L. Ron Hubbard threatens to sue Victoria,
26 Oct 1965

House of Commons, State of Victoria, Australia



Mr. BOLTE (Premier and Treasurer) (By leave) - I wish to raise a matter to which I do not attach a great deal of importance. I am doing so in this way and at this juncture because I feared that it might be raised as a question of privilege when, naturally, a substantive motion would be required. I refer to the fact that Hubbard, the so-called chief of scientology in England, has communicated with honorable members. I understand that most honorable members have received an unsigned letter, but I have received two cables to which his name has been attached. They are possibly authentic as they were sent from East Grinstead.

For the information of the House, I think I should outline what has happened. I shall be brief, because I do not think this subject warrants my taking up much of the time of this Parliament. The first cable which I received reads -

East Grinstead.

Premier Bolte,
Parliament House,

Referring to scientology matter our solicitors have not told you or Cabinet that actions are at this moment in progress against Anderson for faulty jurisprudence collusion condoning perjury and other matters Stop You are not covered by any privilege of any kind outside Victoria if the State of Victoria does not reprimand Anderson it becomes party to scandalous proceedings and will be sued 10,000,000 Sterling which it is certain we will collect Stop Only a fair trial is covered in the defamatory act Stop If you reprimand and disown Anderson you will save Victoria 10,000,000 Stop He will be discredited fully in proceedings now beginning and legislation based on the quicksand of a scandalous proceeding is subject to damages the moment it causes damage outside its area which it has already done

Sincerely, L. Ron Hubbard.

The second cable reads -

We have dismissed your friends and staunch protectors Norris and Norris and have acquired proper legal representation in Australia and overseas Stop Parliamentary privilege does not cover criminal acts in proceedings Stop This is now outside your area of control Stop The only way you can minimize following Profumo in political decline is by publicly repudiating Anderson and Galbally for misconduct Stop If you and your Cabinet proceed with the folly of passing a Bill based on collusion intimidation and perjury we will be able to collect even greater damages from the State of Victoria around the world Stop This cable is sent so that there will be no doubt in any courts mind that you personally were aware of the criminal irregularities and yet proceeded to act on such findings Stop


Mr. Speaker, I am delighted that the House has reacted in a lighthearted way to my presentation of these two nonsensical cables, and I leave it to the good judgment of all as to what notice should be taken of these communications. I think it would beneath the dignity of this Parliament to raise this matter as a question of privilege. However, to support the Board of Inquiry and its findings, I think it advisable that this sort of piffle should be aired if only to illustrate that the findings were right in every aspect.

Mr. STONEHAM (Leader of the Opposition) (By leave) - Can the Premier inform the House how soon a Bill will be before this House to implement the findings of the Board of Inquiry?

Mr BOLTE (Premier and Treasurer) (By leave) .- A Bill will be introduced a fortnight from to-day.

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