbourne.

One has only to walk outside Parliament House to see the Scientology Centre. If there is any doubt about what I say, the Government has only to refer to its own departmental files. Dr. Cunningham Dax, the Chairman of the Mental Health Authority, warned the Government as early as 1962 about the activities of scientologists. It may be recalled that voluminous files were in the hands of various Government Departments concerned with scientology.

In reply to the question of the Minister of Agriculture, the American Medical Association declared that these people were frauds. The Australian Medical Association said the same thing. Before raising this matter in the House, I took some pains to see Secretary of the Australian Medical Association, Dr. Dickson, and his assistant,. and they gave me a deal of valuable information on the subject. The University of Melbourne and the Education Department issued warnings about the activities of the scientologists.

It may be said that people who have attained the age of 21 years ought to be able be able to look after themselves and guard against these predatory activities. There is something in that assertion. But what young children who are most anxious to get on in these days when education, learning and schooling is taken at such a hot pace? It means everything to a child to get through school. We see the advertisements, "Come and have your I.Q. tested", "Come and be processed", and so on. Have we not to some duty to these children? Does any honorable member believe that we are not justified in taking some action against these people? It is nearly two years since I raised this subject. Consistent with our duty to the youngsters in the community, can we afford to let further time elapse?

The Bill is a simple one; we are attempting to define the word "Scientology." Clause 2 of the Bill states -

In this Act "Scientology" means the system or purported system of the study of knowledge and psychotherapy advocated in the writings of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard and disseminated by the Hubbard Association Scientologists International, a company incorporated in the State of Arizona in the United States of America, and includes any system or purported system associated with or derived from the same.
I think that definition is wide enough to cover these people. If it is not, I shall be glad of any assistance from honorable members who can help. I note in this clause that the word "psychotherapy" is spelt incorrectly. By means of an amendment in the Committee stage, I shall correct that error. Clause 3 states -
Any person who -
(a) demands or receives directly or indirectly any fee or reward, of whatever kind and by whomsoever paid or payable, for or on account or in relation to the teaching practice or application of scientology; or

(b) in relation to the teaching practice or application of scientology uses or attempts or purports to use any apparatus or device for recording or measuring the reactions impulses characteristics of any other person, whether for fee or reward or otherwise -

shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable for a first offence to a penalty of not more than Fifty pounds and for a second or any subsequent offence to a penalty of not less than Fifty pounds and not more than Two hundred and fifty pounds or to imprisonment for a term of not more than two years.

It is proposed the E-meter shall be banned. We say that these people should not be allowed to use the E-meter at all because it is a fake. I remember you, Mr. President, speaking on this question and being photographed with the E-meter. The technical advice that we have received concerning the E-meter is that it is a fake. It is a valueless object, which frightens and intimidates many people. The scientologists put a man on the E-meter and tell him that they are disturbed about his reactions. It has been termed a gimmick, but it is worse than that - it is a trap which is designed to part the subject from his or his parents' money.

We live in a free society, and we like to think that people can say and do as they like, but we are not completely powerless and we ought not to be swamped by the propaganda that is put out by these people. They tried to scare Mr. Walton, and they have certainly threatened me, but I hope this House will not be threatened.

The Hon. W. R. GARRETT. - Could you give some details of the method of threatening? Such information would prove interesting.

The Hon. J. W. GALBALLY. - I do not propose to do so. For two long years we have waited for action to be taken concerning this problem. No member of the House has taken an opposite view concerning it. This House would gain immeasurably in public stature if it did not take the sordid way out and say, "After all, there are reasons why we do not want to hurry this thing." Honorable members have heard enough to-night to be convinced that these people belong to a wicked organization and have no place 'in this Wonderful country.

On the motion of the Hon. L. H. S. THOMPSON (Minister of Housing), the debate was adjourned.

It was ordered that the debate be adjourned until Tuesday, October 5.

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